Shinobi Always Follow the Rules

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Author's note: My brain is being an absolute bitch. I can't seem to finish anything I'm actually planning, so in an attempt to prove to myself that I can finish something, I wrote this weird thing. Hopefully with this out of the way, my brain will stop being shitty. Don't expect too much of this either, it's weird and it sounded cuter in my head. Have it anyways, because fuck it; I hate my brain.

Warnings: Sasuke's pov; canon divergent; Naruto's parents live; fluffiness; time skip; established slash; references to blood and violence

Dedicated to: Meehalla, because she maybe can use the distraction?

I hope you'll like whatever this weird thing is.

Shinobi Always Follow the Rules

The kunai landed perfectly in the middle of the target ring, but Sasuke threw his friend a disapproving look.

"Using the Kyuubi is cheating," he chided before narrowing his eyes, shifting his left foot just slightly. He drew his hand back and then fast as a snake he threw his own kunai through the air.

The weapon whistled as it crossed the distance between the seven year old boy and the target ring before it landed just a fingertip away from the centre, making the dark haired boy scowl.

"How is it cheating when you'll have the Sharingan?" Naruto complained and crossed his arms behind his head. "I've got Kyuubi, so I can use his help! Are you going to say that Itachi-nii-san can't use his Sharingan when he goes on missions because that would be cheating? Other people don't have the Sharingan!"

"I don't have the Sharingan yet, though," Sasuke pointed out annoyed and walked over to the target practice to retrieve their kunai. "So yeah, you using Kyuubi now is cheating!"

"Eh, it's not like I do it on purpose every time," Naruto said and wrinkled his nose. "Kyuubi sometimes likes to play as well, that's all."

"Hn." Privately Sasuke still maintained that using the Kyuubi when he couldn't even use the Sharingan yet was cheating, but the day was also too nice to start an argument with his best friend.

That and his ear still slightly throbbed from a few days ago when he and Naruto had got into a fierce argument and Aunt Kushina had had to pull them apart.

"Oh!" Naruto perked up when Sasuke came to stand next to him again. "I asked my mum what the best way to stay together is!"

"You did?" Sasuke eyed him curiously.

They had been wondering about that for a while now. They might still only be seven years old, but the time would soon be there that they would get put into their own official team to carry out real missions. Sasuke tolerated very few kids; as a matter of fact he only considered Naruto to be his best friend and while he didn't mind Shikamaru or Neji, the rest of them were too annoying.

Sure, Naruto could be quite annoying too – a lot actually – but it was the kind of annoying that Sasuke knew how to deal with. He knew how to handle him and likewise Naruto knew how far he could push Sasuke without overstepping the line.

They had been training together since the day they had received their first real kunai, hoping to play on each other's strengths like Itachi knew how to fight together with Kakashi or their cousin Shisui. While Naruto was the only one hoping aloud that they would be in the same team once the time was there, Sasuke was harbouring the same hope quietly. Because really, who else would be able to deal with Naruto's idiocy?

"Yeah, she said that the best way to stay together is to get married!" Naruto declared, grinning. "That's the only way they can't separate us!"

"You mean married like our parents?" Sasuke furrowed his eyebrows. He thought it sounded like a weird solution, but at the same time it also made sense. Because a marriage was something really important, something that you shouldn't break.

"Yeah, like them!" Naruto nodded furiously. "That makes sense, right! If we get married, they have to keep us together!"

"But one of us will have to be the bride," Sasuke commented and crossed his arms. "You can only marry if there's a groom and a bride and I'm not a bride obviously."

"Oh, that's right." Naruto deflated, nibbling on his lower lip. "Well, I can't really be the bride either!"

"You look better in a dress than I do," Sasuke teased, dancing out of the blond's reach when he swiped at him, furiously blushing.

They had been discussing going undercover as part of a mission a month ago and Naruto's brilliant idea had been to dress himself up as a girl, because that way nobody would recognise him. He'd stolen some of his mum's clothes and had slathered some of her makeup on his face and well, he kind of had looked like someone else. As stupid as the idea had sounded, it had actually worked in a way.

