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"Shit...it's over" thought a sad redhead who looked lost, tired and hopeless. she couldn't have been more than 13 years old, she was wearing a yellow combat kimono that came to her waist, thigh-high shorts and black tights that reached past her knees. 

What stood out most about her, however, was her long, vibrant emerald red hair, which almost seemed to glow in the light that illuminated the forest that night.

A night when she was being kidnapped by ninjas who seem to be from Kumogakure. 

When she arrived at her home a couple of hours ago, she had found all the servants who were taking care of her dead. It didn't take Kishinau long to find those responsible for that,

When she woke up, she was already outside the village, with her hands and fingers bound and most likely with a seal that prevented her from using her chakra normally.

She was unable to escape.

She had realized this for a while, but still didn't want to simply give up. 
In a moment of enlightenment, she did the only thing she could think of in that fucked up moment, which was to leave a trail in hopes that someone from Konoha would come save her. She hoped that they would realize that someone was missing, that something had happened to her and that they would find that trail of hair she was leaving in her wake.

How naive she was.

Why would anyone come? She wasn't even from that town. She was a foreigner, a freak, someone who didn't belong there.

Always had been and always would be.

She and her kidnappers must have been near the border of the fire country by now. Beyond there, she would no longer have salvation. Her captors' mission would succeed and soon she would be a prisoner of the cloud village.

She was afraid, her hands were shaking, and she wanted to run so badly even if they killed her in the attempt.
If what she had heard about girls and women with special genetic factors or some keken genkai were true, she would soon be raped and become pregnant by some guy. Spending the rest of her life being used as a breeding machine that would give birth to as many babies until she was no longer fertile and discarded.

Fear of that fate was the main reason she had hopes that someone would come to rescue her. "Who would come to rescue a foreigner?" she reproached herself as she lowered her head and left no trace.

"I guess ... I'd better do it now" she said to herself as she slowly and imperceptibly slid her tongue between her teeth, out of her mouth. "I might as well cut out my tongue and die before I spend my whole life impregnated like cattle." She thought as almost all of her tongue was out of her tongue "I am an Uzumaki. I will not let my clan's legacy be reduced to being just a baby-making machine" she thought with determination, ready to bite her tongue to cut and bleed to death.

Until she bumped into something. Or rather someone.

"Huh?" she muttered taking a step back after hitting something blocking her path.

"Are you listening to me or not?" She heard a voice familiar to her.

Kushina looked up to see that in front of her, was Fugaku Uchiha and behind him were the corpses of her kidnappers.

She didn't believe it at first. The boy she had never really gotten along with and didn't really like when she first came to Konoha village, was the same one who was saving her.

"Fu ... gaku" she said faintly, wondering how he found her. But she saw in his hand some of the hair he had been dropping in a trail.

She was going to say something to him, but before she could try, her legs failed her and she fell forward the moment she looked him in the eye. 

"Come on, I'll take you to the..." he couldn't finish because the Uzumaki collapsed forward and landed on top of him. Burying his face into the boy's body.

He shifted a little so he could see the girl's face, discovering that she was asleep, surely because she must have been mentally exhausted.Upon discovering this, a somewhat wicked and arrogant smile appeared on his face.

His left hand slid down the sleeping girl's back until it reached her shorts. 

Without any embarrassment, he reached under those fabrics and grabbed one of her firm but soft buttocks. 

The Uchiha played a little with the girl squeezing that cheek with his hand with some force.

"The plan worked perfectly" he thought carrying the sleeping girl and heading back to the village. Remembering on the way, the moment he was told about this ruse.

Flashback: a few weeks ago.

Fugaku was in an empty room sitting in front of the elders of the Uchiha clan, the most respected and powerful within the clan.

"Listen Fugaku" one of those men said to him. "We want you to marry Uzumaki Kushina" he said bluntly to the boy.

"How?" he asked puzzled.

"We want you to seduce Uzumaki Kushina and marry her" another of the elders repeated to him.

"Forgive my boldness, but why?" Fugaku didn't quite understand what they were asking.

