The Long Way

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Chapter 1: The morning after



Staring up at the strip of early morning sunlight shining through the dark curtains, Sasuke let out a heavy, quiet sigh, hangover rolling violently through his head. He raised his left hand to push the dark hair from his eyes and placed it firmly on his forehead as if that would somehow ease the throbbing. The curtains above him were designed to block out all sunlight, but had been improperly close, and Sasuke was sure that was what had awoken him. He took a deep breath again, attempting to reconcile his current situation. In the past several years since accepting the fact he preferred men to women, he had been quite adamant about strictly being on the giving end of things rather than the receiving. In fact he’d been almost certain by this point that he may never bottom to anyone at all. While not entirely opposed to the thought, it would take the right person for him to be willingly put in such a vulnerable position. Or so he’d thought. How quickly the right amount of alcohol could remove your inhibitions. Now he glared down at the deep blue sheets that didn’t belong to him. 

Why of all people did it have to be him? It had been around four years since Sasuke had seen the young man laying beside him. Though the features had changed significantly from the skinny kid he’d so often come to blows with, the whisker like scars on either side of his face were unmistakable. Scars Sasuke himself was responsible for. As long as they’d known each other, He and Naruto had never been anything close to friends. In fact the last time they’d met, Naruto had punched him square in the face. But what was he even doing here? Sasuke had moved from one end of the country to the other to attend college right after high school. 


His eyes roamed over the sleeping figure who’s bed he currently occupied. The man slept on quietly, stretched out on his stomach. The morning rays of sunlight dancing across tanned skin and short blonde hair. No, this definitely wasn’t the Naruto he’d know since the age of five. For one, this version of Naruto appeared to have spent every day of the last four years at the gym. And for another, he’d out grown Sasuke by several inches. A fight with the younger man now would definitely result in more than a broken nose, he mused.


Memories of the previous night flooded his head, and Sasuke desperately wanted to slink away and forget their ill fated encounter. His right arm, however, was trapped beneath the still dozing blonde. While Naruto was certainly not ugly by any means, Sasuke was beginning to considering drastic measures in order to avoid the humiliation that surely awaited him when the man awoke. The king sized bed they occupied had been shoved up against the wall in an effort to make more space in what Sasuke was assumed was a studio apartment. Even if he did manage to free his arm without waking his bedmate, he was still trapped between Naruto and the wall, and it would be another miracle if he managed to also get out of the bed just as smoothly. Carefully, and very slowly, he rolled onto his side facing the blonde and attempted to inch his arm away. He’d made it barely a few tugs before Naruto startled awake and quickly sat up right.


“What time is it?” He slurred, turning away from Sasuke towards the alarm clock on the nightstand, not fully awake. Sasuke didn’t answer for when Naruto had turned his back, he’d caught sight of the deep, bloody scratches he’d left there in throws of pleasure, and he felt his face redden. Naruto found the alarm clock he was looking for and sighed in relief, mumbling something that Sasuke didn’t quite catch, and flopped back onto the bed. Sasuke caught sight of the dog tags around the blonde’s neck. That explained a lot, he thought. He knew there was a military base in the city, though he wasn’t sure where.  He stared up at the ceiling for a few moments before looking at Sasuke who was still too embarrassed to have moved. 


“Well, mornin’. You look like you’re freaking out’” he smirked. Deep blue eyes bore into his own.


“Im not.” Sasuke replied flatly.


“I’m the straight one…. Why are you the one freaking out?” He said softly and more to himself than to Sasuke. 


“I’m fine.” Sasuke glared at him, though he still hadn’t moved. His eyes unconsciously roamed the tanned muscular frame before him. He supposed he really couldn’t blame himself. “Just… surprised.”


His forehead furrowed. “Yeah, I’m surprised too. Never thought I’d have to see you again. Really never thought you’d be grinding against dick, begging for-“


“I did not beg for anything!” Sasuke hissed vehemently. Anger was helping him lose what little composure he retained.


Naruto gave a snort that turned into a chuckle, “besides that, you haven’t changed much.”


“You’re still an idiot.” Sasuke snapped. Naruto scowled and Sasuke knew he was starting to irritate him also. ‘Nothing’s really changed’ was right, he smirked to himself. Neither could resist provoking the other, and neither could back down. 


