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Author's note: Something that popped up in my head last week and wouldn't leave me alone until I'd finished it. Consider this as another canon fix it, because fuck post chapter 699.

Warnings: Hinata's and Sasuke's pov; canon divergent after The Last; drama; angst; slash; mature content; banter

ATTENTION: An additional warning will be given at the end as it pertains to the plot of this oneshot.

I hope you'll like it!

Speak Now

She turned sideways, watching in the mirror how her long hair – curled for once, because it was a very special occasion today – reached the edge of the obi. She turned around again and nervously fixed the flower in her hair for what felt like the hundredth time already since the hairdresser had clipped it on.

"You look beautiful, Hinata-nee-san," Hanabi smiled, coming to stand next to her. "You're going to have everyone staring at you."

"Not really what I want," Hinata muttered; the butterflies in her stomach growing even worse at the prospect of being the centre of attention today. There was no helping that, though, because today it was –

"Your sister is right," Council member Utatane spoke, entering the room. Her wrinkled hands rested around a cane and for once she was dressed in a beautiful, light blue kimono. "I do not think this village has ever seen a more beautiful bride than you, Hyuuga-san. Although I suppose in a couple of hours I will have to address you with Uzumaki-san." Her small mouth curled up in a smile.

Hinata smiled back weakly, resisting the urge to fiddle with her sleeves in front of a council member. She hadn't expected Utatane to show up here, but that had been stupid of her, she reckoned. With Naruto being considered as the next Hokage the second Kakashi stepped down, the Council had shown more interest in the Hyuuga clan as soon as the engagement between Naruto and Hinata had been announced.

Truth be told, the Council Members made her uneasy, with their piercing gazes – even at their advanced age – and their interest in having the wedding occur as soon as possible. She hadn't really understood why the Council was paying so much attention to their wedding preparations, until father had exasperatedly explained that of course they would be interested when the heiress of the oldest clan in Konoha was set to marry the most important war hero.

It didn't feel really right how much interest the Council now showed in Naruto when before they had been content to ignore him, but she supposed this interest was better than them trying to stop the wedding.

Still, though, she wished father and mother hadn't listened to Utatane and Mitokado when they had suggested that they should hold the wedding in public, so that the entire village could witness their union. Even now at nearly twenty years old, she still wasn't comfortable with having too much attention directed at her.

Then again, she thought wryly, if I don't want any special attention, I shouldn't be marrying Naruto-kun now.

She did want to marry him, though, oh gods, she did! She had liked him for as long as she could remember, a crush which had developed into a steady love as the years had gone by and even if she loathed the idea of being the centre of attention for a whole day, she also couldn't wait to finally marry Naruto.

In just a couple of hours, Naruto was going to be her husband.

That realisation had her blushing, her cheeks feeling like they were on fire, a sensation which was made worse when Utatane smiled indulgently.

"I will leave you be now. I'll see you at the ceremony," the elderly woman said warmly before she shuffled out of the room, closing the door behind her.

"You're going to be all right?" Hanabi inquired; a sympathetic tone in her voice. "Do you need me to get our parents?"

"No, that's not necessary," Hinata said abruptly and shook her head, taking a deep breath. "I'm fine, don't worry."

Father had been rather terse already when they had woken up this morning, reminding her that it definitely wouldn't do for her to act silly and faint today. Today was definitely not the day to embarrass her clan and even if the upcoming ceremony had her stomach flipping with nerves, she was determined to go through with it without humiliating herself, her future husband or their family.

"No need to be so nervous," her younger sister chided her gently. "You're not marrying someone unknown, you're marrying Naruto-san! This is what you've been dreaming of your entire life, no?"

Hanabi was definitely teasing her, like she hadn't stopped doing ever since Hinata had become engaged, but the older woman simply nodded, running her hands down her heavy wedding robes.

Her sister was right: unlike some of her ancestors, she wasn't forced to marry someone she hadn't even met before. This was Naruto, the boy she'd fallen in love with when she'd seen him zipping through the village, sticking out his tongue at the adults and daring them to catch him.

There was nothing to be nervous about. She'd been looking forward to this very day since they had become a couple and she was going to enjoy her special day.

Centre of attention or not, she was going to marry the love of her life today.

