Shadow in Danger

BY : dirty_cassirole
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Disclaimer: I do not own the Naruto fandom or any of the characters. This is written purely for fun, no money/profit made.

Shikamaru walked onto the already crowded train and saw that there were no seats available. ‘Man, what a drag.’ He grabbed hold of one of the hanging straps and sighed. The train made a few more stops and more and more people were cramming into the car. ‘Dang it, there are too many people on here. I think I’ll get off at the next stop.’


The train pulled up to the next station and Shikamaru started to head for the door, but was pushed back further into the car by the new wave of people boarding the train. “Hey, I need to get off. Can you…” Shikamaru sighed as he saw the doors shut and the train start moving again. ‘Dang it.’


Shikamaru was now stuck in the massive amount of people and he could feel several of the men and women around him pushing up against him. He tried to situate himself so that he wasn’t touching anyone, but it was no use. He moved one more time, feeling someone pushing himself or herself against his back, but the person just seemed to move with him. 


He turned his head to try and get a glimpse of the person. “Hey, could you possibly give me some room?”


The man behind him smiled. “Sorry, I can’t move myself.”


Shikamaru turned his head back around and sighed. He closed his eyes and hoped that the next stop would come quickly then took in a sharp breath. The man behind him was now pushing right up against Shikamaru’s backside.


“Sorry, kid,” the man whispered in Shikamaru’s ear. “These people are just pushing me into you.”


Shikamaru blushed a bit and refused to look at the man. “It’s fine. There really are too many people in this car.”




Shikamaru looked up at the display screen that told how long it would be to the next stop and he furrowed his brow. ’20 minutes?’ He sighed and closed his eyes, trying to move away from the man that was pushed up against him, but again having no luck.


The train jerked, causing everyone in the car to crash into each other, and the man that was pushed up against Shikamaru grabbed hold of Shikamaru’s hips on both sides.


Shikamaru blushed harder at the action, and waited for the man to say he was sorry and to let go, but neither one came. Shikamaru looked down at the man’s hands on his hips then gasped when he felt the man start to grind into him. “Hey,” Shikamaru cried out so that only the man could hear him.


“Just shut up, kid,” the man said as he pulled Shikamaru’s hips closer and ground even harder into him.


Shikamaru tried to push the man’s hands off of him, but the guy just tightened his grip. “Let go, and stop doing that.”


The guy moved one of his hands off Shikamaru’s hip, underneath Shikamaru’s shirt, and pulled Shikamaru closer to him. He put his mouth up to Shikamaru’s ear and whispered, “Cry out, and you’ll regret it.”


Shikamaru’s eyes went wide and his breath quickened. ‘No way. Is this guy really going to molest me?’


Almost in response, the man moved his hand that was under Shikamaru’s shirt over to one of Shikamaru’s nipples and started pinching it, causing Shikamaru to flinch and squeeze his eyes shut. The man’s other hand was now moving over Shikamaru’s clothed member, rubbing it gently. 


Shikamaru finally snapped out of the shock he was in and again tried to push the man’s hands away, but the man squeezed Shikamaru’s member tightly. Shikamaru nearly doubled over if it hadn’t been for the man’s hand on his chest, and bit his lip to keep from crying out.


“I suggest you stop trying to fight me, kid,” the man said.


“And let you molest me? Yeah, I don’t think so,” Shikamaru said as he tried to glare at the man.


The man smiled and moved his hand from Shikamaru’s nipple and up and out of Shikamaru’s collar and over Shikamaru’s mouth, pulling Shikamaru’s head back so that it was resting on the man’s shoulder. “You don’t really have a choice at the moment. This car is packed, and no one really cares about a stupid kid like you, so it’d be better for both of us if you just shut that pretty little mouth of yours and let me do whatever I want.”


As if to prove that the man really was in control, he moved his hand away from Shikamaru’s member and up to the hem of Shikamaru’s pants, easily slipping his hand underneath them and wrapping his hand around Shikamaru’s member. He slowly started pumping his hand in time to the movement of his hips, causing his clothed member to ram itself into Shikamaru’s butt.


Shikamaru squeezed his eyes shut. He couldn’t move from the fear of what was happening to him.


“Don’t worry. I’m not gonna penetrate you. I can tell that you’ve never been touched by a man before, and you’d make way too much noise for me to do that here,” the man said as he quickened his hand and thrusting. 


Shikamaru relaxed a little at those words, but not by much. He had to try and calm his breathing down. He didn’t want to give this man the satisfaction of what he was doing, but the hand on his member and the hard member ramming into him from behind was not doing a thing to help him calm down.


The man continued his menstruations, taking his hand from Shikamaru’s mouth and bringing it back down to the boy’s nipple, pinching it a little harder than before. He moved his mouth over Shikamaru’s ear and put the earring in his mouth and moved it around in his mouth.


Shikamaru again bit on his lip to keep from crying out and placed his hands on the guy's arms the best he could to keep his balance. ‘This can’t be happening. This can’t be happening. I have to be dreaming. Yeah, I never woke up this morning and I’m still sleeping and having this nightmare.’ He could feel his member getting hard and start to throb in the man’s hand, making him let out a small moan. ‘Crap. No.’ He quickly glanced around, hoping no one heard him, and to his delight, and disappointment, he saw that no one was paying attention to them.


An announcement called out that the next stop was approaching, and Shikamaru felt the man moving his hand faster. “Time to cum, boy. Time’s running out.”


Shikamaru squeezed his eyes shut again, willing his body not to respond, but it was a losing battle as he felt the pressure welling up inside.


The man ground himself into Shikamaru even harder, grunting at the pressure on his own hard member, and pumped Shikamaru faster.


With one final pump, Shikamaru held his breath and bit his lip so hard he tasted blood as he felt himself release all over the inside of his underwear. He could feel the man tense up behind him realizing the man was also getting his release.


The man stood there for a few seconds, panting against Shikamaru’s neck, before he removed his hands from Shikamaru’s pants and shirt. “Thanks for the fun, kid. Too bad we couldn’t have a little more fun.”


The doors of the train opened up and Shikamaru quickly pushed himself through the crowd, not caring about the protests and yells of the other passengers. As soon as his feet hit the concrete of the station, he ran as fast as he could away from the platform.

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