Reviews for Our beautiful yet teasing sensei

BY : Aguila_24

  • From LokiAsgard on August 26, 2022

    Well, I hope you write this fiction same with you in the 

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  • From TzeroVon on August 25, 2022

    I already read this fanfic in fanfiction, I don't remember the username of its author, but this one has the same title and summary so I guess it's the same. 

    The author makes the readers believe something that will never happen in his story, it was an unpleasant surprise when I read this fanfic and saw what this story was really about. 

    From now on I tell you that the title and summary of this story are a hoax; this fanfic is not about Kushina having "fun" with her students, the author gets rid of Naruto's teammates by changing teams, Naruto ends up being the only one who really has a good time with Kushina while the other two have to settle for another female sensei who obviously is not as beautiful as the redhead. 

    This fanfic turns into another dumb story of Naruto being cool and fucking the hottest woman in town for script convenience, this is so stupid and childish, compared to LordOfLust's fantastic story this is pretty inferior nonsense. 

    The entertaining thing about this type of nsfw fanfics where Kushina trains a team of genin is that she is the main character, Naruto or any other male character has no place as protagonists in this kind of stories, and to see how she gives in to their desires and sleeping with different men is part of the fun.

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  • From Total-Hentai on August 25, 2022

    Good start! Can't wait for the next chapter! 

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