The Last Uchiha

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This is a slight AU, where technology is a little more advanced than it was at this point in canon. Other than that, aside from a genderbent Naruto, things are ‘mostly’ normal. Enjoy!

He gave her a blank look.

“You have got to be kidding me—that’s your brilliant plan?” He sat down, hanging his head and sighing. “I’m fucked.”

She smiled, putting a reassuring hand on his shoulder.

“Look, Sasuke," she began. "You just need to hear me out.” She tilted her head thoughtfully. “It’s a good idea. How else are you going to get the money that you need? You have no idea how much money people make off this sort of thing—you wouldn’t even need to do it for very long.”

“Naruko…I am under no circumstances going to do porn to get that money.”

“Oh come on,” she said, blue eyes glimmering. “It’s perfect. Watch, let me show you something.”

They were in her apartment, a bright and infectious place, with fluffy orange pillows on the sofa and pictures of her with friends dotted everywhere. It was messy, but not terrible, especially since she had been the one to call him over here, and had likely taken the time to clean up a little.

She got up off the couch, trudging into her room; returning a moment later with her laptop already open, she set it down on the coffee table. After a few seconds of typing, Naruko glanced at him.

“Look at this,” she said, pointing at the screen. “This girl right here—she’s some prissy college girl from the west side of Konoha. I mean, she’s pretty, but there’s nothing up there, ya know?” She tapped her knuckles against the side of her head. “But this girl—all she does is post raunchy pictures and shit like that, and she makes bank. More than you would think.”

“How much does she make..?” Sasuke asked, curiosity getting the best of him.

Naruko scrolled down on the site; when she found what she was looking for, she pointed at the screen. Sasuke leaned in.

Actual numbers weren’t important in the grand scheme of things...what did matter is that it was a very big number, especially for what she was doing.

“You’re kidding.” Sasuke blinked, as if his eyes were deceiving him. “She makes that much off of some...suggestive modeling?”

“Oh yeah, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s plenty of girls who make even more than her, only they do full blown porn.”

Sasuke exhaled. “First of all, there’s no way in hell I’m doing anything like that. Second of all, they’re all women anyway, so I doubt I could make—”

“Oh shut up, Sasuke,” Naruko interjected. “You had fangirls when you were ten...ten! If you think that you did some ‘suggestive modeling’ or some porn and they wouldn’t shell out the big bucks to see it, you’re just deluding yourself.” She smirked. “Plus, throw in a sexy babe and you’ll get money from the other half of the spectrum too; guys love a good power fantasy, and they’ll definitely pay to see someone like you absolutely obliterate a beautiful girl.”

He was silent for a moment, digesting her words.

“You didn’t let me finish,” he said. “How do you even know about this stuff?”

It wasn’t that he was agreeing with what she was saying, of course, or that he was considering going along with it...but he failed to see any issues with her logic. Ever since he had returned to the village, people lined the streets whenever he was out and about. The fangirls had come back with a bang too—it seemed as soon as his alignment flipped from ‘evil’ to ‘kind of good’, they lost any misgivings they’d had. Many of them professed that they’d never stopped loving him, even when he had been a murderous maniac.

That was just what he had gleaned from Sakura and Ino, both of them very well in touch with both former and current members of his fan club.

He could see a lot of them willing to shell out their hard-earned money just to catch a glimpse of him. That wasn’t even considering the people who would buy it just from curiosity, or the girls in other villages who might want a look. Not to mention the rest of the country who weren’t in the bubble of the shinobi villages who would want to get in on the opportunity as well.

Still; the shame of it. He was the last Uchiha left, but God, he did not want to imagine what his father would say if he found out that his son had been reduced to doing porn.

Naruko grinned at him, taking a moment to formulate an answer to his question.

“Well—ya know. Late nights where I’m bored and look into some weiiird stuff. You have no idea just how easy it is to get lost on the internet, which I mean, you barely know how to use your phone so I know you can’t relate.”

Sasuke frowned. “I know how to use my phone perfectly fine, thank you very much.”

The blonde rolled her eyes. “Remember when you asked me the other day how to increase the brightness; you know, the thing that takes literally two swipes to accomplish? Or when you asked me last week how to lower the volume, you know, the button that’s—”

“You’ve made your point,” he said, teeth gritted. “And my point still stands; I won’t be doing porn to get the money. I won’t.”

Sasuke got up, he made for the door, pulling it open and stepping into the hall. Just as he was about to close it behind him though—

“Sasuke, Sasuke, Sasuke,” Naruko tutted, shaking her head. “Fine, have it your way. Just remember that you have a month to at least get the payment started...and if you decide to reconsider my offer, you’d at least have to tell me a week before.” Naruko smiled. “Don’t slam the door by the way, dingus.”

He scowled and shut the door. Gently, of course.

The money—the money. Oh why the hell did he need the money?

Well, it turns out that when you turn a new leaf and dedicate your life to being...mostly good...not everyone was so kind as to go along with that.

Technically, Naruko had gotten a verbal agreement from the Land of Iron and the Raikage to not have any criminal charges pursued against Sasuke. His criminal punishment would be left up to the behest of Konoha, and with Kakashi’s influence, Sakura’s dedication, and Naruko’s fire, it had ended with little more than few months jailtime and a few years of probation. That was a slap on the wrist considering his crimes; which included desertion, attempted murder, ectera ectera.

But when Naruko had delivered the news of this verbal agreement to Tsunade, the blonde haired Kage had groaned.

“The exact word was criminal charges? That’s what you agreed to?” Tsunade had asked, gritting her teeth.

“Yup!” Naruko had grinned.

“And they insisted on that wording?”


Tsunade sighed.

“What’s the matter?”

“...nothing,” Tsunade had said, eying Sasuke carefully, the man hand-cuffed and flanked by ANBU guards. “Let’s just hope that my gut is wrong.”

The weeks passed by, and maybe they believed they were in the clear. Then the letters had shown up—while Sasuke was still rotting in prison, no less. They had brought them down to his dark, dank cell, and had slid them through the bars. He hadn’t even been able to read them at first, as it was getting dark out and there was no light that came into the cell until the morning. It was only then that he could see what they contained...

