Who Needs Enemies

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Warnings: Ino's and Sasuke's pov; Alternate universe; established slash; wedding; wedding faux pas; NOT FOR SAKURA FANS; some drama; time skip; foul language; mentions of violence (therefore rated M to be sure); what not to do at a wedding; best friends Ino and Naruto because I'm a sucker like that; reference to MPreg

Have this. Enjoy it if you can.

Who Needs Enemies

"You look amazing," Ino said approvingly, taking a step back to take in the vision properly.

Naruto looked absolutely stunning in the soft white suit he'd selected for his wedding day. It framed his posture nicely without appearing too tight and made his skin look like it was glowing. Underneath it he wore a shirt almost as blue as his own eyes and a blue iris rested in the breast pocket of his jacket.

"Thanks, but you could have told me this outside as well," he teased, even as he fussed still with his sleeves in front of the mirror. "Mum already gave the approval."

"Yeah, but mums are basically obligated to tell their kids they look amazing," Ino sniffed and rested her hands on her hips, ignoring Kushina laughing behind them on the chair. "Friends on the other hand don't have that obligation, so if I tell you, you look amazing, you know you look amazing."

"What and my opinion doesn't count?" Gaara piped up dryly, helping Naruto's dad with adjusting his cufflinks.

"You're a guy." She clucked her tongue. "Besides, you're always on Naruto's side, so even if he looks like shit, you'd still say he looks good."

"It's good for my self-esteem," Naruto commented, finally ceasing fiddling with his sleeves.

"You don't need to get your head even more inflated," Ino retorted dryly.

"Ino-chan, be nice, it's his wedding day," Kushina chided, but her eyes were laughing clearly and she had a hard time supressing a grin.

"I am being nice," she pouted and checked herself in the mirror quickly. "I had a part in planning all this as well, so why wouldn't I be nice?"

She looked pretty great in her own lavender coloured dress if she did say so herself. It had a modest cleavage but it was off shoulder and with her hair in loose curls, she absolutely loved the combo. While Naruto might not know much about fashion, he had pretty great taste in choosing the bridesmaids' dresses.

A knock on the door had all of them simultaneously turning towards it and Hinata blushed a bit at having everyone's attention on her. Her hair was also curled for the occasion, but she was wearing a large shawl around her shoulders, covering up her impressive chest somewhat.

"Sorry, but the ceremony is about to start in five minutes. They're calling for everyone to take their seats," she announced softly and smiled shyly when she added, "You look really good, Naruto-kun."

"Thank you, Hinata," he grinned, but the edges of his smile were wavering; the first signs of nerves settling in.

"Just a bit longer and you can finally call yourself Uzumaki-Uchiha," Ino commented teasingly and hugged him quickly, careful not to crease his suit. "Bet he can't wait to see you out there."

"Yeah, I can't wait to see him either," he smiled and when she stepped back, Kushina was there to draw her son into another embrace.

"Everyone's arrived?" Ino questioned, following Gaara and Hinata outside.

Normally Hinata would have been the second bridesmaid, but the thought of having to stand in front of a group of people for at least an hour if not longer had been a bit too much for the shy woman. Gaara would be replacing her instead, being one of Naruto's best friends.

"Yes, everyone who's been invited for the ceremony is here," Hinata confirmed, fiddling with her bracelet. "Neji-kun texted me just now to say that he's already at the venue, overseeing the last details."

"Well, then the ceremony should go off without a hitch," Ino said confidently.

The group of people invited to attend the ceremony itself had been kept rather small on purpose, just in case some idiot – like Kiba – decided to have fun and make jokes at inappropriate moments. Only Naruto's and Sasuke's closest friends and family would attend the ceremony, while they would meet the rest of the family and other friends at the party afterwards. Hinata's cousin, Neji, had offered to oversee the organisation of the venue, having no particular interest in witnessing the ceremony itself. Naruto and Sasuke had easily agreed to that, because Neji's habit of nit-picking would ensure that nothing would be amiss at the venue.

"They're both ready?" Gaara asked when Kushina easily fell in step with them.

The older woman smiled. "Yes, Minato was joking around when I left."

"Can't believe he's still going to be the first one to get married after all," Ino smiled ruefully, twirling a curl around her right index finger.

