Icha Icha Starlet

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The Konoha hot springs were filled with laughter and the splashing of water. It was the girls’ only section, and all the chaos involved a bubbly young blonde that couldn’t keep her hands to herself.


“Oh my god, Hitomi-san!” The blonde squealed out with a lewd face, “Your boobies are soooo huge! How did you get them to grow so much?”


Hitomi was a young mother that came with her friends to relax in the hot springs, but this handsy blonde came in and disrupted the peace.


Batting the groping hands away, Hitomi said, “Natsumi-chan! How many times did we say to give us some personal space!”


The blonde pouted cutely at the MILF, “I just wanted to play.”


Feeling a little bad, one of Hitomi’s busty friends said, “We’re not angry, Natsumi-chan. It’s just that we wanted to have some quiet time today.”


Natsumi’s small face scrunched up in irritation, “Well, I know when I’m not wanted!” She climbed out of the water and covered herself with a towel, storming off while ignoring the shouts behind her.


“Natsumi! Wait! We didn’t mean you can’t stay!”


Hitomi and her friends watched the petite blonde leave the hot springs and turned to look at each other guiltily.


Hitomi tried to bring up the mood, “Don’t worry about Natsumi. She’s obsessed with our breasts, so she’ll be back next time. We can apologize then.”


They chuckled at that and went back to enjoying the hot springs, this time without a girl grabbing at their breasts.


Outside the entrance, ‘Natsumi’ disappeared with a poof of smoke and was replaced by an orange-clad shinobi with a perverted look on his face. Naruto Uzumaki, the former prankster of Konoha, aspired to be just like his mentor, Jiraiya. A SUPER PERVERT!


But with one big difference. While Jiraiya mainly focused on peeking at unsuspecting women, Naruto wanted to get closer to the action. So he now had a habit of transforming into a cute ditzy blonde girl that liked to grope the MILFs that just happened to be in the bath with her.


Naruto let out a perverted giggle while making groping motions with his hands, imagining the massive tits that were in them just a few minutes ago. MILFs really were the best. Girls his age just weren’t built that way. Naruto couldn’t believe that he actually had a crush on Sakura before leaving on the training trip. Luckily his mentor had shown him the true wonders of the world.




“AHHH!” Naruto screamed in fright and jumped backward while waving his hands, “It’s not what you think! I was just….” Naruto trailed off when he realized that he wasn’t doing anything perverted.


“I was just going to the hot springs,” Naruto said with more confidence, turning to the person who startled him, “Ino?”


Naruto looked at the bombshell who looked eerily familiar to his classmate all those years ago. But while the Ino he remembered was flat as a pancake, the girl in front of him was shaped as if Naruto was given a choice in building the perfect woman. 


If Naruto could remember correctly, in the academy, Ino wore a purple outfit with bandages to cover her stomach and thighs. The Ino in front of him ditched the bandages to expose her smooth skin to anyone who had eyes and wore the exact same purple outfit. And when he said exact, Naruto actually meant it. Ino’s purple top and skirt were stretched so much by her bountiful breasts and a deliciously fat ass that they might actually be the same clothes Ino wore in the academy.


Naruto had just been thinking that none of the girls his age could ever match up to the MILFs he knew, but he was instantly proven wrong. Ino not only matched the MILFs, but she lapped them in Naruto’s eyes.


“I saw you come out of the girl’s section and transform! What the hell are you doing, Naruto!?”


And now Ino apparently knew that he was a pervert. Naruto cursed in his mind as he saw the difficulty of getting Ino into his bed increase dramatically. He looked over Ino’s expression carefully to see if she was actually angry, and yes, yes, she was.


Well, Naruto might as well throw Jiraiya under the bus to save himself, “Ino! I was just helping my teacher, Jiraiya, with his research.”


Narrowing her blue eyes suspiciously, Ino said, “Research that involves you sneaking into the girls’ section of the hot springs?”


“It’s for Icha Icha! Jiraiya-sensei writes those, and I have to help him get inspiration for the next one.”


Naruto stared at Ino, hoping that name-dropping one of the greatest shinobi of Konoha would give him some slack. The reaction Ino gave, however, shocked him.


Squealing in excitement, Ino jumped up and down, making Naruto thank god for the glorious sight of her bouncing tits. Ino ran up to Naruto and grabbed his face tightly, “You KNOW the author of Icha Icha? That is sooo cool!”


Confused, Naruto nodded dumbly while trying not to be cross-eyed at how close Ino was. Not that he was complaining, Naruto very much enjoyed Ino’s plush tits pressed into his chest.


“I can help! It’d be so cool to be part of the next book!”


Naruto looked at Ino with disbelief. He was aware that Icha Icha had female fans, but they mainly were discreet about knowing the book’s existence.


