Shadowy Dealings

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Naruko was tired, but there was no way she could sleep. Her mind was racing, trying to catalogue and come to terms with everything that had happened throughout the day. First, she had failed the genin exam for the third time, her dreams of being Hokage crushed mercilessly by one of the few people she trusted, Iruka-sensei. Then Mizuki-sensei offered her a secret exam—which she totally nailed, believe it!—but he was lying and actually a traitor. He hurt Iruka-sensei real bad and she had to use the jutsu she had learned from the Forbidden Scroll of Sealing in order to beat him. Then the AnBu showed up and took her to the old man. 


That. . . that was a difficult discussion. The blonde kunoichi was still uncertain as to how she now felt about the Hokage, another person in whom before today she had put her trust. She had known that he was holding out on her, dodging the question each time she asked who her parents were or why the villagers hated her. But to think that he would keep something as big as the Kyuubi living in her stomach a secret from her.


Was there anyone the girl could trust other than herself? For once, that thought didn’t make her gut wrench, but instead reminded her of the super cool technique she had just learned. So what if she could only rely on herself? That still gave her at least a hundred people she could call upon. A wide grin split her face, and she had to hold herself back from doing the hand sign right there and then to summon a whole army in her cramped little apartment.


That brought another realization to the front of her mind. From today onwards, Naruko was a ninja. That meant she would no longer get a stipend from the village for being an orphan. She would be expected to pay her own bills. But between new equipment, rent, water, electricity, and ramen, she would be spread thin. None of the other kids in her class had to pay for all these things by themselves, could it really be done?


As if to remind her that she was already pushing it, her stomach gurgled loudly. The genin wrapped her arms around herself and tried to ignore the hunger gnawing at her insides. It would be nice to make some more money through missions, but despite all of Naruko’s bravado she had no delusions. There was no way the old man would send fresh graduates out on highly paying missions. They would start off light and work their way up with time. But Naruko wasn’t sure she had the time.


Tears started to pool in the corners of her eyes, but here in the dark where there was no one to see her break the Uzumaki let herself fall apart, finally shedding all the emotions she had been bottling up. Her shoulders shook with each sob that grudgingly escaped her gritted teeth, salty tears tracing streaks down her cheeks. This would do nothing to help, she knew. If crying could solve her problems she would have a mother and father and friends and all the ramen she could ever eat. But it couldn’t, and every tear shed was a waste.


She needed some way to make a lot of money quickly. It didn’t have to be a lot immediately, but she would need to buy groceries tomorrow, and then some more to get a set of kunai and shuriken before she was assigned a team in a week, and then even more to pay the landlady. That bitch. Naruko knew that at least that woman would be mean to her even without the Kyuubi. The old hag took out her frustrations on any young woman because the loss of her own youthful beauty forcibly retired her from being an oiran. Apparently she had made good money whoring herself out, at least enough to come to own a whole apartment building.


That actually gave the orange loving girl an idea. As much as she loathed taking any inspiration from such a pitiful woman as her hated landlady, she desperately needed the money. Naruko wasn’t naive to the sex trade. You didn’t live in the red-light district for all your life without coming into contact with the seedier underbelly of society. And once. . . well, she wasn’t proud of it, but she had needed money really bad one time—her check from the Orphans’ Fund had been lost, as if she believed that bullshit—and so had walked into a brothel. Not, not that she’d actually done anything. She had just become a kaburu for a time. 


And she had hated it. Hated the leering, hated being ordered around, hated all that politeness and etiquette stuff. Her fingers still stung from when the yarite tried to teach her to play the koto. That was definitely not something Naruko wanted to experience again. And it didn’t pay all that great either. But now, she didn’t need to rely on anyone else. If she was both the brothel and the worker, then her cut would be the entire pay. And now, with Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, that was a possible reality. 


She was sure that there were some unsavory men out there who would want to fuck the Kyuubi brat, no matter that she’s only thirteen years old. For some, that might even be a positive. And since it wouldn’t be real people they’d be having sex with, just clones, they’d be able to do what ever they wanted, allowing Naruko to charge even more. It wasn’t a perfect solution, and something about the idea made her skin crawl, but she wouldn’t have to keep it up forever. Just until she started making enough money from missions to cover all her costs.


She was a ninja now. A shinobi. And she would endure. 



Despite her late night, Naruko woke up bright and early the next day. She had a lot to do. First, she went shopping, using up almost all of her meager savings. The Kage Bunshin was not a chakra light jutsu to use, and for what she intended she would need a lot of energy. That meant a large breakfast and then some packed snacks to eat while she supervised. 


