Kotoamatsukami Harem

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Chapter 1: Prologue

Sasuke didn't know how to feel, since Tobi revealed the truth of Itachi, his desire to kill his older brother vanished, now feeling empty with the realization that the goal he had been working for his whole life now without meaning.

He looked around with Itachi’s eyes in place of his own, the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan glowing. He had taken his brother’s eyes to save himself from the blindness, strengthening his own power and acquiring a new, even greater power. ‘Kotoamatsukami’, possibly the greatest genjutsu known, was the trademark technique of Shisui Uchiha. The ability to hypnotise someone to the point that you could subtly influence a person’s way of thinking without anyone, including the target, ever even knowing about it.

He had already gotten rid of Tobi, using Kotoamatsukami to make him drop his guard and finish him before he could even realise the incoming attack. Kabuto and Zetsu weren’t so difficult after that, though he realised he could only use Kotoamatsukami once a day, or twice if there was enough time between the two.

With no more distractions threatening the world, he could focus on his only goal left, the restoration of the Uchiha clan. He had already made a few plans for the future and had planned to make Konoha the main settlement as it had once been. He wasn’t worried about his status as a missing-nin. Fortunately during the time away from the village, he hasn’t actually done anything to harm the village yet, so there shouldn’t be too much hostility. He also had the bodies of Tobi and Kabuto, which would definitely make them more likely to accept him, and being the last Uchiha, he knew they would love to keep him in the village. He even had Kotoamatsukami as a last resort to use on Tsunade should he need to.

Of course, going to Konoha was still a little off in his plans, it would be better to get a few women not from Konoha as part of his harem after all. He also had a perfect first target.

Karin, who Sasuke recently found out was an Uzumaki, would make a good first target. She was a very attractive women after all, she was already in love with him and wouldn’t take much work to make her a willing part of his harem. She should be somewhere in the hideout they were in, and being the sensor that she was, a quick flare of chakra would be enough to call her.

“Sasuke-kun, is there something you wanted.” She asked appearing before him in her usual worshipping fashion.

Sasuke took a moment to look up and down her body that despite being clothed, looke very good. “Hmm… I just noticed what a fine body you have.”

This of course was not what Karin had suspected. Stammering with a red face, she spoke out, “S-Sasuke-kun, really? My body pleases you?” Her blush continued to deepen as she looked into his eyes, which had become black with three red ellipses with a three bladed straight shuriken in the middle, slowly spinning.

"Yes, why don’t you take off your clothes so I can see it?" "O-of course!" Not wasting any time, she began to take off her clothes along with her underwear, she struck a pose, “Does it please you Sasuke kun?”

Smirking to himself, he grabbed her breasts and squeezed softly, eliciting a moan from Karin. He then stood up. “Get on your knees Karin.”

Knowing what he wanted, Karin got on her knees and pulled down Sasuke’s pants revealing Sasuke 9 inch erection. Drooling slightly, she gave his cock a tentative lick at the tip, getting a groan from Sasuke. Feeling more confident, she licked more up and down the shaft stroking it with her hands as she did so.

Having had enough of the teasing, Sasuke ordered, “Take it into your mouth Karin.”

Stopping her licking, she pulled her head back so she could place the tip of Sasuke’s cock on her lips. She opened her mouth and wrapped it around the head and started to use her tongue again. She started to bob her head up and down his hard shaft using her tongue to caress the underside of his cock.

Karin lost track of time as she sucked on his cock, and didn’t have any time to prepare herself when Sasuke grabbed the back of her head and force most of his cock down her throat, making her gag. She took a breath of air when he released her, a glazed look visible on her face. Sasuke continued to fuck her face and Karin could feel Sasuke’s cock throbbing in her mouth before Sasuke exploded in her mouth with a loud grunt.

Swallowing down his cum, she panted from the oral sex. Looking back up, she was surprised that Sasuke’s cock was still hard, accompanied with a smirk on Sasuke’s face. “What, did you think that was all? The Uchiha can last much longer than this.” He proudly proclaimed. “Now get on that bed.”

Following his order, she went to the bed in the room and laid down with Sasuke following her. Sasuke didn’t waste time as he grabbed her legs, put them over his shoulders and place his cock at Karin’s entrance. He pushed in slowly, revelling at the tight unused pussy, bottoming out with a hard thrust.

“AAHH!” Karin winced as she lost her virginity, feeling the pain that comes with it. That pain soon subsided as Sasuke started to pull back and started thrusting again, building up a steady rhythm.

“Aaahn.” Karin was moaning in pleasure now as she felt herself get stretched out by Sasuke’s huge tool and getting pounded by the man she lusted after for so long. She started to buck her hips to meet Sasuke’s thrusts getting approving grunts from Sasuke.

Sasuke continued to pound into Karin when he felt Karin tighten up, showing she was close to her orgasm. He didn’t stop thrusting into her as she came around his cock. Pulling out of her he grabbed Karin out of her daze and ordered her to turn around on her hands and feet.

He once again place his cock at her entrance. He grabbed her hips and slammed into her tight depths again, getting a loud moan from Karin. Using his hands on her hips to control her movements, he repeatedly slammed into Karin again and again while Karin couldn’t do anything but thrust her hips back as much as she can as she writhed in pleasure.

He couldn’t get enough of this feeling, her wet warm insides welcoming into her as he pounded into, and the resistance when he pulled back. Eventually the feelings became too much. He tried to keep going but as he felt Karin tighten around him again, he felt his own release shoot into Karin’s insides. Satisfied, he let go of Karin and let her drop on the bed as she fell into unconsciousness, a bit of drool falling out of her mouth.

Satisfied, Sasuke lied down next to her so he could fall asleep, thinking about future conquests for his harem.

A/N: This is my first work, so feel free to comment, criticize or whatever. I'd also like your own suggestion on any girls you'd like Sasuke to take before he gets to Konoha.

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