Secrets of the Hidden Leaf

BY : Sessakag
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Chapter One


January 3, 2011



The blonde jonin stopped and turned at the sound of his name. Looking back, he waited silently as the shy young kunoichi twiddling her pointer fingers moved closer to him. Shifting his weight to his left foot, and resting his fist on his hip, his lips curled in amusement as he watched her lavender eyes struggle to meet his own vivid blue.

She was so damn cute.

Three months into their relationship and she was still so hesitant and bashful, but he was hard pressed to say he didn’t like it.

It was different than what he was used to. After the war, his popularity among the opposite sex had boomed. At first, he’d been really awkward and uncertain of how to handle the aggressive women that sidle up to him demanding his attention, but after nearly three years of playing the field, he could honestly say he was a lot more confident in dealing with women. Three short monogamous relationships and a number of casual sexual encounters had eased the majority of shyness that had clung to him well into his late teens. Now, twenty years old, he had become a man of modest experience and maturity.

The women he’d dated and slept with were the complete opposite of the woman before him. Hinata was patient, soft spoken and head over heels in love with him. It was slightly disconcerting at times, dating a girl that loved him rather than simple like. He found himself being a little more careful around her, more sensitive to saying or doing something that would hurt her.

Like he needed to take her serious, and treat the relationship with care. Not that he was in the habit of taking girls lightly.

He’d been slapped more than a handful of times for being dumb or callous.

It was just that the feelings of the girl he was with had never been so crystal clear and out in the open. Her trembling confession a few months back had been so unexpected and sort of awkward. The nervous Hyuuga had been near to tears as she stuttered out her admission. By the time she had finished, he’d been reeling, replaying every interaction they’d had over the years to verify what she was telling him. Sifting through memories, there was no denying her feelings were genuine.

A month and some change had passed since his last relationship at the time of her confession, so he’d taken her up on the offer to go out, making clear to her that he couldn’t say he felt the same for her right now but he liked and respected her, they’d been friends since childhood and he was willing to give it a chance.

Three months later, he was glad he had.

She was fun, and made him laugh. She was kind and generous and infinitely gentle.

She listened intently when he spoke, made him delicious bentos nearly every day and was always happy to see him.

She rarely demanded anything of him and when she did, it was more of a hesitant suggestion than a dictation. She was incredibly accommodating and seemed perfectly content to cater to him.

To have a beautiful woman doting on him was incredibly flattering and stroked his ego.

Speaking of beautiful.

His eyes moved over the feminine figure encased in a soft blue sweater dress and gray leggings, jet black heelless boots wrapped around her slender calves ending just below her knees.

Somewhere in the three years he’d been otherwise occupied she had shed her customary baggy jacket and unflattering pants for more feminine and complimenting clothing. She favored skirts and frilly dresses now, all of which kept her more conservatively covered than most girls, but still flirted with sexuality.

The sweater dress was one of her more form fitting outfits, emphasizing her generous bust and narrow waist. The soft material stretched over wide, rounded hips and pert, well endowed ass that had the most enticing jiggle when she moved. The leggings were skin tight, outlining toned yet shapely legs. Ramrod straight, blue-black hair hanging like a curtain, ending right above the rounded cheeks of her buttocks. The soft strands swayed when she moved, mocking and enticing him to grab a handful of the bouncing flesh just below.

Walking behind her left him sweating and wanting.

Worst yet, she seemed unaware of the sirens call she emitted. Often staring at him with wide, adoring yet innocent moon colored eyes, oblivious to the ache in his balls her body caused.

He was ninety-nine percent sure that his little girlfriend was still a virgin. Another reason he was taking things slow and being careful. He had never been with a virgin, and the anticipation was as painfully arousing as it was intoxicating. The thought of being her first made him horny as hell. He didn’t understand why and didn’t really care. Just thinking about adding intimacy to their relationship left him salivating.

He wanted to touch her, to bury his face in her bouncy titties and shove his dick so deep in her-

“Is that okay, Naruto-kun?”

He blinked, his gaze shooting to her pretty face. Dull pink colored her pale cheeks, her eyes expectant, waiting for his answer.

He scrambled, trying to figure out what the hell she could have said.


Emptiness filled his brain. He rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment, giving her an apologetic smile.

“Sorry Hinata, I kinda spaced out there. What were you saying?”

“Oh, t-that’s okay Naruto-kun.” she murmured, her flush deepening, “I was just….its just….I always make you bentos for lunch but I haven’t….cooked you dinner so…I was wondering if we could maybe, go to your place and…watch a movie instead of going out. If you wouldn’t mind me using your kitchen….I could make us dinner…”

Blonde eyes brow shot up, disappearing into his hidden leaf headband.

She wanted to cook dinner at his house?

He was more than a little surprised.

