Of Silver Linings and Blue Yonder

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Author's note: This is the omake collection that take place in the A/B/O universe of "The Grass is Green on the Other Side" and "Once in a Blue Moon". It's best to have read at least one of these stories to be able to understand what these chapters are about :)

So just to be clear: this fic will be made up out of several scenes that people have requested for the Colour universe. The chapters will vary in length as some omake turn out longer than others. They aren't in any particular chronological order. Some chapters will take place in the past, others in the future and again others might be considered 'missing' scenes in the first two stories :)

Unfortunately I won't have a fixed update schedule for this fic, as I'm busy with university work and several other stories. ^^; But I will try my best to update as regularly as possible :)

Warnings for this chapter: MPreg; Sasuke's pov; Nervous Sasuke; birth; takes place after the epilogue in both stories

I hope you'll like this first chapter!

Chapter 1

"Are you sure it's a good idea for you two to be here?" Itachi raised an eyebrow and looking meaningfully at Naruto's stomach.

Naruto was now nine months pregnant and a week past his due date. Any other person would have been more at ease to stay at home in case their water broke, but not Naruto. No, the blond had insisted on attending the birthday party for Sasuke's cousin Obito, who had turned thirty-six last weekend.

Currently he was happily chatting with Deidara, who was holding a one year old Shion on his lap.

Sasuke sighed and rubbed his forehead, feeling the irritation building up again. "Of course it's not, but he refused to stay home. I told him I didn't mind missing out on this party," Itachi snorted and he stubbornly ignored that sound, "but he said that we needed to spend time with the family."

"And you didn't put up a fight at all?" Itachi looked torn between being exasperated and amused as he nursed a glass of white wine.

The younger Alpha glared at him. "There is no arguing with Naruto when he gets in that particular mood. Don't you think I tried? He's as stubborn as a mule."

"Well, I hope for your sake that he doesn't go into labour now," his brother murmured. "We're not exactly close to the city."

"Don't remind me," Sasuke groused and glowered at his own glass of wine. Obito's home was located at the outskirts of the town, close to the mountains, and it was a two and a half hour drive to get to the centre of the city. Considering how bad the traffic was in that part of the city, it would take them at least another hour before they would reach Kakashi.

In other words: they would be quite screwed if Naruto went into labour now. Sasuke's hand tightened imperceptibly around his glass.

"How did the last check-up with Kakashi-san go?" Itachi inquired, placing his empty glass on a tray.

"It went fine. The baby has shifted into the right position and Naruto's body has fully adjusted," Sasuke replied. Despite trusting Kakashi to take care of Naruto and knowing it was necessary, it had taken everything in him to control himself when the older man had examined Naruto to make sure his birthing canal had formed completely.

Sasuke would have preferred to be Naruto's doctor, but he had rules to follow and one of those rules stated he couldn't be the doctor of his own mate. It was a stupid rule if you asked him, but not one he could ignore – unfortunately.

"That's good to hear," Itachi murmured. "Say what you want about Kakashi-san, but he's a good doctor."

"He is," Sasuke conceded and then added darkly, "I did warn him, though, that if he isn't on time when Naruto goes into labour, he can say goodbye to his precious porn stash."

"You're ruthless, Otouto," his older brother smirked; his dark eyes glinting in amusement.

"As if you would react otherwise," Sasuke retorted and scowled at the other man.

"I suppose not," Itachi grunted and was then accosted by their Uncle Madara, leaving Sasuke free to slip away.

He might be attending family functions more frequently now – mostly thanks to Naruto's insistence and his apparent inability to refuse the blond – but that didn't mean he wanted to actually socialize with his family.

There were certain limits he was unwilling to cross even for his mate.

A couple of hours later, after they had finished lunch and had migrated back to the living room where Obito was handed several envelopes and various packages as his presents, Sasuke became suddenly aware of the fact that Naruto hadn't returned in a while from the bathroom.

"Have you seen Naruto?" he asked Deidara, who was lounging next to him on the couch. Shion had been transferred into Itachi's arms while Akihito had clambered up the couch to sit next to his grandmother.

The long haired blond blinked surprised. "No, now that you mention it, he's been gone for nearly fifteen minutes now, un." He furrowed his eyebrows.

"I'm going to …" Sasuke was interrupted when his phone buzzed, announcing that he had received a message. Plucking his cell phone from his pocket, he saw that Naruto had messaged him.

