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Tales in Tarrasade continue the space saga that began with ‘In the cold of space you find the heat of suns’. The saga is also continued in ‘Iteration’, which is a WIP.

Thanks to Small Fox for being my beta.

Apologies if the characters have grown differently in their new environment.

This is posted in the Naruto/Sasuke section because it is part of a Naru/Sasu/Naru space saga. However, it does feature many other pairings (and a few threesomes). This tale is Tatsuji/Zetsu. However, a warning, my Zetsu is very OCC and as Tatsuji barely has a mention in the anime and does not appear in the manga, he is really an OC.

You need to have read In the cold of space you find the heat of sun and Iteration chapters 1-108 to fully appreciate this fic.

A quick reminder: Shikamaru has given ‘dark Zetsu’ the name Inryoku (Gravity) and ‘light Zetsu’ the name Enerugi (Energy).

Readers have asked why I have chosen to put ‘episodes’ like this separate rather than including them in the main stories. My answer is that the stories are long enough without more detours! Also, in the main stories I concentrate on relationships that are essential to the main plot line while these ‘Tales’ often examine others.

This episode also gives details of the oft-mentioned but never described e-machine!

Tale Seventeen: Wallflower Part One

This is set directly after Iteration chapter 108. The crew is in Tarrasade.

Enerugi had not expected the room to be so crowded. It was good that so many crew members had accepted the invitation to witness their oaths, but he struggled to cope when there were four or five people, never mind more than fifty.

He concentrated on saying the words correctly. After that he handed over to In-chan.

Shikamaru was first to welcome them to the crew once they had sworn their oaths. He was flanked by his lover, Neji, who was carrying Sumiko. Shikamaru’s little sister looked just like him, although Enerugi could not imagine Shikamaru wearing that particular shade of yellow. He risked looking about. He recognised Kiba and Choza but there were so many strangers. Other than a polite acknowledgement on meeting and leave-taking, he left all the conversation to In-chan.

Then Haru-chan claimed them, taking hold of In-chan’s hand and dragging them off to meet Iruka-san. Enerugi recalled Haku telling them that Iruka-san normally ran the Uchiha household but was recovering from the injuries he had suffered in the bombing.

Then they were off again. It was nice to listen to Haru’s chatter.

Enerugi realised that they were approaching a very handsome man. He was being towed towards them by Yoshimi, one of Haru’s hybrid brothers. The man was slim and had dark, shiny hair. He only had one real eye but Enerugi was used to mismatched eyes; they looked at him from mirrors all the time.

Most importantly he moved in That Way. Many of the men in the room moved well but some, Itachi was one and this man was another, stimulated some primeval part of Enerugi’s brain.

He could feel In-chan’s alarm.

“In-san, En-san, please allow me to introduce Tatsuji-san,” Haru pronounced. “Tatsuji-san, these are Enerugi-san and Inryoku-san. They are very special because they are two people in one body.”

Tatsuji’s eyes raked the length of their body as he bowed. “Enerugi-san, Inryoku-san,” he acknowledged in a soft voice that went straight through Enerugi’s brain and into their cock.

“Tatsuji-san,” he purred.

“Tatsuji-san,” In-chan replied, his voice clipped and formal.

“Let’s get some food,” Haru declared. He and Yoshimi set off towards the table, each dragging their adult.

They ended up sitting on a couch with Haru on the far right, followed by them, Tatsuji and then Yoshimi. The two boys seemed to require much more space than Enerugi would have thought necessary; the space between him and Tatsuji kept getting smaller.

If he moved his knee to the left it would touch Tatsuji’s. He began to but then stopped. Had he stopped it or had In-chan?

It didn’t matter which, because Tatsuji’s knee met his halfway. A thrill ran through him. He risked a glance at Tatsuji’s face and realised that Tatsuji was looking at him.

His expression said that he liked what he saw.

“En-chan?” In-chan subvocalised.

Enerugi ignored him. He pressed his knee very gently against Tatsuji’s. Tatsuji pressed back.

“En-chan!” In-chan demanded silently. “Answer me or I will start fighting you.”

Enerugi did not want that. When they fought over their body it jerked about. Tatsuji wouldn’t find that attractive. He would be repelled.

“I want this,” he answered.

“You want a boyfriend, a lover, not a quick fuck,” In-chan argued.

“Once he knows us, he won’t want to fuck,” Enerugi pointed out with brutal honesty. “He’s Uchiha. He won’t treat us badly like the others. Who knows, we might enjoy it. He’s so handsome. Imagine him naked.”