"I'm glad he found Sasuke-kun," Kushina smiled; their footsteps echoing through the corridor as they made their way to the chapel.

"I feel like I can take credit for that," Ino mused, ignoring Gaara's quiet snort. "I mean, I was the one who shoved those two idiots together in a room."

They had all attended the same primary and secondary school, but back then Sasuke and Naruto had been like a cat and a dog: impossible to have the two guys in the same vicinity without one of them starting an argument with the other one. Their inability to just shut the hell up and leave each other alone had more than once irritated the rest of them. They had lost sight of each other when they had left to attend university, but in a stroke of luck Ino and Naruto ended up working at the same company – together with Sasuke.

It had been as if they had remained in touch with each other: snapping and snarking and trying to one up the other one, like those years at university had done nothing to help them mature. Their idiotic behaviour had driven Ino absolutely bonkers until one day when she'd been complaining to Tenten about some stupid shit they had pulled that day and her friend had jokingly said, "Looks like they're still pulling each other's pigtails, huh? The sexual tension must be absolutely horrendous!"

It had merely been a joke, something said in jest as they commiserated about how both Sasuke and Naruto seemingly were incapable of growing up when confronted with each other. But the idea had nestled in Ino's mind and it had made her realise, yes, they were really pulling each other's pigtails. Always taunting the other one, always trying to see how far they could go. If their paths didn't cross throughout the whole day – a rarity it was – one of them would seek out the other regardless to instigate a stupid argument.

Why would they do that if there really wasn't anything more?

So completely fed up with their never ending bullshit, Ino had decided to take matters in her own hands two years ago. A quick email to Sasuke had seen him entering one of the unused offices and a vague excuse had sent Naruto straight into that same room as well. All that had been left to do was lock the door and inform them they wouldn't be able to get out until they finally stopped being idiots.

Obviously they hadn't been happy about that and she'd been quite impressed by the threats spewing out of both their mouths. She could be just as stubborn as them, however, and she'd merely walked away, whistling while stuffing the key in her pocket.

When she'd opened the door quietly three hours later, Sasuke had Naruto pressed against the wall and they were somehow succeeding in angrily kissing each other. She hadn't even known it was possible to angrily kiss someone without actually hurting them, but well, they had managed it.

And the rest, as they say, was history.

"One of your good ideas for sure," Hinata giggled, covering her mouth.

"I always have good ideas," Ino sniffed and brushed her curls over her shoulders again. "All right, time to see these two idiots get married."

The ceremony proceeded flawlessly – as Ino had been sure it would, because she had worked tirelessly with the couple to make sure they would have their perfect wedding – and by the time the priest announced they could kiss each other, there was more than one handkerchief being brought up to dry happy tears.

Even Minato was dabbing his eyes, but he had already been a bit emotional when he'd walked Naruto down the aisle. Ino thought it was cute; she'd always liked that Naruto's dad wasn't afraid to show his emotions. Her own tears were threatening to break through; the worry of ruining her eye makeup the only thing keeping them at bay for the moment.

Yes, everything was going perfectly.

Which really should have been a sign that something would go wrong, because when had everything gone perfect for an entire day?

"Are you fucking kidding me?" she asked flatly when they entered the venue.

The rest of the Uchiha family was present already, almost swarming forwards to greet the newly wed couple while their friends were impatiently awaiting their own turn to congratulate them.

Ino's attention, however, was fixated on one friend in particular; a friend she could really smack around the head at this moment. What the hell was she thinking?!

"Sakura, I see you managed to make it," she smiled airily, attracting her friend's attention. "I thought you couldn't decide on a dress?"

The pink haired woman giggled, brushing her hands down her dress. "Yeah, it wasn't easy to find a decent one, that's true. Had to settle for this one in the end, because I was running out of time."

"You had to settle for this dress. A white one. Out of all the colours that a dress can have," Ino said pointedly, running her eyes over the dress in question.

It wasn't ridiculously long, ending around Sakura's ankles, but it was a beautiful white and the shoulder and cleavage area was finished off with lace while the rest of the dress sparkled faintly in the light. To put it bluntly: it looked like a damn wedding dress.