'I need your help.'

Ignoring Deidara's curious inquiry, Sasuke hurried to the bathroom upstairs; his heart starting to race in worry thanks to the cryptic message.

"Naruto?" He urgently knocked on the closed door.

"Sasuke, I …" The low moan of pain had Sasuke immediately barging into the room and his eyes widened in shock.

Naruto stood bent over the sink; both hands clutching the edge of the gleaming, white sink tightly until his knuckles turned white. His breath sounded laboured and his cheeks were a cherry red. The most attention grabbing part, though, was the wet stain colouring his trousers a dark blue.

Blue eyes turned towards him and the blond smiled weakly, flexing his fingers. "I – think the baby is coming," he breathed out and shock rang through his voice.

"What?" Sasuke asked dazed, not able to comprehend what exactly was happening.

"Sasuke, my water broke," Naruto said patiently and carefully straightened his back, placing one hand on his stomach. "The baby is coming. Now."

Those words finally managed to penetrate through the fog in his mind and he roughly shook his head before he strode over to Naruto. "All right, let's go. I'll take you to Kakashi's office," he muttered as he was already punching in the numbers that formed the phone number of his previous mentor. As he was waiting for the man to pick up, he started guiding Naruto out of the bathroom, keeping a hand on his arm. "How long have you been having contractions?"

"Since a couple of hours ago," Naruto muttered and looked decidedly guilty.

Sasuke looked at him sharply. "Why didn't you say something sooner?" he questioned and couldn't decide between being exasperated, worried or angry.

"I didn't think …. Hngh!" Naruto bent double against the wall, clutching his stomach. His legs gave out and he sunk down on the floor; breathy "Hah, hah" sounds escaping him.

The dark haired man knelt down next to him and soothingly rubbed over Naruto's hard stomach.

"Sasuke-kun? To what do I owe the pleasure of you calling me?" Kakashi asked amused.

"I need you to be ready; Naruto went into labour just now," Sasuke said without preamble.

"How far away are you?" This time the older man sounded serious and Sasuke relaxed a bit. Despite his flaws, he knew he could count on Kakashi.

"Three and a half hours," he replied and clenched his teeth together. It sounded much longer when he said it out loud.

There was a short pause on the other end of the line. "Where on earth are you? You know Naruto-kun is a week overdue – why would you risk travelling so far?"

"It wasn't my choice, okay?" Sasuke snapped annoyed. "Just be ready by the time we arrive." He ended the call before his ex-mentor could say anything else. "Do you think you can walk to the car? Do you need me to carry you?"

Blue eyes rolled in exasperation. "No need to carry me. I can walk just fine," Naruto huffed and with some help of his husband he got up again.

"Are you sure? Maybe it's better if I carry you; it'll be quicker," Sasuke fussed and made to pick the blond up.

"Sasuke! It's fine," Naruto stressed and waved his hand dismissively. "I can handle going to the car, okay? The baby isn't here yet."

"I really think it's better …"

"You want to do something? Go grab our coats," Naruto demanded with a sigh. "No offence, but I don't want to be around your family now."

"Coats, yes, okay," Sasuke muttered distracted and helped his mate downstairs, making certain that he wouldn't stumble on the stairs. He insisted on having Naruto sit down on the steps while he went to gather their coats and the blond complied – albeit with rolling his eyes in fondness.

Deidara appeared next to him as soon as he had fished both their coats out of the pile that had been steadily growing during the last few hours.

"Where's Naruto? Is he okay, un?" Deidara asked and eyed him sharply.

Sasuke answered rushed, "He's waiting for me in the hallway. His water broke; I'm going to take him to Kakashi. I'm sorry, Deidara, but can you tell mother that …"

His brother-in-law waved him off. "Go on, un. I'll inform your parents why you had to leave."

"Thanks." Sasuke threw him a quick, grateful smile and then rushed out of the room, ignoring the couple of people who called out to him.

"Here," he muttered and helped Naruto put his coat on.

The cold wind hit him in his face when he opened the door, but he paid it no mind; focusing on helping Naruto into the car and his seat buckle on.

"Did you tell your mother why we had to leave?" Naruto asked when Sasuke took a turn to the right.

