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Tales in Tarrasade continue the space saga that began with ‘In the cold of space you find the heat of suns’. The saga is also continued in ‘Iteration’.

Thanks to Small Fox for being my beta.

Apologies if the characters have grown differently in their new environment.

This is posted in the Naruto/Sasuke section because it is part of a Naru/Sasu/Naru space saga. However, it does feature many other pairings (and a few threesomes). This episode is Kisame/Itachi/Haku.

You need to have read In the cold of space you find the heat of sun, Tales of Tarrasade: Partners in the dance (tale four), Tales in Tarrasade: Kisame’s miracle (tale seven), Tales in Tarrasade: First steps (tale thirteen), Tales in Tarrasade: Needing (tale fifteen) and Iteration chapters 1-104 to fully appreciate this fic.

Tale Sixteen: Princess

This is set directly after Iteration chapter 104. The crew is in Tarrasade.

For Kisame the nightmare had been short. It had lasted from the moment he had felt the floor vibrate oddly beneath his feet to when he was sitting in the infirmary listening to Rin describing Haku’s injuries. As soon as Rin said that Haku would recover fully, Kisame was fine.

After that is it was a matter of waiting. Kisame was skilled at waiting. Waiting had delivered him his miracle.

He and Itachi did not even discussed unpodding Mai and Shou. It was unthinkable. Haku was the centre of Mai and Shou’s world. They would not inflict that pain on their children.

His daughter and his son; the concept still filled Kisame with reverent awe. Never in his wildest dreams or fondest fantasies had he allowed himself to even consider parenting children.

Haku had made that possible, like he had made a relationship with Itachi possible.

They treated it like a mission away from Tarrasade. It was harder, because they were doing things they should be sharing with Haku and the children, but their discomfort was mild compared to the horrors of their pasts or those some of their crewmates were enduring.

The trick was to have a routine and stay busy. Itachi worked with Shikamaru on pursuing their enemies. Kisame took on extra duties and supported Asuma, Gai and Tatsuji.

They mourned those who had died, particularly C-san who had done so much for Itachi, Kurenai whose relationship with Asuma had shown the elite fighters that they could be happy and Kunugi, who had been with them from the beginning.

At night they slept together in their big bed; dressed in the silk pyjama bottoms Haku had given them. They always started on opposite sides, well apart, but often Kisame would wake with Itachi cuddled close.

Occasionally Kisame would not be able to control his reaction and, without Haku there to manage the interaction, would decide to have a shower.

Thirty-eight days after the bombing Rin spoke to them at the midmeal. She informed them that Haku would be detanked the next morning and told them that he had specifically requested that no one but medicos be present.

Kisame had seen Itachi’s frown and had known there would be trouble.

Next thing he knew they were in the Hunundau store buying a holdall that Itachi described as a travelling case. Itachi examined each one in minute detail, settling on a tapestry example that, like all products in the Hunundau store, was expensive enough to make Kisame’s eye water.

Kisame could see that it was expertly constructed; colour, pattern and desirability were beyond him.

Once home, Itachi carefully packed everything Haku had requested. The specified kimono was brought out from the closet, gently steamed to remove any wrinkles and hung.

“Are you taking them to the infirmary this evening?” Kisame asked.

Itachi’s expression and posture were at their most stubborn. “No,” he replied.

Kisame decided to try; Haku had requested that neither of them be there. “Ita-chan...”

“No,” Itachi repeated and that was that.

Next morning Itachi vanished with the case and the kimono while Kisame waited. Then, after what seemed like an eternity, the door opened and Haku entered on a wave of scented air and silken rustles.

Kisame did not hesitate for a moment. Haku’s instructions had not forbidden him from gathering him up, holding him close and then sitting with his princess trapped on his lap.

Finally, after Haku had aborted a number of unsuccessful attempts, Kisame let him up.

“I would like to walk about the household,” Haku told them as he straightened his clothes. “Alone.”

Kisame knew that Haku would not be happy until he had made his own judgements about their situation. “We all have things to do,” he agreed. “We could meet up here before the midmeal.”