Kumogakure was suing him for his attempted kidnapping of their jinchuuriki, the damages incurred in that battle, and not to mention the battle against the Raikage that had taken the man’s arm. On top of that. the Land of Iron was suing him for the damages he’d caused during his assault on the Five Kage Summit, not to mention hefty pensions for the samurai that had died as a result of his actions. 

It seemed ridiculous—being sued by another village? But, the lawyer Kakashi hired for him explained it simply.

“A lot’s happened during your incarceration; the villages have signed dozens of treaties in the time since the war ended. Some of the provisions...unintentionally, I hope...enabled them to go ahead with this sort of action. Hokage-sama asked me to speak with her before I came down here, and to top it off, she wants me to let you know that Konoha will be unable to foot the bill for this, either.”

“I figured,” Sasuke had grumbled.

“Well, Hokage-sama isn’t to blame. The Raikage and the Land of Iron both made it clear in their letters, as I’m sure you’re aware, that the money needs to be sourced from your own personal wealth. Not from Konoha. I assume that they would anticipate Uzumaki-san simply convincing Hokage-sama to cut them a check and make the issue away. But, I think we both know it’s not about the money, Uchiha-san. It’s about teaching you a lesson.” The lawyer had heaved a sigh at that. “I promise I’ll fight to get that number down, but even a team of top class lawyers wouldn’t be able to make this go away.”

“And what if I decide to not pay it?” He wasn’t going to be imprisoned forever—he’d liked to see them try and collect the debt by force. 

The lawyer, a middle-aged man with long hair and an untidy beard, offered him a small smile.

“Then I’m afraid they’ll be able to pursue criminal charges against you...and unlike your last trial, I doubt you’ll be able to use your actions during the war as a way to worm your way out of a lengthy prison sentence.” The man began to put away his papers. “And that’s if Hokage-sama is willing to put up with that; it was just an off-hand remark, but she did mention possibly just throwing you out of the village if you refused to pay. The life of a drifter is no life at all, Uchiha-san...if I were you, I would find a way to pay the sum.”

The lawyer left after that. When the bars slammed shut and nothing but silence remained with him, Sasuke found himself reliving the conversation again and again within the confines of his mind.

He had come back to Konoha for Naruko—he had promised her that he would stay. If he left or was thrown out as a result of his actions, she would never forgive him.

That meant he had to find a way to get out of paying...or figure out a way to get the money he needed.

Time passed, and eventually he was released. The civil trial had already happened while he was still in prison—he’d been found guilty, and had been ordered to pay a rather hefty sum. Nothing as exorbitant as the original demands had been, but certainly more than a penniless ex-criminal who had to sleep on his best friend’s couch had to spare.

They managed to get the payments deferred a few times; but in between then and now, Sasuke had barely managed to cobble enough money to put a roof over his head and keep himself fed. The missions he was being given were barely enough to cover each month’s rent—the consequence of peace for a man who was in a profession that thrived on conflict.

It seemed hopeless.

Even after Naruko had come to him with her plan, Sasuke still strived for ways to make the money some other way. But the missions were the same as always, and even if he spent a week doing nothing but the C and B ranks that were available, it wasn’t anywhere near enough.

With time dwindling, Kakashi had pulled him aside.

“Look, if push comes to shove, I can try to slide you some money under the table…” Kakashi told him quietly, as they walked the Konoha streets at night. There was no one around, but he still spoke softly, so as to make sure they weren’t overheard. “The arrangement is for it to be paid in increments anyway. I can lend you enough to get past the first increment, and by the time the second one comes around you’ll have—” 

“You’re going to be Hokage in a few months,” Sasuke grumbled. “Can’t you do something?”

Kakashi sighed.

“I was asked by Tsunade to not tell you this…but the only reason you weren’t given life imprisonment when you came back is because Tsunade has some otherworldly way of getting through to the village elders. Otherwise, they would have pulled the strings necessary to have your criminal trial go in an entirely different direction.”

He put a hand on Sasuke’s shoulder, a sad look in his eyes.

“Sure, there’s no love lost between the two of you; but Tsunade loves Naruko, and she did that much for you. I have no doubt in my mind however, that if push comes to shove and if it threatens this new peace we have with the village, that Tsunade would most certainly sever ties between you and Konoha if you refuse to pay. They’ve already set the payments enough; it’s been months and months, and at this point, to the higher ups, it just seems as if you’re refusing to take any sort of responsibility for your actions. So yes, exile is already on the lips of the elders, and whether Tsunade wants to or not, she’s already expended all of the good favor you had from helping us in the war.”

Sasuke frowned. “And you couldn’t just bring me back once you take over?”

Kakashi sighed once more. “Firstly, Tsunade’s already brought that up to me, and she’s already expressly told me not to. Secondly, I sincerely hope things don’t get that far. And thirdly...well Sasuke, you got off easy as it is. I think having to pay a little money to the people you’ve wronged is more than fair enough. Can I blame the people who want some sort of justice for your crimes?” He sighed. “It doesn’t mean I think you deserve exile or imprisonment, but it does mean I think you should find a way to right your wrongs, no matter what. It’s what Naruko would want you to do.”

There was a pause.

“Do you need me to give you the money for the first installment, Sasuke?” Kakashi asked.

“I can’t take your money,” Sasuke said quietly, after a moment’s deliberation. “I’ve got that settlement memorized by now—it states that it has to be my money. It covers about every loophole in the book, and personal loans are included. If they trace it back to you...” He shook his head.

“Well, there’s no such thing as an ironclad contract. I’m sure we could find a loophole,” Kakashi said. “But I’m sure you’ll get the money in time. Whatever it takes, right?”

“Whatever it takes,” Sasuke intoned, his eyes distant. 

At that, Kakashi clapped him on the shoulder once last time. “I’ll leave you to it then,” Kakashi said. 

When Sasuke looked over, his former teacher was already gone, with just a wisp of smoke left where he’d been standing a moment before.

Sasuke looked up at the stars, thinking over what Kakashi had said.

