Dangerous In A Skirt

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Warning: high school, crossdressing, sluts, sex talk, possible ooc for some

Dangerous In A Skirt


When you think 'cross dresser' you probably immediately assume frilly girly shit. But that's not everything. Sasuke didn't want to look like a girl. He wanted to look like a hot guy in girl clothes. When he walked through the halls wearing a gothic mid-thigh skirt, a feminine punk shirt, amazing make up, and heels, everyone knew he was a guy. He didn't act girly and had been known to kick ass while in heels. Getting kicked with heels can definitely hurt. He was head cheerleader as well and in the top three in the school. Not to mention from a prestigious family, the Uchiha clan. He was the entire package. And he was already taken. Sasuke currently was dating one of the top jocks and they had no problem making out randomly at school to let everyone know it.


Sasuke scowled at his team. They had been in practice for a little under an hour and two of the idiot girls still couldn’t get the flip right! “Are you guys fucking morons?! I’ve explained and showed how to do this ten times already!!” He was seriously about to beat these girls up.

Another cheerleader was Deidara. He also made it clear he was a guy who sometimes liked wearing dresses. His hair was longer than Sasuke’s so sometimes he could pull the desired look off better. It was nice honestly because he wasn’t better than Sasuke in many things. His friend was amazing, although he sometimes had to get help from him. Deidara wasn’t the brightest. He wasn’t dumb either but still. The main class he actually excelled at was art. He was also getting better at chemistry. Deidara frowned, waiting for these girls to get the flip right as well. He had his part already mastered, but these ones couldn’t. If they couldn’t do this how were they going to show the other team who was better!

Itachi glanced over to the cheerleaders practicing and tilted his head. Itachi Uchiha was one of the top jocks and also in the top three. He and Sasuke were always right next to each other on the genius scale. They were always one point apart from each other. Was fun and made for good sibling rivalry. Itachi was Sasuke’s older brother and was two classes ahead of him. The basketball team was currently practicing, but he looked to the captain of the team. “Naruto. Your sweet boy’s about to murder someone. Go calm him.” He always found Sasuke’s pissy attitude to be somewhat adorable. And while he loved messing with him, he knew better than to push him too far and it seemed like the girls had done just that.

Naruto heard Itachi and looked up. With a chuckle he walked over and wrapped his arms around him from behind. “Shh it’s ok. Calm down,” he said kissing the top of his head. “At least you’ve always got Deidara to do it right don’t you? Plus even if they can’t you still look damn hot in that outfit.” He grinned widely at that.

Sasuke continued to scowl but his bloodlust retreated. “Tch.” He set his glare on the two girls. “Leave. You’re dropped from the team. Go fuck off.” The two girls just stood there gaping. Well until they saw Sasuke’s eye twitch and his jaw tighten. Then they quickly gathered their stuff and left. Sasuke groaned a bit and relaxed back against Naruto. “Why did coach even fucking let them on? I mean, they almost screwed up the pyramid last game too.” He sighed and his scowl turned to more of a pout when he kept hearing shushing and calming sounds from Naruto. “Fine fine. I won’t kill them. Now go back, you stink.” He gave him a quick yet fierce kiss though and then walked over to the other cheerleaders.

Naruto kissed him back, making sure to give him a tight hug. “I’ll see you after practice.”

Meanwhile Deidara was waving to Itachi happily. While Sasuke was with Naruto, Deidara was with Itachi.

Itachi gave a wave as well. He and Deidara had only recently started dating. Sasuke had actually been the mastermind between finally getting these two together. It had been a complicated plan but it eventually worked out. Itachi reached into his pocket and pulled out a lollipop that Deidara had given him before practice started. His cutie always made sure he was stocked up on sugar. Itachi tended to get easily annoyed when he had no candy or sugary things with him. And an annoyed Itachi wasn’t good. So, it was good Sasuke had Naruto and Itachi had Deidara. The two blondes actually bonded over them both having Uchihas.

Neji was just sitting in the stands after school, waiting for his boyfriend Gaara to finish basketball practice. They had a date planned to go to the movies after and Neji was excited. Mainly for a possible make-out session in the dark theater. Seeing Naruto go off and the others resting for a bit he chose to go and talk to the redhead. "Gaara what kind of movie do you want to see? I can take a look on my phone while you practice."

