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Peeking through a window Ino smirked evilly, spotting her target soundly asleep in his bed, blissfully unaware of what is to come. Sneaking in through an unlocked window, Ino did her best to ignore the repugnant smell, covering her nose with a mask. Plopping a large duffle bag on the couch, she creeped stealthily into his room, careful to avoid stepping on the trash carelessly sprawled over the floor. As soon as Ino was a few feet away a sudden wave of guilt came crashing down on her.

‘Should I really be- No! I’ve come too far to chicken out now! I have to do it!’ Ino mentally berated herself. If Ino backed out now all the time and money she spent on this plan would go to waste. Weaving through handsigns, Ino bent down and softly whispered into his ear, “I almost feel bad for what I’m about to do… but you need to be taught a lesson.” Not even earning so much as a twitch from her still sleeping victim.

“Mind Transfer Jutsu”

Ino’s body fell limp unto the bed as her mind enter Naruto’s body.

 “Mind Transfer Jutsu success.” Ino in Naruto’s body cheered, hyped to finally put her plan in action. “Now let’s get this party started!” Fetching the duffle bag, she enthusiastically unzipped and dumped its contents on his bed, revealing all sorts of feminine items.

For the next hour Ino proceeded to raid his house of anything masculine.

Stealing all his boy clothes and stuffing them in the now empty duffle bag, and seeing as he no longer needed them Ino, being the generous person she is, decided that she will donate them all to the charity. “Now, with most of those icky clothes gone there’s much more room for your new pretty ones” Ino giggled ecstatically as she held up a skimpy dress, only to stop and sulk a little at the sight of a certain orange jumpsuit.

Unfortunately, Ino could do nothing about his ugly orange jumpsuits.  

‘Hideous they may be, but it would garner too much attention to get rid of them. Naruto’s practically infamous for it and showing a drastic change in clothing will alert the Hokage! He’s quite found of Naruto for some strange reason, so until a solution comes along those monstrosities are here to stay…for now.’ Shaking her head in defeat, Ino went back to sorting clothes. Then she went the bathroom to store his new make-up and other feminine products.

After she was done, she stripped and stuffed the last remains of boy clothing into the bag, Ino tossed it out the window, planning to retrieve it later.

Ino then went back to the bathroom and proceed to shave off his body hair. It was a weird new experience for her… while she has had plenty of experience shaving in the past, it was her first time doing it in a male’s body. She had to pay extra close attention to his pubic area, not wanting to accidently neuter him… rinsing off she then rubbed special ointments over his body.

“There, now that pesky hair won’t grow back for a while, your welco-.” Ino joked only to suddenly clutch her/his head in pain. “Sadly, we have no time for make-up... let us move on to the main event shall we!” Ino squealed excitedly, holding out a very familiar set of clothes.

Stepping into the silky pink panties Ino shuddered, feeling a weird but pleasant sensation. Glancing down at his crouch Ino giggled, seeing a small but noticeable bulge protruding from underneath his panties. Not wanting to waste any more time, Ino ignored it and quickly put on the rest of the outfit, which included a matching pink bra, a red qipao dress with a white circle, tight biker shorts, and a red headband.

“Girl, you are gorgeous!” Ino cooed mockingly

In the reflection staring back at her was none other than Naruto Uzumaki, crossdressing in a set of clothes that were stolen right out of his longtime crushes house, Sakura Hurano. Cheering victoriously, Ino held out her camera and posed sexily…which looked extremely wrong/hilarious in her current body.

“Say cheese!”

Taking dozens of embarrassing photos of Naruto brought Ino into a state of euphoria. She never though blackmailing someone could feel so good... unfortunately, there was no time to savior it as a searing migraine hit.

“F-Fuck…just one more minute” she gasped out, Gritting her teeth in pain.