He was used to being the one to suggest where they went on their dates. This was the first time she had made a request for a specific location and he was surprised she would chose his apartment. They would be alone and isolated in a way they had never been before. Of course she had been to his place a handful of times, but that had been to drop off his lunch before she left for a mission or to meet up so they could head to Ichiraku considering it was around the corner from him.

Usually when a girl asked to come to his apartment, they were rarely interested in seeing anything but his bedroom. Somehow, he didn’t think that was what she intended though.

“If….if it would be too much trouble we could go somewhere else….” she said, her expression becoming worried at his continued silence.

“Of course it wouldn’t be any trouble.” he assured her with a grin, “I was just kind of surprised you wanted to have a date at my place.”

Her eyes skated away, then back at him again.

“Well…I’m twenty years old now, a fully legal adult…father is no longer in a position to dictate my life.” she smiled, “I can stay out as long as I want and…visit with Naruto-kun wherever I want.”

That had been a source of contention, though not one he had verbalized. The Hyuuga observed and imposed strict laws for their Clan, especially in regards to the females. Female members were not given full adult legality until the age of twenty. It was a concession the First Hokage granted to entice the Byakugan leaders to join in the founding of Konoha. Naruto thought it was a really stupid and outdated rule. Before her birthday back in December, the blonde ninja had been more than a little annoyed at the restrictions placed on her by the old Hyuuga clan head.

One in particular had really needled him.

Hinata had a curfew and couldn’t be at his apartment after dark.

“I…enjoy going out with you, Naruto-kun but I’ve wanted to have a date with just us…alone…” she was tapping her pointer fingers together, “without all the….noise around us. I-I would have invited you over to my house for dinner but there are so many people at the Hyuuga compound that it would be kind of…awkward….and father…”

The last thing he wanted to do was have a romantic dinner with several pairs of Byakugans watching him through the walls.

He shuddered at the thought.

He reached for her hand with his bandaged wrapped appendage, interlacing her fingers with his.

“I’d love to have dinner with you at my place, Hinata.”

And he meant it. Spending time with her was never a dull affair. He loved when it was just the two of them.

“Though we might need to go shopping.”

She nodded, giving him a soft look, excitement shinning in her luminous eyes. The two started walking, headed for the supermarket closest to his house. Halfway there, a thought occurred to him.

His apartment was absolutely filthy!

Sweat beaded his forehead. The last couple of weeks he had had back to back mission leaving little time for home maintenance. His clothes were strewn around every room, dirty dishes piled high, his tub had a dark ring around it and his hardwood floors hadn’t seen the tail end of a broom or mop in longer than two weeks.

It took some maneuvering and quite a few people gave him strange looks but he manged to duck into another ale while Hinata studied various packages of food and summon a gaggle of clones to clean his apartment. The small army of copies dashed out of the food store, tearing through the streets to get home. For an entire hour he managed to draw out the shopping trip, distracting Hinata the best he could to give his look-a likes as much time as possible.

Multiple images of a near spotless apartment reached his mind as they climbed the stairs to his one bedroom home, loosening the grip of nerves in his gut.

Last thing he wanted was for her to walk into a pigsty and ruin the mood.

Girls were particularly sensitive to matters of cleanliness.

Hands full of shopping bags, he turned to his girlfriend with a goofy smile.

“Can you get my key, baby? My hands are full.”

She nodded, her cheeks pink as she reached into his pocket, feeling around for his apartment key. Once inside, the two put away the groceries. While Hinata began cooking, Naruto took the time to get a shower and change out of his mission gear. The simple B rank escort contract had involved minimal effort. Bandits, a couple of rogue nin he’d left healing in a jail cell had been the only noteworthy conflicts. Pretty standard for a single jonin to handle, and even he knew he was a bit of overkill for that mission. Now that he had reached the rank of jonin and had been for over a year, he found himself in high demand among clients. The power he’d exhibited during the war had become somewhat legendary, and anyone with enough coin to hire a jonin of his reputation clamored to employ him for even the simplest tasks.

It was flattering, embarrassing and sometimes really annoying.

So many people were requesting him for not only C rank missions but some ranked even lower, paying a ridiculous amount of money for his services when someone less qualified would have sufficed.

It had gotten to the point that he had complained to Kakashi-sensei about receiving D rank mission just because the client could afford him. It was humiliating doing things he’d thought he left behind in his genin days. The masked Hokage had agreed that someone of Naruto’s skill and expertise was better served on missions ranked B or above unless he was heading a team.

So far, Kakashi had held true to his word and turned down any solo requests for Naruto that were not of substance. The last C rank task Naruto had seen was a few weeks ago, when he’d been acting squad leader overseeing two chunin and a single genin on a infiltration quest.

The restrictions had mollified him.

Clean and relaxed, he strode naked into his bedroom, towel draped over his short wet locks and slinging excess water from his wrapped arm. The bandages were coated in some kind of concoction Tsunade created that repelled water, dirt and a slew of other substances that would otherwise require him to change the bindings more often than was convenient. The wrappings around his hand were thin and breathable, allowing him to register sensation, not as well as his left hand, but still pretty damn close. Most of the time he didn’t even notice they were on his arm.