She didn't even register the hundreds of pairs of eyes aimed at her once the ceremony started. All she could focus on was the heavy voice of the minister and Naruto standing right next to her, dressed in his black wedding robes. The absence of orange made him look somewhat older, even wiser, and she furtively glanced at him; her clammy hands wrapped around her bouquet.

If Naruto felt her eyes on him, he didn't show it; keeping his gaze straight on, his blue eyes looking as infinite as the sky above them. He had complimented her when father had finished walking her to the aisle, but otherwise was rather silent; something she wasn't used of him. Perhaps he was nervous as well? This was a big day after all; even someone as boisterous and brave as Naruto would get nervous at times.

The thought that Naruto might feel some nerves as well oddly settled something within her. It at least made her feel less ridiculous to feel nervous for a day she'd been looking forward to for nearly her entire life if she had to be honest.

"I ask you, should anyone present know of any reason that this couple should not be joined in holy matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace," the minister declared.

Right, they were already at this part! She should pay more attention to the ceremony now before she would make a –

"There is one, yes," a voice spoke up, jarring the atmosphere and making the minister gape in surprise.

Hinata and Naruto turned around at once and her lips parted in surprise when she spotted Sasuke striding towards them, ignoring the shocked gasps and yelps rising up from the rows on each side of him. He was dressed in a long tunic, his hair now so long it covered his left eye, and she could only stand there stumped as he halted just a few feet away from them. His curiously blank eyes slid from Naruto to Hinata to the minister.

"Excuse me, what do you think you're doing?" Father asked icily, rising up from his seat.

Utatane and Mitokado, who were seated next to father, started frowning; clearly displeased at Sasuke's interruption.

Hinata herself couldn't comprehend what was going on. She hadn't even known Sasuke would attend the wedding, because he'd never sent any confirmation. And now he was here and apparently objecting to their wedding?

Troubled, she looked at Naruto, but his gaze was firmly fixated on Sasuke; his face not betraying his thoughts at all.

"Offering a reason as to why they shouldn't get married," Sasuke replied coolly.

"As if you have such a reason," Utatane scoffed, narrowing her eyes. "Go take a seat in the back, boy, before we decide that the Hokage has been too hasty in releasing you."

Kakashi, also seated in the front row, was watching everything unfold with a deep frown on his face. Sakura, who sat a couple of rows behind Kakashi, looked torn between rushing forwards and staying seated. When Hinata glanced at her, Sakura bit her lip, looking perturbed.

"I do have a good reason," Sasuke said calmly and his eyes locked onto Naruto's when he announced, loud and clear for everyone to hear, "They can't get married because he's already bounded."

"As if!" Mother scoffed; her Byakugan on the verge of appearing. "To whom is he bound then?"

A thin smile appeared on Sasuke's face and his next words seemed to brutally cut the ground away from underneath Hinata.

"To me."

"You have no proof whatsoever that you're telling the truth," Mitokado said agitatedly, stamping his cane on the floor. "For the record, Hokage-sama, we did caution you against releasing him. It appears we were correct in our assessment, as he has proven to be nothing but a nuisance now."

"Disrupting an important wedding, you should be ashamed," Utatane hissed, standing rigidly next to the desk.

They – Hinata, her parents, Kakashi, Mitokado, Utatane, Naruto and Sasuke – were all gathered in the Hokage's office, while outside Naruto's and Hinata's friends tried to calm down the other villagers and distract them. Hinata herself had no idea what was going on. How could Naruto be bound to Sasuke when they never got married? When they weren't even together to start with? She didn't understand what Sasuke was trying to gain with this. She had never exchanged a word with him, too shy to even think of approaching him back then, and so didn't understand why he would do this now.

Why ruin his best friend's wedding like this? Shouldn't he be happy for him? She would seek comfort and perhaps even answers from Naruto, but ever since Sasuke had dropped that bomb out there, he hadn't even glanced at her and his face was disturbingly blank, his blue eyes no longer expressive. In fact, he didn't even stand next to her now, but stood closer to Sasuke; keeping his body angled between him and the Council members she noted with growing unease.

"Let us not start throwing out accusations of shame, because you would know a thing or two about that, wouldn't you?" Sasuke drawled, resting his remaining hand on his hip. "Then again," black eyes glinted viciously, "perhaps you wouldn't."

