Fix Our Broken Past

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Author's note: This day was quite exhausting and I didn't get any time to decently write until tonight, which is why this oneshot is posted so late. I'm not entirely happy with it, but I still wanted to post this for Sasuke's birthday, because he deserves better. Naruto deserves better. Kurama deserves better. Everyone deserves better, even Sakura.

So yes, this is another canon fix, because fuck you Kishimoto for betraying your characters this much. There are SPOILERS for those who haven't read up to around chapter 55 of the Boruto manga. Now, I'm not entirely up to date with that manga (as I still need to read it) but I picked up about some major events and did some research. I'm still winging it partly, because in this one Sasuke retains his Rinnegan, because there is no way in hell that little shit would manage to stab his eye out.

So spoilers up to chapter 55 and you've got an author winging some things. Hope you won't mind too much.

Warnings: Sasuke's pov; canon divergent after chapter 55; spoilers up to chapter 55 of Boruto; angst; drama; violence; fixing canon again because DAMN IT KISHIMOTO; slash; very vague implied MPreg at the end; giving everyone the happy ending they deserve

Dedicated to Sasuke, because yes I do celebrate my favourites' birthday.

I hope you'll like it!

Fix Our Broken Past

They had won, but at what cost?

It was a question Sasuke asked himself over and over again after the fight was finally over and they were surrounded by several dead bodies, the group Kara finally defeated. So they hoped at least.

A question which kept bouncing back and forth in his mind as they dragged their battered and exhausted bodies back to Konoha, where Sakura and several other medic nin were awaiting them, their faces alarmed as they took in the state they were in.

Something he kept wondering about as Sakura fussed over him, addressing his wounds and trying to get him to talk about what exactly had happened. He remained silent, his gaze fixated on the wall separating him from Naruto.

Naruto, who was no longer a Jinchuuriki.

Naruto, who no longer had the Kyuubi inside of him, because the chakra being had died, perishing after giving his vessel one last power boost. A power boost beyond anything any of them had ever witnessed, but the price it demanded had been too steep. What was the point of being incredibly powerful when it came with such a heavy sacrifice? Hadn't Naruto suffered enough already throughout his life? Hadn't he been forced to sacrifice too much without having to say goodbye to his Bijuu as well?

They had survived so many enemies, Akatsuki, Madara, Kaguya, Toneri … And never had it been too much for the nine-tailed demon fox. He'd always been there, on Naruto's side, ready to lend him his strength whenever he had needed it. Kyuubi himself had passed through so many vessels in his lifetime – how could one group have been too much? How could one enemy have forced Naruto and Kyuubi to the point of no return?

What was Naruto going to do now? Several of his high ranked jutsu had relied on using Kyuubi's chakra at least partly; what was going to happen now when the Hokage had no longer access to that large chakra pool? Could he overcome this loss? Could he push himself beyond the loss of a being he had come to view as one of his closest friends, of something that had been inside of him his entire life?

Sasuke hoped, prayed he could do that, could be just as strong as before, pushing through any hardship with that fixed stubbornness of his, but this time … This time, Sasuke feared it might be too late. He worried that this time even Naruto's eternal optimism might not be enough to keep him afloat.

What was the point of winning when the cost was too much?

He was stuck at the hospital for a week, his chakra reserves too drained from the fight to leave earlier. Tsunade had assigned herself to be his doctor and Naruto's. Perhaps she didn't trust any of the other doctors and nurses to do a proper job, maybe she thought the others would be too noisy.

Whichever was the case, Sasuke didn't mind her presence too much. She was still a formidable medic even at her age and while Sakura definitely had taken after her, Sasuke couldn't deal with her right now. He didn't want to answer her pressing questions, didn't appreciate her urging to talk to her. She meant well, no doubt, but he didn't want to talk. Not to her at least.

"Looks like you're going to completely recover once more," Tsunade commented on day seven, stepping away from the bed, letting her chakra seep back into her body. "One day your luck is going to run out, but for now you'll live. I advise you to stay one more day here and then you can leave."

