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Naruto opened his bedroom door and peeked out slowly. Sasuke was on the couch napping, left arm draped over his eyes. Naruto’s gaze rested on his face first, then drifted slowly down Sasuke’s body to his large erection. Naruto blushed slightly. I shouldn’t be thinking of Sasuke this way, he thought, but sometimes it felt as though he couldn’t help himself. It was impossible not to notice how attractive Sasuke’s features were. His silky jet black hair coupled with his smooth complexion and dark eyes that matched his hair. And the way Sasuke looked at him, not that Naruto thought it was supposed to mean anything other than the fact that Sasuke had accepted Naruto as his best friend. Still, sometimes the way the look he gave Naruto seemed to differ from the look he gave others made Naruto’s stomach flutter.

That’s dumb, he thought to himself. Sasuke is my best friend, and I’m his best friend. But that’s it, we’re just friends. After giving himself a pep talk, Naruto opened his bedroom door further and began to silently creep out. He approached Sasuke’s sleeping body. This was important. He needed to ask Sasuke a question that was time sensitive. Naruto would have to wake him up, even if that meant he'd have to talk to a grouchy, grumpy Sasuke. Who would also have a cute sleepy voice and a tent in his pants, begging for Naruto’s attention. Naruto took a deep breath to steady himself, then reached out to touch Sasuke’s arm. There was no response. Naruto put a little pressure on his fingers and gingerly tried again.

“Hey. Sasuke,” he said, raising his voice slightly. Sasuke made a disgruntled sound before stirring. “Sasuke, are you awake? Hey, I need to ask you a question.” Sasuke peeked out at Naruto from beneath his arm, eyelashes casting a shadow over his eyes.

“What do you want, loser?” Naruto outwardly bristled at the nickname while inwardly smiling. He knew that despite how Sasuke acted, he actually had a very positive opinion of Naruto and, “loser,” was really a term of endearment at this point. Still, their back and forth required Naruto not visibly acknowledge this.

“Don’t be an asshole just because you’re tired.” Naruto retorted.

“It’s not just because I’m tired and you know it,” Sasuke glared. Naruto looked away, guilt twinging in his stomach. He opened his mouth to speak, but when he was unable to meet Sasuke’s eyes, he unintentionally started staring at Sasuke’s erection instead. At the sudden realization that he was looking at the exact thing he had been avoiding noticing, Naruto took a sharp inhale of breath before forcing himself to once again look Sasuke in the eyes. Naruto felt himself tense in preparation to see annoyance in Sasuke’s eyes, but when he instead found amusement, Naruto found himself blushing again.

“Ask your question,” Sasuke’s hard voice pulled Naruto back from his thoughts. Naruto straightened, remembering why he disturbed Sasuke.

“Do you know anyone, other than you, who would want to see the Uchiha stone thing?” Sasuke’s glare furrowed for a second into confusion before returning back to normal.

“Stone thing? No. Why?”

“Kakashi asked me to ask you.”

“Why didn’t he ask me himself,” Sasuke was beginning to get annoyed again. Is Kakashi mad at me because of what happened? Sasuke watched as Naruto’s eyes once again slid to Sasuke’s erection before snapping back up to his eyes, obviously embarrassed. Naruto’s lips parted as he took in another sharp breath at the realization of being caught again.

“He said you take too long to answer him.” Sasuke broke eye contact thinking back to his deliberate choice to wait days to reply to Kakashi’s messages. Alright, fair point, Sasuke thought.

“Well, no. I can’t think of anyone. Sorry.” Sasuke began to settle back down.

“Cool, I’ll let him know!” Upon seeing Sasuke move to put his arm back over his eyes, Naruto chanced one last glance at Sasuke’s lap. Sasuke watched silently as Naruto’s face flushed a little and tried to hide his smirk so Naruto wouldn’t know he had caught him again.

Naruto returned to his room and sat at his desk ready to send a message out to Kakashi. He paused after sitting down, losing his focus in his thoughts. For a moment he stared off into the distance, thinking about the interaction, but his thoughts quickly drifted back to Sasuke’s erection. I’ve never seen him hard before Naruto thought. Then he remembered Sasuke’s amused expression upon catching him. Naruto felt his face and neck heat up before realizing he, too, had a boner. What is wrong with me? Naruto harshly asked himself. Sasuke’s mad enough at me for being the main reason we’re in this situation. Perhaps the whole thing really was Naruto’s fault since Sasuke had only been there because Naruto begged him to be.

Three weeks earlier, Naruto had found an old scroll from an unknown source floating around a river. It was sealed with wax that had a skull and crossbones imprinted on it. Obviously, this had the potential to be dangerous, but Naruto couldn’t ignore his curiosity. Taking the scroll had been mistake number one. Naruto found Sasuke as fast as he could and explained the scroll he had found. Naturally, Sasuke responded,“Put it back.”


“What if something really cool is inside and this is just a diversion?”

