For All Your Comfort and Needs

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Author's note: This week was ... something. I needed something self-indulgent, so I created this. I haven't forgotten about the other updates; my mind is just ... bleh.

NOT FOR SAKURA FANS. While not really explicit this time, she's not a nice person in this one either. If you're a Sakura fan and don't like this portrayal, please press the back button and choose another story. Other readers: welcome to another Not for Sakura fans story.

Warnings: Dual pov, Ino's and Naruto's; Alternate universe; A/B/O dynamics; reference to past character deaths; established slash; fluff; Omega Naruto; nesting! Self-indulgent as fuck. I just wanted to write Naruto nesting. Yes. Not for Sakura fans

I hope you'll like it!

For All Your Comfort and Needs

"Yamanaka-san, the new order of heat packs arrived, where should we put them?" Hiroto questioned, sticking his head into the break room.

Ino looked up from her tea. "There should still be enough place at the back of the storage room, in the right corner. But leave one box to the side, I think we can already stock the shelves."

"Will do!" he smiled before going to the back to unload the boxes.

Draining her mug of the last bit of tea, Ino quickly washed it and left it out on the sink to dry. She took a moment to stretch her arms and roll her shoulders, preparing herself for the last three hours of her shift.

Surprising everyone who knew her – and admittedly surprising herself a bit as well – Ino was working in an OmeCare shop instead of her dad's flower shop. Originally it had only been a side gig while she finished her college degree, as some kind of favour to Neji, Hinata's cousin. His side of the family had been the one to start up OmeCare thirteen years ago after a couple of the family members had presented as Omega and they had realised that there were no actual shops dedicated to Omega care solely. In the shops belonging to OmeCare, Omega could find everything they would ever want or need: from heat and cold packs to deal with the cramps to soft, fluffy pillows, cushions and blankets for building nests. Slick pads, fidget toys, sweets like chocolate to even sex toys; everything could be found in OmeCare shops and if somehow they didn't have what an Omega needed, it could be ordered for them.

From one small store they had grown out to a nationwide chain in just thirteen years with at least one shop in every town and village to two or multiple in the cities, depending on their size. Four years ago an OmeCare shop had opened up in their town with Neji being the one who was in charge of it. He had been looking for trustworthy and customer friendly employees and through Hinata, he had contacted Ino, offering her the weekend shifts if she was interested. Ino had honestly never expected Neji of all people to lead an OmeCare shop, but she hadn't been about to say no to the chance of earning extra money either and had agreed to work for him during the weekends.

Now here she was four years later: working fulltime at the shop and enjoying every minute of it. She wasn't an Omega herself, but she liked helping people and she especially enjoyed those moments when she could help an Omega who wasn't exactly sure of what they needed. The look of excitement on their faces once they had what they wanted made even the more boring tasks of working in the shop, such as stocking the shelves, worth it. Perhaps in the future she would take over the flower shop after all, because nobody knew what the future held for them, but for now she was more than happy to work at the shop and be the substitute manager during the days Neji couldn't be present.

She was just passing the entrance on her way to the storage room to help out Hiroto when their newest customer entering the store made her do a doubletake.

"Naruto?" she asked surprised.

The blond man turned around, his hair catching the bright lights, and yes, that really was her old classmate. Man, how long had it been since they had last seen each other? That had to have been at their graduation party seven years ago, no? They had all gone their separate ways; as far as she had been aware, they hadn't attended the same college and their return to their hometown never had seemed to coincide.

A quick lookover showed that he hadn't changed that much, though, and she was both amused and slightly exasperated that he still seemed so fond of the colour orange, judging by the bright orange jacket he was currently wearing. It was almost admirable, really, how he managed to keep finding so much orange clothes to wear. It wasn't really her colour, but he made it work somehow. Probably because of his sunny disposition; she couldn't even recall one instance in which he had actually got furious. Sure, he and the local heartthrob back then, Uchiha Sasuke, had been known to get into various spats with each other, acting like a cat and a dog really, but unlike some of the students back then Naruto had never really lashed out or raged about.

Ino remembered thinking back then that she could have used some of Naruto's eternal optimism, because he had never seemed worried.

"Ino-chan?" Naruto asked incredulously, before he grinned, crossing his arms behind his head. "Oh wow, I hadn't expected to see you here! Have you been working here for long?"

"Four years in fact," she smiled. "I think Neji likes to keep me around, because it means he won't have to talk with the delivery people then."

He chuckled. "Yeah, sounds like him, all right. Man, no offence, but I really didn't expect you would be working in this kind of shop. Always figured you'd end up working together with your dad or so."

