All of You

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Author's note: This week was utterly exhausting and today was basically a shitfest of a day with my laptop being stubborn as hell. That's why I decided to be completely self-indulgent for once and write down an idea I've had for months now. I never could find a decent universe for it until I realised that it would fit His Shadow verse perfectly. That being said, I know that this idea might not appeal to everyone, which I understand. If it's not something you like to read, I just ask you to press the back button instead. This is me just being self-indulgent after a shit week.

That said, this is basically a bonus story for His Shadow universe, so if you haven't familiarised yourself with the universe (starting from Hokage's Shadow) then you might want to do that, though it's not quite necessary for this story.


Warnings: Prequel to Hokage's Shadow; Sasuke's pov; established relationship; slash; mature content; new use of Sexy-no-Jutsu during sex; references to Mpreg; fluff; domestic bliss (kind of?)

I hope you'll like this in spite of the weird theme perhaps.

All of You

"So she gave the full okay?" Sasuke asked, peering through the window for a moment.

Nothing was amiss, of course, but by now it had become a habit to check the area behind their home, especially considering how close they were to the forest. If some enemies would try to attack the house, they would most likely come from the forest.

Everything was quiet and rather peaceful, however, like it usually was around this time of the evening.

"Yep, though she's still declaring me an idiot for attempting to do this," Naruto answered and sounded between a cross of amused and offended, still doing whatever he was doing in the adjoined bathroom. "I don't see why she considers this so stupid, though."

"Probably because it is rather inane," Sasuke said amused. With Tsunade's approval, it was easier to share her amusement about their plan, because well, he couldn't exactly blame her for considering the both of them idiots for attempting this.

Seeing as there was no harm in trying, however, what did it matter if their method would be rather unorthodox? It wouldn't be the first time that Naruto managed to do the impossible.

"You've got no right to side with her when you agreed to the idea as well," Naruto said accusingly and shuffling noises indicated he was entering their bedroom. "What are you doing in front of the window? Nobody's going to be stupid enough to attack from there."

"Now you're assuming that the enemy is intelligent," the dark haired man said dryly, but turned around after pulling the curtains partly shut.

He took in Naruto, who was wearing a bathrobe for some reason, his bare legs and feet indicating he couldn't be wearing much underneath it. The curves prominently displayed through the soft cloth showed that he had already performed the Sexy-no-Jutsu and Sasuke tilted his head to the left.

"You could have changed here," he pointed out. "Not the first time I see you using that jutsu."

Naruto shrugged and wandered closer to him. "Yeah, I know, but I was done with the shower and figured it would be easier to change immediately."

"Aren't your breasts usually bigger?" Sasuke furrowed his eyebrows, glancing at Naruto's chest. The bathrobe peeked open slightly, showing a hint of his cleavage. His breasts were still decently sized, but he could have sworn that they usually were quite a bit bigger than now.

"So you do pay attention to my jutsu," Naruto said smugly and snickered when the other man clucked his tongue and tugged at his earlobe in retaliation. He sobered up then and cleared his throat, glancing away for a moment before peering up at Sasuke. "Well, I'm not using the jutsu now to distract anyone and I didn't think you would appreciate huge breasts, so …" He shrugged, his cheeks pinking slightly.

Sasuke blinked before he sighed softly and ran his fingers quickly through Naruto's half long hair. It was loose now, not in a ponytail or pigtails like he usually had his hair in whilst using this jutsu, and it only brushed his shoulders. "You know I don't care about that. If you prefer having them bigger, you can, it doesn't matter to me."

"Yeah well, you still need to be able to get it up and like I said, you don't strike me as a guy with a love for huge boobs," Naruto said teasingly and wrapped his arms around Sasuke's neck, pressing himself against him. "I thought about only using the jutsu partly, but I never tried that before and I don't want to mess up something as crucial as that tonight, so you're going to have to deal with medium sized boobs."

"Why are you assuming I hate large breasts?" Sasuke sighed, dragging his hand down Naruto's back; feeling his body heat seeping through the cloth.

"Hm, perhaps your perpetual rejection of anything female has something to do with my assumption," the blond retorted deadpan. "You're not exactly subtle when rejecting them, you know."

