The Risk She Took Was Calculated

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Author's note: Last weekend was crap. This week started with me discovering that the bank might as well have screwed over my chances of attending online Japanese summer classes and then I find out that customs wants to screw me over as well. This week has just been one giant shitfest and I'm so goddamn over it. So because I'm pissed off - still - someone has to suffer and that someone is Sakura (no, I do not take criticism about that). This is the first project I actually managed to finish this week. My apologies for the readers of my other projects, I will work on them this weekend; I just couldn't get in the proper mindset for those during the previous days.

With that said, this is not for Sakura fans. She's not going to be portrayed in a good light, so if you're looking for a nice Sakura, this fic ain't it.

Warnings: Sakura's and Naruto's pov; Alternate universe; descriptions of blood and injuries; established slash; references to past bullying; not for Sakura fans; scars

I hope you'll like ... whatever this is.

The Risk She Took Was Calculated

"You almost done with your guestlist, honey?" Mum asked curiously, placing a cup of tea next to her.

"Hm, going through the list for the last time," Sakura replied absently, scrolling through the class list of her secondary school.

At twenty-five years old she was about to marry her boyfriend of three years, Rock Lee. They had met four years ago when they had both been working out at the local gym and now Lee was the owner of five successful gyms of his own, with a sixth one currently being planned.

She had never expected herself to get married to someone like Lee, because he didn't exactly fit the type she'd been going after before, but his boundless optimism and his great humour had won her over; his determination to succeed in life impressing her. Now she was about to marry him in six weeks and she could hardly wait for that day to arrive!

Before that could happen, though, she finally needed to finish her guestlist and she spent a moment lamenting that Ino was spending the weekend at her boyfriend's place; she could have used her best friend's help for this.

Hm, maybe she should just make it easy for herself and invite everyone of her former class, including her main university group? That would make it easier, more livelier as well and this way she didn't have to keep weeding through the list.

Then again …

She narrowed her eyes when her attention was caught by the last name on the list of her secondary school.

Uzumaki Naruto.

She honestly hadn't thought about that particular guy in years, had basically forgotten about him. As she stared at his name, though, she could easily picture him again: his stupid obsession with the colour orange, his idiotic pranks, how much of a loudmouth he'd been, but at the same time the class loser as well, barely scraping by enough marks to pass each year.

It had surprised all of them every year how he managed to pass together with them when he hardly ever got good grades. That was how the rumours had started, about how one teacher, Iruka-sensei had taken some sort of pity on him because Uzumaki was that much of an idiot, and had convinced the other teachers to let him pass out of pity. It certainly would explain how he had managed to pass every year in spite of his dismal marks.

Then in their last year he had had an accident.

Sakura still didn't know the exact details and frankly couldn't care about them either, but she remembered the hot day in June, her and Ino complaining about a history assignment, and then the sirens of an ambulance rushing towards their school. Somehow – rumour had it that Uzumaki had tried to pull some stupid stunt again – Uzumaki had crashed through a window on the first floor, landing on the roof of the bicycle stand, which had broken his fall. He had ended up with a dislocated shoulder and his cheeks shredded to hell and back from the glass cutting him, with several more minor cuts across his arms.

It had been quite the gruesome sight, blood pouring down, looking like some kind of animal had tried to slash his face to pieces. He could have easily fit in a horror movie and he'd been eerily silent as the medics helped him get down and into the ambulance.

They hadn't seen him at school for over a week and when he'd returned his cheeks had been covered by huge bandages. He had probably wished he could have kept the bandages on for the rest of the school year, because after they had been removed, the taunting had started. Things like asking him whether he was planning on auditioning to play Frankenstein's monster, that he was better off wearing a mask the entire year round, that they had seen better looking dead bodies after a car crash, that he might want to reconsider taking place for the final class picture …

Personally Sakura had always thought those taunts hadn't been really creative nor that bad, but apparently Uzumaki had turned a lot more sensitive after his accident. Two months before their school year would officially finish, he'd stopped coming to school and the rumour mill had eagerly jumped on that, speculating that he'd been too much of a pussy to withstand the teasing.

She had no idea whether he had ever officially graduated or whether he'd become a degreeless loser. If he had let some teasing get the better of him, then he was truly an idiot, but well, she'd always known he had never been that bright.

