Our beautiful yet teasing sensei

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A fanfic called stop teasing us sensei by Lordoflust (Lol). Which is sadly that Naruto is not the main character there. But I found other related stories with Naruto as the main character so I look some inspiration to make one myself.

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Let us get it on!

Summary: After 12 years of being an unactive shinobi due to being a caring mother to 2 children, Kushina decides to get her own team which one of them is her youngest son Naruto Uzumaki. Watch as Naruto and his two teammates venture out in the shinobi world with their Sensei who is considered as the hottest kunoichi in the world. Along with getting, “hot smoking rewards along the way.”

Chapter 1: The beginning.

(Hokage tower)

The Hokage tower is where the place of the strongest ninja in the world lives and this is the place where many Jounins and their teams will be assigned on mission.

Right now, Jounins are now being tasked to which genin teams are assigned to them to see if they what it takes to become ninja and lead a new generation. It has been a few weeks ever since they graduate and it is time for them to lead them.

One of the Jounin is Kushina Uzumaki.

It has been 12 years since the nine tails attack in hidden leaf village who has been manipulated by a Masked man who claimed to be “Madara Uchiha” who is considered dead at the time. He attacked the village, but in the end he failed. Minato, and Kushina managed to stop the Nine tails but at the cost of Minato’s life by using the reaper death seal and splitting it into yin/yang and sealing it back to Kushina and their son Naruto Namikaze. Both Minato and Kushina youngest son and younger twin brother to Arashi Namikaze by 2 minutes.

Ever since the fourth’s death. Life has become simple and difficult for the village. Due to the attack, along with losing some ninjas. The village has weakened slightly but as time pass by it is beginning to recover until it is back to where it should be.

 Kushina raised her sons very well. With Arashi becoming like his late father although slightly more arrogant and Naruto becoming like his mother. Despite being brothers, Arashi would often scold or tease Naruto for being considered the bottom of his class along with two others of his classmates. Naruto paid no attention to it and managed to use those as a motivation to prove his brother wrong that “You shouldn't judge a book by its cover”

Kushina would often tell her sons about their father and how he become a hero to his village and family. Along with that, she tells them on how they met which Arashi find it gross and Naruto interested.

Because of her husband’s death, Kushina became slightly depressed and lonelier. It only gets worse when Arashi have a desire to move out of the house and lived in an apartment next to his big brother figure Kakashi making Kushina lonelier and more depressed. However, she has Naruto who does not want to leave and wants to stay with his mother.

Additionally, she has become frustrated mostly sexually and because of that, she must rely on her toys or fingers to pleasure herself. As time progressed, she begins to see her youngest son like her husband to the point she begins to have perverted thoughts about him much to her embarrassment.

Ever since Arashi moved out, both Naruto and Kushina would sleep together in Naruto’s room because she felt close and comfortable to sleeping with her youngest. Kushina is proud of her son for being there for her when she needs a companion because of that she secretly refers him as her Favorite Child and for his efforts of stopping Mizuki from stealing the scroll of stealing by using the impossible Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu. And the very main reason she plans to go back to shinobi duty and hope get Naruto to be in her team.

Now, all Jounins are now paying attention to the Hokage who is now making announcement about their team. Team 1-6 has been already announced with team 7 next.

“Okay, now team 7: Arashi Uzumaki Namikaze, Sasuke Uchiha, and Lastly Sakura Haruno. Jounin Sensei Kakashi Hatake” Announced Hiruzen with Kakashi stepping forward and accepting the paper. Slightly disappointed he did not get Naruto.

Even though he gets both Arashi and Sasuke who both are considered prodigies and are one of the last of their respective clans. However, he considered them to dull to teach because they can learn a technique in less than an hour and because of clashing of ego, it would be difficult for them to work together along with Sakura being a fan-girl, which considered a disgrace to the shinobi system and hoping for a miracle to pass them.

“Next up, Team 8: Kiba Inuzuka, Shino Aburame, and Hinata Hyuga” Announced Hiruzen with Kurenai accepting the paper.

“Since Team 9 is already formed (A/N Team Guy) Let us go to team 10: Shikamaru Nara, Choji Akimichi, and Ino Yamanaka. Jounin Sensei Asuma Sarutobi” Hiruzen Announced with Asuma sighing, continuing the tradition of a Sarutobi leading the Legendary Ino-Shika-Cho.

Hiruzen then looked at the redhead and he gave her the paper of her team which team 11 consist of.


Iruka Umino looked at his former students who are now ninjas and the verge of getting their sensei. But before saying their teams and teachers he wants to make one more speech towards them.

“Okay, Now I want to congratulate all of you for Graduating and even though all of you already are ninja. This is still the beginning as all of you going to experience that you never saw before like war, killing, and kidnapping” All of the genin shivered as Iruka Continued “But do not be too worried about that as you have your teammates and teacher to guide and help you when in complete danger. Hope that you all work hard, try your absolute best to achieve the goals and dream that you hope to attain. Good Luck” Iruka Finished

“Especially you Naruto” Iruka Though as he looked at his blonde-haired student who is grinning at becoming a ninja. He is deeply impressed by Naruto’s growth especially by effortlessly using the Multi-Shadow Clone jutsu to beat Mizuki which considered to be very forbidden because of the Massive Chakra use which no genin, chunnin (Himself included) or some jounin could never attain.

“All right enough looking back at the past, I’m going to announced all of your teams now” as he announced the team's starting 1-6.

(5 minutes later)

“Team 7 is Arashi Uzumaki Namikaze, Sasuke Uchiha, and Sakura Haruno your sensei is Kakashi Hatake” he was about to say the next team when he heard a screech of EEEEKKK from Sakura herself who sat down embarrassed when she saw everyone staring at her with annoyance.

“Ahem, the next one is Team 8 which consist of: Kiba Inuzuka, Shino Aburame, and Hinata Hyuga. Your sensei is Kurenai Yuhi” Iruka Finished with Team 8

“Team 9 is already a team being a year ahead of you, so let us get to team 10: Shikamaru Nara, Ino Yamanaka, and Choji Akimichi. Your sensei is Asuma Sarutobi” Iruka finished as the said names where one is murmuring ‘troublesome teams’ the other is munching his food happily and the last is sulking about continuing the tradition of the ino-shika-cho trio.

