Want to Bet?

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Author's note: Exams suck. My mind is random. Have whatever this is.

Warnings: Sakura's and Naruto's pov; Alternate universe; established slash; mature content; humour; not for Sakura fans

I hope you'll like this!

Want to Bet?

"God, I'm so glad it's Friday," Sakura groaned and slumped down in the booth, gripping her cocktail firmly. "This week just seemed to drag on and on."

"Tell me about it," Ino sighed and sat down as well, discreetly adjusting her bra underneath her tight purple tank top. "But it's finally over now, so let's enjoy ourselves."

"You don't have to tell me twice," Sakura laughed and sipped from her cocktail, enjoying the sweet aftertaste of the fruity bright pink drink.

She looked around the club, her eyes trailing over the dancing mass on the floor below. She and Ino had picked a seat on the first floor, which offered them a good view of the club and its patrons. The music also wasn't so loud here which made talking a lot easier. Out of all the clubs they had visited so far, this was definitely one of her favourites. It had amazing drinks, great music and the looks of most people here were out of this world.

Like, for example, the cutie she had had an eye on for a couple of weeks already.

She nudged her friend and discreetly nodded at the cutie in question. "Hey, look who's here again."

Ino turned her head slightly and grinned; her glossy lips sparkling in the multicoloured light above them. "Well, the sight of him definitely makes up for the shit week we had."

Sakura wholeheartedly agreed. The man in question was seated in the right corner behind them, slightly hidden in the shadows, and he was one of the most good looking people she had seen so far. The guy was so unbelievably hot, he looked like he had walked straight from the catwalk. When stories talked about someone having cheekbones so sharp they could cut someone with it, they definitely had this guy in mind. He had a side fringe covering his left eye and his black hair was spiked in the back; he was probably the only one who could get away with such a hairstyle and not look ridiculous.

Fortunately for Sakura, he was fond of tight clothes and his black shirt did absolutely nothing to hide his defined muscles and once she had been incredibly fortunate to watch him walk away from his table to order something else, thereby giving her an excellent view of his even more excellent arse. The guy was graced by Mother Nature clearly, from his mysterious black eyes to his perfect form and god, what she wouldn't give to be pressed up against all of that!

"He's like a balm for sore eyes," she sighed and rested her chin on her hand. "God, it's so fucking unfair just how hot he is. Mother Nature might be a bitch at times, but fuck me if she wasn't having a good day when she created him!"

"Someone's thirsty as hell," Ino smirked, but her eyes were glued onto Mister Hottie as well, so Sakura wasn't offended by the comment.

"Who's thirsty as hell?" a cheerful, unfortunately all too familiar voice asked and Sakura barely managed to cover a groan of dismay when she turned around and saw Naruto standing next to their table.

Uzumaki Naruto was his full name and he was one of Ino's colleagues and coming very close to being the bane of Sakura's existence with how annoying he could be. He was incredibly loud and obnoxious and he still seemed to be under the impression that pulling pranks was funny, even at twenty-five years old. He was like a little kid stuck in an adult body and his voice alone had the power to grate on her nerves.

"You invited him?" she hissed underneath her breath as he dragged a chair away from another table to sit with them.

"Well, yeah." Blue eyes blinked bemused. "Why wouldn't I have? He's fun and a great drinking buddy."

"He's obnoxious, is what he is," Sakura retorted darkly before plastering a fake bright smile on her face as she greeted him. "Hey, how has your week been?"

He shrugged, sucking his drink through a straw of all things. Really? How old was he, six? "Mah, I suppose I've had worse, though I can't say I'm not happy that the weekend is finally starting." He put his drink down then and clapped his hands together. "So, who's thirsty and for whom?" His blue eyes – deeper and darker than Ino's – glittered mischievously.

"Sakura is," Ino replied, throwing her best friend remorselessly underneath the bus. "For that guy behind us, in the corner, you see him?"

"Ino, shut the hell up, like you're not drooling," Sakura shot back and slapped the blonde's arm.

Naruto leant slightly to the left and his eyebrows shot up when he saw who she was talking about. "Huh, yeah, I can see why. Dude looks like he should be modelling instead of drinking his life away in a club."

"But if he did that, how else would we get some free eye candy?" Ino chortled. "We need something to get us through the upcoming shit week."

He hummed absentmindedly. "You've seen him here before?"

"Yeah, for a couple of weeks already," Sakura replied and her gaze unwillingly was drawn towards the guy again.

She would love nothing more than to go over there and introduce herself, but loathe as she was to admit, his good looks also intimidated her. She was quite confident and knew she looked good, thank you very much, but this guy was on a whole different level than she was used to and she hadn't quite yet figured out how to approach him best.