"I reject them because I'm not interested in them." Black eyes rolled. "I'm not rejecting them because they're women, I'm rejecting them because you're the only one I'm interested in. So stop assuming stupid things: if you want large breasts, then just transform into them."

"This has to be one of the most romantic things you've ever said to me," Naruto cooed and cackled when Sasuke scowled and pinched his butt. "Nah, I'm fine with this size. In the end it doesn't really matter how big they are anyways, as long as the equipment downstairs works."

"And she's sure you wouldn't have to retain this form throughout the process?" Sasuke asked, pushing some wayward blond strands out of Naruto's face.

The Jinchuuriki shook his head. "No, that herb concoction she gave me ensures we're going to be successful tonight, so as long as I wait until the morning to dispel the jutsu, we'll be fine. And otherwise, well, trial and error, I suppose."

His tone was light, almost airy, but the hint of apprehension lurking underneath it all was hard to ignore for someone who knew him as well as Sasuke did and he raised Naruto's head by his chin to kiss him.

"Hey, this is going to work, all right?" Sasuke said quietly, staring imploringly into those simmering blue eyes. "We went over the whole plan with Tsunade, you took that concoction and you've always managed to do the impossible. That's not going to be any different now."

"God, making babies makes you so sappy," Naruto grinned and laughed when Sasuke glared at him. "Okay, ready to make a baby with me?"

"Yeah," something fluttered in his chest, "let's do this."

It had started out as a stupid musing at first, something Naruto had remarked on after Sasuke had been accosted by a couple of young children, eager to see some cool fire jutsu at play. While some of the adults still might distrust Sasuke, a lot of children were actually quietly enamoured with him, in awe of the really strong shinobi protecting their Hokage wherever he went.

Nothing more than a stupid musing – "Man, I think we would do pretty great as parents ourselves, don't you think? I'll be the fun parent, you the strict one.", "Idiot, you'd ruin them for life." – but that musing had hooked its claws in their minds and had refused to let go ever since.

The idea started brewing, becoming more and more difficult to ignore, to push aside as a stupid joke. From teasing remarks it went to an uncertain "What if?" to the more concrete, "Hey, you think we could actually do this? Having a kid of our own, I mean?"

Evening after evening was spent discussing how they should go about it, whether they should try to adopt or not, until Naruto had stupidly commented, "What if you just fuck me in my Sexy-no-Jutsu and we get a kid like that?"

Sasuke had been ready to dismiss the idea, wave it away as ridiculous, but then he started thinking about it, contemplating it seriously, and yes, why not? Why not try to see if Naruto's Sexy-no-Jutsu could be a solution?

Tsunade had laughed at them and then proceeded to kick them both out of her office when they'd first relayed the idea to her. She had declared them insane during their second visit and had refused to help during their third one. But then when they had seen her for the fourth time, she had apparently realised they were actually serious about this, that they weren't joking or messing around with her, and had acquiesced to at least study the theory behind it and figure out whether it was possible to actually accomplish what they were hoping to do.

Theoretically, it should be possible as a scan had shown that the jutsu even adjusted Naruto's organs. Together with the concoction, this plan should give them the best chance of having a baby of their own.

In theory, it would work out; now they were going to see whether they could actually turn it into practice as well.

"You know, there's an upside to this form," Naruto commented lightly, humming when Sasuke drew his hand down his back.

He sat straddled across Sasuke's lap; the both of them completely naked now. A part of Sasuke had thought it would take a bit before he was used to having a female body against him instead of a male, but the second Naruto had dragged him into a deep kiss he had basically forgotten about the differences. Naruto was still Naruto, no matter the form. He still loved it when Sasuke kissed his neck and still grew as weak as putty in Sasuke's hand when he paid attention to his nipples. He just had a slightly curvier body at the moment.

"Yeah, what?" Sasuke asked, distracted when fingers danced across his own chest.

Blue eyes gleamed when Naruto replied, "Well, we don't have to waste any lube this time," before promptly grabbing Sasuke's hand, rising up on his knees and bringing his hand right between his legs, letting him feel just how wet he had become.

This part was definitely different and Sasuke watched Naruto's face like a hawk when he slid one of his fingers between the wet folds, brushing carefully against a small nub he found. The reaction was instantaneous: Naruto's back arched beautifully and he gasped aloud, basically rutting against Sasuke's hand, smearing his slick all across it.

