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Author's note: I'm trying my hand at a new theme - well new for me. This is probably going to be a two shot only, but I want to know whether it's worth continuing it or not LOL I let you decide.

Warnings: Sakura's pov; Alternate universe; some drama; violence; slash; homophobic language; age difference; bad boy Sasuke; Sasuke having somewhat of a criminal record; NOT FOR SAKURA FANS

I hope you'll like this first part!

P.S. For the fans of Silver Linings: I updated it today!

Part 1

The Namikaze-Uzumaki family was known throughout the entire town and very much adored and loved.

Namikaze Minato had become the youngest police chief in the history of the town and was just as likely to catch a criminal as he was to help an old little lady getting her cat out of a tree. His handsome looks and charms had many a woman – and a couple of men – swooning and acknowledging that perhaps Prince Charming did exist after all. Their longing was for naught, however, because Minato was married to the beautiful Uzumaki Kushina.

Kushina's long natural red hair and her gorgeous looks had seen her striding over the catwalk for several years and adorning the covers of several high end fashion magazines. Some years ago she had waved the catwalk goodbye in favour of starting her own agency and models from across the country – and far beyond the borders – flocked towards it, eager to continue or even start their career underneath her wings.

The couple had one kid, a boy named Uzumaki Naruto. While he had inherited his father's hair and eye colour, his facial shape was entirely his mother's and he would be considered the perfect model if not for some birthmarks marring his cheeks. Not that he appeared to have an interest in following in his mother's footsteps, but if he did, he would most likely be able to bank on Kushina's reputation in spite of his odd birthmarks.

Naruto loved to pull pranks, but could be quite naïve as well, which was quite surprising considering he had a famous porn author as godfather. Sakura personally thought that the boy could be a bit too much at times – well, a lot to be honest – but she forced herself to be friendly each and every time the two of them interacted. Not only because they could be called neighbours – they lived across from each other – but also because she was hoping to become a model at Kushina's agency after she graduated from secondary school.

Ever since the small family had moved into their quant house, Sakura was in awe of Kushina, of the confident way she carried herself, how beautiful she looked even when just dressed in slacks and how she had managed to build up a popular, well sought after agency in just a couple of years. And she did that all by herself! She was an absolute force to be reckoned with and Sakura became inspired to be just like her. She longed to walk on the catwalk herself, have her own face and body adorning magazines, and she hoped that she could start this amazing career at Kushina's agency. If that meant being nice to her son, no matter how obnoxious he could be, then so be it.

She could – and would – use every bit of advantage that she could get and being known as someone friendly towards her son would always work in her favour, no? She drew the line at actually being his friend, because she definitely did not have the patience for that, but being friendly?

She could do that, no problem.

It was on a simmering hot day in late July when moving vans turned into her street.

Sakura was enjoying her study break outside, on the lounge chair her mum had purchased last summer and watched with growing interest how the two vans came to a slow stop. The house two houses down from the Uzumaki's had been on sale for three months now after the elderly couple had moved out in favour of a retirement home. She hadn't even noticed that the "FOR SALE" board hadn't been present anymore, but then again her brain had been rather frazzled lately with all the assignments and tests she had to prepare.

Their last year of secondary school truly was a brutal one; their teachers having not even an ounce of mercy for them.

She sat up straighter when two cars drove onto the empty driveway. They both looked expensive as hell, with the one on the left having tinted windows, but she couldn't immediately spot the brand's sign. Well, that didn't matter anyway, because she'd always been shit at remembering car brands by their signs.

The car on the right opened the door first and a tall man exited, his long black hair tied back in a low ponytail. He wore a simple dark green T-shirt and light blue jeans and he was rather handsome. As he was slipping his sunglasses on the collar of his shirt, the second car opened as well and Sakura's jaw dropped slightly as the sight that stepped out next.

The guy was smoking hot.

His spiky hair glinted black bluish in the sun and his face looked sculpted by an artist with his sharp cheekbones and mysterious black eyes. His black shirt was basically plastered against his muscled chest and his jeans looked moulded onto him. When he lifted his arm, she caught a glimpse of something colourful and she raised an eyebrow. A tattoo, huh? Not something a lot of guys here in their town tended to have.

He was smirking as he said something to the other man and she couldn't help but think, He looks like the definition of a bad boy.

The type every mother warned her kid against, because bad boys might be hot and charming, but they also always broke your heart and couldn't be trusted. Not that she knew for certain that the new neighbour was a bad boy, but his tattoo didn't exactly scream "innocent saint" either.

Then again, tattoos hadn't belonged exclusively to criminals and yakuza for a long time now. Maybe the tattoo had a significant meaning to him? And he was incredibly hot, she wasn't going to lie …

Perhaps her summer was about to get even hotter. Grinning she rose up and after stretching her arms she returned inside. Her break was unfortunately over for now, but she already knew what to do for her next one.