"What about Naruto?" Sasuke inquired, narrowing his eyes slightly. It hadn't escaped his notice that she hadn't mentioned the blond man even once in the entire week he had been here.

She sighed softly; her brown eyes darkening just a tad. "He can leave the hospital tomorrow as well."


"But what, Uchiha?" she said exasperatedly and rested her hands on her hips. "I don't think you need me to tell you that he isn't doing that great," she sneered, but her eyes were devoid of any fire, as empty as Naruto's eyes had looked like when they had returned to Konoha.

"Will he completely recover you think?" he asked, ignoring her tone. She was almost as close as he was to Naruto, it was natural that she was upset as well.

She pursed her lips together and leant her hip against the foot end of the bed. "I don't know," she admitted begrudgingly. "It was one thing to say goodbye to a limb, but he has considered Kyuubi as a friend for years now. Hell, that damned fox has literally been with him his entire life. Physically he'll recover, no doubt. He still has the Uzumaki genes after all and that clan has an incredibly lifespan of their own already. Mentally?"

She shook her head and turned away from him, staring out of the window. She wouldn't see much, though; this side of the hospital merely looked out at another building belonging to the hospital. "I don't know. That brat has worked through some serious hits before, but this … Normally a Jinchuuriki dies when the Bijuu is extracted. Kyuubi is the only one who died this time, however, so Naruto's case is unique. I don't think any Jinchuuriki has been pushed to this ultimate mode before, so there's nothing to fall back on."

"What do you think personally?" Sasuke insisted, curling his remaining hand into a fist.

He didn't need to be told that Naruto's situation was very unique now; he knew that. He didn't need a guidebook to tell him that.

"Personally?" Her eyes shifted back to him and the look in them had him tensing up involuntarily. "Personally I think we're going to have to be really careful the second he leaves the hospital."

She grabbed the files she'd put to the side when she'd started examining him and walked to the door. "Having to stay for one more day doesn't mean that you're bedbound by the way," she said meaningfully, letting the implication hang in the air before she left, closing the door gently behind her.

Well, if he had her permission …

Naruto looked like utter crap, plain and simple.

Sasuke had seen him bruised and bloodied before, covered in grime or something else disgusting, looking like he'd been hit by several boulders at once. He'd been covered in blood, bleeding out of his stump while barely being able to see out of his bruised eye after he and Sasuke had fought at the Valley of the End. Sasuke had seen him drenched, bleeding out of his shoulder and knocked unconscious during their first fight at the Valley of the End; one where he had tried to severe their ties for the first time.

Naruto had looked like shit plenty times before, an unfortunate side-effect of being a shinobi, but he'd still looked alive back then, even joking and laughing during some of those times. Even when he'd been knocked unconscious, there had still been that spark, that colour in his face letting everyone know he wouldn't be down for the count for long.

Now, as he sat up in his hospital bed, staring out of the window and plucking at the bandages around his right arm, he looked like one small gust of wind would topple him over. The bags underneath the Kazekage's eyes paled in comparison to the bruises underlining once bright blue eyes and there was a sickly pallor to his skin that had never been there before.

At the sound of the door being closed, Naruto twitched and the corners of his mouth twitched in a parody of a smile. "Hey Sasuke, did you miss me already?" he questioned lightly, but he didn't look at the dark haired man.

"Well, it was rather quiet without a running commentary about everything that pops up in your head," Sasuke retorted, drawing closer to the bed.

Naruto huffed. "Rude," he muttered, but he didn't do more than that.

"You ready to leave this place tomorrow?" Sasuke questioned casually, resting his hand on the foot end of the bed.

"Hm, though I'm not looking forward to all the paperwork that needs to be done," Naruto muttered and wrinkled his nose. "You think I can convince Shikamaru to take pity on me and do the paperwork for once?"

The joke fell painfully flat, especially because Naruto had never been the type to desire pity.

