Definition of Beauty

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Author's note: I wanted to have more updates ready, but certain parts in my life are intent on pissing me the hell off, so I had to write off my frustrations in this. I haven't forgotten about my other updates and I promise I'm working on them, but I couldn't get in the right headspace for those at the moment, so in the meantime, please have this.

NOT FOR SAKURA FANS. If you're a Sakura fan, turn around, go find another fic now, because this is not a fic for you. She's not going to have a happy ending, she's not going to be nice, so if you're a Sakura fan, please press the back button. If you're not a Sakura fan, then hey, welcome and enjoy yet another Not for Sakura fans fic. Because I've got to write off my frustrations somehow and she makes a good target. No, I don't take constructive criticism about that.

Warnings: Triple pov; Alternate universe; slash; mature content; NOT FOR SAKURA FANS; Sakura not taking Sasuke's cues (what a surprise)

I hope you'll like it!

Definition of Beauty

"How did you even convince your family to let your borrow the beach for the party?" Sakura asked curiously.

She hadn't met Hinata's parents that often, but everyone knew just how stern they were. They were definitely not the type to let their daughters organise a party at their house, let alone at the part of the beach they owned. So it had been very surprising when Hinata had offered the beach a few weeks ago when she'd overheard Sakura and Ino discussing places for their summer party.

"Ah, Hanabi has gone to some parties this year, so mother said it was only fair if I could organise a party at our private beach," Hinata answered, fiddling with her fingers.

The private part of the beach was hidden behind a couple of dunes; the marram grass softly swaying in the light breeze. The area was rather big, especially considering it was private property, and it ran all the way to the sea. The sun was nearly reaching its burning point, but the party would only start tomorrow night, so by then most of the heat would hopefully be gone.

"Well, thank the gods for your mother's sense of fairness," Ino said cheerfully and clapped her hands. "I don't think we would have found a more perfect place than this."

"Do you think that a lot of people will show up?" Sakura questioned, feeling a bit dubious about it. "The location is basically going to be given last minute, you know."

Their friends knew they were planning a party tomorrow evening, of course, but so far they hadn't been able to give a location yet. With the party taking place at the beach, would enough people show up to make it even worthwhile?

"Don't worry, I'll put the location online; I'm sure enough people will show up," Ino said confidently, already plucking her phone out of her purse.

"If you say so," Sakura said, still a bit doubtful.

"It's going to take a little while to set up everything, though," Hinata remarked carefully, looking around her.

"That's fine, we'll have enough time," Ino reassured her and finished typing. "The tables and chairs will be delivered tomorrow, so why don't we go check out the stores, see if they've got some cute things we can use as decoration?"

"Sure, I guess." Sakura shrugged. It wasn't as if they could do much else until the tables and chairs got delivered.

Sakura wasn't sure what exactly Ino hoped to find in the little shops here, but she had nothing else to do today anyways, so they might as well go take a look. They had arranged everything for the party already, including the drinks and the food. The only thing left to do on their list had been to check out the location, which they had just done.

"Maybe we could put some of these pretty fake flowers on the tables?" Ino suggested, eyeing the arrangement of fake colourful flowers which had been separated into several bins.

"That might work," Sakura said thoughtfully, reaching out to touch one of the fake petals. It felt smooth between her fingers, resembling something akin to plastic, yet still looking fairly realistic.

Hinata was looking through the collection of fans, occasionally picking one out to fan herself with before putting them back.

"How many should we get?" Ino questioned, cupping her chin with her hand.

"How many tables will there be again?" Sakura asked in return, because her mind blanked at the number.

Hinata's soft exclamation distracted them both however. "Naruto-kun?"

As if stung by a bee, Sakura whirled around in surprise. She recognised that awful mop of hair before the blond man had even turned to face them. What on earth was he doing here? He didn't live anywhere close to the beach as far as he knew.

"Oh, Hinata-chan," Uzumaki greeted surprised, shooting a quick glance at Sakura and Ino. "Hello to you two as well. Wasn't expecting to see you here."

"I wasn't expecting to see you here either," Ino said amused, loosely crossing her arms. "You here on vacation?"

"Hm, more like a weekend away," he replied, tugging absently at his orange shirt.

Because of course he was still wearing that god awful colour. Sakura wondered if his entire wardrobe existed out of nothing but orange clothes. Whoever had convinced him that was a good colour either had no taste themselves or had just loved making fun of him.

"Oh, you rented a hotel room here?" Ino asked interestedly.

For some odd reason he blushed slightly. "Ah no, not exactly."

"You're camping in the neighbourhood?" Sakura asked, raising an eyebrow. She couldn't immediately think of a place nearby where one would camp unless it was at the beach, but if he wasn't renting a hotel room, then camping was the only other option.

