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Author's note: Me being pissed off after my thesis presentation? Check. Me acting it out on Sakura? Check. Being self-indulgent as fuck and writing another A/B/O dynamics in canon setting? Check. This is the sequel to Instinct, though you don't necessarily have to have read the first one I guess to follow this. Is this complete shit? Mayhaps it is, I let you be the judge of it; I just needed to let off some steam.

Warnings: Dual pov, Sakura's and Sasuke's; canon setting; A/B/O dynamics; Alpha Sasuke; NOT FOR SAKURA FANS; mentions of violence; references to mature content; established slash

I hope you'll like it!


Sakura knew something was up when she encountered Sasuke multiple times in the village. Ever since the war had ended, Sasuke had barely been in Konoha, constantly travelling around. She barely saw him and the couple of times she had managed to run into him before he had left again, he had completely ignored her hints that she would like to join him on his journey. The disappointment was a bitter pill to swallow every time, but what could she do? He was always gone too quickly for her to try to change his mind.

Now, however, she had run into him three times already in just one week! The fact that she had encountered him three times already had to mean that he was planning to stay indefinitely now, no? Why else would he remain in the village when before he would barely last two days here?

Their encounters even now had been over too fast, however, Sasuke seeming rather distracted for some reason. She had caught him buying boxes of nails, a saw and a hammer and those items only piqued her curiosity even further. Those items could only be used for building, so was he rebuilding the Uchiha compound then? When she popped by the old Uchiha compound, however, on her day off she didn't see him at all. In fact the buildings appeared even more decrepit than before; some of them having collapsed completely already. Perhaps he was only rebuilding the main house?

While the main house was still in a relatively better state than the rest of the buildings – perhaps because Sasuke had lived there for years still after his family had died – it looked completely abandoned as well, no signs present that Sasuke had started renovating it.

She peered through one of the windows, but no, the place looked completely deserted. Furrowing her eyebrows, she placed her hands on her hips and remained in front of the house, sunken in thought. She knew that he had bought building tools and the chances of them having been for someone else were very low, considering Sasuke had never been interested in making friends. It was clear he wasn't rebuilding the compound, though, so if he wasn't renovating this place, what was he using the building tools for?

"Maybe a place of his own?" she muttered to herself, casting a last doubtful look at the main house before leaving the compound, making sure not to slip over any of the dead leaves.

Where was he building his new home then? It couldn't be anywhere in the village, because there was no way she wouldn't have noticed that. If he was making his own home, though, that meant he was definitely ready to settle down once and for all, no? Why else would he go through all that effort?


She perked up, covering her gasp in time behind her hand.

Sasuke was building his own place … That meant he was ready to settle down, yes, but more importantly it meant he was ready to settle down with someone. Sasuke was an Alpha and it was known that Alpha could get the urge to start building a home once they felt ready to put down roots with their mate. That had to be it! Sasuke was currently building a home for himself and his mate! That was why he had stopped travelling! It had to be; it would explain everything!

Who was his mate, though? She needed to find out, but how?

"You need any help, Sasuke-kun?" Sakura asked lightly, clasping her hands behind her back.

It was by pure happenstance that she encountered Sasuke in the shop. Mum had sent her to the store to pick up some pillow covers and while she had protested as first – she'd come straight home from a long shift at the hospital, she hadn't been in the mood to go to the shop! – she was now immensely glad that mum had pushed her to go. Because Sasuke was here, looking contemplatively at the multiple stacks of blankets displayed on the shelves in front of them. If he was looking for blankets, that meant he had to have finished building his home and was now decorating it.

She still hadn't managed to figure out where exactly he had built his new home. The couple of times she had tried following him, she had always been interrupted by one of their friends and by the time she could look for Sasuke again, he would be long gone. The universe was seemingly having a lot of fun taunting her like this, but she would figure it out one way or the other!

He glanced at her before turning his attention back to the blankets. "No, I can handle it."

"Are you sure?" She definitely wouldn't mind spending time selecting blankets with him.

"Yes, nothing to concern yourself with," he said curtly.