He threw on a pair of sweats and a gray t-shirt and headed back into the living room. The aroma from the kitchen had his mouth watering.

He wandered into the room and looked over her shoulder, deliberately placing his lips near her ear.

“Something smells good.” he commented.

He grinned at the shiver that ran through her body. Right against the shell of her ear was a particularly sensitive spot that never failed to send goosebumps over her delicate skin.

“Na-Naruto-kun!” she squeaked.

“I’m gonna get the movie ready.” he said, moving to his modest living room.

“O-okay, dinner will be ready by then.”

A few minutes later, the young couple was settled on the couch, eating a delicious meal and engrossed in the action packed dramedy. Halfway through the movie, they finished their meal, set the dishes on the beat up coffee table and cuddled up to finish the film.

Hinata curled up in the warm hollow of his right oblique, her fingers tracing gentle patterns over his left pectoral muscle. Naruto wrapped his arm around her, absently trailing his fingers over the soft cotton encasing her curved shoulder. Ten minutes later his wandering appendage had moved to the generous swell of her hip and his mind was no longer on the movie that was nearing its end.

His fingers traced the tempting curve until he felt the faint outline of her panties through the pleated cotton of her dress. Her dark head shifted, chin lifting to catch his eyes.

“N-Naruto-kun?” she questioned, her cheeks red at the intimate touch.

Over the last week he’d introduced her to more than the sweet kisses she was used to. Her first experience of his tongue in her mouth had left her dazed, crimson faced and him more than ready to stick something else between her lips. He’d increased his touches from brief caresses to longer brushes against more personal areas. This was probably the most blatant he had ever been with her.

He leaned down, shushing her with his lips.

He ravaged her mouth, tongue slipping over her hesitant one. He pulled her up and across his lap, her plump bottom settling in the crevice of his groin. Heat pooled in his lower abdomen. With more than three months of just his hand to ease his lust, it didn’t take much to stoke his libido. His hand crept to the hem of her dress, eager fingers tugging upwards. Blood pounded through his veins as the soft material bunched over her hip, up her waist, exposing a sliver of pale white skin.

She released a small breath against his mouth as his fingers smoothed over the cushiony flesh of her belly and into the stretchy material of her leggings.

Aroused, he sucked hard at her lips, hand making a beeline for the silken cloth covering her most private asset. She made a sound against his lips, her hand moving to cover his own.

The touch cleared some of the haze from his mind and he paused, eyes opening to look down at her.

Neither of them moved.

Lilac eyes met his own questioning blue orbs. Disappointment bloomed as she looked away, blushing furiously, only to be banished a moment later when the small hand wrapped around his own moved, slowly pushing his hand deeper into her pants.

Lust exploded in his brain as she pressed his hand underneath her panties. Bare flesh met his questing digits, a surprise to him.

He hadn’t expected her to do something as intimate as waxing that part of her body.

Seconds later, his eyes widened when his fingers slipped between the lips of her pussy.

He looked down at her burning face. He was sure she knew he was looking at her but she absolutely refused to meet his gaze. He moved his fingers, verifying what he felt.


She was absolutely soaked.

His shy little girlfriend was horny as hell.

His balls felt tight, blood rushing to his cock. He felt dizzy and turned on. He leaned down to her turned away face and pressed his lips to the curve of her neck, tongue laving her soft skin.

“You’re really wet, ‘ttebayo.” he murmured below her ear, his voice rough even to his own ears.

Her body shivered, goosebumps peppering her flesh.

“Does this mean you’re ready, baby?”

She was avoiding his gaze again, but her small nod was undeniable. He inhaled sharply at the confirmation. Knowing how shy she was, how restrictive her upbringing, he’d prepared himself to wait at least six months before getting anywhere near anything more than some heavy petting, maybe coaxing her to spread her thighs and let him give her a french kiss that would blow her mind if he got lucky enough to catch her when she was feeling brave.

This was more than he had ever hoped to expect this early.


He took a steadying breath and opened his mouth to form words his dick hated him for.

“Hinata…you don’t have to force yourself if you’re not ready. I can wait as long as it takes. You know I care about you a lot, more than any girl I’ve been with and I know how you feel about me and I…I just want to make sure you’re willing to go this far for the right reason, I don’t want you to regret this, or be ashamed after. I don’t want to do anything that would hurt you.” he told her honestly.

And he meant it.

It sucked having to resort to self gratification and explicit magazines again, but it wasn’t something he couldn’t deal with for her.

These last few months had been heaven for him and he knew enough of himself to realize he was falling in love with this girl…but also knew he wasn’t quite there yet.

He cared about her, deeply.

She had been apart of his life since childhood, had supported him during the war, protected him from being captured by Pain. She was honest, kind, and fun to be around. She made him laugh with her quiet humor and made him think about things he’d never really taken the time to contemplate. She was a hell of a kunoichi and had a body that called to mind some really filthy unfulfilled fantasies he harbored.