"That's what I expected for a long time as well," she admitted. "But well, Neji asked for my help back then and I ended up liking this job well enough that for now I see no reason to quit."

"Well, good for you," he grinned. "And good for him too, glad to see he's doing okay for himself."

"Hm, did you move back to this town recently?" she asked curiously, hooking her thumbs around the edges of her pockets. "I don't think I've seen you around here since we graduated."

"Yeah, I moved back here around a month ago, but I've got a job in the next town over, so that's probably why you haven't seen me around yet. Well, until now." He winked. Then he cleared his throat and the shift from confidence to shyness in less than a second made her blink. A light blush colouring his cheeks, he questioned, "Say, this is my first time in this shop, so I don't know the layout yet. Do you have, you know, blankets and pillows here? The," he glanced away, furiously blushing now, "really comfortable ones?"

Oh. Well, this conversation had suddenly become a hell lot more interesting. She leant forwards and smiled teasingly, "So can I assume you're not the only one who moved back here?"

"Heh, yeah, you can assume that," he laughed a bit awkwardly and scratched the back of his head. "It's why we moved back here, because this place is quieter than the city and well, you know, a better place in general for this sort of thing." He coughed and seemed very fascinated by the pale blue floor tiles.

She nearly positively itched to know who Naruto's partner was. After their graduation it was as if he had fallen off the earth and he had become one of the few classmates she had ceased to hear any news about, which made the revelation that he was mated now all the more interesting, especially when he had never shown any interest in anyone before. She knew that very well, considering Hinata had been crushing on Naruto for years, but had never had the courage to confess and bar treating her as a friend, he hadn't seemed to pick up on her crush either. She would love nothing more than to keep talking and tease the answer out of him, but she needed to help Hiroto with the order and Neji didn't pay her to chat with the customers – or well, not chat with the customers for this long anyways.

She liked chatting with the clients, sue her!

Well, now that Naruto had moved back, they might actually see each other more often. She would eventually get to know this mysterious mate, she was sure. In a small town like this, nothing remained a secret for very long.

She jerked her thumb to aisle five. "They're at the end of that aisle. If you don't like any of the colours we have in stock or if you're looking for something else, let us know, we can try to order it for you. I have to help a colleague in the storage room, but if you need any help, you can ask any of my colleagues here," she smiled.

"All right, thanks," he smiled and while still blushing, he was more at ease again.

He nodded at her before making a beeline for the fifth aisle where they stocked everything necessary to create a comfortable nest. It was one of the biggest aisles in the store, both in size and in the products available. In fact she was pretty sure it was in general one of the biggest aisles of all the shops in the province, well stocked every week. Neji took customer satisfaction very seriously.

"Hey, how's it going here?" She announced her presence, knocking on the nearest shelf.

Hiroto looked up from the row of boxes he had been carefully stacking onto the lowest shelves in the right corner. "It's going well, I'm nearly finished here," he replied and nodded at a box he had set to the side. "That's one for the stock in the store."

"Did they only deliver the heat packs?" She furrowed her eyebrows, grabbing the order list to check.

"Hm, apparently there was a mix-up at the facility, so Hidan-san will be returning in a bit with the rest," he said apologetically.

She pursed her lips, muffling a sigh. Hidan was … Well, he was punctual with his deliveries and if he said he would return, he would, but he was also … Rather foulmouthed to say the least and not exactly quiet. With a bit of luck he would have one of his colleagues with him who would reign him in somewhat so that none of the customers would be subjected to overhearing his rather colourful language.

Hiroto cast her a sympathetic look, knowing what she was thinking. "He seemed in a rather good mood earlier," he offered.

She glowered at the order bill before going to the box to open it. "Yeah well, that's not exactly reassuring, considering he curses like a sailor whether he's in a good or a bad mood."

Customer friendly was definitely not listed on Hidan's CV.

Right as she finished putting the chocolate bars in a neat pyramid, footsteps hurriedly passed behind her. She turned her head to spot a familiar blond weaving his way around the pallet, aiming for the exit.

"Oh Naruto, did you find every … thing," she finished bemused when he left the store without once looking back and decidedly emptyhanded.

A bit confused, - because hadn't he come here to buy pillows and blankets for his future nest? - Ino walked over to aisle five where she spotted her friend and colleague, Sakura, straightening out some pillows.

If people had been surprised to find out that Ino was working in an OmeCare shop, they had definitely been shocked to find out that Sakura was doing the same. She had gone for a medical degree, but after her fifth year she'd taken a step back, claiming she needed some time for herself. Her parents hadn't exactly been happy with that news and had tried to convince her to push through the last year, but she had remained stubborn and had refused to return to university. To Ino, she had confessed that the internships had made her realise that perhaps she wasn't so cut out to take care of other people after all, draining as that could be, and now she was trying to figure out what she wanted to do instead. In the meantime she had started working at the same OmeCare shop as Ino, wanting to do something while she tried to figure out her next goal.