A slow smirk spread on Naruto’s whiskered face as he looked at the voluptuous Ino, “I know how you can help Ino. How would you like to be the main character of the next book?”




“FUCK ME, YOU HUNG BASTARD!” Ino screamed out as she was pounded into the soft mattress.


Naruto had brought Ino home with him and pulled her into his bed the instant they walked through the door. Ino gave almost no resistance once Naruto promised to give her autographed copies of her favorite books.


The best trade ever, in Naruto’s opinion.


“Never thought you would be so easy, Ino,” Naruto said with a smirk, never stopping his hard thrusts into her pussy. Naruto reveled in the screams that he was drawing out of his fellow blonde.


“NNNNGG… If I knew about the cock you hid away, I would have welcomed you back to Konoha with my body.”


Naruto gained an intense look in his eyes. His thrusts suddenly became shorter and faster, making his cock bang into the entrance of Ino’s womb much more frequently. For most girls, what Naruto was doing would cause them pain, but for Ino, all she felt was more pleasure.


“Fuck… you hung stud! Oh god… you’re about to use my womb as your cockwarmer!”


Her words flipped a switch inside Naruto’s head. Grabbing her legs behind her knees, Naruto pushed them up until they framed her massive bust. Ino looked up at Naruto with wide eyes as he folded her in half, his muscles tensing as he prepared to bust into her womb.


Naruto pulled his hips as far as he could without taking his cock out of Ino’s warm pussy, and brutally punched back in. His cockhead banged against her cervix, loosening it with every thrust Naruto made. With a loud grunt, Naruto finally punched his cock into Ino’s womb, getting a loud shriek out of the busty blonde.


“You savage BEAST!” Ino screamed out.


Moving up a little to fully cover Ino’s body with his, Naruto started to powerfuck his fellow blonde into a fucked-stupid state. His only goal being to destroy her tight pussy and reshape it into a perfect fuckhole for his cock. Every time his balls slapped down onto Ino’s fat ass, his cock broke into Ino’s womb, bringing an orgasmic wail out of the ravaged blonde.


“You’re so big, Naruto! The only cock that has ever fucked me like this!”


Naruto let out an animalistic noise as he started to fuck down into Ino even faster. She somehow had the right words that would make Naruto try and fuck her even harder. Naruto’s hips were now blurring with how fast they were crashing into Ino’s reddened asscheeks, her flesh giving Naruto a soft cushion whenever he pounded into her wet pussy.


“Such a goddamn slut. You’ll be my whore whenever I need to destroy a pussy. Your body was built to be railed by me!”


Ino moaned out at the filth Naruto was spitting out as her pussy clenched around Naruto’s pounding cock. An orgasm tearing through Ino, her tongue sticking out as she stared at the stud fucking her with hearts in her eyes. Naruto knew that Ino was right at the edge of losing her mind, and he still had plans for her after he pumped a load of cum into her pussy, so he brought her over that edge.


Reaching under her body to grab Ino’s massive asscheeks, Naruto used the grip to pull Ino closer to his cock every time he pounded into her. Naruto didn’t know if it helped his cock dig deeper, but even if it didn’t, Naruto still had his hands full of Ino’s ass flesh. He felt his balls churning, ready to fire the baby batter into the kunoichi he was fucking. Naruto made sure to lodge his cock as deep into Ino’s womb as possible when he felt his cum surging up his shaft.


Ino’s eyes rolled back into her head, losing any leftover brainpower to the orgasm that ripped through her whole body. The expanding cock and the first shot of warm cum had been too much for the fuck-addled blonde, breaking her mind. Her world now consisted only of the cock spewing thick cum into her womb.


Naruto made sure to never let the cock slip out of the grip of Ino’s womb. His balls pressed against Ino’s ass as he unloaded all the cum into Ino’s pussy. When it finally tapered off into a few small spurts, Naruto made a few more weak thrusts into Ino’s cum-filled pussy to make sure nothing was left in his balls.


He pulled out of Ino and let go of her legs, letting them collapse back on the bed, and watched her pussy leak the cum that was fed to her womb. Naruto idly thought about what else he could do with a girl like Ino. Maybe he could use clones to bloat her stomach with his cum, or fuck Ino in a public place. They were both great ideas that a slut like Ino would go for, but Naruto felt that doing that went too far with Ino’s current state.


Naruto sat down next to Ino’s drooling face while he waited for her fuck-addled mind to wake up. He wasn’t even close to being done with her body.



“I can’t believe I’m actually doing this.”


Ino was wearing her usual slutty outfit that barely hid her substantial curves. And as always, leering eyes stared at her exposed cleavage as they bounced with every step Ino took. Usually, Ino would give the men peeking a saucy wink, just to give them blue-balls, but she was distracted by something right now.


