Celestial Pleasure

BY : Coldsideofthepillow
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Naruto awakened with a gasp and hurriedly looked around himself. He felt something weird inside his stomach. Huh, what is this feeling? He didn’t have any weird feelings inside him anywhere since he synced with Kurama in the war. Closing his eyes, he decided to pay his friend a visit.




He found himself surrounded in a wide space that was lit with a comfortably dim light. His mindscape.


He looked up and was surprised to find no one inside his seal. He became more and more concerned, when he didn’t spot his giant fox friend. Then at last he spotted something lying on the ground. It was distinctly red. When Naruto reached the spot he was feeling confused. He was looking at a girl. One with silky red hair.


What's a girl doing here? And where the heck is Kurama?


He knelt down to the breathtakingly beautiful redhead and noticed that she only had a dark orange robe around her which had black patterns stitched on it.


“Beautiful” was the word that came to his mind and whispered out of his mouth. He placed a hand on her forehead to check her temperature and felt her shudder beneath his touch. His mouth fell open when she opened her eyes and thus presented him her vermillion colored eyes. She just blinked at him cutely and stifled a yawn behind her hand. He noted that her nails were sharp.


“Morning, Naruto-kun.” He thought that her voice was cute, with its low-pitched murmured tone. Still he regarded her with a cold gaze, that was ingrained in him through years of shinobi training.


“How do you know my name? Why are you in this seal?” She wilted under his cold and calculating eyes.


“What do you mean? It's me, Kurama. We have been together since forever.” She closed her alluring eyes with a grin. Naruto didn’t find this funny. Not a single bit.


“What are you talking about? Kurama is not a girl!” He gritted his teeth in irritation and pushed her away. She got up from her position on the ground and noticed that Naruto's stance was guarded. She held up her hands to show that she didn’t mean any harm.


”I am Kurama, I swear! I can explain this so please listen to me before you do something rash.” He calmed down but still regarded her warily. She pushed out the breath that she held and straightened out her robe.


“First of all we are not in the same world as yesterday.”

Declared Kurama while looking at Naruto’s face to gauge his reaction. Naturally he was shocked to hear this.


 “What do you mean, not the same world? Did an enemy transport us here? Is that why you are a girl?”

He narrowed his eyes and took a step towards her. 


“Answer me!” His tone was dangerous and it showed in his furiously glowing eyes. The accused redhead averted her eyes and bit her lip.” It’s not my fault that we are here.” She continued before he could interrupt her.” I don’t know what happened but this is not our own world.”She took a slow step in his direction.” I’m sure you already felt how different this world is to ours, didn’t you?”


Naruto calmed down slightly, due to her answers and became more coolheaded.” Yeah this whole world feels different, it’s like there are way less negative emotions here.” She nodded excitedly at this and went another step towards him.


“Yes, that's because there are only women in this world.” 


“What? Why?”


”Dunno.” She shrugged her shoulders and watched him take another step towards her. He stood across from her and she almost could feel his body heat. Almost.”Do you know anything about this world?”


“I know enough.” He looked at her questionably.” I sensed for what is going on in this world and discovered some things.” She grinned and took her last step towards him.’ I can smell him. He smells so good! Like earth and fresh mint and just this musky undertone with it.’


“Kurama.” She snapped out of her stupor and realized that he was standing right in front of her.’ Ah he finally called me by my name! Hehe, he sounds so kind right now, what’s happening?’ Naruto looked into her eyes and finally asked the important question.


“What did you find out?” She licked her lips and laid a hand onto his shoulder. „Due to there being only women on this planet, the population is drastically reducing to less and less people. The women on this planet only reproduce through some fertility technology and now after living too many eons without a male, the women have begun to become infertile if faced with the “fake impregnation.” She began to massage his shoulders with her hands now. 


“They can only be impregnated with a proper male and not some ’cloning machine’ bullshit!” Naruto groaned at the feeling her hands were giving his stiff shoulders.

“Do you get it Naruto-kun? You being the only male on this planet means that you have to impregnate as many females as possible.” She grabbed his dick through his pants and found to her delight that he was already hardening.” Where are we even, I mean outside the seal?”


“The women of this planet have apparently found you lying in a crater somewhere and decided that you are their male god, sent from the heavens themselves.” He looked at her as if she was joking and she couldn’t hold back a snicker.” Naruto-kun you have to understand that every female on this planet is incredibly horny and is looking to get impregnated from a big,strong stud such as you.” He groaned at her soft hands, that were stroking his rapidly hardening cock.


”A-and you?” She grinned a feral grin at his pleasured face.” What do you mean, me?” She had pulled out his cock and was stroking his impressive member fast in her grip. He groped her breasts through her robe and gritted his teeth together. “ Do you want to get fucked and impregnated by me too?”