The thought of being her first filled him with lust and a deep degree of possessiveness he hadn’t thought himself capable of. He was aching to be the one that awakened her to the world of carnal pleasure, but he was equally opposed to doing anything that would hurt this sweet, innocent woman. He didn’t want to take advantage of her feelings just so he could get off. Seeing how eager she was to please him, how badly she wanted to sway his heart towards her, he needed to know that if they did have sex that she was doing it because she wanted to, not just to make him happy.

“.…Naruto-kun, I won’t regret this…how could I?” she negated, light lavender orbs finally meeting his.

The soft, unabashed love shimmering in the pale depths of her eyes took his breath away.

“I love you, I’ve always loved you and I’ve waited for this moment nearly my whole life. If we broke up tomorrow I wouldn’t regret having been with you.”

His chest ached.

It always sent him for a loop when she said things like that. Made him feel worthy and wanted in way no one ever had before.

“B-but if you d-don’t want to, I-If you think I’m being…too forward I-”

He fused his lips with hers, silencing her nervous uncertainty with an aggressive sweep of his tongue, leaving little doubt what he wanted. His fingers, motionless while they spoke, move slowly through the warm moisture coating the delicate flesh of her womanhood.

Her breath caught as he pressed against the wet, engorged flesh of her clitoris.

Her body jerked at his touch, then strained towards his hand as he rubbed the sensitive bud slowly, firmly.

A low, mewling moan vibrated against his mouth.

Her hips rose a fraction higher into the smooth glide of his teasing digits. He licked her trembling lips while he moved his fingers faster, rotating in a circular motion that drove the breath from her lungs. She pulled her mouth away, panting, eyes closed in pleasure.

Her hands reached out, gripping his shirt at his abdomen and the cushion of the couch beneath her.

“N-Naruto-kun…” she sighed.

Throbbing beneath his sweat pants, the blonde jonin gripped the stretchy bodice of her dress and tugged it down, exposing large pale mounds encased in a lacy dark blue bra. His own breathing was labored as he pulled at the lace until her pretty pink nipples peeked over the silken cloth. His mouth watered as he gave another tug and freed her breasts completely with enough force to bounced the ivory, coral tipped tits. He watched, ocean blue eyes rapt at the jiggling flesh.

They looked bigger than he imagined, certainly bigger than any he had ever had at his eager hands.

Reaching out, he pinched one hardened nipple, tugging softly.

Her spine lifted, pearl white teeth sinking into her bottom lip in an attempt to stop the whimper that left her lungs. Unable to resist, he leaned down and sucked the nearest bud between his lips, laving his tongue over the distended bud while tweaking the other.

He couldn’t see her face but he could hear her moans, hear the whispers of his name, feel the gush of moisture soaking his strumming fingers.

She gripped his shirt tighter, rolling her hips into each stroke of the messy caress.

He groaned as the sound of his hard fingers working against her slippery clit joined the symphony of moans leaving her mouth, the wet sucking noise sending more blood to his already painfully hard manhood. He lifted his head slightly, running his thumb and forefinger over his tongue before returning them to her nipple. Wet digits circled and stroked the hard point, his lips returning to suck on the other. His fingers at her clit moved faster, determined to push her over the edge.

For several long, heated moments her body trembled, breath heaving, voice rising several octaves. Her back bowed, muscles locked as she balanced precariously on the edge of climax.

Her cry of release was incoherent as her entire body seized and jerked. Soft thighs locked around his stroking fingers, breast smashed against his still sucking lips. Her body trembled, bowed in ecstasy. Another cry escaped her lips, this one filled with pleasure, discomfort and uncertainty. He latched on harder to her nipple, fingers sliding over her clit with vigor.

“Naruto-kuuuunnnnn….too much….” she moaned in confusion.

He flicked his tongue fast over her nipple before taking the peak between his teeth. Her breath caught and he soothed the sting with the soft glide of his tongue.

Her grip on his shirt tightened.

He slowed his fingers, gathered moisture on his index finger before slowly, firmly circling her clit again, the motion agonizingly slow and hard.

She tensed.

“Naruto-kun….I’m going to….going to…”

She trailed off, crying out in ecstasy as her body seized again. She contorted, shifting away from him.

He followed her twisting form with his mouth and hands as she shattered, refusing to be dislodge, drawing out the torturous pleasure of her orgasm. She coated his fingers in hot, slippery fluid, chanting his name as she tried to displace the mouth and fingers overstimulating her sensitive nerve endings.

He plied her body until she stilled, trembling and twitching across his thighs.

He straightened, baby blues drinking in the sight of her euphoric expression and gently shuddering body. She lay limp across him, panting softly, seeming dazed, her lust glazed orbs half-lidded and staring up at his ceiling. Her stomach muscles contracted and a low mewl left her lips when he slid his soaked fingers from her pants and up to his mouth. Her face was beet red as her eyes followed his hand. His nostrils flared at the delicious scent of female, the heady taste of his sweet girlfriend.