“BE QUIET” Iruka yelled as everyone kept quiet.

“Now” Iruka continued. “Onto the last one is team 11 consist of: Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, Raimaru Inazuma, and Kenshi Kaminari. Your sensei is Kushina Namikaze” Iruka Finished

All the male students could not help as they all groaned and looked at the said names with shock and jealousy that their sensei is not only the wife of the Fourth Hokage but one of the desired women in the Elemental Nations with beauty compared to Tsunade of the Sannin and a true definition of every man’s wet dream.

Naruto, Kenshi, Raimaru are the bottom 3 of the academy with both Raimaru and Kenshi barely passing in the final test and Naruto using a superior technique to beat a rogue ninja to pass.

Kenshi is a male ninja who is dark-skinned. He wears a white forehead protector and the outfits consist of blue sleeveless vest and underneath is a fishnet t-shirt and wears yellow pants that reaches aboves his boots. His hair is spiky like Naruto but is white and straighter than Naruto and have brown eyes along with a sword on his back.

Raimaru is tan-skinned shinobi and his clothes are consisting of black shirt and gray pants with white shoes. He has brown eyes and bluish hair.

According to Sasuke, he referred them as the “Trio of Dobes” or In Arashi’s case “The Bottoms.” Because he considered them buffoons.

The trio grin each other even though the title they were given is an insult. They see it as a sign of instrument to their motivation.

The three of them look each other and nod with one another. They determined to show that even though they are the bottom 3 of the academy, they will prove that they are a force to be reckoned with and that their title will not define their future.

Like their male classmates, they are also self-proclaimed “high class perverts.” Naruto is fully aware how his mom is considered a hot and true a definition of a MILF. He would often ogle at her when it is just the two of them when Arashi’s not around.

Both Kenshi and Raimaru saw Kushina once and they could tell she was a hot angel that fell from the sky. They would often dream about her to be their sensei and along with that their dreams are coming to a reality.

Little they know a certain redhead is thinking a similar perspective.

(With Kushina)

Kushina is now grinning happily that she got her son as her student along with 2 others.

She is aware of both Raimaru and Kenshi as they are considered as the same status of her son as one of the dead last of the academy. However, she is not worried about that. She is confident that she will train them to become great ninja with sheer training, hard work, and motivation.

As she was going to meet her team, she felt someone touch her back who happens to be the former apprentice of the rogue Sannin Orochimaru: Anko Mitarashi.

“What is it Anko?” Kushina said with looking annoyed at the trench coat special jounin.

Anko pouted like a little girl “Oh come on, don’t be like that Kushi-chan. I heard you have students so what are their names” she said making Kushina comfortable.

“It’s none of your business Anko” Kushina replied slightly venomously

Anko grinned harder “Are they all-boys team? Are they single? Or better yet, are they virgins and have huge packaging?” Anko questioned lecherously

Kushina blushed as the color of her hair over the last statement. At the single thought at that make her slightly turned on by that. Given that Minato is dead and no longer can take care of her need. She then glared at anko.

“You will do no such thing or else I’m going to give you hell right now” She finished with her hair raising to nine tails like manner.

Anko laughed.

“Yeah, yes. I will stop, but if your team are really virgins and have huge packages. I am going to have some fun with them” She finished as she turns aways as she smacks her ass and sways her hips.

Kushina blush harder to the point as if she were choking. She then walks to the classroom and thinks.

“Like hell she will be stealing my student's innocence, I will be the one who will do that, including Naruto’s” She thought as she froze at what she said.

“ANKOOOOOO” Kushina roared.

(With team 11)

Naruto, Raimaru, and Kenshi are now waiting for their sensei as they are last one to wait.

Originally Kakashi was going to be the one who is late. But surprisingly he uncharacteristically came early about 5 minutes after his team was announced.

To Naruto, something tells him that it has to do with Arashi and Sasuke egos and personally wanted to finish it fast.

The door then opens as the trio look to see who it is and blushed

Finally, it was their sensei, Kushina Uzumaki “The Red-Hot Habanero”

The Three boys could not help but blushed at the sight of their sensei whose Appearance is like an angel that really descended from the sky.

Even though she wears a normal jounin clothing. She looks like a model when wearing it.

Kushina Smiled as she looks at her cute genins especially her son face. “Still got it after all these years Hehe” She thought.

She then become stern “Alright team, we meet at the third training ground at T-minus 20 minutes, whoever is late will be the one who will not be eating” As she vanished via shunshin.

“Wait what. Fail?” They though as they waste no time but pick up their things and race all the way to the training ground that would make Might guy wish to challenge them.

But they have one thing to say.


(19 minutes and 50 seconds later at the Third Training Ground)

Kushina is sitting at the bottom of the tree focusing on her stopwatch which is now counting down to 10 seconds.

At about 5 seconds she heard some rustling at the bushes as her students came out looking exhausted and panting like maniac as if they were chased by a wild boar or something. “Well, looks like you have a second to spare nice, but enough of that for now. It’s time for us to introduce ourselves” Kushina chirped as got up and the three of her students walk slowly and sat in front of her.

It was not easy for them to search for the training ground as they barely make it and luckily Naruto managed to know it barely as Kakashi would sometimes take him and Arashi here because of a memorial stone near there to see his deceased teammates and to let them know the many sacrifices of ninjas did before them.

“Okay” Kushina clapped her hand “As well you all know, ladies first. My name Is Kushina Uzumaki Namikaze, the wife of our deceased Fourth Hokage, my likes are: My sons especially naru-chan, my husband, ramen especially salted, and my presumed team. My dislike is: Arrogant people, Rapists, and bitter things. Hobbies, let us just say spending time with Naruto. Dream: My old dream is having a family which already came true and my new dream is that I hope that I will help your dreams come true also” She finished as she looked at them with a twinkle at her eyes.