"Yes, well, I told Deidara and he will inform mother," Sasuke replied and frowned at the GPS system. It would take them around one hour to reach the outskirts of the town with the traffic being as it was now, but in the city it would probably take them around two hours to reach Kakashi. Rush hour was starting and while they weren't bothered by it now – they were driving on an empty road for now as they were close to the mountains and only few people lived here – it would give them trouble in the town.

Shaking his head, he forced himself to concentrate on the road; there was no point in worrying about traffic now when they hadn't even reached the village yet.

Next to him Naruto let out another groan of pain as a new contraction went through him. "Fuck, this hurts!" he hissed and leant forwards a bit.

Without taking his eyes off the road, Sasuke offered his hand to Naruto, who accepted it and gripped it tightly. "Remember your breathing exercises," he reminded the blond, who huffed.

"Yes, yes," Naruto replied, slightly irritated.

"And try to be as relaxed as possible," Sasuke continued, taking a turn to the left, passing an elderly man with his dog.

"How can you relax when it feels like you're being stabbed with a knife?" Naruto snapped and leant back in his chair with a wince.

Sasuke wisely kept his mouth shut; he didn't blame Naruto for being so annoyed when he was in so much pain, but he didn't want to aggravate the blond either. And after seeing Deidara snapping at Itachi when he had been in labour, he knew better than to offer soothing words. He did keep his hand tangled with Naruto's and didn't complain even once whenever his hand was brutally squeezed every time a contraction popped up. What he did do – albeit silently – was wondering whether he would ever regain feeling back in that hand.

They were nearly at the outskirts of the village – they were driving through the last road surrounded by nothing but trees – when Naruto suddenly moaned louder than he had before and spread his legs as much as he could in the car.

"Fuck, I want to push," he groaned and gasped for air. His face had steadily become redder and redder; his hair matted with sweat as he tried to deal with the pain as best as he could.

"What? No, you can't push yet!" Sasuke retorted and the first stirrings of panic started to reach out. The contractions had been steadily building up, he knew, but Naruto couldn't possibly be ready to start pushing now. It was too soon. They weren't even close to Kakashi's office yet and outside help wouldn't be able to arrive on time, given how far away from the centre of the village they were.

Naruto shook his head and moaned lowly, squeezing harshly in Sasuke's hand. "I need to push! I think – oh fuck – the baby is coming now, Sasuke!" For the first time since his water broke, there was the undertone of panic in his voice.

His heart seemed to skip a beat. "Fuck!" Sasuke cursed loudly and after a quick check in the rear view mirror, he brought the car to the side of the road, coming to a stop there. He rushed out of the car and opened the door to Naruto's side after opening the door to the back seats. "Come on, lay in the back while I check your progress."

With a bit of manoeuvring and pushing the front seats more to the dashboard, Naruto settled himself in the back, leaning against his balled up jacket.

Sasuke removed his own jacket – resolutely ignoring the tremor going through his arms – and put it next to him on the seat. "I'm going to remove your trousers, okay?" he said softly and Naruto nodded; blue eyes wide in apprehension as he panted through a next contraction.

The trousers were dumped on the floor as soon as they were off and the blond helped him with shimming off his underwear. Sasuke pushed his legs up and his eyes widened in shock. Naruto was already fully dilated and the baby's head had started to crown.

There was no way they would ever reach Kakashi on time now. Their son was ready to be born now and it was up to Sasuke to deliver him. Here. In the middle of a deserted road in their car with no desired equipment except for his bag with only the most necessary equipment he used when dealing with a home delivery. Fuck, they should have stayed at Obito's place; at least there he would have had access to towels and warm water to clean the baby. All he had now were his jacket and two bottles of water.

This was not how he had envisioned the birth of his first child to happen. At all.

And despite having delivered many babies before, he suddenly found himself terrified of the prospect of delivering this baby. His son.

Oh fuck, he was going to deliver his own son in his car.

Nothing had ever prepared him for this.

"Sasuke?" Naruto's voice was small and worry was clearly etched onto his face.

The insecurity in his mate's voice made him take a deep breath to steady himself and he quickly rummaged through his bag to grab the bottle of disinfectant for his hands. Right, he couldn't go panicking now; he had to take care of his mate and make sure that the blond wouldn't start panicking.

Panic wouldn't help them at all.

"Is something wrong?" Naruto asked worriedly and his blue eyes looked impossibly wide.

