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They’d been awakened before dawn by a messenger that their surrogate, Azusa, had gone into labor. Sasuke told Kakashi to go back to sleep while he went to the hospital. Now, several hours later, Kakashi was having a hard time concentrating in his office. He was only able to doze after Sasuke left and now he was thinking about Sasuke’s child being born. It wasn’t like it was just Sasuke’s child, it would be his as well.

Sasuke had looked for several women who were willing to bare his child. Azusa was a kunoichi who wanted the experience of baring a child, but not interested in raising one. She had no Kekkei Genkai but excellent chakra control.

Sakura cooked up a concoction to increase Azusa’s fertility and Sasuke spent the night with her. Kakashi wasn’t jealous; he knew who Sasuke loved. The two of them were bisexual, but their relationship was solid. Sasuke wanted Kakashi to sire a few kids so Kakashi would be given the proverbial hall pass in the future.

Sasuke had been attentive to Azusa while she was pregnant, making sure she had everything she needed. He encouraged Kakashi to accompany him when he could.

Now, after nine months, she was giving birth to Sasuke’s child.

The knock on his door showed just how frayed his nerves were; he jumped half out of his chair before calling for the person to come in.

“Hokage-sama, Sasuke-san asked me to inform you it’s a girl.”

Kakashi seemed to vanish, he moved so quickly. He rushed down to the hospital and the staff knew immediately where to direct him. He knocked softly on the door just as a warning he was opening it. Sasuke was looking over his shoulder to see who it was, but his eyes softened when he saw his lover.

Kakashi recognized that Sasuke was sitting with his back to the door in order to protect his daughter, keeping himself between the door and his daughter, rather than facing it to see who might come in.

Kakashi shut the door softly behind him and came around to crouch in front of Sasuke. Sasuke had his shirt off with it draped over his shoulders for warmth in the relatively cold room. There, in his arms, was the raven-haired baby girl. Sasuke had been holding her very close so that her bare arm and head were touching his bare chest but relaxed so that Kakashi could see her. She was perfect. She was asleep and didn’t fuss at all. She had a full head of black hair and dark lips the shape of a cupid’s bow. Her skin was still ruddy from the stress of birth.

“Want to hold her?” Sasuke asked.

Kakashi was honestly afraid to touch her; she looked so fragile.

“Come on,” Sasuke urged. “She’s your daughter too. Take off your shirt.” They had been instructed how important skin to skin contact was with an infant.

Kakashi finally complied and Sasuke let him replace him in the chair so that he could sit with his back to the door to hide his face in case someone came in, then he handed the baby girl to him.

They’d talked about raising children and been preparing for it for the last year, but the enormity of it hit Kakashi as he held the newborn.

“Azusa will nurse her for at least a week,” Sasuke said. “The doctor said we can take her home in a few days, but she’ll stay here with Azusa for the time being.”

“We’re so fucked,” Kakashi whispered.

Sasuke merely chuckled. “Yeah, I panicked too when they first let me hold her.”

“So, you’re naming her Natsuki?” They’d discussed names before, but they didn’t know the gender until now.

“Yeah. Already official.”

Kakashi hummed and looked down at her. “Welcome, Uchiha Natsuki.”

Sasuke smiled at him.

“I guess you’re officially on leave now.”

Sasuke pouted. “I need to hire a nanny. I don’t think I can stand being couped up without work for too long.”

“I’ll try to come home earlier.”

“Don’t overwork yourself on my account.”

“Your account? She’s my daughter too, right?”

Sasuke smiled. “Yeah.”

“I’ll try to work less. I want to be around and help. Maybe you can bring her to the office. I need the distraction. I’ll be thinking about her anyway.”

“I will.”

The little girl gurgled and reached up. Kakashi put his finger out and put the tip of his finger in her hand. She automatically gripped it with what little strength she had.

Kakashi felt something slide down his cheeks. He didn’t brush at them until Natsuki dropped her hand. When he did brush his cheek, his hand came away with tears on it. He looked at Sasuke and he was silently weeping too. This had to mean more to Sasuke. He had a clan again. He really had a family again. The way Sasuke stared at Natsuki, Kakashi knew Sasuke would do anything to protect her.

Sasuke looked up at his lover and smiled. They had a true family again.


AN: Natsuki means ‘summer’ and ‘hope’

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