Denser than a Rock, Airier than a Balloon

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Warnings: Triple pov; Alternate universe; modern setting; established slash; Not for Sakura fans; some time skips; some references to violence and mature content; the amount of stupidity is too damn high

Dedicated to: my friends for letting me rant the whole week long. I know I haven't exactly been Miss Happiness for the past ... while, so thank you so much for listening to me rant every time!

I hope you'll like this brain vomit.

Denser than a Rock, Airier than a Balloon

Sakura had never been interested in interacting with the people reacting to her pictures on Instagram. She loved the likes and reading any comments left behind as she hadn't made her profile private, but never put much effort into actually replying, not seeing a need for that. That was until one particular Friday evening she received a comment from someone whose profile picture had her nearly spitting out her water when she laid eyes on it.

It wasn't a full body shot, not even a full face shot, but the black bangs and the sight of alluring dark eyes looking back at her from the picture intrigued her from the very first second. Silent Fire was his nickname for some reason and he'd commented on the picture she'd taken from a sunset across the local lake last weekend when she and Ino had hung out with friends there. Normally unbothered by comments such as that one, she now clicked onto his profile, curious what kind of pictures he took if he commented on a sunset one. It was a mishmash of nature scenes such as hers but also of portraits hanging in museums. An artistic guy, huh?


Blossom03: You a photographer?

Silent Fire: No, but I do enjoy a nice scenery every now and then

Blossom03: Do you travel a lot? Sorry for being noisy :P Just saw some of your pictures, they're really beautiful!

From there on they kept exchanging messages. First just publicly until Sakura tentatively suggested they could start a more private chat in order not to clog up the comment section even further. To her pleasant surprise the man agreed and it didn't take long before their conversations grew more private, more details about their own life being willingly offered.

Throughout the weeks that followed, she got to know him a whole lot better. His first name was Sasuke, he was twenty-nine years old, same age as she was, and he worked at a company. During his free time he liked to go out for walks and take pictures of whatever captured his attention. Unfortunately he didn't live nearby; he lived on the other end of the country which made meeting each other almost impossible given their schedules and Sakura's lack of personal transport. Still they kept chatting every day, replying to each other whenever possible.

The first time he sent her a picture of himself that showed more than just his eyes, Sakura swore her nose nearly started bleeding from the sheer handsomeness that greeted her. In the picture Sasuke was looking away from the camera, but the angle didn't detract from his looks at all. Sharp cheekbones, full lips, a straight nose, black, spiky hair and muscles visible through the dark blue shirt he wore, his entire form just screamed model. How no agency had ever snatched him up, she didn't understand. During the time they had been exchanging messages, she'd already started nursing a small crush, but seeing more than just a pair of eyes from him sent her into a full-blown crush. Holy shit, but how was this guy still single?!

He was incredibly nice, really smart, very handsome, made good money; how the fuck had nobody snatched him up yet?

Silent Fire: Never been interested in anyone so far, I guess

Blossom03: Never? Such high standards, huh? LOL

Silent Fire: Don't really think so, but hey, don't we all deserve to have high standards?

He had a point, she supposed.

Silent Fire: Talking to you, though …

Her heart started thudding a little bit faster. Ignoring the news currently droning on, her fingers trembled just slightly when she typed out her response.

Blossom03: Though, what?

Silent Fire: You know ;)

"Fuck." Face on fire, the pillow next to her was an excellent way to muffle her screaming.

"So wait, let me get this straight," Ino said slowly, trying to make sense of what she had just heard.

Sakura looked at her expectantly, still smiling brightly with her phone clutched in her hands.

"You want to go see a guy who lives on the other end of the country; you would have to travel ten hours to visit him; this is the first time you've mentioned him to us and you're planning on staying for a week with a guy you've never met before," Ino summed up in disbelief, ticking off each comment on her fingers. "Did I miss anything?"

"We've been talking with each other for more than a year already," Sakura protested and started frowning. "It's not like we're strangers!"

"Why does he not come over to see you?" Shikamaru asked, looking like he wanted to be anywhere else but here.

Ino couldn't exactly blame him for that. When Sakura had invited them over for dinner at her place, she hadn't expected her best friend to blurt out the news that she was going to travel for hours just to meet up with a guy she met online. A guy who had only sent pictures so far, but refused to videocall because he didn't have time for that. How could he not have time for a videocall but would want to have Sakura over for a visit? How did that even make any sense?

"Because he's still busy working," Sakura replied, sounding like she wanted to attach a "Duh" to that.