Because unfortunately, his sensei was right—he should have gotten a hell of a lot more than a few months in jail and some probation for what he did. In the grand scheme of things, having to pay some money to the people he wronged wasn’t much at all. Unfortunately if it meant having to sacrifice his dignity in order to do that...well, it wasn’t as if he hadn’t flushed his honor down the drain anyway with the crimes that he’d committed. There wasn’t much left to lose.

The decision was made.

With a week and twelve hours to go before the first payment was due, Sasuke found himself in front of the door to Naruko’s apartment.

He knocked thrice; before he had to wait more than a second or two, the door flew open, and he was blinded. Naruko grinned at him from ear-to-ear, her pearly whites the cause of his temporary blindness.

“Been a while!” She seemed even perkier than normal, a fact which made him repress a groan. “What brought your lovely presence to my doorstep, Sasuke?” she asked, her grin widening at the look on his face.

He decided to go ahead and get it over with, before he had any second thoughts.

“...I’ll do it…” he murmured, not able to bring himself to look her in the eye.

“What was that?”

“I said I’ll do it,” Sasuke said. “Now let me inside.”

Naruko stepped aside, and he made his way into the brightly lit apartment. She shut and locked the door behind him before turning toward him, her grin still blinding.

“Sorry, didn’t want anyone overhearing us!” Naruko said. “Now, what is it you’ll do?”

He glared at her for a good ten seconds, but she didn’t falter for even one of them.

“The porn,” Sasuke grumbled. “I’ll do the porn.”

Naruko nodded approvingly. “Oh, that’s what you meant,” she said cheekily. “Well, I knew you would come to your senses eventually! I’m glad you remembered what I told you about making sure you came around at least a week before.” She smiled. “Sit down, sit down, let’s get to business, shall we?”

He sat on her couch, feeling at a loss—was this really what things had come to? Unfortunately, it was a little too late to turn back now.

Naruko vanished into her room for a minute or two, returning with her laptop stowed under her arm. She sat beside him, a sense of satisfaction about herself.

“I knew you’d come back, so I went ahead and took the liberty of getting everything set up,” Naruko told him. “Everything’s on private I mean, I haven’t advertised anything, but a few buttons and bam! You’ll have your own personal little channel. We’ll just have to take a few pictures and maybe record a video or two for the introduction...that shouldn’t take long, though. And well, I’ve got some other goodies too, but we’ll get to that.”

She opened up the laptop and slid right up next to him, tilting the screen so that he could see it. Within moments she was on the webpage.

Sasuke could see a lot of words. He read quite a few of them, but God, bright screens and tiny, miniscule text hurt his fucking eyes. Why couldn’t people have just stuck to scrolls and books? Eventually, he gave up, and leaned back.

“What does it say?” he asked.

“Well, it’s just a bunch of stuff me and a team of Kage Bunshin cooked up last week. It’ll be perfect, I promise. Honestly—if you want to leave everything on this side of things to know, dealing with the uploading, distribution, advertisement, filming, all of that stuff, you can just deal with the porn side of things.”

“Sure,” Sasuke said. “Why not?”

“Alright, awesome!” Naruko snapped the laptop shut. “Well, let’s get to filming then—there’s no time to waste!”

She stood, grabbing him by the arm and yanking him to his feet—Sasuke batted her hand away, but as she made for another part of the apartment he followed. Reluctantly.

Naruko lead him into the depths of her bedroom; if her apartment alone was obnoxiously bright, then her room was a different matter altogether. Gaudy orange sheets, fluffy frog-shaped pillows, jarringly bright posters on the walls. It was surprisingly clean though, from what he usually experienced in Naruko’s apartment.

“Alright, well, first thing’s first, we need to advertise,” Naruko began. “And the best way to advertise? Coming up with that introduction I talked to you about, taking those photos, and of course, making an advertisement for our first video as well. We need to get this room in order, though.”

Tucking the laptop beneath her arm again, she formed a hand-sign. Immediately half a dozen identical Kage Bunshin sprang up in front of her.

“Get to work, ladies!” the original said, clapping her hands.

“Ma’am, yes ma’am!” they choursed back, before springing into action.

Sasuke watched silently as they set about transforming the room.

First, they changed the sheets. Out went the orange, and in came silky black replacements—fluffy frog-shaped pillows were replaced with red, sinful looking ones. All of the personal artifacts in the room were carefully taken out. The curtains were changed from a bright blue to a deep black, and then were drawn shut so that not a ray of light could get through. All of the clothes on the floor were tossed into a laundry hamper and shuttled out of the room.

One of the clothes wheeled a camera out of the closet.

“That thing cost a pretty penny,” Naruko said, pointing at it. “I’ll just eat the cost though. I made sure it was the best—HD quality and all that.” She glanced at him, a smile on her face. “You can’t go cheap when it comes to your big introduction, Sasuke!”


There were a few more finishing touches that needed to be complete. While five of the clones worked on those, one of them stepped into the closet, and soon came out with a change of clothes.

“You can leave those on the bed,” the original said. The clone nodded.

Sasuke eyed the attire—a short red skirt, a black button-down blouse, complimented by blue lingerie that matched her eyes.

It suddenly occurred to him who was going to be his ‘partner’ in this video.

“Naruko, you’re not thinking of—”

“Yup!” Naruko said. “I’d say I would put on the performance of a life time, but trust me, I’ve heard the rumors. I don’t think I’ll need to put on a performance at all.”

“Wait, what? Rumors?” Sasuke looked at her, face scrunched with confusion.

“Oh, come on. You can’t go to a restaurant in this village without half of the town lighting up in gossip. Remember when all of us went to the onsen a few weeks ago?”

“I do…”

It hadn’t just been Team Seven; it had been all of the people that had graduated in their year, and then Tenten and Rock Lee on top of it. They had gone to the onsen together. He probably shouldn’t have spent the money, but well, he’d been stressed out of his mind and Naruko had sweet talked him into it. They had been divided into two groups based on gender, and even though Sasuke had kept to himself, it had been an enjoyable experience.

He was pressing his brain, trying to remember anything that had happened. Nothing came to mind.