Introduce herself to the new neighbours.

It turned out that her initial assessment had been correct after all to her utter disappointment.

The two men who had moved in were brothers. The one with long hair was named Uchiha Itachi while his younger brother was called Sasuke. Handsome they both might be, but their past turned out to be anything but pretty.

The thing about living in a small town like theirs was that news and by extension gossip travelled very quickly. Lightning fast actually. Two guys moving in? Yeah, that was bound to get the tongues working and the local gossip brigade didn't disappoint.

Just one week after they had moved into their new home, Sakura caught the first rumours already when she was making a quick trip to the grocery store in order to pick up the remaining items for dinner.

"Their entire house went up in flames apparently," Ino's mum said, shaking her head. "Nothing could be saved."

"I heard their parents didn't make it out," Kiba's mum added sombrely. "I know they're in their twenties already, but still, much too early to lose both parents if you ask me."

"That does explain why the youngest went off the rails completely, though," Shino's mum grimaced. "I heard he's already got a criminal record. Theft, speeding, things like that. But what can you expect from someone decorated in tattoos like he is?"

"If he's got a criminal record, then basically living next to a police chief wasn't their smartest move," Ino's mum scoffed.

Now Sakura had been taught better than to take gossip at face value. Gossip was gossip after all; it was usually only based on rumours and not truth. So she did what she always had done when overhearing interesting gossip: she tried to do her own research.

As soon as she was home again and had handed over the groceries to her mum, she hurried upstairs, bringing up the google search page the second she sat back down behind her desk. It took a bit of digging and cross referencing several pages, but half an hour later she leant back in her chair and stared at the screen, pursing her lips.

It turned out that the previous Uchiha home had indeed burnt down to the ground. It was ruled accidental, something that had gone wrong with the wires, but it had as result that nothing remained of their family home. They had lived elsewhere for a little while before moving into her town. Some small articles mentioned an Uchiha Sasuke being caught both for speeding and for theft, though the article didn't mention what exactly he had tried to steal. He had somehow managed to avoid doing a stint in either juvenile or prison, but just looking at the articles it was clear that he was bad news.

Not the type of guy she wanted to associate with if she wanted to build up a successful career of her own.

"Well, this sucks," she sighed, pulling off her hair tie to fix her ponytail.

Sasuke was one of the hottest guys she'd seen so far and she had been hoping to score him as a boyfriend, but knowing what she knew now … It was for the best if she kept her distance. She had no clue whether he'd really waved the criminal world goodbye, but she wasn't willing to risk it either. She'd enjoy his looks from a distance, but that was all she was going to allow herself.

Because she definitely wasn't stupid nor naïve. No bad boy for her, no matter how hot he was. Plus at twenty-three years old he was a tad too old for her liking.

If Sasuke was trying to stay on the right path, he wasn't doing a very good job of it.

The middle of August saw Sakura enjoying her summer break, more than happy enough to put the books to the side for a bit. She and her friends had agreed to go to the lake and she'd been tasked with buying the snacks and drinks. She didn't mind, not when being in the store offered her some reprieve from the blistering heat outside.

"Looks like it's officially Loser Time, guys! Man, the store really has to put up a warning for that kind of shit!"

Sakura frowned and turned her attention away from the crisps, rolling her eyes when she spotted them. The guy running his mouth in question was Sakon, one of the local bullies. As always he was accompanied by Ukon, his twin brother, and their friends Jirobo and Kidomaru. That bitch Tayuya didn't seem to have joined them today because she was nowhere to be seen.

They were crowded in front of the meat section, surrounding Naruto like they usually tended to do. The group had their specific targets they loved to bully and the blond boy was regularly accosted by them. They seemed particularly offended by the fact that Naruto was gay, even though he had never made a pass on any of them – while he might be annoying, he had better taste than them luckily – and they didn't even run in the same circles at school.

Seeing them surrounding him made her sigh and debate whether she should interfere. She honestly wasn't in the mood for any kind of bullshit and besides this was a store. Not like they were going to be stupid enough to try something really serious here. They might be idiots, but they weren't that dumb.

"I wish they had, because then I'd have known to come back at another time," Naruto shot back with a sneer.

She snorted softly, grabbing a couple of bags of crisps from the shelves and throwing them in her basket. Yeah, looked like Naruto would be able to handle himself.

"You've got a big mouth for someone who's an ugly faggot!" Sakon jeered, making his cronies laugh like idiots.

Just as Sakura was about to walk away, ready to grab some bottles of soda, she heard the group behind her shouting before there was the obnoxious loud clanging noise of cans clattering on the floor. Shocked, she whirled around and her mouth dropped open when she saw what was happening.