"Sasuke, what do you mean, Naruto is bounded to you?" Kakashi cut in, before either of the Council members could retort.

Father and mother stood the closest to the door, keeping a frigid stare aimed at Sasuke. If the latter was bothered by that, he didn't show it.

"Exactly as I said," Sasuke replied dryly and his eyes briefly flickered to Naruto. "He's bounded to me, so he can't get wedded to her."

"Yes, but how?" Kakashi asked; a hint of exasperation audible in his voice. He'd removed his Hokage hat and ran a hand through his hair. "I don't remember a ceremony like that taking place here between the two of you."

"That's because it didn't," Sasuke answered flatly. "It happened during the war, when both he and I died. The Sage of the Six Paths did more than give us the means to defeat Madara and Kaguya. He bounded us together for life; the type of bond that transcends a mere marriage. He can't marry her, because our bond trumps that of a civil marriage."

"We've got nothing but your word, boy," Utatane snapped. "You expect us to believe something as outrageous as that?"

"Our hands were marked," Sasuke riposted calmly. "The marks on our hands were more than just a means to seal Kaguya."

"We've never seen any such mark on Naruto-san's hand," Mother said coolly.

"That's because those marks were on the hands that got blown up in our fight," Sasuke snorted, waving his empty sleeve to stress his words.

Naruto shifted slightly; his hand almost unconsciously gripping his bandaged arm it seemed.

"We have never seen those marks and as such we can't - " Mitokado began, but got cut off by Sasuke.

"Go ask others. I'm certain Nara saw our hands, the Inuzuka family probably as well. Yamanaka, Sakura, even Kakashi," he listed tonelessly. "I know the Council likes to pretend they're above mere humans, but even you should know you cannot mess with the type of bond that Naruto and I share. That would be like spitting in the face of the Sage himself," he smiled thinly.

"I don't get it," Father muttered, shaking his head. "If this is true, then why did Naruto-san consent to marrying our daughter? Obviously he loves her!"

A heavy silence followed his question. Hinata's stomach twisted uncomfortably several times as she watched Naruto's face grow rigid even as a dark smile spread out across Sasuke's face.

"Who's going to tell the truth?" he asked and there was no denying the taunting tone in his voice as he looked at the Council members for some reason.

"Naruto-kun? What's going on?" Hinata asked weakly, squeezing part of her obi tightly between her hands. Why wasn't Naruto saying anything? Why wasn't he denying everything? Were he and Sasuke truly bound to each other? But he'd asked her to marry him! Why do all this if he was already bounded to someone else? What was going on here?

"I wasn't given a choice," Naruto finally spoke for the first time; his hands balled into fists.

She'd never heard his voice so dead before and she thought she was going to be sick any second now. "Wh-what do you mean?"

"Naruto, who didn't give you a choice?" Kakashi asked perplexed, though there was suspicion growing in his eyes as well.

When Naruto looked conflicted, remaining quiet, Sasuke said idly, but no less ruthlessly, "If you don't tell them, I will, and I've got no reason whatsoever to be nice about it."

An explosive sigh left Naruto then, startling everyone save for Sasuke, whose gaze was fully fixated on the blond man now. "I was told that if I didn't agree to go out with Hinata-chan and marry her, then Sasuke would be branded as an S-class criminal again and every country would be given permission to hunt him down," he said quietly, staring at the floor. "I couldn't let that happen to him. I couldn't let him go back to prison when he's done nothing to deserve that, so … I agreed," he finished bitterly.

"I don't – Naruto-san, who forced you to do that?" Mother asked shocked; her eyes widening just a notch.

Meanwhile Hinata could only stand there frozen, the ringing sound in her ears nearly drowning out everything else. Naruto had been forced to go out with her? He'd been coerced into marrying her? Their whole relationship – nothing of that had been real? If he – if he hadn't been forced into this, would he never have even looked at her? All those months of sweet dates and laughter and preparing their wedding – all of that had been a lie?

"I thought you were smarter than this," Sasuke said critically. "Who do you think was behind this? The Council, of course."

Everyone's gaze but Naruto's immediately landed on Utatane and Mitokado, whose jaws visibly clenched.

"What the hell were you thinking?" Kakashi snapped. "Blackmailing Naruto? Are you two insane?"

