Barely Legal Genin Gone Wild

BY : Chozin_Yi
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The pink haired genin opened her eyes, adjusting to the dark room she was in. Once everything had become clear enough, Sakura Haruno realized that she was not in her own bedroom, but a unfamiliar bedroom. It took a moment to realize that she was looking up at a mirror on the ceiling above the bed she was in, after being confused of who was looking down at her.

Gasping, she sat up and looked around. Nothing in this room looked remotely familiar, and Sakura was worried that she might've been kidnapped. Jumping out of the bed and being thankful that she was still wearing her frilly white pajamas, Sakura frantically looking around, her long pink hair being tossed side to side as she did, taking in the sights of the room around her.

There was a bookshelf loaded with books and tomes, written in a language she didn't recognize, a chandelier hung from the ceiling in the middle of the room, and a strange screen of glass hung from the wall opposite to the bed. But the strangest thing was that there weren't any windows.

Sakura however couldn't afford to stick around. If she was taken to a strange place against her will, she needed to get out, NOW.

She ran to the door and much to her surprise, she found it unlocked. Saving questions for later, she yanked the door open and ran out into the hallway. Strange, if she didn't know any better, it seemed as if she was in some kind of mansion.

She ran down the hall and shouted, hoping to try get anyone's attention.

"Hello!? Is anyone else here!? Hello!?" She yelled.

"Sakura? Is that you?" She heard a familiar voice come from another room behind her.

The door opened to reveal Ino Yamanaka, dressed in a yellow night dress.

"Ino? Your here too?" Sakura said in surprise.

"How the heck did we get here? Where even is here!?" Ino said, freaking out a bit.

"I don't know! I just woke up and found myself in that bedroom right there!" The pinkette said, pointing to her bedroom.

"Oh god, our parents are probably freaking out right now! What do we do!?" The blonde girl said, grabbing the sides of her head in panic.

"Ino! Calm down! We can figure something out!" Sakura tried to calm down her friend/rival.

"How the heck am I supposed to calm down forehead!? We got taken against our will, and we have no idea where we are!" Ino yelled back.

"Listen to me Pig! I don't like this anymore than you do, but freaking isn't helping!" Sakura said sternly, trying to be the rational one.

Ino was about to retort, but a shy voice coming from another room caught their attention.

"H-Hello? Is an-any one here?" Someone stuttered, opening the door and poking their head out to see the two girls looking over at them.

"Hinata?" They both said.

Indeed, the indigo haired girl dressed in powder blue Pj's was poking her head out from inside another bedroom, silently stepping out and towards Ino and Sakura.

"W-what's going on? W-w-where are we?" She asked timidly, not understanding what was going on.

"That's what we all wanna know." Sakura pointed out.

"Hang on, if the three of us are here, than is anybody else here too?" Ino wondered.

Sakura and Hinata thought she brought up a good point.

"Maybe we should split up and check around this place. Maybe we'll find someone who can help." Sakura suggested.

Figuring that it seemed like the only appropriate course of action, the other girls nodded and split up, heading off to check other parts of this mansion they were trapped in.

Sakura ran off and found a staircase heading down, seeking like she and the other girls were on the second floor. She headed down and found herself in a pretty big living room, lots of open space, comfortable looking leather couches in the middle of the room, and the floor lined with bear skin rugs. There was also another of those glass screens on the wall the couches were facing.

Sakura ran off and found other rooms, such as a library, a kitchen, a fancy ass dining room, and what looked like a weight room.

Ino ran all over the place and found a sauna, a pool, and a onsen, so she felt like she hit the jackpot.

Hinata ran down to the basement and found a pantry, a wine cellar, and what appeared to be the plumbing system.

Even so, the strangest thing they all noticed, was that every room they checked had no windows or even any doors leading outside at all. It was like there was no world outside this mansion they were all trapped in.

Hinata ran back upstairs to check the bedrooms again, and noticed a door that she realized wasn't even there before. Gulping, she hesitantly opened the door, and gasped seeing who was snoring away on the bed.

*Scene cut*

Sakura and Ino met back in the living room, telling each other what they found.

"You should've seen the size of the pool! It was huge! I so wish I can take a dip in it!" Ino said eagerly.

