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Naruto yanks at dick while watching Sasuke pound the young boypussy in a sitting position on the couch.

"Show your daddy how your boypussy can take my dick." Says Sasuke. "Does it turn you on knowing your daddy is jerking off to me fucking your boypussy?"

Boruto continues bouncing his boypussy on Sasuke's dick. "Oh, yes it does. Daddy cum to Sasuke fucking my boypussy. Watch me, daddy."

Naruto walks up behind Boruto still jerking off to Boruto bouncing on Sasuke cock. Naruto sucks on Boruto's earlobe. "Daddy's here, buddy. I'm watching you." Naruto licks the back of Boruto's neck.

"Don't worry daddy will get off on his beautiful son and beautiful boyfriend fucking." Naruto aimed his cock at Baruto's asshole with Sasuke still pounding his son's boypussy. 

"Naruto it's as tight as your beautiful hole. Hurry up and cum Naruto, I don't know how much longer I can hold back. Your son has a greedy boypussy like his daddy."

That done it, Naruto cummed to Sasuke's words. "Yes, yes, you two are so hot." His cum lands on Sasuke's dick and balls as well as Boruto's ass, creating more lube as Sasuke was pounding in Boruto. At the sight of Naruto cumming on Boruto's ass and his dick, Sasuke cummed in Boruto boypussy.

"Yeah baby, your boypussy milked me so good. Get on your hands and knees and show your daddy how greedy your pussy is."

Boruto does as Sasuke says. Naruto comes up face to ass behind Boruto, Naruto spreads Boruto's ass apart and sees a drip of his boyfriend's nut about hit his son's taint. He catches the nut with tongue traces it upwards to the source. Naruto grabs Boruto's ass, spreads it more and starts licking Sasuke's creampie out of Boruto. 

Boruto moans. "Oh daddy. Yes."

Sasuke strokes his dick while he gets hard watching Naruto eat his creampie out of their young lovers ass and Boruto's moans of pleasure. "Yes. Boruto loves his daddy eating my creampie out of his boy pussy. Boruto's getting hard with his daddy licking omy cum." Sasuke jerks at his dick to the sight 

"Wow, that's daddy's big boy. Being greedy and taking all of Sasuke cum. You've been waiting for daddy haven't you? Wait no longer." Naruto puts his tongue back inside Boruto's cum hole and starts licking, sucks, and slurping at Sasuke's cum until he gets it out.

"Sasuke really has been training you for daddy so well." Naruto, starts jerking himself off, aims his dick at Boruto's sweet boypussy. Sasuke, jerking his dick stood over Boruto with his legs on each side, brought the tip of his dick up to the tip of Naruto's dick as they jerked in sync with one another as the head of their dicks rub. Naruto reaches around Boruto and jerks his dick too.

"Daddy, Sasuke oh yes." Boruto moans in overwhelming pleasure.

"That's it, cum for Sasuke and Daddy, baby boy." Naruto says as he and Sasuke jerk and rub the tips of their dicks.

AYll moaning and jerking a few moments and they all cum together. Naruto and Sasuke cum lands on Boruto's ass and back.

"Boruto can you let daddy watch Sasuke fuck you or are you at your limit?" Naruto asks.

"Yes daddy. I can take Sasuke again. He trains several times a day. Why?"

"Daddy wants to watch you take Sasuke again. Then I want to fuck you with Sasuke's creampie dripping out of your beautiful big boy pussy. Lay down, stomach first on the couch." 

"Okay daddy." Boruto goes over to Sasuke and lays face on the couch. "Sasuke please cum in me. I was daddy to fuck me with your cum inside me. Please?"

"Of course I will. I want to see your daddy fuck you too baby." Sasuke says. Sasuke hovering over Boruto lines the tip of his cock to Boruto's big boy boypussy and thrusts in and out wildly for a few minutes. Being sensitive from the previous fuck with his little twink, he knew he wasn't going to last long.

Sasuke shoved his dick in Boruto's asshole to the hilt of his cock. "Your tight boy pussy will get me off." Sasuke lays fully down on Boruto's back and takes his arms and holds Boruto in a light choke hold, with his dick inside, Sasuke starts ramming Boruto's ass and sounds of skin slapping welcoming their ears.


Boruto is turned on by Sasuke rutting, dirty talking him and cums. Sasuke moans, as Boruto tight asshole sucks his dick in until it's done milking his dick. 

"Gah, that good Boruto. Daddy is so proud of you. You milked Sasuke so so good, baby."

Sasuke kept his dick in Boruto until he went soft and pulled out.

"Mmm, stay just like that Boruto." Naruto said, hovering over Boruto and spreading his ass and seeing Sasuke cum leaking out as Boruto's asshole was squeezing open and shut.

"Oh, daddy is going to fuck his baby boy so good. You want me to fuck you, baby?"

"Yes, yes daddy please fuck me. I need you to be inside me, daddy."


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