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Three nights later, Kakashi was in the shower when Sasuke came over. He tied his towel around his hips and peeked in on Sasuke who was already asleep on Kakashi’s side of the bed this time.

My side, Kakashi thought. Since when do we have sides?

Kakashi went back into the bathroom to finish drying and finish his nightly routine.

He felt Sasuke’s chakra rile up and heard him shout his brother’s name. Kakashi rushed back into the room. Sasuke was sitting up, gasping and crying. Kakashi came over and sat next to Sasuke and held him against his bare chest.

He wanted to say it was alright, but he knew that was a lie, knew it better than anyone else. He cooed and rocked him. He really wished he could tell him it would be alright.

“I’ll get dressed and we can go to sleep, okay?” Kakashi said once Sasuke calmed down.

Sasuke nodded. He kept his head down as Kakashi stood, embarrassed to be seen crying.

Kakashi slipped on his pajamas and slipped into bed in his normal place and held Sasuke until he fell asleep.


It became normal for Kakashi to spoon him. It wasn’t just for Sasuke’s benefit. Yes, it comforted Sasuke and kept him from crying and kept the nightmares at bay, but it also felt good to Kakashi to hold someone and sleep with someone in his arms.

Kakashi really did have his pick of women since he first decided to move on to real people rather than just his right hand. One night stands and a few serial trysts, but nothing serious. Kissing was never part of the deal, keeping his mask on no matter what. And he never—ever—fell asleep next to anyone.

It wasn’t just sleeping in close proximity to another—on missions, one was usually sleeping near someone else—Kakashi just wasn’t comfortable around others. Sex was fun and it relieved stress, but that was it for him. Perhaps because he always kept his mask and never kissed, never cuddled, sex was never that intimate for him.

Maybe Kakashi tolerated—nay, liked—sleeping next to Sasuke because he was young or because there wasn’t anything sexual between them. And touching someone, holding someone, just felt wonderful.

Luckily, he was able to control his libido. Thinking about Sasuke while masturbating in the shower became normal, but he never let himself get aroused by sleeping next to the boy. He still cursed Aoba and Sandaime after every climax, but he was hiding his desire well from his student.

Too well.

Sasuke was thirteen with new hormones rushing through his veins and a recent interest in sex.

Reading about sex had helped him come to a conclusion: he was totally gay. The pictures in the health books were not attractive when dealing with the male or female bodies, but the other books . . . Voluptuous breasts, wet, spread labia, poufy lips, and the general female shape didn’t really do anything for him. The lean muscle of men on the other hand . . . Even Naruto was well built in his opinion.

Straight sex was pretty easy to understand once one understood the basic anatomy, but the gay sex took a bit of head tilting. The anatomy didn’t make sense at first. Then he found this wonderful book hidden behind the other more scientific books. Sasuke almost let out an audible “Ohhhh” in the library. Then his face scrunched up. That was . . . dirty. Unsanitary. And he’d had a finger shoved up his butt—he was unconscious, but he felt a little sting afterward. And quite frankly, the size of the male organs in this book seemed a bit unbelievable and painful—it was illustrated rather than photographs. And the narrative was just that: flowery, romantic, narrative fiction. He read the whole thing—twice—but he wasn’t entirely sold on it. Licking another man’s asshole was just disgusting.

And yet.

The idea of a mouth on his cock made him hard. Then—after showers—he just rubbed his hole. It did feel good. A tongue would feel wonderful.

So, after two months or so of thinking about it and Kakashi and he having been accused of doing something inappropriate, here he was—the boy every girl drooled over, obsessed over, and stalked—lying in Kakashi’s bed, his ass pressed against Kakashi’s cock and not a single reaction.

He was offended.

However, Kakashi was probably straight. That made Sasuke feel uncomfortable. He was a gay boy in a straight man’s bed. If Kakashi knew he was gay, would he shun him? He didn’t want to be denied a good night’s sleep in Kakashi’s bed.

Offended and unsure if it was wise to continue sharing Kakashi’s bed, Sasuke abstained for an entire week.

Kakashi was slightly concerned, but he figured Sasuke was trying to shake the habit.


Kakashi saw the result. Sasuke wasn’t sleeping. His dark eyes were darker and he was developing bags. On the fifth day, Kakashi gestured for Sasuke to stand aside with him before they went on a mission with Naruto and Sakura.