"No, I don't!" Naruto vehemently denied, pouting.

"Yes, you do. Way better than I do," Sasuke insisted. He hadn't followed Naruto's example back then, because using a henge would be far more efficient if you asked him.

Naruto's pout increased and he huffed, stamping around the meadow in a small circle before he stopped and pointed a finger at the dark haired boy. "Fine, if I have to be the bride, then you have to be the groom, which means that you'll have to ask my dad permission to marry me!" he said triumphantly.

"What? No, I don't!" Sasuke instantly refused. He was so not going to ask the Hokage for his son's hand! Everybody knew how protective the Hokage was about his son, did Naruto want him to die?

"Yes, you do, it's a rule, all the shows on the television say so!" Naruto said stubbornly and crossed his arms. "If I have to be the bride, then you as the groom have to ask my dad permission! That's how it's done!"

"But you're a boy too even if you're going to be the bride. Don't you have to ask permission too from my family?" Sasuke scowled.

"Hm." Naruto stared contemplatively at the ground before his head shot up and he grinned. "As the bride I don't have to ask your dad, but I can ask your brother! I mean, Itachi-niisan is pretty important to you, right?"

"I guess so," Sasuke said doubtfully. "But that doesn't feel really fair. I have to ask your dad who can be really scary while you just have to ask my brother!"

"That's because I have to be the bride," Naruto stated matter-of-factly. "If you want to be the bride, I'll ask your dad. So, what's it going to be? Are you going to be the bride or not?"

"Eugh, no, I'll be the groom," Sasuke grimaced and pursed his lips. No way was he going to wear one of those girly kimonos to get married! Naruto would look way better as a bride anyways!

"Okay!" Naruto clapped his hands together, grinning brightly. "Let's go back then so that I can ask your brother! Dad's in a meeting now anyways."

They collected the rest of their kunai and walked back to the main compound, which was hustling and bustling with people returning from the market or from missions. They were almost at Sasuke's house when they spotted Itachi making his way up the pathway whilst removing his ANBU mask.

"Itachi-niisan!" Naruto cried out and rushed over to him, Sasuke following at a more sedate but not less enthusiastic pace, happy to see his brother again.

"Hello, Naruto-kun," Itachi smiled; his eyes warm when he looked at Sasuke. "Otouto. You two finished training?"

"Yep, and I've got something very important to ask you!" Naruto said determined.

"Oh, what is it?" Itachi asked curiously, nodding at Izumi when she walked past.

"Can I marry Sasuke?" Naruto stared up at him expectantly, while Sasuke could feel his cheeks heat up slightly when Itachi grew amused.

"You want to marry my little brother? Are you going to be the groom then, Naruto-kun?" he asked amused.

Naruto wrinkled his nose and sighed. "No, Sasuke says I look better in a dress so I'm going to be the bride and he's going to be the groom, so he has to ask my dad for permission. But because I'm a boy too, we thought I should ask for permission too and you're really important to Sasuke, so I'm asking you. So, can I marry Sasuke?"

Even after having known the blond boy for basically his entire life already, it still amazed Sasuke how his best friend could say so much and still not be out of breath at all.

"Well, I'm glad you two realise how important it is to follow traditions like this one," Itachi said solemnly.

Sasuke couldn't help but narrow his eyes at him, feeling like his older brother was making fun of them, but at the same time Itachi also looked really serious.

"And because you follow these traditions, I have no choice but to approve of you being my little brother's bride," Itachi continued and his eyes glittered. "I'm sure your wedding will be absolutely amazing. Mother will be thrilled for sure."

"So I can marry Sasuke?" Naruto beamed and threw his arms around Sasuke's neck, nearly toppling him over. "Sasuke, that means we'll be together forever now! Oh, but only after you ask my dad, of course!"

"Yes, Sasuke," Itachi smirked and flicked his forehead, making Sasuke hiss and smack his arm. "Don't forget to do the right thing and ask the Hokage for permission. It's tradition after all."