Heaving a quiet sigh, Sasuke sat down on the mattress. "You look like shit," he said bluntly, because why try to be delicate now when he had never been that? Naruto wouldn't want that from him.

"I feel like shit," Naruto smiled humourlessly. "Though you don't look like a model now yourself, you know?"

"Pretty sure Kyuubi would kick your arse if he saw you like this," Sasuke murmured, eyeing the other one sharply just in case he needed to brace himself for a Rasengan.

"Yeah well, he's not here anymore to do that, huh?" Naruto retorted flatly and he appeared as motionless as a statue now; his gaze fixated on a point somewhere behind Sasuke.

"Naruto …"

The former Jinchuuriki shook his head with a wan smile. "Don't worry, bastard. I'll be all right, I promise. I never give up, remember?"

That had been true before – but before he still had had Kyuubi.

Naruto wouldn't be all right. That was plain to see for everyone who knew him well.

The second he was released from the hospital he went straight to his office and started chipping away at the towering paperwork that awaited him there. He remained there until late at night and then briefly went home to sleep on the couch there. The second and the third night he simply remained at the office, falling asleep on the couch there. He continued that pattern throughout the following days and nights.

Sasuke would know, as he was keeping an eye on Naruto. They were no strangers to near lethal fights; he had never seen a reason to linger in the village before after such a fight. Usually after ensuring they both would live, he would leave again, try to track down more information. Naruto had given him the go ahead actually, had told him he didn't have to stay, but …

This time it was different. This time he saw how Naruto was wasting away day after day. He watched Shikamaru try to convince the blond man in vain to take some rest. He looked on as Hinata attempted to get him to stay longer at home, get some more sleep, please, Naruto-kun.

He listened as Tsunade stopped by the office, berated Naruto for being an idiot and admonishing him for not taking properly care of himself, careful not to mention that this time Kyuubi wouldn't be there to take up his slack. If Naruto collapsed now, there wouldn't be a demon fox urging him on anymore. If Naruto got hurt now, healing would take much longer.

The death of the demon fox left a glaring hole behind, noticeable to all who knew about it, which in itself wasn't such a large group of people. It wouldn't do for word to get out that the Seventh Hokage was no longer in possession of Kyuubi. There were still enemies out there, eager to take revenge, and the second they got whiff of the fact that Naruto wasn't a Jinchuuriki anymore …

It couldn't go on like this for much longer, though. They couldn't go on like this. Naruto couldn't keep going like this.

Naruto was slowly wasting away and while those closest to him at least recognised that, most of them didn't seem to comprehend just how severe the situation actually was; most likely assuming that Naruto would eventually snap out of it. Because that was what he had always done before.

That was what they expected him to do every time. Snap out of it. Move on. Laugh and joke around like nothing was wrong, like he hadn't literally lost a piece of himself.

Like he hadn't been forced to say goodbye to a being who had been with him for his entire life.

Sasuke decided he had enough the day he heard Boruto complain to his mother, "But why is the old man still so down? He didn't die and neither did the rest of us, shouldn't that count for something? I know he misses Kyuubi, but it's been over a month now – isn't that long enough already?"

Sasuke didn't stay to hear Hinata's reply, knowing from experience that she would just try to fumble her way through an explanation, like she always did when it concerned Naruto.

Instead he appeared straight into the Hokage's office, where Naruto was slumped over his desk; exhaustion finally taking over. The blond man didn't even stir when Sasuke walked around the desk and came to stand next to him.

He looked at the heavy bags underlining Naruto's eyes, ones which seemed to grow darker with every week that passed. At the sickly pale skin; his cheekbones just that more pronounced because he wasn't eating properly anymore. At his fingers clenched like claws around his pen; the back of his hand smudged with ink that had long been dried up.

Was this what he and Naruto had been fighting for all along? For a village that didn't seem to care that their Hokage was literally wasting away, for people who seemed to think that a month was more than enough to mourn someone you considered to be one of your closest friends?

For a life in which neither one of them were truly happy anymore, where they went through the motions like robots, where everything kept them apart when they should have been together from the start.