Once Haku had left he and Itachi walked down to fighter territory. Itachi explained that Haku wanted to wait a few days before unpodding the children.

Kisame was surprised. He had expected Haku to insist that they unpod Mai and Shou immediately.

He found himself wondering if Haku was worried; he had always believed that putting Mai’s gestator into stasis had affected her.

“I told him about Sumiko,” Itachi added.

Perhaps that explained the delay; if anyone could sort out Sumiko’s behaviour it was Haku.

Throughout the rest of the day, Kisame enjoyed Haku’s return second-hand. Shikamaru looked as if someone had lifted lead weights from his shoulders. Neji smiled. Tatsuji spoke. Gai was unbearable for the first time since the bombing. Hamaki, Terai and Fu discussed unpodding Naomi.

Itachi was flirting with him, which was as sexy as it was unexpected. Kisame very much looked forward to Haku telling him how to deal with it.

Choza had offered to pack them a basket of food so that they could eat their evemeal alone, but Kisame thanked him and asked to delay for at least a day; Haku would want to eat his first evemeal with the crew.

The meal was everything Kisame had hoped for. Conversation flowed. Sasuke listened and contributed instead of drifting off into his own world of anxiety. There were even a few jokes.

Then finally, they were alone in their sitting room. Haku and Itachi played bezique while Kisame watched. It was wonderfully familiar. Soon Haku would suggest something; perhaps tying Kisame up or a game of forfeits or watching Itachi dance.

Only he didn’t and Kisame realised something was wrong. It wasn’t only him who thought so. He could see Itachi becoming anxious; his eyebrows were coming together, puckering the skin between them.

Kisame pondered. There was only one thing missing. “Let’s unpod the children,” he suggested.

Haku beamed. “Do you think so?” he queried.

Itachi’s frown vanished. “Yes please, Haku-chan. I know you wanted to wait, but Kisame and I have already been waiting for thirty-nine days.”

“We don’t have to wait,” Haku assured them. “Now would be fine.”

Mai and Shou’s pods were with the others in the room off the playroom. Within minutes they were carrying the children back to the crew room; Itachi had Shou, he had Mai and Haku was looking almost tearful.

He shifted Mai onto his left arm, put his right around Haku’s shoulders and pulled him close as they walked.

The children were sleepy by the time they had been bathed, dried, cuddled and dressed for bed. Kisame sat in the huge rocking chair that they had been given when Mai was born, watching Haku singing softly to Shou while Itachi told Mai her bedtime story.

Then it was back to the sitting room for more bezique and watching, only now it felt right.

“Rin-san gave me a new formulation of your scale-smoother to try,” Haku announced as he selected and laid a card. “You do not have to soak in it but it has to be applied to clean skin and allowed to dry.”

Haku paused, Kisame visualised it and Itachi played a card.

“I am not convinced,” Haku continued, “but we should try it given that Rin-san has made the effort. Why don’t you have a shower and then we will smooth it on?”

Kisame imagined. “Are you sure you aren’t too tired, princess?”

Haku claimed the trick. “I do not think so,” he replied, “but perhaps Ita-san will have to do most of the work.”

“You want me to stand up while you put it on me?” Kisame asked as Haku placed a towel on the floor. He was reminded of Haku laying out a square of fabric and ordering a baby or toddler to stay on it.

“It will be quicker,” Haku insisted. He fetched a small stool and placed it behind Kisame. “You need to stand with your arms out and your legs spread. I shall do your back. Ita-san will do the front.” He thrust a jar into Itachi’s hands. “Let’s start with the left arm, Ita-chan,” he instructed, stepping up onto the stool.

It took all Kisame’s willpower to stand still while they stroked the gel onto his skin. Shutting his eye helped a little but not much. He could feel Haku’s small hand and Itachi’s larger one. Itachi was standing so close. His scent was overpowering. Kisame could hear the blood pulsing in his arteries and flowing through his veins.

