Futile Effort

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Author's note: Don't know where this came from. Needed to clear my head after a full week of studying. Have whatever shit this is. Sorry if it sucks.

Warnings: Naruto's pov; set somewhere before the Third Hokage dies; kidnapping; violence; pre-slash for once (putting it as a pairing to be safe); smidgen of angst; can you find the pre-slash implications?

I hope you'll like ... whatever this is!

Futile Effort

"See you guys tomorrow!"

Sakura naturally ignored him, like she always did, and tried to clamp onto Sasuke – another thing she usually tried to do every time they parted ways after finishing a mission. And like always, the dark haired boy neatly stepped out of the way, already anticipating her glomping attack and stuffing his hands into his pockets, ignoring her completely as she pouted.

Naruto got a cool nod from him before he took the road that would lead back to the Uchiha compound and Kakashi just lazily waved at him before disappearing with a 'poof' to wherever he went when he didn't have any missions with them. Maybe to the shop to buy even more porn, who knew?

Naruto certainly didn't, as they never told him about their plans.

Concealing a sigh, Naruto rested his hands into the pockets of his jacket and sauntered back to his own apartment, wondering absently whether he still had some cups of ramen left in his cupboard. He hadn't done any grocery shopping in a week, so he really should get to that this weekend before he would have nothing to eat at all. He could try to smooch off Sasuke, as the older boy occasionally did take him out to Ichiraku's but … It was always so difficult gauging whether it was the right moment to badger the guy about eating ramen with him. Sometimes he'd agree without any fuss and other times he would just flat out ignore him.

He was such a prissy bastard, really.

"Always behaving so difficult," Naruto muttered and clasped his hands together behind his head.

The sun was slowly setting when he arrived at his apartment, nodding politely at the elderly woman who lived at the end of the corridor. She shuffled past him, her wrinkly hand grasping her cane tightly and she gave a vague nod in return as she slowly made her way to the staircase. He had made the mistake of offering his help once before to get her down the stairs and she'd been so offended about it that he had never dared to offer his help again.

"Tadaima," he muttered out of habit when he entered his apartment, even though he knew full well that nobody would reply back.

He'd forgotten to draw back the curtains this morning so it was already quite dark inside and he squinted, resting his hand against the wall as he bent down to remove his shoes.

The shadow was quicker than him.

Right as he caught something moving in the corner of his eye, making him rear up and grab for one of his kunai, something hard and heavy hit him against the back of his head, making his ears ring and pain explode.

He was out before he crumpled down onto the floor.

"So, are you going to tell me at least why you took me here?" Naruto asked annoyed, trying to tug at the ropes again. They didn't budge and only seemed to cut even harder into his skin. Eugh, his skin was going to be chafed like hell once those stupid ropes were off – if they didn't cut off his circulation first.

When he'd regained consciousness, he had immediately wished he hadn't. His head was positively killing him, throbbing with the residual pain of being knocked out, and he couldn't even distract himself from it with his surroundings because they were incredibly dreary. He'd woken up tied to a chair in some sort of empty shack. There was literally nothing here, just one single empty room, save for him on the chair and the guy who'd kidnapped him.

He was clearly a shinobi, kunai and shuriken strapped to his thighs and hips, but he didn't wear any sort of headband. Naruto couldn't recall ever having seen him before in the village, however, so he thought it was safe to assume that whoever this guy was, he wasn't one from Konoha.

Whoever the guy was, he had a large scar spanning from right underneath his left eye all the way down diagonally across his nose and ending at his right jaw, like someone had tried to cut his face into two but hadn't succeeded. His brown hair was shaved off on one side and he was missing two fingers on his left hand as well.

Ever since Naruto had woken up, the bastard had been doing nothing but pacing up and down in front of the door, peering out of the single window every ten minutes. He appeared incredibly agitated as if he was waiting for something that he didn't quite yet wanted to show up and Naruto had no clue whatsoever what the hell he was doing here and why the guy had knocked him out and kidnapped him in the first place.

Was it because of the Kyuubi?

His stomach cramped at that thought and he bit down harshly on his lower lip. If the guy had somehow found out he was the Jinchuuriki of the Nine-tailed Fox, was he about to try to steal him somehow?

But nobody aside from the adults in Konoha know about me, he tried to reassure himself. The old man had been clear about that: only the adults knew what had happened during that faithful night when the Kyuubi had broken free and they had all been forced to secrecy.

There was no way some random dude knew about Kyuubi, right? But if he didn't, then why had he kidnapped Naruto?

