Warden's downfall

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Darkness was practically everything that surrounded this person at that moment. If one were to look up in the same situation, the only thing one could see on the horizon would be a dark black blanket covering everything. Such was this, that even distinguishing the ground from the horizon was practically impossible.


Even so, in a strange way, the few things that were in that place could be seen with perfect clarity. The four toriis of brilliant red that surrounded him, placed in a similar way to the cardinal points, with engravings in black ink of different symbols, kanji and shapes that made up complex seals that he himself barely understood.


Then there were the chains that held him.


Large chains as thick as a grown man's arm that emanated an unnatural glow from them. These had been holding him for a long time, wrapping around his ankles, wrists, body and even his neck. It was hard to tell where they came from some were directed towards the toriis and tied into them, but others seemed to simply come out of the ground, forcing him to remain on his knees.


On the other side, behind him, were nine orange furred tails, his tails. Immobilized by huge stakes that held those limbs to the ground.


All was silent, this person did nothing and said nothing about his condition. Surely years of being there must have told him that he would achieve nothing. Remaining motionless for hours, days, or maybe years, until something seemed to happen, "...¡¡ !!" the pair of animal ears on his head moved as if they had a slight spasm, or had been stimulated by something.


And perhaps that was not pleasant, for subsequently, that chained person frowned in annoyance.


Someone was approaching.


The annoying presence of someone he detested was getting closer and closer, the footsteps becoming easier to hear as the ripples of water on the ground became more noticeable.


She had returned, as always.  


He didn't even look up, he wanted to ignore her as much as possible, but it was only when she was in front of him that he finally deigned to look at her. Showing her a pair of red eyes that were engraved with an expression of contempt.


Instead, that other person who had just arrived answered him with a superb smile as she looked down at him before speaking.


"Hello Kyubi."


He was greeted by this young woman of maybe 20 or 25 years old, with red hair pulled back into two stumps, with a dark blue diamond tattoo in the middle of her forehead and wearing a full-length white kimono that was held up by a blue sash. Seeing this person greet him in such a calm manner, the so-called Kyubi responded by grimacing and baring his fangs.


"Fuck you" was his unfriendly <<greeting>> to the woman, who only raised a brow without wiping off her smile.


"you're still as hostile as ever" commented the woman "it's a shame you never changed that attitude towards me".


"tsk, it's not as if you gave me reason to do so" he replied without taking his eyes off her.


The redhead didn't answer anything immediately, she just leaned forward, bringing her face closer to the Kyubi's and placing her hand on his chin to hold him with her index finger and thumb so that he would look directly at her, meeting those ruby colored eyes full of rancor with those delicate gray eyes that showed no particular feeling other than subtle amusement in their gaze. "ow~, don't be like that. I thought you'd be nicer with how much fun we've been having all these years."


In response to that, the man simply threw a spit to hit the woman in the face.


But seeing this coming and knowing as well as he did, she used the hand resting on her chin to force him to turn his head to the side at the last second, causing that spit to fall to the side of her, not touching her in the slightest.


"mph, always with the same trick" the woman commented as if mocking how predictable the Kyubi was.


"what the hell do you want Mito?"


With that question the aforesaid faded her mocking face to a more neutral one. Subsequently she straightened her back and looked back down at the Kyubi with a more serious expression.


"Nothing special, I was just coming to inform you that we will soon be parting ways" Mito commented with a shrug.


"What, your old body can't hold up anymore and you are unable to keep this pathetic seal?" commented the Kyubi being him who was now speaking mockingly with a slight smile to match.


"...." Mito of made an annoyed grimace at his words. "...First, I would love to say no. But unfortunately, that's exactly what happens" confessed the redhead with resignation.


Despite how she looked at this moment, the truth is that outside of this place, in the physical world she was a 120-year-old woman (who also looked like she was 80 years old). Her real body was at an advanced age where she was constantly weakening and approaching death.


