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Reviews for To Be Hokage

By : MrVectorPath
  • From hoshi_namikaze on September 02, 2022

    thank you for the lemon, still waiting for the jiraiya or sandaime scene :D

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  • From TzeroVon on September 02, 2022

    It's good to see that in this story something finally happens, the sex scene has the same problem as in your other fanfic, it was dull and boring to read despite being a short scene.

    But I will assume that you did it on purpose because it was the "start" of the NTR, I really hope that your erotic writing "evolves", I know it may seem annoying that I repeat the same thing so much but believe me it will improve your story a lot, still you are free to ignore this advice XD.

    The subplots of Minato and the others are uninteresting, when I get to those parts I just want to skip them and move on to something else, they may "add" important things to the plot but they are super cumbersome to read.

    With that said, this is still a good story, it's not the best Naruto NTR fanfic I've read, but it's better than the ones that have been coming out lately.

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  • From 0_fLeX-.1 on September 01, 2022

    I really liked this 17 chapter, for a moment I was thinking that the waitress will be get lucky with Kushina.

    the 2 drunk guys were a surprise

    a good chapter

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  • From Tboss on September 01, 2022

    Finally we got some action, this is just the start time to see Kushina sink even deeper.

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  • From Dude on September 01, 2022

    YES!! Let's go! Fucking finally we get to see anything of substance. I still don't care about Mikoto, Minato and Hiruzen subplots but let me tell you. I finally am feeling excitement waiting for the next chapter.


    So pls speed this up now that it's setting into gear lol


    Good chapter man👍

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  • From Y'Rhul on August 23, 2022

    Can't wait to get more diplomatic storylines.

    Maybe have Jiraiya teach Naruto something to destroy or poke some holes in those curtains in her bedroom. 

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  • From ReyKingDark on August 21, 2022

    I found it very tedious to read the story the plot moves very slowly

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  • From Siklos88 on July 20, 2022

    It's so hot seeing Kushina's slow descent into depravity. I eagerly await the moment where she finally gives in, but I get that the more burn there is, the better the result will be. I can imagine she still has a lot farther to go, even once she does finally break though, as more depraved things are asked of her. Dunno if you plan to add any shota or beast stuff, but that would be cool to see way down the line

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  • From TzeroVon on July 18, 2022

    Well… Nothing happened again, this chapter was the same repetitive boredom, for what you said about this chapters "making us happy" I expected something different, but at least Minato made a new appearance and there was no lesbian shit, also your write style's as clean and organize as always so... very pleasant in that part : ).

    I really hope that the future sex scenes will be worth the long wait, more hot, descriptive and immersive, not just the same boring descriptions without variations of "To Be Hokage: Side Stories".

    As I said last time be more descriptive, add more adjectives and details will help the readers to get excited and recreate the scenes in their minds easily, sexual positions, textures not only of the skin or hair, sensations, the characters' reactions, I know most readers of this website want a "quick fap" but for some of us reading that something is just "tight" or "warm" is very insipid.

    Also your erotic writing will gain more appeal as well and that's always a good thing, especially on this website XD.

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  • From Dude on July 04, 2022

    Hi! Me again. The same points i've mentioned in the chapter before still stand.

    While reading the reviews I couln't help but agree with some of 0_fLeX-.1s ideas. Particularly the KushinaxHiashixFugaku dynamic. It might just be me but I think that Hiashi or Fugaku would be a way hotter pairing than old man Sarutobi.

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  • From 0_fLeX-.1 on July 03, 2022

    I have 3 things about the chapter

    1) I'm not sure how to feel for Fugaku don't see Kushina's body.
    - for one side, it's a little worn that each and every man on scene end lookig her butt. so it was nice see someone not do it.
    - by other and, I have kinks that want to see Kushina with fugaku or Hiashi (it's a clan fight kink. to this day I haven't find a fanfic with both)

    2) I like the scene of the kiss betewen Kushina and Mikoto. I hope someday see the both without any interruption.

    3) when minato back home, if Kushina and he had sexual moments, don't make him the classic "the faster ninja ever" (small penis with no resistense), its too cliche

    I really enjoy it, and I'll waiting the next one.

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  • From TzeroVon on June 13, 2022

    Your story is good and writing style is great, but this fic has some serious issues.

    Like the user "Dude" said the pacing of this fic is reaaaally freaking slow, generally I don't have problems with this kind of "porn with plot" fics but this is AFF, not Fanfiction or Wattpad where you can take all the time of the world to put a sex scene, peolple here want porn/smut not plot, at the slow pace your story is going the first sex scene will happen in chapter 30 or more. 

    And THAT fact maybe not motivate readers of this site keep reading this story or left they reviews.

    Now, after reading "To Be Hokage: Side Stories" I have a suggestion for the future sex scenes of "To Be Hokage"; A big problem I saw, at least for me, is the lack of more details in the sexual scene's descriptive texts.

    Add more details in this kind of scenes greatly improves the experience and will be more erotic for the reader, for example the texture of Kushina's pussy, what's Hiruzen feeling put his cock inside of her? It's soft and smooth? her vaginal walls feels silky or velvety? Help your readers to imagine how great and hot is the moment that Hiruzen is experience, and don't forget to describe what Kushina feels too.

    Without that kind of details the scenes is just boring to read.

    And that's it, sorry if my english is weird in some parts, not my mother lenguage XD.

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  • From mordrre on June 12, 2022

    Great chapter. Looking forward to more, hope you update soon. :)

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  • From Dude on June 12, 2022

    Ok so you want a review. First the positives. I really dig your writing style.

    - Very clean and easy to read

    - Fantastic average chapter length

    - i'm a sucker for Kushina fics ngl


    Now the negatives, which make me way less invested in this fic compared to, lets say, Enigmatic Affair.

    - I don't have much love for the Mikoto x Kushina pairing attempt, it just doesn't do it for me

    - the personal biggest offender in my opinion: the pacing. 13 chapter in and we're still at light groping, voyeur antics and perving behind her back. This "slow burn" story just feels wayyy too slow burn. And not to forget this is AFF where people just want a quick fap most of the times.

    I only hope the NTR aspect of this story speeds up quite a bit in later chapters because if it does, i'm pretty sure this would be a pretty outstanding fic.

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  • From Siklos88 on June 12, 2022

    Wish Hiruzen left the panties be! Good chapter

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