Faux Pas

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Author's note: Something silly that wouldn't leave me alone. NOT FOR SAKURA FANS, because well, it was a bit of an annoying week and I don't like her. Also a smidgen of nesting, because my mind is now fixating on a nesting Omega Naruto. Yep. Just another weird phase of my brain, sorry.

Warnings: Sakura's and Naruto's pov; Alternate universe; A/B/O dynamics; Omega Naruto; vague MPreg; established slash; some bigotry; some foul language; some nesting; Not for Sakura fans

I hope you'll like it!

Faux Pas

After thanking the taxi driver, Sakura turned around and appraised the tall building in front of her in awe, dumbstruck by the sheer size of it. It easily dwarfed all the other office buildings; its multitude of windows gleaming in the sunlight. The simple but elegant blue and white whirlpool symbol was displayed above the entrance. A single lightning bolt cleaved the whirlpool neatly in two halves; the ends of both meeting in one single point.

Simply called Whirlpool, the company's name didn't reflect their business in the slightest. Originally only focusing on medical equipment, it had expanded in later years to making most medicine affordable. For the past decade it had been consistently in the top ten of influential companies and while notorious for being very strict when it concerned the hiring process, once you were in, you were settled for life. A very nice pay, good health insurance and several other benefits were the perks that came with the job, no matter the position.

With a bit of luck Sakura would find out just how amazing the benefits really were if she managed to hit this interview out of the park.

She took a deep breath and walked to the glass doors, opening the right one. The second she walked inside, she was hit with a soft burst of coldness and she blinked, having to adjust her eyes when met with the dim interior. Well, dim compared to the bright sunlight outside.

The entrance was spacious with the receptionist's desk on her left, a mini waterfall clattering down behind the brunette, and a waiting area on her right, made up out of a soft, light blue rug and two canapes, matching the rug's colour. Right across from her there was an elevator and a staircase, flanked on both sides by two rooms hidden behind non-descriptive dark brown doors.

The receptionist looked up with a friendly smile when Sakura halted right in front of her desk. "Good afternoon, how may I help you?"

"Good afternoon, I have an interview scheduled at three o'clock," Sakura explained and smiled a bit embarrassedly. "I don't know which floor, however. My name is Haruno Sakura."

"Oh, let me look you up." The receptionist turned towards her screen and started typing; her eyes narrowing slightly as she studied whatever info she retrieved. "Ah yes, Haruno, three p.m. I found you. You're definitely on time," she laughed softly.

"Well, better to be on time than risk running late," Sakura smiled, though perhaps an hour early might be a big too much. She'd been too nervous to remain at home, however, and she hadn't wanted to risk being beaten by traffic.

"That's true," the receptionist smiled. "Your interview takes place on the sixth floor. You can wait there and someone will come get you when it's time. I'll let them know you're coming."

"Thank you very much!" Sakura smiled, dipping her head in a shallow bow.

Briefly she debated whether she should take the elevator, but figured that taking the stairs would not only be healthier, but would also help her get rid of some of her pent up stress. Her footsteps echoed through the staircase; the tiles of the steps just as gleaming as the tiles of the entrance. A small sign denoted each floor and she couldn't help but breathe out somewhat relieved when she reached the sixth floor. Her legs were burning slightly; they were definitely not thanking her for her decision to be healthy. Or perhaps her high heels weren't agreeing with her; that was also a possibility.

When she walked through the door, there were no more shining tiles. Instead, the floor was entirely covered by a burgundy coloured carpet, which swallowed her heels a bit; muffling her footsteps. Some paintings of green sceneries covered the spaces between each office. All the doors were closed, but the matted glass on each side of the doors showed the blurry outlines of the people occupying them.

While the staircase led to an open space, the floor then narrowed into one broad corridor, bracketed on each side by the offices and another smaller corridor that only had a couple of rooms of which the doors stood ajar. A couple of comfortable looking chairs had been placed in a nook next to the elevator with a small table in front of them. A small pile of magazines had been left neatly behind on the left corner of the table. Clearly a waiting area designed for visitors.

One of the chairs was already occupied by an attractive man with shaggy white hair. He was dressed in a smart, dark blue suit; a briefcase rested against his legs while he was reading some documents. He looked up, his gaze piercing, when she went to sit down on one of the other chairs available.

"Good afternoon," she smiled, placing her handbag on her lap. "You here for an interview as well or …"

He smiled, shaking his head. "No, I'm here to discuss a business proposal with the owner." He checked his watch. "In ten minutes normally, actually. I do wish you luck with your interview."

"Thank you," she smiled. A faint buzzing in her purse alerted her to the fact that someone had texted her.

Ino-pig 02.05 p.m.

You on your way to the interview?

Me 02.06 p.m.