"No, nothing is wrong," Sasuke replied and hoped that his voice didn't sound as shaky as he thought it did. "You're fully dilated, though, so I need you to push with the next contraction, okay?"

Naruto looked like he wanted to say something, but instead he closed his mouth and nodded. Sasuke thought he could see his stomach rippling with the next contraction and Naruto started pushing, his face turning bright red.

"Okay, that's it," Sasuke murmured, forcing himself to remain calm. "Take a deep breath, rest a bit and then you can start again."

He kept talking to Naruto, encouraging him to keep pushing while making certain that he didn't rip; the talking was both for Naruto's and his benefit. If he remained quiet, he feared he would start panicking and lose his mind. God, was this how Itachi had felt like when Deidara gave birth? No wonder his brother had been ready to bite his head off. Despite being an experienced doctor, he felt helpless as if this was his first delivery all over again.

That delivery had been full of complications, he reminded himself, and he had managed to bring that baby safely into the world without bringing harm to either the baby or his patient. If he could bring a delivery riddled with complications to a good end, he could deliver his own son without any trouble.

"Oh god," Naruto groaned as he pushed once more. His hands resembled claws as he buried his fingers into the leather seats.

"You're almost there, Naruto. His head is almost out," Sasuke mumbled and then his hand cupped the bloody and slimy head of his own son. Heart thudding madly in his chest, he licked his lips and said, "Just a bit longer now. Just a few big pushes and he's here."

"Fu-fuck, never again!" Naruto cursed, his eyes clenched shut as he started pushing again. His back arched slightly from the seat and sweat was visibly dripping down his face as he gasped in pain.

"Just a bit longer, you can do it!" Sasuke encouraged him breathlessly and slowly the rest of his son's body emerged: first his shoulders slipped out and with a final yell of pain of Naruto, the rest followed and suddenly Sasuke was holding a squirming baby in his arms.

A squirming baby who started crying as soon as the cold air hit his wet skin.

He was holding his son in his arms. A son he didn't think he would ever have.

His thoughts shut down and on autopilot he cleaned the baby with the water in the bottles, cut the umbilical cord and wrapped the wriggling baby in his jacket. After placing the child on the seat next to him, he coaxed Naruto through pushing out the afterbirth and got rid of that one before he cleaned his mate and helped him pull on his underwear again.

"Let me see him," Naruto pleaded in a rough voice and extended his arms, eyes trained longingly on the squirming bundle at his feet despite the exhaustion practically wafting off him.

Carefully, reverently, Sasuke picked the baby up and crawled forwards in the car, closing the door behind him, and handed the precious bundle to Naruto, who brought it to his chest.

Tanned fingers caressed red, wrinkly, soft skin and blue eyes admired the small tuft of black blue hair that peeked out from underneath the jacket. Their son had dark blue eyes that would most likely turn into the shade of blue his daddy had.

"Oh god," Naruto said breathlessly and stared in wonder at their son. "I can't believe he's here. He's here, Sasuke."

Their son was finally here. His throat constricted as he stared down at their baby and he felt suddenly overwhelmed with emotion. His vision blurred and he didn't understand why until fingers brushed away the tears that were falling down his cheeks.

"Hey, it's okay," Naruto murmured soothingly and gazed at him tenderly.

"A son," he croaked out and tears just kept rolling over his cheeks no matter how much he blinked. "I have a son, Naruto. He's really here now." Somewhere in the back of his mind he was embarrassed by his rambling, but he just seemed unable to wrap his mind around the fact that he had just become a father.

His son was finally here, lying contently on Naruto's chest. He had felt him tumbling and kicking and fussing underneath his hands for months, but for some reason during that time the concept of being a father had still felt abstract. Not anymore, though. His son was here now. He was a father now.

Oh god.

"Does papa want to hold his son?" Naruto murmured with a tender smile.

Sasuke nodded jerkily and soon he was holding his son in his arms again; innocent blue eyes looking back at dark ones.

A smile broke out on his face. "Hey there, little boy," he whispered and with a shaking finger caressed the baby's cheek.

"I love you," Naruto murmured and leant into him, looking oddly deflated now that he was no longer carrying their son in his stomach.

"I love you too," Sasuke whispered and they shared a kiss before they simultaneously turned their attention back to their son.

A car was not an ideal place to deliver a baby, but Sasuke wouldn't change anything about this moment for the world.

His son was healthy, Naruto was healthy and that was all that counted now.

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