That something happened to be the gigantic cock that was buried deep in her sopping pussy. Naruto was walking right behind her, pressed up against Ino’s massive ass to keep his cock sheathed inside her as he wrapped an arm around Ino’s stomach.


They looked to the onlookers like a loving couple out on a stroll in the market. Ino thought it was a miracle that she could keep a straight face with Naruto inside her, but it was a continuous fight to do so.


Naruto rested his head on Ino’s shoulder as they stood before a stall selling some trinkets. He tightened his grip around her stomach and moved his hips closer, sinking his cock just a little further into Ino’s pussy. Naruto smiled when he heard a muffled moan escape from Ino’s closed mouth.


While Naruto was trying to make Ino break down, the stall owner finally came over to the couple that looked to be searching his wares. The owner would have come over earlier, but he was a little stunned by the beauty of the blonde girl looking at his jewelry with glassy eyes. Eventually, the stall owner decided to make Naruto pay for getting a girl like Ino. 


Naruto was moving his hips against Ino’s ass discreetly, stirring his cock around before he heard, “Ah! You have exquisite taste, girl! That’s something that I got over in Kumo, a rare find that cost me a lot of money. But for you two, I can let it go for 20,000 Ryo.”


Naruto quirked his brow at the man who started talking. While this was a clear scammer, he thought it might be fun to let Ino handle this. Turning to Ino’s flushed face, Naruto laid a soft kiss to the corner of her lips and said, “Honey, what do you think?”


It took Ino a few seconds before she realized that the question was directed to her, “T-Think of what?”


Naruto hid a grin and shifted his hips to the side to pick up the trinket. Ino let out an audible gasp when Naruto’s cock moved to a new angle.


The stall owner thought that Ino was excited by the jewelry and started to wax poetic on how significant it was to the history of Kumo. All of it was bullshit, of course.


To Ino, the elaborate story was pushed to the background as Naruto practically fucked her right in the middle of the market. He kept moving side to side to ‘show’ Ino the trinket at different angles. While this might be technically ‘hidden,’ Ino wasn’t sure how nobody could see Naruto’s thick cock that was glistening in her juices slide in and out of her pussy.


Having had enough of the limited movement, Naruto interrupted the owner’s spiel, “That’s great, we’ll come back in a few minutes with the money.”


Naruto led Ino away from the stall by her wide hips, his cock pulsing in need inside her pussy. There was an alley right by the stall, and it would be the perfect place to seed Ino’s womb.


As soon as they entered the privacy of the alley, Naruto pushed Ino against the wall and pulled his cock out of her pussy. His cock was dripping with Ino’s juice, showing just how much of a slut she was. The fact that she had a cock inside her in front of so many people turned Ino on like nothing else before.


Naruto pulled her ass back by her hip and reached up to grip a massive tit in one hand. With tit-flesh spilling through the grip of his fingers, Naruto punched his cock all the way into the depths of Ino’s pussy. There was no reason to hold back his fucking, so Naruto made sure to drill Ino hard enough to bring back her fucked-stupid expression.




Naruto smirked rather casually while his cock started to break Ino. Her ass was turning a delicious red, and her tits were wobbling under her body.


“You might want to be a little quieter, Ino. We might not be in the middle of the market, but people can still hear you. Do you really want others to see how much of a slut you are?”


Ino pushed her ass back at Naruto’s thrusting hips and gritted out, “Who gives a fuck! Just keep fucking me with this cock, and I’ll yell out that I’m a slut for the world to hear!”


Naruto slammed his cock deep inside and kept it there for a few seconds before pulling out altogether. Ino whined, “What the fuck are you doing? Put it back in!”


Naruto held the shaft of his cock and slapped it against Ino’s pussy, and said, “I’d love to Ino. But I want to hear it.”


Ino reached down between her legs and started to rub her clit, clear fluid leaking from her pussy every time Naruto’s cock slapped onto it.


“Hear what? I love your cock? Because I do, please, put it back in!”


Naruto shook his head with a smile, “That you’re a slut. Do it, and you get this dick.”


Without even giving it a thought, Ino yelled, “I’M A SLUT! SLUT FOR NARUTO’S COCK!”


As promised, Naruto went right back to railing Ino’s swollen pussy. He pulled back Ino’s voluptuous body to grope her enormous tits and pinching her hard nipples.


The alley was filled with the sound of flesh slapping against flesh as the two blondes rutted themselves to completion. They stayed pressed tightly together as Naruto shot his cum into Ino’s pussy, not separating until every drop was spilled into Ino’s womb. Naruto slowly pulled away until his massive cock was removed from Ino’s greedy pussy.


The two blondes stood still, trying to recover from the intense fucking, when they heard a soft voice behind them.


“N-Naruto-kun? Ino-san?”


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