"Hey, did you see Naruto here?" Ino asked.

Sakura looked up from the pillow in her hands and raised an eyebrow. "Yeah, he was here for a while, why?"

"Oh; no reason. Just that he told me that he'd come here for some blankets and pillows, but he seemed to have left with nothing instead," Ino replied and frowned. "Was he not happy with the selection here?"

"Guess not," Sakura said flippantly and removed her hair tie to fix her ponytail. "He didn't want to buy anything."

"Odd, did you tell him we could try to order what he wants instead?" Ino had told him this earlier, but perhaps he had forgotten about that? From experience she knew that some Omega could grow rather frazzled if they didn't immediately find something that they wanted. If that had been the case for Naruto, he might have simply forgotten that he could place an order.

"Yeah, but he wasn't interested," Sakura answered and shrugged before brightening up. "Hey, Tayuya-san is throwing a party this Friday evening, you want to come?"

Ino squinted at her. "Isn't she the one you kept calling an arrogant bitch?" she asked baffled.

Tayuya had been a fellow medical student but in all her time at the university Sakura had never said anything positive about the girl, referring to her constantly as arrogant, rude and stuck up. Ino had never met Tayuya personally, so she couldn't vouch whether her friend was right in her opinion, but if she disliked someone, she wasn't going to attend their party.

"Yeah, but if there's one thing she's good at, it's throwing parties," Sakura snorted and waved her hand. "Shion extended the invitation to me, said I could bring someone with me. So you're in?"

"Sure, I guess, but how does she have time for parties if she's a doctor?"

"Apparently she's studying further, specialising in something, but I don't know what." Sakura shrugged again before smiling impishly. "Don't really care either, but I'm not going to say no to the chance of letting loose."

It would be nice to relax at a party for a bit, Ino figured. It had been a while since she had last gone out and a party was a good place as any to relax a bit. If she could cajole Neji into changing her Saturday shift to a later hour, she wouldn't need to pay attention to the time either!

The next day she was called into Neji's office. Expecting a discussion about the latest deliveries perhaps, she was instead quite surprised to see him sitting behind his desk with a huge scowl. Especially when that scowl was aimed at her and didn't lessen even when she approached the desk.

"What's got you in a mood?" she asked carefully, resting her hands on the back of the chair.

"Can you by any chance tell me why the hell I got called by Uchiha of all people who then proceeded to ream me out for the absolute 'horrendous' treatment this shop offered his mate?" he asked coolly.

She stared at him perplexed. "Uchiha? What are you talking about? None of the Uchiha family visited this shop recently." In fact she couldn't even recall whether she had ever seen any of the Uchiha step foot inside here. They had to have Omega in the family, but they seemed to get their stuff elsewhere as they had never shown up here. A person belonging to the Uchiha clan couldn't be missed after all, so there was no way any of them could enter the store without anyone knowing about it.

"Uchiha himself not, no, but his mate did and apparently he was less than pleased about the experience," Neji retorted; his pale lavender eyes turning absolute icy now. "I generally don't give a shit about what Uchiha thinks, but I'm not going to stand here and just let him besmirch this shop's good name. What the hell happened, Ino? Why was his mate treated badly?"

"Okay, hold up!" She raised a hand in the air. "I need a lot more information than this. Who is this mate? Did he say what happened? Wait, which Uchiha are we even talking about?"

Because just as large as the Hyuuga family was, just as large was the Uchiha family. She needed something more specific than just 'Uchiha' and a disgruntled mate.

"We're talking about Uchiha Sasuke," Neji nearly spat out his name. "And his mate is Naruto-kun!"

Ino's brain flatlined at that piece of information.

Sasuke had always been rather intimidating, even when they had been mere kids. It had been obvious from the start that he would come out as an Alpha just as his older brother, even when the Orientations only came through around their twelfth birthday. Sasuke had always had that Alpha disposition, however, from the very first moment Ino had met him in class and thus, nobody had been surprised when Sasuke had returned to school two days after his twelfth birthday as a fully fletched Alpha.

Just like Naruto, she hadn't seen Sasuke since they had graduated and she could honestly say she hadn't expected to one, see him ever again and two, have him become even more handsome than before. It shouldn't be possible, because Sasuke had always been ridiculously good-looking, but clearly he strived to do the impossible every time. To be quite frank, he was so goddamn hot she felt like the room was actually becoming warmer with each second that passed.