"Huh, and neither of you have gone up to him yet?" Naruto asked confused, glancing at them.

Sakura bristled, offended at his incredulous tone. "Hey, look, have you seen the guy? He's not someone you just casually walk up to and try to chat up!"

"I wouldn't know how to approach him either," Ino admitted chagrined and crossed her arms, leaning back. "Which is a first, let me tell you."

"It doesn't help that he keeps rejecting everyone who goes up to him," Sakura sighed, twirling a lock of her pink hair around her finger. That was actually one of the major reasons why she hadn't gone up to him yet: the seemingly utterly brutal rejections other hopeful people had gone through, judging by their absolutely crestfallen faces as they walked away from him.

Hot he might be, but apparently he had impossible high standards as well and she wasn't quite ready to face a possible rejection. Better to enjoy the view from afar for now.

"I bet I can take him home with me," Naruto said confidently then and the words were so outrageous, so ridiculous that Sakura couldn't help but laugh, throwing her head back as she slapped the table.

"Hilarious, really, you're getting better at telling jokes!"

"I'm not joking, I'm serious," he insisted and her laugher died out as she stared incredulously at him.

"You seriously think you of all people can convince him to go home with you? You?" she asked sceptically and glanced at his drink. "How many drinks have you had so far, be honest."

"This is my first and yes, I seriously do believe that I can get him to come home with me," he said and a hint of irritation lingered in his usual cheery voice.

"Oh please, he's been rejecting so many people," she scoffed and crossed her arms on the table. "Why the hell do you think you would have a shot with him?"

He quirked an eyebrow and leant slightly forwards, a challenging look on his face when he suggested, "How about a bet then? I bet you five thousand yen and a whole evening of free drinks that I can get him to come home with me."

She narrowed her eyes. "You're on," she stated and grinned, already looking forward to the extra money and the free drinks.

"You really don't think I can do it, huh?" he said knowingly as he rose up, pushing himself away from the table.

"I don't think so, I know you can't do it," she corrected him and raised her glass at him. "Don't cry too hard when he rejects you."

"Oh trust me, the only crying I will be doing is when I'm riding his dick," he grinned and winked before leisurely making his way over to Mister Hottie.

"Your friend is awfully confident for someone who's going to be rejected so hard in just a minute," Sakura remarked idly and Ino snorted.

"I don't know. Naruto is capable of doing anything he puts his mind to, really," Ino said contemplatively. "I don't think he even knows the word 'impossible'."

Sakura rolled her eyes and they both turned around then, watching Naruto halt right next to Mister Hottie's table.

Sadly they weren't close enough to hear what was being said, but at least they were close enough so that Sakura could watch the inevitable rejection happening, which was good enough, she supposed.

Naruto placed his hands on the table, leaning his weight on them as he bent down and said something to Mister Hottie, who raised his head and stared at him with an eyebrow raised. He said something then, which had Naruto spreading his hands and cocking his hip out, seeming to shrug. Mister Hottie leant back then, tilting his head to the right and looking completely unimpressed.

"See, called it. No way he can do it," Sakura said cheerfully and turned around, pouting when she realised her glass was nearly empty. "Damn, you think that free evening of drinks will go in tonight already? I could use some free drinks."

"Erm, Sakura," Ino said in a weird voice. "Look."

"Look where?" Sakura asked curiously and turned her head –

Just in time to witness Mister Hottie standing up and grabbing Naruto by his wrist before basically dragging him down the staircase which was located behind them. Right before they would disappear from view, Naruto turned his head and winked at them, mouthing, "Five thousand yen and free drinks!"

"What the fuck," Sakura said blankly; shock leaving her numb. "Did that just – what the hell – he really got him to go home with him?!" Her voice was strangled at the end, the words coming out horribly pitched, but she thought she could be forgiving for that after the atrocity that had just taken place!

How the fuck had Naruto managed to convince Mister Hottie to leave with him? What the actual fuck had just happened?

Ino sipped calmly from her drink, as if nothing out of the ordinary had just occurred. "Told you he can do the most impossible things. Better cough up the money next week, sweetheart. Oh, and keep your card with you – when Naruto drinks, he drinks. He can even drink Neji under the table and that guy has a ridiculously high tolerance for this shit."

"What the hell just happened?" Sakura asked dazedly.

Her friend patted her hand. "You lost a bet, that's what happened. And Naruto is going to get dicked down really good tonight, I suspect. You think he'll give me the juicy details if I ask him nicely?"

Sakura just groaned and thumped her head on the table. Like her week hadn't been shitty enough already, fuck.

"R-right there, fuck!" Naruto stopped moving, his fingers digging down in strong shoulders as he could no longer hold back and came so hard he swore he saw stars.