She went slower on his shaft and leaned forward to kiss him hungrily.” Yesss, I want you to push me out of this seal, bend me over and fuck me full of your children.” He growled and captured her lips again, with an intensity that he didn’t know he had.


She pushed against his muscled chest and broke their kiss, which left a thick string of saliva hanging between their mouths. He broke the saliva-string by planting another, shorter kiss on her lips and let her rest her head on his shoulder. She whimpered when she felt his calloused hands grabbing her childbearing hips and whined needily, into his ear.” Pleease Naruto-kun, let’s do this outside of the seal where I can really feel you.” She nuzzled his neck lovingly and whispered a more silent “please”. 


How could he hold back after this?


He grabbed her shoulders firmly and drew their connected consciousnesses out of the seal.




He didn’t even bother wondering why they were on a big comfy bed. He just took her into his arms and claimed her lips hungrily. She moved her tongue against his lips and he immediately responded by circling her tongue with his. Her lower body immediately started grinding against his exposed cock, which made him rub up against her. She whined needily into their kiss and increased her grinding.


After five minutes of kissing and grinding, they had to separate for much needed air and pressed their foreheads together while they were panting heavily. “Nngh you taste so good Naruto-kun, like mint and limes.” He grinned at her and put his hands on her hips, to increase the friction between them.” You taste like cherry, but with a deep undertone of sweetness.” He presses a kiss onto her slightly swollen, ruby red lips and squeezes her big ass with his hands, while looking straight into her vermillion eyes.” You should lose that robe dear, it's in the way.” Instead of doing as he told, she rolls on top of him and takes his black t-shirt off.


“Like what you see?” Asks Naruto while taking his pants and boxers off, to throw them to the side. She comes up to him, lays a hand onto his chest and begins to slowly let the hand wander down his well built body. When her hand reaches his six-pack she dips her head down to kiss him there, near his navel. She lays her head onto his stomach and circles her arms around his torso in an intimate embrace. He begins to stroke her red curls and hears her humming in response. She comes up to face him and lets her arms rest around his shoulders, while greedily kissing him. She feels him loosening her robe and gives him space to slip it off of her. As the robe slips past her shoulders and down her body, it reveals flawless and creamy skin.


Naruto’s eyes darken with pleasure when he finally gets to see her perky mounds, which are topped off with dark pink nipples. He palms her mounds and lets his thumbs swipe over her sensitive nipples, before he lowers his head to catch a nipple in his mouth. She lightly sinks her nails into his scalp and moans lewdly, as his tongue swipes over a nipple and circles it hungrily. He latches onto her other nipple and maintains eye contact with her while he repeats his earlier actions.


He leaves her wet nipples and moves down to her dripping core. Her eyes widen when she feels his tongue circling her clit and lapping at her wet pussy lips. He clearly enjoys her reactions because he keeps eye-contact with her while his tongue brings her to the brink of insanity. She feels herself beginning to unravel, because his handsome face at her cunt and his beautiful blue eyes staring into hers is just too much. His tongue is simply devouring her cunt.


She feels his nose pressing into her little red patch of pubic hair and cries out in pleasure, because he is too good at this. But before she can reach release he draws away from her wet cunt, with strings of pussy-juice clinging to his smirking mouth. She makes a frustrated growl and reaches for his head to move him back, but he is faster. He presses down on her chest to keep her on her back and rubs his member against her slick heat. She whines and presses up against him, but he draws himself away from her.


He continues to press her down and brings his head down to lick at her neck. She brings her arms around his shoulders and shudders at the feeling of his wet tongue against her pulse. He revels in the pleasant feeling of her plump breasts against his own firm chest and stops his licking to suck at her pulse. She moans at his intense sucking and clenches her teeth in agony when she feels his scalding hot member rubbing against her slick cunt. She gasps in delight when he finally presses his cock against her outright dripping pussy.


Her breath hitches and time seems to slow around the two of them when he thrusts inside her slowly, as if to get a feel for her. Naruto’s eyes widen when he feels a barrier preventing him from going further. Sharp red fingernails claw at his shoulders as Naruto sinks himself to the base until his balls rest against her firm asscheeks. He grits his teeth at the feeling of her tight walls convulsing around his cock and enjoys her harsh scratching against his shoulder muscles.


He begins to pound away at her former-virgin pussy and doesn’t even consider for a second to be gentle with her. No, she is a literal beast and he is going to take her like one. 


What they do isn’t sex or lovemaking, but raw animalistic mating. She bites and pulls at his lips with her sharp teeth while he pounds into her with deep strokes and occasionally snarls filthy praises into her ear.


„You little fox bitch, you horny whore“


„Gonna breed you like the animal you are“


„Good girl, look at you taking my cock so nicely“


„Fuck, you’re so damn tight!”


She nestled her head into his neck and drew harsh breaths and promptly sunk her canines into his neck while she listened to him praising and moaning to her.