Still, looking at his name now, she wondered what had become of him and whether the scars were still that painfully obvious or not. Some scars tended to fade throughout the years, but his had been glaringly obvious back then. Not even makeup might have hidden those thick red lines.

Pursing her lips, she stared at his name for a little while longer before she continued working on her guestlist.

"All right, that's the last invitation," Sakura sighed, shoving the envelope away before raising her arms in the air and stretching her shoulders.

Her phone buzzing had her lowering her arms once more and she smiled when she read her fiancé's message.

04.58 p.m. Lee

On my way home! Got a surprise for you! <3

"You want me to drop these off for you on my way home?" Ino suggested, gathering all the envelopes and stacking them neatly together. Her right hand was smudged after having helped Sakura write the invitations.

"Yeah, thanks, that'd be great," Sakura grinned, typing a heart emoji back to Lee. "My mum insists on trying out more table combinations tomorrow, so coupled with the cake testing in the afternoon, I wouldn't know when to go to the post office."

"I thought you'd already settled on a cake?" Ino asked confused.

"We had, but when we requested another layer, they upped the price so much it was ridiculous." Sakura wrinkled her nose and shook her head. "Honestly, it was outrageous how much they dared to ask when the extra layer would have been a lot smaller anyways. So yes, I need to go cake shopping again and hopefully the bakery we'll visit tomorrow will not be too greedy with their prices."

For the money the other bakery had dared to ask, she could have made the cake on her own!

"You're inviting Naruto?" Ino questioned baffled then, her hand hovering over one of the invitations. "You got back into contact with him?"

"Oh, nah." The pink haired woman waved her hand dismissively. "Hell no, why would I have? No, I was going through the names of everyone in our year when I suddenly remembered him."

"That still doesn't explain why you're inviting him," Ino said confused. "You weren't exactly friends."

"Hm, call it curiosity," Sakura giggled and shrugged. "My wedding is a good opportunity to find out what everyone's been up to in the meantime. Given how easily he bailed in our last year, I'm curious what happened to him."

She smirked and rose up, collecting the pens and the remaining envelopes. "Okay, not going to lie, I just really want to know whether he still looks so awful and what he ended up doing, because he wasn't exactly the smartest cookie back then. I doubt he's as successful as I am now."

Ino frowned, even as she put the envelopes in her purse. "He might not even come."

"Well, that would be the story of his life then, wouldn't it be?" Sakura snorted amused. "Not that much different from the last time I saw him."

"Sweetheart, I'm home!" Lee's enthusiastic greeting echoed through the hallway then, making her grin and hurry to the front door.

"Hey! You're home quickly." She kissed him, giggling when she spotted the hand he was holding behind his back. "Ooooh, what do you got for me?"

"Only the sweetest and prettiest of flowers for my bride," Lee announced solemnly and presented her with a large bouquet of red and pink roses, wrapped in sparkly paper.

She gasped and took them, pressing her nose against the delicate petals. "They're so pretty!"

"Very nice flowers, Lee," Ino praised as she pulled her heels back on. "I'm going home; still need to prepare dinner. Let me know if you need an extra taster tomorrow!"

"Will do," Sakura laughed and waved her goodbye before hunting down a vase for her flowers, while listening to Lee updating her about the process on the latest gym.

Only five more weeks until she got married!

All the while making their way to the venue where the wedding reception would be hosted, Sakura felt like she was walking on clouds.

Her wedding day was going off without a hitch so far, everything perfect and proceeding according to how she'd planned it and she couldn't be happier. She was now officially married, the golden ring with the large diamond shining brightly whenever it caught the sunlight, and butterflies raced through her stomach whenever Lee looked at her and smiled.

She'd chosen for a buffet style, wanting the atmosphere to be as relaxed as possible and she watched satisfied how her guests all silently – and not so silently – oh'd when they laid eyes on the large tables filled with amazing, delicious looking dishes. Being married to someone as successful as Lee definitely came with some perks!

Talking about guests, she really should do a full round this time, because she hadn't been able to greet everyone yet; having been too nervous before the wedding would officially start. Best to greet them all now so that she could enjoy the rest of the day.