Sakura was wearing something that looked like a wedding dress at a wedding that wasn't even hers. A faux pass she was more than aware of because Sakura wasn't stupid.

Except when it came to Sasuke apparently.

Ino wanted to claim she was surprised that Sakura would actually wear something that could constitute a bridal gown to someone else's wedding, but the sad thing was: she couldn't.

Because it was no secret that Sakura had been crushing on Sasuke for years and it was definitely no secret that she hadn't been happy when Naruto had started going out with Sasuke. She had appeared to have accepted the situation, though, having started dating Lee, which was one of the reasons why Ino hadn't advised Naruto against adding Sakura to the guestlist.

That mistake was on her, clearly.

"What? It was one of the few decent ones they still had left," Sakura pouted and shrugged. "Besides, it's not like I'll be upstaging anybody here. There's no bride in the first place, so who could mistake me for one? It's just a colour, Ino, honestly."

She rolled her eyes and walked away, hooking her arm around Lee's, who was chattering amicably with Shikamaru.

"Is that jealous bint seriously wearing white?"

Ino concealed a wince, turning around to look at Kushina, whose eyes were basically shooting bullets at the back of Sakura's head. It was a miracle she wasn't burning a hole in her skull with how forceful her gaze was.

"Apparently it was one of the few decent dresses still available," Ino muttered and sighed, resting a hand on her hip. "I know she could be stupid when it came to Sasuke-kun, but I figured with her dating Lee, everything would be fine."

"She's wearing white to my baby's wedding," Kushina said monotonously, but her hands were balled to fists. "There's no way she's not pulling this shit on purpose. What the hell is she thinking?"

"Not sure, but let's not make a scene about it," Ino said hastily, waving her hands anxiously at her. "I know you're mad, but we can't ruin Naruto's wedding. Let's just ignore her, all right? Don't give her any attention; Sasuke-kun and Naruto are the most important ones today."

"She'll be meeting my fists if she tries to gain any sort of attention," the older woman said darkly.

Ino swallowed, urging Sakura mentally not to do anything stupid. She loved her friend, but Kushina was a force to be reckoned with when someone hurt her family and Ino wasn't feeling nice enough to stop Kushina if Sakura really tried to do something else. For fuck's sake, she was wearing white! Ino herself was pretty pissed off about that, because Sakura knew better than to pull that shit.

You just couldn't wear white to someone else's wedding, everyone knew that!

"Is Sakura wearing white?" Minato asked perplexed, popping up next to his wife.

Ino sighed, resisting the urge to pinch the bridge of her nose. She could only hope the white dress would be the only thing going wrong today.

If either Naruto or Sasuke were bothered by the fact that Sakura was wearing white to their wedding, they didn't show it. They greeted everyone enthusiastically – or well as enthusiastic as Sasuke would ever be about greeting someone who wasn't his brother or Naruto – and once the round of greeting everyone and receiving their congratulations and or gifts was finished, they each sought out their designated chair.

With so many people gathered together – the Uchiha family was not small by any means and Naruto had the innate ability to become friends with people easily – they had resorted to putting name cards in front of the seats so that there wouldn't by any arguing nor would it take more than an hour to get everyone seated.

Naturally those closest to Naruto and Sasuke sat with them at the large table, which meant that Ino ended up being seated next to Itachi and across from Gaara, who was seated next to Minato. Kushina sat next to Naruto and Fugaku sat next to Sasuke with his wife on his other side. Kiba, Hinata, Karin, Suigetsu, Jiraiya and Tsunade filled up the rest of the table while the rest of the family and friends were delegated to the tables around them.

It hadn't been easy to find a venue large enough to host them all, but as she studied the blue cloth on the table and the orange flowers in the vases – because of course something had to be orange; Naruto's insistence – Ino was glad that their months of preparation and visiting place after place had paid off.

Especially when she saw the way Naruto's eyes sparkled when he bent towards Sasuke to say something privately to him and the corners of Sasuke's mouth lifted up slightly. It warmed her to see how happy they were and she smiled when Naruto flashed her a quick grin.

Their appetisers had just been served when Kiba stood up suddenly, tapping his fork against his glass to garner everyone's attention. When the noises had died down, he grinned and placed his glass back on the table.