Yeah, yeah, he knew that. He just wasn't looking forward to risking his life by asking the Hokage!

The Kazekage's youngest son, Gaara, was visiting Konoha today with his elder sister and brother and their mother.

Normally Sasuke didn't particularly care for either of the Sand siblings, having only met them once or twice before. Naruto, however, had become friends with Gaara somehow and while that tended to annoy Sasuke just a bit – only a bit, because he was still Naruto's best friend; a title and position Gaara could never hope to attain! – today that worked out in his favour. Naruto would be occupied with Gaara for most of the day now, leaving Sasuke free to accomplish the daunting task of asking the Hokage for his son's hand in marriage.

Sasuke swallowed, rubbing his clammy hands over his white shorts. He felt nervous, even if he would never admit it aloud. The Hokage was an incredibly strong man and everyone knew that he would do anything to protect his only son. That made asking the man for his son's hand in marriage quite scary, but Sasuke was going to become a shinobi and more importantly: he was an Uchiha. And Uchiha didn't back down from any challenges, no matter how tough or dangerous.

So if he had to ask the Hokage for permission to marry his son, he would do so, because he wasn't a coward! Their future as a team depended on this!

He just needed to figure out first how to actually get some time with the Hokage.

Taking a deep breath, he knocked on the door. He didn't have to wait long before Aunt Kushina opened the door and she smiled when she saw him standing there.

"Good morning, Sasuke-kun, come inside," she greeted him and waved him in, stepping aside. "Naruto's gone to meet Gaara-kun, though. You can wait here if you want?"

"No, I'm not here for Naruto."

She tilted her head to the left. "Oh? Come for a visit then?"

"Not exactly," Sasuke answered cautiously. "I – was wondering how you can meet Hokage-sama?" Calling Naruto's dad Hokage-sama felt really odd in his mouth, used as he was to calling the older blond Uncle Minato, but he was here for a very serious matter, so titles needed to be used then.

She raised an eyebrow at the title and crossed her arms underneath her chest. "You want to meet with Minato? What for? And can't it wait until he's home tonight?"

"I've got to ask him a very important question. An official one," Sasuke added, because marriage was very important business, really official, and that required asking Naruto's dad the question in an official setting.

At least Sasuke thought it worked like that.

"An official question, hm? What about?" she questioned curiously, sweeping her long red hair back over her shoulder.

"It's – it's about Naruto," was all that he was willing to admit for now.

That for some reason had her purple eyes glinting and she seemed to be biting down on a grin. "Well, if it's so important, I guess you do need an official meeting. To get such a meeting, though, you have to make an appointment and his schedule is quite full this week, I'm afraid."

"Oh." Sasuke could barely hide his disappointment in time. Of course the Hokage would be a very busy man. Should he wait until next week then? But then Naruto might start complaining that it would take too long.

He blinked surprised when she ruffled a hand through his hair. "But I know someone cancelled their appointment today, so why don't you take that appointment instead?"

"Will Hokage-sama be okay with that?" Sasuke widened his eyes. Could he really just take someone else's appointment instead?

"Oh trust me," she smiled and grabbed his hand, opening the door again. "I'm sure Minato won't mind that at all."

Never before had he felt so intimidated in his life as he stood in front of the Hokage's desk, staring up in his bright blue eyes. Uncle Minato had looked surprised when Sasuke had shown up with Aunt Kushina, but after she'd explained that Sasuke had something very important to ask him, he'd waved them inside, dismissing the guards at the door.

"You wanted to ask me something, Sasuke-kun?" Uncle Minato smiled gently; his hands folded on top of a document he'd been reading when they had arrived. He wasn't wearing the official Hokage hat, but he was dressed in the heavy robes.

"Yes, I need to ask you something very important," Sasuke started and cleared his throat, clasping his hands together behind his back. He hoped his cheeks didn't feel as hot as they felt like when he said, "Naruto is my best friend; I like him a lot."

The older man leant back in his chair and blinked. "Yes, I know. Naruto likes you a lot too and you're his best friend as well," he smiled.