The only reason she currently looked like she was in her prime was because she was now in a mental space within her seal that kept the Kyubi locked inside her.


The young red-haired woman and the orange-haired man with a tail and fox ears were merely representations of their respective souls. And like any representation, they could be molded to an appearance they both saw fit.


At least that was the way for Mito's case.


"Second, I remind you that this <<pathetic seal>> as you call it, has kept you still and you never managed to free yourself, which makes you more pathetic" Mito answered in a forceful manner without missing a beat "The main reason why I came here is to tell you that your new jinchuriki arrived yesterday to the village" Mito spoke as if he was simply telling a trivial news.



"New?" replied the Kyubi in disbelief.


"Yes, a girl from my clan. The council decided that it would be a good way to strengthen the alliance between our villages without the need for some political marriage."


"ha, don't tell me that so many Senjus already died that this village ran out of members to sell in marriages?" sneered the fox man, "at least that girl won't have the misfortune of being chained to this place by being married to a jerk for his petty political deals. unlike you obviously."


"no marriage because I was told this girl is a little young yet. The higher ups think someone young might be better suited for the long haul and I heard things about using your power." replied mito, not denying the second part of the Kyubi's commentary very much. Who sharpened his gaze in distaste upon hearing that.


"If you think any human would be able to use my power, you were more stupid than I thought" the Kyubi's attitude, already bad, was now even more aggressive. The venom in his words and a great rancor were almost palpable in the air.


"mph, sure" said Mito "tell that to Madara Uchiha. You claim to be so powerful, but yet that guy used you as a tool in the same way kunais are used, right? ...well, in your case, possibly like he used a very expensive kunai that he didn't want to throw away the first time."


Hearing that name was like lighting some kind of fuse inside the fox demon, and rest of that comment was the gunpowder that made the Kyubi look out of his mind. Beginning to struggle against the chains that bound him.


Seeing how his imposing bonds tightened and trembled, it was enough to notice the strength that the Kyubi was doing at that moment so that he began to stand up little by little.


Not only that, but something seemed to be happening in the surroundings as well.


Below them, the water that made up the ground began to churn more violently as the Kyubi rose, and in parallel, from that immense and infinite darkness below them that seemed like the mouth of a bottomless pit, something began to dazzle.


A massive red mass was emerging from there, writhing as if alive and growing in size until little by little it began to cover the entire floor, dyeing it with a red light that illuminated the room in this color, that caused the floor to bubble like boiling water and the very stakes that pierced its tails seemed to be pushed back.


Whatever that substance would have been, it began to rise from the surface, moving in tentacle-like patterns that wrapped around the Kyubi and swirling around the Uzumaki.


While all this was going on, Mito..... Mito didn't react at all.


She just stared at him with a bored expression as that red mass approached. She was simply motionless and completely serene.


When the Kyubi was almost standing, bringing his hands with sharp claws close to the slender neck of his jinchuriki. Along with the red substance that had scaled him until it covered almost his entire body.


*sigh* "how stubborn you are" was all Mito said.


Immediately after, the engravings of the toriis began to glow in a resplendent white light. Next, a kind of energy dome covered them both, causing different reactions.


Mito remained as she was; stoic, treating everything around her as if it were something completely inconsequential or a harmless tantrum.


Kyubi on the other hand seemed to suffer. "¡¡¡---!!!" With the appearance of that energy field his body began to tense, his pupils constricted and his temple clenched tightly and sonorous whimper of was what stood in the way of him letting out some sort of scream.


The chains, previously at the apparent mercy of the demon, glowed with more intensity until they almost seemed to burn his skin and now it was the chains that pulled the fox, pulling him backwards to return to the position he was in at the beginning. The stakes in his nine tails dug in and buried themselves back to their original position with a thud that slammed them into the ground. Just as the Kyubi was returned to its original position, the red mass that seemed to return to the demon and consume Mito receded, sinking into the abyss and disappearing into the darkness as if it had never been there.