"Watch your language, Hokage-sama," Utatane warned him. "We did not blackmail him, we merely gave him an option."

"What kind of option is that even?" Father asked in disbelief. "What did you even intend with this?"

"Isn't that obvious?" Mitokado said scornfully. "Uzumaki is clearly on track to become the next Hokage, thanks to his mentor's preference, and your daughter belongs to the most prestigious clan of our village. It only made sense to unite the two of them. He only needed a push, so we gave him an option and asked his friends to run some interference. That's all."

"This is about the greater good for the village," Utatane added calmly, as if nothing was wrong.

As if she hadn't just completely ruined Hinata's life. As if she and Mitokado hadn't used Naruto's friendship with Sasuke against him. She and Naruto had both been played like some stupid pawns on a chessboard.

How could she not have realised this sooner? Because the signs had been there since the start, she acknowledged while her stomach seemed to fill with lead. Naruto had only started paying attention to her after Sakura and the others had kept pushing him. He'd only began looking at her twice after they'd been forced into that genjutsu. Even during their wedding preparations, he'd always been somewhat distanced, she realised with a sinking stomach. Everything she'd suggested had only been answered with a smile and a "That sounds good, Hinata-chan." He'd never added any other commentary, had never made suggestions of his own.

Because his heart hadn't been in it to start with. Because if it had been up to him, he would probably never considered her more than just one of his friends.

"And because Naruto is a self-sacrificing idiot, I decided I had to do something about this bullshit," Sasuke said bluntly and shrugged. "So try what you want, this farce is over. There's never going to be any wedding between those two."

"You sound so certain about that, but Naruto-san can have changed his mind," Mother insisted and turned to Naruto. "Naruto-san, I know that you started your relationship with my daughter on an ill note, but do you truly not want to marry her? Perhaps dating her has made your feelings change?"

Even before she saw him shaking his head and turning to her, Hinata knew his answer.

Blue eyes soft with sympathy – sympathy which stung her throat like bile, made her truly fear that she would throw up any second now – Naruto said, "I'm sorry, Hinata-chan, I never wanted to hurt you, but … I can't love you the way you deserve to be loved."

All she could do was nod, keeping her lips pressed tightly together, while tears stung the back of her eyes, threatening to spill over.

She should have seen this coming, right? She should have known that something wasn't right, should have realised that something was off when Naruto had suddenly asked her out, even though he had ignored her love confession nearly three years ago.

Utatane started outraged, her cheeks flushed a ruddy red, "This doesn't mean the wedding is over! As future Hokage, it is your duty to - "

"This means exactly that the wedding is over," Sasuke cut in coldly and this time red seeped into his one eye, blackness spinning around until it formed the wheels of his Mangekyou Sharingan, while his Rinnegan glowed through his lock of hair. "You don't get to order him around, not after everything you've already done."

"You need to learn your place, boy," Utatane said coldly and her piercing eyes shifted towards Naruto. "And so do you, Uzumaki, unless you want to find out how Jinchuuriki were kept in the early days."

She and Mitokado froze when Sasuke suddenly whipped his katana free, the blade already crackling with his Chidori. "Give me one excuse," he whispered and even standing several feet away from him and her Byakugan not engaged, Hinata could feel his power practically blasting off him. "I was satisfied with getting rid of Danzo because he was the mastermind behind my clan's massacre, but I need just one excuse to get rid of you two as well."

"Threatening us in the presence of the Hyuuga and the Hokage?" Mitokado sneered. "You're not as smart as your brother was, clearly."

This time even Naruto's eyes widened and he took a step forwards, reaching out to Sasuke as if to hold him back.

The dark haired man merely smirked; his eyes glowing ominously. "I'd like to see anyone stop me. That doesn't tend to end well for anyone involved."

He let those dark words linger in the air for a moment before he sheathed his katana again and dropped back to stand next to Naruto.

"The daimyo will not stand for - " Utatane tried, but Sasuke snorted.

"I'm sure the daimyo will be quite interested to hear how the Council exactly operates. I suspect he wouldn't want the other countries to know it, seeing as that would damage his standing quite severely – something he wouldn't thank you two for, I imagine," he said idly and turned around.

"Sasuke, where are you going?" Kakashi asked and he sounded utterly exhausted now.