She covered her face with her hands.

Despite the agonizing tightness in his loins, he couldn’t help the amusement that unfurled at the bashful gesture. She made a cute, arousing picture all shy and embarrassed even though her pretty titties were still exposed, her little nipples wet and hard.

He swallowed as a wave of desire washed over him.

Maybe not so funny.

She squeaked as he gathered her up and carried her to his bedroom, thankful the clones had cleaned it thoroughly. He had briefly thought of skipping it in the interest of time and just resolving to keep his door closed. He shuddered to think what he would have done had it been the jungle it normally was.

He jerked the blankets and sheets down before depositing her on the pliant mattress. He shed his shirt before following her down. She was back to being embarrassed again, cupping as much of her breasts as she could to preserve modesty.

He crawled up to her, watching her intently.

“Do you wanna stop?”

She shook her head.

“Then there’s nothing for you to be scared of,” he told her with a small lopsided grin, “Your body is beautiful, Hinata. Perfect. Will you show me?”

He sat back, waiting patiently for her to decide where she wanted this to go. As bad as he was hurting below the belt, he wasn’t going to rush this and if at any point she wanted to stop he would back the hell off.

Long moments passed before her hands slowly inched away.

She blushed furiously as her hands slipped away, revealing her naked breasts. She met his gaze from beneath dark lashes.

“See, that wasn’t so bad was it?” he teased, white teeth gleaming.

Her index fingers tapped each other, her lips curling slightly.

“I-I guess not…”

“You don’t have to be afraid with me. I’d never do anything to hurt you. You know that right?”

“Of course, Naruto-kun, you’ve always been really kind and gentle. H-honestly its not you I’m scared of…its just…I don’t know what I’m doing…I’ve…never been with a man before…”

Her gaze dropped, as if the admission was shameful.

“Soooo, does that mean you’ve only been with women?”

Shocked pale eyes raced to his own mirth filled blue. The scandalized look on her face was priceless. Seeing his playful grin she responded in kind, her lips curling and a giggle escaping. Happy to see the tension leave her slender shoulders, he took her hand in his, ignoring the sway of her breast the action caused.

“Hinata, its okay if you don’t know what to do. Nobody really knows what they’re doing their first time.”

He refrained from telling her about the disaster that had been his first time. He didn’t think mentioning sex with another girl would go over well with her and didn’t particularly want to recount how he had prematurely ejaculated while the girl had been helping him figure out how to put a condom on. Later, when he’d ceased shuddering and howling like an idiot, the two had tried again. The second round, he had held on through a little foreplay and once again applying the condom but the moment he had sank into his first woman, he’d detonated like a hairpin trigger grenade.

Suffice to say, the girl had left shortly after, giving him a dirty look.

It was one of the most embarrassing moments of his entire life and probably would be for years to come.

“If you trust me, I’ll help you.”

He moved closer, hands cupping her bountiful mounds. His thumbs stroked her nipples, groping the pliant flesh. The blonde jonin placed brief, smacking kisses against her lips. The pads of his thumbs passed over her nipples again, and he watched as her eye lids lowered half mast, breath hitching.

“You trust me, don’t you, baby?”

The shy Hyuuga nodded meekly. Hesitant, she pressed her lips to his just as softly.

He deepened the kiss and set to work on her clothes. He peeled the dress from her shoulders, pushing it down and over her hips, pressing his lips to the creamy pale skin he exposed. His hands found the waist band of her leggings and panties and pulled them from her body.

He paused, unable to tear his gaze from the dark haired woman spread out on his bed.

Plump breasts, generous hips, tiny waist and soft thighs. With those bright, innocent eyes and swollen lips she was sexier than should be legal. He ran a finger along side her tightly closed thighs.

“Show me, Hinata,” he coaxed, voice rough with want, “no more hiding, right?”

She was avoiding his gaze again, color high in her cheeks, but slowly, she brought her knees up and began parting her thighs. Naruto watched doggedly as the gates of heaven opened. He was panting lightly by the time she showed him her most private treasure. He studied her moist pink flesh, swallowing hard at the tiny hole that would soon be wrapped around his hardened shaft.

Anticipation stabbed through him. The throbbing pain beneath his sweats was unbearable. Sweat beaded his temple.

‘Don’t rush this. Just calm down, ‘ttebayo’ he coached himself mentally.

He leaned forward, intense ocean blues locked on the object of his rapt attention. She gasped as he leaned forward and pressed his lips to her clit.

“Naruto-kun!” she admonished, gripping his hair, intent on pushing his face away.

He looked up.

Her face was bright red, eyes wide as saucers. This face was even more hilarious than when he had teased her about being with women. She truly looked shocked that he would do something like that. He leaned back, amused when she placed her hands over her cooch, blocking it from his hungry eyes.