For a world that didn't allow them to be just them. Just Naruto and Sasuke. Not Seventh Hokage or Shadow Hokage. Just Naruto and Sasuke as the first one had promised him so long ago.

For an existence in which they kept making sacrifices again and again without ever reaping any benefits.

This wasn't the life, the world, an existence he had fought so hard for.

This wasn't the life, the world, an existence they had longed to have.

Naruto had fought three long years to get him back – this time Sasuke was going to fight for him.

Fight one more time to make it really right this time.

He took the pen gently out of Naruto's hand and placed it aside before resting his hand on his shoulder; feeling the bone even through the Kage robes. "Guess it's up to me again to save your butt, hm, usuratonkachi?" he murmured, while Naruto buried his face into his arms, still dead to the world.

One more look at him and then he walked around the desk to the open space in the office, listening to people laughing outside in the streets and shinobi walking around in the tower, muttering to each other. Just another day in Konoha.

He didn't look back when he stepped inside the portal.

When one wanted to get rid of pests, one had to find the source and destroy that completely. Otherwise the pests would still be able to reproduce, would still be able to swarm and be a nuisance.

Hidden in the trees, Sasuke watched a man with a long black mohawk walk leisurely to the river where he bent down and splashed water across his face. His white robe flowed around his legs, brushing across the forest floor. When he rose up again, shaking his hands to get rid of the water, a diamond-shaped mark on his chin and the Roman numeral IV below his left eye were briefly visible before he turned around and started walking deeper into the forest.

Found you, Sasuke thought grimly and grasped his katana tightly.

He jumped down, landing silently on the ground. "Hello Isshiki, recovered yet from Kaguya's betrayal?" he called out casually.

Isshiki in Jigen's body whirled around, his eyes wide, and his hands rising up quickly to perform a jutsu.

Just not quick enough.

Isshiki hissed when the katana pierced straight through his shoulder, slamming him against the closest tree. "Who are you?" he snarled, his remaining hand coming up before Sasuke simply drove a kunai in the middle of it, pinning it stuck against the tree as well.

"I'm someone you pissed off," Sasuke said casually, taking the last remaining step closer. "And I'm here to make sure you won't ever succeed in your plan."

"I have no idea what you're - " Isshiki could do nothing but gurgle, eyes nearly popping out of his eye sockets when Sasuke quickly pulled his kunai back before pushing it straight into his heart, ending his life.

Remorselessly he looked on as Isshiki made one more desperate grab for his arm, blood spilling out of his mouth, before the light left his eyes and he slumped forwards. Sasuke pulled his katana away, letting the man fall down, cradled between some raised tree roots.

He'd been fortunate to find the mastermind behind Kara before the man could have completely acclimated himself to Jigen's body. Isshiki had been an absolute nightmare to battle and even Naruto's Barion Mode had only been just enough to handle him. There would have been no way for Sasuke to take him on alone – not unless he had the element of surprise on his side and the ability to go back far enough in time to prevent Isshiki from ever becoming a real threat.

Perhaps Sasuke should have tried to find a way to extract Isshiki from Jigen as the monk certainly hadn't asked to be invaded by Isshiki. But he was tired of everything and he was done wasting time.

With Isshiki dead, Kara would never come into existence. He had one more thing left to do to ensure that everything would right itself.

He'd already stepped through the portal before the flames of Amaterasu had completely engulfed Isshiki's body.

His younger self stared at him, standing rigid in the clearing with his hand resting on his katana. "What's going on?" he demanded, narrowing his eyes slightly. Black was instantly replaced by the Mangekyou Sharingan and the Rinnegan, making Sasuke bite back a wry smile. Guess being overly cautious was coming back to bite him in the arse.

"I'm you from the future."

"Tell me something that only I would know." His younger self should be able to feel that his chakra was identical to his, but Sasuke could understand the suspicion.

Sasuke touched his stump, watching how his younger self focused on that move with wary eyes. "I declined getting a new arm because this reminds me of what I almost lost," he replied.