"Ino, we're not on vacation! We need to figure something out!" Sakura scolded.

Ino grumbled, but only because she knew Sakura was right. She was about to offer a suggestion, when they both saw Hinata hurrying down the stairs.

"What is it Hinata?" Sakura asked concerned.

"U-u-u-upstairs! Someone's t-there! C-come see!" She insisted.

Thinking that it could be someone who could help, Sakura and Ino followed Hinata upstairs to the bedroom she found. She opened the door and to their surprise, they found Naruto just waking up, sitting on the side of the bed and yawning, wearing his pajamas and that funny nightcap on his head. He looked over sleepily and realized that he wasn't alone.

"Oh! Hey guys! What's going one?" He asked, ignorant of the strange matters at hand right now.

Hinata blushed and was poking her fingers together, Sakura looked a little annoyed, but Ino was not having it.

"Great! Of all the people we could've been stuck with, It had to be Naruto! Great, thanks a lot universe!" Ino ranted, throwing her hands up angrily.I

"Huh?" He said confused.

Ino stomped away and Sakura followed after her while Hinata stayed behind. She felt someone had to fill in Naruto about what was going on.

"Ino, I get you're upset, trust me, I am too. But really, even if it is Naruto, we need all the help we can get!" The pink haired genin tried to reason with her friend.

"The only person I would be glad to have here is literally anyone else! Why couldn't have Sasuke been taken here too!?" Ino said angrily as she stomped towards a closet and grabbing a towel.

Normally, Sakura would have agreed with her, but now, it's different. Ever since her mission with Naruto, Sasuke, and Kakashi to the land of waves, it started to occur to her that Sasuke didn't seem to like her back. She was in denial at first but now that she's trapped here, she was kinda glad that it was with Naruto. If anything, at least he didn't ignore her.

"I'm going to take a bath." She grumbled, heading through the door to the onsen.

Sakura sighed and walked back to Naruto's room. She saw Hinata standing next to the door, blushing and twisting her foot on the floor, but Naruto was nowhere to be seen.

"Where's Naruto?" She asked the indigo haired girl.

"H-he was pretty upset a-about what's h-happening. I think he's in the l-living room." Hinata guessed.

Sakura figured that he would be pretty upset. If he was stuck here, he wouldn't be able to try to earn his dream of becoming Hokage. She felt like she needed to console him. She felt it best, since she also feels like she needs to make it up to him, for always pushing him away when he just wanted to hang out with her.

"Hinata, why don't you go take a bath with Ino in the onsen while I got talk with Naruto, 'kay?" She suggested.

Hinata nodded gently, feeling like she needed a bath anyway. As the pale eyed girl made her way to the onsen, Sakura headed to the kitchen to make something for herself and Naruto, since she thought the best way to get through to him was through his stomach.

As she opened the fridge, she was amazed by the abundance of food in there. She started grabbing what she can and started to make a sandwich, both for Naruto and for herself, as she was feeling kinda hungry too.

When she was done, she also grabbed two drink cans from the fridge, which said Pepsi on them, and carried them and the plate with sandwiches to the living room, seeing Naruto all bummed out and forlorn.

"Hey Naruto, are you hungry?" She asked him, setting the plate down and the two sodas on the coffee table.

"Thanks Sakura..." He said quietly, taking a sandwich and eating silently surprisingly.

"Hey listen, Naruto, since we both don't know how long we're gonna be stuck here, I think it's best that I tell you... I'm sorry." Sakura admitted.

Naruto swallowed and looked at Sakura, blue eyes meeting green.

"I'm sorry for being to mean to you. I always thought you were annoying and only got me way, but after fighting Zabuza at the bridge, I realized that you were just looking out for me. And yet I pushed you away like an idiot." Sakura sniffled a bit, now that she was conveying her feelings to someone.

"You're not just saying that, right?" Naruto asked.

"Naruto, I'm being serious. I gave almost all of my attention to Sasuke, and he never paid any attention to me. You though, you're actually the only boy I know who ever paid any attention to me." The pinkette explained, pausing to open a can and take a sip. The bubbly and sugary taste helped wet her throat.