He was barely aware of the other man coming as well, filling him up, as he shuddered and trembled slightly, the aftershock of his pleasure making him move his hips erratically, his muscles clenching down around the big cock inside of him.

"God, I needed this," Naruto panted, opening his eyes. He hadn't even realised he had closed them in the first place.

"Clearly," Sasuke retorted, his voice husky still and Naruto couldn't supress a shiver running down his spine at the sound of it. That had Sasuke lifting an eyebrow at him, murmuring, "Really?"

Cheeks burning, Naruto huffed and slapped his shoulder. "Shut up, okay? Not my fault you have a ridiculously hot voice."

"I bet I can make you come with my voice alone," Sasuke smirked, drawing a hand down the blond's back, heedless of the sweat making his skin sticky.

"You already did that before, remember?" Naruto grinned cheekily and leant down to capture his mouth in a kiss. "God, those phone calls are amazing."

They kissed some more, Naruto unwilling to move away, enjoying having Sasuke still in him even in their sweaty and sticky state.

"How much did you bet for, actually?" Sasuke asked then, fingers drawing nonsensical patterns onto Naruto's back. Sometimes they drifted further down and massaged his cheeks, gripping them firmly and making the blond press back against the touch.

"Five thousand yen and an evening of free drinks," Naruto replied, pretty satisfied.

The dark haired man snorted, bracing one arm behind his head. "She's going to regret that once you start drinking."

"That's on her," Naruto said dismissively, lying down on his boyfriend.

Normally he wasn't in the habit of deceiving people, but Sakura was the one who had insisted on treating him like shit since day one. She kept treating him like he was a stupid kid, an annoying fly she would like nothing more than to bat away, and the only reason why Naruto was willing to show up to any meetings where she was present was because Ino asked him. He loved Ino like a sister and had a hard time saying no to her, but he had grown more than annoyed by Sakura's dismissive behaviour and her constant jabs that she thought he wouldn't understand anyways.

So when Ino had informed him that Sakura had taken quite a liking to his boyfriend, the plan had been unfolded immediately in his mind. So she thought he was incapable of accomplishing anything? Well, let her witness him getting the one guy she'd been panting over for weeks now. Never mind that Sasuke was already his boyfriend by then – it was the principle of things.

Luckily for him Sasuke hadn't minded playing along even if he had disliked being at the club.

"Does this mean I won't have to go to that club anymore?" Sasuke asked, nuzzling Naruto's temple.

"Hm, Gaara doesn't need my help any longer in the back, so no," Naruto replied. "Do I need to remind you that you were the one who decided to show up there in the first place? I didn't ask you to, you know."

"Someone has to make sure other people keep their hands off of you," Sasuke said sourly. "Seeing as you refused to wear anything but tight clothes there."

"I can hardly show up in sweats!" Naruto exclaimed, laughing and pecked his nose. "You're adorable when you're jealous, you know that?"

"Don't call me adorable, you idiot," Sasuke grumbled and narrowed his eyes slightly when Naruto grabbed his phone from the nightstand. "What are you planning with that?"

"Well, just in case she needs more proof," Naruto said mischievously and laid back down, holding the phone above them and checking that both their faces were captured in the picture, showing a bit of their naked chests as well, where several hickies were currently decorating their skin, leaving nothing to the imagination.

"There, that should get her to back off for good," Naruto said cheerfully and sent the picture to Ino, adding, In case your friend needs further proof of my awesomeness

Ino-chan 11.43 p.m.

You're fucking savage. I love you

Me 11.43 p.m.

Flattered, my dear, but already taken

His phone was taken out of his hand before he could await whatever snarky reply Ino would send in return and he pouted. "Hey, it's rude to interrupt a conversation."

"How about it's rude texting someone while you're still sitting on my dick?" Sasuke shot back and threw the phone back on the nightstand. "I'm calling in that favour you said you'd owe me if I agreed to this."

"Oh yeah?" Naruto licked his lips, anticipation having him sit up right. "What are you planning?"

"What was it that you said?" Sasuke mused and hooking his leg around Naruto's, he twisted the both of them around, caging Naruto between his arms as soon as he was on his back. "That the only crying you would do was while being on my dick? You haven't been crying out just yet, so …"

Naruto grinned and looped his arms around Sasuke's neck, pulling him down. "Oh yeah, you definitely need to do something about that."

A bet won and an amazing favour being called in – now this was a great way to end the week if you asked Naruto!

The End

AN2: As always, I have no clue what I wrote. I was just annoyed with studying and clearly this is what happens then. Also no, I don't like Sakura, is it that obvious? .-.

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