"Do that again, fuck!" he demanded, blue eyes briefly flickering red; lust widening his pupils.

"What, this?" Sasuke asked faux innocent and brushed his thumb once more across the little nub while slipping two fingers inside his tight, hot, wet centre, feeling unfamiliar muscles clamping down around the digits.

"Yes," Naruto hissed, linking his arms tightly around Sasuke's shoulders, pressing his breasts against him. "Exactly like that, fuck, keep going."

"So it doesn't hurt?" Sasuke inquired, even though Naruto's breathy moans in his ear made it quite clear that what he was feeling was definitely not any sort of pain fortunately.

"No, feels fucking amazing, don't stop," Naruto ordered, some fingers sliding through black hair and tightening around the strands. "Honestly feels better than I ever thought it would, why didn't we try this sooner?"

"Why indeed?" Sasuke murmured, fascinated by the way Naruto tensed up around his fingers when he added a third one before relaxing almost immediately again, sucking his fingers deeper inside.

He supposed in theory there wasn't any need to stretch Naruto now when he was in this form, but he did feel rather tight around his fingers even with how wet he felt, so the dark haired man wasn't taking any chances now. Yes, Naruto was in this form now so that they could try to have a baby, but that didn't mean they couldn't enjoy the sex at the same time. Enjoying themselves would be difficult if Naruto was in too much pain.

"Stop thinking so much," Naruto sighed, sucking his lower lip between his own.

Sasuke kissed him back for a couple of seconds, before he pulled away and quirked an eyebrow. "I'm sorry that I'm being careful not to hurt you," he said sarcastically and swept his thumb over Naruto's clit again, smirking when that earnt him a full body shudder and a cut off groan.

"How would you even hurt me? Sure, your dick is big, but it's not like this is the first time we're having sex," Naruto shot back, blinking to dispel the daze he'd shortly fallen into.

"It is the first time we'll be having sex with you in this form," Sasuke retorted, pushing his fingers deeper inside, inner muscles twitching around them. "So yes, I'm going to be careful."

"This body is literally built for this!" Naruto exclaimed even as his hips rolled forwards, seeking more pressure. "What's there to be careful about?"

"I'll remind you of that if you manage to rip yourself around my dick," Sasuke smiled thinly.

"Okay, really, you're not that bi-mph!" His complaint got muffled against lips and he trailed off with a groan, kissing him back eagerly.

His head fell back when Sasuke's lips trailed lower, sucking at a patch of skin right below Naruto's right ear, hot puffs of air leaving his parted lips. He shivered, fingers tightening around black hair to the point of painful when Sasuke wrapped his mouth around his left nipple, feeling it pebble against his tongue when he licked across it.

He switched to the other one soon, lavishing it with attention as well, smirking when his ears caught the barely stifled whine above him; his fingers pumping steadily in and out the blond now, aided by the liberal amount of slick his body was producing.

"Y-you know, if – if I didn't know any better, I'd say you've done this before," Naruto muttered, eyes half-lidded, sounding almost delirious. "Really know your way around this body, huh?"

"I know my way around yours," Sasuke corrected him, smiling when Naruto whined in disappointment when he pulled his fingers out of him, wiping them across the sheets before he cupped his right breast, teasingly dragging his thumb across his hardened nipple, watching goose bumps arise.

"At least you're able to get it up," Naruto chuckled, but the sound was more breathy and unsteady as he rose up on his knees again and reached behind him with his hand, curling his fingers around Sasuke's cock.

"Of course I can get it up, you're still you," Sasuke muttered, mouthing at the junction between Naruto's neck and shoulder.

"Yeah? What if I decide to keep this form? You'd still be happy with me then?" Naruto asked and while it was clearly meant in jest, his eyes glittering with mischief, Sasuke took the question seriously.

"Then you keep the form," he replied easily. "Male or female, doesn't matter to me, you're still Naruto."

"Aw, you really do love me," Naruto said teasingly, but his eyes were gleaming suspiciously wet and he looked down, stroking Sasuke's cock up and down a couple of times before he positioned himself right above it.

"Of course I do, you're my world," Sasuke smiled, gliding his hand down from Naruto's breast to his side before curling his fingers around his hip.

"Damn it, why do you say sappy shit like that so easily, that's not fair, you're such a bastard," Naruto stammered flustered and they both groaned when he abruptly sank down on Sasuke, engulfing him in his wet heat.