“What if we should heed the clear warning on it because opening it leads to our untimely demise?” Naruto grinned to himself, excited that Sasuke already acknowledged that he was a part of Naruto’s current endeavor.


“Well, there’s only one way to find out!”

“No, there’s not. There are literally other, safer ways to find out what’s in the scroll. You should take it to Kakashi in the Hokage’s office.” Naruto frowned. A moment ago it had been, “we,” why was it suddenly, “you?”

“Sasuke,” Naruto said hesitantly. “If I go by myself,” he continued slowly, hoping Sasuke wouldn’t make him finish the sentence. Sasuke suppressed a smirk. He knew it was a little mean, but something in him enjoyed seeing Naruto get nervous or flustered around him. Maybe it was because Naruto seemed so confident around everyone else. He usually seemed confident around Sasuke too. Perhaps that added to the satisfaction Sasuke felt when that confidence was shaken.

“You know Kakashi is more likely to check it out instead of just having the scroll destroyed if he thinks you’re backing me up.” Naruto finally finished.

“But I’m not ‘backing you up.’” Sasuke said blankly. “I think the scroll should be destroyed too, it’s probably dangerous.’ Naruto deflated slightly and it tugged at Sasuke’s heart strings.

“Is this really that important to you?”

“Please Sasuke?” That settled it. They made their way to the Hokage’s office. Kakashi had had a similar reaction as Sasuke, though slightly more exasperated, Kakashi took Sasuke’s support into consideration. He usually had pretty good instincts, though Kakashi had noticed it was sometimes clouded by Naruto.

“What do you think, Sasuke?” Sasuke’s attention snapped to Kakashi. Clearly it was a bad idea! Sasuke could sense Naruto’s apprehension beside him and he succumbed.

“I think we should open it.” Kakashi knew he shouldn’t be surprised by Sasuke’s response. Why else would he have come with Naruto if not to show his support. The two had only grown closer in the past few years since the Fourth Great Ninja War. At first Kakashi had been entertained, but it increasingly seemed like Sasuke would throw caution to the wind in favor of Naruto, and that was dangerous. Kakashi thought for a moment.

“I disagree. I still think the scroll should be destroyed.” Naruto’s disappointment was palpable. Sasuke was relieved for only a moment. He knew it was the right answer, he just disliked seeing Naruto disappointed.

“Fine.” Naruto conceded and slinked away. Neither said anything as they left the Hokage’s office. Naruto waited till they were about twenty feet away from the office before pulling the scroll from his pocket, a devious look on his face. Sasuke’s eyes widened on his otherwise blank face.

“Naruto, what did you --” Sasuke started.

“I never gave Kakashi Sensei the real one in the first place.” Naruto interrupted with the answer. “Don’t worry! We’ll figure out a way to open it safely!” Naruto beamed holding the scroll in his hand. This is such a bad idea, Sasuke grimaced. It was then that Sasuke noticed the wax seal seemed to be melting with Naruto’s touch. When he had first seen the scroll, he hadn’t touched the wax, and Naruto wasn’t touching it when he had shown him the scroll. Kakashi had been holding a fake, so there was a good chance this was the first time the wax had contact with human skin since it had been lost. The wax dripped, leaving a blood red trail on Naruto’s finger.

“Naruto!” Sasuke shouted. Naruto looked at his hand as red mist began to seep out of the scroll.

“Fuck,” Naruto briefly glanced back at the Hokage’s office before turning in the opposite direction and throwing the scroll down the empty hallway. Moments later the scroll exploded violently enough to blow a hole in the building, exposing the village outside. “Fuck,” whispered. The area was instantly flooded by ANBU and Naruto and Sasuke found themselves quickly being returned to the Hokage’s office to be met by Kakashi’s wrath. Naruto opened his mouth and Kakashi barked out an order before Naruto could start.

“Don’t speak! I have had it up to here with you Naruto. I’m placing you on house arrest. No missions, no Ichiraku, no fun outings. Nothing. Just stay put!” Naruto’s mouth hung open. Was Kakashi grounding him?

“F-for how long?” Naruto said quietly.

“At least until the damage is completely fixed.” Naruto continued to stand there in shock while Sasuke’s eyes travelled back and forth between the two. He’d genuinely never seen Kakashi this angry.

“But,” Naruto tried gently, clearly aware of the seriousness Kakashi felt about the situation and doing his best to show deference. If he wasn’t so concerned about the situation, Sasuke would have appreciated the way Naruto bowed to Kakashi, too nervous and out of his element to do anything else. “If I can’t go on missions, how am I gonna make money? Or buy food?” It was a logical thought. One Sasuke was surprised that Naruto had thought of so quickly. It was a moot point since Sasuke lived with Naruto. Of course, Sasuke would provide all of that until Naruto was off house arrest. Probably Kakashi’s way of punishing Sasuke for his involvement in this situation, he assumed.