“It’s funny, cause, last time I saw you, you stole my girlfriend… and now… you’re the girlfriend.” He sneered back at Sasuke.


 Sasuke’s eyes narrowed. “Still tactless and crude as ever.”


“And you’re still a Jack ass.” He chuckled.”you’re nose healed nice.”


“Your face didn’t.” He shot back. “You know, for a straight man, You certainly liked me just fine last night, didn’t you.” Sasuke made a feeble attempt to return the embarrassment. 


Naruto however, only shrugged nonchalantly, “No, I don’t have to like you to do the things I did to you. And you definitely didn’t have to like me in to enjoy them.”


“Don’t get ahead of yourself. And don’t forget the amount of alcohol involved in this situation.” Sasuke attempted to defend his actions. His head hurt too much for this.


Naruto sighed, sitting up again. “I honestly don’t think you drank that much, but if it helps you to say so,” he shrugged, “whatever. I gotta go. I need to be on base in an hour. So, if you could go have your freak out somewhere else, that’d be great.” He stretched and stood up.


Sasuke floundered for a comeback, as Naruto rummaged through his closet, but nothing came. 


“I did not do laundry.” He said matter of factly to himself. “Can you find your own clothes and see yourself out?” He prompted Sasuke to start moving. 


Sasuke quickly untangled himself from the bed and and began searching for his clothes, making sure keep himself covered to hide the erection his body was threatening. How was this moron still turning him on? He could feel Naruto’s eyes on him as he pulled on his jeans.

“I never got to make you this flustered and off your game before. This is kinda fun for me.” He smirked.


“I hate you so much.” Sasuke sighed. His head was still pounding, but he couldn’t find his shirt anywhere. Naruto was still standing naked by the closet, and Sasuke really had to put effort into not ogling him in return.


Naruto continued to watch him. “Ya know,” he started, “I’ve got a little extra time.” He said leaving the implication open.


“Not a chance in hell. Not ever again.” He was getting even more flustered and desperately needed some fresh air. 


“Suit yourself,” he shrugged, heading toward the bathroom. “I think I ripped your shirt off at the door.”


Sasuke paused to absorb the last statement as he heard the water for the shower turn on. He managed to locate his t-shirt on the arm of the couch near the door and quickly pulled it over his head. He was sure that he’d also had a jacket but it was a loss he could afford if it meant getting out of the dark apartment sooner. Flinging open the front door, Sasuke was immediately assailed by the sun, causing his head to throb even more. He shielded his eyes with his hand and gave them a few moments to adjust before taking in his surroundings. A concrete walkway stretched out under his feet, with a pale blue metal banister before him. The motel style apartment building curved into a U-shape with only two floors. Naruto’s being the door in the uppermost corner. The mountain rose in front of him and the scent of the ocean on the warm summer breeze filled his nose. It occurred to Sasuke at this point that he had no clue where he was. Desperately he fumbled for his phone, but it wasn’t there. He turned to the door behind him but it had already shut and locked. Sasuke wasn’t even sure his phone was in there anyway as he could not remember that last place he had it. He heaved a sigh and headed to the stairs at the center of the walkway and down to the parking lot where he could pass through the archway in the building to the front. He paused again in the shade, trying to gather his thoughts. 


He had gone out with his roommates the night before to celebrate the end of term at their usual bar. Things had escalated when Karin had continually bought them all shots. He remembered that they had decided to bar hop and at some point he’d lost track of his friends and found… Naruto. He remembered their encounter. All of it. Every embarrassing detail, but for the life of him just couldn’t remember how he’d gotten there. Sasuke looked up at the beach that sprawled out in front of the apartment complex. Direction had never been his strong suit but he knew this city well enough to know that ocean was miles from where he lived. He definitely wasn’t going to be able to navigate his way back on his own without a phone. Swallowing his pride, he turned a trudged back up to Naruto’s apartment door. 


Reaching forward, he hesitated with his fist out stretched ready to knock but unable to make himself do so for a few moments. He took a deep breath and barely rapped his knuckles on the door twice when it flew open. Naruto stood there still pulling on a tan t-shirt and tucking it into the matching camo pants. He reached forward and handed Sasuke his phone and jacket without a word. He then pulled the door shut and walked past Sasuke down the path. 