“Have you slept?” Kakashi asked him.


“I know you probably don’t want to develop it into a permanent habit, but if you can’t sleep otherwise, you will sleep with me.”

Sasuke blushed and pouted so the blush looked like embarrassment over his inability to sleep rather than the impure thoughts Kakashi’s choice of words brought up.

“If I sent you home now, could you sleep?”

“I can go on the mission!” Sasuke argued.

“No, you’re not going. I only ask to know if I should fetch you a sleeping pill first.”

Sasuke grumbled.

“Maybe it’s your bed. Go to my apartment and try to sleep. Go to the Nara’s and get something to help you sleep if you don’t fall asleep in an hour.”

Sasuke took a deep breath to continue arguing, but he gave it up. “Fine. I’ll go to your apartment and try to sleep. I won’t promise to take a pill though.”

“I’ll make that compromise. Go.”

“Hn.” Sasuke walked away with his hands deep in his pockets.

Kakashi returned to the others and explained that he sent Sasuke home to rest, saying he was ill.


Sasuke slipped in through the window. He knew Kakashi was wrong, it wasn’t the bed, it was the company. He shut the drapes then noticed Mr. Ukki. He checked the soil and watered him then put him on the other side of the drape so he could get sun. His own plant, Mr. Suneru, was often on the other side of a drape in order to get sun; Sasuke didn’t trust the young plant out on his balcony. [AN]

Sasuke took off all his gear and crawled into bed. Kakashi, like him, didn’t change his sheets every day. Sasuke detected just a hint of Kakashi’s scent. He took the second pillow and hugged it. He soon dozed.


Sasuke was sleeping when Kakashi got home late that afternoon. His arms were tight around the pillow and even his thighs squeezed the lucky pillow.

Kakashi should have known better than to touch a sleeping shinobi, but Kakashi came over and gently petted Sasuke’s hair. He didn’t wake up, just stopped snoring and seemed to sink deeper into sleep.

Kakashi stripped his gear and slipped into bed with his student, them now facing each other. He caressed Sasuke’s arm. He draped his arm over Sasuke’s and let himself fall asleep.

It was late when Sasuke woke up. His movement woke Kakashi.

“You slept,” Kakashi mumbled. “You need a new mattress.”

“Fitfully. I kept waking up. It’s not the mattress.”

It was too dark to see the clock. “It’s still dark. Go back to sleep.” After a pause, he added, “But you need to be more aware to wake up when someone comes into the room.”

“Why? It was you.”

Kakashi hummed and fell back to sleep. Sasuke slipped off too.


Kakashi woke up first and Sasuke grudgingly woke up once Kakashi was mostly dressed. Sasuke wore most of his clothes to bed when Kakashi sent him here yesterday, so he just straightened them.

Kakashi spoke as he repacked his weapons. “So, why didn’t you just come over if you can’t sleep? I can understand weaning yourself off this, but if you go too long without sleep, I will leave you here.”

Sasuke shrugged.

“Anyway, what is it? Insomnia or nightmares?”

Sasuke shrugged again. That’s what Kakashi got for expecting conversation first thing in the morning. Even though Sasuke was spending several nights a week with him, they rarely really spoke.

“You can sleep on missions and here,” Kakashi tried to prompt him.

“I don’t like sleeping alone.”

Five words. Kakashi considered that a victory before noon.

“What about one of my nin-ken? You have to spend a few nights at home.”

Sasuke shrugged again.

“I’m sending you home tonight with one of them.”

Sasuke pouted. He was already frowning so that was the only additional expression he was capable of. Then surprises of surprises, Sasuke spoke another full sentence.

“Kakashi, you’re an adult and I’m still a kid, so I was thinking . . .”

He’s not about to say what I think he’s going to say, Kakashi thought in the instant between Sasuke’s words. He hoped Sasuke was about to ask him to take his virginity.

“. . . my coming over might be inconvenient, you know, if you have a girl over or something.” He had been wondering how to find out about Kakashi’s sex life and thought that question sounded innocent enough.

“Don’t worry about that,” Kakashi said.

Because you don’t like girls? Sasuke thought hopefully.

“I never bring anyone home. Anyway, you’d be able to sense if I wasn’t alone and be wise enough to try to sleep on your own. You’re not a problem, I’m just worried about perception; Aoba and Sandaime already thought something improper was going on.”

