Grand Gesture

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Author's note: This is what you get when your author watches several hanabi related videos in a row. Also this is not exactly for Sakura fans. She's not that horrible in this one, but eh, she's not exactly a ray of sunshine either.

Warnings: Sasuke's pov; Alternate universe; established slash; not really for Sakura fans; fluff; sass; some explicit language

I hope you'll like this!

Grand Gesture

"Do I really have to be present?" Sasuke sighed, leaning back in his chair. "You know I don't care for that kind of stuff, nii-san."

"You're co-CEO, showing up at this kind of events is basically part of your job description," Itachi said dryly. His red tie stood out sharply against his stark white shirt.

"Hm, pretty sure it isn't," Sasuke muttered, flipping his pen between his fingers. "If it was, I wouldn't have agreed to this position."

"You know it doesn't look good if one of the CEOs doesn't show up at a company event," Itachi chided him lightly.

"Who even decided that it should take place on the beach this time?" Sasuke scowled.

"I think it was the Board," Itachi said and shrugged. "It'll be a nice change of scenery compared to the ballrooms we usually rent. Weren't you the one who complained last year that the place was too stuffy?"

"It wasn't so much the location as just the people in general that pissed me off," Sasuke said honestly.

"This Friday evening. Be there," Itachi stated and slipped out of the office before Sasuke could start arguing again.

Sasuke glowered at his laptop screen; the financial report with its multitude of numbers staring back at him. Why even did their company hold so many events throughout the year? What was even the point in that? And who had decided that both CEOs should always be present at them?

Maybe he could claim to have fallen sick? No wait, he had already used that excuse last time and if he did so again Itachi might actually show up to verify it. He already had had a hard time keeping his brother out of the house last time when he'd called to tell him he was sick and unfortunately couldn't attend the event.

He could stay one hour and then sneak out. By then most employees would be enjoying the booze anyways and they wouldn't notice one or two people missing from the event. Fuck, what was even the point of being a CEO when you still were forced to do shit like this?

Still scowling, he placed his pen on the desk and stood up, leaving his office. Konan crossed him on his way to the breakroom and they exchanged a brief nod while she clutched her phone between her shoulder and her cheek; her arms filled with several files. He would offer his help if he didn't know he would receive a scathing refusal in return. She was quite insistent that she could handle everything herself.

"… gestures, of course. Enjoy the rest of your break, guys," Haruno cheerfully said, walking out of the breakroom. When she caught sight of Sasuke, her face brightened slightly and she smiled widely. "Good afternoon, Uchiha-san!"

"Good afternoon," Sasuke greeted, more to be polite than out of any genuineness.

Haruno performed well in the HR department, but she also had a tendency to be quite flirty even when she already had a boyfriend. Something about her had rubbed Sasuke the wrong way from the moment he'd first met her and he was glad she wasn't working directly for him.

Her smile widened even further, a blush turning her cheeks pink, and she offered one more quick bow before walking down the hallway, returning to her own desk.

Before Sasuke could enter the room, Naruto walked out of it; his lips pursed. His eyes were downcast and so he nearly walked straight into Sasuke, catching himself just in time. Rocking back and forth on his heels, he shook his head and quirked a smile at Sasuke.

"Hey, escaping your paperwork for the moment?" Naruto teased, holding his own orange mug loosely in his hand.

"More like escaping the bastard before he comes back to pester me further about the event," Sasuke snorted and eyed the blond man carefully. "You okay?"

In spite of him smiling, his blue eyes weren't glowing like usual, and his smile seemed somewhat strained, as if he had to put effort into it.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just … a long day," Naruto sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "Got to go now, I've got a client meeting in less than five minutes."

"All right, how about we go to Ichiraku's tonight?" Sasuke suggested, sliding his fingers around Naruto's wrist.

Normally the mention of Naruto's favourite ramen restaurant was guaranteed to have the man crowing in excitement, but now his smile barely even widened, though he obviously did his best.

"You're just making that offer because it's your turn to cook tonight and you're not in the mood," Naruto accused him amusedly.

"Does it matter why I'm offering? I thought you'd love eating ramen tonight, but hey, if you don't feel up to it," Sasuke said casually and shrugged lightly.

Naruto tsk'd and pinched Sasuke's side underneath his jacket. "You know I'm always up for ramen, especially if it's Ichiraku's, don't be silly."

"Well, in that case I'll see you tonight after work," Sasuke murmured and dipped his head down for a quick kiss.

He watched Naruto return to his desk, getting accosted on the way by Yamato who was pointing at something in a document.

Only Gaara was left in the breakroom, seated by the window. He was sipping from his tea, barely glancing up when Sasuke walked to the counter to fill a mug with coffee. He doubted it was freshly made, but he needed something to occupy his hands with and he didn't want to go back to his office just yet. Not when the way Naruto had acted, was nagging at him.

"What happened here? Naruto didn't look so happy when he left," Sasuke commented, leaning against the wall next to the window, cradling his mug between his hands.

