Interview of a Lifetime

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Author's note: This week has been quite aggravating and that kind of hacked into my drive to write. While I work out how to best write a transition in one of of my other projects, have this weird little thing in the meantime. Yes, my other projects are on their way to be updated again (finally). No, I don't know what I was thinking when I wrote this. Proceed at your own risk, I'd say.

Warnings: OC's and Naruto's pov; canon divergent after chapter 699; established slash; humour; mature content; Hokage and Shadow Kage; both are oblivious idiots.

I hope you'll like it!

Interview of a Lifetime

For what felt to be the tenth time Nariko nervously checked her recorder, reassuring herself once again that it was definitely working. She tugged down her jacket next, though with how many times she'd already done that, the fabric couldn't be straighter.

This was a very important day, though; perhaps even the most important day of her career, if not her life! Today was the day she was going to interview the Hokage; an honour that hadn't befallen any other reporter so far. Her boss had reminded her seventeen times – yes, she had kept count – that she definitely could not mess up today, because she might as well pack her bags and go find another job then. He hadn't said that last part aloud, but the implication had been more than clear. Honestly, she wouldn't even blame him; she'd resign herself if she did end up messing up this important opportunity.

In an attempt to calm down somewhat, she looked around the room. It was nothing extremely fancy, just an empty office in the Hokage tower. The walls were a soft beige colour and a round table with some comfortable chairs were the only pieces of furniture currently present in the room. Maybe they were in the process of remodelling it? The bare appearance of the office made her keenly aware of the lack of her cameraman. While consent had been granted for an interview it hadn't extended to being filmed at the same time, so with her cameraman having nothing to do, she was on her own now.

She could do this, though. She had several years of experience already; she didn't need someone else to be there to do her job.

A couple of rapid knocks on the door had her straightening up at once; her fingers tightening around her writing pad. "Yes?"

In strode the Hokage, wearing a friendly smile, and in the process of removing his hat. He was closely followed by a dark haired man, whose left eye was covered by his hair. His presence had Nariko swallowing lightly, feeling more nervous underneath his blank gaze.

Hastily she rose up and bowed. "Good afternoon, Hokage-sama. My name is Tojo Nariko; nice to meet you."

"Hello, Tojo-san, nice to meet you," the Hokage grinned. "I'm Uzumaki Naruto and this brooding bastard is Uchiha Sasuke."

The man in question rolled his eyes, but didn't say anything in response.

"I'm honoured that you agreed to this interview, Hokage-sama," she said formally and bowed once more.

He waved it off. "It's nothing. No need to be so formal, you can just call me Naruto."

"Thank you," she replied, a tad flustered; already knowing that there was no way she could just casually refer to him with his first name. That just wasn't done, not with someone of his status!

"We don't have that much time," Uchiha hinted none too subtly, but Uzumaki rolled his eyes this time and nudged him.

"Don't mind him; he's a bit cranky because he didn't sleep well," he told Nariko amused.

"And whose fault is that?" Uchiha darkly muttered, glowering at him.

Deciding that she didn't want Uchiha's ire turned towards her – not when she heard the stories of what he was capable of – she gestured towards the chairs. "Let us please sit down then in order to start the interview."

She started the recorder as soon as they were all comfortably seated and grabbed her pad. While the recorder would ensure that she could listen to the interview again afterwards to properly transcribe everything, she didn't want to rely on that alone. It could always happen that something would disturb the recorder's audio and this way she still had a backup to write her article.

"First of all, let me start with congratulating you on becoming Hokage," she smiled. "How does it feel to have achieved your lifelong dream?"

Admittedly she never had paid much attention to Uzumaki when growing up, so for this piece of information she was basing herself on what he had proclaimed during his inauguration day, two months ago. It had been a day full of festivities, even more so than usual when a new Hokage was inaugurated. The other Kage even had shown up, which had definitely been a first as the Kage in the past hadn't really bothered to do so. Mainly because back then at least two countries had always been waging war with each other and the other ones preferred to keep to themselves.

