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I will get around to the Kushina story sometime soon. Other things require my attention at the moment so enjoy this for the time being.


“Alright. I can do this.” Naruto said to himself as he stared at his reflection in the mirror. He was dressed rather nice today compared to any other day. He wore a nice black and white suit and was doing his best to have his hair cooperate. His blond hair was naturally spiky so he really couldn’t do much about it in terms of styling. He wasn’t too worried about it though, from what women had told him it looked good. They’d better not have been lying, today was an important day for him.

Naruto, at the young age of 24 had graduated from law school and had managed to land an interview at one of the largest firms in Japan. He was excited and nervous at the same time even though he’d done everything he could to prepare. When he got the call inviting him for an interview he spent hours looking up practice questions, dress etiquette, and even ways to talk himself up. 

This was his chance. He made decent money at his part time job but this is what he’d been studying for. Landing a job at the law firm could bring in real money.

He pulled the mirror, revealing small shelves behind it and reached for a bottle of his favorite cologne. He had many to choose from but this one he saved for very special occasions. He walked over to his dresser and pulled out a nice black watch. While he wasn’t very much into the watch scene it did manage to add a little more to his overall look. He glanced at himself once more and grabbed the keys to his car.

After closing the door to his apartment behind him as he left, he gave the door two solid pulls just to make sure it was locked and made his way to his car. As he sat down in the driver seat he could help but smile in comfort as he turned the car on. Most of his friends nagged him on a daily basis to buy a new one but he wouldn’t listen. Sure, his car was a bit old and had problems but it was paid off, cheap to insure, and it still ran so why bother?

Not to mention it had been with him since he was 15 so he just couldn’t let go of it. He put the car in first gear and pulled into the street. Luckily for him the firm wasn’t far from his place so he only had to drive for about fifteen minutes.

Once he made it into the car park he parked and made his way inside. Right as he entered the building he made sure to shove his hand in his pocket and flick a small button on his phone to keep it from ringing out at any time. His eyes darted around the room until they landed on the desk that said ‘reception’ and he began making his way over.

The first thing he noticed was that the young woman sitting behind the desk was very pretty. She had her hair done up into two small buns and wore a dress shirt that hugged her chest very nicely. He couldn’t see what the bottom half of her looked like since she was sitting down but he would bet it was just as nice as the top. 

Getting closer he noticed a small silver plaque sitting at the front of the desk that read ‘Tenten’. Said woman looked up at him and quickly ended the phone call she was on. 

“Good afternoon, what can I do for you?” She asked, sending him a cheery smile.

“Good afternoon.” Naruto greeted. “I’m scheduled for an interview today.”

Tenten’s eyes lit up a little at the info. She quickly turned around to grab a binder from the file cabinet behind her and began flipping through the pages. 

“Here we are. Mr. Namikaze, yes?” She asked. Naruto nodded in confirmation. “Perfect. Ms. Yuhi is expecting you. Just walk down the hall behind me until the end and take the elevator up to the 4th floor. Look for the room labeled ‘conference 2’ down the hallway to the left once you step out.” She instructed.

“Thank you.” He was about to walk away but stopped mid step when he saw her motion at him to scoot closer. 

“Word of advice, keep your eyes on hers at all times and don’t let them stray when she’s looking at you. Do that, and you’ll have a better shot than anyone else.”

So she was an attractive woman with large breasts, he deduced. He once again thanked her, this time for the tidbit of info and made his way through the building. As luck would have it, the elevator opened the moment he stepped in front of it. Stepping inside he clicked the button for the fourth floor and quickly stuck his arm out to stop the doors from closing when he saw someone else approach. 

The man seemed to be about his age, maybe give or take a year. Similar to him he wore a nice tailored black suit and a gold watch. He had his hair styled into an upwards ponytail that seemed to somehow spike upwards at the top. The thing that caught Naruto’s attention the most was the look on his face that basically said ‘I don’t want to be here’.

“Thanks.” The man nodded as he clicked another button next to the door. “I don’t recognize you. Are you new or are you interviewing?”