When the toriis stopped glowing and the surroundings returned to the way they were before, the Kyubi found himself breathing heavily with no apparent strength in his body.


"you really were a stubborn man" said Mito "even with all these years you never stop doing these things" she commented with a subtle tone of disappointment.


 The Kyubi didn't respond, he just stared at the ground without giving it the slightest bit of attention.


A heavy silence formed between the two, even the expression changed by a fleeting idea that crossed her mind that brought a smile to her lips, as she moved her hands to her clothes.


The Kyubi, trying to ignore her, only heard the sound of moving cloth before the sash of the kimono fell to the ground and soft footsteps moving the water were heard until a pair of pale bare feet entered his field of vision. This made him have a displeased expression.


"You know, since we'll soon be parting ways permanently, we can have one last good time, what do you say?" said mito in a softer and more playful manner than before.


The Kyubi didn't seem to have any intention of turning to look at her, but a pair of smooth hands slid down her face, resting on her cheeks and lifting her head for him to see, diluting her thumbs across those striking whisker marks the Kyubi had on her cheeks.


In front the demon's ruby eyes he found himself in what others might call a nymph-like woman.


With her snow-white Kimono open like a curtain pulled aside to reveal a treasure, the redhead's body was completely exposed to the fox's view.


Her skin was beautiful, pale and smooth, without any blemish or imperfection. It was as if in her entire life not a single ray of sunlight that had ever touched her dared to damage a single inch of that body.


Her figure was no slouch either.


From the position of that fox demon, he could appreciate without difficulty that hourglass figure that many human females seemed to desire. As she lifted his head, the fox had a view that many others would kill to have.


Her wide hips that a woman's hips matched with a heart-shaped ass that could shake in a mesmerizing way that could turn a simple movement into something quite provocative. A large piece of firm meat that Fox had seen firsthand multiple times.


Flooding his nose, a soft fragrance flooded his senses. A certain spicy and sweet scent at the same time, which came from the crotch of the half-naked redhead. Exactly at her eye level


Above that was a flat belly, which did not seem to belong to a woman who gave birth in the past. On it, contrasting with her skin, was tattooed that damned seal that held it in, with that swirling drawing in the center of that engraving.


Higher up were a pair of breasts that swayed with her simple breathing, perhaps size E or F, showing soft roundness even with a simple glance, decorated by nipples painted in a pink color like candies.


And at the end of them all, almost above himself, was Mito's face wearing an amused smile, with a slight blush on his cheeks and a predatory look sculpted in those gray eyes.


All in all, with all these years of seeing firsthand that female body as naked as the day she was born, a few simple words described her feeling upon encountering that sight once again: disgust.


The Kyubi has lived more than a millennium, he has known mankind since theri origins with Rikudou sennin. He has seen the body of many female humans, he has tasted many of them and there were even those he could call beautiful.


But here and now, what he felt was a deep repulsion for Mito. Not her body, but for herself.


Even noticing that disgusted reaction of the demon kneeling in front of her, the Uzumaki ignored it and instead lifted her body on the tips of her toes. She forced the fox to tilt his head back as she positioned herself only a few millimeters above him.


Then she let herself fall down and her pussy on the demon's face for him to pleasure her.

"uh~~" the woman let out a sigh of pleasure as soon as she felt the demon's mouth touch her vaginal lips.


The Kyubi on the other hand, against of what one csould believe, didn't take long to open his mouth and start giving oral sex to his jailer. Nearly 80 years of this had forcibly shown him that the fastest way to end this was for her to reach orgasm.


His lips touched hers, planting short kisses on the outside of her crotch, moving his tongue to stimulate the inside, picking up that taste of the redhead's arousal juices. Moving upward a little at a time, reaching the clitoral area.


"ah...ah" with a soft start Mito's breathing became more pronounced as the pleasure increased and the fox began to increase the intensity of his actions. Only a minute into it she already felt her insides contracting in pleasurable spasms and different muscles contracted each time he played with her.


