The Man with the Sharingan

BY : Amallah
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Shinko slept soundlessly throughout the night and woke up more peacefully than the previous morning. Not only that, but he felt a good deal better. Some of his scratches had healed nicely overnight, and his limbs didn’t complain as much when he moved. After dressing, he found Kazu at the breakfast table. “Hey buddy,” Shinko said as he ruffled his nephew’s hair. “How about I take you to school again?” Kazu was ecstatic, and after Shinko ate quickly, they were off down the road to the Academy. This time Shinko didn’t need his walking stick, as the walk was much easier today than before.

Throughout the walk, Kazu talked on and on about what they were learning in classes. He talked about the shurikenjutsu techniques they were taught, simple jutsu like the Transformation Jutsu, and much more. By the time they got to the Academy, Kazu had talked Shinko’s ear off, which was perfectly fine by him. After extracting another promise of teaching him a jutsu some time, Kazu waved goodbye as he ran toward the entrance of the school. Shinko watched him until his nephew was out of sight, then began the walk home with his hands in his pockets. He sensed that eyes were on him from the shadows somewhere, and knew that the Hokage must have asked someone else to ensure he was all right, or perhaps to check on if he was fit enough for another mission soon. Whichever the case, Shinko didn’t mind. As he got back home, he found that his mother and brother had already left for their daily errands/tasks, so he was alone. He heard something shuffle in his room, which immediately put him on alert. The shuffle sounded like it was papers being moved around, and he could hear a quiet, lightweight footstep. As he edged down the hallway, silent as can be, the person started humming quietly, and murmuring something he couldn’t quite make out. The voice was familiar to him, and he grinned as he realized who it was. Sakura had come back. When he made it to the doorway, he leaned against the frame and watched as Sakura read through his notes on jutsu combinations and, he realized after a moment, his written recounting of his fight with Kakuzu.

It troubled him for a moment that she would find out the details of the fight, but decided it didn’t matter much. She seemed to be a trustworthy girl, and he figured she wouldn’t tell anyone. There were gasps, groans of sympathy, and by the end of the paper, murmurs of admiration. When she set it aside, he decided to make his presence known by clearing his throat.

Despite his attempt not to startle her, the girl jumped and dropped the papers she was holding. “Oh! Sh- Shinko... I’m so sorry,” she stammered out nervously, dropping to her knees to start picking up the many papers strewn across the floor. “Y- your mother let me in, I- I just wanted to... check in...”

Shinko smiled warmly at her as he knelt down beside her, evidently moving more easily than he had been yesterday. “Don’t worry, I’m not upset or anything. Now... now you know everything,” he said and gestured at the papers they were picking up together. He looked her over now that he had the chance. Today she wore a simple blouse, and he noted that several buttons were undone, giving the illusion that she had wanted to show off her small amount of cleavage. Below she wore shorts as she normally did, though they seemed much shorter than usual. He wondered if it was intentional, and after remembering their day yesterday, he decided that it was. It made him grin as he collected the papers from her, their hands touching briefly. “You look beautiful today, Sakura,” he murmured.

The compliment and his touch made her blush, and she giggled a bit. “Th- thank you, Shinko... It just seemed comfortable enough t- to check on you.” The two of them stood after a moment and seemed to size each other up. Both of their breaths’ were caught in their throats for the longest time until Sakura cleared her throat and exhaled softly. “How about... I take these, and you take off your shirt for me? So I can check on everything, I mean...”

Shinko chuckled softly at her nervousness, and leaned forward to rest a hand on her cheek. “Relax, Sakura. You can relax around me,” he murmured softly before he stood up and sat down on his bed to follow her directions. Sakura’s cheek was warm after his touch, and she had to turn around quickly so he wouldn’t see while she organized the papers on his desk. After making sure they were in just the right order from before she had snooped through them, she turned back around in time to see his shirt come up over his head. His hair was messy afterward, something she strangely didn’t mind. After taking a breath, she walked toward him and knelt down so she could inspect his bandages. Her chakra-infused fingers poked around his healing injuries gently. Satisfied with his progress, she rested her hands on his thighs and looked up at him. “You heal very quickly; I’m impressed, after everything you went through,” she murmured softly.

