Kushina root slave

BY : Yuu & kleysa
Category: Naruto > General
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Disclaimer: Rape, violence,bdsm

Minato is the fourth hokage of khonon he is well respected and powerful man people fear him he is considered the fastest man in alive in 5 elemental nation. Most people admired him while some hated him after all not only he had fame and money but also a beautiful red headed wife. Who had  such a beautiful body that many ninjas jurk off while thinking about her. She is Kushina uzumaki the red head habanero also the host of the furious nine tailed beast also feared by many ninjas because for her power and her blood line to make adamantium chains.

Said wife is deep inside a cave having a mouth full of dick of the one known as shimura danzo. The man who Massacred the uchiha clan the almost 3rd hokage of khonan and one of the greatest enemy of Minato for the position of hokage. Kushina is liking the tip of his dick trying to savour the teast of the precum liking from his cock her hands are tied tightly behind her back her juices are dripping from her wet pussy making a puddle of sticky wet juices. Danzo is signing of the paper and checking the document like there is no beautiful girl liking his old dick. As soon as he finished the paper he grabs her red hair making her cry in pain and pleasure and makes her to take his entire shaft in her mouth with few thrusts he cum in her mouth which makes her mouth to puff up and she drinks all his cum in one go yrt she couldn't take it all in so a trail of cum is flowing from her mouth.



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