This may be in a mental space and their actual bodies may not be entirely real. but the sensations were.


Like pain, heat or even hunger, here pleasure was a sensation could exist without difficulty in this place. It was why the pleasures of the sexual act was a stimulus that could easily be felt just as well as in the physical world in a way that was almost indistinguishable between the two worlds. She dared to say that the pleasure here was better than in physical world.


"ah~~" Mito was unable to hold back a small moan, as the demon's lips took over the clitoral area and began to harass it with their tongues. It was almost a spectacle to contrast how good the Kyubi made Mito feel while he looked at her with such aggression and hatred that it seemed he wanted to pierce her skull with his gaze.


He simply hadn't changed for years.


Long ago, when she first did this with him, she was surprised that he did know what he was doing and how to please a woman. And time only made him get better at being able to please her to such an extent that he seriously wondered about giving her a little more <<freedom>> for these meetings.


"If only Hashirama had been able to do 15% of this, our marriage would have been more tolerable" the Uzumaki's passing thought drifted back to a memory of her late husband, Hashirama Senju.


Their marriage was purely for political reasons and she never expected great things, but she kept an open mind. Surprisingly, Hashirama wasn't all bad.


He was a good man. kind, despite a little goofy.


He wasn't the most handsome man around, but by no means would she call him ugly.


One of the strongest ninjas he knew. Being the one who captured 9 bijus.


Quite respected throughout the village.


But unfortunately, <<good lover>> was not a way Mito would use to describe him.


In matters of measurements, he had nothing to be ashamed of (nothing to be proud of either), but his main shortcoming was his technique.  The manual dexterity he had for the jutsus seemed to vanish when it came to sex, his tongue was clumsy and with random movements without direction, Mito didn't even want to remember the excruciating way he moved his hips when his penis entered her and when he cum in her.... well, let's just say it was something she tolerated rather than enjoyed.


The only time he managed to surprise her in their 30 years of marriage before he died was when he managed to get her pregnant with their first and only child... after 5 years of sex without the use of protection or contraception.


So, looking back she was glad that after a night of pent-up sexual frustration, she decided to play a little with the handsome fox demon that had been sealed in her.


Who could imagine what she would have done without this excellent way to satisfy her needs.  From the first time, when she <<meditated>> for hours she actually came here to relieve the frustrations of her marriage.


And in her life Mito was known to meditate a lot.


"I still remember that time I was having sex with Hashirama in the quest to conceive a child, and while he was doing his thing, I was with my eyes closed under the guise of concentrating on a fertility jutsu" she thought with a guilty yet mischievous smile, similar to a child remembering how he got away with a prank "What face would he has made if he had known that time I was actually here enjoying this?"


As she finished recalling that amusing event, her mind began to focus more on the demon pleasuring her pussy. At the same time as she felt her legs trembling, she began to play with herself to increase her pleasure. Taking one of her breasts in her hand she began to massage it and play with her own nipple.


Her arousal continued to escalate, and Mito found herself closing in her eyes and relaxing her shoulders, allowing her kimono to slip and fall until it was held by the inside of her elbows. Revealing all the skin from her back to the top of her ass, though she was too busy immersing herself in pleasure to notice or care.


The fox demon made the Redhead shudder as he dragged the tips of his fangs over her pelvis, barely scratching the skin over her clitoris. When he looked up and saw Mito so distracted he parted his jaw slightly from the Uzumaki's crotch.


With a few millimeters of separation, he slammed his sharp fangs into her pelvic area in one swift movement.


And in an even swifter movement more chains manifested, wrapping around his face and neck to pull him back and prevent him from harming the woman.


Mito was not happy that the pleasure stopped when she was close to orgasm, so she didn't look at the fox properly when she lowered her head. "You sure know how to kill the mood" she commented with a palpable annoyance in her. He on the other hand didn't look particularly frustrated, for years he tried to do something to her to retaliate against her. Maybe that little bit of rebellion with obvious result was more an attempt at <<all or nothing>>... or if it was to fuck with Mito's climax.