Younger him pursed his lips. "Why are you here? I doubt it's to reminisce about the past," he scoffed.

"I came back to fix the past and make a better future," Sasuke admitted simply.

His younger self shifted slightly. His hand was still resting on his katana, but his grip was relaxed now. Judging from the clearing they were in, this was a couple of months before Toneri would attack Konoha.

"What happens in the future that's so bad that you need to change the past?" he asked warily.

Fair question. Sasuke saw no reason to keep it a secret. If he had wanted to keep it a secret, he wouldn't have sought out his younger self. "In the future a group called Kara will be running amok. They prove to be worse than Akatsuki and much worse than Kaguya even."

That had his younger self lifting an eyebrow, looking a tad doubtful, which was understandable. If Sasuke hadn't lived through it himself, he also would have doubted that there could be anything much worse than Kaguya herself.

"You and Naruto will go up against them several times. The leader proves to be so strong that Naruto is forced to enter a new mode: Barion Mode; more powerful than his Kyuubi Mode," Sasuke continued.

Younger him let out a sound that could be a sigh or a suppressed laugh. "I guess I shouldn't be surprised that that idiot finds even more ways to get powerful. Always something up his sleeve, that usuratonkachi." His tone was fond; his eyes softening just a fraction.

It made Sasuke hide a grimace. Had he always been that obvious? How Sakura nor Hinata had ever noticed anything amiss was astonishing.

Then again, he reflected troubled, Sakura had always been the type to ignore everything that didn't agree with her vision.

"But Barion Mode came with a huge sacrifice."

Younger him furrowed his eyebrows. "What kind of sacrifice?"

"The Kyuubi himself."

"Wait." Younger him held up his hand. "Are you telling me that Naruto will lose the Kyuubi still in the future? He's going to die?" For just the briefest of moments pain flashed up in his eyes, transforming into despair before it was ruthlessly supressed, leaving dual coloured eyes completely flat.

"Only the Kyuubi will die – but Naruto might as well be dead for how he feels afterwards," Sasuke sighed.

"How is it even possible for the Kyuubi to die and Naruto to live on?" Younger him asked perplexed. "During the war Kyuubi was taken out of him and Naruto died, so how is it possible?"

"It's tied to how the Barion Mode works," Sasuke answered. "It requires the life force of one of them, in this case the Kyuubi."

"So how are you fixing the present then? How are you going to ensure that Naruto won't lose the Kyuubi?" Younger him demanded, narrowing his eyes again.

"By killing the one responsible for creating Kara," Sasuke said. "Kaguya came to earth with a man named Isshiki. She attacked him and left him behind for dead. He managed to take over the body of a monk and created Kara later on in search of a new vessel."

"Like Orochimaru," Younger him concluded, frowning.

"Yes, only more dangerous."

They were silent for a moment. "So you went back in time to kill Isshiki," Younger him said slowly. "Why are you here now then? Is there another enemy that needs to be destroyed?"

"There might be," Sasuke said. "In a couple of months a man named Toneri will attack Konoha and abduct Hyuuga Hanabi to steal her eyes. He'll also look for the Hachibi and the Kyuubi, wanting to create a new God Tree. It's possible that with Isshiki's death, Toneri might not exist or show up, but just in case, be careful."

Younger him nodded thoughtfully. "I should let Kakashi and Naruto know. Anything else we need to be on the lookout for?"

Here Sasuke hesitated. He had said everything he needed to say, had given his younger self enough information to prepare himself and Naruto for what was to come. Even if somehow Kara would come to exist, they would know about it now, know what to look out for.

He had done what he had needed to do in order to prevent from Naruto losing someone else. He should return now, see how much his actions had influenced the future.

Yet, he remained rooted in place as his younger self started frowning even more.

"What is it that you're not telling me?" Younger him asked suspiciously. "Is there even a worse enemy out there?"

"No, not as far as I'm aware of at least," Sasuke replied and hesitated one more time before he finally gave in.

