AsuShika One Shots

BY : dirty_cassirole
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Shikamaru suddenly found himself on the floor, under the older man. “A-Asuma, what are you…”


Asuma smashed his lips on Shikamaru’s.


Shikamaru’s eyes went wide. He put his hands on Asuma’s chest and tried to push the bigger man off him, but Asuma was too strong. “Asma,” he said around the kiss, but that was a mistake because it gave Asuma the opportunity to deepen the kiss by putting his tongue inside Shikamaru’s mouth.


Asuma put one hand under Shikamaru’s shirt and slowly made his way to the boy’s nipple, pinching and twisting it. He reached down with his other hand and palmed Shikamaru’s clothed member, trying to get the boy aroused. He broke off the kiss and trailed kisses along Shikamaru’s jawline up to his ear. “I’ve been waiting a long time to do this,” he said softly.


“Wh-what?” Shikamaru asked still trying to get the man off him. “Asuma, stop, this isn’t right.”


“I love you, Shikamaru,” Asuma said and kissed Shikamaru’s neck, stopping on his pulse and sucking hard enough to leave a small mark. He lifted his head and smiled at the boy. “I want you.”


“A-Asuma,” Shikamaru said as he closed his eyes as he felt Asuma gently squeeze his hardening member.


Asuma pulled both hands away from Shikamaru’s body and pulled Shikamaru’s shirt up and over the boy’s head. He then leaned down and kissed the boy’s chest until he reached the left nipple and put it in his mouth. He swirled his tongue around the nipple, sucking and biting gently every once in a while, causing the boy below him to arch his back and take in a sharp breath.


“Asuma, please,” Shikamaru begged, but Asuma knew he was starting to get to the boy, because Shikamaru was no longer trying to push him away.


As he continued to play with Shikamaru’s nipple with his tongue, he reached down and undid Shikamaru’s pants, pulling it down enough to release the boy’s stiff member. He placed one hand around the member and started moving it up and down, making the boy moan louder in pleasure.


“Asuma.” Shikamaru placed both of his hands on Asuma’s head, curling his fingers in the older man’s hair.


Asuma smiled and moved his mouth down to Shikamaru’s member and took the whole thing in. Shikamaru arched his back and let out another moan. His hands never left Asuma’s hair and was now clutching harder, trying to push Asuma even further on his member.


Asuma smiled and moved his head so that he could take even more of the boy’s member in his mouth. Asuma let out a deep moan, which sent a shiver up Shikamaru’s spine, and ultimately causing Shikamaru to release himself in Asuma’s mouth.


Asuma sat up after drinking all of Shikamaru’s cum and looked down at the boy with a smile. “Tastes good.”


Shikamaru looked away from Asuma, face completely red. “A-are you satisfied now?”


“Not at all,” Asuma said as he leaned down close to Shikamaru’s face, his hands running over the boy’s chest. Shikamaru turned to look Asuma in the eyes. “I’m just getting started with you.”


Before Shikamaru could respond, Asuma dipped his head down once more to capture the boy’s lips. He ran his tongue over Shikamaru’s mouth and was actually surprised when the boy opened his mouth and wrapped his arms around Asuma’s neck. He smiled into the kiss and reached down with one of his hands and placed one finger in Shikamaru’s entrance.


“Agh!” Shikamaru cried out, breaking off the kiss.


“Shhhh,” Asuma said bringing his free hand up to run his thumb across Shikamaru’s forehead. “I’ll go slow, I promise.” He could see the fear in the boy’s eyes and leaned down to kiss him again, distracting the boy enough to add a second finger.


Shikamaru scrunched up his face, but didn’t break off the kiss this time. He couldn’t understand why he was letting Asuma do this to him. He knew this was wrong, but he just couldn’t fight back. He moaned again when Asuma added a third finger.


Asuma continued to stretch Shikamaru’s entrance for another few minutes before he pulled all three fingers out and sat up. He stood up, removed his shirt, pants, and boxers, grabbed the bottle of lube from the table drawer, and knelt back down.


Shikamaru watched Asuma put some of the lube on his fingers then inserted all three fingers again into his entrance. “Gah,” he said as he scraped at the floor below him with both hands, closing his eyes and tilting his head back. He felt the fingers go in and out, deeper and deeper until he no longer felt them in him. He looked down and saw that Asuma was moving closer to him.


Asuma grabbed Shikamaru’s legs and wrapped them around his waist. ‘Finally,’ he said to himself as he slowly pushed his member into Shikamaru’s entrance.


“Agh, Asuma, stop!” Shikamaru cried out, tiling his head back, his eyes closed again, and clenching his fists tighter.


Asuma ignored the boy, but did go a little slower, though he was finding it really hard to do so. Every instinct in him was telling him to ram Shikamaru as hard as he could, but he didn’t want to hurt the boy. “It feels so good.”


After stopping two more times to let Shikamaru adjust to his size, Asuma was finally balls deep inside the boy. He looked down and saw the pained expression on Shikamaru’s face, and felt a little bad, but knew that he would be hurting no matter what since it was the boy’s first time. He slowly started to pull himself out, but before he got completely out, he pushed himself back in. 


Soon he started going a little faster, hearing Shikamaru moaning as he did. “Uh, Shika, you feel so good,” he said as he thrust harder.


“Ah, Asuma,” Shikamaru said. He hated to admit it, but it was starting to feel really good.


Asuma grabbed hold of Shikamaru’s legs and moved them up to his shoulders, and Shikamaru was surprised that Asuma was going even deeper inside of him now. “Asuma! Agh!”


Asuma was going at full speed now, thrusting as hard and as fast as he could. He could feel his release coming and it was driving him crazy. He grabbed Shikamaru’s member and started jerking him off to the rhythm of his own thrusts, causing Shikamaru to buck and moan even more.


“Asuma! Asuma!” Shikamaru let out another loud moan and cum shot from his member, splattering it all over his chest.


Asuma let out a grunt of his own when he felt Shikamaru clench him so tight, and with one final thrust, he released his load deep inside of the boy.


Both of them panted, Asuma still inside Shikamaru. Asuma lowered Shikamaru’s legs and grabbed Shikamaru’s hand and pulled the boy to him. Shikamaru gasped at the sudden movement and wrapped his arms around Asuma’s neck. Asuma smashed their lips together again, starting to move in and out of the boy again.


“Asuma,” Shikamaru said as Asuma started kissing Shikamaru’s neck. He ran his hands through Asuma’s hair, clenching it as he tried to match Asuma’s thrusts. “Ugh, Asuma, yes. Please, more.”


Asuma smiled at this and began thrusting harder. He loved hearing Shikamaru’s moans in his ear. He continued thrusting harder and faster until he felt himself about to cum again. “Shika,” he said and released himself inside the boy again. He felt Shikamaru release himself against their chests and then the boy went limp, panting.


Asuma finally pulled out of the boy, and watched as his cum spilled out of Shikamaru’s butt. ‘He’s mine.’


Shikamaru pushed himself up and looked at Asuma. His face was still red from embracement. “Tha-that felt really good.”


Asuma chuckled and pecked Shikamaru on the nose. “Yes, it did.”


“I’m really tired now,” Shikamaru said trying to move away from Asuma, but Asuma kept his grip firmly around the boy.


“You’re not gonna be able to stand on your own,” Asuma said. He used one hand to help balance him as he stood up, and then carried Shikamaru to his bedroom.


“Hey! Where are you taking me?” Shikamaru asked slightly panicked.


“To bed,” Asuma replied. “That is where you wanted to go, right?”


Shikamaru looked away from him. “I didn’t mean your bed.”


Asuma chuckled again as he walked in his room.

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