Both were equally valid possibilities.


On the other hand, Mito moved her hands from the fox's cheeks, raking her manicured nails through his orange hair until she reached the foxy ears on the top of his head and gripping them tightly "I hope your next jinchurikis does get to train you well" she said before pulling his head back and now beginning to grind the Kyubi's face against her wet pussy.


Before she maintained a more passive role as the fox pleasured her and worship her pussy, but now she was the one in complete control, pressing down on the demon's face and forcing him to finish the job, using his ears as if they were handles to direct.


At the same time, she didn't stop there, she found herself moving her hips, as if bouncing on the man. Moving harder, faster and faster getting closer and closer to her precious orgasm.


"MH~~!!!" pressing the demon's face against her, the redhead felt a familiar electricity run through her body as she reached orgasm. Her body tensed, her hands clenched tightly and the Kyubi's face became drenched.


Mito held the fox demon pressed against her for a while, giving herself a moment to calm down. When her breathing evened out and her body relaxed she reached back to pull the fox's face away from her.


An enormous hatred and murderous intent could be read in his gaze filled with the Uzumaki's juices. It was as if just by looking at her he was saying something like: I swear I will make you pay for this.


And perhaps knowing this, the woman only answered him with a confident look that seemed to say: try it, you never accomplished anything.


After that brief interaction in which they both took a short breather, Mito prepared for round two.


--------- ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ --------- 


[In another place, another time]


In the dusk of a spring day, when the village of Konoha and its surroundings were tinged with an orange hue by the sunset light, in the central part of the village it was possible to see how several children with backpacks and bags were walking along with their groups of friends as they were leaving the ninja academy for after a full day of studies and training.


Despite everyone being told that they should go straight home, it was easy to see how several of those kids seemed to be discussing where to go to play, others were talking about stopping by a store to buy some new candy and the like, some others were complaining about the content of the classes and the problems they had with the classes, and the others were just walking around having fun with each other and about the plans they had for that weekend.


Practically everyone was discussing with their classmates and friends what to do with their free time.


Everyone, except one of them.


Inside the academy, sitting at one of the desks in the central part of the room, was a girl sitting alone. She had a peculiar red hair that with the light of the sunset coming through the window took on a more intense tone than usual. Her clothing consisted of a short-sleeved chain mail under a sleeveless yellow kimono cut top held up by a dark blue sash and black shorts.


This girl's name was Kushina Uzumaki, a new eight-year-old student who had just arrived in the village yesterday and today she had her first day at the village ninja academy hidden in the leaves.


"ugh~~" leaning back on her desk the girl let out a tired sigh as she annoyingly watched outside from the classroom window as everyone else left at the end of the school day, while she was forced to stay there.


Kushina lifted her head slightly to look boredly at the front of the classroom, where her teacher was doing some paperwork, correcting homework, or something that teachers usually do after class.


With nothing better to do, the redhead looked out again, starting to remember how her first day at the academy had been like... and that it didn't go well at all.


Firstly, during her introduction she ended up revealing her verbal tic which made some children laugh and she got nervous and led her to say things like being Hokage, which later led to more teasing towards her.


Then with her classmates, who not only stopped with the initial laughter, but during the break came over to bullying her, and she had to beat them away.


Let's not mention how before that they give her the silly nickname of <<tomato face>> just because of her round face and red hair.


As if that was the icing on the cake, now the girl was in a detention for hitting a boy too much outside of Taijutsu classes.


"Even though they started it" she muttered to herself under her breath.


Remembering that part she lifted her head slightly to look at her right hand which had the skin on her knuckles somewhat bruised. Kushina opened and closed it slowly as if she was examining it.


Those children's faces had hurt her knuckles.


Kushina moved again to cover her face with her arms and not see anything else "What a horrible day" she said to herself in a tired voice.