Gaara bounced the ball a bit. "A mystery one would be good." He didn't talk too much, mainly because he didn't care about talking to many people.  He also had some anger problems that were solved by his boyfriend. He loved Neji and would break the neck of anyone who tried to tell him otherwise. Was that healthy? Probably not. Did he care? Absolutely not.

Neji nodded and got away with a kiss to the other boy’s cheek. "Ok I'll look online for anything at the cinema.” Then he saw Naruto coming back and went to sit down again.

Naruto walked back to see Itachi pulling a lollipop out. “Shouldn’t you wait till after practice?” He asked grinning as he watched him suck on it.

Itachi shrugged. “Probably. But what’s coach going to do about it?” He smirked. “Besides, sugar boosts are always good.” He caught the ball Gaara threw to him before tossing it back. “You got plans with Sasuke later?” While he didn’t want to know the details he did like knowing what his baby brother was up to. Again, without the details.

Gaara walked over to them. He was more friends with Naruto than Itachi but still got along with the elder Uchiha. "What was Sasuke bitching about this time?" He found Sasuke lightly amusing, especially his tantrums. Well as long as it didn’t interfere with Gaara’s life. Also, Sasuke's fashion sense had given him some ideas for Neji in the bedroom. Sure they were all teens but hey, teens have sex. Just kinda happens.

Deidara went over to Sasuke and said, "I don't know how they got on either but hey at least the team always has me and you. The two hottest people in the school~." He said with a wink. "But it'll be hard without them to fully do the routine. We need at least one more person."

Seeing Neji, Deidara had a thought. "Why don't we try him out? To be with Gaara he definitely has the stamina. And he’s the fourth smartest so his grades won’t be a problem.” He undid his ponytail and began to put it back up in a tighter one. “We can let him do simple stuff to start with. Tumbling and wheels should be good." He suggested. "Plus it’d be fun to tease Gaara, think about it."

Sasuke raised a brow. “Seriously? You want to tease Gaara?” That was a pretty stupid thing to say. But he slowly looked Neji over, brow raised. "Hn...might be a good idea. We really do only need one more. Ino was an extra anyway so it doesn't matter that she was dropped." He called out, "Hey Neji! Come here."

Gaara's eyes snapped to Sasuke at that call. 'What does Sasuke want with Neji?' He was a bit possessive over the other male.

Naruto laughed, finally answering Itachi. "We’re just going to hang out and see where it goes. We’ll be at my place so don’t worry about that. What about you? Seems like things with you and Deidara are going well." He had a feeling Itachi would want the large house.

Itachi nodded. "Yeah. It's rather cute to see him get so flustered. And he gives me lots of sweets." He grinned at that and sucked on his current candy.

Naruto looked to Gaara. "And he was complaining some of the girls on the team that were bad, Gaara. But he’s calmed down now.” Once he heard Sasuke he grinned. “Seems like Neji might be invited to join cheerleading. I bet you’d love to see him in those skirts.”

Gaara’s eyes were locked on Neji as he wondered if he really would get to see that. Then again… He frowned. “Yeah but then everyone else would see him in them too.” That didn’t sound good.

Itachi shrugged. “Which one do you want more? Besides, it’s his choice.” He knew that Gaara could be just a tad controlling sometimes, but he didn’t think the guy was doing it on purpose. He was just a very dominant and serious person.


Neji looked to Sasuke and walked over. "Is everything ok?" He, Sasuke and Deidara knew each other but not super well. "If you need me to move my stuff I can." It was just at the bottom by the benches to sit on.

Sasuke shook his head. "Nah it's good. Look. I had to let go of two idiots who kept fucking shit up. We need an extra member. Want to join? We wouldn't make you do any hard routines or anything like that. We'd work you up and give you some simple moves to do during the game." He glanced back to the three jocks. "Bet Gaara would love it." He looked back to the boy. "And we have male cheerleader outfits too if you don't want to wear a skirt."

Deidara said. "I bet your ass would look great in the skirt, though." He winked at him jokingly which caused Neji to frown.

Neji looked to Deidara and then Sasuke. "I wouldn't mind giving it a try. Being on a team might look good on applications. I can't promise I'll be any good. I've never done cheerleading, but I'll give it a good try." He said with a grin as he looked to them both. His eyes narrowed a bit and his grin slipped a bit. “But I’m not wearing a skirt.”

Deidara grinned and patted his back. “Welcome aboard!”


"You know Gaara, if he does join you could always just ask him to wear the male one. I'm sure he'd take what you want into consideration." Naruto told him as he looked to the other and then glanced over to the cheerleading group. 