“Okay first up, you whiskers” she said referring to Naruto.

Naruto blushed at the nickname that his mother gave him. “My name is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, my likes are: Ramen, my family, training, and making pranks” making a huge grin at that as Kushina laugh and his teammates chuckled. “My dislike is: My fellow peers including my own brother insulting me and my teammates by calling us Trio of dopes, threats that will harm my family especially my mother, my hobbies are watering plants, spending time with my mother, and enjoying the view of the whole village from the Hokage rock, my dreams is well since my brother dreamt of going to be Kage someday. I want to become stronger to protect the leaf village from big threats. Along with marrying a woman who is like you sensei”

Kushina could not help but blush at last part of his dream of being married being someone like her. It is like her own son wants to marry her. She then decides to dig deeper of his dream.

“Tell me Naruto, are you interested in older woman?” Kushina Questioned.

“Yes. Because they are more friendly, developed in figures and are always serious in any types of situations along with being experience on certain thing” Naruto answered nervously as his teammates reached out to him on giving him a fist bump of respect.

Kushina looks at her son lovingly. She touched by how he said. Along with that, she also blushed at the certain thing he said. A code word for sex.

“Okay, I hope that I will help you on that and be sure to give me lots of grandchildren. All right" she said as Naruto nods and Raimaru next to him patting him in the back with respect.

“Next up, you Raimaru correct” Kushina answered as the said boy begins to answer about himself.

“Right, my name is Raimaru Inazuma, my likes are bentos and other sweets, my fellow teammates, you sensei” As he looks at Kushina with a deep blush with Kushina being the same. My dislikes are like Naruto’s where many people called us dead last and big threats. My hobbies are: walking, training, and practicing taijutsu, my dream is like Naruto, also to prove my peers wrong that we are not just dead last but we are gonna be strong shinobi someday. Additionally marry someone like your sensei” Raimaru Finished.

Kushina then nodded “Well, looks like you are like Naruto in these terms and like what I said to Naruto. I gonna help achieve that. Dattebane” She finished with her verbal tic.

“Last up, the guy with the sword. Kenshi Right” Kushina answered as she looks at Kenshi who nodded politely.

“My name is Kenshi Kaminari, my likes are: BBQ, spicy foods and things, my dislikes are like what Naruto and Raimaru said People looking us down because we are the bottom 3 at the academy, arrogant people like Sasuke Uchiha and Arashi namikaze. No offense Naruto and Kushina sensei” As he looked at them hoping he didn’t make them upset.

“None taken” Both mother and son said simultaneously as they were aware of arashi arrogant behavior which they both do not know where he got it from.

He continued “My hobbies are training to become a swordsman, like Naruto enjoying the view of the entire village, my dreams are like Naruto and Raimaru that we aren’t just loser of the game and hope that one day we may prove them wrong. Additionally become a great swordsman rivalling that of the Mist swordsman and marry someone like you sensei” He finished.

Kushina then looks at them and nodded

“Okay, I Hope that you are all happy of me to be your sensei and same to me, I am happy that all of you are my students and just like I said before, I hope that I will make those of dream yours to become a reality including that last part.”Kushina said sweetly. “Now that the introduction is over. Let us get this final test started” Kushina announced.

“Wait What. Another test” They protested.

“Why? This is another test to see if you know what it takes to become a ninja. Your academy teacher might have passed you. But this is the real test. We Jounin must also test that you have the potential or not. Either we pass you or not.” Kushina said in a serious tone.

“B-but that’s not fair, meaning if we failed means that we are going back to academy, start all over right from the beginning, and you will not be our teacher” Raimaru protested as Kushina nodded approvingly as Kenshi spoke up. “No way, but we just got you sensei and we are beginning to like you ever since we met you!” Naruto then nodded agreeing with his teammates.

“Oh, calm down you three. I know how you feel and for all of you to be motivated to pass. I think this should do the trick” Kushina said kindly as she took of her Jounin vest and her blue T-shirt revealing her bright red sport bra and a good amount of her cleavage.

The three genin could not help but blush as the color of their sensei hair as they look at her chest with dreamy look at their faces. Even though it is covered by her bra. They could tell it is a perfect shape without a slight sag of them. They have one thing to say in their thoughts.

“We are so going to pass this test” they all thought as they look each other and nod. They vow to win and not to make a mistake that would be the cost of failing and going back to the academy.

As they continue to stare at her covered bosom, Kushina snapped her fingers.

“Hey, eyes up here you horndogs” She scolded. As they knock of their fantasy dreamland and look at her in the eyes attentively.

“If you want to see this more often” As she touches her breast. “You got to show me on what it takes to become a ninja. Unless, you want to go back to the academy and let other genins touch these babies” she finished and let go of her breast, jiggling it slightly.

Naruto, Raimaru, Kenshi have fire in their eyes. The thought of going back to the academy and letting other bozo genin touching THEIR sensei. In their book, it is considered UNACCEPTABLE. (Mostly by Naruto).

Kushina seeing their determined look knew that they do not want to go back to the basics again and mostly the last part she said could not giggle slightly.

She looked at them now, realizing that it is time to get started.

“Ok, it’s time to get started team. Ready, set, -” She stopped for a moment when she saw Naruto raised his hand.

Raimaru and Kenshi look at their fellow with teammate with confusion and concern.

“Yes, Naruto what is it?” She questioned her son.

Naruto then look at his teacher/mom with a determined look but it become a nervous one.

“Um, sensei before we start, h-how b-big are y-your b-breast anyway?” he questioned with a flustered look at his face blushing madly.

 Both Raimaru and Kenshi are shocked at that. But they also gave Naruto the ‘You stole my line’ look. They also look at their sensei with a curiosity also. How big are they anyway?

Kushina then look at Naruto and was taken aback by that questioned. She knew that her own son was a pervert but she never knew he would have the audacity to say those words to her. She would often hear stories from her friends that they would saw Naruto transforming to a teenage girl and going to the female side of the hot springs which resulted him in getting beat up. Other than that, he also performed that when helping the third’s grandson on how to perfect his transformation which gotten him grounded.