"This food looks amazing," Chouji informed her sincerely when she went to greet him.

He was still a bit on the chubby side, but he was more muscles than actually fat now; running his family's restaurant clearly did him good. "Well, coming from such a good chef as yourself, that's definitely a compliment," she laughed, brushing her hair – curled today – over her shoulders. "I hope it tastes as amazing as it looks!"

It was fun to see everyone gathered here again and discover just how much their lives had changed in the seven years that they hadn't seen each other. Shikamaru was working as an IT specialist now and was currently dating a blonde woman named Temari, who practically exuded "Don't fuck with me" vibes even as she was dressed prettily in a light yellow dress with her hair in four buns.

Hinata had started dating Kiba, which didn't surprise Sakura that much, considering how obvious Kiba had been pining for her for years. Kiba was working full time at his family's dog kennel nowadays and Hinata worked as a secretary for a lawyer's firm.

Sakura was a bit surprised to discover that Hinata's cousin, Neji, ran a dojo together with Tenten. The long haired man seemed a lot more peaceful now than he had been during his teenager years, so apparently working at a dojo did wonders for his personality.

Shino was working as an entomologist, which given his fascination for insects during their childhood years wasn't that much of a shock, but it was still disgusting to think about, because insects creeped her out. But hey, if he was happy with it, so much the better for him, of course. Tayuya was working as a nurse now and Tobi was apparently in between jobs, his last one having been in a local supermarket.

As she walked through the room, occasionally flitting back to her husband when he wanted to introduce her to someone he knew, she couldn't help but wonder whether Uzumaki had decided not to show up at all. She couldn't immediately see him and she silently scoffed, barely keeping herself from rolling her eyes. Typical, that even years later he was still so pathetic that he wouldn't dare to show up on a wedding of all events. What did he think would happen? That they would start teasing him again?

She spotted Ino talking to some blond guy and walked over to her, lifting up her ballgown dress so that she wouldn't trip over it; intent on asking her friend whether she knew if Uzumaki was too chicken shit to show up.

Right as she halted next to Ino, the guy turned towards her and said, "Congratulations on getting married, Sakura."

She paused, a bit taken aback by the use of her first name when she didn't even know the guy. She was pretty sure at least that she didn't know him, because she would remember … Her gaze slid from bright blue eyes to two visibly scarred cheeks and her mouth dropped open in shock.


He shuffled his feet, looking a bit uncomfortable, but nodded. "Yeah, thanks for the invitation. Hadn't really expected it to be honest."

She blinked, taking a better look at him. His blond hair wasn't that much of a disaster anymore, which was a relief, because at least he knew better than to show up like a mess at her wedding, but those scars definitely had yet to fade and were glaringly obvious. He was dressed in a smart, light grey suit with a blue shirt and she couldn't help but think that the smartness of the suit clashed horribly with his scarred cheeks.

"I wasn't sure whether you would show up," she retorted, aware of Ino's gaze flitting between them. "Haven't seen or heard from you in years, where have you been?"

"Oh, here and there," he said vaguely and rubbed the back of his neck. "How have you been? You went for that medical degree after all?"

"Yeah, graduated with honours," she said smugly. "What are you doing now?"

"Oh, erm, you know …" he said evasively, waving his hands haphazardly through the air. "Nothing really - "

"He's a model," Ino cut in exasperatedly.

Sakura couldn't help but laugh, throwing her head back. "No, get out!"

"Nope, he's a real model, featured in magazines and everything," Ino said seriously, while Uzumaki started reddening, looking everywhere but at Sakura.

She abruptly stopped laughing and narrowed her eyes. "There's no way you can be a model; not with those scars," she pointed out.

"Yeah well, these scars are sort of my trademark now, so," he said stiffly and shrugged.

"And I'm supposed to believe that?" she said sceptically and crossed her arms. "Not trying to be offensive here, but the modelling world doesn't tend to go for scarred individuals. Unless you're doing campaigns for special cases? You know, the ones companies make to show how inclusive they are."

Ino threw her a warning glare. "Sakura, you're being rather rude now."

"I'd say 'rather' is an understatement," an unknown male voice piped up. "Good thing we didn't waste any money on gifts for the bride. My four year old niece knows how to be polite and she once flipped off her grandfather."

