The Importance of Professionalism

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Author's note: I had several projects planned this week, but as always my schedule got completely messed up and so far this is the only thing I've managed to finish. Studying until midnight on top of having a rather crappy week is not conductive to decent writing, let me tell you.

That said, this oneshot started out promising after I got the idea when I was watching a youtube vid, but then it spiralled ... somewhere and this is the result. I'm sorry if it sucks ._.

Warnings: OC's and Naruto's pov; canon divergent; established slash; mature content; professionalism is important; does Sakura get what she wants?

I hope you'll like it!

The Importance of Professionalism

The once so peaceful inn was bustling now, overflowing with the sort of energy that was rarely felt. Everywhere one looked, people were running around, cleaning and preparing rooms while the kitchen staff sat together to carefully plan out the meals.

The inn had been contacted to hold a wedding party with the guests staying for the weekend. While that on its own wasn't so extraordinary as the inn was rather popular to hold such parties, the guestlist in question was quite spectacular this time.

None other than the sister of the Kazekage would be celebrating her wedding at the inn. Her invitees? Her siblings naturally, meaning the that Kazekage would attend; the groom's family of course and their friends – which included famous war heroes Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke.

The staff room had nearly exploded when the inn owner had announced the list. Several of the staff were from Konoha and especially the women remembered all too well how Uchiha and Uzumaki looked like. Especially Uchiha's looks were of the sort that was impossible to forget and while his popularity had been tarnished for a while after he'd abandoned the village, his participation in the war and ultimate victory saw his popularity soaring once more amongst the young women.

Honda herself had only memories of a young dark haired boy, quite handsome already, before he had disappeared one night. While the guestlist for this party was quite impressive, she thought it was somewhat ridiculous how some of her colleagues were acting. They should be focusing on preparing the inn, but instead quite a few of them were gossiping about Uchiha, wondering whether he was still just as handsome as they remembered him being and whether they would have shot with him.

Several times Honda thought about opening her mouth and reminding them that staff wasn't supposed to intermingle with the guests on a personal level, let alone try to sleep with them, but she held back every time. If they wanted to risk their job for a handsome face, well, that was on them. She would just do her job like she always did and she would do it well, no matter who she would be attending to.

Because at the inn every guest was treated like royalty, no matter who they were.

Even still, there were some butterflies fluttering about in her stomach when the party arrived and she watched them walk through the doors one by one, chattering and laughing happily. She and the rest of the staff appointed for the party were lined up in front of the wall, ready to be introduced.

The Kazekage and the wedded couple were the first to be introduced to the staff and while the bride – Temari – looked incredibly beautiful with her blonde hair done up in two buns and still dressed her wedding gown, Honda's attention was unwillingly drawn towards a black haired man standing somewhat near the back. Whilst unbelievably handsome with his sharp features, piercing black eyes and his spiky hair in the back, he also looked like he would rather be anywhere else but here. He wasn't scowling or glaring perse, but that he wasn't particularly jumping from excitement about this place was obvious.

As she saw Yagami nudge one of their other colleagues and discreetly nod at the dark haired man in question, Honda surmised this must be the famous – or infamous however you looked at it – Uchiha Sasuke. Her suspicion was confirmed when Uzumaki – him, she did recognise easily because it was hard to forget someone who'd been the black sheep of the village for years – leant towards him, slinging an arm around his shoulders as he told him something whilst grinning. Whatever he said, had Uchiha rolling his eyes but he also looked just the slightest bit more relaxed and when the wedding party entered the dining room next, he had lost some of the stiffness.

Or maybe it only looked like that because Uzumaki was still clinging onto his shoulders, seemingly refusing to let go of him.

"I can't believe we're actually going to be serving the heroes of the war!" one of the women whispered as their boss, Tanaka, went around assigning rooms to everyone. "Have you seen Uzumaki-san? Shit, he grew up so well!"

"Yeah, honestly he might even give Uchiha run for his money," another woman giggled quietly, hiding it behind her hand. "No wonder he's so popular nowadays!"

"I really hope I get assigned to either Uchiha's or Uzumaki's room," Yamanaka sighed whistfully. "I wouldn't mind helping either one of them getting dressed in the morning, if you get what I mean."