A part of her felt it had to do something with Jiraiya influencing him to the perverted path. Since Arashi is like her late husband, Jiraiya is planning to make her youngest son to be like him someday. Much to her disgust and anger.

Kushina then answered the question of her son. “Well, they are 40DD. Comparable or slightly bigger than Lady Tsunade” as they all nodded at that.

(At A random Casino)

The said woman who is gambling could not help but sneezed suddenly. Something tells her that somebody is talking about her chest. She could not help but get a thick mark on her head that it is possible Jiraiya is writing about her in his books again.

(Back to Team 11)

“Okay, are there anymore question” Kushina told her team as they shake their head signifying no more question and wanted to start already.

“Are you ready?” she questioned.

“YES SENSEI!” They shouted. With Naruto being loudest as he wanted to get started.

“All right if all of you managed to touch me you passed and get a reward. READY, SET, GO!” Kushina shouted as she vanished in a gust of wind.

The three nodded each other and split up.

Kushina is now waiting for 30 minutes, she took out her lunchbox to eat a little until she heard a sound as she saw Raimaru getting ready to fight.

She could not help but smirk as she went to her fighting stance. As she ready for battle, she saw Raimaru kneel on one knee with his head staring at the ground and put his head back up with his eyes becoming more like a cute puppy dog.

“S-sensei when do I get t-touch them and please let us win” he pleaded with tears falling comically like a waterfall. Kushina look at him with a sweat drop and smirk. She already knows that he is playing with her to let her guard down. But that’s not  gonna work at all.

“Sorry kiddo not until you pass. Plus, you need to work on your acting skills a little bit more” as Raimaru narrowed his eyes as he approaches his sensei planning to attack by throwing punches and kicking. But all Kushina did was dodge it effortlessly and jump remarkably high landing on the branches of the trees.

“Want to hold them hot-shot" Kushina said flirtatiously as she squeezed her breast and bouncing slightly with Raimaru nodding like a jackhammer. “If one of you touches me first, you will pass along with touching them as a reward. Well see Ya. I’m about to tease some other students” She finished as gave him a wink before disappearing again much to his disappointment as he kept looking.

The next person Kushina saw is Kenshi as he also saw his sensei and unsheathe his sword. Kushina. could not help but smirk as she took out a scroll and summoned a sword also.

Kenshi then dashed towards his teacher to touch her and pass as he makes many attacks using his sword with Kushina countering them. She was deeply impressed by it. If she had to guess his kenjutsu is low-chunnin to mid-chunnin. Not bad for a newcomer if she says so herself.

“Come on Big Boy, you wanna go back to the academy along with your teammates and become dead last again. To make matters worse, some other cute genins will get to touch these” Kushina said as she shakes her breast.

Kenshi is now getting angry as he kept making attacks that prove futile.

“NEVER” he roared as he rushed towards her like a madman.

Kushina laugh as she disappeared and reappeared at the tree branches and vanished much to Kenshi anger.

Saving the best for last, Kushina saw her son walking near the lake watching his direction to see if he could find her. She decided to have some fun with her youngest child.

Naruto is walking cautiously, looking for his mom/sensei as he heard a whisper behind him.

“Looking for me, Sochi-Kun~” Kushina teased as she appeared behind her son as her breast squeezed his back.

Naruto could not help but feel flustered as he felt his mother’s bosom touch him as his shinobi instinct have kick in as he skids back and facing his mother.

Kushina laugh at her son’s flustered face as she slowly walks towards her son.

“What’s wrong Sochi scared that you will fail and you along with your fellow teammates will be going back to school. Listening to those boring lessons all over again and never got to touch these again~” She teased flirtatiously as she shakes her breast right in front of her youngest.

Naruto could not but shakes his head as he got over his dazing expression. He then narrowed his eyes at his mother as he grabs something from his back pocket and threw some shuriken at his mother with Kushina deflecting it with her sword.

Naruto then does a cross handsign and summoned 3 clones as they rush towards her and attacking her simultaneously with Kushina once again dodging them with some slight effort.

The mother Uzumaki could not but feel impressed of her son’s used for the jutsu. To her, her other students should be taking the clones place to fully touch her and pass. She then gets tired of dodging her son and his clones as she jumps towards a branch of the tree again and looks down at her son whose clone is dispersed and the original is now slightly getting exhausted.

“What’s wrong sochi? Is that all you got. I expect you to be better than this. Such a shame.” She said pretending to be disappointed as she shakes her head to make him fall for it and disappeared.

Naruto could not but groaned as he follows her but finds himself reunite with his other teammates as they hide behind a bush.

“Okay, we cannot hit her individually. So, the only way we could do is to work together.” Kenshi said determinedly as both Raimaru and Naruto nodded.

“So, whoever got a plan, you need to say it now.” Raimaru added

Naruto then went into a thinking phase for 30 seconds and after that he has a plan.

“I’ve got a plan. But this plan needs patience, extreme precision, perfect timing, and cooperation from you too.” He said determinedly with both Raimaru and Kenshi nodding as they huddle listening to Naruto’s plan to pass the exam.

10 minutes later Kushina is sitting at the top of the tree feeling impatient. She then decides to ambush her students to finish the ordeal for the last time. She then stands up and now find herself in the clearing of the training ground facing the bush where her students are hiding and unknowingly producing a plan.

“I know you are hiding in their kiddos. Come on, I am already here. Open to being attacked and touched. If you do not come out there in five seconds. I will slash that bush where you are hiding and beat you cowards to a pulp and fail you.” Kushina scolded.

“Five... Four... Three... Two...” She then got interrupted before going to one as a Fuma Shuriken was rushed thrown at her. She then dodges it with the shuriken missing her by an inch. She then looks back at the bush were Raimaru is now running towards her. Kushina then smirk, but that smirk turned into shock when she hears a poof sound behind. She turned her head and eyes widened when the shuriken was not really a shuriken but it was in fact, Kenshi who transformed into that shuriken and is now running towards her from behind.

