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Chapter One

What Happiness Means To Me






March 12, 2000


"Naruto Uzumaki!"

Girlish giggles and boyish snickers followed the outraged shout of his name. Annoyed, the teen in question raised his head, wild blonde locks mussed, right cheek shiny with drool. Drowsy blue orbs snapped a question at his disruptor.


"If you cannot stay awake in my class then you don't need to attend it! Grab your bag and excuse yourself. Principal Shimura is already waiting for you in his office."

Naruto stood, yawning as he grabbed his bag, tossed his unopened textbook inside, then weaved through desks towards the door.

"Straight to Principal Shimura's office this time! I mean it Naruto, no detours!"

More mirth followed him as he closed the door behind him, a frown etching his lips, annoyance flaring to life. Bunching his fists in his school corridor, Naruto contemplated storming back in and knocking the man's teeth down his throat...and finding his ass right in juvie for another few mind numbing months. His fists unfurled with an agitated click of his teeth.

Wasn't worth it.

Fuckin Iruka, waking him up over something so fuckin stupid.

No detours.


Sparring not a glance behind him, the teenage degenerate headed in the opposite direction of his scheduled lecture with Principal Asshole.

Technically, cutting class all together wasn't a detour.

His new school was old and looked it.

Stained walls that would never have that clean, tidy look unless you added a fresh coat of paint of whatever weird shade of gray that was, tiled floors that had definitely seen better days. Beat up blue lockers, shitty fluorescents and crappy old windows so blurry struggled to leak through.

He trudge through empty hallways, jogged sedately down two flights of stairs and out onto the track field. He stopped at ornate wrought iron gates, gripped a bar in one hand and the brick pillar in the other then heaved himself up, hooking his foot in several notched, and climbed over the fence. He touched down outside school grounds and began walking, pulling what was left of this morning's wake n' bake from his pocket as he wandered into the dense woodland. He lit up and inhaled, puffing clouds below tall shady trees as he took a familiar path back to civilization.

School was really starting to piss him off despite only just starting a month ago, a new record. It usually took two months before his already rickety self control snapped like a toothpick, but lucky him, this new 'educational' correctional facility wannabe was really pushing for the top spot in his long list of specialized behavior institutes.

One man in particular, seemed determined to push his goddamn buttons.

Danzo Shimura was Konoha Leadership Academy's warden, an irritating, ex-military meathead.

Principal Shimura was constantly on his ass, had been since day one. Ambushed him right at the door on his first day, that stuck up prick was hell bent on 'taking him under his wing', or so he said. If there was one thing Naruto trusted, it was his gut instincts and that primal guidance was telling him there something wrong about that man. Danzo had a weird fucking vibe, a heavy energy that rubbed him the wrong way, that alone was enough for Naruto to kept his distance.

It took him three day to figure out how to handle the creep.

Shimura was responsible for overseeing thousands of degenerate teens just like him, and when he wasn't caroling other students, Naruto made sure he was nowhere near the man. Hanging out in the gym or smoking on the roof until second bell rang in the morning, hauling ass from class to class in the hall, getting ghost at lunch and mowing over classmates when school ended, it was easy side stepping Danzo, at least, it had been in the beginning.

Naruto had clearly hurt Iruka feelings during their last 'heart to heart's' because his homeroom teacher sent him to Danzo every chance he could, giving that one eyed cripple ample opportunity to bump gums in his ear.

Iruka Umino was one of those busybody teachers that "cared" about their students. The man loved sticking his nose where it didn't belong, asking questions that were none of his fucking business, digging around in his fucked up background searching for a shred of humanity. Determined to save the sad, scared little boy he was so convinced lay at the center of Naruto's hard outer shell.

Naruto snorted.

He hadn't had an 'Iruka' in years, not since primary school.

By the time he transition into junior high, Naruto Uzumaki was a name every educator knew and dreaded.

His ugly temper and smart mouth, impulsive behavior and violent outbursts, he was a problem child so well known it got him kicked out of class prematurely, much to his amusement. Showing up to class only to be told he couldn't go in because some pussy assed teacher refused to have him in their class was the funniest thing in the world. For all his unpredictability, Naruto really wasn't that hard to tolerate. Those unlucky bastards that didn't have a choice but to take him figured out pretty quick, the best way to deal with the blonde demon was to leave him the fuck alone.

Clearly Iruka hadn't gotten the memo.

Naruto didn't want his fuckin pity, he didn't need a shoulder to cry on, his compassion was nauseating, his sympathy infuriating. He half suspected Iruka had some sick savior complex because he took every rejection to heart like somebody's lonely girlfriend begging for attention. Lately, the man had taken 'a tough love' approach, dolling out punishments, dismissing him from class, handing out detentions like they were going out of style.