Every so often the silk of Haku’s kimono would brush against his back, bringing the thought of Haku to the forefront of Kisame’s mind and focusing Kisame on his scent.

They both wanted him; it was overwhelming.

Itachi was being careful not to touch him with anything other than his hand. Somehow he even managed to avoid the huge erection Kisame knew was jutting out from his body.

“Other arm,” Haku ordered, followed by, “Neck and shoulders,” and then, “Chest and back.”

Itachi was stroking the gel along the nap of his skin. The pattern on scales on this chest was complicated, but Itachi never made an error; there was not one time when their skin caught because he went the wrong way.

“Don’t forget his nipples, Ita-chan,” Haku ordered, his breath huffing against the skin of Kisame’s back.

Itachi’s fingertips painted the gel onto his left nipple, sending a jolt of desire through his body. His erection twitched. He battled the urge to wrap his arms around Itachi.

“Be good, Kisame-san,” Haku reprimanded. “Stand still.”

He took a deep breath and held it while Itachi turned his attention to his other nipple.

It was torture.

“Lower left leg,” Haku announced and Kisame exhaled.

His relief was temporary and brief. Soon Itachi was stroking his thighs, working his way towards his groin. Haku’s small hands applied the gel to his inner thighs, to his buttocks and even within his butt crack.

Having Haku’s fingers on the back of his sac while Itachi stroked the front was close to unbearable; he whimpered.

“Don’t drop your arms,” Haku ordered. “The gel takes fifteen minutes to dry properly.”

Kisame tried to ignore the jolts of desire shaking his body. “Fifteen?” he queried in horror.

“Fifteen,” Haku repeated. He came around the side and studied Kisame’s erection. “Maybe we should have started with that,” he mused. “Make sure you do a good job of it, Ita-san, because... ...well you know why.”

Kisame knew too; the scales needed to be fully neutralised before he pumped in and out of Haku’s hole.

Itachi began applying the gel with feather light touches. Kisame made the mistake of opening his eye and almost came. Itachi looked so serious as he crouched there, his hair pushed back over his shoulders to stop it falling forward and his black lacquered nails against Kisame’s erection.

He screwed his eye shut again; he had to wait fifteen minutes?

“Ita-san and I are going to have a shower,” Haku told him.

Kisame heard an unfamiliar sound and risked opening his eye. Haku was setting a timer.

“You can watch from over here,” Haku continued. “No stepping off the towel and you can’t drop your arms for ten minutes.” He stood up on his tiptoes to bring his lips closer, if not close, to Kisame’s ear. “Being in the tank will have made me tight. Ita-chan will have to help me stretch my hole for you,” he whispered.

Kisame knew what that meant; he groaned.

He watched them strip. Itachi undid Haku’s hair and led him into the shower. They began washing each other, their hands moving across each other’s body.

It was like watching them dance only they were naked, and wet, and Kisame was very, very horny.

Itachi washed Haku’s hair. He did it carefully, rinsing the cleaner away and then combing conditioner through, paying particular attention to the ends.

Then Itachi pulled the small, low bench away from the wall and sat it so that Haku could massage cleanser into his scalp.

Kisame concentrated on how beautiful they were rather than allowing himself to think about why the bench was in the shower.

Once Haku was satisfied that he had finished with Itachi’s hair they rinsed each other thoroughly. Itachi turned off the water and activated the blowers on their lowest setting.

Meanwhile Haku positioned the bench very precisely; exactly the correct distance from the wall and angled so that Kisame had a perfect, sidelong view. He then stood on the bench, feet apart, before bending over and bracing his hands against the wall.

“No making me come, Ita-chan,” he instructed. “You have to promise.”

Itachi planted a series of small kisses along Haku’s spine. “I’ll try not to, Hime-chan,” he replied with a wicked smile that, luckily for Itachi, Haku could not see.

Kisame watched the long, slim, elegant fingers push in and out of Haku’s hole; first one followed by two and then three. Haku arched his back and moaned. Kisame could see his sweet erection jutting out; begging for a touch or a kiss.