"And who on earth do you think - " Sakura's breath hitched when she whirled around and came face to face with the most handsome man she'd ever had the privilege of seeing.

His hair shone a black blue in the bright lights and was spiked in the back with a fringe covering his left eye. His eyes were a piercing black, off set by the brilliant blood red shirt he was wearing underneath his black suit. He was lean but definitely muscled and quite a bit taller than her. Damn, she'd been missing out! Who was he and why hadn't she met him before?

He glared at her completely unimpressed. "I'm Uchiha Sasuke, Naruto's boyfriend."

"And a model too," Ino added unhelpfully as she sipped from her cocktail. "But I guess that was kind of a given with his face and his body and all that."

He rolled his eyes. "My brother isn't ugly either and he's not a model. Looks don't mean anything."

"Shame, really, your family would drive the world even madder," Ino smirked. "Maybe you should convince your brother to give the industry a try; bless our eyes with more eye candy."

"Sure, if you want your eyes to bleed," he snorted.

Sakura, on the other hand, could only stand there frozen. She had no trouble believing this man was a model – not with his insane good looks – but there was just no way someone like Uzumaki had managed to snatch him up. That was just ridiculous! Impossible!

Which was exactly what she bit out, "There's no way you're this loser's boyfriend. Unless this is some sort of pity fu-"

"Yeah, I'm going to stop you right there," Sasuke said coolly, but his eyes were absolutely chilling, making her shut her mouth hastily. "I don't give one flying fuck about what you think. Frankly, if it had been up to me, I wouldn't have even bothered to show up and Naruto definitely shouldn't have ruined his day either. But there's this thing called being polite, which is obviously something you've never been taught."

"Sasuke," Uzumaki sighed softly, but the dark haired man ignored him.

"I honestly pity Lee for marrying something like you," he went on and sneered, looking her up and down as if she was a mere bug. "Too bad he's too blind to realise how you really are, but hopefully he'll learn sooner rather than later. At least the bottle we gifted him should be enough to drown out your stupidity when you start jabbering bullshit."

"Sasuke, you're going a bit too far now," Uzumaki said warningly, even as he leant into Sasuke's embrace when he wrapped his arm around his shoulders.

"You're right, I should be nicer," Sasuke said contemplatively and smirked when he turned back to Sakura. "Congratulations on your marriage. I can't wait to meet Lee again at the divorce party."

With that he steered Uzumaki away, leading him towards the buffet.

As Sakura stood there, tears of humiliation pricking at the back of her eyelids, Ino remarked flatly, "Well, you wanted to know what had become of Naruto. I think it's safe to say he did pretty well for himself, no?"

She walked away then, still sipping her cocktail as if her best friend hadn't just been humiliated on her own wedding day.

"She ignored us completely after that. I think that confused Lee, though, because he kept shooting us weird looks," Naruto commented, resting his hand on the windowsill while listening to the shower running.

"They say love is blind, but that guy must have had his eyes stabbed out," Gaara said dryly. "Poor man is in for a lifetime of suffering."

Naruto couldn't help but smile even if the remark was rather morbid. "You're being quite crude about someone you never met before."

"I've heard enough about her to know how she is. Excuse me if I think she's a bitch for telling you that the only way you could get a date was if the person was blind, deaf and stupid," his best friend said coldly. "Turns out she's the stupid one; how did she not realise you've been modelling for her husband's campaign? The posters were everywhere!"

"Don't know," Naruto admitted and rubbed his nose. "Though he said that she didn't tend to pay much attention to what he does."

"No, I guess she pays more attention to his money," Gaara said sarcastically. "At least you put her in her place. Serves her right for thinking she could make fun of you."

The blond man grimaced, brushing the back of his free hand across his left cheek. Even years later, the ridges of his scars were tangible, though they didn't look as bad anymore as they once had looked like.

He actually hadn't thought of Sakura in years – nor any of his other bullies back then – until he'd found the wedding invitation in his mailbox to his utter shock. For one single moment he had considered the fact that she might have wanted to make amends, but Ino had called him then, explaining that Sakura was using her wedding partly as a way to find out how 'successful' other people had become.

She'd been blunt about it, not beating around the bush at all when she'd informed him that Sakura had wanted to see whether he was still so awful looking and as much as a loser as he had been back then.