The guy said nothing and clicked the button to close the elevator doors.

Naruto, seeing the opportunity, decided to ask “If you don’t mind me asking, what’s it like working here?”

The man looked upwards as if staring at the sky, or in this case, ceiling. 

“If I had to describe it...stressful, aggravating sometimes, and a large pain.” He responded.

That wasn’t exactly what Naruto was expecting.

“It’s not all that bad though. The pay is really good and so are the benefits. Plus I’ve made some really good friends here at work and met some good people through cases. If you can make it through the first week, you’ll be fine.”

The elevator dinged letting them know they’d reached the third floor and the man sighed and began walking out. “Well, if you get hired I’ll see you around.” 

Naruto gave a small wave and watched the doors close, once again leaving him alone. He kept his eyes glued to the small screen that seemed to be frozen on the number three. Though it was only for a few seconds it felt like hours before it finally changed to 4 and a small ding rang out.

‘Here we go’ he thought to himself. He adjusted his tie and exhaled, mentally preparing for what was possibly one of the most important meetings of his young life. Making his way down the hall he found the correct room and saw the door was already open with a single occupant inside.

Knocking twice on the door he waited until the woman looked up at him. 

“Mr. Namikaze. Come in and take a seat, and close the door behind you please” She ordered.

Forty minutes later Naruto emerged from the room feeling like a huge weight had been lifted from his shoulders. He’d managed to answer every question easily and managed to sell himself in a way that didn’t make him sound cocky.

Tenten's advice had really helped him out as he could see the woman was impressed that his eyes remained locked on hers. He’d be the first to admit however, it was a difficult endeavor. The moment he saw her he could see why people would stare. She was a beautiful woman with great eyes, nice breasts, and a pretty hot body.

He removed those thoughts from his head as he made his way back down to the ground floor. One thing he noticed was that there were much more people now than when he first arrived. Some of the employees stared at him, curiosity clear in their eyes, while others simply glanced and ignored him. 

“Good luck Naruto.” He heard when he was a few feet away from the front door. Turning around to wave goodbye he discarded that plan when he saw the young woman had gone back to talking to another woman. She was an auburn haired woman who wore a form fitting black dress that really did well to complement her body. It wasn’t a party type dress but rather the type you’d see a business woman wear. He wasn’t sure what it was but she radiated an aura of confidence and power.

As he turned around ready to leave he didn’t notice the woman he’d been glancing at look in his direction.

“Tenten.” The older woman said, cutting off the receptionist. “Who was that person you just wished good luck to?”

“Oh. That was Naruto. He had an interview with Ms Yuhi today.” Tenten replied with an uneasy tone.

“I see. So he’s looking to work here?” She asked rhetorically. Slowly, a crooked smile formed on her face, a small gesture but it was named 'the smile of doom'  by employees of this office. An action that had Tenten shuddering to her core hoping the gut feeling she had was wrong. “Well, I’ll leave you to your work. Excuse me.”

Tenten watched the woman make her way further into the building until she disappeared from view and let out a sad sigh. It seemed Naruto had found himself in that despicable woman’s sights. She hoped for his sake that she’d lose interest but she doubted that would be the case.

A week later Naruto sat in front of his TV with a dejected look on his face. The law firm hadn't called, e-mailed, or followed up with him since the day of the interview. Every hour he made sure to refresh his email just to make sure he didn’t miss it. He even checked his spam folders just in case it got sent there somehow. Maybe he hadn’t done as good as he imagined.

At the moment that the thought passed through his mind his phone rang out with the soft chime letting him know he had a new email. He swiped the phone off the small table he had set up in front of him with speed he didn’t know he possessed.

There, at the top of the list, was a response from the firm. He could feel his heart accelerate in his chest as the message loaded up. His eyes moved quickly from left to right and the more he read, the wider the smile on his face became. He’d made it. He’d been hired!

The email said he’d start in two days and was instructed to be there at 8am. At that moment Naruto was thankful he lived alone since no one would see him jumping up and down in pure excitement. 