“You don’t see anyone? Even . . . he was thirteen and had a girlfriend.” [AN]

It hurt to see Sasuke unable to mention his brother.

“Just never fell in love. I’ve had plenty of one night stands, but I never bring them here.”

Sasuke shrugged. “I don’t think he loved her. Killed her too.”

Well, that answered absolutely nothing for Sasuke and he ended up thinking about his asshole brother.

“Do we have a mission today?” Sasuke asked.

“No, just training.”

“Beating up on Naruto will make me feel better.”

Kakashi smiled. “Beating up on idiots does have that affect.”


Sasuke left his glass balcony door open as instructed that evening and, soon enough, a husky with a Mohawk stuck his nose in.

“Hey, Sasuke-kun.”

“I was expecting Pakkun. Come in.”

The dog stepped in slowly. “The boss asked me to keep you company while you sleep.”

“What’s your name?”



“We’re pack animals,” Shiba said. “None of us like sleeping alone. Don’t worry about having trouble sleeping.”


“Don’t worry, the boss gave me a bath and brush before he sent me over here and I’m not shedding now.”

“Not to be rude, but why did he choose you? There’re eight of you, right?”

“I like to cuddle.” Shiba wagged his tail.

Sasuke couldn’t help smiling.

Sasuke completed his nightly routine and then got into bed, raising the sheet to invite Shiba in with him. Shiba jumped in and Sasuke snuggled against him. And slept well that night. Which sort of pissed Sasuke off in the morning.

He was also pissed that he ended up holding Shiba with his head against Shiba’s neck. Didn’t matter much that Kakashi brushed him out, Sasuke still ended up with dog hair in his mouth.

“Morning, Sasuke-kun.”

Sasuke growled at the dog.

“Kakashi said you were not a morning person. I’ll leave you now.”

Shiba disappeared in a puff of smoke and Sasuke got ready for the day.

The white haired bastard was smart enough to wait until after they were underway toward their mission and out of earshot of the others before asking him, “How’d you sleep?”

“I woke up with hair in my mouth.”

“But you woke up. From being asleep.”

“Shut up. I sleep better with you. He’ll do for when you force me out of your bed.”

Fuck, could he have chosen worse words?


When they arrived home the next day, Naruto distracted Sakura so Kakashi followed Sasuke to Sasuke’s apartment. He was a little jealous of the beautiful studio apartment and the wonderful view and large balcony. He looked out the balcony window at the afternoon sky as Sasuke watered the plant Naruto gave him and gathered clothes to take to Kakashi’s place.

“I’ll take a shower here,” Sasuke said.

Kakashi nodded and Sasuke disappeared into the bathroom. He looked around. A few scrolls on the wall, a stack of books and scrolls on the bedside table, and a TV that wasn’t even plugged in. He then saw the calendar; it was full of holes. Kakashi took it down and flipped back to see July was the month Sasuke had skewered. His birthday took the brunt of the kunai attack.

Kakashi sighed. It was close enough to the end of the year that it probably wasn’t worth getting Sasuke a new calendar.

Kakashi remembered how disheartened he was after his father’s suicide. He was so lonely, but he didn’t want to talk to anyone. He and Sasuke were both abandoned by their families: Sakumo had left him to fend for himself and Itachi had killed everyone Sasuke cared about and abandoned him. Orphans without any family left.

He moved the armchair to look out the balcony while he waited for Sasuke to finish his shower.

Sasuke came out with his towel wrapped around his hips, his duck butt limp. Kakashi couldn’t help sneaking a peek at him as he took his towel away to dress, seeing his muscular ass. He turned away before Sasuke turned to face him again.

“You’re putting that back,” Sasuke said as he picked up his bag of clothes.

“Yes, sir.” He stood and put the chair back. “We’ll drop off your things and get dinner.”

“I guess I can’t use the excuse that I forgot my wallet with warning like that.”

“Don’t worry about it, captains are supposed to treat their underlings.”

Sasuke’s eyebrow twitched at being called an underling.

That night, Kakashi held Sasuke closer and petted his hair. He really wished he didn’t care about Sasuke. They were far too much alike, both with hearts firmly in the past. Sasuke only looked so far forward to see his brother killed; Kakashi wasn’t looking ahead at all. He didn’t want to love anyone again; the others were all dead.