"If he's so busy, then what are you going to do there for a whole week then?" Ino demanded, narrowing her eyes slightly. What was the point in seeing a guy when that guy would be working the whole time you were there?

"He's not going to be busy when I'm there." Sakura rolled her eyes and put her phone to the side to start collecting the dirty dishes. "He's going to take a holiday once I get there."

"So then why doesn't he take a holiday to see you here?" Ino asked and she thought that was a very reasonable question, except Sakura scowled at her.

"What does it even matter? I've always wanted to visit that part of our country, but it's so far out that my parents never wanted to take me there," she huffed and carried the stack of bowls to the sink. "This way I can meet him and get to know that town better; seems like a good deal to me."

"Do you have this guy's number and address?" Shikamaru questioned and pinched the bridge of his nose, looking tired.

"Well no, not yet, but I can ask him. Why?" Sakura asked suspiciously.

"Because we're going to look him up, see if you're not walking straight into the hands of a serial killer," Ino stated bluntly, catching on to what Shikamaru wanted to do. That seemed like the best course of action if you asked her. They had never heard of this guy before tonight and all they knew so far was that he was handsome, earnt quite a bit of money and they had met through Instagram.

Not exactly a lot of information and Ino felt uneasy at the thought that Sakura would meet a guy at the other end of the country on her own. Why was tonight even the first time they heard about this guy? Especially when they had been talking for more than a year already.

"He's not a serial killer, god," Sakura groaned and rested her hands on her hips. "Aren't you two overreacting?"

"You're going to see a guy we've never met before and whose existence you only told us about tonight," Ino said bluntly. "Yeah, we're going to run a background check on him. If he's legit, then there's nothing wrong with just running a check-up."

"We just want you to be safe," Shikamaru said, being the more diplomatic one.

Fuck diplomacy, though. Ino thought this was a stupid idea and she didn't see the point in mincing her words about it. Seriously, a guy at the other end of the country, met through Instagram, what the fuck?

"When are you planning on going?" Ino asked and leant back in her chair, running a hand through her long hair.

"Oh, I'm leaving next Friday already," Sakura practically chirped; her eyes glistening excitedly. "Got my ticket booked and everything already."

"Wait, wait, you already got your ticket booked and you only mentioned this to us now?" Ino said incredulously. "What the fuck, Billboard Brow? You didn't think to notify us about this sooner?"

"It's not like I'm going to the other end of the world," Sakura sighed exasperatedly. "I'll be fine, I promise!"

"Shouldn't you know his address by now then?" Shikamaru furrowed his eyebrows, a bit perplexed.

"Well, we're planning on renting a hotel room to get to know each other better," Sakura giggled, clapping her hands together while a blush steadily coloured her cheeks.

The urge to slam her head against the table was so overwhelming Ino had to physically turn around and bury her face in her hands. Why the fuck would they need to rent a hotel room if the guy already had a place? Wouldn't it be a lot easier – and a lot cheaper – if Sakura would stay at his house? There was still that manner of safety and stranger danger and all that, of course, but a hotel room? If they really liked each other romantically, wouldn't it make more sense to spend the week at this guy's house?

"Why not stay at his house instead?" Shikamaru asked and the barely hidden pained note in his voice was exactly how Ino felt right now.

"Ah, his parents are momentarily living with him, so he doesn't want things to be awkward," Sakura answered airily.

Ino and Shikamaru shared a look. God, what the hell had Sakura got herself into?

"Just text us his information once you get it, all right?" Ino asked, defeated for now.

Whatever, maybe this guy would check out after all and they were just getting worried about nothing. Meeting up through Instagram could make for a cute story later on, she supposed, and not everyone online was a dangerous creep.

Still, though. What the hell was Sakura thinking?

"You found anything?" Ino asked curiously, curling up on the couch, balancing a cup of tea on her knee.

Three days before Sakura would leave, she had finally texted them the guy's information. Apparently she hadn't been able to get into contact with him much ever since she'd started planning the whole trip. She had had to text him multiple times just to get the phone number and address. To Ino, that was already a major red flag, because if the guy wanted to see her that badly, why hadn't he given his address before? Why had he suddenly almost entirely ceased communicating with her? Why had it taken multiple messages before he would reply?

She had tried to bring that up to Sakura when she'd called a bit earlier, but of course, being as stubborn as she was, Sakura wouldn't hear any of it. She'd just stated that he was busy so of course he wouldn't be able to contact her much. Right. Because apparently he was now working so much he could barely reply to a text.

Once Sakura had texted the information, Ino had told Shikamaru about it and he had opened his computer to start the search. He was a lot better at this sort of thing than Ino was, so she'd been content to let him do his thing while she made tea for the both of them.