"Ah man," Uzumaki chuckled, sounding somewhat embarrassed. He rubbed the back of his neck and wrinkled his nose somewhat. "It feels great, I'm not going to lie. I thought for sure that Kaka-sensei would be Hokage for several more years at least, so he surprised me when he said he was ready to give up the position."

"That surprised you?" Uchiha snorted quietly. "Everyone saw this coming."

"Well, I thought baa-chan had threatened him so much that he would at least keep the position for a few more years," Uzumaki chortled. "You know how she is."

"He's always been unconventional," Uchiha said sarcastically.

Nariko instantly jumped on that, grabbing the opening. "Talking about unconventional, you and Uchiha-san technically share the same position, no? People are calling him the Shadow Kage. What does that mean exactly?"

"They're really calling him that?" Uzumaki appeared absolutely delighted.

Uchiha meanwhile didn't seem impressed at all, but he also wasn't making any move to refute what she had said.

"Yes, they do," she confirmed. "The Hokage and his Shadow Kage. It definitely gets people talking."

"They don't need much for that," Uchiha muttered underneath his breath.

Uzumaki ignored his remark. "It's simple, really. Sasuke and I want to change the system, make the world a better place for everyone," he stated frankly. "So he and I are going to work together to make that happen."

"How are you planning to change the system? Anything concrete in mind?" she asked interestedly, privately gloating about the amazing scoop she was receiving here. She was definitely going to score some great points with her boss for this interview!

"We're still working on the details, but for one we're done with secret organisations taking matters in their own hands," Uzumaki replied and this time his eyes darkened somewhat. "We want to make sure that nobody will be prosecuted anymore for what they can do or for who they are. No more clan suppression, no more resorting to extreme measures to solve issues."

He was clearly referring to something in particular here, something that might have to do with Uchiha if she had to go by the way the two men exchanged a quick look with each other. Was he referring to the Uchiha Massacre that had happened years ago? But hadn't it been Uchiha's older brother who had committed that crime? What did that have to do with clan suppression?

"When you mention clan suppression – are you talking about a clan in particular?"

"No comment," Uchiha was quick to state and his flat stare brooked no argument.

She was a bit taken aback, but figured it wouldn't be in her best interests to try to needle further like she usually did. She rather would not want to piss someone off who was in possession of the infamous Sharingan after all.

"Any other changes in mind?" she decided to ask instead.

Uzumaki smiled. "Considering we're well on our way to actual world peace for once, we're also planning on changing the age to enter the Academy from seven to at least thirteen years old, if not older. Dangerous missions like S, A and B ranked ones will only be given to ones above eighteen and who have achieved at least the rank of Chuunin, if not Jounin." He shrugged apologetically. "We're still debating on the right rank."

"That wouldn't give them many years to train," she remarked bemused.

"Maybe, though most of the real training only happens once you form a team with others," Uzumaki retorted and shrugged again. "So in that regard, not much would change. We're no longer at war and children should have the chance to be children before they land themselves into dangerous situations."

There was something to be said for that, she reflected. She had never really thought about it before, but yes, it was odd to train mere children how to best defeat someone. It had always been like this, though, so how were they planning on changing such an old system?

"Aren't you worried that you might encounter resistance to those plans?" she questioned curiously. "They're not small changes you're planning to make, but ones which will have a big impact on the world as we know it now."

"Not really," the Hokage replied lightly. "I've talked with the other Kage about it before; they're all in agreement that training children from such a young age has no real use now that everyone is determined to cooperate."

Privately she thought he was treating this issue a bit too lightly, but maybe there was a kernel of truth in his confidence? He and Uchiha had saved the world – perhaps changing the system wouldn't be that farfetched for them?

"With the both of you essentially being Hokage, do you divide the work between you evenly?" Nariko inquired next.

His blue eyes started to glisten then and he leant slightly forwards. Cupping a hand to the side of his mouth as if he was about to tell a secret, he answered, "Well, Sasuke takes care of most of the paperwork - "

"Because your handwriting is atrocious. Nobody would be able to read it, you idiot."

"You can, though," Uzumaki said serenely before he continued, grinning, "And I'm the one taking care of the meetings and such because I'm more charming and better with people and less likely to offend them."