Any other time and the curt tone might have cut into her, but ever since realising he was building a home for someone, she'd been determined to pay even closer attention to him, trying to pick up anything that might give her a hint who he was interested in.

So while he sounded curt, it wasn't in a too harsh way and the peculiar glint in his eyes before he looked away told her he was slightly on edge. Perhaps his rut was coming up, making him more prone to snapping? That thought had her blushing and she cleared her throat, stepping away from him.

"Well, good luck with finding what you need," she smiled before hurrying to the next aisle, her heart thumping quickly.

She couldn't be entirely certain yet, but Alpha tended to be more secretive around the people they were interested in. If he was indeed building a home for his partner and himself, then he would most likely be keeping this as a surprise until it was completely finished. She recalled mum saying dad had redecorated the entire house before he had officially asked her to be his mate, as some sort of surprise for mum. Mum hadn't even had the slightest clue dad had been doing all that work until he had invited her to his house. In fact, the couple of times mum had become curious about what dad had been doing, he had waved away her inquiries, pretending it had been nothing.

The fact that Sasuke had rejected her offer of help just now … Did that mean anything? If this didn't involve her, there was no reason she couldn't help him out with selecting blankets, right? So the fact that he had waved her off now …

She bit down on her lip hard and fanned herself with her hand, willing her red cheeks to turn to a normal colour again. She wasn't going to freak out, not here, not now. Nothing was certain yet, anyways, but – it couldn't hurt to be a bit hopeful, no? Perhaps travelling so much had made Sasuke realise what he was missing? True, they hadn't been particularly close in the last couple of years with Sasuke having been gone for the majority of them, but they had shared a team before. Maybe her confession during the war had resonated within him after all?

It was a dangerous thing to hope for, she knew as she went about haphazardly selecting some covers from the shelf, but how else could Sasuke's behaviour be explained? He had never been close to any of the other girls, not even Ino, so it would make sense that he had decided to return her interest.

Getting ahead of yourself, she scolded herself, but the glimmer of hope wouldn't let itself be snuffed out.

"You really ought to be more careful," Sakura scolded and finished wrapping the bandage.

Kiba groaned annoyed and rubbed the back of his head with his non-injured hand. "Yeah, I know, I already got the third degree from Hinata and Shino," he sighed. Next to him Akamaru whimpered sorrowfully, pressing his giant snout into Kiba's thigh. "I thought the guy had already been fully knocked out, okay? Didn't expect him to come swinging at me like that with that huge dagger."

"You're lucky he didn't cut off your hand," she said and frowned, rising up from the stool. "You're free to go now. Next week we'll check whether the cut is healing well."

"Thanks, Sakura," he smiled and started putting on his jacket.

Hinata and Shino were waiting outside; she fiddling nervously with her fingers and he leaning quietly as always against the wall.

"Will Kiba-kun be all right?" Hinata asked softly; her pale lavender eyes flitting to the room.

"Yeah, he just needed a couple of stitches," Sakura confirmed, shifting her pile of patients files into one arm so she could put her pen back into her pocket. "He'll have to come back next week to see how his wounds are healing, but he's free to leave. You can go in if you want."

"Thank you," Hinata smiled and stepped into the room, closely followed by Shino who nodded at Sakura on his way in.

Rolling her shoulders, Sakura made her way down the corridor to the desk at the end so she could put her files back to order. She could really use a break at the moment, but she still had an hour left. With only minor injuries to take care of, she hadn't needed to use her chakra yet to heal patients, but nonetheless the constant stream of patients arriving was becoming a tad exhausting. Today really appeared to be a day of bad luck for a lot of people.

She dumped the files on the desk and glanced at the open door to the breakroom behind the counter. Should she go inside and get some coffee first? Ah, but if she did that, she wouldn't really be in the mood anymore to deal with all this paperwork and this needed to be done before the end of her shift.

Five files and then I'll get coffee, she promised herself and started sorting through the papers in the first file.

"… you've seen how the guy looked like after Uchiha was done with him?"

The mention of Sasuke's last name had Sakura freezing up and her head shot up. She stared at the breakroom, where the voices of two of her colleagues – Yui and Hina – drifted over to her. What were they talking about? What had Sasuke done?