"It's only because I like you Sakura. Remember when I told you I though your forehead was cute? I really do." Naruto said.

Sakura blushed.

"And yet, I wanted Sasuke instead of you. I must be such an idiot." She mumbled.

"I think you just thought you liked because every girl in class was fawning over him. Maybe you just wanted to fit in." Naruto suggested.

"I guess that makes sense. " Sakura agreed, now taking a bite of her sandwich.

They both ate in silence for a little while until the sandwiches here gone and they both drank the sodas to wash them down.

"Thanks for talking with me Sakura." The blonde boy said.

"It's no problem Naruto. I just didn't want you all down and out today. " Sakura said, looking into his eyes.

She never noticed before how bright and sparkly they were. She blushed and tingly in her lower body. Naruto noticed her blush and now that he knew how she felt about him, he felt tight in his pants.

They both looked into each other's eyes and found that they were subconsciously touching themselves through their pants. As embarrassed that they were, they didn't stop. I'm fact, they felt like they couldn't stop.

Without warning, they both leaned in and began to kiss, mashing their lips together and exploring each other's mouths with their tongues. Sakura moaned into the kiss, wrapping her arms around him as he did the same.

Unknown to them, secret cameras placed through out the living room switched on once they kissed and recorded every second.

Soon, they broke the kiss and Naruto grabbed the bottom of her Pajama top and pulled it off, exposing Sakura's flat, but beautiful titties. She did the same and unbuttoned his own top and tossed it away along with his night cap.


He responded by lying her down on the couch, pulling her pants and undies off, Sakura gasping as the cold air met her wet pussy. Naruto got off the couch and leaned down to make out with her and he trailed his right hand down to body until her reached her lower lips, rubbing her vulva and twiddling her clity as Sakura moaned into the kiss.

He broke the kiss and took it further by pushing his fingers into her vagina, taking Sakura's innocence in the process.

"Ah! Ah! Naruto!" She cried in slight pain.

Naruto then started jackhammering his fingers into her wetness as Sakura moaned louder and louder.

"More! More! More Naruto more!" She begged.

He kept going until his fingers got tired and he had to pull them out. He wiped them off on his pants and Sakura rubbed his hardness through his pants.

"Show me." She asked.

Naruto nodded, and pulled down his pants and underwear, making his stiff 4 1/2 incher bounce out and point straight up at the ceiling.

"Oh my." Sakura said as she leaned over and took it into her mouth, sucking and sipping on his member like a lollipop while Naruto groaned and the cameras zoomed in.

She bobbed her head up and down his length over and over again, loving the taste of it as Naruto groaned happily at the feelings she was giving him.

She then took it out of her mouth and gave one last quick lick on the bulbous head before standing up.

"Lie down." She asked him.

Doing as was told, Naruto lied down on his back, head propped up by a pillow on the armrest as Sakura straddled him. She lifted up his dick and lowered herself into it, both her and him moaning as they have each other their virginities.

Now nice and full, Sakura rested her feet on Naruto's knees and started to bounce in her seat and grind her hips against his.

"Oh wow Sakura! You're so tight!" Naruto moaned as he gripped her hips.

"Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh man Naruto you're in so deep!" Sakura cried as she rode him harder.

The cameras zoomed in and caught a beautiful sight of Sakura tossing her long hair back in slow motion while she was riding his cock.

"C'mon Naruto, give it to me!" She begged.

Naruto cupped her petite ass in his hands and thrusted up to meet her bounces, making Sakura moan louder as she had a look on her face that meant that she was having the time of her life, and the cameras caught it all.

"Sakura! I think I'm gonna cum!" Naruto moaned, trying to hold it in since he didn't want to do it inside and upset her.

"Me too! Let it all out! Give it to me Naruto!" She begged.

Without hesitation, Naruto let loose inside her and Sakura came as well, he juices gushing out and making it feel great on his cock. The cameras caught the whole thing and made sure to get shots of both of their faces when they cum.

In the aftermath of their orgasms, Sakura collapsed on top of Naruto and he held her close as his penis came out of her hole all wilted. Now that the deed was done, the cameras turned off. They both lied there trying to catch their breath until they both realized what they had just done.

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