"Now that I've got everyone's attention, allow me to hold a short speech. Short because I know we're all hungry and dying to know how this food tastes."

"Oh my god, Kiba, I told you, no speeches," Naruto groaned and Sasuke rubbed his forehead in exasperation. "Nobody needs speeches, least of all yours."

"Rude," Kiba sniffed and retrieved a folded up paper form his inner pocket. "Speeches are traditional at weddings, you idiot, and I'm not going to pass up this opportunity!"

"Seriously, it's unnecessary," Sasuke said, slightly irritated.

Kiba just flapped his hand at him. "For you perhaps. Don't worry, I'm not going to say anything embarrassing about either of you two. My sister helped me write this speech and she made sure to smack me every time she thought I wrote something inappropriate."

"Wish she'd smacked you harder to deter you from it," Naruto grumbled. "Fine, get on with it. This better not be long."

"I'm feeling the gratitude, dude," Kiba snorted, but unfolded the paper. He cleared his throat and started, "Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, groom and groom, and family members we only see once a year."

That elicited some chuckles.

"I'd like to welcome you all to the wedding of Naruto and Sasuke, or is it more appropriate to say welcome back, seeing as this isn't the first time we've been gather- wait, this isn't the text I wrote!" Kiba cut himself off perplexed, but the damage was already done.

Some nervous, uncomfortable chuckles rose up here and there, but Ino could only stare at the way Naruto rapidly flushed horribly, his eyes too wide all of a sudden in his face, looking like he'd just been slapped in the face. A block of ice seemed to have take residence in her own stomach, even as Kiba tried to do damage control.

Nobody liked to be reminded of ex-partners on their wedding day, least of all when one of the ex-partners had left them right on the evening before they would have become married.

Before Sasuke, there had been Haku for Naruto and the two had made quite a cute couple. They had been set to get married two months after they had all graduated, but during the rehearsal dinner, the very evening before the wedding would take place, Haku had broken up with Naruto. He'd fallen in love with someone else, he'd shamefully admitted, someone who made him feel more alive than Naruto had ever managed. Almost immediately after he'd dropped that bomb, he'd run away, leaving Naruto's friends to deal with the fallout.

There had been no wedding the following day and Ino and Gaara had spent many a nights accompanying Naruto to bars, making sure he wouldn't drink himself to death. She'd been furious at Haku back then, but at the very least he hadn't gone through with the wedding only to crush Naruto later on.

It had been a small mercy, though, and one that was tinged with wryness.

They hadn't mentioned Haku in years, though she was pretty sure Sasuke knew about him.

"What the fuck, Kiba," Neji said flatly. "What's the meaning of that?"

"I swear I didn't write this!" Kiba said forcefully, waving the damned speech around in the air. "You'd think I'd be that much of a douche to write something like that?"

"What, the speeches were switched then?" Gaara asked unimpressed, narrowing his eyes.

"They must have been! Seriously, guys, why the hell would I write something that fucked up? My sister would have killed me for sure!" Kiba retorted agitatedly and ripped the paper in pieces. "I'd left my jacket in the corridor for a bit, maybe someone switched it there? Naruto, dude, you know I wouldn't say shit like this. Not on an important day like this one."

"Yeah, I know," Naruto smiled weakly, but his earlier enthusiasm was obviously dimmed, even as Sasuke clasped their hands together and brushed his cheek, muttering something too low for the rest of them to hear.

"How about we don't do a speech and just start to eat?" Itachi suggested, but his jaw was clenched.

"Yes, let's do that. We're here to celebrate after all," Mikoto added smoothly.

Tsunade looked absolutely pissed off, her mouth puckered together while Jiraiya seemed to be trying to calm her down. Between her and Kushina, Ino still wasn't sure who they should be more afraid of when they became truly furious.

Tense silence reigned for a moment longer until the sound of utensils hitting plates gently started to fill the room, slowly followed by people talking.

As Kushina held a tense whispered conversation with Minato, casting furtive glances at Naruto, who still looked rather withdrawn, Ino's own thoughts wandered to Kiba's explanation.