"Your entire wardrobe is offensive," Uchiha muttered, narrowing his eyes.

"You just don't have any taste," Uzumaki shot back immediately. "You should try wearing other colours than black and blue, might lessen that brooding disposition of yours."

"At least I don't look like an utter clown in that dreadful orange you insist on wearing," Uchiha snorted.

"You know, you and Gaara kind of have the same personalities, but I've never heard him complain about my clothes," Uzumaki remarked pensively, leaning back in his chair.

The dark haired man rolled his eyes. "He never complains about anything when it concerns you. He likes you," he said and sneered for some reason.

"Hey, what's wrong with him liking me?" Uzumaki protested. "We're great friends!"

Ah, another opening.

One of the major reasons why Nariko had been eager to be the one to take this interview was because of something that had the entire village buzzing ever since the news had been revealed.

"Now that you're talking about friends, you and Uchiha-san have been friends for a long time now, right?" she asked coyly, ready to jot down the more juicy titbits that were surely about to be revealed soon.

"Oh yes, we've been best friends for years," Uzumaki grinned and squeezed Uchiha's shoulder.

"But you're not only best friends, no?" she continued, faux innocently. "You and Uchiha-san announced that you're together three months ago."

"Well, it's not like we were planning on hiding it for the rest of our lives," Uzumaki said lightly, clasping his hands together. "And it gave them something else to talk about than the inauguration preparations," he added mischievously.

Taking a risk, she asked, "So how did you two realise that you felt more than only friendship for each other?"

"I thought this interview was supposed to be about the Kage duties?" Uchiha remarked coolly, but Uzumaki clucked his tongue.

"I don't mind, it's not like it's a secret," he said dismissively and stared up at the ceiling for a moment. "Hm, I honestly can't really pinpoint an exact moment. I think a part of me always somehow knew? And then a few months ago I finally realised it completely."

"You've always been rather slow on the uptake," Uchiha said dryly and took a punch to the arm for that.

"Oh shut up, like you realised it that much earlier," Uzumaki huffed and pouted.

"I did. And I was very clear about it as well, but again: you're slow on the uptake."

"You're a bastard." Uzumaki's pout worsened and he crossed his arms.

Nariko blinked, a bit taken off guard by their banter, but quickly collected herself and decided to take advantage of the light mood in the room now.

"So when was your first kiss?" she asked, smiling. Their magazine was definitely going to sell out in less than a day with this interview! If there was one thing people were even more interested in than a Kage about to upend the entire system, it was the Kage's love life. Especially when that love life included the infamous Uchiha Sasuke.

"When we were thirteen years old in the classroom."

"After we confessed in the doorway of my apartment."

Both answers were given simultaneously, but couldn't be any more different and this time she stared confused at them, watching how they immediately turned to gape at each other.

"What do you mean, when we were thirteen?" Uzumaki spluttered shocked. "We didn't have our first kiss back then!"

Uchiha frowned. "Sure, we did," he insisted and scowled; his remaining hand curling into a fist. "Is your memory that shit already, usuratonkachi? You kissed me right before we would be divided into teams!"

Uzumaki waved his arms up and down agitatedly. "What? No! That was an accident! Someone pushed me back then and I fell against you!"

"You kissed me on accident?" For the first time since both men had entered the room, Nariko saw Uchiha's eyes widen slightly in shock. "What do you mean, you kissed me on accident?"

"Exactly like I said! Someone pushed me in the back and I fell into you and that's how we ended up kissing!" Uzumaki insisted. "Are you seriously telling me now that you thought that was our first kiss?"

"Well, what the hell else was I supposed to think when you suddenly kissed me?" Uchiha snapped agitatedly. "You were literally sitting in front of me on the desk and staring at me!"

"I was glaring at you because I couldn't figure out why everyone else thought you were so perfect when you were a stuck up arrogant bastard back then!"

"Who are you calling a stuck up arrogant bastard here, you idiot?" Uchiha hissed.

"Erm." Nariko wasn't sure anymore whether she should have asked that last question. She flinched when Uchiha suddenly rose up and turned towards her.

"This interview is over," he stated and grabbed Uzumaki's arm, hauling him upright. "And you and I are going to have a talk elsewhere!"