“Even guys talk, Sasuke,” Naruko said offhandedly. “Though it was at that party that you didn’t go to that the beans were really spilled.” She grinned. “Drunk guys gossip like little school girls, and I heard a lot of comparisons.”

Sasuke blanched. “Comparisons?”

“Oh, you know. Lead pipe, log, tree branch. Just comparisons, Sasuke.” She grinned, a predatory glint in her eyes. “Just relax, it means I am definitely looking forward to this.”

The Uchiha frowned.

“Suddenly, I get the feeling this was all premeditated,” he said.

“I mean, if the only reason I went about this was to get in your pants, I’d have done that months ago,” Naruko said, her tone innocent. “This is about the money, too, and ya know, keeping you out of trouble. I’ve got everything set up so every cent we make goes straight into your bank account. Not only are we gonna keep you in the village and get rid of that nasty debt...but I also get to see what the guys were talking about first-hand. Win win, right?”

“Well…” Sasuke sighed, rubbing his chin. “If it works like you say it will, I suppose it is a win-win scenario. I suppose.”

“Are you kidding me?” Naruko said. “First the Uchiha Sasuke declares that he’s going to start making porn. Then in his first video he posts an exclusive sex scene with the sexy, amazing, badass Uzumaki Naruko? Oh, this shit’s gonna go viral. We’re going to be relaxing on a beach sipping martinis by the time this is all said and done.”

“Let’s focus on the debt and possible exile first, and maybe the beach later,” Sasuke said.

“Fine, fine. Killjoy.” She huffed and folded her arms over her chest in mock sadness.

Just in time, the clones were finished. They walked up to the two of them and formed an orderly line. They all gave a mock salute—did one of them wink at him? Then they all vanished...except one.

“I’ll be the camerawoman,” the clone said, grinning. “Just pretend like I’m not here.”

“Gotcha,” Naruko said. “Let me get changed...Sasuke, keep her entertained, will you?”

She scooped up the outfit on the bed. Pushing her way past Sasuke, she closed the door behind her, leaving him in the bedroom alone with the clone.

He sat on the bed, sighing, and wondering exactly how the events in his life had lead up to this.

The camerawoman smiled at him, leaning against the wall.

“ know, I’ve got to get the lighting and stuff like that just right. Maybe I could get a peek at what kind of equipment I’m going to be working with?”

Sasuke shot her a glare so dark that it made her yelp.

Sheesh,” the clone said, arms folded across her bosom. “I hope you’re not that rude when the original asks you to take off your pants.”

They sat in silence, until the door was thrown open and even Sasuke was left at a loss for words.

Naruko looked...killer. And that was saying the absolute least.

To say any more would have to mention her legs—long, endless, climbing up into that short little skirt that clung to her hips and hugged her tight little ass. Then the blouse, a deep black; it was buttoned up all the way to the top, but even still, her bosom was on prominent display.

He took a closer look, and saw just the thinnest touches of make-up as well. Not enough to make her look ridiculous, but enough to highlight her features. A pretty, black outliner; deep red lipstick. Her hair done up in those signature pig-tails of hers.

Sasuke actually had to gulp—especially since it dawned on him that he was actually going to be…

This was not what he’d thought he would be doing when he returned to Konoha. Not even close.

She smiled at him, a sinfully sweet smile that made it clear just how much she relished catching him on the backfoot. Naruko sauntered up to him, hips swaying from side to side.

“First thing’s first…” she purred.

Suddenly, she straightened up, and formed an all too familiar hand sign.

“...I almost forgot! We need a producer!”

Another clone appeared beside her—only this one was dressed in the same drop-dead gorgeous outfit that the original was. Needless to say, dealing with one of them was bad enough...Sasuke had to exercise some serious willpower to keep himself in check when faced with two of them.

“Alright ladies and gentlemen,” the producer Naruko said. “Let’s get this show on road. First up, we’re going to take a few pictures for the website. Let’s have you up against the wall Sasuke, camera me, bring it ‘round here…”

He found himself against one of the walls of the room. The original Naruko pushed a dresser out of the way, and according to the camera Naruko, there was nothing in the shot but him.

“Alright, Sasuke,” the producer Naruko intoned. “We’re trying to market you here. You don’t have to smile, but at least look sexy.”

Sasuke scowled.

“Okay, that’s not helping,” the producer muttered.

He sighed. Slowly, he put on his best pose—putting his legs apart, folding his arms over his chest, staring into the distance. He erased the scowl, replacing it with what he hoped was a dignified look.

“Good enough! Take like five pictures, we’ll pick out the best one after.”

“Alright,” the camerawoman Naruko said. “Say cheese, Sasuke!”

After that was taken, the producer moved onto the next part of their itinerary.

“ we need to take care of the promotional pictures. And the video too while we’re at it.”

“What?” Sasuke said, dropping his arms to his sides, scowl firmly back in place.

“The internet is a wonderful place—it means that we can advertise this stuff pretty much for free,” the producer said. “We actually need stuff to advertise it with though, dork. We’re not just going to take the video and throw it onto the internet, and hope we make money. We need pictures to advertise it, and then we’re gonna take a nice little video to entice people even further into forking over their hard-earned money for this. It’s called capitalism, Sasuke.”

He sighed and wondered what world he was living in where Naruko was lecturing him on how to best market porn.

“First up, let’s have you stand in front of him.”

The original Naruko grinned, sliding right into place. The top of her head came to his shoulders.

“Undo the top button of that blouse, show a little skin. And jut out your chest more.”

Naruko sighed, slim fingers quickly undoing the top button, just as...herself...had asked.

“Imagine getting bullied around by yourself,” the blonde said to Sasuke, who sighed and shook his head.

She struck a pose just as the producer asked.

“Perfect!” the producer said. “Take it! Five pictures, just like last time. Every time she takes one, shake up your pose a little.”







“Alright,” the producer said. “Let’s get a suggestive one in there. I’ll let you use your creative license for that one.”

“I know the perfect one,” Naruko murmured.

And she sunk right down onto her knees.

Slowly, she reached a hand forward, and began to unzip Sasuke’s fly. He stiffened—looking down, he gave her a dangerous look.