"No." He cleared his throat, shuffling his right foot. "I'm – I'm staying with my boyfriend at his apartment actually."

"You've got a boyfriend?" Sakura asked incredulously, ignoring Ino's none too subtle jab in her side.

Didn't she have the right to be surprised that someone had snatched up Uzumaki of all people? He wasn't as ugly as a troll, no, but to be frank he wasn't exactly model material either with his blond hair that was constantly a mess, the weird scars on his cheeks and his small stature. Even his personality wasn't that much of a winner with how loud, obnoxious and annoying he tended to be. Together with his stupid predilection for lame practical jokes, he wasn't exactly a price to be won. How had he convinced this poor guy to date him?

Unless this guy was just as plain looking as Uzumaki was, of course, which would make sense. Although, she narrowed her eyes slightly in thought, plain-looking but obviously rather loaded if he could afford an apartment near the beach. Which again begged the question: how had he managed to bag a guy who while possibly plain was really well off? How had that happened when nobody in school had ever been interested in Uzumaki? Well, except for Hinata, she corrected herself, but shy as she was, Hinata had never dared to actually confess her feelings and Uzumaki had been oblivious as hell.

One look at Hinata's face saw disappointment colouring those purple eyes before she bravely forced it down, plastering a smile on her face instead as she clasped her hands together.

"I – I didn't know y-you have a boy-boyfriend, Naruto-kun," she mumbled; turning completely red as was par for the course every time she talked to Uzumaki.

"Hm, we've been together for a little while already," he smiled and his hand reached up to touch something hanging around his neck.

Ino, ever the sharp one, immediately took notice of that. "Your boyfriend the one who gave you that necklace?" she smiled teasingly.

When his hand lost its grip around it in surprise, Sakura could see that on the silver chain a half moon of all things was the pendant of it, topped off with a single small glistening blue stone in the middle. The moon pendant rested just below his clavicle, very eye-catching now that he had removed it from underneath his shirt.

It was a very pretty necklace even when looking minimalistic and Sakura couldn't help but feel a bit jealous over it. Man, she wished she had someone to buy her pretty stuff like that! Seriously, how the hell had someone like Naruto managed to snatch up a well to do guy?

"Yeah, he did," Uzumaki confirmed, smiling widely as he balanced the half moon pendant in the middle of his palm. "It's nice, isn't it?"

"Very," Ino agreed and looked past Uzumaki. "Is your boyfriend with you now?"

"Ah no, he's still at work, but he told me to get settled in the apartment already," he replied. "I was actually walking around, trying to see if there's a nice ramen tent for dinner tonight."

Sakura barely managed to keep herself from rolling her eyes. Ramen, seriously? He literally hadn't grown up at all, had he? Even five years later he was still obsessed with orange and ramen, unbelievable.

"What are you doing here? Enjoying a holiday?" he asked curiously.

Hinata smiled shyly. "Ah, we, erm, we're ha-having a par-party at the be-beach tomorrow e-evening."

"You managed to rent off part of the beach?" he asked incredulously.

Sakura snorted. "Of course not, that part of the beach belongs to Hinata's family."

"Ah, I guess that makes sense," he muttered, scratching the bridge of his nose. He made to turn around. "Well, I'll leave you guys to your party planning then."

"Why don't you come to the party tomorrow?" Ino suggested to Sakura's absolute shock. Completely oblivious to Sakura's incredulous look, she continued nonchalantly, "You can take your boyfriend with you if you like. It'd be fun, a lot of our old classmates will be there."

"You convinced Neji and Shikamaru to show up?" He raised an eyebrow, rather amused.

She sniffed and flipped her hair back. "Of course I managed that, who do you think I am?"

He cocked his head to the right. "Well, I can imagine Neji will show up because of Hinata-chan," Hinata squeaked, "but how on earth did you manage to convince Shikamaru? Lazy guy never wanted to attend a party."

"Oh, haven't you heard? He's got a girlfriend who actually does love socialising," Ino said amused. "I only had to drop the party invitation when she was nearby and she'll do the rest."

His eyes lit up in recognition. "Ah, of course! I nearly had forgotten that Temari is a force to be reckoned with," he chortled.

"You know her?" Ino asked interestedly.

"Yeah, I'm friends with her youngest brother, though since she moved out to live with Shikamaru, I haven't seen her that often," he explained.

"Well, join the party tomorrow evening then," Ino grinned, resting a hand on her hip. "No better way to catch up than a party, don't you say?"

"Hm, I suppose," he mused. "I'll ask him tonight. When will the party start?"

"At eight, gives it enough time to cool off a bit," Ino replied.

He plucked at the collar of his shirt. "Yeah, makes sense. All right, I guess I'll see you tomorrow evening then!" He waved before continuing his trek to a ramen stand.