Honda just sighed quietly and barely kept herself from rolling her eyes. Honestly, you'd think she was working with a bunch of prepubescent girls instead of grown women.

Working at the inn and serving drinks at the party saw her privy to several conversations as she walked around, ensuring that every guest had enough to drink. After having worked for so long here already, she had learnt to tune out the conversations, because unlike some of her colleagues she didn't feel the need to gossip about their guests.

Be that as it may, as she temporarily halted in a corner to put the empty glasses on a tray, she couldn't help but listen to the conversation currently going on behind her between a blonde haired woman and someone she was fairly certain was Haruno Sakura, famous for having been Tsunade's student and helping Uzumaki and Uchiha end the war.

"There's no way you'll manage, so just give up, Billboard Brow," the blonde woman snorted derisively. "It's been what, three years? He barely even visits the village. Come to think of it, I'm surprised Naruto managed to convince him to attend this party. Hell, that the Kazekage didn't even put up a fuss about that."

"I didn't manage before because he's usually away," Haruno snipped before her voice lightened considerably. "But now that we get to spend the weekend here without any missions, this might be my best chance yet so far! Come on, Ino, you're supposed to be on my side here!"

"What do you think will happen? That being in the onsen will suddenly make him fall in love with you?" Ino asked unimpressed. "Look, I'm all for going after what you want, but Sasuke-kun hasn't shown any interest in years – I doubt that will change all of a sudden just because we're at an inn now."

"You never know, wedding parties always have people in a better mood," Haruno insisted stubbornly.

"Yes, because Sasuke-kun is definitely the type to be in a better mood because of a wedding," Ino said dryly. "He didn't look all that enthusiastic to me during the ceremony."

"Oh you know Sasuke-kun; he never shows his emotions easily, but I think being able to relax here at the inn will make him more receptive," Haruno giggled.

"I'll make sure to have enough sake stocked up when you fail once again," Ino snorted.

"Ino, seriously, a little bit of encouragement here!"

Her tray empty once more, Honda returned to the kitchen to refill it, passing by Uchiha and Uzumaki on her way out. For a brief moment, watching the two men talk quietly together, she wondered whether Haruno would succeed in capturing Uchiha's attention before dismissing the thought almost immediately. Whatever, it wasn't her business whether one of the guests would succeed in getting her crush. With how standoffish he appeared, though, she wished the woman good luck. Judging by the conversation between the two women, she would dearly need it.

One of the things she loved about her job was helping the guests get dressed. Not because she could ogle their bodies then, but because it made her happy to see usually high strung shinobi relax in her presence, okay for once to leave the control over to someone else. Here at the inn, every guest was treated like royalty, meaning that the staff would help them get dressed before they would attend breakfast. In the case of women, the staff would also help them do their hair and makeup if they wished so. Seeing the delight on those women's faces when they looked at themselves in the mirror was what Honda did it for.

She might not take up any missions like a shinobi would, might not save the world one day, but her care had the guests feeling good and that was just as important as what shinobi did in her opinion. Because if people were never able to relax and let go of their worries, even if it was only for one night, then their work would start suffering as well. Everyone needed to relax once in a while at least.

Adjusting the dark blue male yukata on her left arm, she knocked on the door of her first guest. To the disappointment of several women their boss had refused to give the names of the guests they would be attending to and had simply given them the room numbers. Most likely because their boss was definitely not stupid and had picked up on how some of the women were vying for either Uchiha's, Uzumaki's or even the Kazekage's attention.

"Yes," a deep voice called out and she opened the door, announcing, "Good morning, I'm here to help you get dressed."

"No offense, but I don't really see the point in that."

She only barely kept herself from gaping when she realised who her first guest was.

None other than Uchiha Sasuke himself, seated on the edge of his bed already dressed in black trousers and a simple light purple shirt. The sleeve of his missing left arm wasn't pinned back and just hung at his side.

If the other women knew she was the one assigned to Uchiha … It wouldn't surprise her if they would all explode and she decided there and then that she definitely wouldn't let slip who her guests had been.