The hustle and bustle in the corridor of medics entering and leaving rooms and discussing with each other made it difficult to concentrate on the conversation taking place in the breakroom, which frustrated Sakura a lot. She considered just walking into the breakroom, but what if they would stop talking because she was there? It was no secret, of course, that she and Sasuke had once been part of the same team.

"… hell would have been easier on him," Hina was saying incredulously. "But didn't he have it coming?"

"… rut putting him on edge maybe," Yui said idly. "Heard the guy had harassed one of his former teammates."

Sakura's eyes widened. Wait, they were talking about her! Last week she, Ino, Shikamaru, Naruto and Chouji had dined at the local barbecue restaurant when a guy there had been acting rather annoying that one time Sakura had gone to the front to request more drinks. The guy had already been half drunk, his speech slurred, as he had tried to get Sakura to go with him. She'd refused naturally and after he had tried to grab her wrist, she'd swept the chair out from underneath him, letting him crash onto the floor before she'd walked away.

They hadn't stayed too long after that, the owner of the restaurant apologising profusely to her several times. She could vaguely remember the guy limping outside and starting to argue with Naruto, but she'd been too busy ranting to Ino to pay attention to what that piece of shit had been doing after she'd been finished with him.

She wouldn't really call it harassment what he had done, considering he had barely been able to do more than slur and try to grab her hand, but warmth nonetheless exploded in her chest when she thought about how Sasuke had defended her. He must have heard what had happened from Naruto, she guessed, or maybe Shikamaru had let it slip. How he had known about it didn't matter, but apparently he had tracked down the guy to give him hell. She knew she shouldn't be so happy about the fact that Sasuke had apparently beaten the shit out of that man – especially when Sasuke's reputation still tended to be a bit rocky – but how could she not be happy when this was clear proof that she was his object of interest?

Wasn't it well-known that Alpha were really protective of the ones they considered to be their mate? Sasuke had beaten up that guy – there was no better proof than that that she was the one he was interested in, right?

Oh god, she couldn't believe her childhood dream was actually coming true! For so many years she had crushed on Sasuke – to have those feelings finally returned even when the last couple of years had been rather rocky … This went beyond amazing!

This meant she had to prepare herself! Her cheeks flushed when she realised that Sasuke reacting so volatile meant his rut must be happening soon. That meant he would soon be showing her his home and once they were there … Her blush deepened even further until she felt like her entire face was on fire.

She would have to seek out Tsunade and ask for a week off. She had no idea how long Sasuke's rut would last, but a week should be long enough, right? Oh, she couldn't believe it was finally happening!

The sight which greeted Sasuke when he climbed through the window had him raising an eyebrow; a flash of amusement tempering the pressing heat underneath his skin.

Naruto was fussing around with the pile of blankets on his bed – or what was left of the pile either way. It had taken the Omega a bit longer to notice the difference than expected, but clearly he had just discovered that he was missing certain blankets. All the pillows had already ended up on the floor and some blankets were pooling down the side of the bed as Naruto shoved them further away, looking close to actually digging a hole into his mattress.

Sasuke hadn't even made a sound, but Naruto whirled around and pointed a finger at him accusingly. "Did you steal some of my blankets, you bastard?" he demanded heatedly; his blue eyes flashing dangerously.

The heated look did nothing to quell the energy wildly coursing through Sasuke's body at this point and it took all his self-restraint not to grab Naruto and shove him straight into his nest to fuck him. He hadn't spent all that time building up the perfect home for the both of them to lose control now. He just needed to be a bit more patient and then if everything went according to plan, he could let loose fully.

The thought of bringing Naruto to the home he had built for them and show him what would hopefully be their final nest had him stirring into action and he stepped forwards, sliding his fingers around Naruto's wrist. Naruto narrowed his eyes, squinting up at him, but didn't try to remove his hand.

"I've got a surprise for you," he said; his voice rougher than he intended it to be.

The rough tone had Naruto's scent spiking in interest and Sasuke's fingers automatically closed tighter around his wrist.