As she began to dodge them as they both now are nearing her. She then finds herself unable to move as she look down towards her feet with her eyes widening more as she finds two hands holding her ankles as the figure burst himself out of the ground revealing her son Naruto. She was so focus on the two that she forgot her own son. She totally underestimated them. Seriously!

Naruto, Raimaru, and Kenshi then grinned as they dogpiled their sensei landing on the ground with Kushina hitting the ground first. Thereby touching her, passing her test, no longer going back and other stupid wannabe genin touching their sensei.

(Few moments later)

The three boys are now sitting under a tree, eating their lunch that Kushina provided for them. Normally, one of them would be sitting at a log in the middle, but since all of them followed the true lesson of the test which is TEAMWORK. They get to eat their lunches and no longer must worry about failing.

When they finish eating, Raimaru then spoke to their permanent sensei of a certain question.

“Um, sensei now that we pass. N-now we can h-hold t-them?” as he eyed his sensei busty chest with the eye of a lion who saw some giant meat along with drooling uncontrollably. Both Naruto and Kenshi also nodded with agreement as they eyed at their sensei chest.

Kushina then looked at Raimaru confusingly. “What do you mean “we” Raimaru. Since I said Whoever touches me first will be the one who hold my boobs and Naruto is the first one to do so because he touches my ankles and he is the one who came up the plan that made all of you pass. Thereby he should be the one will get to hold them like the Phrase says “First come, First Serve” She finished as Naruto grinned with pride and Raimaru and Kenshi groaned with disappointment.

“Oh man up you two. Both of you should be grateful that I will allow you two to see my own son groping me rather than telling you to go home.” She scolded both Raimaru and Kenshi as she continued “Now then, Sochi-Kun how about you stand in the middle in front of me while Both Raimaru and Kenshi while stand at either side to see you groping me.” She said kindly.

Naruto then do as what he was told and stood at the middle near his mother while Raimaru stood at the right and Kenshi at the left as they both watch on what was to come.

Before she could start the reward for her son, she started her stopwatch to 3 minutes and stared at them with a strict eye. “If anybody of you ever tell this to anyone, then this will be the first and last reward you will ever get and see. Got it.” as she hissed at the last part as all three of her students nodded fearfully as the thought of no longer touching their sensei globes will become the death of the three.

“Okay Naruto, you got 3 minutes to touch them so take it slow as you can Honey” she said.

Naruto then nodded as he put his hand on his mother’s breast. Naruto could not believe that his mother’s breast is incredibly soft. It is like to two giant marshmallow that were put on his hot chocolate in a freezing day. He is now touching them very carefully and he is particularly good at it. Which is not surprising as Jiraiya taught him on how to handle a woman.

Kushina was deeply surprise on how her son can handle her twins. To her, this is the first-time that someone touched her there. Ever since her husband’s death she is beginning to feel sexually frustrated. Never once in the past twelve years that she ever gotten a date because she considers it to be cheating on her husband despite, he is now deceased.

She would often focus her time on raising and training her boys mostly Naruto because Arashi have know-it-all attitude and prefer to train with Kakashi which she completely dislikes about him. She then looks at her students. Despite, being the worst students at the academy. But showing how well they work together as a team she is deeply confident that they will become the strongest and without a doubt the greatest of their generation and she knew that she hit the jackpot and she could not wait to brag to the other sensei including her friends when the time comes. She is guaranteeing that they will chunin on their first try of the exam.

“10 seconds now, Sweetheart.” Kushina said as she was now counting to the last second as her son fully squeezed her breast and letting them bounce as time runs out.

“Okay, time’s up. Now that was good reward, is it?” Kushina questioned as she puts back her T-shirt and vest back.

Naruto then nodded as he blushed bright red as he felt his hands as if they were cramping. He then looks at both Raimaru and Kenshi have a jealousy look on their faces promising that they would work hard next time to get piece of their sensei reward.

 Kushina also look at them. She could not help but giggle slightly and blush when she saw the bulge in their student’s pants.

My, my. Looks like they really have huge packaging in their pants, especially Naruto’s.” She thought as she licks her lip which go unnoticed by her students. She could see that both Naruto and Kenshi have a similar with Naruto being slightly bigger in length which does not slightly surprise Kushina as she thought that Naruto might have her Uzumaki genetics rather than his father. While Kenshi is slightly bigger in width and finally, she saw that Raimaru is the most average of the three but to Kushina, its bigger for his age.

She could tell that everything is going to be fun from here on out.

“Okay team, you may go home now to celebrate with your families as I will go report to the third that you pass. Make sure wait for me Naruto and tell Arshi to come home for a while so that we can celebrate with ramen together as a family. Also be sure to go to training ground 11 tomorrow at 8 o’clock or early for your exercises. We can start having mission next week or so” she said kindly to them with them nodding very fast.

“But before I go, I will give one bonus reward for working together as a team.” she added as the three boys look at her confused but become shock when Kushina kisses them in the cheek.

The three held the part of their cheek where their sensei put her lips on as they blushed madly. Kushina giggled at that as she disappeared at a shunshin leaving her students with their boners active and have one thing in their mind.

I’M IN FUCKING LOVE, RIGHT NOW” They all thought not knowing they said exact same sentence in their mind as they also left the training ground to their houses.

(Hokage Tower)

All the Jonin are now at the Hokage office with Kakashi being the last one to enter due to an excuse he has about an old lady needing help much to the other Jounins annoyance.

Hiruzen then looks at the assembled jounin as they begin to report on how their assigned team went.

“Team 1 failed, sir” one jounin to his leader as his team failed to meet his expectation which resulted of them failing.

“Team 2 failed also, sir” another jounin said disappointedly. He failed them because one of his assigned student’s had tend to kill his comrade due to growing impatience on wanting to finish the job which resulted elimination and the student is said to be forbidden to never becoming a ninja ever again due to the stunt he did.

“Team 3 also failed, all of them did not show on what it means to become a ninja” another jounin said. He shows up early but his student’s show 3 hours late which resulted an automatic failure for them.