"It's part of the service this inn offers, Uchiha-sama," she smiled apologetically once she'd got her bearings back and walked over to him. "A way for you to relax."

"Yes, because getting dressed is so strenuous," Uchiha said sarcastically.

"I'll be quick about it," she promised, laying out the yukata across the bed. She would have offered not to help him out instead, but unfortunately her boss was a stickler for the rules and had a way of discovering when someone wasn't doing their job like they should.

"It's fine," he sighed. "You're just doing your job."

"Not a big fan of the inn, hm?" she dared to comment lightly and quickly brushed her brown hair over her shoulder. She should tie it back once she was finished here.

"It's nothing personal," he muttered, regarding the yukata rather sceptically. "It's not really my thing, but I was invited."

"Well, I still hope you'll enjoy the rest of your stay here," Honda smiled and gently shook out the yukata, placing the soft obi to the side for now.

Taking that as his cue, he stood up, allowing her to put the yukata on him, sliding his arm through the sleeve. For a moment she feared his shoulders would be too broad, but fortunately the fit was right and she could draw the cloth around his shoulders without restricting his movements.

As she wrapped the left side over the right one, he questioned, "Why not a kimono actually? That would make more sense to walk around in than a yukata."

"Ah, that's because our boss believes that yukata are more comfortable to wear than kimono and this inn is meant to give comfort to our guests in all sorts of ways," she explained and secured the obi around his waist. "Do you prefer the sleeve to be pinned back?"

"No, you can leave it like this," he said and she nodded.

"Let me fix your collar and then I'll be on my way," she said, eyeing the collar critically. It looked a bit crooked and that just wouldn't do. She took pride in her job after all, even when it involved something as mundane as helping someone get dressed in a yukata.

It was then that she saw it.

As she adjusted the collar, straightening it out, she caught a glimpse of a darkish red spot in the junction where his neck met his left shoulder. It was easy to miss, except with how close she stood to him she could easily spot it and it only took her mind a couple of seconds to catch up to the implication of what that spot might meant in that particular area.

Her cheeks warmed slightly at the realisation and she cleared his throat softly, stepping back. Well, it appeared that Haruno might have succeeded in her endeavour after all.

"Breakfast should be ready by now, so you can go downstairs whenever you want. It's the first door next to the staircase," she informed him and bowed. "I wish you a pleasant stay, Uchiha-sama."

He just grunted in acknowledgement and she spared a quick thought that the inn might just have found its first difficult to please customer before she left the room to pick up the yukata for her second guest.

Her boss had to be doing this on purpose, surely.

She could only stand there and stare at a sleepy looking Uzumaki, who had only just finished dressing in a thin black shirt and orange trousers. The colour of the trousers at least explained why the yukata in her hands was a burnt orange colour. When filling in the guest preferences, they could check off which colour of yukata they would like to wear. She remembered having seen such a list filled in with a request for orange if that was possible and recalled that at the time she'd wondered just who on earth would want to wear orange.

Apparently war hero Uzumaki.

Was it just a coincidence that she had both war heroes as the guests she needed to attend to? Or was this truly her boss' way of making sure that the staff wouldn't do something to tarnish the good name of the inn?

"Sorry, I slept longer than I had planned," Uzumaki smiled sheepishly and rubbed the back of his head. "I hope I didn't make you wait too long."

"Oh no, it's not a problem," she assured him quickly. "I apologise for doing my rounds so early."

He threw a quick glance at the clock, saw it was nearly eight o'clock and snorted. "Yeah, I think a certain bastard would already call this too late." His tone was fond but before she could ask who he was talking about, he perked up at the sight of the orange yukata. "Oh, so you guys do have them in orange! That's great!"

"Everything to make the guest feel like a king," Honda smiled. "I'm glad you're happy with the colour."

"Hey, it's orange and orange is always great," he grinned. He stood up then, still bare footed. "Don't you find it boring, having to help guests get dressed?"

She shook her head and held out the yukata to him, letting him slide his arms through the wide sleeves – taking note of the bandages wrapped around his right arm – before she drew it completely around him.

"No, I like helping people relax," she replied. "Even if it's with something as mundane as taking care of them by helping them get dressed or do their hair, I like it. I like it when people feel good."

