Cursed Blessing

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Author's note: Needed something to distract myself, so have this. This is the sequel to Blessed Curse and you might want to read that one first before tackling this. Again, this one is somewhat inspired by Heaven Official's Blessing, because goddamn it, that's an amazing series even if I still have to start reading the third volume. Couldn't post this the previous weekend because the site wouldn't load for me, so have this now.

Warnings: Naruto's and Sasuke's pov; major character death in the past; established slash; violence; blood; disassociation for a while; medievalish setting

I hope you'll like this!

Cursed Blessing

Naruto had no idea how long they stood embracing each other. It could have been minutes to longer than an hour. By the time their hug loosened somewhat, the rain had picked up once more, pelting down harder against the earth, stirring the long strands of grass. Before more than a drop could hit Naruto, the umbrella was back again, covering the both of them.

With the moonlight filtered through the leaf canopy it made the raindrops glisten like tiny shards of diamond, turning the field into something almost otherworldly beautiful. Even with the harshness of the rain, insects still buzzed and hummed around them, hiding in the darkness.

"Would you mind accompanying me?" Sasuke asked as if there was ever any question about that. "My place is a fair bit away from here."

"As if I would want to be anywhere else," Naruto said incredulously, grinning when that made Sasuke smile and shake his head. "You're stuck with me now."

"I wouldn't have it any other way," Sasuke promised him.

One hand still holding the umbrella over them both, his other slipped down to engulf Naruto's in his own larger one; their hands fitting together perfectly. They started walking, Sasuke guiding him once more as they treaded a path around the field, staying close to the trees for extra cover against the rain. The roof formed by the trees grew denser, their surroundings turning abruptly darker when the moonlight had a hard time piercing through the leaves. Yet Naruto wasn't worried. Even with nothing but outlines of trees and bushes visible, he knew he could trust Sasuke to keep him upright and prevent him from stumbling.

Soon they arrived at another field, a smaller one this time, edging into a very small lake, almost more like a pool. Fireflies dances across the surface of the water, creating circles which rippled from small to large before smoothing out. Their natural lights were pretty to look at, but they were not what captured Naruto's attention.

Even more mesmerising than the fluttering, dancing lights above the water was what was standing in front of the lake, awaiting their arrival. This carriage was bigger than the one the village had provided and unlike the golden colour of the previous one, this one was painted a beautiful dark red with black accents highlighting its imposing beauty. The curtains draped on both sides were a shade of red as well, fluttering faintly in the breeze. The rain made the paint gleam softly in the moonlight as if it was somehow lit up from within.

The carriage was pulled by two horses, but the animals did not resemble the horse who had fled away in anything but the general shape. Their skin possessed an odd leathery texture and stuck tightly to their bones. In fact there seemed to be no meat on their bones at all and they would looked emaciated and pitiful if not for their burning red eyes and the powerful strides they made with their legs, hooves leaving upended earth behind. Their breath turned into vapor when they neighed; the one on the right snorting harshly.

"They're different from the one who pulled the carriage," Naruto observed.

Sasuke huffed amused. "I would say so considering these ones will never tire, no matter how long they run."

Ah, that explained their curious look. Well, it made sense, of course. Who better to serve an undead than the undead themselves?

Sasuke opened the door of the carriage and kept a hold on Naruto's hand until he stepped inside, lifting up his dress partly so he wouldn't trip over it. The interior was just as gorgeous as the outside with comfortable, soft cushions and two candles spreading their gentle glow. The ceiling had been carved out to show a large fan, accompanied on each side by a katana half unsheathed from an intricate looking scabbard.

Naruto settled himself against the plush back, the cushion underneath him curving around his form comfortably. Sasuke sat down next to him and as soon as the door closed, the horse-like creatures neighed loudly, triumphantly almost. It was only when Naruto peeked out of a gap in the curtain that he realised they were actually moving; the departure having been so smooth he hadn't even registered it.

An arm sliding around his shoulders had him turning his attention on Sasuke again, watching a solemn look settling on his face. Sasuke's hand rose up, his fingers running gently through Naruto's hair after removing the veil completely. Naruto curled up against his side, soaking up his presence after having missed it for so long.

"It's a bit of a journey," Sasuke murmured, reiterating his earlier remark. "You still want to hear what happened to me?"

"Of course I still want to," Naruto immediately said. "I want to know what happened to you!"

What had made Sasuke turn into what he was now while Naruto had been the one to reborn? What had caused this difference? How long had Sasuke been alone before they had found each other again? How had Sasuke found him again?

"It's not a pretty story," Sasuke warned him gently.

"Don't care," Naruto insisted, grabbing Sasuke's remaining hand, letting their hands rest on his lap. "It's your story; I want to hear it."

"All right, well, the start of it all was simple: it started after you died," Sasuke began.