“I’ll make sure you have a stipend to handle expenses in the meantime. Someone from ANBU will drop by weekly to pick up your grocery list and drop the groceries off. It will only be once a week, so you both need to think ahead for once and figure out what all you’ll need for the week otherwise you’ll have to go without.” Sasuke’s stomach dropped. Both? He was on house arrest with Naruto? For the foreseeable future?

“Kakashi,” Kakashi’s eyes followed the voice back to a very serious looking Sasuke .

“That’s right.” Kakashi answered before Sasuke could ask for clarification.

“This is your fuck up too, Sasuke. I hope you both learn your lesson. Now go home. And stay there.” Sasuke hesitated a moment, stupefied, before swiftly turning with a frown. Naruto kept his eyes glued to the floor, not wanting to make eye contact with Sasuke or Kakashi. The two men returned to their shared home, escorted by ANBU, where they have remained the past three weeks.

Naruto snapped out of his thoughts, another pang of guilt surging through him at the memory. However, over the past few weeks, there hadn’t really been any issues between the two. Sasuke had been visibly annoyed the first week, even after he and Naruto had talked about it and Naruto apologized. Profusely. But by the second week, Sasuke had seemingly softened. Though he did spend a lot more time in his room than usual. Naruto assumed it was to get away from him and be alone. Naruto was right, but not for the reason he thought. Truthfully, being surrounded by a guilt ridden Naruto the first week had made Sasuke feel something that baffled him at first. It seemed that when Naruto felt guilty, he was more than willing to do whatever Sasuke asked. And much to his surprise, Sasuke realized it was this borderline submissive behavior he liked. When they were on missions or walking around the village, Sasuke enjoyed the confident, bold, boisterous personality of Naruto. He liked the unpredictable, but love-able, idiot he called his closest friend. But when it was just the two of them, completely alone, Sasuke learned it was easy to gain more compliance from Naruto. This had been true after the second year or so of living with Naruto, when Naruto had gotten badly injured and Sasuke nursed him back to health, taking care of him more deeply than anyone ever had before. But Sasuke didn’t want to use that against him. Especially since he was pretty sure Naruto didn’t even realize he was doing it. Just as Naruto had become a weakness for Sasuke, it seemed Sasuke was also one for Naruto.

It wasn’t long after Sasuke realized why he liked the idea of Naruto submitting to him that he also began touching himself to the thought. Occasionally, Sasuke had imagined what might happen if he pushed Naruto up against a wall and shoved his tongue in his mouth when he gasped in surprise. Sasuke fantasized about Naruto begging him to let him cum, trying his best to hold back his own desire just to please Sasuke. The fear that Naruto would reject him and consequently leave Sasuke was enough to force him to compartmentalize these ideas. However, seeing Naruto’s bashful interest in his nap-induced boner was making Sasuke reconsider some of those ideas.

Naruto on the other hand was completely unaware of Sasuke’s attraction and painfully concerned with his own attraction to Sasuke. He considered for a moment jacking off to the thought of Sasuke’s erection. Sasuke probably went back to sleep, he reasoned. That made the likelihood of Naruto being interrupted low. But he just couldn’t bring himself to do it. Actually he’d thought about doing it many times, but the thought of how angry Sasuke would be if he found out made him decide to behave himself each time. Although, whenever the thought of Sasuke crept into his mind when he was already jacking off, Naruto wouldn’t chase the thought away. Naruto took a steadying breath and decided instead he would shower to clear his head.

After forty five minutes, Naruto got out of the shower. Apprehensive that Sasuke may still be in the living room, and feeling as though th shower had done nothing to alleviate his arousal, Naruto took additional time to dry his hair before finally exiting the bathroom to face the possibility of talking to Sasuke. Why am I so nervous? Naruto chastised himself. It’s only Sasuke. Just my best friend and roommate Sasuke.

“Fucking finally, you were in there for over an hour, loser.” Despite his efforts, Naruto found himself blushing at Sasuke’s words. Or was it his voice? Or maybe his proximity? Whatever it was, it immediately put Naruto on the defensive.

“Fuck off! Some of us don’t want to pass the time by sleeping all day like a fucking cat.” Dammit I didn’t mean to sound so on edge. Naruto clenched his jaw. Sasuke raised an eyebrow in response. He hadn’t expected Naruto to snap at him. Even if what Naruto had said wasn’t particularly hurtful, his tone said he definitely wanted Sasuke to back off. The realization lit a fire in Sasuke. He had no intention of backing off.

“You didn’t seem to have a problem with it earlier,” Sasuke retorted. Naruto blinked for a second, puzzled. He had dreaded waking up Sasuke earlier. He wouldn’t have bothered if he hadn’t needed to answer Kakashi. Sasuke read the confusion on Naruto’s face and allowed his amusement to wash over his own.