Then the Uzumaki spent a couple hours scouting. She was treating this like a real mission—it helped make her feel less gross about the whole thing—and Iruka-sensei always stressed the importance of good reconnaissance before a mission. Her first target was a good location. Isolated but also not too far from traffic so as to be private but still have new customers come in. She found a not so dirty looking alleyway that was rather wide and led to a dead end. It was mostly obscured by some bins and nobody seemed to go down there, which was perfect for her purposes. She dragged some crates around to create a place she could sit down semi-comfortably and eat when she needed to while also making sure everybody paid their fair share.


Once that was done, the young kunoichi was on the hunt for a good first client. She found something even better, clients. A group of six labourers, rather gruff and a good half of them unshaved, but they were joking around and didn’t seem too bad. Naruko approached slowly, gaining the attention of one of them who pointed her out to the rest. The group turned to face her, and she noticed more than one clench their fists.


She held up her hands in the universe sign of peace, “Woah, no need to get all testy. I just wanted to give you an offer I don’t think you’ll refuse.”


The men exchanged looks before one of them stepped forth to speak for the rest, “What do you want, girl?”


“I said, I have an offer you won’t refuse. How would you all like to fuck the Kyuubi bitch?”


The six flinched back as if struck and looked around wildly as if searching for AnBu coming to take them away. One ever looked close to running away. The blonde Uzumaki laughed, “You don’t need to worry, I know. The Hokage told me yesterday, you won’t get in trouble. Now, what do you say?”


The spokesman looked stumped, but when he turned back to his friends for support he got nothing, “Uh, I mean, I don’t know. . .”


“If you’re worried because I’m thirteen, you should know that I legally count as an adult since I’ve got this,” she tapped her forehead protector, “and besides, it won’t actually be me you’ll be having sex with.” At their looks of confusion, Naruko smiled and put her hands in a cross, conjuring a small explosion of smoke.


The labourers were backing away, but when the smoke cleared and a second Naruko was left, they stilled. “I can make solid clones, see,” the original clapped her clone on the shoulder, “Five, ten, a hundred, not a problem. And they can take a serious hit, too. Watch.”


Naruko raised her hand and brought it down in a brutal slap across her doppelganger’s cheek, sending the clone stumbling away, rubbing at her face. It looked up at its creator with watery eyes, but Naruko hardened her heart. She turned back towards the watching men. “So,” she asked, “what do you say? You interested?”



Naruko was back in the alley she had found earlier, eating her sandwich to the chorus of her clones’ moans and the smacking of flesh on flesh. As more men arrived, informed about the fuckfest by earlier clients, she had to make some new clones. Thankfully, none had been dispelled yet so she didn’t have to waste chakra replacing them, even when some of the men got a little too bold.


Four of her clones had their hands on one wall of the alley, one man behind each slamming into them from behind. These men were friends, and when they had arrived together, they had asked for some new clones they could fuck together. Apparently it was an old fantasy of theirs. Not that Naruko cared, but they were paying good money.


In truth, she suspected they were a little more than friends, because the way they thrusted into her clones in perfect unison was just too weird. They all held her clones with a tight grip around their slim waists, and they traded barbs and jokes as they went to town on some quality teen pussy. From what little the original caught, they were having a competition of who could make their clone cum the fastest but since they were so in sync and fucking identical clones it always happened at the same time.


By the other wall was an even stranger sight. Unique among the clients that had graced the Uzumaki’s alleyway was a couple that had come in together. They had asked for one clone then walked off to an unoccupied section. At first, they had forced the clone down on her knees, the woman joining her, and then the two of them had worked together to give the man a blowjob. On his part, the man kept one hand on the back of each of their heads, keeping them from moving too far away.


The clone and the woman came in from opposite sides, and when one would run their tongue up the shaft the other would head down. Whoever reached the top would give a suckle on the tip while the one below would suck on the balls before they would switch off, beginning the cycle anew. But at some point something changed and the woman pulled away, her husband or fiance or boyfriend or whatever their relationship was letting her go. She got behind the clone, wrapping her hands tight in the long blonde hair, before ramming the clone’s head forward, forcing the man’s cock to stretch the unclaimed throat of a child.


Mercilessly the woman hammered away with the clone’s head in her hands, using her as nothing but an onahole with which to pleasure her man. The clone, on the other hand, was not having fun, hand incessantly tapping away at the man’s thigh to try and signal that she needed air. Her wide eyes staring up at him as she slowly asphyxiated only spurred the man onwards, such that he thrusted into the clone’s throat as his significant other pushed the clone down his cock. After a particularly forceful shove that had the clone’s lips wrapped around the base of the dick, the woman stood up and smashed her groin into the back of the clone’s scalp, grinding away. The man began to do the same, and the two made out as the less than human entity below struggled to remain conscious.