For all that Kiba could be a right idiot and a jokester at times – the reason why he hadn't been invited to the ceremony itself – he also always knew where to draw the line. He had too much respect for Naruto as a friend to ever try to turn his first failed engagement into a joke on his wedding day, so that made the speeches being switched out very likely. Even if he had been stupid enough to think something like that would fly, his sister would have set him straight about that, no doubt.

So who had switched the speeches then?

Taking another bite, she looked around the room; her eyes landing on one of the tables close by. It held Shikamaru, Temari, Jugo, Chouji, Shisui, Lee and Sakura and they were all chattering happily with Temari and Shisui doing most of the talking it seemed.

Sakura caught her eyes and her friend smiled quickly, before turning back to Shisui.

Ino frowned and turned her attention back to her meal. She really hoped the rest of the day would go on smoothly. Another mishap like that and one of them would probably explode.

In a not so subtle attempt to take the couple's attention off the failed speech, a microphone was doing the rounds, giving people the opportunity to share their favourite moment or funniest one they had experienced with either Sasuke or Naruto or even both.

It was fun, listening to people reminiscing or poking gentle fun at the couple, sometimes sending the rest of them in fits of laughter whenever one of them recalled something extremely funny.

Ino had honestly lost track of where the microphone was, too busy enjoying the food and discussing the latest office gossip with Karin. She was paying the memories only half a mind, which was why the latest voice didn't immediately set off any alarm bells.

That was until she caught the tail-end of it.

"… were like pulling each other's pigtails, it was unbelievable," Sakura was saying. She was standing up, twirling a lock around her finger. "It's a miracle they weren't sent more often to the principal's office, come to think of it."

That had even Naruto snickering and Sasuke shaking his head. "The principal loved us, really," Naruto piped up. "We brought some excitement in his otherwise boring days."

"Pretty sure that wasn't how the principal thought about it," Sakura retorted dryly. She perked up then. "Oh, before I pass on the mike, Lee and I have something else to announce!"

"Oh god, whatever it is, just shut up now, Billboard Brow," Ino muttered underneath her breath, an ominous feeling rising up within her. "Don't do anything stupid."

"Lee and I are engaged!" Sakura announced brightly, showing off a silver ring on her finger, while Lee promptly reddened next to her. "We're so glad we can share this happiness with everyone here!"

While some people piped up to congratulate them, Ino could only sit there and gape at the absolute selfish idiot she called her friend.

Had she seriously just …

"Did that bitch actually announce her engagement just now?" Kushina remarked eerily calm.

Naruto didn't remark, apparently too dumbfounded to say anything while Sasuke's face darkened dangerously.

"She just did," Gaara confirmed blankly.

"I can't believe she just did that," Kiba said amazed.

"She does realise the etiquette for this sort of occasion, right?" Mikoto inquired flatly, but her eyes were sparking with annoyance.

"Oh, she does. But apparently she just doesn't give a shit about that," Sasuke replied irritated.

"How about I accidentally spill some red wine on that bitch's dress and I'll offer to help her clean it off? You know, in the alley behind the building?" Kushina suggested nonchalantly, but the fork in her hand was dangerously close to bending.

"I'd be more than happy to help," Tsunade chimed in, while Jiraiya winced.

"No, don't bother, mum," Naruto said suddenly and took a deep breath, shaking his head. "Just – don't bother."

"Honey, at this point she's definitely doing it on purpose," Kushina said exasperatedly. "Someone needs to teach her to pipe the hell down already. First a white dress and now announcing her engagement at your wedding? She knows what she's doing!"

"Probably," Naruto agreed and emptied his glass in one gulp, pointedly not looking at the woman in question. "But I just don't want to think about it, okay? This is mine and Sasuke's day. I just want to enjoy myself with you guys and she can do whatever she wants. If she's going to be this petty, that's on her. I don't care."

"You're showing remarkable restraint," Sasuke commented. Judging by his face, it was obvious that he wasn't particularly interested in showing the same amount of restraint.

Naruto shrugged again and pecked him on his lips. "Whatever. I'm the one who married you, not her. I'm the one you'll be coming home to every day, not her. Not my fault she can't deal with that."

"He's definitely getting tipsy," Karin remarked amused.