“When you couldn’t keep your eyes off my cock,” smirked Sasuke. Naruto felt as if his entire body had been set on fire as embarrassment flooded his body. Did Sasuke know he was attracted to him? Did he think Naruto took so long in the shower because he was thinking of him? Naruto let out a shaky breath and Sasuke’s eyes grew darker as he stood up and approached Naruto. Naruto clenched his jaws in preparation for the possibility of Sasuke punching him. When he saw Sasuke’s hand start to move, he was convinced he was right. Naruto squeezed his eyes closed in an attempt to further brace himself. Sasuke’s hand landed hard against the wall next to Naruto’s head. He leaned in closely to Naruto’s ear.

“Don’t think I didn’t notice your eyes glued to it whenever you thought you could get away with it.” Naruto’s eyes popped open. Shit, what now, Naruto panicked. I need to come up with an excuse!

“You’re the one hanging out in the fucking living room with a huge boner!” Naruto quipped. Shit, why had he said, ‘huge?’

“I’d just been awoken from a nap, idiot, I can’t control my, ‘huge,’ boner in my sleep.” Naruto swallowed hard. He couldn’t think straight. Sasuke was so close he could feel his breath on his neck. Naruto’s breathing quickened as he realized Sasuke’s proximity was turning him on. I need to get out of here and back to the safety of my room. I can think of a solution there, away from Sasuke’s warm body and intoxicating scent. Naruto attempted to move forward, away from Sasuke, but Sasuke’s firm hand landed on Naruto’s still bare chest and forced him back against the wall. Naruto hit the wall with a light thud and a small breath escaped him. Before he had a chance to react, Sasuke leaned in and gently began kissing Naruto’s neck. Naruto’s mouth dropped open and his eyes fluttered shut, goosebumps beginning to prick his skin. Sasuke licked up the side of Naruto’s neck and blew on the trail of damp skin he left. Naruto let out a sigh that turned into a clipped moan when Sasuke gently nipped at the side of Naruto’s neck. Sasuke chuckled lightly and moved his attention to the other side of Naruto’s neck, continuing the same actions. Naruto grit his teeth and sucked in a sharp breath, not noticing that he had started to tilt his head allowing Sasuke better access to his neck.

“Sasuke,” Naruto breathed, forcing his eyes open. “Why are you doing this?” That was a valid question, he was sure. Sasuke had never shown any signs, that Naruto had picked up on, that he was attracted to him. Sasuke had been prepared for this question. He had a retort that he was sure would cause a slight twinge of guilt in Naruto at the implication while also being vague enough that it wouldn’t cause Sasuke to feel bad for taking advantage of Naruto’s reaction.

“Because I’ve been stuck in this place fucking my hand for three weeks and I’m tired of it.” Naruto let out a small whimper, confirming Sasuke’s desired effect was achieved.

“Oh. I-,” Sasuke quickly covered Naruto’s mouth with his own. Acting out his own fantasies when Naruto parted his lips in surprise. Don’t say you’re sorry Naruto, it’ll make me feel bad, Sasuke thought. Sasuke’s tongue gently moved over Naruto’s while he removed his hand from Naruto’s chest. He pinched a nipple before removing his hand completely, causing Naruto’s body to jerk in surprise and pleasure. Sasuke slowly pushed down his sweatpants and pulled out his cock. He began steadily stroking it before pulling away from Naruto, studying his reaction. Naruto’s eyes shot straight to Sasuke’s crotch. He hadn’t been able to make out real details with his quick peaks earlier. Now he felt as if he was unable to peel his eyes away from Sasuke’s thick cock. Maybe this is why Sasuke’s always so confident, Naruto wondered. Sasuke stroked himself slowly as Naruto stared, seemingly mesmerized. Sasuke knew he was above average in this department, and took joy in Naruto’s reaction.

“Hn,” Sasuke smiled smugly. Naruto broke out of his trance and locked eyes with Sasuke. I need to think of something to say, anything!

“Uh,” was all Naruto could manage.

“Touch it,” Sasuke ordered, removing his own hand from himself. Naruto’s eyes darted back and forth between Sasuke’s dick and his eyes. He looks serious. Naruto tried to calm himself down as he reached out and gripped Sasuke lightly. Naruto looked back up to Sasuke, waiting for further instruction. Sasuke arched an eyebrow in response. Naruto started stroking, feeling the warmth of Sasuke’s cock in the palm of his hand. Sasuke let out a quick breath, regaining his composure as he watched Naruto, who looked extremely unsure of himself. Sasuke could guess what he was thinking. ‘Am I doing this right?’ Having his own cock to practice with must have come in handy, Sasuke thought. Naruto is definitely doing this correctly.