If she was already not feeling well because of the abrupt changes in her life, and from being nervous and unwilling to attend classes, now she was really upset and regretful for coming to this village.


All this before the second period of classes, so she didn't talk much with her classmates or teachers that day either.


To recap, instead of making a good impression and making some friends, she beat up different classmates that molested her, earned an annoying nickname that she hated, which made her number of friends at the end of her first day be in 0. Also, unfairly now she was punished and was forced to stay alone in her classroom until one of her caretakers come to pick her up.


"I want to back home" she mumbled in an annoyed voice but also denoting some sadness.


The little Uzumaki still couldn't help but wonder, why she was there? She never wanted to leave home or her village, to leave her family or friends, and she never wanted to come to this strange village either.


When she was informed about this decision she had complained and protested, but that didn't change anything, instead she was told that because she was one of the few members of the Uzumaki clan that managed to awaken the kekengenkai of the <<diamond chains>> and that she did it at a fairly young age, she was considered the best choice to be a jinchuriki, (although she's still not sure what that's supposed to be).


Apparently being a jinchu-thing was something necessary for political reasons between her village and the leaf. That way both villages were keeping up an alliance that dated back almost 80 years.


That was nonsense, what was the point of this alliance in the first place? Her village was separated from the mainland.


It was true that the Uzumaki had had some conflicts with some other nearby villages and countries. But they never needed help, she could still remember how her parents and uncles told her and her cousins how their clan could always deal with it themselves. Even against multiple enemies.


Even in the last conflict which was nearly 30 years ago against the mountain country, as far as Kushina knew, Uzushigakure fought alone and won again. Kushina didn't even know of the existence of a village called Konoha until she was told that she would have to move there.


What was the point of removing her from her home and keeping a treaty that really serves no purpose?


"....... I want to go home" an almost melancholy and imperceptible whisper was what came from her lips. A whisper that longed for that village on an island east of the fire country.


Kushina turned her head slightly to look out the window out of the corner of one of her eyes where there were still some of her classmates passing by. She noticed that outside were those first kids who wanted to mess with her, one of them now with a black eye.


The Uzumaki sharpened her gaze at the sight of them. She definitely didn't like them.


Further back, walking alone was a boy with messy blond hair and blue eyes, if she remembered correctly he was also from her class. That blond had a somewhat thin body build and his face looked too delicate, to the point that he seemed to give a weak appearance at first glance.


Kushina concentrated a little more on him.


During the course of the day, she had noticed how that boy would glance sideways at her every now and then throughout the day.


At the same time, that blond boy turned a glance towards her living room, seeing Kushina looking at him.


The boy gave a slight friendly smile and waved one of his hands in a farewell manner to the redhead.


Kushina drew a confused expression on her face at that. She was so lost judging this blue-eyed guy that the gesture threw her off. When she pulled herself together, she responded to the blond's greeting by sticking her tongue out at him in a way that only a girl her age could do.


This surprised the blond who lowered his head and continued on his way.


As he was leaving, the girl looked away from him with a quick movement as if the blond had made a rather outrageous gesture by greeting her with that smile.


Maybe that boy hadn't done anything wrong to her, he even seemed to be someone kind when he didn't laugh during her introduction when she said that silly thing about being the first female Hokage and instead replied amicably that he wanted to be Hokage too.


It was a silly but endearing gesture.


Still, Kushina didn't ignore how when the others started to pick on her, that guy just watched and never lifted a finger. Even she caught him turning his eyes away when she started to defend herself.


'I wish he's as much of a coward as he looks' thought the young Uzumaki, with no intention of relating to that <<female effeminate flab>>.


Wanting to ignore everything around her, she lay down on her arms and stay that way until someone comes for her.


Tomorrow morning she was supposed to meet a woman from her clan named Mito Uzumaki, the current jinchuriki whom Kushina is going to replace.


'I hope get some answers form her'


[End prologe]

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