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Ibiki reached the safe house around mid-day, hours earlier than he'd planned, but he didn't go directly inside. First he circled the building warily, looking for enemies. He didn't relax until he'd checked the area for traps or signs of struggle, and then he pulled the message out of his pocket and looked it over once more. Whoever wrote this was extremely stressed, he thought, looking at the handwriting.

The writing was dark and had been written with more pressure than was necessary. He's agitated, Ibiki thought. The letters were almost crammed together. Undereducated too.

It would have helped if he had been given the whole message, but by the time the corpse of the messenger pigeon had been found the note had been partly torn up. All that training and a damn cat in the dove cot ruined it all, he thought.

There had been enough information to know that Uzumaki Naruto needed backup, the place, and that it was urgent. He was in the area, so a surviving bird had been dispatched to him.

He stood to the side of the door in case of attack and knocked a few times, listening closely. Naruto opened the door. "Ibiki-san?" he asked. "Where is the medic I sent for?"

"Your message was only partly legible, and we didn't know you needed a medic," Ibiki said. "I've had some medical training. Brief me."

"I think Kakashi-sensei has been poisoned," Naruto said. He entered the run-down house, motioning for Ibiki to follow. From the outside it looked like an abandoned house, falling down at one end and barely holding up on the other. The smell of mildew, rotting wood and rat droppings filled the air, and Ibiki saw a large black rat scurry through and enter a hole into what had once been a couch, but was more of a pile of rotted fabric and wood now. He had to squint to see in the darkness, and the dust motes floating through the sparse light through a broken window only made the place more depressing.

Naruto lifted what looked like a fallen piece of board from the ceiling, and the tattered rug underneath raised as a trap door lifted. Ibiki started down the stairs, not liking the close nature of the place. He liked to be able to move around.

The bunker was spotlessly clean, mostly because it was so rarely used and so sparsely furnished that there hadn't been much chance for it to get dirty. Only the most basic essentials were stocked, with a few exceptions. There was no electricity, so only lanterns lit the small space, and a pantry held bottled water, medicine, and rations, along with canned goods probably meant to be eaten cold, since there was no way to cook. A basic chemical toilet was the only concession to modernity.

The few luxuries said much about whoever had built the place. A small bookshelf had some novels, and three large mattresses took up most of the room. On one of them Kakashi lay quietly, staring at nothing. Ibiki had never seen him without his mask, and the boyish face before him was charming, and more handsome than Ibiki would have imagined.

I always thought he was hiding something unattractive under there, he thought. People who wore masks were generally hiding something, and he'd wondered before what secret Kakashi kept under that mask. Apparently just a moderately normal, more than usually attractive face.

Kakashi lay on his side, with his knees pulled up to his chest, and his arms wrapped around them. Even though he shook as with a chill, his face was flushed and his eyes were glazed as if with fever. He breathed quickly, and Ibiki wondered if he was injured as well as poisoned, but Naruto assured him otherwise.

Ibiki knelt beside the mattress. "Kakashi, can you hear me?"

Kakashi's eyes focused on him, "Ibiki? What are you doing here?"

"Got a message that you needed help." He put a hand on Kakashi's forehead. Low fever, he thought. Could mean anything.

He began to check Kakashi, running through the extensive list of poisons that he knew. He quickly ruled out the most common. He looks a little jaundiced, he thought. "Look at me," he said, and pulled Kakashi's eyelid down. It looked off-color under the lid, almost tan.

Naruto hovered over him. "What's wrong? Can you help him?" He leaned over Ibiki so close that Ibiki had to fight the impulse to shove him back roughly. He pushed him away. "You're in my light," he said.

Naruto backed away, but he paced in the small space. "This is all my fault," he said. "I should have known our client was an enemy ninja. I had first watch while Kakashi slept, and I was only gone for a couple minutes. He waited until I went into the woods to take a piss, and when I got back he and Kakashi were gone. He only had Sensei for a little while before I caught up to them and killed him, but Kakashi was like this."