He couldn’t help but smile, “It helps having such a talented healer looking after you.” 

Sakura shivered, pleased at the praise, and bit her lower lip gently. Her moment of indecision passed, and she found herself crawling up on the bed to seat herself in his lap with her knees on either side of his waist. Her head was about level with his now, and just as he had done yesterday, she brought his head in to kiss him deeply.

The gesture caught Shinko off-guard, but he reacted fairly quickly to the abrupt kiss. His lips moulded against hers, and his hands moved to rest on her hips to lightly rub along the fabric of her blouse and shorts. 

Sakura moaned softly into his mouth, eagerly urging him on. Remembering the novels she had read, her tongue gently brushed along his lips to taste him and seek entry. He obliged happily, coaxing her small tongue inside with his own. Their first touch made him shiver at the contact, but he didn’t retreat. No, instead his tongue would seek to envelop hers as he licked and suckled on it, causing a muffled giggle to escape her mouth. 

Her hands wandered along his arms and torso, enjoying the feel of his muscles moving beneath her touch. Taking the cue, his own hands gently slid under her shirt, gently rubbing along her bare back and ran upward toward her shoulder blades. He was surprised to find that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Whether it was planned or she simply chose to not wear one yet, the thought that there wasn’t much separating him from her skin made his cock harden steadily. 

Sakura could feel his manhood stirring underneath her ass, and she couldn’t help but tease him a bit by slowly gyrating her hips down against his crotch. This inadvertently excited her, however, as she had been rubbing just right for her pussy to brush against his hardening bulge. The gasp that escaped from her lips wasn’t missed by Shinko, who was quite happily still giving her tongue some attention. He kissed her for a few minutes, steadily losing air as the time passed. When he couldn’t bear it much longer, he gave her tongue another satisfied suckle before releasing it and pulling away from her, gasping softly for air. She, too, was quite breathless, but what happened next was quite beyond what she’d ever thought would happen when she decided to come over.

With a swift motion, Shinko had twisted on the bed to lay her flat on her back with her head toward the end of the bed, in the direction of the doorway. It was his turn to straddle her today, it seemed. His head leaned down to kiss her once more on the lips, before his dark eyes met her green ones. “If I do anything that you-” His words were cut off by a few fingers to his lips. A shake of the head and a smile on Sakura’s lips was the only answer he needed. After giving her fingers a playful nibble, she giggled while his hands moved to her shirt, and slowly began to pull it upward. He watched as more and more of her pale skin was exposed to his hungry gaze. Her cute belly-button came into view, then the underswell of her small breasts came next. His breath was held as the shirt slipped over her soft, fleshy orbs, and he could sense an uncertain gaze on him. “You’re perfect,” Shinko assured her softly before leaning in for one more kiss. It seemed to do the trick, as he felt her body relax underneath him while he pulled her shirt the rest of the way off.

Her short hair was a mess now after being thrown onto the bed, and having her shirt taken off. Her hands ran through it, ruffling it to make it even more wild, which caused him to grin. She was adorable... He kissed his way down her chin, along her sensitive neck, which gave him pause to spend some more time licking and kissing the soft skin there, before his mouth reached her chest. His tongue slowly ran down toward one of her breasts, tonguing the soft areola until it began to harden from his attention. Soft gasps escaped from her lips at the warm tongue that tasted her. Her hands pressed against the back of his head as she vocally urged him to continue. Her bare legs wrapped around his muscular torso, holding him close to her.

His tongue moved from one nipple to the next, this time suckling the hardening nub into his mouth. This made Sakura shiver beneath him and coo softly, arching her back a bit to press her small chest into his face. Shinko’s heart was racing. He couldn’t believe that he was in this situation with a pretty young girl in his bed, a topless one at that, and that he was able to enjoy her taste. A light nibble of her nipple caused her to squeal softly, though not from pain, and Shinko stored that thought in the back of his mind as he kissed his way down to her belly. He spent some time licking and kissing around her belly button, often dipping his tongue down into it, which made Sakura giggle and writhe on the bed beneath him. 