There was no reply but Enerugi did not detect the dip in muscle tension that suggested that In-chan was handing over their body. He was still very much there. He even placed their empty plate on the tray that Misora, the oldest girl, held out to them.

Relieved of the requirement to hold a plate, Tatsuji slipped an arm between the small of their back and the couch. He pulled them to him and rested his hand on their right hip. The tips of his fingers caressed the skin just above their belt.

By the Lady it felt good. Enerugi could not remember when they had last been touched like that. Perhaps they never had been. They hadn’t fucked in so long and when they had the hands had been grasping rather than gentle.

He looked towards Tatsuji and smiled.

Inryoku had mastered his initial panic. En-chan had not behaved like this in standards; over a decade. When they were young he had fallen for every good looking man they had met. The men never cared about them and had often been brutal. Inryoku had lost count of the number of times they could barely walk and they had often ended up having to get treatment; once or twice they had been lucky to make it.

Then they had met Pein and everything had changed. Pein had offered them protection. In return they had to do his thinking and obey his rules.

The rules were easy for Inryoku. For Inryoku safety and the absence of abuse were enough; he did not hanker for love. He was reserved and not highly sexed. In contrast, En-chan was demonstrative and sensual.

Pein had made it clear that homosexual acts were unacceptable. He had tried to be fair, he had offered them women, professionals, but Inryoku was not interested and En-chan was repulsed at even the thought of it.

In Uchiha the rules were different. Haku had explained. Adult crew members, those over fourteen, were free to form sexual liaisons with each other. Some were in long-term relationships, but not all.

Haku had selected their clothes. He was on the other side of the room but he was watching them. He had not moved to intervene. He must believe that Tatsuji would not hurt them.

Maybe En-chan was right and this was a one-off chance. If so, what right did Inryoku have to stop him?

And, Inryoku had to admit, the little strokes on the skin above their hip were nice.

Then the children left with their parents and Tatsuji moved away. He stood up, bowed and left. Inryoku felt cold. En-chan was devastated. Then Haku sat on the couch next to them.

“Tatsuji-san is on watch this afternoon,” he told them.

“He did not say,” Inryoku complained and then flushed. He did not mean to be rude but En-chan was upset.

“Tatsuji-san does not talk much,” Haku admitted. “He is very shy.”

The arm around their waist and the fingers brushing their skin had seemed forward, not timid.

“Let’s take our leave and then I shall show you your room,” Haku suggested.

They thanked Choza for the food and had another word with Iruka-san before following Haku along a corridor.

“I am only going to show you the actual crew room,” Haku explained. “You can explore the rest of the household over the next few days. Perhaps Shika-san will show you around.”

The crew rooms were arranged around a huge kitchen that was also where everyone ate. Each crew room was many small rooms opening off a central shared area. At the opposite end to the big kitchen were a small kitchen and a bathroom.

“This is a large bath,” Haku told him, opening the door to display a huge tub. “It is used by individuals or groups for luxury bathing. You will need to book it if you wish to use it.” He gestured to the notice board and pen on the wall beside the door.

The door slid closed and they moved on.

“These are your rooms.” Haku pointed to two doors. “If you decide only to use one of the doors, we can replace the second with a panel. This is your sitting room.” He pressed a pad and the left-hand set of doors opened.

It was nice. It was decorated in the colours En-chan had said he liked. There was a chair for them to sit in, two chairs for guests, a desk and a small table with a Go board. Next to the Go board were cups with four sets of stones: black, white, pink and purple. There were three healthy-looking plants in pots and a thick rug on the floor.

“Thank you, Haku-san,” En-chan acknowledged. “It is lovely.”

Haku smiled at them. “You are welcome,” he replied. “Through this door is the shower room that is associated with this room. You probably won’t use it because there is also one off the bedroom. Later you may wish to convert it to a closet or a kitchenette. This is the lavatory for this room. You may wish to keep it for guests to use.” He walked to the final door. “This is your bedroom. I shall leave you to explore it. Feel free to sit in the shared area if you want company.”

Once Haku had left En-chan danced about the room, investigating every nook and cranny. He was particularly taken by the closet full of clothes, all as nice as the ones they were wearing. Inryoku was pleased that he was excited enough not to dwell on the unsatisfactory end of their encounter with Tatsuji.

They looked over the shower room and the lavatory.

“Look, In-chan, an e-machine,” En-chan pointed out.

Inryoku squirmed. That was one of the good things about not having sex; they didn’t have to worry about keeping themself clean inside.