"You see, the Uzumakis are a clan with special genetics, one that can rival our own. They have special chakra and skills that many envy, not to mention many techniques and knowledge that they have accumulated over generations," one of the elders explained. For that reason, we must make that girl part of our clan before anyone else tries. Apart from Mikoto, the chief's daughter, you are one of our strongest and most promising young women. So it's almost certain that any child you have with that Uzumaki will be a great addition to the clan."

Fugaku just nodded his head at that explanation.

"But I'm already engaged to Mikoto-sama, how could I marry Kushina as well?" asked the boy.

"Don't worry" said another one of the elders "although it is not common, polygamy is something that is allowed in our clan. And the head of the clan also knows our intentions and has given his approval."

Fugaku was silent for a few moments not knowing what to say.

"Still... seduce her?" he asked not understanding that last point nor very sure if it would work "wouldn't it be more effective and safer to arrange a compromise and have her carry it out?" he asked rationally.

"I'm afraid that's not possible" said another of the elders "the Uzumaki girl is in Konoha under special conditions, and therefore, the third Hokage took measures that give her political protection against any attempt to force her into an arranged marriage" he explained to the red head "that's why you must seduce her into marrying you voluntarily, that way Sarutobi can't interfere".

"And can't we use the sharingan of one of our best to make her accept without the need to seduce her?" asked the young Uchiha curiously.
"no, a drastic change like a marriage to someone she doesn't prove to be in love with before could give us away and we don't know what Hiruzen can do in retaliation. If you make her fall in love with you, won'.

"Do you accept the task of bringing those genes and techniques to our clan?" one of them asked Fugaku.

The boy was silent thoughtfully for a few seconds.

"if that's the case, then I accept the task" he said bowing slightly. "I will make Uzumaki Kushina my wife, and she will willingly give us her genetic inheritance and the secrets of her clan to be owned by the Uchihas" he said with a firm countenance.

"We're counting on you," one of them finished, he said to one of the older ones.
While the young Uchiha smiled mischievously at this "mission".

End of the flashback

"It all went well" thought the young Uchiha, who was playing with the flashback of the fainted girl.
He was satisfied with how well the plan was going so far.

The kidnapping of Kushina carried out by members of the Uchiha clan went smoothly. Knocking her unconscious so she wouldn't see that the clan was involved.

Undetected by any village ninja, they were able to take the girl to the outskirts of Konoha.

From there, they handed her over to some simple mercenaries without any ninjutsu training. This had been hypnotized by high-level genjutsu to make them believe they were ninja and take Kushina as far as possible in a straight line, pretending to take her to Kumogakure.
The trail of hair the Uzumaki had been losing since waking up had been unexpected. If Fukagu hadn't noticed and hadn't followed the whole trail, maybe someone else could have found it and someone else could have rescued her, ruining everything.

But that was not the case.

The trail was cleared by the young Uchiha when the Uzumaki left him, no one knew, besides those directly involved, knew what happened.
And now, with the mercenaries dead and unable to be questioned, only Fugaku and the higher ups of the Uchiha clan knew what really happened tonight.

"Sleep well Uzumaki" he said softly, aware that Kushina didn't hear him, she had laid down with a slight genjutsu from her Sharingan. He took the girl's chin between the fingers of one of his hands to lift Kushina's head. Fukagu wanted to see that sweet and beautiful face directly. "This is just the first step for you to become my wife in the eyes of the world" he said as he joined his lips with the redhead's, snatching without her permission the Uzumaki's first kiss "but for me, it's just the first step for you to become a simple slave that I will use as I want "he said as he pulled down the back of the girl's pants and let her pale cute butt come in contact with the cold air of that night. Not only that, he raised one of his hands and without any courage, gave her a firm spank. "And I'm sure you will soon disagree" He Uchiha kissed her again, but this time, instead of a simple caress between their lips, he opened the Uzumaki's mouth and thrust his tongue into her mouth. Carrying out an adult, dirty kiss that had the boy's tongue playing with the girl's and running around her mouth as if it belonged to him.
Only a few could imagine, that this was the day Uzumaki Kushina, would begin to fall into the hands of Uchiha Fugaku. 


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