Gaara snorted and lowered his mug to the table. "Haruno being lovely as always, of course, what else?" he said monotonously.

Sasuke tightened his grip around his mug. "What did she say to him?" he demanded.

It was not exactly a secret that Haruno tended to be quite nasty around Naruto. Not nasty enough to actually warrant being written up, but that she had it out for him was obvious to everyone. Why, however, was something nobody really knew, especially when Naruto had been working longer for the company than she had. Some said she just had a nasty personality in general, others claimed it was because she was crushing on Sasuke and Sasuke only paid attention to Naruto. Whichever was the case, her behaviour towards Naruto was grating on Sasuke's nerves.

"This time it wasn't directed at him specifically, but it was clear anyways what she was trying," Gaara said, rolling his eyes. "That blind sucker she calls her boyfriend has apparently wasted his money on a big flower bouquet which he had sent to the office today. She was talking crap about how 'some of us are lucky to have partners who are not too shy to show their love through grand gestures' or some shit like that. Think she was trying to goad Naruto into revealing who he's dating."

He sighed and tapped the edge of the mug. "Not one of her nastiest moments, I admit, but Naruto already had to deal with some bullshit from some clients, so I think this hit him a bit harder than it normally would."

"God, I don't know why she was ever hired in the first place," Sasuke muttered darkly and rubbed his forehead. Surely, a less than pleasant personality like hers should have already shone through in the interview?

"You can always fire her," Gaara suggested lightly. "I doubt anyone's really going to miss her."

"Can't, apparently being a bitch is not a good enough reason," Sasuke said and scowled.

"If we have to fire everyone who can be a bitch at times, we'd have to fire people like Karin-san and Ino-san as well," Konan had said patiently once when Sasuke had brought up the subject.

Both Karin and Yamanaka, however, were only bitches when the situation called for it and unlike Haruno, they were rather indispensable to the company. That and they had never once had it out for Naruto, which already made them much better than Haruno in Sasuke's opinion.

"Encase her feet in concrete and dump her in the ocean," Gaara proposed next helpfully; his green eyes glittering almost menacingly. "Kankuro can provide the concrete, no questions asked, I assure you."

Sasuke raised an eyebrow. "This company is against pollution, remember? Means we're against throwing garbage in nature."

"Of course, how could I forget?" Gaara smirked and stood up, walking over to the sink to wash off his mug. "Not that I'm going to stick my nose in your business, but perhaps it's time to shut her up with some 'grand gesture' of your own?"

He walked away, leaving Sasuke to ponder about what he had said. A grand gesture, huh? Well, he might have an idea …

"Go fuck yourself, Deidara!" Hidan called out casually as he marched away from the office at the end of the third floor, not even deigning Sasuke worthy of a glance.

Sasuke didn't particularly care about that; any day not spent interacting with that lunatic was a good day in his opinion.

"Why fuck myself when I've got Itachi to do that for me, un?" Deidara retorted cheekily.

His smile turned a bit sheepish when Sasuke entered his office, levelling him with a blank look. "Look, it's not like you and Naruto-kun are celibate, so you can't judge me."

"I have no idea what you're talking about," Sasuke said and came to a halt behind the chair, resting his hands on the back of it.

"Right," Deidara said unimpressed, swivelling back and forth in his chair. "The empty closet at the end of the fourth floor? Rather cliché, don't you think, Sasuke-kun?"

Sasuke refused to even blush and instead looked pointedly at the older blond. "Right, because fucking the boss in his office isn't cliché?" he shot back.

"Touché," Deidara grinned; a soft hue dusting his cheekbones. "So, what brings you here today, un? Want me to pass on some advice on how to keep things spicy in - "

"No, thanks, we've got that covered," Sasuke interrupted him, making Deidara snicker. "No, I'm here to call in one of the favours you owe me."

Immediately Deidara sobered up and he wrinkled his nose. "Oh? Are you now?"

Sasuke smirked and leant forwards. "No need to pull such a long face. I think you'll find that you're going to get a kick out of this."

Intrigue lit up baby blue eyes. "Oh?" Deidara leant forwards as well. "You have my attention. What do you want?"

"You know, I'm surprised you haven't dragged me away to leave yet," Naruto remarked bemused, handing over a cold beer.

The bottle was full of condensation, making the glass extra slippery and Sasuke tightened his hand around it before he could accidentally drop it.

"Maybe I'm actually enjoying the event now," he commented, taking a sip from the bitter liquid.

Naruto snorted loudly. "Yeah, right and baa-chan actually loathes booze. Pull the other one, it has bells on it."

Sasuke smirked, wrapping his arm around Naruto's waist to pull him closer against him; ignoring his look of surprise.

The part of the beach the company had rented for the event was packed full with employees. Some of them were clustered around the small tables spread out across the area, others were mingling, flitting from one group to the next. The atmosphere was good; the air filled with laughter and chattering. The sun had set completely by now and large citronella candles both provided light and kept the mosquitos at bay.