“Oooh, that’s nice,” Sakura whispered softly. This caused him to spend a few more minutes tasting her youthful skin around her belly, until finally he continued on his journey downward to her shorts. After giving a teasing lick along the crotch of them, which made Sakura gasp in surprise, his fingers hooked under the waistband and slowly pulled them, as well as her white panties, down around her knees. 

With her legs closed together from being straddled, all he could see was the tip of her slit he so desired to see, and that she was completely hairless. His eyes slowly traveled up the young girl’s body toward her face, as if to check and make sure she was okay. He flashed her a warm smile, which she returned shyly, before he gently grasped her legs, and partially spread them so he could rest his head between them. This gave him his first look at her small, beautiful pussy. She was an innie rather than an outie, it seemed, though he only knew those terms from some books he had read before. 

Sakura partially propped herself up and watched what Shinko was doing, her face extremely red at the situation she was in now. When she came over, she figured she would get to kiss him again, possibly get to touch him again, and then go. But this... She never expected him to take the lead like this, and that he would focus so much attention on making her feel good. Noticing that she was looking, Shinko winked at her, making her cheeks flush ever more deeply. A surprised gasp, then a long, drawn out moan escaped her lips when she suddenly felt a warm tongue exploring her small, tight pussy. 

Shinko shivered and exhaled deeply against her pussy at his first taste, murmuring softly against skin. “Mmm,” he teased softly from beneath her, making her neck and chest turn red from embarrassment next. His tongue slowly licked along the slit of her pussy, and his fingers moved to gently spread her lips, letting him explore a bit deeper between her folds. This made her whimper softly in pleasure, and her legs jerked a bit when his tongue swiped along her clit. Noticing the reaction, his tongue retraced its path and spent some time slowly licking around the sensitive nub. His lips enclosed around it next, suckling and licking it in unison, which made her squeal more loudly and gasp for breath. 

He felt her body trembling against him, quite pleased that he was doing so well at satisfying her so quickly. His tongue attacked her slit once more, tasting the moisture that was gathering along her folds. The taste made him shudder in pleasure; it was surprisingly sweet, and encouraged him to press his tongue in more deeply, wiggling it around while his thumb replaced it on her clit, lightly rubbing it in steady circles.

The mixture of his actions were too much for her. She was already excited when she arrived, and the kiss and his attention to her chest and belly had already put her near the edge. Now she was far past it, and she couldn’t muffle her loud, shuddering moan in time. Her body jerked and writhed on the bed, her pussy flooding with her juices against his face. Her head tilted back, nearly off the bed as she couldn’t hold back her pleased noises. At her new angle, she noticed that the door was cracked open somewhat widely, and an astonished face could be seen. It was a boy she didn’t recognize, but right now, she didn’t care... Or rather, she didn’t mind that he was watching. Through her pleasure, she managed a sly wink, after which the boy realized he’d been spotted. When he began to step back, she shook her head briefly to signal that he could stay and watch. Her chest was deeply red now. She didn’t know why she did it, but something about being watched by the young boy excited her. 

Shinko didn’t notice their little visitor as he lapped and lapped at Sakura’s sweet pussy, moaning softly against her pussy as his face buried against it. Soon he felt her hands in his hair grip it more tightly, and with a grin, he kissed his way back up her body. When their heads were level, he put his weight on her, keeping her pinned to the bed. His face was damp with her juices, and that sight made Sakura giggle and guide his head downward, playfully licking his face to ‘clean’ herself off him. “I guess I got a little carried away,” she murmured softly in-between tongue baths. She hesitated for a moment, then guided Shinko’s head down to her shoulder so she could whisper in his ear. “I noticed that we have a... little visitor,” she murmured softly. 