Naruto laid his head against Sasuke's chest, preparing himself for what might be the most painful story he would ever hear.

The second those gorgeous blue eyes turned dull, Sasuke lost it. All around him the sounds of war raged on, not even pausing once as if the world hadn't just lost its sun. As if the world hadn't lost something incredibly precious just now. His last words to his love still aching in his throat, echoing around them, Sasuke could do nothing but gather Naruto against his body and embrace him tightly, praying for those eyes to open again, for those lips to open in a gasp and a laugh, teasing him for panicking so much.

But they didn't open. They wouldn't. Not anymore. Blood squelched underneath his boots when he pushed himself up, carrying Naruto across the battlefield to what had once been their home. He was stopped a couple of times by an enemy trying to take advantage of the fact he was carrying Naruto's body, but he simply slashed their throat or stabbed them straight through their heart, adjusting Naruto every time before he could fully slip out of his grasp.

He had no idea what kind of expression he wore, but however he looked like, it had others stumbling backwards instantly, creating a path for him amidst the misery, the sludge and the horrors of the war. They hadn't even meant to be here still when the war had broken out. The plan had been to sneak across the borders and run far away before the scuffles could turn into a full blown-out war.

They had been too late. Like a lit match thrown into a wooden shed, the war had suddenly exploded with no real prior warning and both Sasuke and Naruto had found themselves drafted into the army. They had made a damn good team even if they hadn't wanted to fight. Ruthless and precise, they had decimated a good part of the enemy's army by the time the war had entered its second month. Others had come to consider them untouchable, their strength akin to that of the gods who couldn't give less of a shit about humans fighting out a war below them. The enemy quivered before them, only the most braves ones attempting to take them on.

They had remained cautious all the way, but a small part of them had nonetheless carried the hope that they could make it through this war, that they would come out on top in the end. They had been close to tasting freedom actually, the war seeming to enter some kind of slump.

Freedom was no longer here however, whisked away like the arrow which had taken Naruto's life from him. They would no longer find peace amongst each other. Sasuke was going to make sure nobody else ever found peace anymore either.

Tenderly he placed Naruto on the mattrass, their bed upon which just a few hours ago they had shared several deep kisses, their fingers dancing across their skin. Now he brushed blond hair, caked with blood and matted with mud, away from Naruto's forehead and bent down to press a lingering kiss right between his eyebrows.

"They will pay," Sasuke swore quietly, cupping Naruto's face between his hands; his thumbs caressing cheekbones which had started to protrude too much after so much time with barely any decent food. "Everyone will pay for what they did, I'll make sure of that. None of them will live to see tomorrow. I will find you again, you hear me? I don't care how long it takes me, I will find you again and next time - "

His breath caressed Naruto's slack mouth, warming lips which were turning colder with every second that passed.

"Next time I won't let you go. Never again," Sasuke murmured.

He placed their blanket over Naruto, tucking it underneath his shoulders. Swaddled underneath the blanket like this, Naruto looked to be merely asleep instead of only being an empty husk. He looked peaceful even with the red staining the corners of his mouth still.

Sasuke could only hope that the place he was in now was just as peaceful as he looked like.

The door closed behind him for the last time. The blade of his katana glinted when he brandished it; his cold eyes roving across the battlefield. Two bodies dropped to the ground before he had even taken five steps. Three more followed swiftly; blood spurting wildly in the air, creating arches like morbid rainbows. He felt nothing. He was nothing. All that mattered anymore was killing every single last one of them, be they foe or ally. He had lost his life, they would pay with theirs.

By the time dusk fell, so much blood had been spilt that the earth could no longer swallow it all, leaving dark red puddles as far as the eye could reach.

And in the middle of the field, drenched in blood and gore, stood a lonely figure. He pivoted on his heels to the north, spotted a new regiment steadily marching their way over to him. He smiled an empty smile and raised his katana at them. He would not rest until every single one of them was gone. He would not stop until they all suffered. What would happen to him was of no importance.

He had made a promise and he would fulfil it no matter what he would have to do.

It didn't know how it had ended up here. It didn't know what here was either. All around it nothing but darkness surrounded it, oppressing and heavy, pushing down until it felt like it was going to be squashed out of existence.

Existence? Did it still exist? Why was it still here? What was it doing?

It didn't know who it was anymore. Had it ever been something? Had it ever had a name? It was not certain.

There was something deep within itself, however, something which pushed it forwards, which saw it cleaving through the darkness, ripping it to shreds with claws it did not know it had. Something was calling out to it, urging it to push onwards, to not give up, never give up. It had to fight, had to keep fighting, prove its worth.