"He made me drink something," Kakashi said. His voice was strong, if quieter than normal.

"Were you injured?" Ibiki asked.


"The guy dropped this," Naruto said, picking up a small flask.

Ibiki smelled it, and he made a connection between the smell and Kakashi's symptoms. The medicinal smell of the liquid inside was just covered with the scent of milkweed and jimson tonic. "I think I know this poison," he said. "It was used on me when I was captured."

"What do we need to do?" Naruto asked.

I can't explain this to him, Ibiki thought. "I can administer an antidote. It will take a few days before he can travel, but he'll be fine. I need you to go to a town and get a few things for me."

"The nearest town is a day away!" Naruto said.

That should get him out of my hair for awhile, Ibiki thought. "I know, but I need these herbal supplements and a couple of medicines. Even with the antidote he needs to be protected against relapse. I really hope he's dumb enough for that, Ibiki thought. He wrote out a list of supplements and a stomach medication, and one for a sleep aid. Naruto won't know the difference between this and a treatment, he thought.

"Go," Ibiki said. "I'll start making the antidote, and by the time you get back he should be starting to recover."

Naruto wasted no time, and as he was gathering the few belongings he'd brought with him, Ibiki turned his attention back to Kakashi.

He was only dressed in boxers, and even though he was feverish Ibiki pulled a blanket up to his shoulders. "No sense in getting sick on top of poisoned," Ibiki said, but when Kakashi pushed the blanket off impatiently he let it lay.

Naruto left, and Ibiki was ready to begin.

"Don't waste time," Kakashi said. "How long will the antidote take?"

"I can start it right now," Ibiki said, "but I need to make sure it's the poison I suspect. Have you been able to keep any food down for the last two days?"

"No. I quit trying yesterday."

"Where is the pain?" Ibiki asked.

"Deep inside," Kakashi said. "It feels like flatulence and the Shinigami had a child and it it's dancing in my intestines."

He closed his eyes tightly and gritted his teeth.

"Did you just have a painful spasm?" Ibiki asked when Kakashi opened his eyes again.

Kakashi breathed heavily and didn't answer.

"Kakashi, you need to tell me what's happening so I can help you."

"It happens sometimes. If you know the antidote stop talking to me and use it!"

"It has to be the same poison that was used on me when I was captured. There is a jutsu involved, and it targets the..."

Kakashi interrupted. "Don't explain it. Just stop this!"

"Ok," Ibiki said. "Remember you said that."

He pulled down Kakashi's boxers, put his finger in his mouth and slid the tip into Kakashi's ass, feeling him clench around his finger.

"What are you doing?" Kakashi asked. "Get that out!"

Ibiki continued pushing his finger in.

"Did you really send Naruto away so you can rape me?" Kakashi asked, terrified. He tried to push away from Ibiki, but Ibiki simply pulled his finger out and held him down. He was too weak to fight, but he tried.

"Don't struggle," Ibiki said. "You'll just make it worse."

"If you stop now we can forget this happened," Kakashi said, "but if you rape me you'd better kill me, or I'll do things to you that you didn't know existed!"

"I'm administering the antidote, idiot," Ibiki said. "The jutsu targets the prostate," He pushed the finger in further and slid a second in with it. "Prostate massage is the only way to relieve the pain until the jutsu wears off."

"Why would anyone do that?" Kakashi asked.

"To put you in their control. The pain only gets worse until they relieve it, and most people would break before long. They kept me under the jutsu for five days."

"You're lying," Kakashi said. "There's no way fingering me is going to work as an antidote."

About that time Ibiki found Kakashi's prostate, and he began to rub gently, putting just enough pressure to stimulate without causing pain.

Kakashi sighed and relaxed. "I can't believe that worked."

"I wouldn't lie to you about something like that," Ibiki said.