“Team 4 also failed, sir” another jounin said with the same reason as Team 1.

“Team 5 failed, sir” another jounin said with slight gloomy voice.

“Team 6 failed also sir” another jounin as his assigned student had been eating during the test rather than concentrating on finding and fighting him.

Hiruzen could not help but sight he knew that today Genin's must be properly re-educated properly again.

Something tells him, that it is time to make Ibiki become the academy’s teacher temporarily.

(Interrogation Room)

“Achoo!” the said interrogator sneezed as he suspects that someone mentioning him about teaching a couple uneducated brats right now.

(Back to the Hokage room)

Kakashi is now up with Hiruzen praying that they passed.

“Team 7 passed, sir.” Kakashi said smiling as the other Jounin were shocked that this team passed. In the past year Kakashi failed his last two teams as the first team tend to kill each other and the second team ignore their starving teammate to give him food.

In truth, they barely passed because in the test as Sakra was tied up at the post and if were not for Arashi giving her some of his food they would’ve have failed completely. Arashi might be arrogant from time to time but he has morals to live with.

Next up is Kurenai as she gave her report.

“Team 8 passed, sir” Kurenai smiled. To her team might have passed but they still need to work on their teamwork and chemistry with each other and they have a long road ahead of them.

Kushina could not help but smile at her friend and wish hope for the best of them.

Asuma then was next to come up.

“Team 10 passed, pops” Asuma said informally to his father as he is craving for smoking right now.

Hiruzen nodded and sight annoyingly at his son’s lack of subsidiary respect. He is going to have long talk with him after this.

Kushina then was last to spoke up.

“Team 11 passed with flying colors, sir. They understand the true meaning of teamwork and I know that they are gonna be great someday regardless of being so-called deadlast of the academy”

Hiruzen then nodded respectfully. Kakashi could not help but smiled at his younger brother figure that he managed to work with his team unlike his older brother as both he and Sasuke tend to work alone.

The third then stand up and announced. “Now that’s over with. All of you are dismissed for now, except you Kushina”

All the Jounins nodded and then left except Kushina.

Hiruzen then sat down and look at the redhead.

“Kushina do you know why I put you to be Naruto’s sensei? he questioned

Kushina nodded and replied “Yes, you want me to become Naruto’s sensei in order to fully harness the yang power of the nine tails so that he would not lose control of his sanity and wreak havoc”

“In addition, Hokage-sama that Naruto has more untapped potential within him along with his teammates that to be honest other jounins could not know or handle and to be honest I’m the only person who could handle the situation" Kushina added.

“Yes, along with that you’ve kept saying that you want him to be your student” Hiruzen replied.

Kushina laughs at that

“Is that all Hiruzen? May I take my leave now since Naruto and Arashi are now waiting for me at home. If Arashi is visiting” Kushina said as she hoped her oldest is visiting for the day to celebrate together as a family for becoming ninjas.

Hiruzen then nodded as Kushina left in a shunshin.

Unbeknownst to him, Kushina put a sealing jutsu that would disrupt his crystal ball to prevent him from seeing doing something lecherous towards her student. Which is why Kushina is not worried about when she entered the room.

(Uzumaki House)

The Uzumaki house is considered one largest house in the village as it draws comparison to other clan heads houses before Minato become Hokage. It is good for 10 people despite it only consist of Naruto and Kushina as Arashi have already moved out but can visit from time to time.

The house is 2 stories consisting of: 4 bedrooms good for 2-3 persons each upstairs, each bedroom has a bathroom and a hot tub to the point is like a jacuzzi. There is a training room where both Arashi and Naruto spar hundred times before graduating and according to Kushina the score is 60 wins for Arashi and 40 wins for Naruto. There is also a private hot spring that they can use together despite having 4 bathrooms with hot tubs. The kitchen is also big as it draws comparison to many kitchens from many restaurants to the point that Choji’s mother Chonda Akimichi wanted to move in with her and finally the living room is big with flat screen that Naruto and Kushina rarely use and two big L-shaped couches and surrounds it is a big coffee table.

Kushina have arrived at the living room via shunshin and is shocked to find out that Naruto is not home yet. She then nodded and went to the bathroom to take a bath after a long day and she needs it because she became dirty after her student's dog-piled her in the ground.

When she was done bathing. She changed into her normal clothing which consist of an orange t-shirt with the Uzumaki symbol at the middle and blue jeans.

She then went to the kitchen put on an apron and start making dinner for her two rising genin sons. Just as she was about to put the final additions, she heard the door open and finds to see Naruto acting nervously and scratching his head sheepishly. Kushina suspected that Arashi might have rejected Naruto’s offer to come home to celebrate and instead she ran to him and screamed

“MY BOY IS NOW A NINJA!” she cried as she hugged him so tight that he is colored purple.

“I... can’t... breath... kaa-chan...” Naruto wheezed out as he is now on the verge of passing out.

Kushina then let her son go for him to breathe properly as she gets back to making dinner for both.

Naruto then breathe in and out as he went to his respective chair at the kitchen as Kushina gave him his favorite dinner which is ramen.

Kushina then looked at Naruto and question him something.

“So, Naruto your brother rejected your offer of coming home to celebrate. Am I right?” Kushina questioned as she already knew what Naruto is about to say.

“Yeah, he prefers not to celebrate with the enemy and went off to celebrate with Kaka-Nii" he said sadly.

Kushina sight annoyingly at that. She is totally going to say some few words to her eldest on talking down to her team especially to her Naru-Chan.

Well, if he isn’t coming home to celebrate. Then that means you and me are for tonight, Naru-Chan Come on, dig up you deserve it for making a ninja along with your teammates” she said kindly.

Naruto nodded and then prayed for the food and start gobbling down his favorite food like there is no tomorrow and without learning the word of manners.

Kushina also gobbled down her food as she looks at her son.

“So... Naruto... huw... dos... it fills...abut becoming... a genin” she said as her mouth is full of noodles then she slurped down everything in one go.

Naruto understanding what his mother is saying gulped down the noodles in his mouth and replied.

