Kurama I Showed You My Froggy Wallet

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Kurama was tired of humans. For over a thousand years, the nine tailed chakra beast had kept one cynical eye on the hairless monkeys and watched as they perverted his honoured father’s teachings. Unsatisfied with simply butchering each other, they then came after him and his weaker siblings. It was then that the seed of hatred sprouted within the fox’s heart.


His siblings, despite their weakness in relation to his own grand presence, were still leagues stronger than any stupid human, even after the advent of Ninjutsu. And it went without saying that anyone foolish enough to dare challenge him soon met a fitting fate for such an insult. But as the humans multiplied, Kurama and the rest of the biju retreated. It would take little effort to wipe the species off the face of the world, but putting down aggressors and going out of their way to slay humans were two very different things, and Kurama knew their father wouldn’t endorse such actions. 


So the biju continued to give ground and the humans greedily took it, never being satisfied. They just took and took, and soon there was no longer anymore to give. 


Shikaku lived deep in the desert, so far from water that humans wouldn’t even be able to live there. Yet still they encroached even further upon his territory, and attacked him, trying to drive him away. Drive him away to where? Anywhere else he would go, there would be humans there too, and they would attack him in turn. His youngest brother was always the most unstable, the most needing of affection. The constant hostility served to drive him mad. Kurama hadn’t seen Shukaku in over a century.


Matatabi hid herself in the canebrake, wrapping the bamboo around her. She could move deceptively fast through the thicket, using the cover to play a game of cat and mouse with any human who came by with the intention of hurting her. But the humans grew wise, and began to cut the forest down and burn away whole sections, leaving her with less and less area to run and hide.


Isobu retreated to the sea, always being the least confrontational of the siblings and wanting nothing to do with the humans. But when they came with their ships and their nets to bring to shore all they could with no foresight as to the consequences of their actions for the sea’s future, the turtle tried to get them to turn back. Revealing his presence turned out to be a mistake, as it only attracted more attention, and now the most ambitious among them would attempt to even catch him.


Son Goku, perhaps seeing the way the tides were turning and acting with some intellect for the first time in his life, gathered some monkeys around him and shared some of his power with them. He brought them to caves hidden behind a screen of water and named himself their king. Not that it helped him much when the humans came, and the monkeys all but handed him over, probably sick of his overwhelming arrogance.


Kokuo had always been afraid of fighting, so when the humans came to his forest, he simply ran away. And then kept running, never staying in one place for too long. The coward had always been good at running from his problems, and his speed meant they rarely caught up to him. But in this case, any direction Kokuo ran in, there would be more humans there to meet him.


Saiken couldn’t run even if he wanted to, the great slug. Instead he simply remained in the same cave, spreading his corrosive slime and building an unassailable nest. But Saiken was social and enjoyed conversation. Most of all he liked to help out. The isolation and being treated as the bad guy, when all he wanted was to help must have torn him apart on the inside.


Chomei had it the easiest once she came out of her chrysalis, able to just fly away from all her worries. No wonder she kept her happy-go-lucky personality. Had the humans been able to fly after her, no doubt she would never be at peace. Just like Isobu.


Gyuki, the belligerent meathead, didn’t even try. He went on a rampage in his chosen mountain range, his fury causing the air to roil and churn, wracking the landscape with savage thunderstorms. Any who approached found themselves in a struggle for survival against not just the enraged biju, but also the tumultuous environment.


Kurama would have likely done something similar, but he considered humans below him. Not even worth the effort. Why should he throw a tantrum when any human stupid enough to approach him soon learned the error of their ways? And so Kurama remained in his claimed forest and slept, uncaring of what happened. 


Until Uchiha Madara happened. Uchiha! Cursed Bloodline of Indra! And then the Shodaime and his blasted wife, the legacy of his father’s other human son. Who did they think they were, telling him that he was too dangerous to be left free. Locking him up behind those infernal seals. And then picking off his siblings one by one and handing them out like party favours! The audacity!


Stewing in his rage, being passed on from one seal to the next, never able to break free, Kurama brooded. Humans really were the worst. And they were all the same. Locking him up, calling him the monster, and then stealing his chakra for use in their wars. His stolen chakra had been used to kill more humans than he had personally killed throughout his millenia of life. If that wasn’t irony, what was?


Kurama was tired. He had been angry for so long, he couldn’t remember how to feel anything but rage. Half of him was missing, swallowed by the Shinigami alongside the cursed Yondaime. And now his new jailer was being taught to steal his chakra and call him a monster, the same as his predecessors.


In truth, he was starting to lose hope. The only freedom he had tasted since being controlled by the hated Uchiha had instantly been robbed of him by another Uchiha. Perhaps his torment would never truly end. No matter what words they use, humans always say the same thing.


“You know, Kyuubi, I’m coming after all that hate inside you, too, some day!”


As if that would ever happen. Humans are all the same after all, aren’t they?


Aren’t they?


Against his will, a tiny spark of hope was lit within Kurama.

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