"Leaving, of course. I'm finished here, so I see no point in remaining," he said flatly. "Naruto, you coming?"

Something – maybe it was the sight of Naruto turning towards Sasuke as easily as breathing, as if he had been waiting for this very moment; perhaps it was seeing Sasuke casually reach out to him, aiming to lock their fingers together – spurred Hinata on then and she took a step forwards, calling out, "Naruto-kun, I …"

He shocked her by quickly appearing in front of her and kissing her cheek. "I hope you will find someone who can make you happy," he smiled and then he was gone.

Just like that. As if he had been waiting for this. Waiting for Sasuke to show up so that they could leave. Together.

She had never stood any chance at all.

"You took way too huge of a risk there, bastard," Naruto said; his eyes troubled even as he allowed Sasuke to roll him onto his back.

He was completely naked; his wedding robes literally burnt to ashes on the hotel floor.

"I wasn't going to let you ruin your life for me," Sasuke said irritated, sitting up. He drew his hand across Naruto's chest, feeling muscles contract underneath his touch and watching his nipples pebble. "You should never have agreed to that farce in the first place."

"I didn't want your arse to get thrown back into prison!" Naruto retorted heatedly, pulling off Sasuke's shirt. "You know fully well they would have loved just any excuse to put you back there and I wasn't going to let that happen!"

"And I wasn't planning on letting you be miserable for the rest of your life," Sasuke said forcefully. "So I guess that makes us even then, huh?"

"You can't compare you landing in jail and me being miserable!" Naruto protested, a surprised noise escaping him when Sasuke swiftly bent down and kissed him hard, almost to the point of bruising.

"I can when that marriage was supposed to be your prison," he said quietly and watched the desire to fight drain out of Naruto; the other man slumping back into the pillow.

"Okay, so we're both idiots," Naruto conceded and watched Sasuke retrieve a small bottle of lube from his bag. "You really carry that thing around with you?" He looked torn between laughing and shaking his head.

"It's not like I constantly have access to a shop and you whined the one time we used spit," Sasuke snarked, plopping off the cap.

"First off, fuck you; second of all, spit really doesn't do much compared to lube or should I spit on my fingers and stick them up your butt and see how you like that?" Naruto shot back, but easily spread his legs when Sasuke pushed them open. "Kurama's healing abilities doesn't mean it's instantly comfortable for me, you know."

Sasuke squinted down at him. "If I recall correctly, you were being an impatient idiot back then and insisted that I was taking too long," he reminded him finely. "Didn't work out that well for you, huh?"

"Oh, shut up." Naruto scowled and the next moment he twisted them both around, so that Sasuke was the one on his back this time.

He grunted, clamping his hand down on Naruto's hip. "Hit a sensitive nerve?" he smirked.

"You're such a dick," Naruto laughed, settling down on his lap.

"Isn't that why you love me?"

"You're a bastard," Naruto informed him amused and kissed him, which was fine by Sasuke.

As Naruto set about preparing himself, Sasuke helped him out by kissing him in all those places he'd discovered which were so sensitive that it turned Naruto into putty almost, pliable and willing to do anything. A soft gasp left his parted lips when Sasuke caressed his spine, making him arch his back slightly, pausing in his attempt to stretch himself.

"You're distracting me," he huffed, narrowing his eyes.

"I thought you liked being kissed? You can't do two things at a time?"

"You're seriously being such a bastard right now," Naruto whined, squeezing out more lube on his fingers.

He probably was, Sasuke admitted quietly, watching how Naruto lifted himself slightly to bring his fingers back into his hole, prepping himself further. Perhaps it was because seeing Naruto standing right next to Hyuuga, ready to be married, had rankled him more than he thought it would have. Even without the Sage's ceremony linking them for life, he knew he had Naruto's heart, but watching him stand there, ready to sign his life away if that meant Sasuke could remain free …

It had taken every last bit of restraint he possessed to not simply kill the Council right there. They had already taken his family, his older brother, away from him; he hadn't been about to let them take away Naruto too.


Sasuke blinked; Naruto's soft tone drawing him out of his thoughts. The blond was looking down at him; both hands resting on Sasuke's chest now, his right still bandaged completely.

"You were gone there for a sec," Naruto said lightly.