Sasuke was deeply asleep. Kakashi realized he’d been thinking about this for over an hour now. He was pulling his hand back when he felt warm bare skin under his hand where Sasuke’s shirt had ridden up. He slid it under the nightshirt. Baby fat was giving way to developing muscle, but the skin was still soft and smooth. He slid his hand higher, over Sasuke’s heart. So warm. He sniffed Sasuke’s jet black hair. Shampoo mostly. His nose ventured down to the boy’s neck. Sasuke’s scent was faint, but it was tantalizing. He wanted to taste him.

The sudden desire to lick him shocked Kakashi. This was becoming predatory. It scared him. A moral test. He had to resist. Fuck, he needed to get laid. Maybe he wouldn’t be lusting after an underage boy if he banged the fuck out of a busty woman. That settled his mind. He wasn’t a predator or pedophile, he just really need to get laid.


Kakashi now had a plan: he would go and pick up a chick. Maybe Anko would let him spend the night. So he didn’t jerk off in the shower. He felt good about himself.

He dried and dressed in the bathroom while Sasuke was in his bedroom. He spoke as he opened the door. “Sasuke, I’m planning on staying out tonight; I’ll send Shiba home with you. Or you can sleep here if you want; I’ll be in very late.”

Then he looked at Sasuke and was confronted with the cutest sight ever. Sasuke was pouting and avoiding eye contact.

“Um, Kakashi, I, ah . . .”

“You didn’t wet the bed, did you?”

That earned him a glare that was as cute as the pout.

“No, but . . .”

“Wet dream?”

Sasuke averted his eyes again, blushing. “Yeah.”

“Don’t worry about it; not like I haven’t done it a hundred times. Don’t worry about it. Just change the sheets.” He ruffled Sasuke’s hair.

But now Kakashi had one thought: Sasuke came in my bed. He should get two or three women tonight. It was the only way to cleanse his palate. Visions of pushing Sasuke down on his bed on all fours and fucking the shit out of him hopefully didn’t make it to his face.

Then he had to consider that on some deep level, Sasuke was aware Kakashi had fondled him. He was going to hunt down Anko as soon as possible.


Sasuke was embarrassed having a wet dream in someone else’s bed and there was no getting around it, he had to tell Kakashi. Luckily, Kakashi wasn’t angry. He did put him at ease and he liked Kakashi touching him like that, touching his head. It was paternal, but for someone who didn’t interact with people very often, it felt intimate.

However, hearing that Kakashi was staying out tonight made Sasuke’s heart sink. Kakashi had said that if he had sex with someone, he went to their place. Kakashi was planning on shagging someone.

Sasuke knew it was wrong, but he was developing something of an obsession with his sensei. He was prepared to say he loved him. He certainly desired him. The other day when he slept while Kakashi took the other two on the mission, Sasuke was only able to sleep because he could smell Kakashi.

He opted to take Shiba home with him rather than spend the night at Kakashi’s. Kakashi sneaking in in the middle of the night after having sex did not appeal to the thirteen year old.

Sasuke lay next to Shiba that night and decided to find out if the dog would talk about his master.

“Why doesn’t Kakashi have anyone?” Sasuke asked.

“You mean a mate? Probably because he can’t forget her.”


“You know, I’ve got an itch on my stomach.”

Sasuke rolled his eyes, but he started to scratch the dog’s stomach.

“Ahh, that’s nice.”


“Rin. She was in love with the boss, but he wasn’t interested, wasn’t interested in anything back then except being a shinobi to make his father proud. Everyone knew she loved him, even him. Then she died; the boss couldn’t save her. He was never in a relationship since then, so I think that’s why.”

“Did he love her?”

“No, not really. But he wanted to protect her. He really withdrew after that. His entire family and team dead except his sensei. Then Minato died too. He has very few friends, none very close. I don’t think he wants to be close to anyone again.”

“I think so too.”

Shiba shifted onto his back and licked at Sasuke’s face. “He’s warming up to you, Sasuke-kun. Don’t let him push you away.”

“I’ll try. I didn’t want to be close to anyone either, but I like being close to Kakashi. He’s really the only person I respect.”

Shiba licked him again.


Anko was more than happy to let him come over.

Anko was very close to the perfect woman to Kakashi. Large, but not grotesquely large, breasts, nice curvy hips, but not knocking lamps over, and an ass just round enough to grab. And she loved sex.