Sasuke closed his eyes for a moment, lost in the sensation before re-opening them, not wanting to miss any of what was happening. He noticed Naruto’s erection pushing slightly on the towel he was still holding. For a moment, while Naruto was still singularly focused, Sasuke took the time to admire how attractive Naruto truly was. His skin sun-kissed from being outside so much and his shoulders had broadened as he had become a man. The two were about the same height, but Naruto’s meekness in the situation made him seem shorter to Sasuke. Sasuke reached for Naruto’s towel, loosely tugging at it, signaling he wanted Naruto to let it drop. Naruto’s gaze met Sasuke’s, uncertainty showing on his face. Sasuke tugged again and Naruto let go, his face somehow becoming more flushed. Sasuke’s eyes widened fractionally as he took in Naruto’s impressive cock. Just as thick as Sasuke, but slightly longer. Sasuke began to return the favor, fondling Naruto at the same time Naruto was stroking him. Naruto’s mouth formed an ‘O’ shape as he let out a shaky breath. Sasuke started at a slow, teasing pace before he began pumping Naruto faster, encouraging Naruto to do the same. Suddenly Naruto’s breath hitched and his hips jerked, he bit down on his lip, afraid of whatever noise may escape. He could feel his balls tighten as he tumbled toward release. Sasuke reacted quickly, squeezing the base of Naruto’s cock, successfully halting the orgasm. Naruto’s breath stuttered for a moment before his mind realized what happened. Then he was mortified. Sasuke touched him for what must have been less than five minutes and he had already been about to shoot his load.

“Liked it that much, huh?” Sasuke teased, adding to Naruto’s humiliation. Sasuke took into consideration what had almost happened and came to the conclusion that Naruto had never been with a guy. He had suspected as much, but Naruto and him never talked about this sort of thing, so his assumptions were all he had to go by. But Sasuke was certain now. By this time, Naruto’s pupils had all but swallowed his irises, reflecting both his nerves and his arousal. He couldn’t figure out why this was happening, and with the continuation of the encounter, Naruto found himself unable to think clearly enough to form a theory.

“Sasuke I-,” Sasuke expected Naruto to try to give an explanation as to why he was going to cum so fast. “I’m really confused about what’s happening,” Naruto blurted, unable to speak calmly.

“Foreplay. Get on your knees.” Naruto’s perplexed expression didn’t change as he slowly sank to his knees in front of Sasuke. He was pretty sure he knew what came next, and despite his trepidation, the thought made his own cock jump. Naruto stared at Sasuke’s cock for a moment too long and Sasuke felt himself grow impatient, delicately resting a hand on the back of Naruto’s head in an attempt to coax him in the direction Sasuke wanted. Naruto hesitated for only a second longer before leaning in and sucking Sasuke’s length into his mouth. Sasuke watched intently as Naruto’s lips spread around his dick. Naruto worked to shove Sasuke into his mouth, going halfway before pulling back off. Naruto gingerly licked from beneath the base up to the head of Sasuke’s cock, following the curve of the vein on the underside before looking back up to Sasuke as if for approval. Sasuke didn’t react and Naruto’s own apprehension convinced him to keep sucking Sasuke off. Sasuke made no sounds to either encourage or discourage Naruto realizing that letting Naruto’s mind fret with his own insecurity was causing Naruto to work harder to please him.

He was right, all Naruto could think about was trying to do what Sasuke wanted him to; propelled forward by a mixture of confusion, anxiety and arousal. As bewildered as Naruto was, he also felt the occasional bead of precum drip down his own dick as he encircled Sasuke’s tip with his tongue. He hollowed his cheeks, sucking Sasuke hard for as long as he could despite how he felt his jaw begin to ache. Naruto was so turned on by the turn of events, he thought he could come just by thinking about it too long. Sasuke’s grip on Naruto’s hair tightened slightly. What the fuck does that mean? Naruto frantically wondered. Concerned, Naruto tried to further please Sasuke with the blow job and hastily shoved as much of sasuke into his mouth as he could trying, and failing, to suppress the gags caused by Sasuke touching the back of his throat. That broke the wall Sasuke had built and he couldn’t help himself when he groaned. Sasuke felt slight disappointment at seeing Naruto un-tense a small amount when the sound escaped. The certainty that he did something right calmed Naruto’s nerves as he continued to lick and suck Sasuke’s cock from top to bottom, sporadically shoving Sasuke’s cock back into his mouth as far as he could again.

“Get up,” Sasuke said, tugging on Naruto’s hair, making sure his actions were more gentle than his tone. He needed to compose himself. It was important that he not push Naruto too far, even though he was tempted by how easy it would be. A little direction and sternness mixed with Naruto’s apprehension and Naruto easily turned submissive and obedient toward Sasuke. Naruto met Sasuke’s eyes as he rose, less anxiety and more lust in them. Sasuke immediately realized that he really liked getting that look from Naruto. He leaned in and kissed Naruto again, but instead of shock, this time Sasuke’s kiss was met with vigor and want. This time, Naruto’s tongue played with Sasuke’s, meeting the movements of Sasuke’s tongue and countering them with his own.

“My bedroom, now,” Sasuke breathed as he pulled away from the kiss and turned in the direction of his room. Naruto swiftly followed behind, absentmindedly closing the door behind them. “Get on the bed, lay on your back,” Sasuke directed as he pulled off his clothes. What the fuck is happening right now? Naruto’s anxiety began to rise again, but he did what he was told. Are Sasuke and I really about to fuck? Naruto trembled slightly as Sasuke got on the bed after him and straddled him. Sasuke went in for a kiss again while slowly grinding their cocks together. Naruto whined quietly. Sasuke smiled into the kiss, satisfied with the sounds he could pull from Naruto. He moved down Naruto’s body while keeping eye contact before licking up his length. Naruto’s eyes widened as he gasped. Sasuke couldn’t help the chuckle that escaped him.