“Don’t, Naruto-kun…”

His head tilted.

“Why not?”

She looked away, her voice a whisper in the quiet room.


She had no idea what dirty was. The things he fantasized about doing to her, planned on doing to her when she grew more comfortable with sex were dirty…probably really filthy.

He gripped her wrists with gentle hands, easing them apart. He ran his tongue over the pads of her fingers, intense gaze fixed on hers. She watched him, mesmerized. He lifted up, pressing her hands into the bed, level to her shoulders, then moved his head back down. His blue orbs still locked on hers, he pressed a gentle kiss to her heated core.

She inhaled sharply.

“There’s not a damn thing dirty about you, baby.” he told her before delving into the honeyed cavern.

His eyes closed and he relished the taste. His thumbs moved to spread her soft puffy lips. His tongue moved over, around and against the slippery button, drawing moans from his dark haired lover. He sucked her clit between his lips, then moved his hands to still her undulating hips. He pressed his forearms over her inner thighs, anchoring them open and gripped her love handles, holding her down with a firm grip. Secured, he returned his attention to her wet core.

His lips were unmerciful and playful, the stroke of his tongue shifting between fast light flickers and long hard laves from top to bottom.

He groaned in appreciation as her pussy wept her enjoyment.

He opened his eyes, watching the jiggling titties bouncing with every twist over head, every shift of her body as her pleasure built.

She was babbling again. Spewing nonsensical pleas for him to stop, then not to stop, then chanting his name over and over, her brain unable to make up its mind. It turned him on to hear her so damn confused and aroused. He ground against the mattress, seeking relief from the horrible ache that had settled in his loins.

Her thighs quivered. He pushed back at her attempt to close them, devouring her with renewed vigor, sensing the orgasm blooming.


She detonated. Her scream of completion filling the confines of his bedroom, ringing in his ears. Despite him holding her down, her spine bowed. She twisted, trying to disrupt his continued assault.

She was no more successful this time than she had been the first.

He followed her, tormenting her over sensitized body. Launching her into another punishing, screaming climax. Clenching fingers found his short golden spikes, the grip tight but unsure. One moment she pulled, trying to force him away, only to press him harder against her as her body once more climbed to that devastating peak.

Her hands moved to bed, clenching the sheets, then returned to his hair as he drove her higher.

“I can’t….I can’t….Naruto-kuuuuuunnnnn.” she whimpered, straining for and fighting against the incoming wave.

Naruto stared hard at her moving figure.

He felt powerful and no small measure of pride to witness her body withering and contorting in throes of ecstasy under the onslaught of his oral undulations. She was so damn responsive, so fucking sexy calling his name.

He pressed a finger into her tiny hole, her virgin flesh closing tightly over his knuckle. The snug wetness brought sweat to his brow. He turned his finger, curling it up and over a bundle of nerves his last girlfriend had shown him. He stroked fast and hard, slathering his tongue over her little button.

Within seconds, she exploded, shouting her pleasure and clawing the sheets. He didn’t torment her this time, didn’t draw out her orgasm.

He jackknifed up, diving for his bedside dresser and yanking at his sweats.

He was gonna lose it if he didn’t get inside her. All this foreplay had worn down his control. He searched desperately for a condom, heart hammering when he didn’t see the familiar plastic square. He pushed around junk, old pieces of paper and other knick knacks.

Fear clenched his guts.

Fate couldn’t be this cruel could it?

Yellow salvation peaked out from beneath a crumpled paper and he reached for it with a shaking hand, nearly collapsing in relief.

‘That was close, dattebayo.’

He tore open the package and slid it over his throbbing length with practiced ease, tossing his sweats away.

Hinata lay against his pillows, her eyes closed, breathing labored. He moved back between her thighs, and reached down to revive her to the world of the living with a soft kiss.

“You ready for me, baby?” he whispered to her.

Her eyes were glazed but she nodded slowly, blinking sluggishly.

He kissed her again.

He gripped himself, rubbing against her moist pussy. He pressed his lips against her cheek and neck. He spoke quietly against the shell of her ear.

“Hinata, listen sweetheart…I don’t want you to be scared and I’ll be as gentle as I can but…I’m kind of….big so I need you to relax as much as you can, okay?”

He lifted himself up and looked at her. Her euphoric expression had cleared a fraction, and she looked a bit worried.

“Don’t worry, okay?” he assured her, brushing a stray curl from her cheek, “I’ll go slow and if you need me to stop, tell me.”

He angled his condom covered cock against the tight entrance of her body and slowly began to push forward.

It was a tight fucking squeeze.

By the time his mushroom tip pressed through the snug ring of moist flesh he was panting. Her eyes were wide, lips parting in a small “O”. His penetration was slow but steady, stretching her saturated walls around his dick. Goosebumps broke out along his skin, pleasure crashing through his skull as liquid heat engulfed more of his throbbing length.