It was stupid. It was selfish, too selfish. If he went through with this, the future would be irrevocably changed. Even if nothing would be done with his words, his younger self would always know, would always have it in the back of his mind.

Everything had already been changed, though – what was one more thing? He had already gone farther than any other Rinnegan user had ever done before. He'd been selfish plenty of times already, what was one more time to add to the list? What was one more sin when that might mean he would have a chance at happiness, true happiness, after all?

"I just want you to know that … you still have a chance at making it right. At having a chance with him," Sasuke admitted finally.

"I don't understand what - "

"We both know that Naruto is an idiot," Sasuke interrupted bluntly. "And you think that you should give him time, that this is good enough because you both understand each other's heart. But it's up to you to force the final change because he doesn't dare to. If you want things to change, you'll have to take the first step before it's too late."

Because for all his bravery, his bravado, deep down Naruto was still that little boy scared of rejection. Terrified of laying his heart bare and vulnerable. Scared of what would happen if he did take that last step.

Younger him was quiet for a couple of seconds. "You didn't come back to the past just to prevent an enemy from rising, huh?" he said softly.

"I came back because I'm selfish," Sasuke admitted. "I came back because the future that I have is not the one I envisioned when Naruto and I undid the jutsu. Do with the information what you want. Just don't do anything you will regret."

Because he had lived with regret the moment he had realised he had lost Naruto after all.

He opened a portal for the third time and stepped through it, leaving his younger self to deal with the information he'd received.

Soon he would know whether he had been brave – selfish – enough to do what was right.

"Akari, you know better than to antagonise Kurama! You want him to throw you into the lake?"

"Yeah right, like you would let him do that, dad!"

"Maybe he should, might wash that stupidity off you!"

"Go to hell, Kota-niisan!"

"Akari, don't be rude!"

Sasuke stepped into the garden, wonder filling him, and watched a dark haired boy and a blonde haired girl turn their heads immediately; twin grins of happiness spreading across their faces.

"Papa, you're back!" Akari, his ten year old daughter, cheered and rushed over to him, hugging him tightly around his waist.

His twelve year old son came up to him as well, embracing him when his sister stepped back. "How's Sakura-ba-chan? She still busy in Suna?"

"Yes, she needs to stay a week longer to finalise the last arrangements for the new hospital," Sasuke replied as years old memories flooded into his mind, pushing away the old ones until barely a shred of them remained.

"Can't wait to see how that hospital will turn out. She refused to let me look at the blueprints," Naruto sighed and pouted, rising up from his spot on the grass. "Really, as a Hokage I get way too much disrespected in this village."

As Akari and Kota started teasing him, Sasuke stared at him, at the man he had married when they had been twenty-two years old. At the man who'd remained in his female form twice for ten months just to give him two beautiful children.

At the man who was his best friend and the one he had loved for years and would love for many more years to come.

The man who'd returned happiness back to his life, who remained at his side even when the Council tried not so subtly to convince him to get a divorce.

"What's that sappy look for?" Naruto asked, squinting his eyes. He'd sprouted two of Kyuubi's tails, which were currently battling their children, making them shriek every time their kunai got knocked out of their hands.

Sasuke smiled and crossed the distance between them, pulling him into a deep kiss and ignoring Akari's and Kota's fake barfing noises.

"Nothing, just thinking about how much I love you," Sasuke murmured, drawing back slightly. He cupped Naruto's cheek, enjoying the smoothness of it against his hand.

Naruto tilted his head to the left, bemused. "Well, I love you too, but we're still going to eat ramen tonight. Love confessions, no matter how sweet, won't let you escape from our weekly ramen night," he reminded him amused. He rose up on his toes then, kissing Sasuke again. "But I love you too, bastard. Now come on, spar with your kids. Kurama is whining that he's done playing babysit."

Sasuke smiled and turned around, meeting Akari's and Kota's excited eyes as they quickly settled into the right stance, preparing to spar.

Finally he was home.

The End

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