"You can stop now," Kakashi said. "The pain is gone."

Ibiki shook his head and continued massaging Kakashi internally. "If I stop now the pain will come back immediately.  I have to make you cum first. The jutsu is designed that way so the torturer has complete control."

"I'm not gay," Kakashi said. "That isn't going to work."

Ibiki tactfully avoided mentioning the erection that Kakashi had covered with the blanket. You're straight now, but that jutsu will have its way with you, Ibiki thought, remembering his own experience. I was gay before though, so maybe he won't have it the same way I did. "I have to do this," he said. "You won't be able to eat or sleep in that much pain, and you'll eventually starve to death, if you don't kill yourself first."

Even if there hadn't been a jutsu involved Ibiki was good with his fingers, and he made Kakashi orgasm quickly.

"Ah, that usually doesn't happen," Kakashi said.

Ibiki chuckled as he pulled his fingers out. "It's ok. I wouldn't expect anyone to have much stamina after what you've been through."

Kakashi sat up, and Ibiki noticed that his breathing had slowed. "What happens now?" he asked.

"Now you eat and sleep as long as you need to."

"Nothing more?" Kakashi asked. "It seems like a jutsu/poison that complicated might have complicated effects."

More than you can possibly imagine, Ibiki thought.

"There's a lot more, but that's where we start. I've read some reports about this poison, and the after effects vary." There's no reason to distress him now. He'll find out soon enough.

"The pain will come back," Ibiki said. "I'll have to administer the antidote again, possibly for a couple days, perhaps longer."

"Ah. That's going to be awkward when Naruto gets back."

"I'll be discrete, but it may be over long before that," Ibiki said. "There's no reason for him to ever know."

"Domo, Ibiki." Kakashi ate part of a ration bar and gagged, barely holding it in.

"Your stomach will have to get used to food again," Ibiki said. "The jutsu makes the stomach cramp. It's incredibly effective as a torture device."

"You've used this on people?" Kakashi asked.

"I'm not that kind of monster," Ibiki said. "I only get information out of people. I'm not into rape. The sort of people who would do this enjoy causing pain. I'm just good at it."

"Sorry, sorry," Kakashi said. "I always assumed..."

"I know you did," Ibiki said. "Everyone does. I let them; it's good for business."

Kakashi yawned widely and his eye drooped.

"Rest until the pain wakes you," Ibiki said. "We can see what happens after that."

"I'm sorry you had to do that," Kakashi said.

Don't be. I enjoyed it, Ibiki thought. "Just think of it as a medical treatment if it helps."

"How did you go through five days of that and stay sane?" Kakashi asked.

"Who says I stayed sane?" Ibiki quipped, and he noticed the worried look on Kakashi's face. "You'll be fine, eventually."

"What do you mean eventually?" Kakashi asked.

"I mean in a couple of weeks or so." That's about as close to the truth as I should get until he discovers it for himself. He might escape the long-term effects.

The feverish look and glazed eyes had left, and if Ibiki hadn't known what had just happened he never would have suspected that Kakashi had been poisoned, but he knew he'd be weak for at least a few days.

After Kakashi fell asleep Ibiki indulged himself and watched the younger ninja. He was still nude from the waist up, and Ibiki wanted to run his hand over that strongly built chest.

That uniform hides one hell of a body,, Ibiki thought. Kakashi slept with his mouth slightly open, and Ibiki couldn't help but picture himself slipping his member into it, and the surprised look Kakashi would have as he forcibly took him, sliding deep into his throat and making him gag before he came.

What the hell is wrong with me? Ibiki thought, but the picture wouldn't leave, and when Kakashi rolled over onto his stomach to sleep more soundly Ibiki felt himself sweat a little. Did you have to pick that position to sleep in?

He was cursed with a vivid imagination, but he didn't try to stop the fantasy. It would be so easy, he thought. Just a pull at the boxers and Kakashi would be at his mercy, and with the jutsu still active if currently calmed he would be angry but he wouldn't try to stop him. He'll need it later, Ibiki thought, but I'll wait until he wants it. I haven't done anything dishonorable yet.