"Pssshhht, if I can't even get tipsy on my own wedding," he retorted. "Come on now, let's go back to having fun. I want to hear more embarrassing stories about my dear husband here!"

"No, you don't," Sasuke said quickly, throwing a warning glance at his brother.

Itachi just ignored it, smirking as he launched into yet another embarrassing tale of Sasuke's childhood.

Ino startled when Kushina leant towards her. "Ino, I like you, honey, but keep that so-called friend of yours out of my way or else she will find out how the alley looks like."

"Honestly, at this point I don't even think I would try to convince you otherwise," Ino said sombrely.

It wasn't a nice feeling to realise just how petty her friend could really be.

Sakura should call herself lucky that Naruto wasn't known to be able to hold on to a grudge for long. Because if this had been Ino's wedding, someone definitely would have been thrown out already!

One year later

"Can I get the microphone next?" Naruto asked cheerfully.

Sasuke sipped from his wine, watching the microphone being passed down the table. "You're really going to do it, huh?"

His husband of one year winked at him. "Payback is sweetest when they no longer see it coming," he replied and accepted the microphone then, standing up.

At once everyone's eyes turned towards him, including the newly wed couple's. Lee was grinning, still excited to hear more even after listening to people jabbering on for nearly an hour already, and even Sakura looked expectantly; her bright pink hair – longer now – standing out starkly against her pure white bridal gown. The gown was so large, the fabric was peeking over the table even as she was sitting down.

Her dress had way too many frills and ruches, but well, she'd proven before that she had absolutely no taste whatsoever.

"First of all, I'm so happy to see my friends getting married!" Naruto started cheerfully. "And you even managed to convince Lee to wear an actual suit instead of a green jumpsuit, my hat off to you, Sakura-chan!"

She laughed, patting Lee's hand when he pouted. "It was a struggle for sure, but I managed it."

"I just want to say that I'm really happy you guys found each other," Naruto continued. "You two make a really cute couple, something I think we can all agree on!"

A chorus of "Yeah!" resounded through the room.

"I won't hog the microphone for too long - "

"And here I thought you liked all the attention," Kiba snickered.

"But I do have some amazing news for you all!" Naruto bent down to quickly kiss Sasuke on his lips before he straightened up once more and announced happily, "I'm pregnant! Sasuke and I are going to have a baby! I'm so glad I could share the news with you all on this wonderful day!"

As their friends broke out into enthusiastic cheers, clambering off their chairs to congratulate Naruto and him, Sasuke smirked when he saw Sakura's shocked face. Her face turned especially ugly when Lee abandoned her to congratulate Naruto as well, crying over the beauty of the future youth he was carrying right now.

When Naruto finally got the chance to sit down again, Sasuke rested his hand on his belly, in which he'd been carrying their baby for nearly four months already, and kissed him deeply.

"You're amazing, you know that?"

Naruto laughed and kissed him back, treading his fingers briefly through his hair. "Just sharing the amazing news with everyone," he replied innocently, but the gleam in his eyes was far from innocent.

It wasn't as if they had purposefully planned on Naruto becoming pregnant before the wedding, but it had been a welcome surprise either way when the tests had coloured positive. The fact that they could get Sakura back for the shit she'd pulled on their own wedding day was an added bonus. That was also the only reason why Sasuke had even agreed to attend the wedding, because he had had more than enough of her after her stunts last year. He still didn't understand why someone like Lee had fallen in love with someone like her, but well, they did say that love was blind and all that.

Clearly, it was bat shit blind in Lee's case.

He didn't think she would ever make the mistake of crossing Naruto and him again. And if she was indeed that stupid … Well, he had no problems cutting her out of their life.

He had more important people in his life anyways, like his husband and their baby steadily growing within the blond. Petty people like her who could never take any hints were best off being ignored.

"You think she'd notice it if we left earlier?" Naruto asked lightly. "I want to have some fun elsewhere if you get what I mean. Let's have a redo of our wedding night again, what do you say?"

Sasuke just laughed quietly and kissed him again.

Yeah, they didn't need a petty airheaded bint like Sakura in their lives. They had each other and that was more than enough.

The End

AN2: No, I still don't like Sakura. No, I don't care whether this might be repetitive, casting her in a bad light again. Yes, this was fun to write.

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