"Yeah, and what I have found, doesn't look that good," Shikamaru said grimly and turned the screen of his laptop to her. It displayed a picture of the guy Sakura was talking to – with his arms wrapped around a blond man. "This is what I got when I typed in his name. Uchiha Sasuke, together with one Uzumaki Naruto for at least four years if not longer already."

Ino whistled lowly, her eyes widening at the sight. She knew something had been up when Sakura had mentioned they would rent a hotel room! "So that's why he doesn't want her to stay at his house!"

Hiding a boyfriend would be quite difficult after all if they lived together.

"Well, that's not the only thing that doesn't add up," Shikamaru said and his frown deepened when he clicked on another tab. This one showed Google Maps, a red dot put on a random house in the middle. "I looked up the address and the phone number next. I can't trace back the phone number immediately, but the address? That's on the name of someone called Sai. The guy named Sasuke? He doesn't even live in this town at all."

"Are you serious?" she gaped. Holy shit, what the fuck was happening here?

"Yeah, here." He went to a third tab, which displayed a page from the online phonebook. "The address he gave her has one Sai listed as the owner."

"So we've got a guy named Sasuke who is gay – or bisexual – and has been dating a guy for at least four years now," she said slowly, gathering her thoughts. "That's the guy in the picture she has. The address, however, is from someone else completely, one named Sai. So which is it: is he lying about his identity or is he lying about his address?"

"Whichever one it is, this really isn't good," he said and rubbed his forehead. "She shouldn't visit him, he's clearly lying about something. Either he's lying about his true identity or he's lying about where he lives; neither option is exactly better."

"I'm going to call her," she decided and put her cup on the table so that she could unearth her phone from her pocket. "She has to know about this. Can't believe she didn't even bother trying to do some research about this guy before she planned to visit him."

She should have known something was up with that guy. Why else would it have taken him so long to give his address and why else was he barely texting Sakura back?

"Ino?" Sakura asked surprised when she picked up her phone.

"Yeah, hi, Shikamaru just finished looking up this guy," Ino said without preamble. "And sorry, hon, I don't want to be the bearer of bad news, but this guy can't be trusted."

"What are you talking about? You don't know him," Sakura scoffed; the line crackling briefly.

"Well, turns out you don't know him either," she said, a bit mercilessly. "The name you gave us? Leads to a guy who's at the very least bisexual and has been dating another guy for at least four years if not longer. The address you gave? That leads to a guy named Sai. This Sasuke guy doesn't even live in the same town!"

"Maybe Sai is just his official name and Sasuke his nickname," Sakura argued.

Ino paused for a moment, trying to discern whether she had actually heard her correctly. Was she really trying to make excuses for this guy? A nickname, seriously?

"Why on earth would his nickname be longer than his actual name?" she asked in disbelief. "And didn't you hear me? I said this Sasuke guy is already dating someone else! Don't know about the Sai guy, but at this point I'd say he's catfishing you with pictures of this Sasuke guy."

"He's not catfishing me, Ino-pig!" Sakura snapped annoyed.

"You've never been on a videocall with him!" Ino burst out annoyed. "All you have, are a couple of pictures and an address that's listed under a completely different guy! Either he's lying about who he really is or he's lying about his address, either way can't you see that this whole situation is sketchy?"

"Whatever, you're just jealous that a hot guy like Sasuke is talking to me and not you," Sakura snipped.

"Why the hell would I be jealous about that when one, I have Shikamaru and two, this guy is clearly lying to you?" Ino asked incredulously. "Sakura, are you even listening to me? The pictures don't match with the address! Either the address is a lie or he's lying about who he is, but either way, you're setting yourself up to get played with!"

"Whatever," Sakura retorted irritated. "I'm leaving this Friday, end of story."

The call was quickly ended; the beeping noise loud in Ino's ear. She lowered it slowly and stared at it in disbelief before throwing it down on the table.

"Guess that didn't really go well, hm?" Shikamaru murmured; the glare of his laptop screen turning his face white.

"Nope, she just ignored the fact that this Sasuke guy is already dating someone else and tried to tell me that 'Sasuke' must be a nickname of Sai." Ino rolled her eyes and let herself fall back against the couch. She ran her hands down her face. "She's still planning on leaving this Friday. How fucking stupid can she be? Doesn't she see all these red flags? They're enough to cover the damn moon!"

"Would I help if I send her the pictures of that couple?" he asked softly and rubbed her shoulder.