But there would come a time when he could make Kakashi do anything he wanted, and he reminded himself that he couldn't take advantage of an ill comrade.

Kakashi pushed the blanket off, and Ibiki put his hand against Kakashi's cheek without waking him. Still a little feverish, he thought, and as he felt his pulse he wanted to slide his hand down, feel his back, and then slide it under him, squeezing Kakashi's dick and making him squeak a bit in surprise.

The thought made him smile. It also made him hard, and Kakashi never knew that the Chief Interrogator of Konoha was masturbating as he watched him sleep.

He took one of the other mattresses and slept, but his dreams were troubling. One of them started out nicely enough, with Kakashi begging him to take him and do it hard, but it suddenly shifted to him being held down by his captors as they had fingered him, relieving him temporarily. He'd given them no information, but every time they let the pain build until he was incapable of interaction he felt as if he'd simply die from the pain and humiliation. Then one of them would roughly handle him, without much preparation more often than not, and he'd be left in a dark room on a concrete floor with the aftereffects of the jutsu making him want his captors to come back and penetrate him again. They had mocked him as they penetrated him, and that humiliation was something he still dreamt about.

Ibiki woke from the dream feeling dirty and frightened, until he heard Kakashi snore and remembered where he was. I'll make sure he doesn't feel humiliated, Ibiki thought. No one should ever have to go through that.

He gave up sleeping and lit one of the lanterns, reading a Geology Text to kill the time. Why would anyone have put this here? he wondered.

Kakashi began to mumble and shift in his sleep, and he woke with a sharp grunt and rolled over onto his back. He sat up and blinked blearily, looking around in confusion for a few seconds.

"I thought I was back in Konoha," he said.

"Did the pain wake you?" Ibiki asked.

"Yes. I dreamed I was being raped by a porcupine."

Ibiki laughed in spite of himself. "Sorry," he said, "but the mental picture is amazing."

Kakashi smiled hesitantly, and Ibiki knew why he hid his face under a mask. Who could work with him with that distracting smile? he thought. Keep it together. You're about to have your fingers inside him again, and you don't want him to feel abused. Don't let him know you want this.

"It isn't anywhere near as bad as it was," Kakashi said. "I can deal with this."

Ibiki felt regret that he wasn't needed yet, and then shame as he realized how unprofessional the thought was. It's just a medical treatment, he thought. But he wanted to feel inside Kakashi and watch him relax again as Ibiki made him climax.

That was one of the hottest things I've ever seen, he thought. He had one of the most powerful ninjas in the world in his control, and it was exciting in a way he'd never felt before.

"So what books are in here?" Kakashi asked, and he avoided Ibiki's eyes, looking away uncomfortably every time their gaze met.

"Mostly novels," Ibiki said. "I found some textbooks. It's better than nothing."

Kakashi dressed and pulled his mask up, effectively hiding from the world, and disappointing Ibiki.

With time to kill they read, or pretended to read. Ibiki was too wrapped up in thought to digest what he was reading, and he noticed that Kakashi had been on the same page for several minutes. He kept one hand on the book and the other next to him, and Ibiki noticed that he occasionally twisted the discarded blanket in his fist.

Pain management techniques, Ibiki thought. It's already getting bad. I wonder how long it will be before he tells me.

Kakashi gave up pretending to read and began to rummage through the supplies.

"What are you looking for?" Ibiki asked.

"Alcohol," Kakashi said. "I've never needed a drink so bad in my life."

"I don't think anyone would have left liquor here," Ibiki said.

"It's hurting worse," Kakashi said, "and I'd rather not be sober for this."

Not very complimentary, Ibiki thought, but he knew how demeaning this must feel to Kakashi. It isn't personal. He's just embarrassed.