Moments later, she made a noise of distress and he knew instinctually what had caused it.

Her body was resisting, his cock reaching her hymen. He pulled back then pressed his lips to hers, distracting her as much as he could before plowing through the resistance of her body, lodging a little deeper than before. She cried out against his mouth, clutching his biceps, little nails digging in.

Ecstasy twisted his gut, and it took everything he had not to pound into her in a lust induced frenzy to empty his balls as quick and as deep as could into her tight body. He pressed his face into her neck, his hands clenched around her thighs in an effort to steady himself. He breathed hard through his nose, shaking uncontrollably. He filled his lungs and emptied them several times before gaining a sliver of control.

He levered up, turning his attention to his uncomfortable female.

His thumbs wiped her tears away.

“I’m sorry baby.” he murmured softly.

She shook her head, more tears forming as her bottom lip trembled.

“I’m happy, Naruto-kun,” she whispered back, “I’ve wanted to be with you so long, and I’m happy that its finally happening. I love you. Naruto-kun. I love you so much.”

His eyes softened at the proclamation.


“You don’t have to say anything,” she told him, smile bright, “All I want is you tonight, only you.”

She pulled his head down and pressed a gentle kiss to his mouth. He took over, spread her lips with his tongue, hoping the heated kiss would convey the depth of his feelings for her, even if they weren’t quite love. He wanted her to know that he cared so deeply for her, that she held a larger part of his heart than any woman he had ever been involved with had. That she was special to him too.

If all she want tonight was him, then that’s what she would have.

He moved again, pressing into her. The clutch of her body sent him tumbling back into a kaleidoscope of sexual desire. She lifted up, the action sliding him an inch deeper. An inch hadn’t been prepared for.

He shivered, pulling his mouth from hers. His lungs heaved, then he pressed his forehead against hers and spoke against her moist lips.

“Hinata, baby, for the love of ramen don’t move.” he growled panting hard as he sank deeper into her tight pussy.

She was sucking him in, squeezing him hard enough to knock the air from his lungs and send his brain careening off a cliff. Rough hands gripped her hips, holding her still for his slow, steady invasion. His body shook, pleasure tingling up his spine.

He clenched his teeth and closed his eyes.

‘Slow…slow…’ he coached himself silently.

He pushed deeper, sinking slowly into her body, spreading resisting muscles with the girth of his heated rod. Her hands wrapped around his wrists when she engulfed half of his length, her eyes wide with shock and uncertainty. Her lips parted, releasing a breath when he continued to push. Her hands moved again, smoothing over the hard planes of his lower obliques, applying a small amount of pressure, as though to halt his penetration. The tightening of her grip signaled he was getting close to filling her completely.

He held his breath and pushed forward.

Absolute bliss clawed at the base of his cock and tightened his balls as he bottomed out, his condom covered mushroom head bumping her womb.

‘Oh fuck…’

Goddamn she felt incredible.

Unbidden, without thought, he pulled back, her grip on his engorged length torturous. He shuddered and slammed back home, parting the slick untried walls with a satisfying thrust, eliciting a surprised and pained squeak from the soft woman beneath him, her nails digging into the skin along his ribs. That pinch of pain coupled with the mind numbing ecstasy had him quaking, fighting to hold on to his control.

He bit his lip and counted to ten, struggling for restraint.

He’d be damned if he’d cum before it even started.

He opened his eyes. Tears brimmed around the edges of hers, her slender brows creased with pain. He bent and pressed his lips to hers in apology.

“I’m sorry. It hurts doesn’t it?”

She nodded, lips turned down.

He kissed her tears away, taking time to get a hold of himself. He flattened atop her, supporting his weight on his forearms. Her legs lifted, cradling and cushioning his hips. He took his time tonguing her mouth, sucking her lips between his teeth. He blazed a trail down her neck, leaving bright red marks against her soft skin.

“Naruto-kun…” she whispered.

‘She definitely liked that.’

He relished the fluttering of contracting inner muscles.

His tongue slipped over her nipples, laving the hard peaks until she was mewling excitedly, soaking his dick in fluid. She cradled his head to her bosom, then raised her hips experimentally.

“Ohhhh,” she gasped.

The sound washed over him, stirring his libido. He prayed to any deity in existence that it meant she was ready because he was already at his limit.

He levered up and gave a slow, shallow thrust, watching for her reaction.

He nearly wept in relief when she released a low moan of pleasure. He moved again and again, working into a steady pace that soon had sweat sliding down his back. The bed creaked as he pounded into her body.

“…to…kun…oh….oh…oh….God….” she panted out with each thrust of his body.

He leaned down to capture her mouth, nipping her bottom lip. Without warning, her body seized, her inner muscles strangling his dick, his rhythm thrown off in surprise at her unexpected orgasm. He watched in wonder as she became wild beneath him. Her back arched, pressing his cock deeper inside her as her trembling thighs squeezed around him. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders, fingers nails scoring the skin of his back as she came apart, screaming her pleasure near his ear.