Sasuke looked down in shock at the phone in his hand. “It’s dead.” He said blankly still staring stupidly at the now useless device. 

A loud sigh made him look to Naruto who had stopped only a few feet away, evidently piecing together is predicament. His camo jacket and backpack hung loosely over one shoulder, and blonde hair, still wet from the shower, sprinkled little droplets that darkened his shirt at the shoulders. 


“This is revenge for the girlfriend comment isn’t it.” He muttered to himself, and then turning  to Sasuke,“Where do you live?”


“Near campus.” Sasuke replied warily.


“Of course that’s in the opposite direction.” He sighed again dramatically, “come on.” Sasuke stared after him for a moment and had to sprint to catch up. He wasn’t eager to spend more time with the man, but if it meant getting home to bed faster, he’d accept the help.


Naruto led Sasuke down to the parking lot and over to an old, beat up black pick up truck. He unlocked the doors and threw his bag and jacket into the backseat. Sasuke opened the passenger door, which creaked loudly, and climbed in. The inside of the truck was quite dusty and smelled vaguely of cigarettes, he noted as he fasted the seatbelt.


 “I’m gonna be doing push-ups for an hour with a hangover. How are you still making my life fucking miserable?” Naruto said as he started up the vehicle. the clock in the dashboard read 6:30. He didn’t actually seem angry, nor did he appear to be in the great hurry he’d implied he was in. The engine purred loudly as they pulled away and Sasuke thought he rather liked the sound.


“I made your life pretty great for a few hours.”he said softly.


“You… yeah, ok. I’ll give you that one,” he shrugged. “What? I can admit it,” he added after Sasuke just stared at him.


“You’re not gonna ask if it was good for me?” He approached.


“Is there a point? You’re gonna say I sucked no matter what.” He laughed. “I hope you enjoyed it but I don’t think I’d ever get an honest answer from you.”


He had a point, Sasuke thought. “It didn’t suck, but I don’t really have a lot to compare that particular experience to.” He admitted honestly. 


“You gave me your v-card?” Naruto asked incredulously. Sasuke cringed. Why did he tell this idiot that? Why did he have to say it like that? “You actually probably should’ve said something. I would have been more gentle … well a lot more gentle actually.” He said guiltily.


“I’m fine. Idiot.” Sasuke was too embarrassed to look at him as the came to a stop light. “Where did you pick me up from?” He asked trying to change the subject. Naruto reached across the dash to point at a small dive bar on the corner of the intersection, only a block from the apartment they’d just left. ‘Red Bar’ was all the faded wooden sign said. It looked very unlike the bars Sasuke usually frequented and he was left wondering how the hell he’d gotten this far out of the main city. 


“I thought you said you were gay?” Naruto asked? Pulling Sasuke’s attention back. “But you’ve never-“


“I’ve had sex, just not ever been-“ he trailed off unable to finish, but Naruto seemed to understand anyway. 


“Ah,” was all he replied, and they continued the drive in semi awkward silence. 


Naruto had not asked for directions and Sasuke figured he must know the city better than he did, so he rested his head against the dirty window and let the sound of the engine lull him to sleep. It felt as though he’d barely closed his eyes when Naruto was gently shaking him awake. 


“I’ll drop you here.” He told him softly. Sasuke looked out the window blearily. They’d arrived at the corner of campus only a short ways from Sasuke’s apartment. He could walk from here and be home I less than five minutes. He nodded and mumbled a thank you as he hopped from the truck. 


“See you around, Sasuke,” Naruto said with a wave that he tiredly returned. He watched Naruto drive off for a moment and the started home. The campus and surrounding streets were quiet, and left Sasuke alone with his thoughts again.  They were so jumbled that all they did was hurt his head. It wasn’t long before he reached home. He was still lost in his head as he opened the door without looking up and rested his head on the frame as it closed. 


“What the hell happened to you?!” A loud voice pierced Sasuke’s head like a bullet and he froze. He had not expected any of his roommates to be up this early, but here all three of them were, sitting at the kitchen table staring at him over their bowls of cereal. ‘Traitors,’ Sasuke thought as he turned and slumped down the doorframe to sit on the floor with his head in his hands. 




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