"It's just a medical treatment," Ibiki said. "Get undressed and I'll help you again."

Kakashi undressed completely this time, and Ibiki allowed himself to enjoy "treating" him. This time Kakashi writhed slightly when Ibiki touched his prostate.

"Is that helping?" Ibiki asked.

"Yes," Kakashi said, but in a few minutes he told Ibiki, "the pain is getting worse now."

"What is your body trying to tell you?" Ibiki asked. This is progressing a lot faster than it did with me.

"I need more pressure," Kakashi said.

Ibiki rubbed harder, but he knew what Kakashi would need before the pain would stop. He leaned to the side so that his erection was on Kakashi's blind side and out of his field of vision. Just say it, he thought. We both know what you need.

Kakashi began to breathe harder and sweat, but Ibiki knew it wasn't from the stimulation. "It's getting worse," he said. "It's almost as bad as before."

"I know what you need," Ibiki said, "but you have to ask. I'm not going to rape you." Even as he said it he pictured himself holding Kakashi down and taking him if he wanted it or not. What the hell? he wondered. I've never been into that.

Kakashi turned his face away from Ibiki, putting it into his pillow. Ibiki could barely hear him say, "stick it in me." Kakashi got on his hands and knees.

Ibiki obliged willingly, feeling Kakashi slowly surround and accept his dick. "Oh that's good," Ibiki said.

"Just get it over with," Kakashi said, and Ibiki began to push into him, barely stopping himself from pounding Kakashi as hard as he wanted to. I could destroy this ass and he'd just want more, he thought as the pressure built and he began to thrust harder.

Kakashi grunted. "Slower," he said. "Not so hard."

Ibiki barely managed to restrain himself until Kakashi came, and then he came hard inside him.

Kakashi collapsed on the bed . "That helped," he said.

It helped me too, Ibiki thought. "Let me know when it gets bad again," he said.

Kakashi lasted longer without asking for help, but when Ibiki entered him he immediately began to show signs that he was enjoying the "medical treatment". He moaned, something Ibiki hadn't heard men do often.

"You like that?" Ibiki asked.

"It's just a medical treatment, remember?" Kakashi asked. "I'm not gay."

Ibiki pushed a little harder, and Kakashi began to push back against him, accepting him fully and moving in rhythm.

Not gay my ass, Ibiki thought. If you weren't before you are now.

"Harder," Kakashi moaned.

Ibiki obliged, and when Kakashi didn't ask him to slow down he moved faster beginning to ram Kakashi as hard as possible as he forgot himself and gave in to the pleasure.

By the next day Kakashi was more comfortable telling Ibiki what he wanted, and Ibiki began to see signs of the side effects of the jutsu. He's going to be pissed when he realizes what's happening, Ibiki thought. As they ate Kakashi kept giving him an odd look.

"Ibiki, I'm starting to feel...odd. What else does this jutsu do?"

"How are you feeling odd?" Ibiki asked.

"I'd rather not say," Kakashi said, and he looked down at his ration bar, avoiding Ibiki's eyes again.

"I need to know," Ibiki said. "This jutsu is so dangerous that I don't want to miss any chance of complications."

"It isn't even hurting right now, but I..."

Ibiki waited.

"That is, I think it's affected how..."

Kakashi scratched the back of his head.

"Go on," Ibiki said. "You should know by now that I won't judge you for what's happening."

"I need you again," Kakashi said.

"That's a side effect," Ibiki said. "A connection to the torturer is useful, and sex is a powerful connection."

"How long does this last?" Kakashi asked.

"Probably not more than a couple days," Ibiki said. He remembered his own shame as he lay in his bed in the hospital in Konoha recovering from his ordeal. He had ached for his captors to be inside him, a feeling so strong it was unbearably real.

As Kakashi undressed Ibiki thought he looked miserable. He gave in to an urge that he'd been repressing. Up until then he'd carefully kept himself to relieving Kakashi's symptoms, but as he pumped and thrusted he put his hand under Kakashi and squeezed his member, feeling Kakashi's erection.