The second she was sure he was out of earshot, Sakura turned to Ino and demanded, "The hell were you thinking, inviting him?"

"What's – what's wrong with that?" Hinata asked tentatively. "I – I think it'll be nice to have – to have him at the party."

Sakura rolled her eyes. "Of course you would think that," she scoffed and Hinata flinched, staring down at the floor. "Ino, seriously, why did you invite him?"

Ino turned her attention back to the fake flowers as if nothing was amiss. "Why not? We're inviting the entire class, we might as well invite him too. Besides, aren't you curious to know who his boyfriend is? Because I know I am."

"If he actually has a boyfriend," Sakura muttered.

Because the longer she thought about it, the more she was convinced that Uzumaki had to be lying. He had to be, because who on earth would ever manage to tolerate him long enough to actually become serious with him? The moon pendant didn't have to mean anything. He could have easily bought that himself, there was no law that said you couldn't buy necklaces for yourself.

Yes, now that she really thought about it, the chances of him actually having a real boyfriend were really slow given how utterly obnoxious he tended to be. No way would he ever manage to find anyone who would be able to tolerate him for long periods of time.

"I – I don't think Naruto-kun would – would lie about that," Hinata muttered subdued.

"That's because you think he can never do anything wrong." Sakura couldn't stop herself from rolling her eyes again. Hinata was a good friend, but good god was she utterly blind when it came to Uzumaki.

She sighed and shook her head. "Well, whatever, guess we'll find out tomorrow."

"I thought you said you'd only invited our classmates?" Sakura asked bemused, surveying the beach.

Night had fallen but the multitude of fairy lights and torches ensured that the beach was well lit enough so that there wouldn't be any accidents. The light also showed off how absolutely jampacked the beach had become in less than two hours. She'd already encountered more people that she didn't know than ones she actually knew.

Ino grinned widely; her sparkly white dress fanning out around her legs, showing them off. "I did, but I guess some of them extended their invitation to their friends."

"Some of them?" Sakura repeated sceptically, but couldn't help but laugh a little.

Ino joined in on the laughter, waving her hands. "Okay, okay, so maybe more than just some of them brought friends with them, but it's okay! I'd say we're having a great party, don't we?"

"Well, it's definitely not a dull one, that's for sure," Sakura grinned; her bracelets around her left wrist clacking together when she brushed a lock behind her ear.

"Ino!" Kiba's boisterous voice boomed even over the music. "Queen of the parties still, huh?" He wriggled his way through two groups of people, walking over to them with a bottle of beer in his hand.

Ino winked at him. "You know it! Can't let you all forget my reputation, now can I?"

"I'm going to get something to drink," Sakura announced, making her way over to the temporary bar Ino somehow had managed to rearrange.

It made Sakura shake her head. Even after having been best friends for years with Ino, she still couldn't fully understand how on earth Ino managed to arrange lavish things like an actual bar for a beach party. She had a lot of connections, that was for sure.

There was someone sitting at the bar, the only one not meandering around on the beach. At first she didn't pay the man any attention while she ordered a drink. It was only when she glanced to the side at the same moment he briefly turned his head towards her that she realised, holy shit, where did he come from?

A god in human form, that was the closest way to describe the man idly sipping from his whiskey. Spiky black hair that glinted blue in the light, a straight nose, full light pink lips, cheekbones so defined he looked like a Greek statue come alive … The gods clearly had been having a marvellous day when they created this man and she sent a silent prayer, thanking them for their generosity.

The black jeans he wore accentuated his long legs and the dark blue shirt he wore did absolutely nothing to hide his amazing physique. She caught herself just in time before she would actually fan herself, but holy fuck if this wasn't the hottest guy she had ever laid eyes on! Where had he been her entire life?

She licked her lips and furtively checked her make-up in her pocket mirror. Good, everything was still in place. One, well, maybe two or three sips from her cocktail emboldened her enough to sidle up to the hot guy, sitting down right next to him.

When he turned towards her, one eyebrow lifted, she caught a whiff of his cologne. She didn't recognise the scent, but it smelt expensive as fuck and amazing.

"Hello, I don't think we've ever met, have we?" she smiled charmingly. She knew they hadn't. A face like his wasn't something you forgot easily.

"No, we haven't," he answered curtly.

She didn't let herself be deterred by his tone. Perhaps he wasn't entirely comfortable at parties; she wouldn't have any problems showing him some quieter places.

Supressing her giggle, she introduced herself, "I'm Sakura."

"Sasuke," he answered after a pause.

"I'm trying to remember whether we've gone to the same school, but I don't think we have," she went on, smiling. "I know I wouldn't have forgotten someone like you."

He raised his other eyebrow.

"So that means someone of my friends has extended their invitation to you."

"Good deduction," he said dryly.