Already here

Ino-pig 02.06 p.m.

Someone's on time :P

Me 02.06 p.m.

Oh shut up!

Ino-pig 02.07 p.m.

Good luck ^_^

Sakura smiled. Thanks

Soft noises pulled her away from her phone and she watched two men leaving one of the rooms in the smaller corridor. One had red hair and wore dark grey trousers with a black fitted shirt and even from this distance, his entire aura screamed Alpha in a less subtle way than the man next to her did. The blond man was rather underdressed for the type of company he worked at and she couldn't help but eye his ensemble of a simple orange shirt and light jeans with some disapproval. Couldn't he have dressed up a bit nicer? This wasn't exactly a way to present the company well.

"… sure you're not overworking yourself?" the red haired man was asking, a heavy frown marring his otherwise handsome face.

The blond man rolled his eyes with a fond smile, adjusting the collection of files he held in his arms. The red haired man made a move as if to take them over, but the other man twisted slightly out of his reach and his side profile revealed the faintest hint of a gentle swell. The sweet scent of oranges and jasmine drifted over towards her. Ah, an Omega. Still, that didn't mean he couldn't dress more appropriately.

"I'm not that far yet and I'm not sick," the Omega stated firmly. "You're getting almost as bad as the bastard, you know that?"

Sakura couldn't help but quirk an eyebrow at the insult. Really, no propriety whatsoever, huh?

The red haired man scowled. "I'm – we're - " his face became slightly pinched, "just looking out for you, what's wrong with that?"

"Nothing wrong with that, but really, I'm fine," the blond man stressed. "Don't you have a phone call scheduled?"

The red haired Alpha promptly glowered and checked his watch. "Yeah, unfortunately. Thanks for reminding me." He did not sound grateful at all, which made the blond man smirk.

"You're welcome," the blond man told him cheerfully. "Tell him I said hi, okay?"

"Tell him that yourself," the Alpha muttered darkly before walking straight past the visitor's area, not even deigning them worthy of a look as he disappeared into one of the offices on the right; the door falling close with a soft 'click'.

The blond man, meanwhile, was humming to himself as he shuffled through the files, putting them momentarily on a table nearby.

"Always such a shame to see Omega halting their career so young," the man next to her murmured.

She chanced him a glance and upon noticing that, he nodded discreetly at the blond man. "So young and already knocked up; he's put a stop to his career before it really got a chance to grow."

"Nothing says he can't return to his job after the baby is born," she remarked.

He raised an eyebrow. "Sure, but how many of them actually do that?"

She pursed her lips thoughtfully. She supposed there was a kernel of truth in what he had said. She remembered Hinata, who had had a promising career as a therapist, but who had given that up once she'd got married to Kiba and became pregnant.

"Hello there, can I help you?" The blond man halted in front of them, still carrying the files, and smiled friendly.

Sakura wondered whose personal assistant he was. She couldn't immediately spot a desk in the corridor, but perhaps he had managed to get a room of his own? She very much doubted he was the assistant of the owner or the CEO, however. Not dressed as casually as he was.

The white haired man smiled amusedly as he looked the Omega up and down, lingering at his stomach area for a short moment. "I doubt it. I have an appointment with the owner and the CEO to discuss a business proposal."

"And I have an interview," Sakura said. She smiled blandly. "I don't think you'll be able to help me."

He might call on her once it was time for her interview, but that was about it.

The Omega blinked at them. "Well, actually I am - "

"No, really, it's okay. I don't have to wait too long anymore either way," the white haired man said casually.

"I don't want to keep you from your … work," Sakura said dismissively.

Although in spite of how the red haired Alpha had sounded, it wasn't as if being a personal assistant was such arduous work. How could a PA even overwork themselves?

The blond man arched an eyebrow and shrugged. "Well, in that case good luck with your endeavours," he said lightly before continuing his trek, aiming for the last door in the corridor.

That door opened before the blond man was even halfway through the corridor, revealing a glimpse of a black haired man seemingly waiting for the Omega. Hm, might that be the owner or the CEO?

"I guess you don't need to worry about suitable attire if you know the right people," the white haired man hummed before returning to his paperwork.

Sakura hid her smile behind her hand. Well, at least she wasn't the only one who had taken notice of the less than suitable outfit the Omega had chosen to wear.

"Remember, he can't overwork himself. He should be as comfortable as possible," she murmured, making the man cover a chuckle behind his hand.

The blond man seemed to stiffen as if he had overheard them, but didn't turn his head and simply disappeared into the office at the end of the corridor.

Only a couple of minutes later a red haired woman appeared in front of them, calling out, "Otsutsuki Toneri-san?"

"That would be me," Otsutsuki smiled and rose up.

"If you would follow me," the woman said politely.