“Let’s try it,” En-chan suggested, only Inryoku knew it wasn’t really a suggestion. He could agree now or they could fight first.

“Are there instructions?” he asked.

“It says to plug in for the manual. Wasn’t there a tablet in the sitting room?” En-chan rushed them in that direction. Soon they were back.

Inryoku took over. He pulled out the connector and plugged it into the small socket in the control unit. Immediately the screen of the tablet began displaying far more information about enemas than he had ever wanted to know. There was a fitting so that the tablet could be put on top of the wall-mounted control unit, leaving both hands free. Inryoku liked that.

“It’s a single nozzle model,” En-chan informed him. He pressed the switch that unlocked the toilet and lifted the lid. After consulting the tablet again he selected a button.

There was a discrete whirr and the nozzle came into view. There was a pointed head, a narrow neck, a flexible collar and an extendible hose.

En-chan was already undoing their pants.

Inryoku decided to concentrate on the manual and let En-chan do the physical stuff. He could see that the model was well-designed. The nozzle was small and pointed, easy to insert, but once it was inside it blossomed out so that, along with the collar outside, it made a good seal.

En-chan was prattling about different cycles. Inryoku wished he would just select one and get on with it.

Finally he picked one. “We have to sit still for ten minutes,” he instructed.

That was fine with Inryoku. He reclaimed the tablet and found a short story to read, determined to ignore the strange noises and the even weirder, if familiar, sensations.

Finally it was over. En-chan removed the nozzle, which withdrew. They then locked the lid of the toilet, which began its sanitising cycle.

“That was fine,” En-chan announced.

Inryoku had to admit it was vastly better than the methods they had used in the past. There was no smell, no mess and the procedure had been surprisingly gentle.

“Now we are ready for Tatsuji-san if he wants us,” Enerugi pointed out. “Let’s go and sit in the shared area.”

Inryoku sighed. “I was thinking about sitting in that comfortable chair and reading my book.”

“We should be sociable,” En-chan argued.

“En-chan, he’s probably still on watch,” Inryoku reminded him gently.

“We might meet some of the others,” En-chan replied, although it was clear that he would be disappointed if it were anyone other than Tatsuji. “Please?”

Inryoku gave in and they opened the door to the shared area. There, sitting on one of the couches, was Tatsuji. He smiled at them and moved his arm so that it was along the back of the couch, inviting them to sit beside him.

Or rather inviting En-chan; Inryoku had no illusions that Tatsuji was interested in him.

Their heart speeded up when Enerugi spotted Tatsuji on the couch and went into overdrive when he moved his arm to invite them to sit next to him.

Enerugi sat down beside him, being careful not to touch, only to have Tatsuji’s arm move from along the top of the couch to about their waist and pull them to him.

He went through the evening meal in a daze. Normally being expected to eat with so many other people would have frightened him but he was too aware of Tatsuji sitting beside him to care. He left all the talking and eating to In-chan.

Then the meal was over and people began excusing themselves. In-chan offered to help clear the table but Choza only smiled and told them to stay where they were.

Soon most people had left. In-chan supplied the names of those still at the table; other than them there were Tatsuji, Gai, Dan, Shino, Anko, Tenten and Shizune. Choza and Kiba finished tidying the kitchen and joined then, bringing a bottle of whisky and a tray full of small cups.

Kiba offered them a cup but, before Enerugi could respond, In-chan shook their head and replied. “Not this evening, but thank you for offering.”

“Neither of you?” Kiba checked.

“Not this evening,” In-chan confirmed.

Enerugi was momentarily annoyed that In-chan should answer for both of them but then he realised why; In-chan did not want him becoming silly and scaring Tatsuji away.

“Thank you,” he whispered silently.

“The things I do for you,” In-chan grumbled in return.

Tenten and Shizune excused themselves, followed by Gai and then Shino and Anko. Tatsuji sipped at his whisky and put a hand over his cup each time Choza offered a top-up.

Then Tatsuji’s cup was empty and he stood up. Enerugi did not know what to do but In-chan calmly looked at him. There was a hand held out in their direction; an invitation.

Enerugi took it.

“Our room?” In-chan asked silently.

Enerugi considered. Which was best? If they were to Tatsuji’s room they could always leave. On the other hand, he would feel happier in familiar surroundings.

“Our room,” he agreed. As they entered the shared area they pulled Tatsuji that way and he did not resist.

Once in their sitting room they encountered the first obstacle. All the chairs were singles; there was no two-person couch on which to cuddle.