Two days passed by quickly and he was pulling up to his new job for the first time. Unlike last time he didn’t park up front, instead he was instructed to park around back for employee parking. He had the car pull up slowly towards the two men who stood in front of a mechanical arm that allowed one car in at a time.

As he drove up to them he pulled his phone out and pulled up the email that had an attachment image that would serve as his temporary pass. The two men scanned the code in the email and let him through with no issue. Fortunately, since he arrived so early there was plenty of parking and he was able to find one the moment he was allowed in.

Stepping out of his car he began walking past the guards when an interesting bit of their conversation caught his attention.

“Shit. Here she comes.” Naruto grew curious as to who would draw such a reaction from them. Rather than turn and let them know he was eavesdropping he glanced back using the reflection of the glass door to the building. Driving past him was the same woman who had been talking to Tenten on the day of his interview.

He could only really see her head and part of her top but what he saw told him two things. The glasses she wore were very expensive and the car she drove probably cost more than he made in the past 3 years. She had to be very high up on the totem pole.

Deciding to put that thought off he tried to relax himself and headed inside. To his surprise, Tenten was already there, stepping out of the women's restroom. 

Seeing him, she flashed him a big smile. “Congrats on getting the job.” 

Her smile was contagious and he found himself matching her “Thanks. I’m pretty excited but also really nervous. I’m supposed to be meeting a….” He trailed off to check his phone. “Mei Terumi. Have any clue where I can find her?”

Some flags were mentally raised in his mind when he saw the happy look from the woman fade away instantly, replaced instead with a look he couldn’t exactly describe. She seemed like she was going to respond but her eyes darted to the side briefly and she stopped herself.

“That would be me.” He heard a melodic voice say from behind him. Turning around he had to use every bit of willpower to keep his jaw from falling open.

It was the same woman the guards were talking about a few minutes ago. His eyes moved to hear long auburn hair that flowed beautifully down her back, with some covering her right eye entirely leaving only her emerald green eye for him to look at. She wore a rather small black pencil skirt, black heels, and a white blouse with the top two buttons undone that she had tucked into the skirt.

He noted she must have been wearing a white bra underneath as he could still barely make out the lines of it through her shirt. 

“You must be Mr Namikaze. A pleasure to finally meet you.” She greeted. “ Mei Terumi but Mei is fine.”

“Naruto Namikaze but feel free to call me Naruto.” He reciprocated.

Mei smiled, a sight he was beginning to like. “Wonderful. Please follow me and I’ll explain what you’ll be doing and where you’ll be working.” 

Naruto turned to Tenten, who still had a strange look on her face, and waved at her as he followed the older woman. After another elevator ride, this time to the 9th floor he noticed the area looked different to the one he’d seen the last time he was there. The floor had multiple nice looking offices with a great view of Tokyo.

“This way.” She said, motioning him to follow her down another hallway. It led to another area that had smaller offices. They weren’t exactly cubicles but they weren’t that much better. Mei stopped at one three spaces away from the door and pointed to it.

“This one is yours.” Naruto noticed it had most of the bare necessities. There was a computer, a printer, a small rack to sort papers, and four drawers. “I’ll have Tenten order a plaque with your name on it. If you need anything else she’s the person to talk to. You can decorate your space as you please so long as it’s nothing explicit.” She explained.

Made sense.

“Now follow me and I’ll get you your first case.” That threw him for a loop.

His eyebrows disappeared into his hairline he was so surprised. “Really? On my first day?” He hoped it didn’t sound like he wasn’t up to it or ungrateful but he didn’t think he’d be getting one immediately.

Mei laughed softly at his words and it was one of the most wonderful sounds he’d heard. “I’m sorry I forgot to mention, I’m the boss at this firm and I select who we do and don’t hire.”

If Naruto wasn’t surprised before, he definitely was now. He knew she was high up but to be at the very top?

“I looked into your background. You did excellent in school and all of your past employers sang praise about you. You also look like a very intelligent man, one who’s ready to prove himself should the opportunity present itself. One might say you’re eager to please and show what you can do.” She told him.