She smiled and lightly dragged her fingers across his arm. "So are you waiting for them here or …"

He pulled his arm away. "I'm waiting for someone, yes," he confirmed. "So I suggest you return to the party."

"Aw, I could keep you company until they show up, though," she suggested and pursed her lips into a subtle pout. "I wouldn't want you to be bored."

"Oh, don't worry about that. I'm not bored at all," he muttered, throwing the last bit of his whiskey back.

She swallowed at the same time he did, her eyes fixated on his throat before she looked back up at him. "I don't know," she said coaxingly. "You don't look like a party person to me."

"That's because I'm not," he stated, not looking at her.

She placed her hand back on his arm. "Well, how about I make the party more fun for you?" she offered in a low, sultry voice.

This time he snatched his arm away so abruptly she nearly lost her balance and toppled off the stool. He turned to face her; something around his neck catching the lights and glimmering faintly.

"Let me make it crystal clear to you before you decide to embarrass yourself even further," he said coolly. "I'm not interested in you. At all. I'll never be interested in you, no matter how much you try to pathetically flirt with me. Now I suggest you fuck off to the party and leave me alone before - "

"Ah, Sasuke! I'm so sorry! Baa-chan called me and you know how long it takes before she gets off the phone!"

Sakura could only stare stumped how Uzumaki of all people wrapped his arms around Sasuke's shoulders, his cheeks flushed red, before he pecked Sasuke on his mouth.

What. The. Fuck.

Sasuke kissed him back easily, sliding an arm around his waist before standing up. "It's fine, I haven't been waiting for that long," he smiled reassuringly; a complete turnaround from the frosty tone he'd just delivered to her. "Now, you said you wanted to introduce me to some of your friends?"

Even as he was talking he was already pulling Uzumaki along with him, leaving Sakura behind at the bar, gaping and her mind reeling.

The last thing she caught before Sasuke turned his back to her completely was the silver necklace with a pendant in the form of a sun hanging around his neck.

"You know," Naruto said breathlessly, clamping his fingers down around Sasuke's shoulders when he shifted, pushing himself deeper inside of him, "I should have known something, ah, something was up when you, hngh, agreed to go to the party with me."

Sasuke, the absolute smug bastard that he was, smirked down at him before hoisting him higher, pressing him against the rock. "I have no idea what you mean," he retorted innocently, but there was nothing innocent in the way he drove his cock deep inside Naruto before dragging out slowly and slamming harshly inside again.

The cold water lapping at their heated skin sent Naruto's nerves haywire and he keened lowly when Sasuke's next thrust had him pressing fully against his prostate, sending a deep jolt of pleasure through his body.

"So you didn't just want to fuck me on the beach?" he muttered accusingly, though his accusation would probably sound a lot more impressive if he didn't cling onto Sasuke so much, spreading his legs wider.

"Well, we're not exactly on the beach now, are we?" Sasuke murmured and swallowed Naruto's laugh with a deep kiss; their pendants swaying between their chests.

"You want to enjoy the fireworks later on at the beach? They should start around eleven," Sasuke murmured, mouthing what would most likely be yet another bruise in Naruto's neck.

"Sure," Naruto replied, baring his neck even further.

Distractedly he thought that the fireworks show probably wouldn't match up to the fireworks currently happening behind his eyelids anyway.

Still, he moaned, kissing Sasuke back heatedly when he nipped at his lip, watching fireworks would be nice. Getting fucked by his boyfriend in the sea, though? Even nicer.

"Hey, hey!"

Ino was way too loud during the morning, Sakura decided grouchily as she stumbled into the kitchen. Her head was positively killing her, the many cocktails having turned her brain to absolute mush. She was almost regretting having drunk so many of them after Uzumaki had so rudely slapped reality in her face. Almost. The thought of Uzumaki having bagged such a hottie made her want to drink again. Fucking hell, but life was unfair.

"Did you see Naruto last night?" Ino asked, sounding way too excited to be talking about him.

Sakura grunted, not really in the mood to talk. God, was there coffee?

She reared back when Ino rudely shoved her phone in her face. "What the fuck, Ino-pig?! Go shove it in someone else's face!" she barked.

"No, no, look! You have to see this!" Ino insisted, waving the phone in her face. "Naruto updated his social media last night!"

"Why the fuck would I care about what he - "

A picture greeted her first: two hands – one pale, one slightly tanned – right next to each other, silver rings, one with blue stones, the other with red ones, adorning their fingers.

And underneath the picture the caption: 'Guess who was all romantic and proposed during the fireworks show?! The bastard and I are getting married, hell yes!'

Ino could only stare bemused how Sakura screamed before storming back into her room. Man, she really didn't like Naruto, huh? Really, to act so dramatic about such a cute announcement …

Ino shook her head and nestled herself onto the couch. Sometimes she really didn't understand Sakura at all.

The End

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