Shreds of images dartled through its shell the longer it pushed through the darkness. Hands reaching out to it. A bright laugh sending pulsing warmth. Blue eyes alight with something that had it squirming when the image rose up within it. Black strands tied with a red string. A lonely hut. Something gripping it, squeezing but not harming. The flash of a blade, slicing through skin, flesh and bone, ripping through muscles. The weight of it, the scent of rust. The scent of apple blossom and oranges, of lilies and roses. Incomprehensible sounds which once upon a time had contained some sort of meaning for it.

Now the meaning was lost, unhinged and fluttering like the images surrounding it.

Something tried to grab it. It snapped at it, ripped it to shreds before continuing its way to … yes, where? It did not know. All it knew, was that it had to keep advancing, had to keep going, cleave through the darkness, tear it to pieces like it tore all the strange beings to pieces that tried to stop it.

The shreds of images moulded together, growing longer, showing more. Blue eyes were now accompanied by a bright grin; dark eyes set across a weary face of an older man. Through it all, the scent of rust, the scent of oranges and home and love persisted, urging it on, pulling it along whenever its pace faltered just the tiniest bit. It snarled when that happened, because it might not know what it was anymore, nor where it was or what he was doing, but it knew it wasn't weak! It was strong, it knew, stronger than anything near it that might try to challenge it.

It would show them all, would have them screaming for mercy, but it would not grant them that. It did not know what it was, but it knew it hadn't been granted mercy either before ending up here, so neither would they.

They would all suffer. It would make sure of it.

The pieces of his consciousness rose up from the depths of his mind just like he rose up from the deepest pit of hell itself. When Sasuke broke free, bursting through the earth like a star crashing down into it, he was no longer human.

He was strong. Stronger than anyone could have ever envisioned, stronger than all the miserable wretched beings he had ripped apart, slaughtered like cattle. They might as well have been cattle at this point, feeding him to the point of breaking.

He had made himself anew, had created something out of nothing, and the world laid at his fingertips. Just a snap of his fingers, a quirk of his mouth, and he could make anything happen that he wanted. Nobody else could compare, nobody else would ever compare to him until he found him again.

Him. The one he had been doing all this for even when he hadn't known anymore what he was. The one who had made him strong enough to fight the darkness, had given him the strength to push on where others would have given up and failed.

He sent his consciousness throughout the world, searching for that flicker of familiarity, for that heat once more warming him up. He found nothing. That was fine.

As he descended upon the ground, his feet lightly touching the earth, he stared passively at his arms; black smoke obscuring what had once been pale arms. He stank of fire, of blood, of agony and fury. He was everything and nothing at once; his eyes red; his teeth sharp. His form rippled with the power he had amassed, the power which sang through his dead veins, enticing him to keep moving forwards.

What he was now, the things he had done – it would not earn him a spot in heaven. He was forever tied to the earth, unable to move on. That was fine with him. He did not want to move on. He did not care for heaven when heaven would not hold the person he was looking for.

What he wanted, was a chance to do better. To be better. A chance to make everything right, as it should have been from the start.

He could not feel him, the world feeling just as dead as before he had landed in hell, but that was all right. He knew what he had to do.

When he found him again, everything would be different. Everything would be the same. Everything would be new.

Everything would be them.

Smiling, he drifted forwards, plans unfolding in his mind as easily as flower petals opening to greet the sun.

They would be fine once more. He would make sure of it.

"You went through all that for me?" Naruto whispered, horrified at the ordeal Sasuke had been put through. He had never wanted that for the man he loved, had never desired him to suffer so much for his sake. He had had it easy, hadn't he? Simply having been reborn and that was that.

He hadn't been forced to fight for his life, hadn't been dumped in the darkest pits of hell until he had forced his way back up again. He hadn't lost his sense of self for many years. Sasuke had. He had suffered all that just to find Naruto again, to fulfil the promise he had made centuries ago.

"I would do it all over again just for the chance to meet you once more," Sasuke said quietly. His hand had never stopped caressing Naruto's hair; their bodies pressed tightly together by now.

"You shouldn't have - " Naruto started to protest, but Sasuke hushed him, pressing a cold finger against his mouth.

"I would go through hell again and again if that means I got the chance to see you one more time," Sasuke stated; his eyes intense. "I got more out of that place than I would ever had if I had landed in heaven. Because heaven doesn't have you and I couldn't care less for that place."

"I never wanted you to be hurt," Naruto said pained, wrapping his arm tightly around Sasuke's waist, as if that could undo centuries of suffering, as if that could bandage all the injuries he had received in his desire to find Naruto again.

"To be hurt is but a small thing if it grants me the chance to hold you once more," Sasuke murmured and bent down closer to Naruto.

Naruto closed his eyes, shivering when a cool mouth covered his own; a hand coming up to cup his face.

"Truly a blessing to me."

The End

AN2: I am tempted to write at least one more part in this series, not going to lie. But we'll see what my brain comes up with (if there's any interest left after this)

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