His eyes widened for a moment in surprise. Kazu? He’s home far earlier than expected... It was a wonder that he couldn’t sense the boy when he got home, but then again, he was quite preoccupied. “I- I’m sorry, I can go tell him o-” His words were cut off by several fingers to his lips, and Sakura shook her head with a mischievous smile. Call him in, Sakura mouthed to him with a twinkle in her eye. 

He was dumbstruck by the suggestion, and whispered quietly into her ear after giving it a playful nibble. “Call him in? Why, so he can watch more closely?”

Sakura giggled and nodded, giving his own earlobe a light bite. “That, and we could... play with him a bit. Wouldn’t that be fun?” She ventured softly, her face quite red now that Shinko lifted his head to study her. His eyes searched hers for a few long moments, until her hand raised to his cheek to cup it affectionately. “I- I feel... things for you, Shinko. I just thought... some more fun could be had for the both of us, if we included him,” she managed to stammer out.

The thought had truly never crossed Shinko’s mind. He was quite certain he was interested in women. But boys? He was sure he wasn’t, let alone his nephew. But Sakura wanted it, that much was clear to him. Strangely, he felt as if he wanted to do anything to please her, and so he leaned down to kiss her square on the lips and reaffirmed his thoughts aloud. “I’ll do anything to please you...” He slowly raised himself up onto his knees, letting her feet fall onto his lap, then his voice raised a bit so his nephew could hear, “All right, Kazu... come in, no need to hide behind the door.”

A sharp intake of breath could be heard outside the room, and after a pause, Kazu shuffled inside the room and appeared quite embarrassed. He shut the door behind him and looked at the floor, though his eyes could be seen flicking toward Sakura, who had turned over onto her belly to look over the boy with a lazy smile. “It’s all right, little one. Look up,” she said in a smooth, musical voice. “You were just curious, right? You wanted to watch us?” The boy nodded and raised his eyes toward the naked, older girl and his topless uncle.

Shinko now had quite the view of her young, firm ass, and as she and Kazu spoke, he began kneading the soft skin with both of his hands, gently spreading her cheeks to look over her tight asshole and pussy. Feeling what he was doing, Sakura gave Kazu another wink and pressed her feet lightly against Shinko’s crotch, causing him to groan softly. 

“Come on up then, Kazu,” he murmured softly, patting the spot on his big bed next to Sakura. “I know Kazan must have told you quite a bit already; I know he doesn’t like withholding information when you ask about stuff.” The boy nodded slowly and said in a shy voice. “S- sorry, I just... wanted to see it in person.” His uncle chuckled and ruffled his hair, then wrapped an arm around Sakura’s waist to flip her back onto her back, making her squeal with delight. 

With her legs raised up toward the ceiling, she pulled her shorts and panties the rest of the way off, and held them out to Kazu for him to hold. Then, she spread her legs wide with her heels pressed against Shinko’s waist while her hands slowly toyed with her pussy. “I’ve... Never done this before,” she admitted shyly, speaking to Shinko now. “But I want to... with you. Will you?” She asked quietly, lightly spreading her labia apart with her fingers as if welcoming him. 

Shinko grinned at her performance and gave one of her thighs a squeeze. “You don’t have to ask,” he replied eagerly as he stood up carefully on the bed and pushed his pants and underwear down. It was the first time Kazu had seen his uncle completely naked, and his jaw dropped at the sight of Shinko’s manhood. It was huge, and thick, and Kazu did not think it would fit anywhere that Sakura had to offer. When Shinko settled back between her legs, Sakura hooked her heels behind him, as if to stop him from backing away. 

Before Shinko could place the head of his cock against her slit, Sakura wrapped her fingers around his wrist and glanced over at Kazu. “Kazu, sweetheart... Would you like to help us?” She asked sweetly, guiding the young boy closer to her waist. The boy eagerly moved in, waiting for instructions, which came quickly. “Good boy. Now, grab your uncle’s cock, and guide it right here for me,” she murmured softly, patting her pussy. She accidentally patted against her clit, making her jerk slightly with a pleased moan. 