"Can I get a name at least? I'd like to know the names of people who break into my apartment knock me out and who kidnap me," he tried again, scowling. "That's the least you can do, you know, after all the - "

"Do you ever shut up?" the man asked eerily calm, the first words he'd spoken since Naruto had opened his eyes.

The blond boy bared his teeth. "Not really. Should have thought about that before you kidnapped me," he retorted scathingly. "Seriously, what is your deal, dude? Why am I here?"

"Don't call me dude," the man said, faintly annoyed. "I'm Rinku."

"What, no last name?"

The other one ignored him. Typical. "And you're here because your team leader deserves to be punished."

"Who, Kaka-sensei?" Naruto asked mystified and halted his subtle struggle with the rope. "What did he do to you?"

Rinku turned towards him slowly and raised his hand, showing off his two missing fingers before he slowly traced his reddish scar with his index finger. Naruto swallowed, immediately disliking the implication.

"Your sensei is a bit too eager with kunai," Rinku said casually as if they were merely discussing the weather. "We had an … altercation a few years ago. He left me for dead, probably assuming I wouldn't make it with my face nearly cut into two. He should have stayed, though."

He leant against the door and crossed his arms; his dark brown eyes glinting almost manically. "He was wearing an ANBU mask at the time, so it took me quite a while before I discovered who had had the balls to nearly kill me. I tracked him down, though, like I do with everyone. I admit, I wasn't expecting him to have become a team leader of all things, but hey, it works out great for me!"

He spread out his arms next and grinned, pointing at Naruto who tensed up. "Because what better way to get back at him than to take one of his precious students away? And once he comes here, he'll have the pleasure of seeing you die slowly before I repay the favour tenfold. He got three years and now it's my time to play!" He shrugged then and almost apologetically added, "Sorry, kid, that you're collateral damage and all that, but such is life. It's nothing personal."

"So you took me to lure Kaka-sensei out?" Naruto questioned in disbelief and if his legs had been free, he would have been kicking his chair in rage. Was this bastard for real? All that because Kakashi had fought with him years ago?

"Yep, no hard feelings, really, but well, I need to lure him out some way. When he notices you're gone, he'll - "

Naruto snorted, cutting Rinku off abruptly and making the man stare at him. "When? Make that 'if'. If you wanted a quick reaction, you should have taken the bastard or Sakura-chan. You kind of screwed yourself over by taking me, dude."

"What the hell are you talking about?" Rinku said irritated and his right hand dropped down to rest on his hip, dangerously close to one of his kunai. "You're on Kakashi's team, no? So when he notices - "

"Yeah, but that might take a really long time," Naruto cut him off again and sighed, shrugging awkwardly. "I'm not exactly his favourite student, you know. You want a quick reaction, you should have gone for the bastard. Everyone would have been here by now already."

It was hard not to notice, after all, just how much attention Kakashi paid to Sasuke. Naruto wasn't mad about it perse, because he got it, all right? He understood why Kakashi spent more time training with Sasuke, because the bastard was a prodigy just like Kakashi had been apparently and birds of the same feather flock together and all that.

Did he wish sometimes that Kakashi would give him private training sessions as well and not look so tired every time Naruto had trouble understanding a new technique from the first time? Sure, who wouldn't? But he'd grown used to not being paid any real mind and frankly, Kakashi's treatment of him was preferable to what he had experienced underneath some of the other villagers.

So Sasuke was Kakashi's favourite, followed by Sakura with Naruto dangling last in the list. That was fine. He still trained him and even took him out for ramen sometimes. That was good enough for the blond, really.

Honestly, if he wasn't currently so annoyed, he would almost feel sorry for Rinku for having chosen the student least likely to be noticed. He didn't know how long he had been out already, didn't even know whether it was day time, because they were so deep into the woods that barely any sunlight seemed to filter through the leaf roof. If it was still just the day after, it would take at least another couple of days before anyone of them might notice he was gone.

It was weekend after all and they didn't have any missions lined up, nor any training sessions, so at best they would notice he was gone by Monday.

At worst it would take even longer than that if they assumed he was off somewhere on his own.

Rinku furrowed his eyebrows. "Look, I don't know what kind of game you're playing at, but if you're trying to look for sympathy, you won't be - "

The door blasted apart to smithereens, showering Rinku with the shards before he was thrown into the opposite wall from the full force behind the blast. He smacked down hard, groaning in pain even as he scrambled to grab a kunai.

"Talking about games, I'd like to know what the hell you're playing at."

Naruto could only gape in pure shock as Sasuke appeared in the blown apart doorway, looking absolutely pissed as hell; his Sharingan spinning madly around, a blood red flash in the darkness.