"Don't think I didn't notice how you're evading the question," Naruto pointed out, but excitement bubbled in the depth of his eyes. "Where's the surprise?"

"I'll take you to it," Sasuke said. "But you have to close your eyes first."

"We're not kids anymore," Naruto snorted and rolled his eyes when Sasuke merely stared down at him. "Eugh fine, they're closed, see?" Obediently he clenched his eyes shut; a shiver visibly running through his body when the Alpha chuckled.

"Keep them closed until I say you can open them," Sasuke instructed and his Rinnegan eye flashed when he opened a portal for them to step through.

They could reach the place on foot, but that would take at least an hour and Sasuke was becoming too impatient to wait that long. He really wanted to know what Naruto thought about their place and a portal would bring them there the quickest. Still not quick enough for his liking, but there were limitations to how fast one could go, he supposed, even when one possessed a Rinnegan.

"We're in the forest?" Naruto asked surprised after Sasuke guided him through the portal.

He still had his eyes closed, but the sound of chattering birds and the scent of pine were hard to ignore. Naruto's nose twitched as he took in the smells; his head tilting in a way reminiscent of a fox.

"Hm, the surprise is close," Sasuke said and kept his arm wrapped around Naruto's waist as he led him carefully around some bushes and through the trees, forgoing the path behind them.

The cottage he had spent two months building soon showed up in front of them and the sight of it had Sasuke relaxing slightly. It wasn't as big or impressive as the main house in the Uchiha compound had been, but to him it already felt more like a home than any of the houses in the compound ever could feel. Because this was a place he intended to share with Naruto fully now, no longer splitting their time between Naruto's apartment and the long abandoned main house. Naruto deserved a lot more than that and while they weren't within the borders of Konoha anymore, Sasuke hoped the Jinchuuriki wouldn't mind that too much.

He had tried to imagine moving back into the compound, had tried to envision rebuilding the main house, but … He just couldn't do it. That place would forever be stained with the blood of his clan, just like the village itself would forever be drenched in his family's blood. There was no way he could make a home there ever again, not after everything the village had done to him.

Naruto still loved Konoha, though, and Sasuke hoped the compromise of living in the woods nearby Konoha would be acceptable.

"You can open your eyes," he said quietly when they halted just a few feet away from the entrance.

The cottage was built between two large trees; their trunks nearly as wide as Sasuke was tall. Some of the branches met each other high above, creating a natural roof, and casting a shadow on the red tiles Sasuke had used to create the actual roof of their home. The cottage was big enough to hold a kitchen, a moderately sized living room, a bathroom and three rooms on the first floor, one of which Sasuke had taken the liberties of turning into their personal room already. The nest wasn't fully completed yet, not until Naruto could unleash his skills on it, but it was a start.

Naruto blinked a couple of times when he opened his eyes and when his gaze landed on the cottage in front of them, he gasped softly, taking an unconscious step forwards.

"Sasuke, did you – did you build this?" he asked in wonder, turning his head to stare at Sasuke.

"Hm, I know it's not that big," Sasuke started to say, but was cut off by Naruto, who released a strangled laugh and smacked his arm.

"Not that big, he says, you built a goddamn cottage all on your own!" Naruto exclaimed. "The hell, you bastard, why didn't you tell me about this? I could have helped! You seriously need to know when to open your mouth and ask for help! I know your prissy arse isn't used to asking that, but – "

"Because this was a surprise for you," Sasuke interjected, firmly ignoring the stupid butterflies swarming like crazy in the pit of his stomach. "And I couldn't ask for your help for your own surprise now, could I, you idiot?"

He wondered if Naruto knew the significance of what he was presenting now. To anyone else, the gesture would be very clear, the intention more than obvious, but Naruto's less than great upbringing had seen him clueless about a lot of things that other people took for granted. His urge to create a nest for example. Apparently it had taken him months to realise why he was doing that. Sasuke wouldn't blame him if he didn't know the significance behind this gift, but it might make things a bit awkward for a while.

As he watched Naruto's face with some apprehension, he could read the irritation at the insult bubbling up before it was gone as quickly as it had appeared, replaced by surprise instead. That surprise turned into befuddlement and blue eyes flitted several times between Sasuke and the cottage as if Naruto was attempting to figure something out. Then realisation settled in and Naruto's mouth dropped open in a small 'o' before he shut it with an audible click.