Turned on beyond reason, he pressed her into the mattress and drilled into her in a crazed, uncontrolled pace, determined to pound every inch of himself into her tight little hole.

He groaned, feeling pressure in his balls.

The wood headboard of his bed slammed rhythmically against the wall.

The loud creak of the bed, the desperate moans tumbling from her lips and the squelching of flesh meeting flesh filled his head. The smell of sex was heady.

He buried his face in the soft hollow of her neck and shoulder.

Orgasm loomed.

His body shook, knowing he was seconds away from earth shattering zenith.

Mind drowning in lust, he lifted himself up again, reached under and gripped her buttocks. He tilted her up, letting her upper body hang as he changed the angle of his thrusts, his body plunging into hers. The slide and clutch of their coitus was excruciating.

His eyes moved over her expression of rapture, down to the bouncing pale titties, over her sweat glistening belly then finally to their melding bodies. He panted hard and fast as he stared down at his glistening dick, coated in the warm juices of her body, disappearing and reappearing wetter than when it went in.

His breath left his lungs in a puff of air at the sight, his gut clenched painfully

His pale lover crested again, bathing his throbbing cock in hot slippery moisture, squeezing him with everything she was worth. Two strokes and he quickly followed, shouting his release. His body jerked, quaked and shuddered, semen leaving his balls in a rush that was as painful as it was blissful.

He hovered on the pinnacle between pleasure and pain, chasing the sensation with heavy, jerky thrusts that heightened the ecstasy crashing through his blood.

“Hinata.” he groaned, smashing their lower bodies together.

His buttocks clenched as his sack emptied. Tremors ran along his muscles as euphoria spread, wiping away the haze of mating frenzy.

His sigh of profound relief was loud in the quieting room.

His eyes opened.

His sweet girlfriend was definitely dazed. His lips curled, expression arranged in smug male satisfaction as his heavy lidded eyes surveyed the damage.

Her hair was plastered to her body, skin shinny with sweat, her chest rose and fell rapidly and her shimmering, pupiless orbs were tear streaked and glazed over. He smoothed his hands up and down her hourglass figure in a gentle caress. Leaning down, he pressed a kiss just below the valley of her breasts. Her eyes moved to his as her body shivered under his lips.

He gave her a lopsided grin before he slipped from her body. Her stomach contracted at his gentle retreat, and even he couldn’t suppress a shudder as her clinging tightness sucked at his softening cock.

He kissed her lips.

“I’ll be right back.” he murmured.

He moved to his bathroom to dispose of the condom.

He returned to the bed and gathered her into his arms. The deflowered Hyuuga was fighting sleep when he settled her against his chest. Lazily, he ran his fingertips over her smooth skin, enjoying the warm weight of her slight form against his chest. He pressed his lips against her dark head as she finally gave up the struggle and succumbed to exhaustion. He himself was nowhere near sleep, their passionate activity only whetting his appetite, relieving the buildup of several months of abstinence. The stamina of an Uzumaki was nothing to sneeze at, something the slumbering female would learn soon enough.

But for now.

For now he would let her rest.

She had had enough fun for tonight.


Hope you liked the chapter. I want to make clear that I’m not too concerned about any OOC ness or stuff like that, though it will be taken into consideration. This is not a PWP (Porn without plot) there will be plot, character development and depth, so I guess you can call this a smutory. Adding Sasuke to the mix will not be something rushed into. Considering the personalities involved, it wouldn't make any sense to do that. So, if you're looking for Sasuke to be thrown in quickly, you're in the wrong place. I write creative situations with realistic reactions and actions. I'm not going to force him into sex with NaruHina just for the smut aspect. I take my time twining love, emotional connections and situations that will steer characters towards the ultimate goal. There are plenty of other fics that jump straight into menage a trois, check out one of those if that's more your speed.

In this story, Naruto is a little more mature, a lot less clumsy, has a bit of a sadistic streak and likes to have a lot of freaky/kinky sex so make of that what you will. If you don’t want to read about a Naruto like that, hit the red X at the top because that’s what you’re gonna get from this story lol =D

I love NaruHina and NaruHinaSasu pairing so if that’s not your cup of tea, you’re in the wrong place. If you’re a big SasuSaku only fan, you’re in the wrong place.

This is going to be a NaruHinaSasu story.

You’ve been warned.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m not really interested in writing other couples, (they’ll be mentioned of course but not have a really significant role) but I may give it a try in this story, so if you’re interested in seeing focus shared with another pairing in this, let me know and I’ll see if I can work it in the story. I won’t say no to Tenten but I’ve got to disclose that she is my LEAST liked female Naruto character so if you recommend her, I can’t promise it will come out well considering I’ll be making a stank face while writing it, so quality might not be all that.

Also, not sure if I wanna have Naru/Sasu sexual action here or not, I’ll think about it, hadn’t planned on it though.

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