Suddenly Tatsuji’s arms were around them and their feet left the floor. Enerugi almost panicked but then Tatsuji was sitting in their armchair and he was in Tatsuji’s lap and everything was more than fine.

They kissed. Tatsuji’s lips tasted of whisky and his tongue of Choza’s pie. He plundered their mouth. Enerugi loved the sensation. He had missed this; the sensation of someone wanting him so much that they would take all he had to give and then take even more until there was nothing left.

It took all Inryoku’s willpower to leave En-chan in charge of their body. They were running out of breath and En-chan did not care. He would allow them to faint rather than break the kiss. They were losing the edges of their vision when Tatsuji pulled away. His one dark eye studied their face.

There was something calming about that look. It was caring rather than hungry. The strong arms around them tightened; drawing them closer.

The second kiss was gentler and not so long. Then Tatsuji turned his attention to their neck, nibbling and kissing a path between his collarbone and his earlobe. Meanwhile his fingers kneaded, stroked and caressed.

This was a lot better than anything Inryoku could remember. Tatsuji smelled good. He felt wonderful.

They were moving upwards; being lifted. Inryoku knew they were not heavy but Tatsuji acted as if they weighed nothing. They were across the room, through the door and into their bedroom.

Tatsuji placed them gently on the bed. The he walked away; through the door to their sitting room.

Inryoku had a spilt moment of anticipation before En-chan reacted. He battled against the upsurge in disappointment, rejection and despair.

“He’s coming back,” Inryoku insisted, even though he was by no means sure. Tatsuji had to come back. If he left like this, without a word, En-chan would be shattered.

“He is?” En-chan asked in a little-boy voice that linked to so many memories and pulled at Inryoku’s heartstrings.

Then they heard it; a door in the other room opening and shutting. He was leaving; Inryoku cast about for something, anything, to say.

But Tatsuji appeared in the doorway. It had not been the outer door. Inryoku’s arm moved and a projectile hit the bedcover. They looked at it.

It was a tube of lube from the basket that Haku had put in the guest lavatory. Over Tatsuji’s arm was a towel, maybe two. Inryoku felt an irrational pang of guilt. It was their room; they should have thought of stuff like that.

En-chan was blabbering with delight inside their head.

Tatsuji placed the folded towels on the table beside the bed. Then he stepped back and stood facing them. He grasped the hem of his top and began pulling it upwards.

Inryoku stared, transfixed, at the widening strip of naked skin. It was perfect; lean midriff with neat navel followed by defined abs and sweeping pecs decorated with two rosy-born nipples that made their mouth water.

Shoulders that were wide in comparison to narrow hips. Impressive but not bulging biceps and triceps. Sinewy forearms, elegant wrists and those long-fingered hands with which they were already familiar.

En-chan uttered an undignified whimper of need and Tatsuji smiled.

Inryoku realised that Tatsuji was stripping for them.

They stared. For once Inryoku could not think; his mind was completely full of what Tatsuji looked like and now it made them feel.

Tatsuji toed off his boots, put them neatly at the side of the room and stood with his back to them. Then he slowly pushed down his pants and underpants in one, smooth action, revealing taut but slightly rounded buttocks. He stood on one leg and then the other to free himself; with each movement his muscles flexed under his skin.

En-chan was purring, or perhaps it was him, Inryoku no longer knew.

Then Tatsuji turned, slowly, so that they received a clear sidelong view of his cock; erect, slightly curved and with the foreskin intact. It was a good size; not too long and not too thick. As he completed the turn Inryoku saw a rosy head peering at them; it had a pearl of pre-cum oozing from its single eye.

Inryoku was hungry for that cock. He wanted it inside him; thrusting. He flushed; embarrassed to be having such thoughts.

It was coming towards them, or rather Tatsuji was. He crawled onto and up the bed, trailing a hand up their skin, around their knee and up the inside of their left thigh. Long, slender fingers stroked the head of their cock through the tightly stretched fabric.

Each gentle caress sent a jolt of desire through their body.

Fucking had never, ever, ever been like this.

Tatsuji undid their pants and fished out their cock. It sprang free and Tatsuji made a small sound of approval before leaning forward, licking the tip and then slowly moving his lips down their cock.

Inryoku felt their cock move onto the warm, wet, textured bed of Tatsuji’s tongue. The head brushed along the smooth surface of his palate, onward and inwards.

Tatsuji deep-throated their cock and they came.

Inryoku was left gasping from the speed of it. En-chan was crashing down from his orgasmic high; plunging towards humiliation because they had ejaculated without warning into Tatsuji’s throat.