“Don’t worry, I’m not taking it out quite yet,” she promised. “I don’t bite. I might suck though; or swallow.” Naruko winked. “How’s this for a shot?”

The producer grinned. “Perfect.”

It really was the perfect shot: Naruko down on her knees, her face an inch away from Sasuke’s unzipped fly. It showed not even an inch of skin, and yet it was more than enough to suggest exactly what was going to go on.




“Alright,” the producer said. “Now just the promotional video left before we get to the main course. Do you want to take lead, me?”

“I know exactly what to say,” Naruko murmured. “Let’s take this to the bed, shall we?”

“Alright. She’ll let you know when she starts rolling; let me know when to say cut. We’ll do as many takes as we need, but let’s try and get it right on the first take.”

They shuffled around, taking their positions; the camerawoman Naruko ready, the producer standing to the side, Naruko on the bed and Sasuke standing beside said bed.

“Alright,” the camerawoman said. “Action.”

The advertisement video, final edit, post-production.

The camera catches the perfect angle—the base of a bed, black sheets dipping just into the frame. We bring the camera up and the first thing the viewer sees is a pair of long, luscious legs.

We follow the legs up to a tight skirt, over a black blouse that framed a rather large bosom, until finally, we find ourselves staring right into the cerulean blue eyes of Uzumaki Naruko.

“Hello,” she purrs at the camera. “And welcome. I’m sure you folks already know what’s going on here.” Naruko smiles and tilts her head, her eyes alive with excitement. “In just a few minutes, right here on this biiig bed, I’m going to be getting fucked. Who’s the lucky gentlemen who’s going to be doing the fucking? Well…”

The camera pans over to catch a glimpse of Sasuke from head-to-toe. He strikes an imposing figure, his mismatched eyes seeming to burrow into the viewer’s soul. And even his ironwill has broken at this point, because at the sight of Naruko’s seductive pose and the way she spoke, already visible was a rather terrific bulge. The camera made sure to lock onto it for a moment, before pulling back so that the viewer could see both Naruko on the bed and Sasuke standing beside it.

“Uchiha Sasuke, right here in the flesh.”

She reaches a hand up and presses it against his chest; rubbing her fingers back and forth, she licks her lips.

“There’s no bullshit here, no click bait, none of that. We’re not holding back any punches here.” Naruko flashes a grin at the camera. “Do you want to see what the last of the Uchiha has to offer? Do you want to see me on my back getting railed by him? I think I can already read your mind.”

Slowly, she begins to unbutton her blouse—button by button she goes, unveiling smooth tanned skin and soon the swell of her bosom. The viewer could start to see the edges of her blue bra.

But she stops just before she finishes the last button; it’s almost criminal, because that one part of her garment stops the viewer from seeing the treasure there is to behold.

“Not only do you get this,” Naruko purrs. “But…”

She reaches a hand over to Sasuke once, but this time, she presses it against his bulge. She rubs her hand back and force, and quite visibly, his bulge twitches and throbs—it’s clear that whatever he’s packing is rather sizable, despite the layers of fabric separating it from the viewer’s eye.

“ also get this. Call it a combo deal. With more to follow, naturally, if you folks enjoy what we have to offer.”

Naruko offers a smirk to the camera—it focuses for a moment on this scene, the gorgeous blonde rubbing Sasuke’s massive bulge, her great bosom threatening to burst out of her blouse.

Sasuke offers a smirk to the viewer, remaining silent all the while—his member throbs against her touch, and it’s clear he’s more than pleased with this turn of events. 

“Think about it,” Naruko whispers. She blows a kiss at the camera.

Then it cuts to black.

A moment later, a still picture appears; it’s Naruko on the bed, her hand on Sasuke’s bulge, her beautiful tits about to pop out. But in the foreground is the title.

The Last Uchiha: Uzumaki Whirlwind

There’s a few seconds of silence.

Then the producer Naruko began to slowly clap.

“Wow,” she said. “That was perfect. I want to buy this porn video now, and I’m literally in it. And recording it. And producing it. I still want to buy it.” She threw her head back and laughed. “This is gonna make sooo much money.”

The camerawoman Naruko grinned. “I think we owe it to the cinematography of course,” she said. “But I guess the acting wasn’t all that bad.”

The real Naruko smirked—she hadn’t stopped stroking Sasuke’s bulge, even after the cameras had stopped rolling.

“You can stop now,” Sasuke murmured, gritting his teeth.

“I think I’ll keep going for just a minute longer,” Naruko said, looking up at him, a teasing smirk on her lips. “I’m enjoying myself. Besides, you keep sneaking glances at my tits, so don’t accuse me and me alone of being a pervert.”

The tips of his ears turned pink, and he averted his gaze. Naruko smirked, having caught him red-handed.

“Well ladies and gentleman, we’ve only got one last thing left to do: the actual video itself,” the producer Naruko said. “Is the talent ready?”

“I’m ready,” Naruko murmured. She kept rubbing at Sasuke’s bulge. “And, excuse me if I’m wrong, but it definitely feels like Sasuke’s ready.” She looked up at him once again. “What do you say?”

He was about to rail this buxom, beautiful blonde on camera—and God knows how many people were going to see it. Thank God he wasn’t camera shy.

“I’m as ready as I’ll ever be,” he said.

“Good,” Naruko murmured. “Naturally we’ll have to set the scene.” She slowly began to rebutton her blouse. “You’ll know when to come in—though maybe it’s best if you go ahead and get rid of the clothes, and just stand out of the shot until the time comes.”

Sasuke glanced between the three girls, all of whom were locked onto him. 

He sighed, and slowly began to disrobe. Folding up his clothes neatly, he set them down on her dresser.

When he turned to face them, his cock swung free—there was a good moment of silence as they simply took it in for all it was worth.

Damn,” the producer Naruko said.

“You said what was on my mind,” Naruko mumbled.

“Let us know if you need any lube,” the camerawoman Naruko said.

Naruko bit her lip. “I don’t know...I’m wet as a fucking facuet right now, but even I didn’t expect...that.”

It was big.

What else needed to be said?