She let herself be guided against his side, sighing lightly when his hand brushed over her hair. "You could send it to her, but whether it'll help … She seems determined to ignore all the warnings." She glowered at her lap.

How could Sakura be this stupid? Since she had started planning this trip, the guy had mysteriously gone AWOL, only replying after she had messaged him multiple times in a row. He refused to videocall and had only sent a couple of rather generic looking pictures. The name he had given led to a guy who was in a relationship with another man and looked incredibly happy to be so. The address was tied to a completely different man named Sai and neither man lived in the same town. How the hell could this be anything but huge blaring red flags? Wasn't all this enough proof that this guy wasn't who he pretended to be? Either he was hiding the truth about who he really was or he was lying about his address. Neither option was a good thing.

For someone who had studied medicine, Sakura was being incredibly stupid at this moment and Ino didn't understand why. Sure, it would suck to hear that the guy you'd been pining over was lying to you, but why deny the evidence?

"Give it a day and try to talk to her the day after tomorrow," Shikamaru suggested and pressed his lips against her temple in a soft kiss. "That gives her time to calm down. Show her what we found, maybe she'll accept the truth then."

"You're awfully optimistic," she snorted and wrapped her arm around his waist. "But sure, I can try, I guess."

Whether she would succeed when Sakura was intent on being this stubborn, though … That remained to be seen.

Blossom03: Got out of the station just now. Where are you?

Sakura leant against the wall, keeping an eye on her suitcase while watching other people drift apart into different directions as they left the station. After ten long hours her train had finally arrived at her destination and she was happy to stretch her legs in the open air this time instead of walking around in the compartments. She hoped Sasuke would show up soon, because it looked like it was going to rain and she had forgotten to talk her umbrella with her.

She would try calling him, but unfortunately the number he'd given her wouldn't connect. She figured he'd accidentally mixed up one number and that was why the call wouldn't connect, but she hadn't been able to get into contact with him since he'd sent the information four days ago. Ah well, once he showed up, they could exchange phone numbers decently this time.

Where was he, though? She'd messaged him the time she would arrive so he should be here soon, no?

Pouting slightly, she moved from her spot against the wall to a nearby bench, figuring that would be slightly more comfortable than remaining standing. Maybe she should give it another five minutes and then message him again? He might be stuck in traffic, that was possible.

Letting her mind drift for the moment, she caught brief snatches of the conversations going on around her as people left the station and others entered it.

"Yeah, got out of the train and I'm at the exit," a blond man was saying, halting right next to her bench.

His orange jacket was quite an eyesore and she looked away, blinking to get the bright colour off her retinas.

"Where are you?"

"I could have just picked you up with the car, you know," a smooth, deep voice drawled from somewhere to her right.

Both she and the blond man turned around and Sakura's mouth dropped open when she spotted who had just talked. That was Sasuke!

"Sasuke-kun, you're here!" she exclaimed excitedly and dragged her suitcase over to him, admiring the way his long coat accentuated his long legs. "Did you get my messages? I thought you were stuck in traffic, because you wouldn't answer."

"Erm, who are you?" the blond man asked baffled, hovering at Sasuke's side.

She frowned at him, opening her mouth to demand who he was exactly, but Sasuke took her off guard by frowning as well and asking, "Yes, who are you exactly? Do I know you?"

She gaped at him stunned. Was this some kind of joke? "What do you mean, do you know me? Of course we know each other, we've been chatting through Instagram for more than a year now! Cherryblossom03, remember?"

"I don't remember, because I have never chatted with you. In fact, I don't even have an Instagram," Sasuke said coolly. "I don't know who you're mistaken me for, but I'm sorry, I'm not the one you're waiting for."

"Yes, you are! See, I got pictures of you!" she insisted and scrolled through the app on her phone, showing off the pictures he'd sent her.

Both men stared at the screen perplexed; the blond man widening his blue eyes. To her growing annoyance, he hooked his arm around Sasuke's, tugging him closer together. Seriously, what was going on here?

"And this is the address you sent me!" She clicked on their text thread, showing off the message in question. "See!"

"That's not my address," Sasuke stated tonelessly.

"Okay, this was maybe a bit funny at the start, but the joke's over," she said exasperatedly. "We agreed to spend the week together at a hotel here, so when are we leaving?"

"There is no joke," Sasuke said and this time he started to sound annoyed; his black eyes narrowing slightly. "Look, I don't know who you are or how you got my pictures, but I'm not the one you're looking for. If you'll excuse us, we're leaving now."

"You sent me all this information!" she insisted, blocking their way when they went to leave. "How do you explain your address then?"