"Don't," Kakashi said. "I don't want this to feel so good. I want it to end."

Ibiki suddenly wanted no more of this. It's like I'm raping him. He doesn't want this.

He pulled out, leaving both of them unfulfilled. Kakashi sat on the edge of the mattress, tapping his foot and looking at the floor.

"It does end," Ibiki said.

"It doesn't feel like it will," Kakashi said. He glanced at Ibiki's erection. "I want you so bad I can't think of anything I've ever wanted more. Stick it back in before I go mad."

Ibiki made a sudden and difficult decision. "No," he said. "You're past the physical pain. This is when the torturer uses the addiction, and it is an addiction,- that the jutsu creates to control the victim. I won't make you a victim."

Ibiki quickly jerked off to relieve the pressure, aware that Kakashi was watching him lustfully. "I'm going outside for awhile," he said. "Try to sleep or read or something, just get your mind off what your body is telling you."

He left the bunker and sat outside the broken-down house, using a fallen log for a bench. The breeze and fresh scent of pine trees helped him to center himself, and he closed his eyes and breathed deeply, trying to meditate.

When he finished meditating he felt serene, and he sat until the sun sunk below the horizon. His calm was gone when he re-entered the bunker and saw Kakashi, fully clothed, sleeping on his stomach again. His mask was on, but he had left off his hitai-ate. His unruly hair lay tousled on the pillow around him, and Ibiki wanted to push it away from his face, pull down his mask, and kiss him. He imagined a welcoming smile, the look of a partner, not a comrade who just needed his body for a short time.

He doesn't want you, Ibiki thought. Get over it.

But when Kakashi woke he looked at him with the same lustful look. This isn't real, Ibiki thought. He'll hate you in a few days.

There wasn't much to do in the small room, so Ibiki sat growing increasingly irritated as Kakashi tried to distract himself by reading, fidgeting, rummaging through the supplies again, and then beginning to talk about anything and everything.

"So Gai is still mad at me, but I won the challenge," Kakashi said. It was the fourth story he'd told Ibiki in an hour.

"Could you stop talking?" Ibiki snapped.

"Sorry, sorry," Kakashi said. "I'm not usually chatty."

He sat quietly, but then he began to fidget again, tapping a foot and then sighing.

"Would you stop that?" Ibiki yelled. "You're driving me nuts. Naruto should be back in six hours or so. We can start traveling then. It should take your mind off of all this."

Kakashi shifted, but before he changed position Ibiki noticed his erection pushing at his pants. Great, he thought, yelling at him turned him on. I was hoping he wouldn't have to deal with that part of the jutsu. I'll bet he's not normally a submissive.

Ibiki tried to remain professional, but he knew what Kakashi was feeling, and it was impossible to keep his mind from wandering. He'd let me do anything to him right now, Ibiki thought.

"Ah, Ibiki? Naruto should be back in a few hours. Do you think...just one more time?"

Ibiki was glad Kakashi was still fully dressed. If he'd been looking at his firm, ready body he probably couldn't have said no. "We shouldn't," Ibiki said. "I remember what this feels like, but you don't really need any more from me right now. It would just make things more complicated."

"Yeah," Kakashi said, but Ibiki knew he wasn't convinced so much as reacting to the part of the jutsu that would make him react to any suggestion Ibiki gave him.  The thought of Kakashi letting him tie his hands and put a gag in his mouth almost made Ibiki forget his duty to his comrade. I never tried bondage before. I'd love to have him under me voluntarily.

He was relieved when Naruto returned, but surprised at how Kakashi changed as soon as his student entered the room. Ibiki had seen him confused, horney, and miserable, but now all emotion left Kakashi's visible eye, and it drooped at if he was bored or sleepy.

"Did you have any problems?" Kakashi asked.