“It was great, I get to be teamed with my fellow buddies and we have the same ambitions and we got a sexy sensei like you Kaa-Chan and hope one day that we will become great ninjas" Naruto said boldly.

Kushina blush at being called sexy by her own son and spoke.

Well, thank you for the remark about me being sexy Naruto and just so you know this is still beginning on not only you. But your fellow peers including your brother. So, I expect you and your teammates to work together as a team and become the greatest team in this village has ever known. Okay” she said.

“Of course,” Naruto replied. “As long you gave us some of your rewards. Then we will be motivated to work harder than before”

Kushina then smiled.

“Oh, are you okay with me giving the same treatment that I gave you to your teammates Naru-Kun~” she teased

Naruto nodded.

“As long I get the same treatment as them. I’m okay with it”

“I’ll keep that in mind and like what I said before, be sure you three not to tell this to anyone or I will never give anymore rewards” Kushina finished strictly.

Naruto and Kushina finished their food as Naruto also gobbled down his older twin’s food since he went off to celebrate on his own. He then went upstairs to take a bath since he stinks. After that, he switches to his pajamas and went to his bedroom.

Kushina before changing to her pajamas look herself at the mirror in her red sports bra and black panties. She inspected her breast, that her own son touch for 3 minutes and other 2 students saw for the whole exam including the reward. To her, it felt great for being touched there and being appreciated after her husband’s death. A part of her wished that Minato is still alive to be with her but she knew that it will not happen as he achieved his dreamed of dying for his village and be regarded as one of the village greatest heroes. She was hoping that she was not cheating on him by giving her own students including her son rewards by doing what she did to Naruto after he and his comrades passed her test. She just wanted to motivate them on achieve their dream of becoming the best of the generation and unlock their potentials. She sighs sadly as she changed to her pajamas and went to Naruto’s room who is now sleeping with a space save for her.

Kushina smiled as she went to her son’s side, turned off the lights and went to sleep. Ever since Arashi moved out of the house a few weeks ago after they graduate. She is beginning to feel lonely but she has Naruto to always keep her company and prefer to sleep with him to prevent him from moving out and leaving her alone again.

(Next Day)

Kushina woke up early and look at the clock that reads 6:30. She got up and did a little stretching so that she could keep up shape. She then looks to her side to find that Naruto is still sleeping. She smiles on seeing how her son is so cute when he is asleep. She then tip toed out of her son’s room so that he may sleep a little more.

She then went back to her room and went to take a shower. When she is done with a towel covering her body, she then goes to the closet to grabbed some clothes. It consists of a purple sports bra, red panties, black pants, dark blue t-shirt and the traditional Jounin.

When she is done dressing. She looks herself in the mirror and gave her breast a squeeze and nodded noting that she still young and pretty. She then grabs her equipment and left the house leaving Naruto behind. If Naruto is still not there yet by the giving time she said. She is so gonna punish him while she gives his teammates a reward.

Kushina then walk through the village and goes closer to the training ground. When she is in the training ground. She was shock to find Naruto already there doing some stretches.

“Hi mom. Good morning” Naruto greeted his mother.

“H-hi... Naruto-kun. Good morning” Kushina greeted shockingly deeply suspicious why he is early before her but decide to shrug it off.

Unbeknownst to Kushina. Naruto woke up incredibly early. Waking up at 6:00 and the Naruto that is still ‘sleeping’ was in fact a clone with it being already dispelled when she left the house. Naruto also knew where training ground 11 because he met Kurenai and asked her where the training ground is. With Kurenai tells him the correct direction.

Kushina then knock off her dazed and decides to join her son on stretches.

“Mind if I join you stretching, Sochi-kun?” Kushina asked as her so nodding in approval.

While waiting for their other teammates/students to come. Both mother and son did some basic stretches only. Kushina did not want to do some advance exercises as she wants to do it if the full team is here. Plus, it will make her son go exhausted thereby, ruining the whole exercise.

She then decides to do one exercise which is sit-up. She asked Naruto to hold her feet together in order not to separate them. Naruto then did what his mother ask as he hold mother’s feet as Kushina started doing sit-ups with her eyes close to focus.

Naruto could not help but blush at the sight of being near to his mother. The way she is concentrating on her sit-ups and started to sweat makes him turned on and have an erection which he shamedly feels it. He was so dazed off her that he almost loses his gripped on her but managed to regain his bearing and managed to hold on to her feet. Luckily for him, Kushina barely notices it as she was so focus on her sit-ups.

Once Kushina finished to 25. She then got up and thank her son along with she kissed him in the cheek much to his inner pleasure and rest until his teammates are here.

Half an hour later, it is already 7:59 with both Kenshi and Raimaru coming in just in time as they both struggled to find the training ground and managed to find it when they ask Asuma Sarutobi’s for direction.

Kushina then clapped her hands together as her team is fully here and t’s time to get to work.

“Okay team, I know what you are thinking today that you want to do some missions to start making a name for yourselves. But for now, we should exercise to train our bodies and increase our stamina’s so that we can go on long missions. All right” Kushina said.

“Okay sensei” replied her students simultaneously.

“So, sensei, what is our training exercise for today?” Kenshi asked.

“Well, Kenshi our first exercise will be medium 10-mile run and after that you three will be swimming for 30 minutes” Kushina answered her cute student’s question. “Okay let’s get to it” she added.

They both jog around the training ground with Kushina being in the lead, Naruto being second, Kenshi Third and Raimaru coming in last. Kushina look behind her as she was deeply surprised that Naruto still has many stamina in him. Despite, that he woke up early and started doing some stretches before she got here. She looks to see Kenshi is also keeping up with her son. She then looks to the last which is Raimaru who is getting slightly exhausted from the running and from the looks of it, he is struggling not stare at something most notably her butt. Kushina could not help but sigh of her student’s perverted nature. Boy’s Nowadays.

They already stopped as they reached the objective milestone and now, they are Infront of a lake getting ready for their next exercise.

“Now team, for the next is that I want all of you in your boxer shorts” Kushina said.