It was always nice to hear other people confirm that, especially with Gaara visiting the village now. "We want to stay together," Sasuke continued and started to feel more and more nervous, especially when Uncle Minato cocked his head slightly to the left.

"Okay, that should be possible I think?" he said confused and his eyes flickered at Aunt Kushina, who merely shrugged; hiding a smile behind her hand.

"So because we want to stay together and because I really like Naruto, I want to ask your permission to marry him, Hokage-sama!" Sasuke said, nearly tripping over the words as he bowed formally; ignoring how sweat broke out in his neck.

"You want to marry Naruto," Uncle Minato repeated slowly, as if he wasn't sure whether he had heard correctly.

"Yes, I'd take really good care of him and he wants to marry me too," Sasuke said, slowly straightening up out of his bow; hoping the last part would ensure that Uncle Minato wouldn't get too angry. Naruto wanted to marry him too, so the Hokage couldn't really be angry then, right?

"Well, I suppose that's all right with me then," Uncle Minato said to his great shock. "You can marry Naruto if you want, it's fine, right, Kushina?"

"Oh definitely," she grinned, rocking back on her heels. "As a matter of fact, I'm sure Mikoto will love helping me out organising your wedding! You're both going to look so cute!"

"A groom never looks cute," Sasuke grumbled, but didn't dare to say it too loud, instead following his aunt when she beckoned him.

It was never a good idea to make your parents-in-law angry after all. At least, that was what cousin Obito had claimed after he'd said something stupid to Rin's parents.

Twelve years later

They were both covered in blood and grime, the last of their enemies thudding dead down to the ground. Minato whirled around, his cloak ripped in several places; his eyes wild, the fury only just starting to bleed away.

"How badly are you two hurt?" he demanded, striding over to them as if he wasn't bleeding out of his shoulder himself.

Naruto smiled weakly, groaning when he rose up on his feet. "Eh, nothing the fluffy bastard won't be able to fix," he reassured his dad, who didn't look reassured at all. "How about you, Sasuke? How bad is it?"

"Just some cuts," Sasuke murmured, staring dispassionately down at his own left arm where some blood was seeping out from a couple of cuts.

The group of criminals had been stronger than the reports had made them believe and even with Kyuubi and the Sharingan on their side and the Yellow Flash backing them up, they had had a hard time defeating them.

There had been a couple of close calls actually, too close ones, in which Sasuke had thought he would lose Naruto after all and that thought had his throat drying up.

Just as Minato started fussing over Naruto's wounds, cleaning some of the blood away to figure out whether he was injured there or not, Sasuke blurted out, "Minato, can I marry your son?"

It was almost comical how both blonds instantly fell silent before simultaneously turning around to look at Sasuke. Naruto stood there, gaping stupidly; a blush colouring his cheeks even as he started waving his arms frantically in the air.

"Holy shit, you bastard, are you seriously asking me to marry you now? Here at a damn battlefield? Who's the one without a romantic bone in his body now, you dick?!"

Minato just smiled bemused and rested his hands on his hips. "Why ask me again when I already gave you permission back then? I thought I was pretty clear back then that you can marry my son? Now let me take a look at your arm before you bleed to death."

"Erm, so I can marry Naruto?" Sasuke asked dazed, not even flinching when Minato pulled his torn sleeve away from the wounds.

"Sure, though you should really ask him and not me, you know," the older blond said amused.

Sasuke turned immediately towards Naruto, who was as red as a tomato by now. "Hey, usuratonkachi, you want to get married to me for real this time?"

"Well, you did ask my dad's permission first," Naruto said teasingly and came up to wrap his arms around Sasuke's non injured one. "I expect a less bloodier proposal soon, but yeah, I want to marry you. For real this time."

"Together forever," Sasuke mouthed and as Minato called out for a medic, their mouths met in a soft kiss.

He'd get around to proposing in a more appropriate setting soon. Tonight they already had something to celebrate anyways.

The End

AN2: Yes, it's something stupid. No, it probably didn't make much sense. Yes, I hate my brain.

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