Sakura was a bit befuddled that she was the one calling him, instead of the blond man, but shrugged it off. The owner and the CEO were not the same person, so she had to be the personal assistant of one of them.

Well, she would probably find out whose personal assistant she was when it was time for her interview.

Otsutsuki left the office incredibly pale-faced not even fifteen minutes later. Sakura watched bemused how he marched straight to the staircase, not even pausing in front of the elevator. His knuckles had actually already turned white with how forceful he was holding his briefcase.

Huh, his business proposal must have not gone over well. Not her problem, as long as her own interview went –

"Haruno Sakura-san?" The red haired woman from before stood a couple of feet away from her, giving her a bland but polite smile. "We realise it is earlier than agreed upon, but they are ready for your interview if you are."

Her heart started thudding faster and the nerves, which had laid low, flared up again, making her stomach perform some very uncomfortable flips. Hastily she stood up, straightening out her dress. "Yes, of course! I'm ready!"

The woman dipped her head. "Please follow me."

As she followed the red haired woman to the room at the end of the corridor, she caught snippets of conversations taking place behind some of the closed doors.

"… we already told you we will not be held responsible for delays occurring …"

"Well, fuck, not like that's my problem now, is it?"

Sakura was a bit taken aback at the loud curse floating from behind the closed door of the office she was passing. She guessed there were more employees not really bothered with presenting the company decently. Then again, she furtively glanced around her, considering how classy this particular floor looked like and it housing the owner's and CEO's offices, she supposed that these people were high ranked enough to no longer give a shit about how they came across as with their crass language.

"Please enter. They are waiting for you," the woman told her and opened the door for her.

"Thank you," Sakura smiled a bit nervously and entered the office.

The first thing she noticed, was just how gleaming the desk was. It might have been made out of oak or some other type of wood, she had no clue, but it was massive and it gleamed to the point of almost being as reflective as a mirror. Large windows showed the skyline of the city; from this height the cars on the road and the bridge to the east looked to be the size of matchboxes and the faces of the people meandering below on the street couldn't be properly made out.

The second thing – or rather person – she noticed, was a very handsome dark haired man leaning against the side of the desk. His piercing black eyes regarded her neutrally and the natural light falling through the windows caught the blue shine in his black hair. His navy blue suit fitted him so well there was no denying just how muscled he actually was. He had his long legs crossed in front of him and could have easily stepped out of a fashion magazine.

It was more than obvious as well that he was an Alpha and she swallowed, feeling a bit hot under the collar. She was starting to regret applying for the position as researcher instead of something that would allow her to remain closer to this man.

The blond haired man, for some reason, was here as well, sitting behind the desk as if he owned the place. The contrast between the solemn desk and his overly casual wear couldn't have been clearer and she covered a snort just in time. Were they really treating him like a delicate flower now that he was pregnant as if he couldn't sit in one of the regular chairs on the side of the desk? That was taking 'great benefits' a bit too far, no?

She paused in front of the desk and bowed, more so to the handsome Alpha than to the Omega regarding her with curious blue eyes.

"Good afternoon, my name is Haruno Sakura. I'm here for the interview about the position of researcher," she introduced herself.

"Uchiha Sasuke, CEO," the Alpha said flatly.

Even though his voice was flat, the deepness of it sent shivers down her spine.

When she straightened from her bow, the Omega was smiling widely at her for some reason, making her furrow her eyebrows.

"My name is Uzumaki-Uchiha Naruto," he introduced himself cheerfully. As if that wasn't already aggravating enough – how the hell had he managed to land such a handsome Alpha?! – he went on innocently, "I'm the owner of this company!"

He was the … Oh fuck.

He leant forwards, resting his chin on his clasped hands; the sheen in his eyes nothing like the friendly smile he kept plastered on his face. "So, Haruno-san, please do tell us: what do you think you can offer to this company, hm?"

Considering the two pillows for a moment, Naruto pursed his lips before taking the flower patterned one out of the nest and replacing it with one decorated with half-moons; a gift from mum.

The flower pillow was discarded on the floor for the moment and he walked around their bed, considering it from a different angle. He had been working on their nest for more than a week now and it was finally starting to resemble the image he had in his mind. Perhaps if he got out that plush comfortable blanket from the closet downstairs and put it near the end so it could cover their feet, hm …

"You don't like that pillow anymore?" Sasuke questioned calmly when he walked into their bedroom, remaining unperturbed by the pillows and blankets strewn about on the floor.

Most of them were put in a pile together, signifying that Naruto was still playing around with them, but the pillow with the flowers had been thrown into the farthest corner instead.

Naruto frowned and pursed his lips. "No, too firm for our nest. It can go on the couch instead or so."