“What did you think I was going to do?”

“I don’t know! I haven’t been able to figure out what’s happening this whole time!” Sasuke laughed again.

“How can you be so clueless? We’re about to fuck, idiot.”

“Right, I know. Well I thought, maybe, but I wasn’t sure, cause I couldn’t tell if you were serious at first, but then you got really serious so I thought maybe that meant -- gah!” Naruto’s entire body stiffened at the presence of Sasuke’s finger. Suddenly at Naruto’s entrance. Sometime during Naruto’s prattling, Sasuke had grabbed lube and was now firmly pressing a slick finger against Naruto’s quivering asshole.

“Stop talking and relax. It’ll feel so good if you relax.” Naruto tried to do what Sasuke said, but he’d never realized until then how not relaxed the muscle down there was. “Take a deep breath,” Sasuke said as tenderly as he could while gently rubbing Naruto’s thigh with his free hand. Naruto noticed the tone and did what he was told, successfully relaxing a small amount. “Again,” Sasuke lightly instructed. Naruto repeated the action until he was relaxed enough for Sasuke to press his finger all the way into him. Naruto had done his best to contain himself, only letting out a couple small gasps. Sasuke smiled darkly to himself. He wouldn’t let Naruto forget who was in control of this situation. With his finger slowly thrusting in and out, Sasuke swallowed Naruto’s entire length, moving his tongue to tease Naruto as he pulled him into his mouth. Naruto let out a moan and involuntarily clenched around Sasuke’s finger as his hips bucked. Naruto had been completely taken off guard by the sudden pleasure, once again, achieving Sasuke’s desired reaction.

“Relax Naruto.” Sasuke instructed again, trying not to let his amusement leak into his voice too much. Naruto took a few more deep breaths to steady himself while Sasuke continued to slowly suck him. He teased up and down Naruto’s length with his tongue, taking time to focus on the sensitive spot right under the head of Naruto’s cock. When Naruto began to successfully relax again, Sasuke pushed another finger into him. Naruto groaned in pleasure.

“Fuck, Sasuke,” Naruto gasped as Sasuke continued his ministrations. Sasuke hooked his fingers and prodded until Naruto suddenly gripped the sheets and moaned. His hips rising off of the bed again. Found it, Sasuke thought to himself as he continued to press and rub against the spot with his fingers, mouth still preoccupied with Naruto’s cock. Sasuke’s attention briefly settled on Naruto’s hands, which were at his sides, grasping at the bed instead of in Sasuke’s hair, threatening to keep him in place. Was it a conscious choice or was Naruto feeling so subconsciously servile toward Sasuke that he kept his hands at his sides without thinking?

“I’m gonna cum, Sasuke,” Sasuke instantly pulled his mouth off Naruto and squeezed the base of his cock again. Naruto grit his teeth and groaned trying to feel the relief of an orgasm, but unable to due to Sasuke’s actions. “Fuck, please. Please Sasuke, please let me come.” Sasuke felt his excitement grow at the sound of Naruto begging to be allowed to cum.

“Not yet,” he said, resuming the slow in and out motion of his fingers. Naruto gasped , immediately noticing that another finger had been added. Sasuke must have slipped in the third finger while he was trying to stave off his orgasm. Naruto twitched and moaned as he got used to the added finger. He could feel himself stretching around Sasuke’s fingers and what had started out as an uncomfortable intrusion had melted into a welcome sensation. Soon he was thrusting into them and Sasuke determined Naruto was ready. He slowly removed his fingers causing Naruto to thrust into nothing for a few moments before he realized he was empty. Naruto’s asshole twitched, suddenly feeling empty. Sasuke sat up and began adding more lube to his own cock as well as to the entrance of Naruto.

“Do we really need that much lube?” Sasuke answered without looking up.

“Well since you’re not a woman, this is how we make sure you stay wet,” Sasuke paused for a moment before looking at Naruto. “This way it doesn’t hurt you.” There was no condescension in Sasuke’s voice. Just a matter of fact reasoning. “Grab a pillow to put under your ass.” Naruto quickly complied, squirming to get comfortable.. “Are you ready?” Naruto nodded once. Sasuke positioned the head of his cock at Naruto’s entrance, dragging the head across it before pushing in at a slow pace, trying not to go too fast and risk hurting Naruto. Naruto squeezed his eyes shut and grit his teeth, sucking in a breath that sounded more like a hiss. Sasuke paused his movement in response and began rubbing Naruto’s hips with his thumb.