Kazu glanced at his uncle, who nodded at him, before his small hand wrapped around the monster of a manhood. It throbbed in his hand and was hot to the touch, surprising Kazu as he carefully pulled the cock toward Sakura’s pussy. The spongy head was pressed against her small entrance, and from there Kazu would help push the cock forward, until he lost his grip. Sakura lightly wrapped an arm around the boy and settled him down next to her chest, in just the right spot for the boy to watch his uncle’s cock start to disappear inside the unfamiliar girl.

Sakura bit her lip hard as she felt the hard, thick piece of meat pushing its way inside her virgin pussy, and felt a pang of discomfort as her hymen was hit. For the longest time she thought Sasuke was the one for her. That Sasuke would be the one to take her virginity. But now she was certain: this was what she wanted.

Shinko’s eyes flicked toward her own, and the warm smile Sakura offered was all he needed. After a slight pull backward, Shinko pushed forward with a grunt, groaning loudly as he felt himself tear through her hymen and managed to fit himself a few inches inside Sakura’s tight, gripping pussy. He panted softly from his excitement for a moment while waiting for her to get accustomed to him, as he had heard a slight gasp of pain when he tore her maidenhead. 

Kazu looked at her face in concern, but after a few long moments, Sakura’s expression relaxed and the boy watched in awe as it turned into one of satisfaction. The boy’s gaze moved down toward where his uncle and Sakura were joined, watching as a bit of blood could be seen on Shinko’s cock as it slid slowly backward, then pushed forward once more, seeking deeper entry into Sakura’s warm, slick pussy. 

Sakura moaned softly, whimpering a bit from the after-effects of the painful entry, but the pain only seemed to intensify the pleasing warmth she felt spreading throughout her youthful body. Her pale skin was reddening from embarrassment at being spread out before the young boy, but she wanted him to feel included, and so she reached out to hold his hand as his uncle continued. 

Shinko groaned softly as her pussy gripped him so sweetly each time he pulled back and pushed forward, and he could feel her lubricating him with more than her blood, which brought a satisfied smile to his face; it was a sign that she was enjoying herself, after all. He was about halfway inside her now, and found that he’d already bottomed out. At least, he felt that he was incredibly close to her cervix that he’d read about, and at her age and experience, it would likely lead to a poor experience for him to go any further. He built up a steady rhythm, altering the angles of his thrusts every few tries to see what spots made her tic. Upon finding one that caused her body to squirm beneath him, he grinned and lowered his body over hers, putting a comfortable amount of his weight on her as he focused on keeping that angle.

Each of his thrusts made her squeak and whimper from pleasure, which in turn caused her hand to squeeze Kazu’s lightly. The boy didn’t have a good view of what was happening anymore, so after a moment of indecisiveness, he slowly slid off the bed, causing Sakura to focus her gaze on the boy. After a moment she giggled and brought her hands to Shinko’s hair, taking in handfuls of it. She saw why Kazu had moved; he climbed up on the head of the bed to watch his uncle and Sakura from behind. The boy saw the thick cock pushing forward halfway inside the young girl, but it seemed so deep. His eyes drew downward toward the girl’s cute little rosebud that had her juices trickling down toward it. At first, the boy was a little grossed out; butts were icky after all, no? Having not seen his own however, he saw how clean hers was, and wondered about it. 

At the foot of the bed, Shinko lowered his head to kiss Sakura deeply, and let their tongues intertwine for a few minutes as he heavily focused on the sensitive spot he’d managed to find inside her slick, tight pussy. Sakura had melted beneath him, vulnerable to his every whims, but enjoyed the kiss immensely. Her legs locked around his lower back suddenly, and her body began to shake and writhe. She managed to pull her head back long enough to let out a loud squeal of pleasure that filled the room. “F- fuck! I- I’m cumm- ing!” She cried out. 

He felt her pussy tightening and convulsing around him, which pushed him over the edge. After several more quick, hard strokes, he felt his scrotum tightening and his cock throbbing, until one last thrust brought his cum bursting from the head of his cock in thick, hot ropes, coating the inside of her pussy and flooding it with his potent seed. The thought of pregnancy didn’t enter his mind, nor did he think he would care if it did. All that mattered to him right now was the intense pleasure he had caused her, and his own that he was feeling. 