If Sasuke didn't detest social events so much, he would almost be having fun now. As it was, he did detest social events and he had been planning on leaving early. He had something planned tonight, however, and he couldn't leave until his idea had unfolded completely.

"Seriously, how come we're still here?" Naruto persisted and poked Sasuke in his stomach, making the muscles twitch.

Sasuke glanced at him. "Oh? Are you the one desperate to leave now?" he asked innocently.

"What are you up to?" Naruto asked suspiciously, narrowing his eyes. "I know you hate this type of event, so what gives?"

"So suspicious of your own boyfriend," Sasuke murmured and nuzzled the hollow underneath Naruto's ear. He felt the other man shiver and he slipped two fingers underneath Naruto's shirt, letting them dance across his warm skin.

"I know you barely drink, so you can't be drunk," Naruto said, sounding a bit strained, even as he turned his body slightly more towards Sasuke. "And I know it's pretty dark right now, but people still have eyes, bastard, and they're going to see - "

"Let them see," Sasuke hummed.

It wasn't as if they had kept their relationship a secret on purpose. Several people in the company knew about it in fact, including Deidara, Itachi and Gaara. Sasuke wouldn't be surprised if Yamanaka knew about it too. While he wasn't about to French kiss Naruto in plain view of everyone, neither had he ever obscured their relationship on purpose. If other people didn't realise they were together, well, that was on them.

Naruto pulled back slightly, looking both bewildered and amused. "For real now, Sasuke, what - "

He – just like many others – jumped in surprise when a loud BOOM thundered above them high in the sky. Ooh's and ah's resounded when they looked up and realised fireworks were being set off. Several high-pitched crackles filled the air before they exploded in red sparkles, thin trails of smoke colouring the night sky when the fireworks died out. The red sparkles were quickly followed by a sequence of red and purple flowers, large bouquets reaching high in the sky, making the ground vibrate underneath their feet with their massive explosions.

Naruto's mouth was parted as he stared up at the sky and Sasuke smiled, taking his bottle away and putting it on the wall next to him with his own. He manoeuvred Naruto until the blond was standing in front of him, between his spread legs. He clasped his arms around the lithe waist and Naruto's hands descended on his wrists absently; his eyes still fixed on the sky where the fireworks were slowly building up a crescendo.

"I didn't know fireworks had been planned," Naruto wondered; the red, blue and orange sparkles reflected in his blue eyes.

Sasuke merely hummed, leaning back against the wall.

Another large bouquet exploded above the sea, the smoke trails quite visibly now and its explosion echoing through the air. Nothing else followed and people started to stir, murmurs rising up from the crowd.

"Reckon it's finished?"

"Looks like it, though don't they usually last a bit longer?"

"I didn't know fireworks had been planned for tonight! This is so amazing!"

Then the by now familiar whistling noise of more fireworks being set off could be heard again and they watched how the tails of smoke turned longer and longer the higher the fireworks went without exploding.

"This might be the final-"

The loud explosions – louder than all the other fireworks before – seemed to rock the earth this time, making some people exclaim in surprise, when the fireworks finally burnt up completely, revealing their pretty colours – and the message Sasuke had been waiting for ever since the fireworks display had started.


A stunned silence fell over the group even as more fireworks were set off, blue and orange and purple and red filling the sky in abundance; the explosions ricocheting like pebbles in a metal can.

"So," Sasuke said quietly as he revealed the small box he'd been hiding in his pocket since this morning. He opened it carefully, revealing the sapphire studded ring he had purchased a month ago. "Do you want to marry me, Naruto?"

"Fuck me, you really don't do things in half, huh, bastard?" Naruto laughed jittery and his hands came up to briefly swipe across his eyes.

"Well, you said you wanted it to be memorable," Sasuke reminded him with a smile.

They had discussed getting married before and Naruto had offhandedly mentioned that simply getting on one knee would be rather lame. It had taken Sasuke a bit before he had figured out the perfect way to propose. Proposing through fireworks could hardly be considered lame.

"And you clearly took that to heart," Naruto chuckled wetly and held out his left hand, wiggling his fingers. "Yes, you bastard, I want to marry you!"

Sasuke's smile widened and amidst the shocked gasps and perplexed murmurs, he took the ring out of its box and slipped it around the finger of its rightful owner, admiring the way it perfectly fit on Naruto's finger, even though he had known for sure it would. In his peripheral vision he spotted Haruno gawking, her face spotted an ugly red, while her boyfriend was clapping enthusiastically. He was quickly followed by others once the shock wore off and there were even some brave enough to whistle.

Naruto quickly twisted around in his hold and then they were kissing; the empty ring box tumbling down in the sand while even more fireworks exploded colourfully above them and people were shouting for more alcohol to celebrate, barely audible over the explosions of the fireworks.

Perhaps, Sasuke allowed magnanimously as he cupped Naruto's face, kissing him deeply, company events weren't all that horrible after all.

The End

AN2: How's that for a grand gesture, hm?

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