“We can go as slowly as you need. Take your time and relax and it won’t hurt.” Sasuke’s tone was soft and soothing and Naruto began to act accordingly, relaxing. Sasuke pushed in a little more until Naruto tensed again, then went back to his soothing motions. “You’re doing so good, Naruto. You look so good like this; legs spread out, cock leaking, face flushed” Sasuke complimented. Naruto couldn’t help the small smile that formed. He felt himself relax again. Sasuke felt him relax too, and he began pushing further into Naruto. A moan slipped out of Naruto and he snapped his mouth shut. Sasuke leaned down and kissed Naruto, increasing the intensity little by little. He felt Naruto loosen up enough that he was able to continue to push inside until he was completely buried. “Let me know when it’s okay to move,” Sasuke whispered against Naruto’s lips. Naruto nodded, eyes still closed from the kiss.

“Yeah, do it.” With his permission, Sasuke slowly pulled back out of Naruto. He paused for a moment, making sure he had Naruto’s attention. Naruto’s eyes blinked open and he looked up at Sasuke, realizing Sasuke wanted him to focus on his next words.

“Don’t stifle your moans. I want to hear all the desperate little sounds you make while I’m fucking you.” Naruto obeyed, immediately moaning at Sasuke’s words. Sasuke smirked. “Good.” For the first time Naruto truly registered that he wasn’t about to fuck Sasuke, he was about to get fucked by Sasuke.

“Oh fuck,” Naruto breathed out. Sasuke lifted Naruto’s legs, resting them on his shoulders as he pushed back in going at a slightly faster pace than before. “Oh fuck!” Naruto shouted, toes curling and expression contorting in pleasure. Sasuke ran his hands back down Naruto’s thighs toward his ass and moved his hands to spread Naruto’s ass cheeks, soaking in the sight of his cock repeatedly disappearing inside Naruto’s slick asshole. Sasuke increased his speed, testing Naruto’s reaction. When Naruto groaned and both his lips and legs parted further, Sasuke continued to speed up..

“Fuck Naruto you look so good,” Sasuke said again. “So fucking, ah, fuck!” A continuous stream of moans and gasps poured out of Naruto as Sasuke began to thrust into him harder and faster. “You’re fucking beautiful,” Sasuke said before he could stop himself. He felt his confidence waiver for a moment. What if Naruto didn’t want to be beautiful? Naruto tilted his head back and whimpered, clearly appreciative of the compliment. Sasuke smirked and reached down, pinching a nipple again, causing Naruto to quickly turn his attention back to Sasuke and buck his hips hard, meeting Sasuke’s thrust perfectly and inadvertently burying Sasuke the deepest he’d been so far.

“Holy fucking shit, Sasuke!” Naruto gasped.

“Your nipples are so sensitive, it’s so easy to get a cute reaction out of you.” Naruto’s eyes stayed fixed on Sasuke’s, shuddering breaths and moans falling from his lips.

“Do you wanna cum, Naruto?” Sasuke teased. Naruto nodded his head vigorously. “Tell me,” Sasuke pushed. Naruto swallowed, trying to steady himself and his breathing before he spoke.

“I wanna cum.”

“Use your manners.”

“Please, I wanna cum.”

“Say my name.”

“Please Sasuke I wanna cum!” Sasuke slid his hand to Naruto’s aching cock and began pumping to the same rhythm of his thrusts. Naruto’s head began to tilt back and his breath quickened before Sasuke suddenly halted his movements. Naruto looked like he was on the verge of tears as he looked at Sasuke clearly wondering why he had stopped so abruptly.

“Beg me, Naruto.”

“Oh my God please, please Sasuke, please! I want to cum so bad! I’m begging you Sasuke, please!” The words poured out of Naruto in desperation.

“Good boy,” Sasuke praised, resuming his movements at the same fast pace as before. Naruto began moaning uncontrollably again. “Cum, Naruto,” Sasuke demanded, and Naruto’s body instantly gave in and his orgasm shot through him, causing his hips to buck and his body to shudder. Streams of cum shot out of Naruto and onto his chest. Sasuke slowed his movements and stilled before pulling out. Naruto hadn’t finished catching his breath when he felt Sasuke’s hands on his hips. “Turn over.” Sasuke commanded; Naruto didn’t hesitate to follow the order. Sasuke gently tugged on his hips and Naruto positioned himself on his hands and knees, understanding what Sasuke wanted without words. As soon as Naruto was settled, Sasuke quickly pushed back in, immediately setting a rough pace.

“Fuck Sasuke!” Naruto yelped, surprised by the sudden aggression. Sasuke chuckled quietly and adjusted his angle, trying to position himself better. The change was enough to cause Sasuke’s cock to rub against Naruto’s prostate with each thrust. Naruto white knuckled the sheets and tightly clenched his jaw, groaning at the sensation. His head dropped as he lost the ability to comprehend anything other than the almost too good feeling of Sasuke pressing into just the right spot. Perfect, Sasuke thought as he watched Naruto completely unravel to his thrusts.

“Sasuke, it -- it’s too much. I can’t -- I can’t do it.” Naruto sobbed.