They were nearly the same age. After Orochimaru abandoned her and the village, she was depressed and turned to Kakashi who she had been on several missions with and respected. They became friends. She drunkenly lost her virginity to someone else, which she regretted, and told Kakashi about it. He was supportive and understanding. Another week of only being friends and then Kakashi—knowing she was desiring sex again since she had enjoyed it, just not the way she’d done it—purposed going to bed together.

Anko had been hesitant because of the curse seal Orochimaru had placed on her. She felt dirty, but Kakashi soothed her fears and they started their ‘friends with benefits’ relationship.

And she did distract him for a few hours. He even lowered his mask briefly to suck at her nipples and even suck on her clit, but he never took it off, something he only ever did for her.

She could go for hours. As a woman, she didn’t really need any cool down time so she just ground her dripping pussy into his stomach or thigh as he reloaded. He could almost love her.

They both nearly passed out when they came down from their last orgasm. Kakashi forced himself up to dress and get home before he really did fall asleep. He gave sleepy Anko a masked kiss on the forehead.

“Why don’t you stay tonight?” Anko mumbled.

“You know I never do.”

“Break a habit.”

He thought about how he had for Sasuke, he slept next to him in bed and bought him meals.

“Sorry. Goodnight, Anko.”

He went home. Sasuke wasn’t there. Kakashi sighed. Yeah, he didn’t need or want sex now, but he really wanted Sasuke’s presence. He hit his head with his fist. Falling in love with a thirteen year old was a bad idea. Probably even worse than lusting after one.


Sasuke sniffed Kakashi the next morning when they all met for a mission. Nothing. Of course not; he showered. But he knew what Kakashi’d been doing. At least they hadn’t done it in that bed; that would have ruined Kakashi’s apartment as a sanctuary.

Sasuke was unusually silent on this mission. Which was saying something.

“Did you sleep?” Kakashi asked when they had a moment alone.

Sasuke nodded. Not even an ‘hn’.

“Tell me what’s wrong?”

Sasuke shook his head slightly.

“It’s not a question; that’s an order.”

Sasuke shook his head again and walked over to where Naruto was annoying Sakura as they made camp. Kakashi wouldn’t force anything out of him in front of them and Sasuke knew that.

A few hours later, Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke were asleep while Kakashi took the first watch. He summoned Shiba.

“Tell me about last night. Why is Sasuke so depressed today?”

“He was fine.”

“He slept?”


“It’s not anyone’s birthday that I know about, not the anniversary of that night. Why is Sasuke so depressed?”

“He did ask why you didn’t have a mate.”

“Really? What did you say?”

“That I don’t know.”

Something about Shiba made Kakashi doubt him. He eyed him.

“Well, I said it may have something to do with Rin. I didn’t tell him the whole story, just that a girl who loved you died.” When Kakashi didn’t say anything, Shiba asked, “That was okay, right?”

“It’s fine. I already told him about Obito.”

“Why don’t you have a mate?”

“Everyone dies on me. I’d rather be alone than be abandoned again.”

Shiba whined and nuzzled him. “It’s not you, boss. Don’t push the pup away.”

“The pup?”

“He cares for you. He admitted that you’re the only person he respects.”

Kakashi affectionately ruffled Shiba’s mohawk.


When they got home, Kakashi spooned Sasuke again. He could smell him better this time.

It wasn’t lust. It was possession, jealousy, protectiveness. He loved him. But he did want him. He took the chance and rubbed his erection against Sasuke’s body. His hand was still against Sasuke’s heart and lung.

He felt like a wolf sensing danger to his mate or cub and he just wanted to cover Sasuke with his body and protect him. Kakashi finally understood pack mentality. Yes, he’d had his nin-ken most of his life, but he didn’t understand the bond between them until now. Sasuke was a member of his pack now. He would keep him safe. But could he protect Sasuke from his own sexual desires?


[AN] Ukki means gloomy. Suneru means to sulk]
[AN] Every translation I read (including 141 of the anime) includes that Itachi had a ‘lover’ who he killed along with the rest of his clan (Tobi tells this to Sasuke after Itachi dropped dead). I can’t quite wrap my head around that since he had to be at most 14 at the time. I figure she was chosen by Fugaku (also assuming it was a ‘she’) to be the next Uchiha matriarch.

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