"No. It was a quick in and out. They were all over the counter drugs, so I didn't have to steal them."

"Take the supplements, but save the medicines for later, if you need them," Ibiki said.

Kakashi obeyed, looking at Ibiki with the same distant look that he had given Naruto. It felt as if a door had closed between them.

He isn't honest with many people like he was with me, Ibiki thought. I wish it was for legitimate reasons.

As they traveled Kakashi kept away from Ibiki, and when they camped for the night he acted as if he had no connection with him other than as an occasional mission partner.

He thinks he's too good for me now, Ibiki thought, and he felt sour with distaste and anger. I wouldn't have thought it of him, but he doesn't even want Naruto to know that we're friends. Are we friends? I guess not.

When they reached the gates of Konoha and parted ways, Kakashi said. "Thank you for the antidote. That was a bad poison." He smiled, but it wasn't the honest, genuine smile Ibiki had seen before. It was a slight lift of the cheekbones that let the movement be seen above his mask, but his eyes didn't change.

”Don't worry about it," Ibiki said. "I would have done it for any comrade in need."

He was sure the surprise on Kakashi's face was genuine, and as he walked away he hoped he had hurt Kakashi as badly as he'd been hurt by him.

Loneliness was an unfamiliar feeling to Ibiki. He loved to be alone, away from the demands of the world, but that night his house felt empty and deserted. I need to get a whore, he thought. Kakashi is just another man who used me. I mean nothing to him.

The next day he had to attend a briefing that involved all of the Jounin. Kakashi met his gaze coolly and distantly, and then turned away from him to say something to Anko. After his duties he returned home and sat in an overstuffed chair, drinking beer and fuming.

He fell asleep in the chair, and two hours later he woke slightly, just enough to realize he was awake and return to the dream he'd been having. In the dream Kakashi came into his home, drunk and holding a mostly empty whiskey bottle. He was disheveled, his clothes out of order and his hitai-ate askew.

"What the hell did you do to me?" he demanded.

"I didn't hide anything I was doing," Ibiki said. "You wanted it, even after the pain was gone. Don't blame me."

Kakashi threw the bottle at him, obviously aiming for his head. Ibiki didn't bother moving, and the bottle hit the wall several feet to his right.

"Having some depth perception problems, one-eye?" Ibiki asked, and he smirked.

"I have a problem," Kakashi said. "I had this blonde at my place, and I couldn't get it up for her. You did this to me." He pointed down at his erection. "It only works for you now."

"So did you come over here to complain, or did you want something else?" Ibiki asked.

"You know what I want," Kakashi said.

"I'm not a gentle man, Kakashi. I was kind to you, and then you pretended like you didn't even know me, like you hadn't squirmed and whimpered with pleasure under me while I took your back door virginity. Why should I do anything for you?"

"I need you," Kakashi said.

"No you don't. You need a quick fix and then you'll treat me like a piece of meat again. I'm not much more than a dildo to you."

"That isn't true," Kakashi said.

"If you're in pain, go to the hospital. If you aren't then get out of my house," Ibiki said.

Kakashi pulled his mask down, and Ibiki knew exactly what he wanted the arrogant ninja to do.

"Just once more," Kakashi said, "and I'll never bother you again."

Ibiki unbuttoned and dropped his pants, followed by his boxers. "Fine," he said, "but you don't mean anything to me. You're just a tight ass that I like being in. But this time you're going to earn it. If you want this in you make it hard with your mouth."

Kakashi stumbled slightly as he crossed the room, and Ibiki could smell the whiskey on his breath. When he moved to kiss Ibiki, Ibiki stopped him. "Do what I told you to," he said.

Kakashi knelt and took Ibiki into his mouth inexpertly. "Have you never given a blow job before?" Ibiki asked. "Never mind. Keep it in your mouth, but more tongue and don't let me feel your teeth again."