From where she was sat, it appeared to Naruko as if they two were fucking each other, but with her clone’s head in the middle. Another set of weirdos, but she wouldn’t complain as long as they paid well. Besides, what did it matter what they did? It was only a clone, so there would be no consequences. A victimless crime. Naruko smiled as she started counting the money she had made so far, knowing exactly how much there was but not believing how easy it was to make over forty thousand ryo in just a couple of hours. 


A particularly wealthy—or financially stupid—client made up half her revenue on his own. His requested four clones were pilled up one on top of the other, they’re pussies making a vertical tower he took his time enjoying. The one at the bottom was laid out on her back, legs folded back and clinging to the clone lying face down on top of her. The third was straddling them, and the fourth in turn was straddling her, but since Naruko was still young, the fourth clone’s legs were not long enough to reach the ground except with pointed toes. This left the clone at the top of the pussy tower tightly gripping the one below her to maintain her balance.


The client was making good use of his investment. He moved up and down the rungs of the cunt ladder, sinking his face deep into the warm hole of a higher clone while he pounded away at a lower one before pulling out and switching to a different target. Sometimes he would remain in a single clone for several minutes, and other times he would get only one thrust in before continuing on to the next.


The oldest set of clones, the six she had made for the labourers who had been her first customers, had long since been handed over to new people. And several times at that. At the moment, two simply lay out on the floor, holes gaping and leaking with an empty expression on their faces, completely catatonic. Naruko could have replaced these clones, but she had found that some of the degenerates who came by actually preferred them this way, so she just shrugged and sat back on her crates.


The other four were currently in use. The first was being spit roasted by two heavy set men who took turns shoving her back and forth on their fat dicks. The largest of any of her customers yet, the original did not envy the Kage Bunshin they had chosen. Each time the one in front would thrust forth, Naruko could she her clone’s throat bulge from the insertion, spittle flying out from the tight seal of her lips around the thick base. Then he would pull back and the one behind would thrust, sending all the clone’s limbs spasming before they returned to dangling uselessly below her. The two were so huge that, supported by their cocks and strong arms, the clone’s feet did not even touch the ground.


The second clone was in a predicament of her own, desperately clawing at the strong hands wrapped around her throat. She was held up in the arms of a man Naruko was sure was a ninja, and at least a chunin at that. Oh, he might not have worn a Hitai-ate or a vest, but he didn’t move like a civilian. And judging by the hold he had her clone in, he likely specialized in taijutsu. He was standing tall, his knees slightly bent, and had his arms under the clone’s thighs, reaching up so that she was bent in half and he could choke her out while he slammed her down on his cock. Whatever the clone felt about this was unknown, as the shinobi fastidiously kept her out of breath.


However, the third clone was entirely free to share her thoughts, and did so with abandon. Bouncing in the lap of a man who chose to follow Naruko’s lead and sit down on a crate, this clone threw her head back and moaned. She hurled herself downwards and grinded back and forth, her hips undulating as she lost herself in pleasure. Naruko wanted to tell this man to buzz off, but he was a paying customer, and something about watching her own face twist into silly faces, eyes rolling back and tongue flopping out, was sparking something within her. It was sort of. . . exciting in a way.


The last of the original set of clones was entertaining six men at once. Why they all grouped up on that one clone when there were two free ones just laying to the side, and they could also just ask her for more, Naruko did not know. But as long as they paid, she wouldn’t stop them. The clone was down on all fours, except she no longer had her hands to support herself as each was wrapped around a cock, alongside a fistful of silky blonde hair. Instead, the clone had to rely on the other men to hold her up, and the one below her was certainly trying with his hands on her hips, pushing her up while rutting away at her cunt. 


It was a tight fit, what with another man behind her working his way in there as well, the two timing their thrusts so that she was never empty. But the man straddling her ass, slamming down into her backdoor was not helping, each of his motions tossing the little thirteen year old body around, much to the ire of the other men trying to enjoy it. And none was getting more annoyed than the man in front, attempting to make use of the whore’s mouth. Attempting because the girl kept getting jostled around, making her sharp teeth touch his shaft.


“No fucking teeth, bitch!” the man shouted, pulling his dick out and slapping her across the face with it. Its length spanned from her chin to her forehead, . He kept that up for a bit, smearing deepthroat spittle all over her pretty face.


“Hey,” one of the men getting a hair/handjob said, his grip on her wrist unrelenting as he forced her hand up and down cock, “it’s not her fault. If that idiot would stop rocking her around we wouldn’t need to keep pulling her back into position.”


