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Reviews for Warden's downfall

By : 0_fLeX-.1
  • From MrVectorPath on September 07, 2022

     Another nice update. We are slowly reaching the point where Kyubi unleashes himself.
    Loved the way she treated the elderS and how she was forced to agree to Kyubii's demands...

    Wonder if her backstory as Heiress of the Uzumaki clan will play any role here

    Update Soon  

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  • From MrVectorPath on July 04, 2022

    Good start.
    Keep writing.Cant wait to see where you take this one.
    would love to see how Kushina and Kurama's  interactions go by givenhis history with Mito ,

    Hehe I can see look on her face when Kurama/kyubii tells her his relations with Mito :P

    hoe next chapter is soon

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