He relaxed when Sasuke pulled him down into a kiss. "I'm here," he said simply and leant back into the pillow, keeping his fingers curled around Naruto's neck. "I'm not going anywhere."

Not now. Not ever.

Naruto grinned. "Good." And promptly reached out to grab Sasuke's cock, slicking it quickly before he rose up and positioned himself.

"You're sure you're stretched en-fuck," Sasuke swore when Naruto abruptly pushed himself down, swallowing him up at once. Searing hot, wet muscles throbbed around his dick, clenching and unclenching without any rhythm, and his hand shot down to grab Naruto's waist, clamping down.

"Yeah, I'm sure," Naruto grinned, a tad breathless, and then he started to move.

It was the knowledge that they no longer had to hide that made this moment somehow more special, Sasuke decided after some reflection, watching with hooded eyes how Naruto rocked on top of him, never pulling off him for long, aiming his hips in a way that made bright blue eyes roll back and reddened lips part, soft "Ha, ha, ha" filling the air between them.

It was knowing that they could finally be together for real, no longer forced to steal moments here and there, that made the fire inside of him burn just that more brightly. It was Naruto's body moving sensually on top of him, fingers dragging and caressing and rubbing; a pink tongue licking swollen lips before their mouths found each other in a deep kiss, tongues peeking out and curling around each other.

It was Naruto shuddering slightly when he kissed his neck; thighs quaking when he started rolling his hips as well, pushing him just that much deeper into his lover.

It was being surrounded by Naruto's warmth, his smile, his kisses, his touch.

It was watching Naruto still, become absolutely quiet for a little moment, before he came, moaning Sasuke's name; hands scrabbling desperately across his chest and thighs, leaving thin red welts behind whose stinging sensation drowned in the absolute euphoria filling Sasuke when he came just seconds later.

It was Naruto and him together.

"Was what you said true?"

Dusk was making way for the evening, yet they were already curled up in bed; having finished taking a shower. Room service had brought them dinner, but neither one was interested in it just yet; content to let it cool down on the table.

"Which one are you asking about?"

Naruto braced his elbow against the mattress, pulling himself up a bit. "About us being bounded by the Sage. Was that true?"

"Yes, that's true," Sasuke replied after a pause.

"Why didn't you say anything about that before? It's been nearly three years …" Naruto trailed off, furrowing his eyebrows. "Or did you find out about that recently?"

"No, I realised it pretty soon after the Sage sent us back," Sasuke sighed softly. "My clan had a lot of scrolls containing old rituals and when I was old enough, I was allowed to look through them. One of them described a ritual like the one he used on us."

"So why didn't you say something earlier?"

"Because I wanted to give you a choice," Sasuke said quietly and turned his head to look at him. "If you changed your mind about us, then knowing about the bond would only have made you miserable. You're that much of a self-sacrificing idiot that you probably would have stayed with me because of that and I didn't want that."

"But you used the bond to get me out of the wedding," Naruto remarked and slipped a leg between Sasuke's.

"Well, you made it pretty clear that you're staying at my side and I wasn't about to let her have you," Sasuke replied dryly. "And like this there's no way they can ever try to pull such a stunt again, not unless they want the whole world to know how much they don't respect bonds like ours."

"So you were basically being a possessive bastard," Naruto nodded knowingly, laughing when Sasuke rolled his eyes and slapped the back of his head. He easily settled down again, plastering himself against Sasuke's side. Wrapping one arm around Sasuke's chest, he said, "Just for the record, I'm glad we're bonded like that."

"Yeah, me too," Sasuke smiled, cupping Naruto's shoulder.

"You could have been a tad less dramatic, though," the blond added, snickering when Sasuke huffed.

"Well, they did ask whether anyone knew a reason to object, so I just took that opportunity."

"Possessive bastard," Naruto said lovingly, reaching up to kiss him.

"Self-sacrificing usuratonkachi."

"Yeah well, you're officially stuck with me now, so what does that make of you?"

Sasuke smiled softly and kissed him once more. "Lucky."

The End

Additional warning: Naruto is emotionally blackmailed into marrying Hinata, even though he doesn't return her feelings.

AN2: So what do you think of this? I was looking through some Naruto posts when I got hit with this idea. I leave you to be the judge of whether this is a good idea or not. My mind is random, sorry.

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