Wait, darkness? Wasn't it daytime already? Or had he been out for more than a day? And what was Sasuke doing here? How had he found him?

Right as he opened his mouth to blurt out all the questions whirling around in his mind, Sasuke stormed further into the shack, kicked the kunai out of Rinku's hand before grabbing the man by his throat and slamming his head forcefully against the wall. Rinku's eyes rolled back in his head and he slumped forwards right as Sasuke planted his fist into his stomach.

"What the hell, bastard?" Naruto squeaked shocked; his mind spinning with everything that had just happened in the span of less than a minute. "How did you find me?"

Sasuke snorted and stepped away from Rinku, kicking him in his ribs with a scornful look on his face. "I followed the trail of stupidity," he sneered and walked over to Naruto, studying his ropes carefully. "You hurt?"

"Hey, don't call me stupid!" Naruto bristled. "And that's still not an answer to my question, you bastard! How did you find me? Wait, which day is it?"

"It's Friday night still, what else would it be?" Sasuke said annoyed and got out a kunai of his own and started to cut through the ropes. "You're actually not that far away from Konoha, you know. I just had to follow your chakra."

"You know how to follow my chakra?" Naruto repeated dumbly, rubbing over his wrists when the ropes fell down.

Sasuke started cutting at the ropes binding his ankles next. "Yeah, of course I know that. It's hard not to, you know, with how bright it is," he scoffed and rose up, throwing the remainder of the ropes away with a disdainful look. He turned towards the door then, resting a hand on his hip. "You're late, Kakashi."

"Mah, you're the one who left in a hurry before I could even understand what you meant, Sasuke," Kakashi sighed, appearing in the doorway. His visible eye darkened a smidgen when he looked at Rinku. "Ah, should have known that battle would come back to bite me in the arse," he muttered and rubbed the back of his neck, sighing.

"All right, you two." He jerked his thumb backwards, pointing outside. "Why don't you two head back to Konoha while I deal with this guy here?"

"What's there to deal with still? I knocked him out," Sasuke muttered darkly and hauled Naruto up, making the blond flail in surprise before he recovered his balance. "Come on, stupid, I'm not going to spend the entire night here."

"Stop calling me stupid, bastard," Naruto groused and scowled, but followed him outside. "How come you knew I was gone, actually? And don't say my chakra again, because there wouldn't have been any reason for you to focus on it now."

That for some reason had the tips of Sasuke's ears pinking and he glowered, crossing his arms as he marched away. "I figured you didn't have any food left at home, so I stopped by your place so that we could go to Ichiraku's. The door was open and you'd left your shoes behind. Even you aren't so stupid as to go outside without any shoes."

"You were going to buy me Ichiraku's?" Naruto latched onto the one thing that stood out the most and clasped his hands together. "Seriously? You're amazing, Sasuke!"

"Why are you speaking in present tense?" Sasuke said critically. "I already saved your butt, that's enough for tonight."

"Hey, not fair! It wasn't my fault I got kidnapped, if anything blame Kaka-sensei, the guy wanted him!" Naruto retorted hotly and clamped onto Sasuke's shoulder. "Come on, treat me to ramen, please! We haven't been there for a while!"

Sasuke sighed a sigh of the long suffering, but didn't even try to push him away. "We went there not even two weeks ago."

"That's still a while!" Naruto insisted and wrapped his arm around Sasuke's neck next, nearly toppling him over. He smiled brightly when that earnt him a glare. "Come on, please! Let's go eat ramen!"

"Fine, but you're paying."

"Hey, you were the one who invited me!"

"Yeah, but I saved your butt just now, so you owe me one."

"I don't own you anything, you bastard! I could have freed myself on my own just fine!"

"Yeah, that's why you were still tied up to that chair, huh?"


"I noticed it immediately, you know," Sasuke remarked quietly, later that night as they walked away from the ramen stand.

"Hm?" Naruto looked at him curiously, linking his hands behind his head.

"That you were gone," Sasuke clarified and looked away, hunching his shoulders slightly. "It wouldn't have taken us a long time to find you. I mean, Sakura might have been slow on the uptake, but." He shrugged, still looking away.

Naruto stilled and grinned then, warmth spreading throughout his chest. "Yeah, yeah, you did."

Maybe he wasn't a last priority to everyone after all.

The End

AN2: I don't know, man, I had some Naruto feelings I guess. *throws hands up* Sorry if even this is too random for you all, I'd understand it. Hell knows what my mind is doing, I don't know.

Now I'm off to go to sleep and freak out about my exams in the morning, bye!

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