Beneath him Sakura was panting heavily, sweat glistening on her body from the workout he had put her through. They stayed completely still for a few minutes as the remainder of his cum leaked from his cock, and it began to soften. Kazu watched them intently, and stayed silent as the couple unwound together. 

After a few minutes, Shinko kissed Sakura gently on the cheek, just as she had done to him yesterday, and carefully rolled off her to lay next to her. He groaned softly as his cock slid slowly out of her, and from his injuries complaining about the exertions he just went through. “Fuck... that was incredible,” he couldn’t help but say with a chuckle, to which Sakura giggled and laid a hand on his chest, lightly rubbing at his muscular pecs. “It was perfect,” she murmured in reply. 

Kazu’s expression was bright as he saw how the couple interacted with each other, and after seeing the state they were in, hopped off the bed and said, “Be right back!” Not a minute later, he returned with a warm, wet washcloth and held it out to the couple. Before Shinko could grab it, Sakura accepted it with a wink, and slowly sat up. She spun around on the bed until her back was to Kazu, letting him get a great view of her ass, before she patted the head of the bed, signaling he should return to it. Kazu hopped up obediently.

Sakura spent a few minutes running the washcloth down Shinko’s stomach and over his crotch where their combined juices and her blood had pooled. Then she would take hold of his slick cock, peeling back what little foreskin he had (as he had been circumcised), allowing her to clean him quite thoroughly with the washcloth. Shinko had groaned softly as she did so, as his manhood was still sensitive. With her touch, he was already beginning to harden again, much to Kazu’s amazement. Sakura giggled at the boy’s expression, and leaned in to give Shinko’s cock a long, wet lick with her tongue to tease both of the boys. It was her first time using her mouth on him, and Shinko had gasped softly, pleased with the feel of the small tongue on him. With that, Sakura’s eyes dropped to Kazu’s crotch, smirking a bit as she saw his little problem.

“Seems you got a little excited, Kazu,” she said, pointing a finger at the small bulge in his shorts. “How about we take care of that?” She asked quietly and hooked her thumbs under the waistband of his shorts. Kazu was frozen, but in embarrassment, only offering a slight nod to consent. 

Seeing the nod and that nothing was being done that the boy didn’t want, Shinko relaxed and sat himself up against the wall to watch. Earlier he had wondered what Sakura was planning when inviting the boy into his room, and now he grinned a bit at the thought of what she was about to do.

Sensing that he moved, Sakura adjusted on the bed so that she was laying across Shinko’s lap, and giggled as she felt his hand running along her ass cheeks, kneading them in his palm. With the boy’s shorts and underwear now off, Kazu stepped out of them without being asked, and from the waist down was displayed in all his naked glory. His cock was quite hard, standing at a mere 3 inches, though that was impressive for a boy his age. “Mmm, looking good,” Sakura teased Kazu with a lick of her lips. “Now take your shirt off, and how about you turn around for me?” 

An eyebrow raised as Shinko looked down at Sakura, and as if knowing he was looking, she turned her head around and gave him a mischievous wink. Kazu was obedient and pulled off his shirt, leaving himself completely naked. After a slight pause, he slowly turned around to face away from Sakura, giving her a nice view of his young ass. 

“Very good, now, let’s get down on your knees,” she whispered, and Shinko would be able to feel her body literally vibrating with excitement. He assumed he knew what she was about to do, and wondered if she’d read it in a book somewhere. He was curious if he would enjoy it, and he thought this might be her way of gauging his interest: experimenting on his nephew. With Sakura’s help, the boy got down on his knees, and she pressed a hand gently on his head to lower his torso onto the bed, letting his ass remain stuck in the air.