Itachi was using his free hand to lube his cock. Kisame licked his lips in anticipation of one of his favourite sights.

He watched as Itachi removed his fingers and pushed the head of his cock past Haku’s ring.

“You are tight, Hime-chan,” he observed, his voice husky with desire.

“Too tight,” Haku acknowledged, pushing back so Itachi sank in a little. “You must give me a thorough pounding, Ita-chan, or I will be too tight for Kisame-chan.”

Kisame swallowed.

“How thorough?” Itachi asked, pushing deeper.

Haku lifted and turned his head a little. Kisame could see his flush of desire, the slightly parted lips and the half-hooded eyes. “As long and as fast and as hard as you can, Ita-chan,” he replied. “Please don’t hold back.”

“If you insist, Hime-chan,” Itachi concurred. He pulled out so that only the head of his cock was inside and then buried himself with one, long, hard thrust. “Like that, Hime-chan?” he asked.

Haku’s head came up and his eyes widened. “Like that, Ita-chan,” he agreed. “As many of those as you can manage before you fill me up deep inside. If you hold me still, you will be able to push harder and faster and deeper.”

Kisame watched Itachi’s hands settle on Haku’s hips, taking care not to obscure Kisame’s view. He then pulled out and thrust in again, this time pulling Haku towards him. Their bodies smacked together and there was a huff as the breath was knocked out of Haku’s lungs.

“Like that, Hime-chan?” Itachi checked.

“Just like that,” Haku confirmed.

Kisame watched, transfixed, as Itachi reamed Haku’s hole. Every time he slowed, presumably because he was on the edge of climaxing, Haku would demand more; faster, deeper and harder.

The sudden sound of the alarm; Kisame jumped.

“Get onto the bed,” Itachi ordered. “Lube yourself.”

Kisame hesitated; Haku was always in control when they fucked. Then he realised that Haku was too far gone to be giving orders.

He was still slathering his cock with gloop when Itachi came in carrying Haku. Kisame barely had time to spread his legs before Itachi was between them. He positioned Haku astride Kisame’s upper thighs so that his sweet erection was against Kisame’s own. Kisame’s wrapped his hand around them both and was rewarded with a soft moan of pleasure issuing from Haku’s lips.

Haku was pushed forward and up before being re-impaled on Itachi’s cock. With each of Itachi’s thrusts, Haku’s cock moved between Kisame’s hand and his erection.

Another few thrusts and Itachi climaxed. Kisame watched his face, savouring the moment; his Ita-chan experiencing the pleasure they had thought would always be denied him.

Haku moved. He pushed Kisame’s hand away, pulled off Itachi’s softening cock and impaled himself on Kisame’s erection.

Kisame thought he would come then and there but somehow he managed to control himself. Haku smiled his approval and settled to his task of riding Kisame to a climax. As Kisame watched him, Itachi’s arms wrapped around Haku’s slim torso from behind. The fingers of one hand tweaked Haku’s nipple while the other travelled down and enveloped his cock.

Haku flung his head back, exposing his neck to Itachi’s hungry mouth.

Itachi moved with Haku, supporting his movement and subtly changing the angle so that Kisame would hit Haku’s prostate. Haku gasped. Kisame could see him struggling to alter his position, so that he would last longer, but Itachi was having none of it. He began pumping Haku’s erection.

Haku lost control and climaxed. Kisame felt the contractions around his cock before Haku squirted over his belly and Itachi’s hand.

Itachi did not stop. He continued to move Haku’s boneless, sated body up and down Kisame’s erection as if he were a sex doll.

It was wrong but amazingly sexy; Kisame came.

They snuggled together in their bed with Haku between them. Kisame petted and kissed his little princess, hoping that they had not been too rough with him.

“You and I shall have words tomorrow, Ita-san,” Haku warned.

Kisame knew what that was about; Itachi had deviated from the script.

Itachi pulled Haku closer and kissed his shoulder. “Tomorrow,” he agreed.

Kisame wrapped his huge arms around both of them. “It was wonderful,” he assured them. “You are wonderful. My princess and my miracle.”

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