Naruto simply grunted at her bite and increased the speed of his pounding.


The newly-female Kurama lapped at his bleeding neck with her tongue and mewled into her lover's ear, so that he would be even rougher with her. She didn’t talk with him, but gasped and moaned Naruto’s name with a rather sultry and husky voice that made him even hornier.


„Fuck“ snapped Naruto harshly while pounding away at her cunt. She made him go crazy with her sultry and sexy voice and her scent made him downright mad with lust. He didn’t know why but his every sense was currently on overload and her scent was just intense to him. He also loved the way she wound her arms and legs around him while he pounded her.


``I think it was called leglock, god it's so sexy’ thought Naruto as he began to make more shallow thrusts, so that he would reach different spots inside her. The feeling of her velvety walls fluttering around him caught his attention and he looked her straight in the eyes so that he would see her every reaction.


She gripped at his shoulders with her hands and began to shake under him. Her legs began to spasm against his back and her toes curled as she orgasmd for the first time in her life. 


Naruto kissed her through her first orgasm and slowed his pounding so that she could savour it. She cried from the intensity of the foreign pleasure that Naruto gave her and he found that her cries were incredibly adorable and precious. He wiped her tears with his thumbs and kissed both of her red cheeks, her nose, forehead and lastly her lips, all the while praising her.


„Shh it's alright baby, it’s alright“


„Good girl, such a good girl“


Naruto got up into a sitting position where she sat in his lap with her arms wound around his neck and her legs winding around his lower back. She held onto him tightly in this intimate position and shuddered at the feeling of his warm and muscled body. He cradled her head lovingly to his neck while he hugged her thin waist to his body. The smaller redhead snuggled deeper into his embrace and began rocking onto his pelvis. She moaned at the feeling of his pubes against her clit and began to grind against them.


She continued to bounce on his cock for a few minutes and came again while shuddering in his strong arms. Naruto realized that she really liked this intimate position and this kind of embrace after her eighth intense orgasm on his lap. He didn’t really care that he didn’t get to come yet because he definitely was feeling pleasure but he just found Kurama’s orgasms indescribably adorable. Her sweet moans, adorable mewls, the way she panted heavily against his neck and her shuddering and convulsing in his grasp. He loved all of it.


He was surprised at first about Kurama’s romantic feelings towards him and wondered if he honestly felt that way with her too. He certainly found her body very beautiful and appealing to look at but still it took a bit of getting used to it. 


Though one thing was clear for the young blonde. Naruto wasn’t ever gonna turn his back on Kurama, whatever form she may take and what her feelings towards him may be. If she felt this romantic love towards him then he was gonna accept it because it was her right to not feel lonely and unloved after eons of imprisonment. She had endured the hatred of hundreds of thousands of humans and he would not allow her to feel like that ever again.


He would protect her this time and forever more


Because she did the same for him hundreds of times and without her he wouldn’t even be alive. With these thoughts Naruto’s resolve cemented and he began to earnestly fuck her. He fucked her against the walls while she scratched at his back. He left numerous hickeys on her neck and she mewled lustfully. 


The redhead's toes began to curl at another shattering orgasm tearing through her. Naruto had her in a mating press on her back with her arms slung around his neck. Both kissed while they fucked and Kurama finally felt him throb within her walls. He groaned lowly and began to make harder thrusts into her drenched pussy.


She looked up and met his intense gaze. He was about to cum. She would definitely become pregnant because it was her fertile day.’ He will claim my fertile womb for himself.’ Kurama shuddered at the thought and began noticing everything about Naruto in that exact moment.


His muscles flexed as he pounded into her. His blue eyes darkened with pleasure. He looked her in the eyes with undeniable love and lust and she couldn’t take it anymore. She had to get knocked up, there was no other way. Kurama decided at that moment that she craved his seed, was desperate for his child and needed her fertile womb bred. With that she wound her legs around Naruto's back so that he could go even deeper.


She snapped back to attention as she heard Naruto grunt and finally pulse his virile sperm into her womb.

Everything seemed to slow down as he came in her and she could literally feel her eggs preparing for fertilisation. He would get a whole litter of daughters from this round alone.


After what seemed like minutes his ejaculation stopped and she listened to his heavy pants as he calmed down and began to draw himself out of her wet cunt. Naruto laid down beside her and drew her shivering body towards his own in a tight but comfortable hug, before he put the blanket over the both of them. Kurama's body was still wracked with aftershocks of pleasure though she began to calm down at the feeling of her lover's pulse beneath her fingers and his big warm body embracing hers under the blanket. 


She murmured a low “love you” before sleep claimed her. Naruto just looked at her with fondness and found that he liked those words coming from Kurama's lips. He nuzzled her red hair lovingly and let sleep overtake him.


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