Sakura bit her lower lip as she gripped the boy’s ass cheeks, using them to pull the boy backward a bit so her face was inches away. Her breath was warm against his clean, tight little asshole as she leaned in, and gave it a long, slow lick. The boy’s eyes widened and he gasped with surprise, and though the couple couldn’t see it, his cock twitched with excitement. Sakura moaned softly at the feeling of the boy’s ass in her face, and she practically buried herself into it, lapping and licking slow circles around the boy’s tight sphincter. After a minute of the tongue bath, one of her hands snaked around to his little cock, slowly squeezing and stroking it. 

Kazu’s mind was clouded with pleasure and little moans escaped from his mouth frequently. Beyond his wildest dreams, he never thought that a tongue on his asshole could cause such pleasure for him, let alone that a girl older than him would be the one to do it. His body was quite literally shaking with emotion, unable to keep still on the bed as he writhed on the spot with pleasure. 

Beneath her belly, Sakura could feel Shinko’s cock hard as rock against her, which caused her to smile inwardly at the thought that he was excited about what she was doing. Shinko decided it was time for his own experimentation, and allowed his fingers to slide between her pale ass cheeks, which caused her to shiver with excitement herself. His fingers slid past her tight little ass first, causing some slight disappointment from her, though it was for good reason. He gathered up a mixture of their juices with his fingers, then slid back up toward her rosebud, circling around the sensitive bundle of nerves with their hot juices. This made her gasp against Kazu’s ass and stopped what she was doing as she got used to the feeling of her own ass being played with.

The boy needed a break, it turned out, as he half-lay panting on the bed. A giggle behind him told him that she knew how he was feeling; she did just experience one of the greatest orgasms of her life, after all, and sensed the boy was close as well. Sakura gave the boy a light smack on the ass, causing Kazu to gasp, and she helped guide him to a sitting position in front of her. Her head lowered, and without warning Kazu felt his small cock become enveloped in warm, wet heaven. 

Sakura’s tongue slowly circled around the boy’s cock, and light slurping sounds could be heard as she sucked him quite eagerly. Her hands stroked along the boy’s chest and gently ran her nails down it, which left behind light scratches that made Kazu moan cutely. A few minutes went by of Shinko slowly working a finger inside Sakura’s tight ass, Sakura suckling and nursing on the boy’s cock, and Kazu writhing on the bed until he whimpered and moaned, half-collapsing on the bed beneath him. His small cock throbbed deeply inside Sakura’s mouth before it began to soften; he was too young to produce any cum, it seemed, but Sakura was pleased enough that she was able to get the boy off. “Mmm,” she said with a lick of her lips as she pulled the boy beneath her body, letting her small breasts squish against him. Their faces were now inches apart, and she couldn’t help but to lean down and kiss the boy’s lips, teasing them with her tongue before she giggled and raised herself up, panting heavily from the excitement.

Sensing they were about done, Shinko slowly pulled his finger from her ass and was about to help her up, when she turned an impish expression his way. Instead of getting up from the bed, she sat up on her knees, swung her leg around Shinko’s, and sat in his lap facing him with his cock trapped between their bellies. “You can go again?” Shinko said with a raised brow and a smirk across his lips.

Sakura snorted and pulled his head backward teasingly, letting him stare up at her for once. “I can go all day, sweety,” she murmured while sliding up his body until she felt his cock in just the right spot, and sat down abruptly, gasping at the sudden invasion of her sore, once-virgin pussy. She’d pushed down slightly harder and further than she intended, and he felt the head of his cock had just entered her cervix. Her eyes were wide as she looked down at him. “It- it wasn’t all the way in earlier?!” Her voice had a slight pang of pain to it, but her expression and eyes showed something more. Instead, she was trembling in his lap from excitement. With her newfound power over him, or at least the power he allowed her to have, she slowly slid up his cock before pushing down hard. Her head was thrown backward as she felt the invasion go ever deeper into her cervix, which caused her walls to clamp down tighter than ever before around Shinko’s cock.

The pace didn’t let up; no, Sakura was too far gone to be slow. Her legs went to work lifting and lowering herself on his thick cock, and each time Shinko tried to help, she’d smack his hands away. “You need bed-rest,” was her explanation, referring to his sore muscles and injuries on the mend. Instead of helping in that case, his head leaned forward to take one of her nipples into his mouth, which she allowed with a grateful moan.