It was a big fucking cock.

And it looked almost angry, hard and thick, twitching every second or so.

Naruko shook her head slightly, cheeks flushed. 

“Well, this should be quite the adventure.”

They were given a five second count-down.


Naruko ran a hand through her hair.


She offered the camera a smile.


She opened her legs a bit wider.


She glanced at Sasuke out of the corner of her eye…


...and licked her lips when she saw that juicy dick twitch.

“Action,” the producer Naruko said.

Naruko batted her eyes at the camera.

“I’m sure all of you watching got a chance to see that fun little video Sasuke and I made,” she said. “Sorry for being such a tease. I couldn’t help myself.” She laughed, in such a sultry manner that would make any man bite their lip. “Now that you’re watching the actual video though, I promise I won’t be as much of a tease.”

She smirked.

“Of course, let’s bring in the true attraction.” She beckoned a finger to Sasuke, who hesitated for the briefest of moments, before walking over to the bed and well into the screen of the character.

He stared at a point behind the camera, and watched as it clearly did a slow-pan of him; it focused for a short while on his enormous cock, still hard as diamond, before panning back out to feature the both of them.

“You guys are certainly going to get your money’s worth, that’s for sure,” Naruko said, licking her lips. “Come up here and join me, Sasuke. I’m about to suck that fat cock dry.”

How could he say no to a kind offer like that?

He slid onto the bed, laying himself flat; he put his hands behind his head, more than willing to enjoy the sight of what was to come.

Naruko wasn’t even paying attention to the camera anymore—her eyes were focused on that beautiful cock and nothing else.

She wrapped her fingers around the base of it, cooing as she felt that throbbing, pulsing mass for the first time. The young bombastic blonde hefted it up, stroking it lightly, biting her lip as she stared at it as up-close and personal as one could get.

The camera was wheeled around, catching quite clearly the look in her eyes: a look of total adoration. In that moment, any body who may have doubted Naruko’s willingness to participate in the film would have had their doubts shattered—because while one could fake excitement, they could fake arousal, they could fake a lot of was nigh impossible to fake that look in one’s eyes.

She licked her lips; looking straight at the camera, she lowered her head down, taking the first portion of Sasuke’s cock into her mouth without hesitation.

Naruko moaned around his throbbing shaft. She threw her head back and forth, still looking straight into that blinking red light. There wasn’t even the barest hint of shame in her actions; if anything, she seemed positively excited at the prospect of it being filmed.

She leaned back for just a moment, letting his length slip from her lips. She licked them, throwing her head back. “Want to hear a funny story? This is the first time I’ve ever gotten a taste of this cock,” Naruko said to the camera, as if telling a story. She flicked her tongue playfully against the side, giggling as it twitched at the littlest touch. “Yes, I’m sure all of you at home assumed that this stud’s been pounding me for years—nope. You guys are gonna get to witness the first time I get pounded by him first-hand.”

Naruko grinned cheekily for a moment, before descending right back down.

He had a biiig dick. Regardless, Naruko went about sucking it like an absolute pro; her hands, lips, and tongue worked in tandem to have Sasuke cross-eyed and groaning within minutes.

Still, while Naruko was content to suck (his) dick for as long as it took...that wasn’t what the people at home were paying to see. Oh no, they were paying for the real deal.

Naruko leaned back, panting slightly. She licked her lips, then nodded at the camera.

“Pause,” the producer said. “The camera’s still rolling, Sasuke, but we’ll cut this part out. Now for the actual fucking, do whatever, but we have a few…restrictions.”

“Restrictions…?” Sasuke groaned out, uncomfortably aware of how unbearably hard he was. It didn’t help that Naruko was still stroking him.

“Look, we want to give whoever buys this a show...but we don’t want to pack everything into one video and leave nothing for the future, y’know? So, here’s the thing: don’t finish inside of her, and keep her clothes on for the most part. We can market future videos on that know, a guaranteed creampie, or a strip-show. It’s all business, ya know.”

“Okay…” Sasuke murmured.

“Anyway...we’re back in three…!

Naruko batted her eyes at Sasuke.

“I’m ready to get fucked,” she purred, her voice low.

Sasuke felt something in his gut at those words. He still wasn’t a hundred percent sure about all this, and sure he had his reservations about recording it, but what man could hear those words from a woman’s mouth and not be aroused?

Especially a woman as drop-dead gorgeous as Naruko.

He grit his teeth, knowing that it was his turn to take the initiative.

There was a show that had to be put on—and like it or not, the viewers were going to expect him to take charge.

So he did.

He seized her, pushing her down onto the bed, spreading those legs open nice and wide. Conscious of the camera, he made sure not to block the frame with his body; surely there was a perfect shot of what he was seeing, which was her skirt riding up to reveal her panties. Perhaps cerulean blue hadn’t been the best idea, because it was more than easy to see just how thoroughly soaked the garment was.

Sasuke licked his lips. He was hungry, he needed to feel himself inside of her, and his throbbing member reminded him of that every millisecond he wasn’t.

Conscious of the producer’s advice to keep her clothes on, Sasuke merely reached forward, pulling her panties to the side and revealing that gorgeous, gorgeous pussy of hers. Freshly shaved, pink and puffy lips quivering slightly, juices oozing visibly from her slit.

The camera zoomed in on it for a moment—then it scrolled up to Naruko’s face, the buxom blonde biting her lip, cheeks flushed. Her chest heaved, button-down blouse sticking to her skin.

“Stop dicking around,” Naruko breathed. “Just fuck me.”

Sasuke had to chuckle at that.

Grasping his member by the hilt, he pressed the tip against her soaked pussy.

He waited a moment, letting the camera take in that sight—his massive cock, right there on the verge of entering Naruko’s tight little hole. It was quite the sight...such a visceral one too. Sure, one could find a thousand different websites that showcased similar things, with some busty blonde getting fucked by some guy with a big dick.

But this wasn’t just any busty blonde—it was Uzumaki Naruko. And this wasn’t any guy with a big dick—it was Uchiha Sasuke.