Naruto didn't care about the detentions Iruka handed out, wasn't like he showed up anyway, but to interrupt the only few minutes of rest he'd had in two fuckin days...

Iruka was asking for a demonstration of why his previous sensei's let him be. Naruto was more than happy to oblige, wouldn't be his first time; another expulsion and a stint in juvenile detention didn't bother him, been there done that and didn't mind doing it again.

He knew the routine.

When he got out of juvie, his case worker would find him a new educational institution for bad ass kids, sign him up for anger management and therapy on top of what his group home required, wag his skinny little finger a few times then bounce.

Rinse, wash and repeat.

Or maybe not.

His last judge was beyond fed up with Naruto, told him he would find himself celebrating his eighteenth birthday behind bars; tragic history be damned.


He was turning sixteen this year.

October 10th he was dropping the fuck out.

Sasuke wasn't gonna be happy about it but shit, they both knew it was coming. Naruto was no dummy, his intelligence wasn't the issue; it was his too fuckin short temper, easy boredom and disdain for structure that made it hard to focus. Frustration and irritation were his default and it really didn't take much to set him off. A fuckin fraction that didn't wanna fraction right, remembering how to spell words some asshole decided didn't need to look the way it sounded, staring at a blank paper trying to pull sentences out of his butt for a two page essay that didn't need to be two fuckin pages long in the first place.

He couldn't stand being watched and monitored, people telling him what to do, when to do it and how to do it, why to do it.

Fuck school.

He would make his own way, build his own world and live life the way he wanted.

He could make it on his own.

He knew how to survive; the way he grew up, he hadn't had a choice. He knew how to navigate the slums, he knew how to hit a lick, he knew where it was safe to sleep, he knew what neighborhoods he could wear whatever he wanted and which ones he needed to watch his back in, he had plenty of 'friends' in low places and a handful of bitches happy to spread their legs and throw him a couple bucks when he needed.

He really wasn't hard up.

Speaking of bitches, Yukina was probably off by now.

She annoyed the fuck out him sometimes, her and her fuckin cats, but she gave good head and let him crash on her couch when he needed somewhere to clock out for a few hours.

Hopefully she had some fuckin groceries this time, he was starving.



Not a single fuckin crumb.

Naruto snatched his hoodie from the floor and tugged it on with an annoyed click of his teeth; it was two o'clock in the morning and he was on his way to grab food for the second time today. Pulling his tangerine hood over his messy locks, Naruto stomped through the one bedroom apartment, kicking a cat from his path and slamming the door on his way out.

Fuckin woman was useless.

Yukina was a twenty-seven year old waitress, part-time stripper with a big ass pill problem. She didn't give a damn if her cabinets were empty, as long as her goddamn cats were fed and her drugged out mind stayed zoned out, she was happy as a fuckin tick at a blood bank.

Naruto would never be too fucked up for food, no matter how bad his addiction.

Food was life.

Tugging his switchblade from his jean pocket to his hoodie pouch, he stuffed both hands inside and began his search for sustenance, skirting potholes and crunching grass beneath his sneakers when his crooked sidewalk ended prematurely, he mulled over his meager choices.

Old man Teuchi had long since closed shop for the night, no ramen for him and this shit neighborhood was mostly liquor stores and churches.

Any restaurant not looking to get robbed were long since closed, the only burger joint that didn't give a fuck was Yushiro's. Not his first choice, nor his fiftieth, but it was the closest place and he'd eaten far worse than their vomit inducing imitation beef patties and cardboard buns.

Decision made, he marched his way to the nasty eatery at a clipped pace, keeping his head low, but his blue eyes sharp.

He was going through another growth spurt, his shoulders were filling out, his legs shooting up seemingly overnight, and now that he was back at the group home, their regular meals were packing weight on his ungainly bones. Naruto knew better than to rely on his new form, he'd rather haul ass than try and fend off a group of assholes after the wrinkled twenty he took from Yukina. He could hold his own in a one on one with most average weight adults, but his true strength lay in his ability to sprint full throttle out of a fucked up situation before it popped off. Learned that at nine years old.

Under the bright lights of an old gas station, his strict vigil lit on a man coming out of the late night fuel station entrance, bag in hand. Naruto stopped, narrowing his gaze on those chiseled features, that arresting long red hair collected at his nape.

The man hadn't seen him, too focused on his boisterous conversation with the store clerk.