The man at her ass laughed. “A slut like her should be able to take it,” he reached behind him and slapped her buttcheek before continuing, “Pimping out her own clones? If I wasn’t feeling how tight her ass is there is no way I’d believe this whore was a virgin!”


Naruko’s attention was pulled away from the plight of her Kage Bunshins by the arrival of a new client. He came alone, and his presence made everyone look up and stare for a moment. The man was big. Not fat, just large. He was tall, easily towering over everyone else in the alley. And he was broad, with a chest like a sake keg and limbs like tree trunks. Upon seeing the new addition, the rich guy who paid for clones of his own immediately threw on his clothes and hurried away, tossing another stack of ryo at the blonde genin.


The kunoichi watched as the man ambled towards her, taking in the sights around him. When his gaze fell on the other patrons in the alley, they quickly lowered their eyes and returned to their own clones. This made him smile.


“I see what I heard was true,” he said to Naruko, “I can really fuck the Kyuubi bitch in her tight cunt?”


Naruko sneered back at him, but bit back the vicious response she wanted to give. “Sure, if you’ve got the ryo.”


“And no consequences? To me or to you?” He said, quirking an eyebrow.


“Of course. They’re just clones after all, chakra constructs. Each one more disposable than a kunai.”


The man’s grin stretched further, growing a sinister light, “and what if I don’t want to pay?”


A second of stillness and quiet in the alleyway, before Naruko burst out laughing. The grew steadily angrier and angrier as Naruko’s laughter continued, but just as he opened his mouth to yell at her she cut him off.


“You know, you’re pretty big.” He was disoriented by her abrupt seriousness, his teeth click shut. “Very big, even. But I’m a ninja. Do you know what that means?” He opened his mouth to respond, uncertain, but a burst of wind stilled him, a sharp pain on his cheek. He raised a hand to his face, and when he pulled it back his fingers were smeared with blood. Looking back at Naruko, the girl was lounging comfortably on some crates, twirling a kunai by its ring.


Surprisingly, the man laughed, and backed down. “You’ve got some spunk to you. That’s good. Hopefully your clones do as well. The more they fight the better it is when they break. I want four. I’ll pay.”


“Well, you’re in luck, four have just opened up,” the Uzumaki said, pointing to the clones abandoned by the wealthy customer from earlier in his hasty flight. “Or would you prefer fresh ones,” she asked, moving her fingers into the hand seal.


“Nah, I’ll take those ones,” he said, reaching into his vest and pulling out a stack of bills before throwing them to her, “the irony of cucking that coward with prostitutes he hired after already losing his wife to me is just too funny to pass up.”


The large fellow walked over to the tower of ass. He grabbed the top one’s hair and swung her off onto her knees. He then did the same to the next two before stepping over the bottom one, grabbing her hips, and pulling her up such that she was supported on her shoulders. Quickly shedding his pants, he wasted no time in shoving his cock deep in the clone’s bare pussy, three other clones kneeling around him.


“Get over here, you sluts!”


One hand forced a clone’s face into the ass of the one getting fucked while the other positioned a third clone onto sitting on the first ones face. “You, lick her asshole. Yeah like that, you fucking slut. And you, suck my balls. And grind your pussy down on her face. Don’t let her breathe. Fucking drown her in your cunt juices.” Turning to the fourth clone, he said, “Start pushing on her hips. I’m paying good money for you whores, I’m not going to be doing the work.”


With meek acceptance and lowered eyes, the clones all got to work at their assigned tasks, pleasuring the man’s cock from all angles. He scoffed and looked over his shoulder at the original, “You’re clones are pathetic. They’ve got no fight in them.”


She shrugged. “They know their place,” Naruko said simply, “You could shove your fist through one’s chest and it will just stand there and take it. You can order them to struggle if you want.”


“Nah, there’s no point if it's not the real deal.” A sudden anxious tapping on his calf from the clone being shoved back and forth on his dick drew his attention, but he didn’t do anything about it. The tapping grew more frantic, her legs starting to kick out too before he quickly ordered the one sucking his balls to hold her legs down beside her head. Then he turned back to the kunoichi, “I guess that one is a little different, eh?”


“Probably just because she’s running out of air.”


“Wait, they can actually suffocate? I thought you said they were just chakra constructs.” Seeing Naruko’s reply of a shrug, the man let out another barking laugh, “Perhaps they are not as resigned to their deaths as you said!”


As the hours dragged on new people came and went, and Naruko made enough money she wouldn’t need to spend a day like this again for a good while. Calling it a night, she shooed everybody away and looked over the scattered remains of a not so honest day’s work. The Kage Bunshin technique was a lot sturdier than she recalled the Forbidden Scroll of Sealing describing the clones because none had popped, even when some of the customers went a bit wild.