Even with his lack of experience Kakashi quickly made Ibiki hard, and Ibiki twisted a hand in his hair, pulling forward and shoving his entire length down Kakashi's throat. The wet, choking sound of Kakashi trying to breathe turned Ibiki on even more, and he began to move, thrusting all the way into Kakashi's throat again and again.

He was surprised when instead of pushing him away Kakashi put his hands behind Ibiki's ass and cupped his cheeks. He began to eagerly take Ibiki's cock.

Ibiki looked down at the arrogant pretty-boy who thought he was so far above him. "Not so superior now, are you?" he asked.

Ibiki woke in his chair. That was intense, he thought, and way too extreme. I've been overreacting.

Two days later he was working in his office when his secretary announced, "Hatake Kakashi to see you sir," in her nasal voice.

Kakashi closed the door behind him.

"Well?" Ibiki asked.

"If this is a bad time I can come back," Kakashi said.

"No. Say what's on your mind."

"This is a mistake. I'll just go now."

"We should deal with this now before it becomes a problem professionally," Ibiki said. "We'll have to work together, and I don't want misunderstandings."

"I just have a couple of questions for you," Kakashi said.

"Oh sure. We're alone so you'll talk to me, but when we're in public you're too good for me," Ibiki said.

"What? No!" Kakashi said. "I was still under the effect of that jutsu. I had to use all of my discipline not to beg you to fuck me. It was all I could think about all day, and every time I looked at you I couldn't think about anything besides what you felt like inside me. I couldn't come talk to you until I got over that. I wanted you to know that it isn't just the jutsu that makes me want you."

Ibiki stood and glared at Kakashi. "You lie really well, Kakashi. How can I be sure you're telling me the truth now?"

Kakashi locked the door behind him and moved close to Ibiki. Before Ibiki realized what was about to happen Kakashi knelt before him and pulled Ibiki's pants down. He took Ibiki into his mouth, but instead of the fumbling inexperience of a straight man giving his first blow job he moved his tongue expertly, twirling it and licking in a way Ibiki had never expected.

Ibiki put his hand on Kakashi's head, stroking the soft white hair and running his fingers through it. Kakashi took his mouth off Ibiki and looked up with a smirk and a mischievous glint in his eye.

"Don't stop," Ibiki said.

Keeping eye contact with Ibiki, Kakashi put two fingers in his mouth and pulled them out slowly, dripping with saliva. As he took Ibiki's member into his mouth again he reached around behind him and slid one finger after the other into Ibiki's ass, finding his prostate and massaging exactly as Ibiki had done to him.

Ibiki gasped as Kakashi began to suck harder in rhythm with the movement of his fingers, and when he came Kakashi pulled close to him, keeping his entire length inside his throat until Ibiki was finished.

Kakashi stood, licking a bit of cum that had leaked out of his mouth. "Now do you believe me?"

"You said you were straight!" Ibiki said.

"I was," Kakashi said, "but I've given a few blow jobs to achieve mission objectives. The prostate thing I learned from you. I guess I'm not as straight as I thought."

Ibiki buzzed his secretary. "Hold my calls and reschedule my appointments. I have to take a full report on a recent mission."

Kakashi smirked at him again.

"It may take some time," Ibiki told his secretary. "This is going to require all of my attention."

Kakashi grinned, an honest and open expression.

Ibiki took his finger off the phone. "I could get used to that smile," he said.

The kiss they shared was long and gentle, entirely unlike his dream and his fantasies, but exactly as he wanted.

"I don't suppose you keep some rope around here?" Kakashi asked. "You seem like the kind of guy who might."

It was Ibiki's turn to grin. "No, but I have some handcuffs if you're into that. I've never tried it before, but it sounds fun."

"I can escape handcuffs," Kakashi said. "You'll have to restrain me, or I might get away."

"I'll have to see what I can do to distract you and keep you here then," Ibiki said.

"I might struggle," Kakashi said.

"I hope you do. I really hope you do."


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