Hot and handsome and very much mated to Naruto. A part of her, a part which had reared its head after her brain had stopped being out of commission, wasn't really that shocked at the news. Apparently their numerous fights had just been their own version of pulling each other's pigtails and somewhere during the years they had spent at university, they had grown a hell of a lot closer.

They made a cute couple actually and she would tell them so, if Sasuke's stormy, icy look and his Alpha aura practically blasting off him didn't make her nearly shit her pants. God, wait until she got her hands on the one who had managed to piss off Sasuke by making Naruto's shopping trip horrible …

"First of all, I want to apologise that you didn't have a nice shopping experience here yesterday," she said, bowing her head slightly.

Neji had offered his office so that Ino could try to soothe the ruffled feathers and had retreated to the break room instead to look at their finances there. She would be exasperated that she'd been pushed in this position instead of Neji performing his manager duties, but honestly it was probably for the better if she was the one talking to the couple instead of Neji. Neji and Sasuke were both geniuses, but something about Sasuke had always rankled Neji the wrong way. Ino didn't know what that something was and she didn't care to ask. She had bigger fish to fry, such as trying to figure out what had gone wrong yesterday.

"It wasn't your fault," Naruto sighed.

He'd been subdued from the moment he had set foot in the store and she eyed him uneasily. She had never seen him this downtrodden before, so whatever had happened, it had left an ugly impression behind. Seeing him so down when he had been so excited yesterday made her more determined to fix what had happened.

"Can you tell me what exactly happened so that we can ensure it won't happen again?" she inquired.

Sasuke's harsh snort made her look at him sharply. He offered her a cool smile. "Even if that includes firing someone?"

"What …"

"Sasuke, that's going a bit too far," Naruto protested, furrowing his eyebrows.

"After what she said to you, she's got no right to keep working here," Sasuke said clipped, but his hold on Naruto's hand remained gentle.

She? Oh god, Ino was getting a bad feeling about this.

"I'm in no position to fire anybody, that's up to Neji," she explained. "But you can be sure that I will not try to mince my words or try to cover up what happened. I was in the storage room for quite a while yesterday so I have no idea what occurred on the floor here during the time I was gone. Please tell me what happened, so that this kind of incident can be prevented in the future."

"You want me to tell her or will you?" Sasuke asked, turning half towards Naruto.

Naruto sucked his lower lip between his teeth before he released it with a pop and a sigh. "I will before you manage to scare off Ino-chan."

"It takes more than an angry Alpha to scare me off," Ino reassured him, but she wasn't going to lie: she was incredibly relieved she wasn't personally the cause of Naruto's distress, because Sasuke looked ready to completely annihilate the person in question.

"It's stupid, really, I let it get to me too much," Naruto muttered, hunching his shoulders slightly when Sasuke hissed through his teeth.

"It's not stupid, Naruto, we've been over this," he reminded the Omega, but the rebuke wasn't harsh or meant to be hurtful. It sounded more like an argument that they had had multiple times already with Sasuke trying to convince Naruto of something.

Naruto rolled his shoulders. "Well, anyways, I went to the aisle you pointed out and I was testing out several blankets, see how soft they were, you know, and whether they felt right."

Ino nodded encouragingly, but stayed quiet.

Naruto paused then and appeared to mull over something. A quick look at Sasuke's unreadable face had him sitting up straighter and he took a deep breath. "Sakura showed up then."

Yep, she did not like the direction this conversation was going at all.

"She was surprised to see me just like I was surprised to see her here," Naruto continued, smiling humourlessly. "Told her I'd moved back here with my partner and I was here to buy some things. She got curious, started asking questions about who my partner is, things like that. I didn't think much of it, but then I told her I'm with Sasuke and well …" he trailed off, floundering slightly as if he wasn't sure how to go on.

Sasuke didn't have that problem. He continued where Naruto had left off. "She turned into a right bitch and apparently felt the need to let Naruto know that he could never afford anything in this store, because it was too pricy for him and that he should come up with a more convincing lie about who his partner is, because obviously nobody is going to believe I chose him," he finished sarcastically. Venom was dripping off his voice by now and if he had been a snake, no doubt he would already have lashed out and bitten someone.

"Ah." Ino closed her eyes for a moment.

Of course Sakura had to turn into a twat around Naruto again. Ino had never understood the beef Sakura seemed to have had with Naruto, especially when the latter had never really done anything noteworthy to deserve her ire. Had it been because Naruto had always managed to capture Sasuke's attention in some kind of way while the Alpha had been more than content to ignore Sakura at every turn? Ino had no idea.