"That's Sai's address," the blond man suddenly interjected; his eyes lightening up with realisation.

Sai? Wait, hadn't Ino mentioned someone named Sai?

"You're sure?" Sasuke asked, looking at the blond man.

"Yeah, positive. He moved here around a month ago, I think," the man said and nodded. "Didn't recognise the address at first, but now I do. That's where Sai lives, I'm positive."

"The hell is that guy playing at now?" Sasuke growled, tensing up. "Is he sending pictures of me to random people?"

"I'll call him," the man muttered and fished his phone out of his pocket.

Meanwhile Sakura could only stand there, slowly growing numb as she tried to make sense of what was happening here. Wait, so this Sasuke wasn't the one she had been chatting with for more than a year now? Then who had she been talking to all this time?

"Yeah, Sai? Have you been sending Sasuke's pictures to random people online?" the blond man demanded. He looked up at the sky, growing visibly annoyed with whatever the reply was. "Are you fucking serious, man? What the hell is up with that? You can't just use his pictures!"

Another pause and blue eyes flickered towards her. She tensed up, not liking the growing look of sympathy in them.

"Dude, that's fucked up," the man said flatly to the person on the other end of the line. "That's seriously messed up, why would you do that?"

He lowered his head and shook it, sighing as he rubbed the back of his neck. "Take his pictures down. You pull this shit again and you'll find your dick quicker ripped off than you can try to hide it. Here, she's right in front of me, tell her what you did."

Numbly she accepted the phone. "Hello?"

"Sakura, right?" a monotone voice greeted her. "Guess there's no point to this any longer."

"To what?"

"I've been doing an experiment online for my psychology course," the man went on in the same flat voice. He almost sounded like a robot, very creepy and toneless. "How easy it is to create a whole new identity online and how quickly people come to trust this new identity. I suppose I went a bit too far with this experiment. My apologies for having wasted your day, goodbye."

She didn't even have time to form a retort before the call ended. The blond man accepted the phone back with a grimace.

"Sorry about that. That guy can be a real dick at times," he said sympathetically and tilted his head to the left. "Are you going to be okay?"

"Yes, fine!" she snapped and turned around, snatching the handle of her suitcase. She stormed off before either of the two men could say anything else, marching her way back into the station while both rage and humiliation burned her up from inside.

God, but Ino was going to be so fucking insufferable once she heard about this!

Naruto stared stumped at the pink haired woman rushing back into the station. Well, he supposed he would be mad as well if he discovered that someone had played him for a while.

"If he hasn't taken my pictures down by tonight, he will be sorry," Sasuke said calmly, but the look in his eyes was anything but calm.

"Trust me, I'm keeping an eye on that," Naruto muttered and shook his head again. "I can't believe he actually went as far as messing with someone's feelings like that."

"I can," Sasuke snorted and wrapped his arm around Naruto's waist, directing him to where he had parked his car. "He's a bigger dick than Itachi can be."

"Sure, but still." Naruto wrinkled his nose. "I feel a bit sorry for her."

"Well, guess that will teach her to do some research first next time," Sasuke said mercilessly.

Perhaps he should be more sympathetic to the woman, because it was clear she'd believed whatever Sai had told her, but if she had checked the address, wouldn't it have been obvious that he couldn't be the one she'd been talking to? Not to mention how stubbornly she kept claiming they knew each other, even though he had made it quite clear that that wasn't the case at all.

"Ah, you're ruthless," Naruto smiled wryly.

Sasuke shrugged. "She's the one who kept blabbing on even though I told her I didn't know her. Now are we done talking about her and Sai? Because we've got better things to talk about than them."

"Oh yeah?" Naruto's eyes glittered when he glanced up at Sasuke. "Like what?"

Sasuke smirked, bending down to whisper in Naruto's ear, "Like the way I'm going to take you completely apart when we get home and how I'll fuck you until you can't even scream anymore."

Naruto's pupils visibly dilated a smidgen and he cleared his throat, none too subtly adjusting his jeans. "Well, yes, that does seem like a more worthwhile subject."

"Thought so," Sasuke said smugly.

After all they needed to catch up on all the time they had missed out on when Naruto had been helping out his grandmother.

Perhaps they could make a start already in the car? The tinted windows in the back would provide a great opportunity for Sasuke to show just how much he'd missed his boyfriend.

The encounter with the pink haired woman had already been long forgotten by the time they stumbled into the back of the car; hands and mouths far too busy to think about anything else but them.

The End

AN2: For the ones thinking nobody can be this stupid: they can be. Trust me. If you haven't encountered a person like this in your life, bless your fortunate soul.

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