"Well, this inn is definitely amazing, Temari made a good choice," he said cheerfully, rubbing the right sleeve between his bandaged fingers.

"I'm glad you're enjoying yourself," she smiled and dared to comment, "Your friend seems a bit less … interested."

"Who, Sasuke?" He laughed and shook his head. "That bastard wouldn't know what relaxing means even if it bit him in the butt. Don't mind him, he just has a resting bitch face."

"I wouldn't go as far as saying that," she said amused and started wrapping the obi around him. This was the only piece not orange, but instead a soft white.

"Well, don't worry, he's enjoying himself here. He just won't ever admit to it." Blue eyes glistened as he said that as if he was thinking about a private joke.

"Good to know," she chuckled and narrowed her eyes slightly when the yukata collar looked off. "Excuse me, I need to fix this. The collars don't seem to want to cooperate today."

"Maybe they want a day off too," he joked and stood patiently still as she fiddled with the collar, tugging at it to get it in the correct position.

He also had a reddish bruise, right underneath his collarbone.

As a matter of fact, he had several of them, because she also spotted one hiding right underneath the collar on his left shoulder and another one peeking just above it on his chest. Suddenly the reddish bruise in Uchiha's neck took on a whole other meaning and she quickly closed her mouth when she realised she was gaping.

"Everything all right?" Uzumaki gazed at her concerned.

"Hm? Oh yes, everything's okay," she smiled brightly and stepped away, praying that her cheeks weren't as red as she feared they were. Folding her hands together she bowed. "Breakfast is being served right now in the first room next to the staircase. I wish you a pleasant stay, Uzumaki-sama."

Once outside his room, she cupped her cheeks before hiding her face in her hands, fighting back a hysterical chuckle.

Guess that Ino woman really would need to stock up on a lot of sake after all.

"Were you being mean to the staff, bastard?" Naruto huffed even as he crawled easily onto Sasuke's lap, bracing his arms on his shoulders.

The dark haired man raised an eyebrow. "Why on earth would I be mean to them? They're not the idiots who insisted on having the party here. Nor were they the idiots insisting I'd attend too," he sneered.

"Oh please, you like it here," Naruto scoffed, ignoring the way Sasuke's hand slipped beneath the surface of the hot water and skimmed across his lower back.

"It has its benefits, I suppose," Sasuke hummed and smirked, black eyes glinting when Naruto smacked his arm.

"The girl who helped us get dressed this morning? She remarked on how you didn't look that interested in the place." Naruto arched his back, trying to keep his focus on their conversation even as devious fingers slipped between his cheeks and pressed teasingly against his opening.

"Doesn't mean I was being mean. Just that she's more observant. Which is a lot more than I can say about the rest," he snorted and as if to back up his accusation, he bent down and sucked yet another bruise in Naruto's neck, right above his collarbone.

Not healing that one quickly either, Kurama piped up, not even opening his eyes.

"This is why people dislike you," Naruto informed the fluffy douchebag before he returned his attention back to Sasuke, hissing when teeth grazed across a tendon in his neck.

"You know Kurama isn't going to heal those either," he reprimanded, but the heat behind the scolding was tempered by the whimper he couldn't hold back when a finger slipped carefully inside of him.

"Good, I like having my marks on you. Not like mine heal that quickly either," Sasuke quipped, smirking at him before capturing his mouth in a deep kiss. "Think you can hold on this time without fainting from the heat?"

"Oh fuck you!" Naruto growled and grinded his arse down into Sasuke's lap, feeling his cock grow completely hard this time. "I didn't faint, bastard!"

"Guess I fucked you stupid then." Sasuke's smirk deepened.

"What the hell are you – umph!"

As they kissed each other hungrily, Naruto's last coherent thought was that at least about their private onsen Sasuke didn't seem to have any reservations.

Then Sasuke pushed into him and he knew nothing else but Sasuke's touch, his caress, his kisses, his deep voice murmuring in his ear …

He would worry about the bruises tomorrow. Now, nothing else mattered but him and Sasuke and their challenge to outlast the other one.

(Spoiler: Naruto passed out again. Not from the heat, though. And Sasuke was way too smug about it.)

The End

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