"So, guess you're serious about this, huh?" Naruto muttered, sounding almost nervous as his bandaged fingers twitched.

"Very serious," Sasuke said, standing as immobile as a statue.

Awaiting Naruto's approval was enough to make the heat in him simmer down for a moment, clearing his mind though the urge to just press Naruto against the wall and attack his mouth was growing more urgent with every minute that passed. A daze was threatening to take over and he knew from past experience that it wouldn't take long anymore before his rut would take over completely.

Naruto noticed the signs as well; his own scent reacting to the pheromones Sasuke was no doubt blasting off at this point. A small blush coloured his cheeks even as he pressed himself closer against Sasuke's body, lining himself up until there was barely any space left.

"So are you going to show me our nest or do I have to go search for it myself?" Naruto questioned. "Our nest better have my blankets, you bastard, because I'm really fond of those."

Sasuke smirked and couldn't help but steal a kiss, a chaste one, which quickly deepened, hunger spurring him on. The breathy moan escaping Naruto as he clenched his hands around Sasuke's shoulders nearly drove him mad and it took every last bit of restraint he could find in himself to not shove down Naruto down onto the ground and take him right here.

Sasuke forced himself to end the kiss before things could go too far; his mind reeling with the sensation of his Omega pressing up closely against him. Screw the house tour, the whole tour could wait until his rut was over. They only really needed one room anyway.

"Sure, let's go," he murmured, his smirk deepening when Naruto had to blink several times to get out of his stupor.

Sasuke went straight up the stairs, but his Alpha side couldn't help but preen at the impressed noises escaping Naruto when he quickly looked around. Their home might be small, but that didn't mean Sasuke hadn't done his best to make it as close to perfect as possible. He couldn't wait to see Naruto's face as he showed him around properly, but he was this close to losing control completely and he didn't think he could wait an hour longer.

He had already been pushing it close by still adjusting some items in the kitchen before he had left to pick up Naruto, but he wasn't about to half-arse his gift to his mate either.

"So you did steal my blankets!" Naruto exclaimed when he spotted the blankets in question meticulously placed in their nest. Then he focused on the rest of the room and his mouth dropped open in awe.

"You really outdid yourself, huh?" Naruto said, almost breathless; his eyes taking in the dark brown wooden panels covering the walls with their carved out flowers in the middle; the long dark blue curtains draped over the windows and reaching the floor; the large bed in the middle of the room, attracting all the attention with its multitude of blankets and pillows.

"So you approve?" Sasuke asked and while his tone was light-hearted, almost smug, he couldn't help but feel a bit nervous.

He had let himself be guided by his instincts when he had started building this place, but what if he had judged it all wrong? His instincts weren't infallible after all; the past couple of years had shown that. What if Naruto couldn't be comfortable in a place like this, what if he thought it was too stiff, too uppity, too much? What if he –

All the thoughts came to a screeching halt when a pair of soft lips covered his own.

"I definitely approve," Naruto muttered and slipped his hands around Sasuke's neck. "Now come on, I think we've got a nest to break in, no?"

Sasuke smirked, Naruto's startled laugh filling their room for the first time when Sasuke picked him up and carried him over to the bed. They definitely had a nest to break in. Clearly his instincts hadn't been wrong after all.

The End

AN2: In case there is any confusion: the guy Sakura mentioned ended up harassing Naruto when he noticed Naruto's an Omega. Naruto kicked his arse, but Sasuke got to hear about it anyways and proceeded to kick the absolute shit out of the guy for daring to touch Naruto. Yes, Sakura was quite humiliated when she finally realised that Sasuke had his eyes on someone else all along. No, Sasuke and Naruto did not leave that cottage for a whole week. Will I dive into this particular universe again? Maybe, the jury's not out on that one yet, but clearly never say never.

Please leave your thoughts behind in a review; should you spot any mistakes, please point them out to me.

I hope to see you all back in my future stories! Please stay safe and take care of yourselves!



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