Honestly, after that phone call he had resolved not to attend the reception at all, not in the mood to relive that year of bullying once more, but Gaara and Karin had convinced him to go, telling him it was the perfect opportunity to basically flip her the middle finger when she found out he was a model now.

It was petty, yes, beyond petty probably, but even so, a part of him had delighted in seeing her so shellshocked when Ino had confirmed that he was indeed a model. A damn good one even, if he said so himself, and he was proud of the projects he worked on. His scars had given him nothing but grief during his last school year, but now they were part of him, allowing him to show that beauty wasn't always classical.

"It was mainly Sasuke putting her in her place," he confessed, a tad embarrassed.

"Well, good on him," Gaara said. "Definitely makes him husband material for you. Tell him to get a move on with proposing to you before I do it."

"Or you could tell me where he hid the ring and then I could just make it easier on the both of us," Naruto suggested, but alas, no dice like usual.

"And have me miss out on him embarrassing himself with a romantic proposal? I thought we were best friends, Naruto, how could you take away my fun like that?"

His voice was so monotone, so flat that Naruto started snickering; the last remaining chunk of heaviness in his stomach leaving him. "You're awful, you know that?"

"Yes, I'm aware. Talking about awful, you can tell that agent of yours that the flowers are all prepped and ready for your photoshoot tomorrow," Gaara informed him. "Also tell her that if she keeps interrupting me so much with phone calls next time, I'll make her eat those flowers."

"Erm, I'll let Konan know – in less violent terms because I don't have a death wish," Naruto said carefully. "Unlike you, clearly. Don't threaten my agent, Gaara, she's nice."

"Yeah, to you," he snorted on the other end of the line. "All right, I still need to lock up here. I'll see you this Sunday."

"Yeah, bye."

Naruto smiled when arms wrapped around his stomach, pulling him against a firm chest.

"That Gaara?"

"Hm, he'd asked me to let him know how the wedding went," Naruto confirmed and twisted around in the embrace, abandoning his phone on the windowsill. "He took enjoyment in it obviously."

"Well, can't say I didn't enjoy putting her in her place," Sasuke snorted. He wore his bathrobe, still completely naked underneath.

"You didn't think you were a tad too rude?"

"I could have been ruder," Sasuke shot back, which fair, that was true. He'd shown remarkable restraint. "She deserved everything what I told her."

"Thanks," Naruto sighed, slinging his arms around his boyfriend's waist, resting his hand on Sasuke's shoulder. "For you know, having my back and all that."

"Of course I had your back," Sasuke murmured and kissed his temple, running his fingers up and down across Naruto's back. "You've got a photoshoot tomorrow, right?"

"Yeah, with Deidara-kun. Gaara finished all the preparations, so Konan will definitely be happy about that."

The photoshoot was for some kind of healthy drink and for some reason that had to be presented with a lot of flowers. Whatever, Naruto had never understood the reasoning behind some of these photoshoots' themes and he wasn't going to try to understand it either. As Sasuke's agent, Karin, sometimes teasingly quipped, "All you have to do is look pretty and follow directions."

"Tell Deidara that if his hands start wandering again, I'll be more than happy to give him an excuse to request parental leave," Sasuke said darkly.

Naruto sighed, slightly put out. "He's married to your brother, bastard; he literally doesn't mean anything with that."

"Married or not, he's too touchy-feeling. Tell him to take it down several notches before he can spend the rest of the year at home," Sasuke said irritated.

"Oh my god, yes, I tell him! How about you take the jealousy down a few notches too!" Naruto exclaimed.

His noise of surprise was muffled by Sasuke's mouth when he kissed him. "Please, you like it when I'm jealous," the bastard had the gall to smirk and Naruto smacked him, pouting a bit.

"No, I don't," he denied stubbornly, but couldn't help but relax when Sasuke cupped the back of his head and kissed him softly this time.

Perhaps people like Sakura would never be able to look past his scars, but he didn't care. He had found someone who could, who loved him for who he was, scars included, and that was more than enough for him.

The End

AN2: No, I don't like Sakura. Never will. Yes, this needed to be written. Why? I do not know. Now I'm off to sleep.

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