Acting fast, Ino taped one of the pictures along with a pre-made letter on the mirror and left the camera on the counter. Rushing to his room, she placed the rest of the pictures in her unconscious body’s hand, and rushed back into to the bathroom, closing the door. Sitting on the toilet she formed a hand-sign to release the jutsu.


Naruto’s body went limp as Ino woke up back in her body

“See you later….sissy” Ino snickered to herself, as she climbed out the window. “I wish I could stay to see his reaction, but it’s pretty late and a girl needs her beauty sleep” with that she was gone.

(Naruto POV)

WHAT THE HELL” yelled Naruto, being extremely confused as to why he woke up on the bloody toilet!

“WHY DID I WAKE UP IN THE TOILET! Did I sleepwalk-“ Naruto stopped once he saw his reflection, “EEHHH, WHY AM I-” “SHUT UP NARUTO!” “ I’M TRYING TO SLEEP HERE!” “DON’T MAKE ME REPORT YOU AGAIN!” Clamping up at his neighbors screams, Naruto scratched his head, frowning in confusion.

“Why the fuck am I wearing Sakura’s clothes?” Naruto scowled, checking himself out in the mirror again. While it was beautiful on Sakura-chan it certainly isn’t his style. Out the corner of his eye he noticed a letter and photo, along with a camera. Flipping the photo over he balked in disbelief. It was picture of him in his current outfit, making a seductive kissy face towards the camera. “Hell no!” Ripping it to shreds he and flushing it down the toilet. Glancing wearily at the letter a feeling of dread started sinking in.

Gulping loudly Naruto read it.

‘Dear Naruto, to make it short and simple I’m blackmailing you. Did you like the photo? Well, that is just one of hundreds! Who is to say I won’t accidently spread some across the village…we wouldn’t want that now do we…so if you do as I say this travesty can be avoided. Just think of the dire consequences if they somehow do come to light.

Those clothes you are wearing are stolen straight from Sakura’s house…and seeing you happily wearing them in the photos, well that seems like pretty damning evidence to me…Sakura will of course think you are a massive pervert and hate your guts even more than she already does. Might even press charges too...that would end your dream right there and then. There's a law in this village that dictates once a person is convicted of a crime, no matter how big or small, he/she is permanently barred from holding a seat on the council, the council of which the Hokage is the head of…. you get the point. Even if by some miracle Sakura decides not to press charges, people will forever see you as nothing but a crossdressing pervert.

If you’re wondering what you did to deserve this, I’ll give you a few reasons.

Whether its barging in late to class or completely skipping it in order to ruin people’s day with those childish pranks. Picking fights with poor Sasuke-kun for no other reason than pure jealousy…I’m especially disgusted in the way you keep pestering Sakura for dates! Though I hate her guts as a fellow female I will not allow this injustice to continue, so listen closely. When a girl says ‘no’ that means Leave. Her. Alone! Get it through your thick Skull! She hates your guts!”

 I can go on and on, but it wouldn’t all fit in this tiny letter.

Before going over the rules let me quickly explain an important change. All your boy clothes are now gone, replaced with girl ones. Fortunately for you, I left a few of those ugly orange jumpsuits.

Moving on, here are the rules.

Rule #1: You will always wear a pair of panties and a bra, only taking it off to shower. Rule #2: When going out in public, be it the academy, training or shopping, is the only time I will allow you to wear the jumpsuit…but as stated in the first rule, underneath it you must wear panties and a bra, with an additional shirt from the closet. Rule #3 At home, as stated previously, you will not be allowed to wear the jumpsuit. Put on an outfit from the closet and take a picture of yourself, and before going to bed you will change yet again into a nightgown. Rule #4: Everyday use each of the lotions I left and thoroughly shave off your body hair every five days. Last but no least Rule #5: No more pranks or being late for class! No more bothering Sakura for dates nor trying to fight Sasuke. Most importantly no more screaming, it’s very annoying.

Please obey these simple rules…or else

Sincerely Yours,


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