Can't Be Worse

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Author's note: Something short and silly I came up with after finding a short dialogue scene I'd jotted down on a scrap of paper a long time ago. If you can guess which dialogue scene that is, congratulations, you've been reading my stories for too long. Updates of other stories will follow once I get my anxious self to properly focus on them, so hopefully I'll have something ready next week.

Warnings: Sasuke's pov; canon divergent after Naruto's birth; both parent sets are alive; established slash; implied references to mature content; lame attempt at humour; references to canon typical violence

I hope you'll like this drabble!

Can't Be Worse

Sasuke's head was still fuzzy by the time Naruto sat up from where he had been slumped over against Sasuke's chest. He remained seated on his lap, petting Sasuke's chest almost absently while Sasuke's hands kneaded his arse through his trousers.

Sasuke's trousers felt sticky, plastered uncomfortably against his skin, and he doubted Naruto was much better off. They probably shouldn't have lost control of themselves in the woods of all places, but at least there was a stream nearby where they could wash their trousers before returning home. Because there was no way in hell he would return home with his trousers in this state, not when he knew Itachi would be arriving from his mission and would most definitely have something to say about Sasuke's clothing. The bastard was still having way too much fun teasing Sasuke about his relationship with Naruto. One would think he would have grown out of that phase two months ago, but alas, his brother remained an utter douchebag when it came to that.

He supposed he should be happy that Itachi at least hadn't told their parents about Sasuke's relationship before he had been ready to do so, but then again, wasn't that supposed to be common courtesy anyways? Not outing your little brother to your parents before he was ready. But again, his brother could be a bastard. Even now Sasuke still didn't understand why Itachi was so popular when he could be such an utter dick at times.

Clearly there was something very wrong with the female population of Konoha.

"Say, I got a question," Naruto started. His cheeks were still slightly flushed; the rose hue yet to leave his skin.

"Hm, what kind of question?" Sasuke asked and wondered if he should start feeling wary.

Naruto's eyes were glinting in that peculiar way that tended to spell disaster for everyone involved around him and Sasuke was reluctant to find out what kind of disaster awaited him this time.

"I told my parents about us," Naruto mentioned; the corners of his mouth lifting up in an almost silly grin. His hands came to rest on Sasuke's shoulders, curling around them.

"That's not a question," Sasuke pointed out and pressed his own hands onto Naruto's hips. "I'm guessing they don't mind, considering I'm still alive and your mum hasn't shown up to rip off my balls yet."

There was still that possibility that Kushina was awaiting the moment until Sasuke would have lowered his guard enough for her to strike unexpectedly, but after having been Naruto's best friend for so many years, Sasuke hoped he had built up enough good will for her to not be that brutal with him.

Or that she would at least be willing enough to make it painless for him.

"My mum was through the roof actually," Naruto snickered and shook his head. "Said she'd seen it coming from a mile away and was just awaiting the moment when I would fess up. Dad's also more than okay with it."

Sasuke was happy about that, because frankly he had no idea who scared him the most: Minato or Kushina. Both could be utterly terrifying if they felt they had to protect their only son. Not that Sasuke didn't understand that urge, but he preferred not being on their bad side. He'd seen Minato and Kushina furious once before and that had been enough to leave a lasting impression on him.

"But that's still not a question."

Naruto pursed his lips and wiggled his hips, his eyes briefly lightning up when Sasuke groaned warningly, grasping his hips firmer to keep him still. He was still a bit too sensitive there to consider going for a second round.

"Well, they want to 'officially' meet you and have dinner with you," Naruto said airily. "So I guess my question is: you up for joining my parents and me for dinner this Friday?"

"I already met them," Sasuke said blankly. "Basically every damn week since we were babies I've been meeting them."

Naruto pouted and poked his left shoulder. "Ah come on, don't be like that, you know what I mean," he whined. "They want to meet you as my boyfriend."

"And end up being buried somewhere? No, thank you. I like being alive," Sasuke said earnestly. "Death isn't a good look on me."

"Now you're just being stupid," Naruto huffed and crossed his arms. "Come on, bastard, you know they won't try to kill you. That would make me sad and they don't want me sad."

"Fine, they won't kill me," Sasuke acquiesced, because okay, yeah, they wanted to see their son happy more than they would want to get rid of the boyfriend. "But they might think of maiming me and I also prefer being in one piece. I've been told that's a good look on me."

Naruto rolled his eyes. "Okay, I don't get why you're being so difficult now," he complained, pouting down at him. "You agreed to have lunch with Gaara after we came out to him."

"Yes, and that psychopathic arsehole then tried to trip me with his sand and suffocate me in it," Sasuke deadpanned. That had been an interesting afternoon. Arsehole should count himself lucky that Naruto was so fond of him or otherwise he would have been the one ending up choking in his own sand.

"You know, you're the last one who can accuse someone of being a psychopathic arsehole after what you did to that group of bandits last time," Naruto said unimpressed.

Sasuke stared up at him innocently. "They shouldn't have tried to abduct you," he said primly and then scoffed. "And I was hardly worse than what your parents would have done to them if they had found them first."

Naruto winced and wrinkled his nose. He naturally didn't have an argument for that, because he knew very well that his parents would have slaughtered those sons of bitches with a smile on their face if they had found the group before Sasuke had. Naruto might now be the one in possession of the Kyuubi, but that didn't make Kushina any less of a force to be reckoned with. She didn't need a Bijuu to sow destruction.

"Okay, so maybe Gaara was a bit out of line," Naruto conceded.

Sasuke snorted. If Gaara didn't watch out, Sasuke would gladly put him back inside the correct line.

"But he's going to behave from now on, I promise," Naruto continued and grasped Sasuke's hands, tangling their fingers together. "Look at it like this: my parents can't be worse than Gaara. At the very least you put yourself in their good graces with what you did to that group last time."

"Hm, I suppose that's true," Sasuke mused aloud.

Maybe him having saved Naruto before they could try anything would be enough to make Kushina think twice about ripping off his dick. A man could dream.

"Please, bastard," Naruto said, widening his eyes, because he was a little shit like that. "You'll make me really happy if you attend the dinner with us."

If Sasuke was a stronger man or just a bigger bastard in general, he would refuse Naruto. What was the point in having an official dinner when Sasuke had spent almost as much time at Naruto's home as at his own home in all these years?

Unfortunately, he was so goddamn weak for those blue eyes and that hopeful look on Naruto's face, and he huffed annoyed, pressing down at Naruto's back until he reclined against his chest again.

"Fine, I'll go," he muttered, smiling when Naruto crowed in victory, squeezing his waist.

He supposed it couldn't be worse than eating lunch with Gaara. At least there was nothing like sand that Kushina or Minato could manipulate to try to smother him.

It was the small things in life, truly.

The End

AN2: Kushina might have tried to threaten him a little bit, because she will not give her precious baby boy to just anybody, not even if this anybody is her son's best friend. Minato told him not to fuck this up (or be fucked up in return was his implied threat). Sasuke took the threats like a champ, impressing his future parents-in-law. Naruto made sure to properly reward him afterwards.

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