“Wow.” That was all he could utter. “I appreciate the confidence. I won’t disappoint.” He responded, conviction clear in his voice.

Mei’s visible eye narrowed very slightly and unknown to him, a very small smirk could’ve been seen on her face at that moment. “No I don’t think you will.” 

She said nothing more until a minute later when the two reached her office. Mei stepped in front of her desk and bent over slightly in order to reach some sheets she kept next to her keyboard. This time Naruto didn’t bother trying to not admire her ass. Lost in his admiration he didn’t know that Mei could see him in the reflection of the glass behind her desk and this time let a full blown smirk appear on her face.

“Here it is.” She said, any trace of a smirk was gone, replaced with a professional look. “As you’re a fresh associate your first job is this.”

Naruto took the papers and glanced over them, quickly realizing what he had. “A pro bono case. Can’t say I was expecting anything different.”

“I’m glad you understand. I’m curious to see how you do. Just know those who do well are handsomely rewarded.” She said cryptically. She couldn’t say more as a few beeps came from her phone and drew her attention. 

“It seems our time together is up. I have a meeting to attend.” She told him, making her way out the door. She stopped directly under the doorway, much to his confusion. “Oh one more thing. Get some more suits, black and dark blue.”

Naruto glanced down at his to see that it was still relatively black, if fading very slightly. 

“Don’t worry, you look good but men in crisp new suits look that much better.”

Naruto smirked at her words. “Of course.”

Naruto left her office soon after her and couldn’t help but notice that his heart rate had once again increased while he was talking to her. She was a beautiful woman and he was damn sure she was aware of it. This begged the question in his mind, why were the guards on edge around her?

From his interaction with her he could see she was nice, not only that but very easy on the eye and body.

He shrugged and made his way over to his new desk. For the next couple hours he spent his time going over the case, familiarizing himself with it. So engrossed in his work he didn’t notice someone had stopped in front of his desk.

“So you made it.” Glancing up from his work he noticed the same guy from the elevator.

“Oh hey….” He trailed off, mentally kicking himself for not asking the man his name.

“Shikamaru. Don’t worry if you don’t know. I didn’t introduce myself since I wasn’t sure you’d even make it.” Shikamaru introduced himself.

Naruto introduced himself back “I wasn’t either honestly. After a week with no word I was sure I hadn’t made the cut.”

Shikamaru laughed, “Yeah it takes some time.” He glanced down and noticed the papers on his desk and seemed just as surprised as Naruto. “First day and you already got a case?”

He handed him the papers “Yeah, Mei gave it to me this morning.” Though he didn’t say anything about it, the use of the boss’s first name wasn’t lost on the young man.

“You must have really impressed her. Anyways, you want to get some lunch? I’ll tell you all about how this place operates.” Shikamaru offered.

Seeing no reason to decline Naruto accepted the offer and cleaned the papers off his desk, safely storing them in one of his drawers. The rest of the day passed by relatively quickly in his opinion. He had a good feel for the case and was sure he’d easily win. Shikamaru had introduced him to some of the other associates at the firm and even bought him lunch. The only downside of the day was that he wasn’t able to talk to Mei again as she was seemingly busy most of the time.

By the time he made it home it was just past 7pm. Plenty of time to relax and enjoy the rest of his day. As he changed into some casual clothes he heard his phone go off once, letting him know he’d gotten a text.

His good mood only increased when he saw the name of one of his best friends. Temari wanted to celebrate his first day on the new job. The winking face at the end of the text let him know they’d be ‘celebrating’ the same way as when she cheered him up when he believed he hadn’t gotten the job.

Ever since they had hooked up one night after a party they’d continued since, though they weren’t an item. Just two friends who enjoyed each other’s company both in and out of bed. Texting her to come over he got dinner for two ready and made sure his room was nice and clean.

This was officially one of the best days of his life.

If only he knew his life was about to be flipped upside down now that he’d met Mei.


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