Naruko put her hands together and gathered her chakra in order to dispel the veritable army of prostitutes she had willed into existence. Just as the worn out and cum seeping forms of her clones popped in billows of smoke did the genin remember one other aspect of the Kage Bunshin described in the Scroll that she had not paid attention to before.



Sarutobi Hiruzen sat in his office, puffing away at his pipe, signing some paperwork. With a sigh, he looked out the window overlooking the village built by his mentor and pondered the future of his home. It seemed like his second term was doomed to be plagued by one disaster after another. Starting off immediately by the attack of the Kyuubi and the death of Minato. The betrayal of his favourite student, Orochimaru. The whole mess between Kumo and the Hyuuga. Itachi and the Uchihas. And just recently. . . 


The Hokage let out another sigh as he thought back to the trip he took to the hospital after hearing about the latest disaster.


—flashback start—


“Is it as bad as I heard?”


Next to him was Inu, a fiercely loyal AnBu agent and the only one he trusted with the protection of the blonde girl lying unconscious on the bed before them in her current state.


“Worse, probably. She just sits there touching herself in a stupor, until she sees a man. Then she scrambles over and begs for sex. Like it is the only thing on her mind.”


“And her tenant isn’t healing her?”


“The doctors checked, there doesn’t seem to be anything physically wrong with her. It’s all mental. And if the Fox could affect her state of mind, we would have been having a much bigger problem years ago.”


The Sandaime hmmed. 


“Wake her up.”


“Sir, are you sure?”


“Yes. I need to see this for myself.”


The AnBu creates a small charge on the tip of his finger and gently zaps the slumbering girl.


It takes her a few moments to blink away the remaining cobwebs of sleep, but the second she lays her eyes on the Hokage, Naruko smiles. “Jiji, you’re here for me.”


“Of course, my dear, of course. How are you feeling?”


“I’m great now that you are here, Jiji. Are you going to fuck me? Is that why I am in these restraints? Do you prefer me this way? It might be a bit hard to get at my cunt or ass like this, but you could always just skull fuck me. I don’t gag anymore so you can just keep going and going and going without needing to hold back.”


The wizened Sarutobi turned back to Dog. “Has she been looked at by a Yamanaka yet?”


A nod.


“Predicted recovery?”




The Hokage sighed, such was life. “She will never be a Kunoichi like this. She can’t even do honeypot missions.”


“Maybe not, but I can suck dick really well. And my pussy is really tight. My ass, too. I can clench and ripple and grind and stretch. I don’t care about being a Kunoichi anymore, Jiji. I don’t want to be Hokage. I just want to be a cumdumpster. A cocksleave. A fucktoy. Sex is so much fun, and it feels so good. And I’m really good at it, Jiji. Do you want to try me? You can cum anywhere you want. On my pretty face, on my round ass, on my cute tits, even in my little cunt. You can smack me around, too, if you feel like it. Just as long as you give me your dick.”


“Have everyone involved dealt with. We need to keep this silenced. If the other nations learned that we all but lost our Jinchuriki, they might start making plays. This whole situation is now an S-rank secret.”


“Yes, sir. And about the girl?”


“She might be useless as a ninja now, but she’s still a host of a tailed beast and an Uzumaki to boot. Send her to the Sarutobi compound, I’m sure I’ll think of something to do with her.”


—flashback end—


Hiruzen signed some paperwork before pushing his chair back and looking under the desk. Kneeling between his knees, wearing only a collar connected to a leash tied to a leg of his chair was Naruko, slobbering all over his big Kage hog. He raised one hand to her cheek, wiping away some spittle and brushing her bangs out of her eyes.


“How are you feeling, my girl?”


His successor’s daughter gazed up at him with shining eyes. “Is it time? Is it time to switch? Oh, please say yes!”


The Hokage looked over his desk and weighed the options in his head. “Alright,” finally he nodded, “I do have some more paperwork to do, but it should be simple enough that I could do it while still taking care of you.”




With a yell of excitement, Naruko pounced on his lap, immediately impaling herself on his cock. “FUCK! You fill me up so good, old man! At the Academy they said you’re called the God of Shinobi, but they should have called you the God of Sluts!”


The old monkey laughed, thankful that at least some of Naruko’s old joking personality remained despite the state of her mind. Perhaps it was a sign that recovery was possible. He let her enjoy herself while he busied himself with the rest of his paperwork, grabbing her hips every now and then to slow her down. He hadn’t been a young man for many years now.

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