In that moment, it was clear that this was real. Seeing Sasuke, with the enormity that was his cock, a mammoth thing that was frighteningly big, on the verge of fucking the bombshell Naruko was...well…

It was just like the producer Naruko had said—she was sitting here watching this in real time, in person, and she still wanted to buy the video when it came out. It really was that damn alluring.

Sasuke ground his hips forward; the camera captured the moment perfectly, as he entered her for the first time. Her pussy lips stretching to accommodate his length...Naruko’s moans heard loud and clear by anyone who was watching.

“Holy fuck are you big,” Naruko swore, as he pumped more and more of his length into her.

Every woman who was watching at home could only stare in awe, because really, what was it like to take that much cock?

The camera zoomed in on Naruko’s face as Sasuke pushed deeper.

From the way she looked, cross-eyed and her mouth looked like taking that much cock seemed to induce some kind of nirvana.

Naruko looked dead into the camera, her lips forming an ‘O’.

“This dick is magical,” she breathed, and she was telling nothing but what she believed was the truth.

Then, Sasuke began to thrust, and Naruko truly learned what he was capable of.

Truly, it was quite the scene.

Naruko’s room, artfully redecorated to look like any other room—with the black sheets and red pillows, nothing in it to give any personal distinctions.

There was the producer Naruko, who was eying the action. Then there was the camerawoman Naruko, who was carefully wheeling the camera around the bed, making sure to catch all of the angles. Naturally, both of them were standing there with soaking wet panties, but they had a job to do...and besides, technically they were getting fucked.

Then there was the two of them on the bed.

Sasuke, nude from head to toe—sculpted as a shinobi tended to be, with muscles and a fierce intensity. Then there was Naruko beneath him, and while she was no wallflower, her body was soft, all curves and tits, and goddamn did she fit so perfectly with her legs wrapped around his waist, his cock buried to the hilt inside of her.

Those big blue eyes of hers were wide, staring right into Sasuke’s mismatched eyes. She was moaning uncontrollably as he thrust into her, deep thrusts that made the bed springs squeak underneath them. The headboard began to thump gently against the wall...and it only thumped harder as Sasuke picked up the pace, wet slaps ringing out through the room as he slammed himself all the way to the hilt again and again.

He groaned. “Fuck,” Sasuke moaned. He put his hands on his hips, wishing that he could tear her clothes off and see that amazing body.

The only thing that stopped him was the producer’s words in the back of his mind; her logic was solid. And besides, he was a patient man. He would see Naruko in all her glory, sooner rather than later. He just had to suck it up, and get through this scene.

“You’re enjoying this a little too much,” Naruko breathed, as he continued to pound her.

Sasuke chuckled. “Maybe,” he said, head tilted to the side. “But you seem to have me beat in the enjoyment factor.”

It was a dirty trick he played. But he played it nonetheless.

Just as he finished that sentence, he ground his cock into a spot he had newly discovered—one that made Naruko cry out, her head thrown back, her eyes closed. “Sasuke,” she whimpered, shuddering and shaking.

The camera caught it perfectly; a fact that bruised her pride more than anything else. Sure, his cock was astoundingly perfect—but it was another thing for him to brag about how much she was loving it, and then the next thing he did was exploit a weakness in her pussy to have her moaning like a slut for him.

That totally wasn’t fair.

Even if part of her definitely wasn’t complaining about moaning like a slut for him. Maybe a smidge more than part of her, if you wanted to split hairs.

And just to rub it in…

“See? Point proven,” Sasuke said, chuckling so more as he continued to thrust into her.

Naruko grit her teeth; unfortunately, payback wasn’t an option right now. Not when he had that fat cock buried inside of her and it was all she could do to stave off what was definitely going to be a tremendous orgasm.

“...Sasuke…” she murmured.


“I’m going to cum like a fucking typhoon any second now,” Naruko said, moaning as he kept fucking her even as she spoke.

He took that almost as a challenge, thrusting harder, faster, deeper...and of course exploiting that little sweet spot of hers.

Any second now was certainly accurate, because no less than ten or twenty seconds after he began this renewed barrage, Naruko could already feel her self-control snapping.

Fuck!” she moaned, as she came harder than she ever had on his cock.

Honest to God, Sasuke wasn’t prepared for it.

Well, he knew she was going to cum. She had quite literally told him right to his face that it was coming...and well, he had definitely pushed enough buttons to make that moment come faster than she had thought possible.

It was incredible, the feeling of her cumming around his engorged length; but it was overwhelming at the same time. A moan escaped him involuntarily, and his own iron will seemed to snap like a twig—his orgasm a moment before had seemed somewhat it seemed imminent.

He thrust once, twice, three times—

And that was it.

Reluctantly, he pulled out of her just in time, moaning as he came.

The camera caught a perfect shot as rope after rope of hot, sticky liquid sprayed all across her front—definitely ruining what had been a lovely outfit. It was a big load, and both the producer and camerawoman both were in awe of it.

However, the actual Naruko was in la-la land, still riding the tail of what had been an incredible orgasm.

She panted and groaned, unlatching her legs from around Sasuke’s waist.

Naruko took a moment to recuperate. Then she sat-up, staring down at the copious amount of cum that had been splattered across the front of her skirt and blouse...white on black, white on red. It looked—spectacular.

She grinned, crawling over to Sasuke and taking his cock back into her mouth.

Once again she stared into the camera as she lovingly cleaned him off.

When her work was done, she let him free from the confines of her mouth. That big cock, still half-hard, slick with juices and salvia...still looking oh so juicy and beautiful. She was enamored with it, anyone could see that.

Naruko looked up at Sasuke expectantly—as were the other two blondes in the room. The producer made a movement with her hands...and he realized that now it was his turn to speak to the camera.

His heart pounded.

But he knew just what to do.

Slowly...a smirk overtook his features.

He rubbed his cock against Naruko’s face, almost teasingly, the blonde cooing as she felt his warmth against her cheek.

“Do you want more?” he said, staring at that blinking red light. “Than make your voices heard. Because…” He looked down at Naruko, who was kissing the base of his member, worshipping it. “...I’m certainly ready to make some more.”