Naruto, Kenshi, Raimaru nodded reluctantly. They are little bit shy especially for Kenshi and Raimaru to be half-naked in front of their sensei to see. They all took off their clothes except their boxers.

Naruto has a lean, yet is muscular build because of his mother training him and his brother before graduating. Kenshi is not too far behind from Naruto having already a muscular build like him. Finally, Raimaru is slightly behind both the formers as he has slight above average build because of him eating too much sweet when he was young and something tells him that it is time to stop eating them for a while and if he wants to become a strong shinobi he must train and start eating healthy foods.

Kushina then looks at the three and nod. Deep could not help but blush at their builds as she felt slight turned on by their appearances especially at her son.

“Okay guys, in 30 minutes I want all of you to swim in this Lake and swim back here and after that, you will do some push-ups. I think 10 should be enough. Total of 5 laps should do the trick and if you made it before time expires you will get a unique reward, but if you fail to bad no reward. Hehehe" Kushina said.

The boys nodded especially Raimaru and Kenshi. They are ready not screw this up and it is time to get serious. They also want to come back with a vengeance after not getting a piece of their sensei’s reward yesterday.

Kushina nodded as she gave them the start signal.

The three boys then dive through the lake as they swam to the other side of the lake and swam back at where they started and did some 10 push-ups.

Kushina then sat down at the grass and grabbed notepad to write their laps. At the middle of the third lap, she noticed that Raimaru is beginning to feel exhausted because of the running earlier. Wanting to give them an extra boost. She took off her dark blue t-shirt and jounin vest revealing her purple sports bra and a good amount cleavage and continued writing.

The boys saw it when they entered the shore sports a blushed. True to Kushina’s word, it gave them a massive power boost especially Raimaru who is now doing push-ups faster like never before. However, that did not take long as he was finished his 10 push-ups his body collapse. Thereby, finishing at 3 laps much to his disappointment. He stills has a long way to go.

Both Naruto and Kenshi continued. As they are now entered their second to the last push-ups and went back to swimming for the final lap as they both are neck in neck.

Raimaru cheered for the two of them. Kushina could not but twitched under her smirky lips as she looks at her stopwatch. It is now 1:30 left as both Naruto are now entering in their final push-ups.

“45 seconds left you two” Kushina said as Naruto is now on his 7th push-up while Kenshi is on his 5th.

15 seconds gone and Naruto now finished his 10th push-up and finished at 30 seconds. Putting him at 1st place. Kenshi finished at 25 seconds putting him 2nd place. Raimaru finished at 3rd place because of his body giving out at the start of the 4th lap.

“Now, that was a fine exercise. Huh" Kushina chirped.

The three boys nodded exhaustingly.

“Now as for your reward. Since both Naruto and Kenshi the entire lap you will get a big reward and as for you not finishing the entire lap, Raimaru. You could get a small reward for trying your best and the punishment is that you go to BBQ and get some table for lunch. Don’t worry I’ll be paying” Kushina said.

Raimaru groaned at the punishment. But at the same time felt happy he could also have a reward for doing a great job. He swears to himself that he would eat healthier and trained more for himself to catch up to his comrades and teacher's standard.

“Alright, the reward for today is the same as yesterday. But the different is Kenshi you go at my right side, Raimaru my left side and Naruto, just like yesterday in the middle” Kushina chirped.

The boys went to their said position as they are now facing their sensei.

Kushina nodded as she activates her stop watch again to 3 minutes.

“All of you got 3 minutes. Ready, begin” she says and started her watch and the timer is going down fast.

The boys then touched her bra-covered breast with amazement in their eyes. Addition to that, they are also now drooling uncontrollably.

Raimaru could not help but touched and felt soft marshmallow-like, bra-covered breast. He never touched a woman’s boobs before not counting sucking on his mother’s breast when he was baby. He then felt his hands sunk to his teacher’s right breast as he squeezed them.

The same goes for Kenshi. He felt his teacher’s breast as they felt nice and squishy like a stress ball. As it releases all the stress that he did during the exercise. He knew it was worth it to endure all of them. He could not wait for the big reward that she was gonna show both him and Naruto.

Naruto who is touching his mother’s breast left and right. Could not help but feel more motivated than ever. If this is the result of working hard then he is gonna do even better.

Kushina looks at her three students who are now in Daze Land as their hand is touching her bosoms. She is trying not to moan in front of them. She knew that they are motivated than ever.

She then looks at her stopwatch which is now beeping meaning time is up.

“Okay time is up boys. Let go” Kushina chirped.

The boys groaned as they reluctantly let go of their sensei’s chest. They felt their groins tighten a little bit because of the experience they have witness. Kushina saw it and could not help but giggle at their embarrassed looks.

“Now that’s over. Raimaru go to BBQ and get us some tables while I talk with Naruto and Kenshi” Kushina told her student as Raimaru nodded and left.

Both Naruto and Kenshi are now facing Kushina. Excited and Enthusiast about the big reward she is going to show them.

Kushina looks at their face and giggle slightly at their perverted expressions.

“Okay you perverts. Now this is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If word got out of it. You will never see this again. Finally, you are only to look, no touching” Kushina said strictly.

Kushina then took off the clip of her bra revealing her bare breast.

Both Naruto and Kenshi could only look on shock as their teacher’s breast was revealed to them and jiggle slightly as they are free from there prison. It is noticeably big and plump in comparisons to the female sannin herself. Her nipples are very visible and very pinkish along with her areola.

The two are struggling not to touch them. They felt their groin becoming bigger, wider and pants tighter than before. They cannot contain their urges as they should have touched Kushina’s breast if where not time is up again

Kushina then put back her bra along with her T-shirt and vest before they make move on her much to their dissatisfaction.

“Okay, now that you see the big reward. Hope that you both motivated some more and now that is over. Let us get some BBQ for lunch and be back here for one more training exercise and call it for a day” Kushina finished as he walked away.

Naruto and Kenshi look each other and nod as they both follow their sensei who is seeing them ogling at her.


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