Gaara nodded but before he could comment the coach blew the whistle to signal the team to gather. They'd probably do one more drill and then be allowed to shower. Then he could go out with his Neji.

Sasuke smirked. "You definitely shouldn’t wear a skirt. We all know how protective Gaara is. He'd probably go apeshit. We got some shorts for you. The top is pretty much the same." He gestured for him to go to the rest of the group. "We need side tumblers and bases. Like I said, nothing too complex. We got others for the harder stuff. Okay group, one more try. This time with our newest member Neji."

Soon enough the final whistle was blown. Sasuke looked over to Neji who had done some somersaults and cartwheels. Stuff like that. "Good form Neji. Practice keeping your legs straight during the cartwheels. And during the somersaults, tuck your chin in to keep the flow smooth. Otherwise good first try." He looked to Dei. "Good call. Much better than those two bimbos."

Apparently Neji could do basic stuff but he still needed work. Which he was hopeful that he would be able to do without issues soon. When practice was over he said. "Thanks for helping me out guys. I'll try to practice at home as well." He was clearly very happy to be part of a team again. “I need to buy the tickets for the movie Gaara and I going on.” He pulled out his phone and began doing the needed things.

Gaara stretched and wiped at the sweat on his head. "Seems he is joining."

Itachi chuckled. "Damn. Now it'll be harder to keep your attention during games." He pulled off his shirt before he even got halfway across the gym. It was sweaty and gross. Besides, he thought he might as well show some skin for his boyfriend. His toned body glistened slightly in the gym lights.

Naruto said. "Well at least he won't be stuck on his lonesome when you're practicing." He chuckled as he took his own shirt off as well due to the sweat.

Sasuke looked over to Naruto but saw Itachi as well. "Dei. Looks like my brother is putting on a show."

Deidara just stared happily at Itachi and waved to him. "I think your man is doing so too Sasuke." though it was clear his mind was far away thinking about other things. Things that probably would scar Sasuke if he could hear them.

Sasuke's eyes were already glued to his boyfriend. Hopefully fun stuff would happen at one of their houses. Preferably Naruto's cause Itachi was probably taking their house. "Very true." He smirked and looked back to his best friend. "So. Did you try on the red lace panties yet? If so, I'm guessing they didn't stay on very long knowing Itachi." It wasn’t a secret that Itachi was indeed a perv when it came to Deidara and Sasuke didn’t see a problem in joking around with it.

"Not yet no. Planning on trying them out tonight. "He said grinning as he looked to him before looking to Neji. "Hey Neji! What about you and Gaara then? You two have any fun yet?” He was simply trying to tease the newbie a bit. Like a hazing of sorts.

Neji went red a bit and wasn't sure how to reply. “Uh…” Were these two really so open about this stuff with each other? But really the answer was yes. They were. Neji wasn’t very chatty about sex stuff, mainly because he knows Gaara prefers details not being given.

Sasuke grinned. "I'm taking that as a yes. He's just too shy to admit it." He stretched, the small top riding up to show his abs more. "I'm tempted to go shower with Naruto. Though we might get in trouble for giving blowjobs at school." His eyes were glittering with amusement. He wanted to tease the newbie too.

Neji was still trying to process the whole ‘blowjob at school’ thing. "You guys wouldn't really do that right?" He asked looking at them a bit confused. But also a bit nervous. He wasn't used to talking about stuff like that. Not really embarrassed but just uncomfortable. Or something like that.

Sasuke chuckled as he watched the other head off to wait with his stuff. "So innocent, even with Gaara a boyfriend." He glanced to his outfit and frowned. "Hn. I'll need to change when home. Got this a little dirty." He went over to his bag. "You’re going wait for Itachi, right? Naruto picked me up today."

"Yeah, Itachi is giving me a ride. It's real nice cause I get to be all up and close with him." He said grinning as he went to sit down and wait for his boyfriend. Itachi drove a motorcycle and enjoyed showing it off and giving Deidara rides. He did lots of work on it and was proud.

Sasuke sat down next to him. “Yeah.” Now to just wait for the jocks.

Note: Hey everyone. So this is a repost. I deleted almost all copies but it just won’t leave my mind. So when I realized I still have one copy left I decided I’ll try it again. I didn’t know where I was going with it and just got confused I guess. But now I’m starting to plan what might happen and deciding to just have fun with it.

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