Out of nowhere it seemed Sasuke had appeared and had punched Sakon; the force behind it flinging the guy into the tower of cans that had been built next to the aisle. Blood was rapidly gushing out of Sakon's nose as the guy groaned in pain and scrambled up. All the while Sasuke stood there with an icy calm look on his face before a dark smirk broke through.

"And you've got a big mouth for such a big coward. Can't take someone on your own, huh?" he taunted and raised his hands. "How about you take me on instead, hm?"

"What on earth is going on here?" A store employee came running, his brown eyes widening in shock when he saw the scene. "What the hell happened?"

"That lunatic over there punched my friend!" Kidomaru snapped, helping Sakon back onto his feet.

"Because you all decided to be pathetic bullies," Sasuke said unimpressed.

Naruto, meanwhile, just stood there frozen, slightly hidden behind the dark haired man. Sakura couldn't exactly blame him, because she also was having trouble digesting what had just happened. How close had Sasuke been that he had been able to hear that taunt?

"The police are being called right now, you and all of you," the employee pointed at Sasuke and the group, "are going to stay here until they've arrived. You want to fight, do it somewhere else!"

Right, that was her cue to leave before they would drag her into this. Truth be told, Sakon had had the punch coming, but given Sasuke's criminal record, this didn't exactly look good for him. If he had some luck, he would have one of Minato's colleagues showing up instead of the blond man himself.

Her curiosity got the best of her and so she lingered on the parking lot, wanting to find out what was going to happen when the police showed up. Neither one of the group had left yet and neither had Naruto, which was a stupid move if you asked Sakura. It was best not to get involved in that kind of trouble, especially not if your dad was the chief of the police. It didn't matter that technically Naruto had nothing to do with the punch; staying with someone as problematic as Sasuke was turning out to be was never a good idea.

It didn't take that long before a police car drove onto the parking lot, attracting the attention of the people loading their groceries into their cars. Sakura grimaced when she saw Minato stepping out of the vehicle, saying something to his partner; a young man with oddly silver coloured hair. Well, if Sasuke had been hoping to make a good impression on his neighbour then he could wave that chance goodbye now.

She startled when her phone buzzed against her thigh, ripping her attention away from the two police men walking into the store.

Ino Pig 01.56 p.m.

Where are you? Held up at the store?

Me 01.57 p.m.

Will be there soon. Just watched Sasuke-kun punch Sakon in the store. Police is here now

Ino Pig 01.57 p.m.

WTF?! Why?

Me 01.58 p.m.

Sakon was calling Naruto a faggot. Guess that hit a nerve with Sasuke-kun

A nerve indeed. She looked up when she noticed movement in the corner of her eye and watched how Minato and the other police man led the group outside. She was a bit too far away to hear what they were saying, but Naruto was arguing with his dad it seemed, while Sasuke stood there rather bored, like he hadn't just punched a guy in the face in the middle of a grocery store. She had to admire his balls somewhat.

Sakon and his friends were huddled together, scowling while Sakon held some paper towels against his nose.

Ino Pig 02.06 p.m.

Well fucker deserved the punch then. You coming or not? Lake is filling up

Me 02.06 p.m.


She threw one last look at the group before turning around and leaving.

Sakura didn't pay the new neighbours any special mind after that. She would wave and nod at them when she encountered them on the street, but she didn't go out of her way to talk to them either. The less she was associated with them the better, even if the older brother appeared to be more decent and more respective of the law.

"Kiba's parents are out of town next week," Ino mentioned; the line crackling slightly as she moved around in her room. "He mentioned throwing a party; you want to come with me?"

"Sure," Sakura agreed easily and stood up to open her window slightly, hoping to catch some of the breeze which was picking up slowly outside. "I'll tell my parents that I'm studying with you."

"Sounds good to me," her friend snickered. "I'll tell mine that we're studying at Hinata's place. They won't ever think of trying to call that family."

Mostly because they were rather uppity and there was no reason to ever suspect innocent Hinata of lying to cover for her friends.

An obnoxious loud roaring noise had her looking outside, a bit irritated, wondering just who the hell was being that damn loud. She was taken aback to see a motorcycle coming to a stop a bit before Naruto's house and when the guy took off his helmet, he was revealed to be Sasuke.

Huh, so he had a motorcycle now as well, huh?

She was ready to dismiss him in favour of tuning back into her conversation with Ino – who was currently cursing her laptop for not loading something fast enough – when unexpected movement had her looking out of her window once more.

Her jaw dropped when she saw what was happening.

Naruto walked quickly towards Sasuke, a jacket in his right hand, and the second he was within the older man's reach, Sasuke drew him closer and –

Kissed him full on his mouth.

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