Jaw clenched, Naruto crossed the street and followed the man, eyes fused to the towering redhead, a silent predator stalking its prey.

They walked through an alley and wandered by houses, as they meandered passed an unfortunate soul changing a flat, Naruto scooped up a tire iron resting beside the disable car. He palmed it as he moved, a million thoughts passing through his head, one in particular blazing forefront.

Do it...

He knew what he wanted to do.

He knew what he was going to do.

Anticipation propelled him forward, his wild cerulean orbs scanning for witnesses...for opportunity.

He spotted the later, another alley up ahead, his pulse quickening when his redhead turned and disappeared down its isolated stretch. It was a quiet nook, bracketed by rundown crack dens packed with down bad addicts that wouldn't dial the police even if their mother caught on fire.

It was now or never.

His moment of truth.

He sped up, heart pounding louder than a drum, an ugly beast stirring in his gut, clawing beneath his flesh as he neared his victim, his prey. His grip tightened, unyielding iron bit into his callous hands, the sensation stirring him more than an inanimate object should, and in that moment, the first strings of infatuation stirred. He loved this feeling, he loved this adrenaline fueled intoxicant, this vicious energy that compelled him forward.

He whistled cheekily, grinning wide as his cheery tune lured the man a full 180.

Time slowed, their eyes met, recognition lit a beat before he brought the tire iron down with as much might as his adolescent arms could muster. A hard 'ding' herald metal kissing skull, a pained groan rent the quiet night, reverberating vibrations shook a path from his hands to arms to shoulders and back again.

The redhead dropped, hitting pavement face first. Drawing back a dirty sneakered foot, Naruto kicked the writhing man to his back, drawing a sharp, pitiful scream.

Bubbling laughter left the deranged teen's lips.

His wounded redhead peered up at him, a trembling hand raised for mercy as the blonde hunter lifted the crowbar yet again,

"No, no, no-"

A resounding crack filled his ears, warm fluid sprayed his face, frenzied by the sensation, he struck again.

And again.

And again.

And again and again and again until his arms tired, his chest heaved, and his blood sang an unfamiliar song he didn't know but loved all the same.

He dropped the crowbar, grinning as it clattered noisily.

There was something hot, something burning in his chest, scalding his wildly rushing pulse, blazing his chaotic mind, an elation that made his hands shake like a desperate tweaker in need of a fix.

He had never felt so fucking alive in his life.

This was a high he had never reached, a euphoria he had never known, the blood, the crush of bone, the screams, the dead eyes staring up at the moon. Grinning like the madman he was, painted in the crimson life essence of a dead man, revealing in his new found power over life and death, Naruto turned his face to the pitch black sky, enthralled by the pale glow, so eerie and serene as it watched him, so beautiful as it's brilliant shine illuminated his dark deed.

He felt whole, he felt cleansed, he felt...happy?

Was this happiness?

Was this that sensation that made people giddy?

He didn't know and didn't fuckin care. This was his happy. This was his exuberance.

This night.

This kill.

He would remember it always.


March 13, 2000

"You're being really fuckin' creepy, dobe, more than usual."

Droopy cerulean orbs found equally glaze onyx, said creepy smile widening, "the fuck are you talking about?"

It was a regular old Saturday, twelve hours after Naruto's great epiphany. Yukina was at work, and after thirty minutes of bitching and complaining about Naruto cutting school again, last Friday, the two boys settled down to do what they usually did on a weekend, smoke and channel surf until something interesting ran across the TV.

"You never fuckin smile but you've been doing it all day, a real one. it's weird and fuckin creepy," Naruto's pain in the ass bestfriend clarified, passing him the blunt.

Naruto didn't deny the charge, the blonde faked smiles a lot. It was normal, it was disarming, but Sasuke knew those lip curls were bullshit, that he only really smiled when he really shouldn't be. That he was doing so now when no one was hurt, when the devious Uzumaki hadn't just pulled off a smooth talking heist and walked away with some woman's valuables, was highly unusual and, according to Sasuke, alarming.

Sasuke knew him best after all. Sasuke knew everything about him.

"You remember that night we snuck outta that shitty ass foster home on fifth avenue?" he asked, taking the blunt from his friend, continuing on an exhale of smoke, "Shit, I think we were like twelve, we stole that homeless guys gin and ran off, got fucked up on the overpass."

Sasuke stilled, his baked-out brain igniting in an instant.

"I told you some shit and you told me some shit and we made a pack, a fuckin man to man promise, dattebayo," his lips jerked up, blood pumping, "I was serious at the time, sounded like you were too, so lemme ask ya again, you still want my help getting rid of that prick?"





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