Kazu watched on groggily, still reeling from his very first orgasm, but made mental notes of what the couple was doing now. Especially his uncle, watching as he licked and suckled on the young girl’s breasts and nipples. His damp cock and asshole felt sensitive from the tongue bath they were given, and he was opened to a whole new world of ‘entertainment’ he could partake in. At least, if he was allowed to again. 

While Sakura was distracted by her nipples being licked and suckled, Shinko slipped his hand between their bodies to rub slowly along her clit as she fucked him, causing her body to jerk and press more firmly against him. Her voice shook with her next moan, and her hips moved more wildly while she tried pushing herself further and further down his thick manhood. Her legs were trembling from the large penetration as it entered deeply into her cervix, causing a mixture of intense pain and immense pleasure from the feeling of being stretched out. This made her gasp after sitting fully down on his lap, and she rocked her hips back and forth quickly, both to feel the cock inside her move with her body, and to brush her clit against his fingers harder.

Sakura panted heavily, her pale body turning red from her exertions and from sudden embarrassment at being displayed in front of the boy she was toying with earlier. Trying to put everything out of her mind, she focused just on the man beneath her, and with a few more great, pleased moans, she stroked once, twice, and a third time before she seated herself completely for the last time, writhing in Shinko’s lap as she became lost in her climax. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she squealed, and her pussy clung to Shinko’s cock desperately, milking it for all he was worth.

At the same time, Shinko let out a loud groan of pleasure, feeling his seed spill from his cock deeply into her tight pussy. He felt it and her juices sliding around his cock, beginning to pool in his crotch and leaked down his thighs. He didn’t care, however; he was completely lost in his pleasure as he held the writhing girl in his arms, whispering softly to her as he waited for her to unwind from her experience. All the while, his cock began to soften inside her, retreating from her innermost sensitive spots. 

In his lap, Sakura melted against him as she breathed heavily, resting her head on Shinko’s bare shoulder. Her eyes fell on Kazu, who had watched the whole thing in pure amazement, and she winked lazily at him as she caught her breath. She seemed a hot mess, with her hair plastered all around her face, and the light makeup around her eyes had been running from the tears she’d spilled after the painful insertion. 

After a few minutes of heavy breathing, Sakura sat back up on his lap slowly, giggling as she felt their skin clinging together from the mixture of their sweat. Looking down at Shinko, she swept the hair from her eyes so she could see him better, then kissed him affectionately on the forehead. “Well then... that was... Not how I expected today to go,” she said with a bit of a laugh. “But I’m not complaining... You were great,” she continued more softly, then turned her head toward Kazu slightly. “Both of you,” she added with a wink. “I think... we all deserve a rest after today, no?”

Shinko chuckled softly as he wrapped his arms around her more tightly, burying his head against her soft breasts for a few moments, then nodded slightly. “I think you’re right, as much as I’d love you to stay here forever,” he murmured against her skin, kissing it gently. This made her giggle again as she picked up the washcloth and held it between their sexes as she slowly pushed herself up, ignoring her trembling legs as she stemmed the flow of their mixed juices from her pussy, then cleaned themselves up as best she could. 

Satisfied with her work, she shifted to a sitting position between the two boys, leaned down to kiss Kazu first, then kissed Shinko more deeply, letting her tongue tease him for a minute before she pulled back with a dreamy look on her face. “I may not be able to stay forever, but I hope I get to see you again soon,” she said as she carefully stood and bent to pick up her clothes, showing both boys a wonderful view of her ass, pussy, and fluid-stained thighs. “You best let your uncle rest, too, Kazu. He had a long day,” she said with a grin, and he obediently got up and began dressing alongside her, leaving Shinko to slide onto his back with his head on his pillows. The last thing he heard was a giggle, and the last thing he felt was her lips upon his as she kissed him goodbye, and covered him with a blanket, before he drifted off into a deep, deep sleep.

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