The producer mouthed- ‘Yeeees! Yeees!’ at him, and he knew he’d stolen the show.

“Cut,” the producer Naruko said. “That’s a wrap, people.”

Sasuke stared at the laptop screen as Naruko worked—but just like before, all a bright screen and miniscule type did was make his eyes hurt. Uchiha eyes were sensitive, a fact that he didn’t like to share.

Instead he leaned back and watched as she edited all of the footage and pictures that they’d just taken.

She had rested for a few minutes. The producer and camerawoman clones of her had vanished, leaving just the two of them in the room. Once she’d recovered some energy, she had changed from her cum-stained clothes into something a little more casual...just an orange t-shirt and some shorts. Sasuke had gotten dressed himself, and that brought them to here, where Naruko had immediately gotten to work.

“Wow, my ass looks great from that angle,” Naruko murmured to herself, eyes squinted as she ‘reviewed’ the footage. Sasuke took a peek at the screen—it was her blowing him, and damn, was she right about how nice her ass looked.

He sat back and watched as the process ticked on and on. It wasn’t as if she could summon clones and do all the work ten times as fast—there was only one laptop, after all.

Still, she was a whiz with this stuff it seemed. Before long, she had at least a semblance of a final draft cobbled together.

“I haven’t watched it from beginning to end yet,” she admitted. “Well, I mean, not through the memories of my clones, anyway. Want to see what it’s like?”

“Sure,” Sasuke said.

First came the promotional pictures—the pictures of him and him alone. He had felt ridiculous taking them, but in her careful hands, she had made him look...good. The photos made him appear larger-than-life, and the descriptors she had on the site definitely aided that. 

Then came the photos of the two of them. Her in front of him, and then her down on her knees in front of him. She managed to keep that larger-than-life feel when it came to him, the photos carefully edited, but Naruko simply looked ravishing regardless of any editing or cinematography. The careful work she’d taken only amplified the effect Naruko had.

She played him the brief promotional video.

At the end of it, Sasuke had to admit that it had quite the hook. The last of the Uchiha and the future Hokage hooking up on camera...who wouldn’t want a taste of that action?

Then she played the video itself.

In the moment, he had lost himself. Sure he had played to the cameras a little, conscious of being recorded, but he had been so absorbed in the wonders of Naruko’s body that he had almost forgotten the care the producer and the camerawoman Narukos had put into making sure everything looked perfect.

And on the big screen, edited to perfection by Naruko, it all came to fruition.

All and all, it didn’t even top thirty minutes. But good God was every single second amazing. Even though they had lived it, sitting there, Naruko and Sasuke got sucked into it.

It was definitely strange, sitting there with his best friend watching porn. Let alone porn of them that they had made. But strangeness could be forgotten when faced

By the time the last few seconds were rolling, Sasuke had already made up his mind.

“Because I’m certainly ready to make some more.”

The camera stuck on them for a moment, Naruko in front of Sasuke, his cock overshadowing her face—her quiet adoration, his calm smirk. It was a beautiful sight. Framed by sweaty hair, sticky clothes and both basking in the afterglow of terrific was a masterpiece.

When the screen cut to black, Naruko looked at him, grinning.

“What’d you think?” she asked.

Sasuke couldn’t help but smile ever so slightly.

But he was himself, and he couldn’t bear to admit she was right.

“Let’s see how much money we make off of it before we start popping the champagne,” Sasuke said.

“Oh fuck you,” Naruko said, swatting his shoulder. “That was fucking great! I can see that little smirk on your face, don’t try and deny it!”

“Yeah, yeah…” He looked away from her.

That was his first mistake—it gave her the opportunity to lean in real close undetected, her lips brushing against his ear.

“Are we going to have to see how much money we make off of it before we make a sequel?” she whispered, her tone teasing.

Sasuke glanced at her.

“We’ll see,” he said, that smirk on his face again.

She groaned and punched him in the shoulder. “You’re no fun,” she said.

Sasuke rolled his eyes.

“When can you have this stuff live and making us cash?” he questioned.

She rubbed his chin thoughtfully. “I mean, most of the stuff is ready to go. But I want to make sure it’s perfect—leave no stone unturned, ya know? So let’s say...come over at four tomorrow.” She grinned. “We can sit side-by-side and watch the premiere together, eh?”

Sasuke sighed.

“Sure,” he said.

The next day at approximately three fifty-nine, he found himself at Naruko’s doorstep once again.

He knocked—a few moments later, she opened the door. She wasn’t dressed in anything fancy, just a blue t-shirt and shorts reminiscent of yesterday. Then again, neither he wasn’t dressed for style either, just wearing a black shirt and some pants.

“Come on,” Naruko said, grabbing his wrist. “I’ve got everything ready—just gotta press a button and everything goes live. The advertisements, the videos, the payments, everything.”

He closed and locked the door behind him before he let her lead him anywhere; but after that was done, they went straight to the couch. With fluffy orange pillows sandwiched behind them, the two made themselves comfortable as Naruko set her laptop up on the coffee table.

“Ready?” she asked.

He nodded.

Carefully, she set everything into motion. It was as simple as a few clicks here and there, turning things from private to public, sending out the advertisements, doing everything that needed to happen. She took a moment to verify that everything was working correctly...and then she leaned back, having pulled up a screen that showed the analytics. How many people had watched the promotional video, how many people had bought the full version, and how much cash they had netted.

“Everything’s live,” Naruko said with bated breath. “Let’s see how this goes.”

It took a few minutes for the views to start trickling in; people on their computers at home, lazily browsing, before finding the advertisement one way or another...than sitting down to watching the video.

Then the first payment dropped, and the first inkling of money came in.

But as more and more minutes passed—it seemed that the word was spreading.

The numbers started to rocket up, further and faster than either of them had believed possible.

Within an hour, they had netted an obscene amount of views, and a more than healthy number of purchases...and if the money kept coming in like this, Sasuke would have more than enough money to pay for that first installment next week.

Naruko and Sasuke took a look at each other—and smiled.

“Well,” he said, his smile widening slightly. “Looks like you were right, Naruko.”

They turned back to the screen and watched as the numbers continued to rise.

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