Tatsuji just swallowed, licked their softening cock clean, looked up at them, licked his lips and smiled.

Enerugi’s apologies died on his lips. Tatsuji did not look angry or disappointed; instead he looked satisfied, as if having them shoot their load down his throat was a compliment.

Before he could think more about it, Tatsuji’s hands were sliding between their clothes and their skin. Their shirt was being pushed up and their pants down. In-chan managed to toe their shoes off and kick them off the bed. Tatsuji finished pulling off their shirt and pants.

They were naked. Enerugi shut their eyes and waited. He knew what they looked like; bony, white and unappealing.

Tatsuji kissed one of their hip bones and then the other. Gentle fingertips followed their ribs. A small lick to each of their nipples and Tatsuji slid a hand under their back and down their spine to grasp one of their buttocks and squeeze.

Enerugi opened their eyes. Tatsuji was pulling away. Next thing they were turned and lifted onto their hands and knees. Relaxed from climaxing, Enerugi tried not to tense. This was it. He hoped that Tatsuji remembered the lube. He had too many memories of men forcing their cocks into him without it.

Thumbs spread his buttocks, exposing his ring. Then Tatsuji planted a series of small kisses down his spine from between his shoulder blades to his coccyx before licking from the back of their balls up and across their ring.

Enerugi almost jumped; it was so unexpected. He could feel In-chan’s surprise as Tatsuji began licking their ring and tonguing their hole.

Very few of the men they had fucked had sucked their cock and none of them had kissed their ring.

Then the tongue was gone, as was the hand from his right hip, and there was the cool sensation of lube on their ring. Slim fingers delved deep.

After the fingers, finally, came the slippery, blunt head of Tatsuji’s cock. Tatsuji’s firm grip on their hips ensure that there was no escape; he entered them in one slow but relentless push.

Enerugi arched his back and gasped. It felt so good to be filled. Tatsuji pulled out slowly, until only the head of his cock was inside them, before pushing in again.

He kept it slow and long. Enerugi knew that suited In-chan, but he wanted it faster and harder. He pushed back as Tatsuji thrust in only to be held even more firmly during the next stroke.

The message was clear; Tatsuji was in charge, not them.

Enerugi soon realised that, unlike them, Tatsuji was not going to climax quickly. He wondered how long someone as fit as Tatsuji could fuck someone. Would it be five minutes? Ten? Fifteen? Longer?

He wasn’t sure if his muscles would hold out for five minutes, never mind fifteen. His arms were already trembling; if Tatsuji let go of his hips, his arms would be unable to hold his weight and he would pitch forward onto his face.

Two pumps later and Tatsuji stopped, his cock embedded deep within them. His left arm and then his right moved to wrap around their ribs.

Next they were pulled upright so that their back was plastered against Tatsuji’s chest. Their knees left the mattress and their weight slid them even further down Tatsuji’s cock. The head pressed on their prostate and Enerugi gasped.

Tatsuji gave a small hum of contentment and kissed their shoulder.

Inryoku did not know what to think of this new position. Being held up by nothing but Tatsuji’s cock and a hug was worrying.

Then it got worse. Tatsuji kept firm hold of them with his left arm but let go of them with his right and started pulling up their right leg.

Inryoku realised that Tatsuji was going to turn them but it was over before he could panic. Tatsuji lowered them down so that their back was on the bed. Somehow he had even managed to get a towel-covered pillow under their hips.

En-chan was purring. Inryoku knew why. Tatsuji was positioning them in the best position for a thorough pounding and there was nothing En-chan liked better than being fucked senseless.

The first thrust hit their prostate and Inryoku saw stars.

Soon it was too much for Inryoku. He withdrew, leaving their body to En-chan and becoming a spectator. Tatsuji was an expert, skilfully varying his pace to keep their body just this side of orgasm. En-chan was completely at Tatsuji’s mercy; poised on a knife-edge between pain and pleasure.

Inryoku knew this was En-chan’s personal version of paradise. They had spent their youth chasing it but the price had been too great; so much damage in return for a few fleeting moments. This was different. They were safe. Tatsuji was neither careless nor sadistic. He cared.

It was almost as if he understood.

Tatsuji shifted position and En-chan gasped.

Inryoku recognised the moment; if he phased back in now he could ride the crest of their orgasm with En-chan.

Enerugi was almost there but on the point of faltering. He was going to miss the peak, sliding away down the slope without that dizzying moment of mind-blowing pleasure. Then In-chan was there, giving them the extra control they needed.

They were launched into the glory. Then they floated down, like a leaf on the breeze.

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