“Yes you can,” Sasuke groaned, further spurred on by Naruto’s whine.

“Ung! Sasuke!”

“Just a little longer Naruto, I know you can do it, I’m so close. You’re taking it so fucking well” Sasuke panted, his hips beginning to stutter as he approached his release. Naruto let out a high pitched whine, overwhelmed.

“Fuck I’m --” Naruto couldn’t finish his sentence as he came again, staining the sheets below with more streams of cum.

“Holy shit,” Sasuke said, stunned with the realization that Naruto had cum from anal stimulation alone. Naruto clenched around Sasuke as he came and it pushed Sasuke over the edge, causing him to cum moments later.

“Holy shit!” Sasuke gasped again as he filled Naruto’s ass, thrusting hard through his orgasm before finally pulling out, breathing heavily. The second Sasuke pulled out, Naruto collapsed onto the bed, also out of breath. Sasuke laid down next to him, satisfied with what had happened. Naruto remained still in his position, facing away from Sasuke while laying on his stomach. He was, again, feeling too anxious to look at Sasuke, afraid of the expression he might see on Sasuke’s face. After a minute, Sasuke realized that Naruto was avoiding looking at him.

“Did you like that?” Sasuke rolled his eyes at his own words. What he should really be asking is ‘did you want that?’ Sasuke began to feel his own pang of guilt as he realized his horniness may have clouded his judgement and consideration of Naruto and his feelings. Naruto slowly flipped onto his back, eyes on the ceiling.

“Yeah, I did.” He admitted, starting to blush again. Sasuke looked at Naruto a little confused by Naruto’s uncertainty. Maybe he really had read Naruto wrong and he was upset with Sasuke.

“Did you want to do that?” Sasuke prodded, Naruto thinned his lips before quickly nodding. Now Sasuke was really confused. “Then why were you so embarrassed and hesitant before?” Oh no, Naruto thought. He noticed!

“Sorry, I’m just not -- not used to, I mean I didn’t know, I wasn’t sure, and I,” Naruto paused, clearly searching for the words to explain his out of character nervousness. Sasuke narrowed his eyes at Naruto’s sputtering before figuring out the answer himself.

“Wait, Naruto, was that your first time? With anyone?” Sasuke had been sure Naruto wasn’t a virgin. At least he thought he thought he was sure. Naruto never said anything, but neither had he and he had plenty of experience. Naruto turned his head slightly away from Sasuke so he couldn’t see his face as he responded.

“Yeah,” Naruto quietly admitted, Guilt overwhelmed Sasuke as he suddenly felt ashamed of his behavior. He had never even considered that a possibility, but in retrospect, it did explain Naruto’s behavior.

“Fuck Naruto, why didn’t you tell me?” Naruto mistook Sasuke’s concerned tone for berating. He didn’t know what to say and he began to feel distraught. “I wouldn’t have treated you like that if I’d known!” Sasuke explained. Naruto let out an audible breath. Sasuke lifted himself up on his side reading Naruto’s refusal to look at him as sorrow.
“I’m so sorry Naruto.” Sasuke said gently. He tested resting a hand on Naruto’s shoulder and Naruto turned and finally met Sasuke’s eyes. Sasuke returned his gaze and felt himself relax. There was no hurt or anger in Naruto’s eyes.

“I would’ve gone slower and been more gentle. Fuck I would’ve been nicer! And I wouldn’t have let you be overstimulated!” Sasuke closed his eyes for a moment, ashamed of himself. Naruto couldn’t help himself, he laughed.

“You’re concerned you weren’t nice enough” Naruto laughed again. “Sasuke, I’ve never come so hard in my life. I think I can overlook your attitude this once.”

“Tsh, thanks, loser.”

“I think you’re actually incapable of being nice!” Sasuke smiled softly, gaze lowering to Naruto’s lips. He cupped Naruto’s face in his hand and slowly leaned in, stopping just before their lips met.

“Yes I can,” Sasuke whispered on Naruto’s lips before sensually kissing him. “And I’m not mad about being stuck on house arrest with you. I’m sorry I let you feel so guilty and took advantage of your efforts to reconcile and repent for our mistake.” Naruto couldn’t help the warm feeling he got when Sasuke said, ‘our,’ instead of, ‘your.’

“You become so submissive when you feel guilty and I took advantage of that instead of considering your feelings and releasing you from that guilt.” Naruto’s brows furrowed at the word ‘submissive.’ He didn’t act submissive toward Sasuke, did he? Actually, come to think of it, he did obey Sasuke and go out of his way to show he wouldn’t argue whenever he thought he’d upset Sasuke too much. Afraid that if he didn’t quickly make amends and keep the peace that Sasuke would leave him. “Can you forgive me, Naruto?” Naruto grinned widely.

“Of course, Sasuke!” I love you, he thought to himself. Sasuke saw the softness in Naruto’s eyes and understood what he was thinking. I love you too, Sasuke thought.

“Thank you.”

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