"All right." Sasuke nodded, but instead of picking it up and taking it downstairs, he crossed his arms and braced his shoulder against the doorjamb. "So, not that I was particularly interested in their spiels anyways, but is there a reason why you were so ruthless towards that Otsutsuki guy and that Haruno woman?"

"I wasn't ruthless," Naruto scoffed, dragging one of the heavier blankets on their bed more to the right, making sure it covered the edge of the mattress completely. "I was polite!"

"You were so horrifyingly polite that you made them look like they'd seen a ghost," Sasuke retorted wryly. "That woman looked ready to cry near the end, what happened?"

"As if you were interested in doing business with that guy or hiring her," Naruto snorted and took a step back, turning his head to the left to consider their nest once more.

"I'm not, but I also know you so well to realise that you only use that particular polite tone with someone when they have pissed you off. So what happened?"

"Oh well, I just taught them that looks can be deceiving," Naruto said nonchalantly and smiled when Sasuke raised an eyebrow. "I saw them sitting there and asked them if they would like some help. Dickhead told me he had an appointment with the CEO and the owner, after giving me that look all those dickheads give me all the time, you know," Sasuke's eyes narrowed, "and Miss Pink mentioned she had an interview. Right as I was about to tell them that I am the owner, Dickhead cut me off saying it was okay, don't bother, and Miss Pink told me she didn't want to keep me away from my 'work'," he said, using his fingers to make quote marks in the air to show the tone she'd been using.

She hadn't fooled him with that polite tone. The look on her face had been more than clear enough: she'd taken one look at his outfit, had registered the fact that he was an Omega, and had promptly decided he couldn't be anyone of importance. Because of course an Omega couldn't possibly be the owner of a well to do company. Sure, it was a family operated company and Naruto had stepped in sooner than expected, because dad had decided to pursue other interests, but that didn't make him any less of a capable owner! He had the financial records to back up his claim!

"I then overheard Dickhead insinuating that I only got a pass for the way I dress because I'm sleeping with the boss and she decided to make fun of Gaara's concern for me, saying I obviously couldn't overwork myself." Naruto shrugged, now more amused than annoyed with those comments. He had had the last laugh in the end after all.

"If you had told me what had happened, we could have kicked them out before they would have wasted our time," Sasuke said; his eyes flaring with anger.

"Why would I have done that when I had the pleasure of seeing reality hit them instead?" Naruto said cheerfully and abandoned the nest for now, making his way over to Sasuke instead. "It was way more fun seeing them realise how badly they had fucked up," he snickered and looped his arms around Sasuke's neck.

While anger still simmered in the depth of his dark eyes, there was also amusement shining through. Resting one hand on Naruto's lower back while the other slipped underneath his shirt, cupping the gentle swell of his stomach, Sasuke said, "You have an awful mean streak."

Naruto grinned. "Well, I learnt from the best," he purred and rose up on his tiptoes to kiss Sasuke.

His purr increased a notch when Sasuke growled; his hands going down to grab Naruto's arse. Getting the hint, Naruto jumped up, swinging his legs around Sasuke's waist, feeling his hard cock digging against his arse through their trousers.

"You're done with the nest for now?" Sasuke asked when their mouths parted for a moment.

"For now," Naruto said quickly, making the Alpha smirk.

His smirk turned into a surprised moan when Naruto surged forwards, kissing him hard. Working on instinct probably Sasuke managed to get them into their nest without tripping even once over the pillows and blankets still waiting on the floor. His body sinking slightly into the soft blankets underneath him, Naruto hummed, watching his Alpha's eyes darken with lust this time as he took in the sight of his Omega sprawled out underneath him.

As Sasuke descended down on him again, kissing him urgently, Naruto started unbuttoning his shirt, eager to get his mate naked. He loved seeing Sasuke in those fitting suits, but goddamn it if these buttons weren't a pain in the arse to deal with!

"Next time," Sasuke said roughly, nosing the hollow underneath Naruto's ear, "if someone is being a rude dick again, tell me and I'll kick them out. No need for you to deal with trash like that."

"Yes, sure, fine," Naruto said absently, a tad breathless, growing weak as putty as usual when Sasuke started sucking right underneath his ear, just above his Mating Mark.

Sasuke could deal with those dickheads whenever he wanted as long as he didn't stop touching him.

Fortunately for him, Sasuke had no intention to stop touching him any time soon. The rest of the nest could wait another day. Not like the pillows and the blankets were going to leave anyways.

The End

AN2: Alternative title could have been "You Know What They Say about Assuming" but I already have a title like that, so this was the next best option! Remember guys: best to hear people out completely before you start making assumptions. Could save you some embarrassment.

Please leave your thoughts behind in a review; should you spot any mistakes, please point them out to me.

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