Amidst some weak protest Uzumaki was dragged out of the room and then they were gone, leaving Nariko to sit there and wonder just what the hell had happened.

Was she still going to get that bonus even when the interview wasn't that long? Fuck, she really hoped so.

"Wait, so you thought all these years that I had kissed you on purpose?" Naruto asked amazed, no longer trying to tug himself free. He probably could if he really tried to, but he wasn't in the mood for a fight either.

Sasuke abruptly stopped and pulled them both in a small room, which purpose Naruto still wasn't sure of. Would Shikamaru know? Possibly, the guy seemed to know everything.

"Again, what the hell else was I supposed to think when you suddenly kissed me?" Sasuke questioned irritated, glowering at him. "All I knew was that one second you were staring at me, the next you kissed me!"

"But you never tried to punch me for that," Naruto remarked confused. He'd been beaten to a pulp by the girls back then, yeah, but Sasuke had never reacted violently in any way.

"Why on earth would I have tried to punch you for that?"

"Well, you did push Sakura-chan away when she tried to kiss you with Christmas."

The look Sasuke gave him was completely unimpressed. "Why the hell would I have let her kiss me? That would only have convinced her that she still had a shot with me when she never had one in the first place."

"I don't get it, though," Naruto insisted, growing more and more confused. "I mean, it's not as if you liked me back then, so …" he trailed off when Sasuke's cheeks suspiciously grew pinker and he couldn't help but grin and crow in triumph when he realised what that meant. "Wait, did you really like me like that already back then?"

"Eloquent as ever, usuratonkachi," Sasuke said dryly, raising an eyebrow.

"Shut up, not the point. Did you really like me then already?" Naruto pushed and grabbed his wrist.

The other man pursed his lips and looked away. "Hell if I know," he said gruffly.

"Oh but you have to know, there's no way you didn't know!" Naruto insisted, humming surprised when Sasuke suddenly lurched forwards and kissed him roughly.

"You talk too much," he murmured, gripping Naruto in his neck.

"Ever thought you talk too little?" Naruto riposted and he definitely did not sound out of breath already, nope, not at all.

"Ever considered that I like hearing you talk?"

"Oh, that's totally not fair!" Naruto protested, half laughing. "You can't turn sappy on me now, not cool, man!"

"Don't call me man," was all that Sasuke said before a portal opened right behind Naruto and he was pushed right into it.

He lost his balance from the unexpected move and braced himself for the impact, smiling wryly when he landed softly. He didn't even need to look around to know they were in their bedroom.

"You know, officially we still have work today," he told Sasuke, watching him climb onto the bed and push open his legs. "The day isn't over yet and you're the one always insisting that we can't have distractions."

"You know, officially I don't give a fuck," Sasuke droned, smiling faintly when Naruto laughed, throwing his head back in the pillow.

That laugh abruptly turned into a low, drawn out moan when a hand slipped into his trousers and fingers curled around his dick, which happily and rapidly hardened underneath the calloused touch.

"Let's give the people something else to gossip about, hm?" Sasuke suggested; his eyes glittering.

Naruto couldn't find any fault in that plan.

He definitely couldn't find any fault with the idea when he had Sasuke's cock buried deeply into him for the rest of the afternoon and Sasuke showed just how much he loved his voice by making him moan repeatedly. And loudly. And there might have been the occasional scream and curse mixed in there as well. But that was neither here nor there.

He'd say that their first interview had ended quite brilliantly!

The End

AN2: For the ones who don't know, in one of the official databooks Sasuke was asked whether Naruto's kiss tasted like lemons. He first denied that he remembered it, then said it tasted like miso before wondering what he had done to Naruto to deserve that - implying that he thought Naruto kissed him on purpose. Since having read that, I always thought that particular Q&A bit was interesting, considering how they behaved in the rest of the series.

Sorry if this was lame. This was the first thing this week my brain was finally willing to finish. The other updates will come soon, I promise.

Please leave your thoughts behind in a review; should you spot any mistakes, please point them out to me.

I hope to see you all back in my future stories! Please stay safe and take care of yourselves!



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