The blond paused then, his hands clamping down around Sasuke's shoulders, and he blinked, biting down on his lip as he wriggled slightly back and forth. "Well … This is different," he muttered.

"Now imagine what would have happened if I hadn't prepared you," Sasuke tsk'd, but it was getting harder to concentrate as muscles tensed around him tightly, his lover feeling wetter around him than usual.

"Stop being so smug," Naruto laughed and kissed him before the dark haired man could think of a retort.

That was more than fine with Sasuke, though, because they didn't need words now. Their bodies told everything as Naruto started gently rocking back and forth, humming when Sasuke bent his head forwards to take one of his nipples in his mouth, rolling the hardened nub between his lips. He released it then, leaving it reddened and wet behind, and started pressing kisses all over Naruto's breasts, making him slightly arch his back with a pleased sigh.

As Sasuke sought out his mouth next, kissing him firmly before slipping his tongue inside the moment those kiss bruised lips parted for him, his hand left Naruto's hip, caressing his lower belly, stomach muscles tensing up, before he dipped his fingers lower. They slid across wet, hot to the touch, folds which seems to throb against the pads of his fingers and Naruto shuddered around him when he spread them slightly, pressing his index finger against his clit.

He kept the touch teasingly light, rubbing slowly across it, until Naruto huffed and nipped at his lip in punishment. One of his hands left Sasuke's shoulder and grabbed his hand, pushing his fingers firmer against himself; his muscles tightening around Sasuke's cock when the pressure against his clit increased instantly.

"If you're going to touch me there, do it right," he grumbled, but his complaint lacked heat when Sasuke looked at him, at his cheeks flushed red, his blue eyes hooded with pleasure, his mouth swollen and reddish.

"Who's the bossy one now," Sasuke smirked, but acquiesced easily, pressing against the small nub firmer now, deliberately rubbing back and forth against it, enjoying the way it made Naruto shudder and shiver against him, nails dragging down his back as the blond started moving more urgently, chasing after his climax now that he had the needed stimulation.

"Al-almost there," he breathed out, kissing the other one almost desperately, rocking faster and faster.

"Whenever you're ready," Sasuke mumbled, drawing his bottom lip between his lips; Naruto's moan vibrating against his mouth.

Even if Naruto's loud, drawn out moan hadn't been enough to tip him off, the sudden tight clenching of his muscles around his cock and the way Naruto dropped forwards, trembling against him, panting in his ear, all of it made it clear that he was coming. It was this sight, the sight and feeling of Naruto boneless against him, the occasional shudder still wrecking his frame, arms clutching tightly around Sasuke's shoulders, his warm breath caressing Sasuke's neck, muscles locked tightly around him, that set off Sasuke as well and he came deep in him, his arm shooting out to wrap around Naruto's waist, keeping him pressed against him as he kissed him again and again, muffling his groan.

He fell back against the pillows, Naruto easily following him, his body covering him like a blanket, keeping Sasuke still inside.

"Well, this was fun," Naruto muttered, sounding absolutely blissed out and Sasuke chuckled, drawing his hand up and down Naruto's back.

"Someone definitely enjoyed himself," he teased, kissing Naruto's cheek.

"Please, like you didn't," Naruto scoffed and for good measure he squeezed his muscles around Sasuke's cock again. "You're one lucky guy, though."

"Oh? Why?"

Naruto lifted his head and grinned at him, awareness slipping back in his eyes. "Well, you must be the only guy who can now claim he took his partner's virginity twice!"

He snickered loudly when Sasuke rolled his eyes and slapped his back. "You're an idiot," he sighed, but he couldn't quite hide the fondness in his voice and Naruto had clearly heard that, his snickering dying out, being replaced by a soft smile.

"Imagine, this time around next year we might have a baby already," he murmured, caressing Sasuke's left side before kissing him softly.

"Yeah, next year," Sasuke agreed and kissed him back.

He couldn't wait for that to happen.

The End

AN2: Completely self-indulgent, wanted to try out something new. If it's not your cup of tea, I understand.

Please leave your thoughts behind in a review; should you spot any mistakes, please point them out to me.

I hope to see you all back in my future stories! Please stay safe and take care of yourselves!



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