She hadn't thought anything of it yesterday when Sakura had said Naruto hadn't been interested in anything, because she had assumed that after all these years Sakura had got past whatever had made her pissed off at Naruto to start with. Clearly Ino had been mistaken and now Sakura had landed them in this mess, all because she had to be an absolute twat.

Goddamn it.

She opened her eyes again and offered the two men a bland smile. "Don't worry about her, we'll deal with her." Her smile turned more genuine. "In the meantime why don't I help you purchase the items you want. If you're still interested, of course."

Naruto's face lightening up and Sasuke's face softening for just the barest of fractions was answer enough.

He fussed with the aqua blue blanket, draping it across the light green one. He took a step back, considered the sight before shaking his head and pulling the blue blanket away, replacing it with the fluffy white one instead. He ran a hand over the smooth cloth and smiled; a pleased purr escaping him. Perfect. This was a lot better.

Four dark blue cushions made up the corners of his nest and four longer pillows connected them, acting as both a bridge between the cushions and as walls for his nest. More pillows had been added to lean against the longer ones before blanket after blanket found its way into the nest. The pillows were in all sorts of colours, from cool tints like dark blue to warmer brighter ones like orange. Naruto had nearly squealed aloud in the store when he'd discovered they actually carried orange pillows. Pure heaven was what it was. Especially when he found out they carried orange blankets too!

He tucked the edges of the last blanket underneath one of the cushions and stepped away, tilting his head to the left. He circled around the bed turned into a nest, studying the way some of the blankets drooped onto the floor. Both sides of the bed had ultra-thick and soft rugs displayed on the floor, acting as a barrier against the cold ground. He tested out their softness by curling his bare toes into them, making pleased sounds.

What was less pleasing, however, was the way the grey daylight fell onto the nest and he clucked his tongue, going over to the window to adjust the drapes until the ratio of daylight entering the room was perfect. He surveyed the room and couldn't help but walk over to his nest again to touch the soft pillows and even softer blankets.

Having been left as an orphan after a car crash took away both his parents and being bounced from one family to the other, never having much money to claim as his own, Naruto had never really dared to dream of the day he could actually build a nest for himself and his mate. It had seemed impossible back then, because who the hell would ever want a scrawny orphaned Omega who still bore evidence of the car crash on his cheeks?

Sasuke apparently.

Even before they had turned best friends before becoming mates, Sasuke had never treated him differently. He had never treated him with kids' gloves like some of the teachers had been wont to do nor had he ever bullied him for his parentless existence like some of the arseholes at their school had done. To Sasuke, Naruto had always been just Naruto and the blond couldn't be more grateful for that.

He had been more than happy to just remain best friends, but the day Sasuke had confessed to him – well, more like he had kissed the living daylights out of him after a stupid argument about a TV show of all things before confessing – remained one of the happiest days in Naruto's life.

And soon more happy days will come, his Omega side purred excitedly.

That thought had him blushing even as he dug his fingers into a purple blanket.

His Alpha's scent drifting into the room had him turning his head, spotting the man in question in the doorway, studying the nest with interest. Naruto instantly straightened up, eager to find out what his mate thought about their nest.

Their nest. Two words that thrilled him so much, it took every last bit of effort to keep standing still.

"Well, what do you think?" Naruto asked hopefully. "You like it? I did my best!"

"You sure did," Sasuke smiled and anyone else would have sounded mocking, but not him. His dark eyes were glimmering with barely supressed interest as he came closer to the nest. "You're completely finished?"

"Hm, hm, completely! Everything is like it should be!" Naruto announced, patting one of the blankets.

It had taken him the better part of the afternoon after they had returned from the shop to set up his nest, but it had been worth it. He was damn proud of the nest he had created for himself and his mate!

"Feel how soft!" Naruto prodded his Alpha, nudging him to touch the blanket.

Sasuke did, humming, before he turned his attention to Naruto, cupping his cheek. "Very soft, but not as soft as you, though," he murmured and captured his mouth in a deep kiss before Naruto could point out how ridiculously cheesy that line was.

Well, Sasuke could be as cheesy as he liked, Naruto decided magnanimously, letting Sasuke pick him up and place him in the middle of their nest. As long as he didn't stop touching Naruto, he didn't care what Sasuke said.

Luckily for him, Sasuke seemed very loathe to stop touching him anytime soon. Guess he really liked their nest! Apparently they were already going to start using their nest now instead of waiting for the weekend. That was more than fine with Naruto.

He couldn't wait to create even more happier days with his Alpha. Starting today in their new nest.

The End

AN2: Maybe I'll return to this universe, not sure yet. I just like the idea of Omega Naruto nesting. Like I said, self-indulgent.

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